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60 Minutes Crew Attacked By African Masked Men

Happened in Sweden.

A Channel Nine 60 Minutes crew working with reporter Liz Hayes has been attacked and injured while on assignment in Stockholm.
Sweden’s Avpixlat news service reports that the 60 Minutes team was interviewing residents about the European migrant crisis in the suburb of Rinkeby when they were set upon twice by ‘a group of young African masked men’.
‘When a cameraman got out of the car, a car drove up next to him and the African driver of the vehicle began to fight,’ the agency reported.

Liz Hayes and a 60 Minutes crew are on assignment in Sweden where they are reporting a story about the migrant crisis – they were confronted by a group who objected to them filming. ‘There was a series of scuffles and the police were called. The 60 Minutes cameraman and producer were slightly injured,’ Nine says

A Nine spokesperson has confirmed that reporter Liz Hayes was not hurt in the attack

‘After two minutes fuss about why they would shoot right in Rinkeby as the driver drove over the cameraman’s foot. The man fell and lay still for a moment while the team continued to film the car quickly drove away.’
Police were called and took statements but once they left another group lay siege on the Australian crew.
‘A photographer was attacked and received a blow on the mouth with a closed fist so that the bloodshed occurred,’ wrote Jan Sjunnesson.
‘A jar was then discarded into the camera. At the same time attacked another photographer who also was beaten right across the chin so that a tooth loose.’
The team then decided to leave Rinkeby.
The attacks were confirmed by the Nine Network to Daily Mail Australia.
‘Liz Hayes and a 60 Minutes crew are currently on assignment in Europe where they are reporting a story about the migrant crisis,’ a Nine Spokesperson said.

Huh. Let me be honest. I would be so much more sensitive to the pain of the Swedes, and even to the pain of the journalists, if I had experienced any sensitivity to the pain of Israeli terror victims over the past fifteen years. Sweden has been particularly obnoxious, making it even harder to respond compassionately. I guess I’m just broken.

– Aggie

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Lack of Restraint Watch

Aggie, all our admonitions to the Swedes to act proportionally have fallen on deaf ears:

Up to 80,000 refugees who arrived in Sweden last year will be expelled from the country over the next few years, the country’s interior minister said Thursday.

Anders Ygeman told newspaper Dagens Industri that since about 45 percent of asylum applications are currently rejected, the country must get ready to send back tens of thousands of the 163,000 who sought shelter in Sweden in 2015.

“I think that it could be about 60,000 people, but it could also be up to 80,000,” Ygeman was quoted as saying.

Asylum-seekers whose applications are rejected are normally transported out of Sweden on commercial flights. But because of the large number being rejected they would use specially chartered aircraft to take them out of the country, Ygeman said.

How’d you like to be the flight attendant on that plane? Holy Christ! Might as well walk down the aisle backwards to make the inevitable groping and fondling easier.

Israel has suffered more stabbings than happen in a prison riot, yet has not deported a single Arab. While one Swedish woman gets knifed to death by a Muslim refugee, and they threaten to boot 80,000. I never thought I’d write this, but why you can’t be more like Sweden, Israel?


Confessions of a Human Rights Campaigner

Like Arab terrorism and Obama’s fascism, China’s human rights abuses could fill a blog by themselves. So we select carefully.

This one would warm the cockles of Tom Friedman’s heart:

A Swedish activist who was detained in China on charges of damaging national security has been released and deported.

Peter Dahlin, 35, has been held since early January amid a crackdown on human rights lawyers and activists.

Last week he appeared on state media apparently confessing to breaking the law through his organisation’s support of local Chinese rights lawyers.

Well, if he confessed…

Last week, in a report on state television, Mr Dahlin appeared to confess to helping the Beijing law firm Fengrui – a number of the firm’s lawyers have recently been charged with subversion.

Mr Dahlin said he had violated Chinese law, caused harm to the Chinese government and hurt the Chinese public.

China Action called the report “absurd” and said the confession appeared to be forced.

In China?

But look who pops up in the story—the Josefina Goebbels of Sweden herself:

Sweden’s Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom said she remained “greatly concerned” about the status of detained Swedish national Gui Minhai.

Mr Gui is one of five people linked to a Hong Kong publishing house to disappear in recent months. He vanished while on holiday from Hong Kong in Thailand in October last year.

He also appeared on Chinese TV earlier this month, saying he had voluntarily handed himself over to the authorities over a drink-driving fatality years ago.

The case has sparked protests in Hong Kong from those who believe they were kidnapped by China and are being held because of allegations in a book they were working on, critical of the mainland.

Ms Wallstrom said Sweden’s “efforts to get a clear picture of his situation and the possibility to visit him continue with undiminished force”.

When not slandering Israel, that is. Mr. Gui can wait his turn.

Meanwhile, America has an answer to Chinese aggression and fascism: Laos.

The prime minister of communist Laos assured U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Monday that his small nation will help counter China’s assertiveness in the South China Sea.

Laos this year takes the rotating chairmanship of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, with the group’s heads of state scheduled to hold a special meeting next month in Sunnylands, California, at the invitation of President Barack Obama as part of his foreign policy to reach out to the region as a counterweight to China.

Kerry’s visit to the landlocked nation of fewer than 7 million people was meant to pave the way for the summit, with a goal of making sure Laos holds the group together. Kerry arrived in the Laotian capital Sunday.

Don’t make us get Hmong on your ass, China.


Hey Sweden, How Do YOU Like Getting Stabbed?

Your karma ran over your dogma:

Sweden’s prime minister has described as a “terrible crime” the stabbing of a female employee at a centre for young asylum seekers.

Prime Minister Stefan Lofven visited the centre for unaccompanied migrants in Molndal, near Gothenburg, hours after the killing.

The suspect, an asylum seeker aged 15, has been arrested for the killing of the employee, who was 22.

If some of you are puzzled at my gloating over the senseless slaughter of an innocent young woman by a subhuman refugee, you need to read this blog more often:

Last month Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom criticized Israel’s practice of “extrajudicial executions” for Palestinians who have wielded knives and said the Palestinians perpetrate violence because they see no future under occupation. The comments have caused a furor in Israel.

Get used to it, Sweden. Payback’s a bitch:

Sweden’s National Police Commissioner, Dan Eliasson, has requested 4,100 additional officers and support staff to help fight against terrorism, carry out migrant deportations and police asylum facilities, Swedish news agency TT reports.

“We are forced to respond to many disturbances in asylum reception centres,” he was quoted as saying.

“In some places, this takes significant police resources. This was not the case six months ago and it means that we won’t be able to respond as effectively in other areas.”

Sweden accepted more than 150,000 asylum applications last year and, along with Germany, is a prime destination for refugees and other migrants entering the EU illegally.

I would rather no one had been stabbed. But it’s especially sad that this young woman lost her life while Margot Wallstrom lives to slander Israel.

PS: I look forward to the long national conversation in Sweden about why the Muslims hate them so. It must be something you did, Sven.

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Call For Israel To Close Embassy In Sweden

Is it even safe to have diplomats in such an antisemitic cesspool?

The deceitful and contemptible remarks by Sweden’s foreign minister, Margot Wallstrom, were not made by her own volition. She received – and still receives – backing from the Swedish prime minister, and her words represent the thoughts and opinions of the people of Sweden.

Wallstrom is turning the victims into perpetrators. Instead of talking about the Palestinians who are committing stabbing attacks, she blames their victims. Her latest comment regarding Israel’s supposed excessive use of force is also a lie.

She singles Israel out while refusing to talk about the bloodletting in Afghanistan, Paris, and other places. She mentions nothing about terrorists who were killed by the security forces in those areas. Wallstrom is undermining the unity of the Western world, which is defending itself from threats. This is something that she should’ve understood.

Wallstrom’s specialty is exercising political and populist skills, and this is her intent here as well. Sweden’s demographics are changing. Malmo has become almost entirely a Muslim city. The foreign minister knows that the Muslim community in Sweden is a source of support for her.

She is also operating from a place of limited thinking and philosophical obtuseness. That is the only explanation for her comments differentiating between Palestinian terrorism and that of Islamic State. The Palestinians, she said, are resisting occupation and settlements.

Israel has become the world’ bad boy. On the one hand, we are on the front lines against terrorism while helping countries like Sweden and other European governments with intelligence. On the other hand, it is easy to point to Israel as the world’s problem child in order to curry favor with Muslims. It is as if the Westerners are saying, “See, we are not against you. Look at what we are doing to Israel.”

Perhaps, just maybe, there’s a hint of anti-Semitism at play here. When Jews are being killed, it apparently doesn’t hurt as much as when Europeans are targeted. The time has come to stop being afraid in bringing these issues to the fore.

The Swedish effort to ingratiate themselves with the Muslim world at Israel’s expense will come back to haunt them. They think that if they attack Israel, they will be spared by terrorism. They are wrong.

Israel’s condemnation of Wallstrom’s remarks is insufficient. The government needs to close its embassy in Stockholm and let the chips fall where they may. Let Israel’s ambassador to Sweden work from Jerusalem. Now, there’s a good reason to do this.

Such a move will shock the Swedes since they are very active in foreign policy. They are particularly known for their insistence on remaining neutral, which was supposedly the case during World War Two. Sweden loves to brag about its ability to get along with virtually everyone.

It’s important for me to clarify that I’m not advocating for a total rupture in relations. I am simply proposing that Israel recall its envoy. This will save Israel money, which is consistent with the Foreign Ministry’s plans to cut expenses. Instead of shutting down diplomatic missions in the United States, let’s close up shop in Sweden. It’s a marginal country, and we are not dependent on it.

More at the link.

– Aggie


Sweden Will Be Sooooooo Pissed!

The Swedish Foreign Minister, Helga Bazoomstrøm, has twice excoriated Israel’s “extrajudicial executions”…of Arab terrorists…neutralized in the act of attempted murder (some achieved).

This story will make her meatball her eyes out:

A military court in the Hamas-run Gaza Strip on Wednesday sentenced four Palestinians to death on charges of spying for Israel, a statement and court sources said.

The court said in a brief statement that a 23-year-old man from the Zeitoun area south of Gaza City had been sentenced to death on espionage charges. It did not provide his name.

Three other men who “fled from justice” were also found guilty in absentia, it said.

A court source told AFP the four were convicted on “charges of spying for the occupation”, including “surveillance” and providing information about cars and homes to help Israel plan alleged assassinations.

Before these sentences, 167 people had been sentenced to death by courts in Gaza and Judea-Samaria by Hamas and the Palestinian Authority respectively, according to the Palestinian Center for Human Rights.

Many more have been summarily executed by death squads without trial.

Hamas took over the Gaza Strip in 2007 after a battle with Fatah, which runs the Palestinian Authority. Eighty of the death sentences have been given in Gaza since that date.

Islamists Hamas have previously carried out executions against those accused of dealing with Israelis, with the killings sometimes taking place in public squares.

In Araby, the mere selling of land to Jews is punishable by death. I wonder if Helga knows that? Meanwhile, here’s a snap of her Swedish compatriots, Ahmed and Mahmoud, on holiday in Syria:

Two Swedish citizens were convicted by a Gothenburg Court of joining an Islamist terror group in Syria and murdering two captives. Video evidence (left) showed one victim being beheaded. When asked if she is worried about the radicalization of young people in Sweden who choose to fight for ISIS, Sweden’s Foreign Minister, Margot Wallström (right), blamed Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.

They got the name wrong, but everything else sounds right. Ms. Bazoomstrøm is symptomatic of what’s wrong with Europe. Keep your distance, Israel. That sh*t’s contagious.


The Rape of Sweden

Sometimes, in my darkest moments, I wonder if it’s such a bad idea.
But then I slap myself!

Science Minister Ofir Akunis slammed on Tuesday anti-Israel statements made by Sweden’s Foreign Minister, Margot Wallstrom, regarding the need to investigate the alleged “execution” of Arab terrorists by Israel.

Wallstrom called earlier on Tuesday for an investigation to be opened in order to determine whether Israel is guilty of executing Palestinian Arab “assailants” without trial, fueling already existing tensions between Stockholm and Jerusalem.

“The only thing that needs to be investigated is how a woman who hates Israel so much was elected, and continues to serve as a Foreign Minister,” Akunis said.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry also spoke out against the Swedish FM’s statements, calling them “Irresponsible and ridiculous. The Swedish Foreign Minister is supporting terrorism and encouraging violence.”

You remember: we’ve heard from this ditz before:

Wallstrom made similar accusations in December. “I reject/condemn the knife-attacks,” the Swedish minister had said. “I think that it is awful and that it should not happen and Israel always has the right to defend itself and ensure its safety.”

“And in the same way the response cannot be, and I say this in other situations as well, that the response turns into extrajudicial executions, or that it becomes disproportionate so the numbers of dead on the other side is greater than the original death toll by several factors,” she said.

Give her credit: she blamed Israel for killing terrorists without using the word “but”.

You go ahead and let your women be raped and fingered, Sweden. It’s all the rage in Europe. But Israelis would rather not be stabbed, thank you very much. Or shot. Or rammed by a car. It’s called civilization, something with which Europe once had a vague familiarity. Though it’s been a long time, it has to be said.



We reported on the despicable comments from the bowzer Swedish Foreign Minister who blamed Israel for “neutralizing” terrorists who had stabbed, run over, etc. Israelis.

Evidently, we “misunderstood”. We apologize (not for the bowzer remark—truth is an absolute defense):

Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom’s remarks on Israel were “misunderstood”, she said in a joint statement with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Loefven Sunday night.

Wallstrom caused a firestorm in Israel after accusing the Jewish state of “extrajudicial executions” of terrorists who carry out stabbing attacks in remarks before parliament on Friday.

On Sunday night, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke with Loefven and expressed his displeasure over Wallstrom’s remarks.

Netanyahu also pointed out the double standards in the Swedish Foreign Minister’s remarks, saying, “I did not see her saying that last week in San Bernardino, or the attack in Paris when police killed the terrorists, that those were executions as she had said about Israel.”

But in a statement later, Wallstrom and Loefven said that it was “unfortunate that statements on the situation in the Middle East by representatives of the Swedish Government are misunderstood and blown out of reasonable proportion.”

Women are much more diplomatic than men, so I’ll cut Pippi Longstocking a break. If I may offer her a helpful suggestion, she would do well to follow the example of our women diplomats:


Would That They Were, Sweet Cheeks, Would That They Were

You know she’s got a problem when she’s Swedish and blonde—and a dog:

Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom once again lashed out at Israel on Friday, accusing the Jewish state of “executing” without trial Palestinian Arabs who carried out stabbing attacks in Israel.

“I reject and condemn the stabbing attacks. I think it’s terrible and must not happen, and Israel has the right to defend itself and ensure its security,” she said, according to Israel’s Channel 10 News.

“At the same time,” Wallstrom continued, “Israel’s response cannot be – and I say this in other cases as well – one of extrajudicial executions or a disproportionate response that brings to a number of deaths on the other side that is much greater than the original number of casualties.”

I support the troops, but… I support free speech, but… I support the Second Amendment, but… I support Israel’s right to exist, but

Israel is unimpressed:

Sweden has “surrendered to Islam,” former Israeli ambassador Zvi Mazel asserted Sunday, slamming Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom for accusing Israel of committing extrajudicial executions of terrorists.

In conversation with Walla! News, Mazel charged that Wallstrom wishes nothing more than “when an Arab terrorist approaches, you’ll say, ‘Stop mister terrorist, I’m calling a policeman, the policeman will come, he will arrest you and we’ll give you a fair trial.'”

“Forgive me for exaggerating, but this is the story of Sweden,” Mazel said. “Sweden has given itself away to immigrants and Islam; it’s ceased to be the real Sweden. For ten years, it has received more and more immigrants, most of them Muslim.”

When asked if Wallstrom really wants Israelis to allow themselves to be stabbed in silence, Mazel offered a resounding yes.

“Sweden claims to be a champion of human rights, but it isn’t. It never criticizes Iran and Arab countries in general,” he said, recounting an episode where Wallstrom begged the king of Sweden apologize to Saudi Arabia, after they suspended trade relations for a critical remark she made about the Saudi king.

What he says about Sweden is completely true. What the Swedish Vallhund said about Israel is deranged.


Spot the Swede!

Which one is the Swedish Froreign Minister and which is the Arab terrorist?

Think twice before answering—it’s harder than you think!

Option A:

“Terror is terror and we condemn all terror,” [Sven/Ahmed] said, in a post dated Saturday. “Be it destroying houses in Nablus (Shechem – ed.) and killing children by Israel or hitting a Russian plane over Egypt. The Paris attacks are criminal acts done by coward terrorists.”

[Bjorn/Mahmoud] claimed that the Mossad – Israel’s intelligence service – orchestrated the Paris attacks, claiming that it was a hit designed to cripple Europe for deciding to label goods made in Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights.

The author added that Israel is the one benefiting from these attacks and that they serve the “goals” of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, who “hides in his soul enough evil to burn the world.”

Option B:

“To counteract the radicalization we must go back to the situation such as the one in the Middle East of which not the least the Palestinians see that there is no future: we must either accept a desperate situation or resort to violence,” [Elke/Aisha] stated.

Sweden’s Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin confer over foreign policy.

If the Swedish Foreign Minister looked like a young Bibi Andersson, I’d probably find it in my heart to forgiver her. But she looks more like Louie Anderson.

I can’t call her what I think of her, but it rhymes with “swat”.

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Unclear of the Concept


In the Swedish city of Umea, organizers of a Kristallnacht commemoration have been accused of excluding the last group anyone would have expected, the Jews.

The Kristallnacht pogroms, carried out in territories controlled by Nazi Germany on November 9-10, 1938, resulted in the destruction of 267 synagogues and the internment of 30,000 Jewish men in | concentration camps.

According to local media and the leader of the city’s small Jewish community, organizers from the local branch of the Arbetarpartiet, or Workers Party, failed to invite them to attend or address the gathering, which some believe has been re-purposed for political reasons.

Carrine Sjöberg, head of the city’s organized Jewish community, said she was shocked to learn that the reason she was not contacted was because organizers believes that “Jewish people will be scared to come” because often Israeli flags are on display with swastikas daubed across them.

She cited a statement by Jan Hägglund of the Arbetarpartiet, one of the primary organizers, to a local paper in which he asserted that he had not involved the Jews because “it can be perceived as an unwelcoming or unsafe situation for them.”

Hey, you want to see an “unwelcoming or unsafe situation” for Jews, you shoulda been there:

The story gets complicated about whom was invited (or not) and why, but that’s my point. When it comes to European leftists and Jews, it’s complicated at best—simple hatred at worst.

I don’t suppose it occured to anyone on that entire benighted continent that while they were mourning (or were they celebrating?) Kristallnacht, they were essentially reenacting the event by affixing a figurative yellow star to imports from Israeli “settlements”. No, irony is lost on leftists of any stripe.

We will be pleased to eat your produce and drink your wine here, my Israeli friends. The Europeans can starve. I believe their new Arabic citizens call it sawm, or fasting, so they’ll get used to it soon enough.

PS: If there were an academic discipline of Antisemitic Studies (they’ll get right on it, after Transgender Studies), that condemned, not celebrated, the belief, I would hope the field would note how crimes against the Jews are repurposed into accusations of Jewish crimes. Over and over again.

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I Thought You Said Corona!

Cancel the lime wedge, then:

The Palestinian Authority’s UN representative has claimed Israel is harvesting the organs of dead Palestinians, leading Israel’s envoy to accuse the PA of spreading a blood libel.

In a letter to the UN secretary general, ambassador Riyad Mansour protested Israel’s “persistent aggression against the Palestinian people” over the past month of unrest and what he called its “insistence on use of violent force and oppressive measures.”

He then claimed that bodies of Palestinians killed by Israeli security forces “were returned with missing corneas and other organs, further confirming past reports about organ harvesting by the occupying power.”

In response Israeli envoy Danny Danon called the organ harvesting accusation a “blood libel” and said the claim had shown the Palestinian ambassador’s true “anti-Semitic face.”

Even if it were true, they weren’t using their corneas, were they? And what good is a pancreas if you’re dead? If the Arabs focused instead on why and how their young men died, rather than on the fate of their spleens, fewer might die. But that would be a problem in a culture of death.


It was not the first time claims have been made that Israel harvested Palestinian organs. The allegation appeared in the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet in 2009. It was also reported by Time magazine in 2014, though the publication later posted a retraction.


“Correction: The original version of this video cited a contested allegation in a 2009 Swedish newspaper report as fact. The allegation has been removed from the video.”

According to the watchdog website Honest Reporting, “The reference is to a completely made up tabloid-style article in an obscure Swedish paper that even the author admitted was not based on any evidence.”

The allegation appeared in the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet. Of the allegation, the author of the piece said, “But whether it’s true or not – I have no idea, I have no clue,” according to Honest Reporting.

So few in the media do.

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