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Cause and Effect


Al Qaeda’s offshoot in Yemen claimed responsibility for the attack on a Paris magazine by two French brothers, reasserting its dominance among terror organizations targeting the West.


Five Yemen men were released from Guantanamo Bay Wednesday night, bringing the U.S. detention camp in Cuba’s number of detainees down to 122.

Heckuva job, Barry!


If You Like Your Bride, You Can Keep Your…


A U.S. drone mistakenly targeted a wedding convoy in Yemen’s al-Baitha province after intelligence reports identified the vehicles as carrying al Qaeda militants, two Yemeni national security officials told CNN on Thursday.

The officials said that 14 people were killed and 22 others injured, nine in critical condition. The vehicles were traveling near the town of Radda when they were attacked.

“This was a tragic mistake and comes at a very critical time. None of the killed was a wanted suspect by the Yemeni government,” said a top Yemeni national security official who asked not to be named because he is not authorized to talk to media.

U.S. officials declined to comment on the report.

What are you going to say? Best wishes? Many happy returns?

Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is just another desperate attempt to keep Obamacare off the front pages. (If Mandela had to go, what’s another dozen Yemenis?)

PS: Can you blame Obama for wanting to play with his cool toys?


The drone, or unmanned aerial system, was launched from a torpedo tube on the USS Providence, the Navy said in a news release.

The drone itself was inside a launch vehicle called the Sea Robin that fit inside the torpedo tube.

Once launched, the Sea Robin made its way to the ocean surface and, upon command, the drone itself launched from there, the Navy said.

The drone, powered with electric fuel cells, then flew for hours, streaming live video back to Navy officials.

Awesome. You might want to reconsider any oceanfront wedding plans.


Young Girl, Get Out Of… Just Get Out!

You’re much too young, girl:

A backwards society, shoddy economy and Islamist terror – many difficult problems flood the country of Yemen, one of the worst is the phenomenon of young girls forced into marriage.

Just last month an eight year old, identified as Rawan, died of internal bleeding, apparently the result of being forced to have sex with her 40-year-old husband on her wedding night.

Dr. Arwa Rabi’i, a gynecologist from the capital city of Sana’a, talked to the i24news channel and called for raising the marriage age to 18. “When a woman marries before the age of 18, before the uterus and hips are fully developed, there are going to be many gynecological complications such as multiple miscarriages and life-threatening infections,” she said. “We see it every day, not every month or week, every day! A lot of them, 10 or 20 sick girls.”

Belkis Wille, an activist in Human Rights Watch, talking to i24news from Yemen via Skype, said that in rural areas, it is common to see marriage at the ages of eight or nine. Regarding Rawan’s story, she said: “Unfortunately, this specific story is influenced by a lot of rumors; various local authorities are saying the story is not true, while the journalist who broke the story refuses to believe it’s not true.

“Different human rights organizations are taking different position locally, but from every point of view, whether this story is true or not, it’s irrelevant considering that this happening around the country all the time. I’ve personally come across two or three cases I’ve heard from gynecologists of girls who bled to death on their wedding night.”

Yemen may be particularly backward—or it may not. Next time some lefty hyperventilates about kids having to recite the Pledge of Allegiance or the plague of big sodas, tell him at least we don’t marry our 8-year-olds off to dirty old men (Elizabeth Smart notwithstanding).

And we don’t let them drive:

A leading Saudi cleric warned women who drive cars could cause damage to their ovaries and pelvises and that they are at risk of having children born with “clinical problems.”

Sheikh Saleh Al-Loheidan’s widely derided remarks have gone viral as activists claim a website urging women to defy their country’s driving ban has been blocked in Saudi Arabia.

“If a woman drives a car,” Al-Loheidan told Saudi news website in an interview, “it could have a negative physiological impact … Medical studies show that it would automatically affect a woman’s ovaries and that it pushes the pelvis upward.”

Explained Al-Loheidan, “We find that for women who continuously drive cars, their children are born with varying degrees of clinical problems.”

“[W]omen who continuously drive cars”? In Saudi? Where? When? Much as I may favor women pushing their pelvises upward (and downward, forward, backward, side-to-side, you name it), this is completely deranged.


Open Season on American Embassy Employees

Move over, Chris Stevens:

(CNN) — A Yemeni national employed as a senior security official at the U.S. Embassy in Sanaa was shot dead Thursday on his way to work, interior ministry officials said.

Oh, he was a Yemeni national? No big deal, then:

According to sources quoted by news agencies, the attack was conducted in a manner similar to others by Al Qaeda in Yemen.

The employee, Qassem Aqlan, a Yemeni citizen, was on his way to work when gunmen riding motorcycles sidled up to his vehicle and opened fire. Aqlan headed an embassy security team. The attack occurred in the center of Sanaa, Yemen’s capital, security sources said.

Among other things, sources quoted by Israel Radio said, Aqlan was leading an investigation into an attack on the Embassy last month.

One wonders why he bothered. The FBI would have gotten in there in a year or so for a good 45 minute investigation.

I agree that the only good Osama is a dead Osama—but did it not occur to this administration that others might not concur? Do they not know that we are at war?


Yemeni Clerics Say the Darnedest Things!

He cured AIDS. Ask him how!

Following are excerpts from an interview with Yemeni cleric Abd Al-Majid Al-Zindani, which aired on the Al-Jazeera network (via Youtube) on September 21, 2012.

TV host: We welcome you to this show, in which we will speak with Sheik [Al-Zindani], about his announcement yesterday that he received an official patent for his cure for AIDS.

Abd Al-Majid Al-Zindani: Since the AIDS disease first appeared and to this day, nobody in the world has claimed, to the best of my knowledge, that he has managed to find a treatment that eliminates the AIDS virus.


We have managed to prove, through laboratory evidence, that we have a medicine that eliminates the AIDS virus.

Many a doctor and many a pharmacist have come across these hadiths, but they did not mention that this herb cures AIDS. But Allah bestowed this breakthrough upon me, and I became the patent holder. This reflects a new understanding of the Islamic texts, as well as a new understanding of the disease and how to cure it.


I would like to announce that I have the cure for heart failure. This disease had no treatment so far except for a surgical procedure, in which they pull out the heart, throw it away, and put in a new one. Many patients die in the best hospitals in the world while waiting for the right heart.

I hereby announce – and Allah willing, it will be just like or even better than the AIDS affair – that I have ten proven cases of people who were cured after taking this medicine for a period of one month and 10 days, or two months, or what was it?

That’s it! The heat failure is gone, and there’s no need for surgery.

Herbs—I knew it! Maybe a pinch of sage and a sprinkle of oregano, and Yasser Arafat would be alive today. (I refer to his heart failure, of course. What did you think?)


Illegal Settlements

In Yemen???

A small group of men gathered at the small cemetery of Rehovot on Wednesday to pay their final respects to a pillar of Yemen’s dwindling Jewish community. Aharon Zandani, 53, a mechanic from Sanaa, was murdered in the marketplace on May 22, his body laid to rest in this sleepy Israeli city almost one month later.

The solemn memorial ceremony, recited in the guttural Hebrew of an ancient Jewish community, evoked the sad realization that these are likely the last days of Yemen’s age-old Jewish community. This tough lot, which withstood persecution from 12th century Fatimids to the 20th century autocrats, seems finally about to succumb — to Al-Qaeda.

Only the 12th century? There goes the neighborhood. Why don’t they go back to Jerusalem where they belong?

Oh wait… no!

“Anyone with some sense will emigrate to Israel,” says Yahya Zandani, Aharon’s 28-year-old son. “In about five years time, there will be no Jews left in Yemen.”

Unlike the 100 odd Jews still living in Yemen — who in recent years began hiding their traditional earlocks under hats for fear of being singled out — Aharon was trusting of his Arab environment. A popular mechanic, he would exit the gated compound where Jews have been living under government protection for the past four years, undaunted, with his traditional headgear. He went shopping in the market every day.

But on May 22, a man jumped him as he was returning to his car, stabbing him in the neck. Aharon’s son Yahya, who stood nearby, rushed him to the hospital where he died four hours later. Yahya says the assailant was an Al-Qaeda terrorist who drove four hours from the city of Hadhramaut in search of Jews to kill.

Jews can’t live in Yemen, you see, or many other Arab/Muslim lands; Allah knows they can’t even set foot in Saudi Arabia. And the wisdom of the international community says that there are many places in Israel they can’t live either.

I’ll say it as often as I have to. Annex Judea and Samaria, and draw the line. You probably won’t get Edom and Gilead and the rest, but it’s a reasonable share of Eretz Israel:

As that great antisemite Martin Luther once put it: “Here I stand; I can do no other. God help me. Amen!”

Stand. You can do no other.

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Anwar the Dead Terrorist?

It usually takes two or three false reports to get one of these right, but who knows—maybe he really is Dead Man al-Awlaking:

American-born Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, the public face of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, has been killed in Yemen, the nation’s Defense Ministry said Friday.

The U.S. regards al-Awlaki, who was believed to be hiding in Yemen, as the biggest threat to its homeland security. Western intelligence officials believe al-Awlaki is a senior leader of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), one of the most active al Qaeda affiliates.

Al-Awlaki was killed about 8 kilometers (5 miles) from the Yemeni town of Khashef, east of the capital city of Sanaa, Mohammed Basha, a Yemen Embassy spokesman in Washington D.C., told CNN. Basha said the operation was launched at about 9:55 a.m. local time, though he did not say what type of operation was conducted or how al-Awlaki was killed.

A senior U.S. administration official confirmed al-Awlaki was dead, though no details surrounding the operation that led to the cleric’s death were released. The official spoke on condition of anonymity to CNN. The official was not authorized to release the information.

Born in New Mexico, al-Awlaki preached at a mosque in Virginia before leaving the United States for the Middle East.

Ever the optimist, let me use the opportunity of a dead American citizen to welcome another illegal citizen to take his place. Uncle Omar Onyango, step forward!


The Pleasant Sound Of Drones On A Summer’s Eve

The Obama administration loves its drones

A U.S. drone aircraft fired on two leaders of a militant Somali organization tied to al-Qaeda, apparently wounding them, a senior U.S. military official familiar with the operation said Wednesday.

The strike last week against senior members of al-Shabab comes amid growing concern within the U.S. government that some leaders of the Islamist group are collaborating more closely with al-Qaeda to strike targets beyond Somalia, the military official said.

The airstrike makes Somalia at least the sixth country where the United States is using drone aircraft to conduct lethal attacks, joining Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Iraq and Yemen. And it comes as the CIA is expected to begin flying armed drones over Yemen in its hunt for al-Qaeda operatives.

Again, I have no problem with the technique, but I certainly wonder where the peace crowd has been hiding?

Maybe BTL will post his secret crickets audio here?

– Aggie


Naivete Is Not A Good Foreign Policy

Again – is Obama naive (stupid) or malevolent?

Hard to say.

Upheaval in Yemen and the possibility that al Qaeda might take over, turning that country into a stronger terrorist base than it already is, should give pause to American and European policy in the Arab world.

At its recently concluded G-8 meeting of industrial economies in Deauville, France, Western governments pledged $40 billion to “newly democratic” nations in North Africa and the Middle East. One might as well throw money at Chicago and hope for electoral reform so the dead are no longer allowed to vote on Election Day.

In spring, one usually cultivates a lawn so that new vegetation can take root and grow. In the Arab world where this money is targeted, the only roots you’ll find are the roots of oppression and terrorism.

If these countries were seriously pursuing democracy and needed only money to complete their transformation, there is plenty of money in the region that could be used to help them.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, OPEC income is expected to rise this year above the $200 billion increase of 2010. That would be around $833 billion, the Energy Information Administration forecasts.

Democracy doesn’t spring up of its own accord. It must have a base from which it can blossom. That was a point made by Timur Kuran, a professor of economics and political science at Duke University, in a recent op-ed column for the New York Times entitled “The Weak Foundations of Arab Democracy.”

Kuran wrote:

“Democracy requires checks and balances, and it is largely through civil society that citizens protect their rights as individuals, force policymakers to accommodate their interests, and limit abuses of state authority. Civil society also promotes a culture of bargaining and gives future leaders the skills to articulate ideas, form coalitions and govern.”

The radical Muslim Brotherhood, which at the start of the revolution claimed no interest in political power, is now active in its pursuit of victory in the upcoming election and hints that it might revoke Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel.

The problems in North Africa and the Middle East can’t be solved by money. What’s needed is a change in outlook. Radical Islam forces women into second-class status; it is rooted not in optimism, but in pessimism.
In C.S. Lewis’ “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” Narnia has been transformed by a white witch into a land where it is “always winter, but never Christmas.”

That pretty much describes the lands of North Africa and the Middle East where the “white witch” is radical Islam and spring will never arrive as long as it holds sway over the minds and hearts of the people.

I guess it’s all fine with me. It is entertaining to go to dinner parties in March and listen to liberals exude goo over the brilliant Arab spring, then to see these same folks in May with glum looks on their faces on their long faces. (They take on the John Kerry look, ‘ya know?) Don’t get me wrong; reality is always better because it leads to real stability, but since reality isn’t available in ObamAmerica, I’ll settle for a good party.

– Aggie


Speaking About That Ammunition Factory In Yemen

Yesterday we reported that al qaeda freedom fighters had taken over an ammunition factory in Yemen. We thought the supremely awesome democratic movement was both “swell” and “ducky”. Turns out, it’s better than that, it’s Dah Bomb!

At least 121 people were killed and 45 injured in an explosion at an ammunition factory in southern Yemen on Monday, medical sources said.

The death toll was expected to rise, said the sources, who asked that they not be identified because they are not authorized to speak to the news media. Two of them work at Republican Hospital in Abyan.

Most of the dead and injured were locals who had been ransacking the factory after it was taken over Sunday by militants, security officials said.

The explosion took place in Abyan Province, they said.

It comes after months of demonstrations against Yemen’s President Ali Abdullah Saleh, and a weekend of violence between government forces and the local al Qaeda group.

Ain’t democracy grand?

– Aggie

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The Jews Get More Done Before Breakfast Than the Rest of Us Do in a Month

When not “occupying” Jerusalem (occupying?), or co-opting the Olympic logo (see below), the Jews are busy elsewhere too:

Yemen’s embattled US-backed president accused Washington on Tuesday of instigating protests against his regime, as hundreds of thousands marched in cities across Yemen in the largest rallies yet seeking the longtime ruler’s ouster.

“I am going to reveal a secret,” he said. “There is an operations room in Tel Aviv with the aim of destabilizing the Arab world. The operations room is in Tel Aviv and run by the White House,” he said.

President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s allegations, unprecedented in their harshness, signaled a growing rift with the United States that could hurt a joint campaign against the al-Qaeda terror network in Yemen.

Saleh’s comments Tuesday, including charges that the US Embassy in the capital of Sanaa is giving instructions to the protesters, appeared to be part of an attempt to silence the calls for his resignation.

I don’t know why Sally is so scared. They’re just bopping to the Village People’s YMCA.

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Very Unpleasant Facts About The Attempted Terror Attack From Yemen

Why is this in the Israeli press before we read about it in the US press?

One of two mail bombs sent from Yemen last week was disarmed just 17 minutes before it was set to go off, the French interior minister said Thursday.

Brice Hortefeux provided no other details in an interview on France’s state-run France-2 television, or say where he got the information about the timing.

“One of the packages was defused only 17 minutes before the moment that it was set to explode,” he said.

When investigators pulled the Chicago-bound packages off cargo planes in England and the United Arab Emirates Friday, they found the bombs wired to cell phones and hidden in the toner cartridges of computer printers. The communication cards had been removed and the phones could not receive calls, officials said, making it likely the terrorists intended the alarm or timer functions to detonate the bombs, US officials have said.

That means it would have exploded in England, I suppose.

– Aggie


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