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Who Needs a Knife to Kill Jews?

Sticks and stones may smash my windshield,
But words and maps are genocide revealed:

Israel is working to thwart a draft UNESCO resolution which declares that the Western Wall in Jerusalem – the most holy site in Judaism – belongs to al-Aksa Mosque compound.

The draft text to be voted on Wednesday in Paris states that UNESCO “affirms that the Buraq Plaza is an integral part of al-Aksa Mosque/al-Haram al-Sharif.”

Israeli Ambassador to UNESCO Carmel Shama Hacohen called the resolution “a total Islamization” of a site that is revered by both Jews and Muslims.

At no point does the resolution mention the Jewish historical connection to Jerusalem, which dates back to biblical times. Nor does it reference the Temple Mount or the Western Wall, which was part of the retaining wall King Herod built for the Temple Mount more than 2,000 years ago. It also relies solely on Arabic names for the holy sites on and around the Temple Mount.

If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cunning.

Iran merely threatens to “wipe Israel off the map” (more than threatens, actually).

MSNBC actually does it:

On Saturday, MSNBC host Kate Snow interviewed former NBC Tel Aviv Bureau Chief Martin Fletcher about the recent wave of terror attacks in Israel.

In an attempt to explain the history of the conflict, the screen showed a map labeled “Palestinian Loss of Land 1946 – Present.” The image included four side-by-side maps of Israel, supposedly showing how Israel encroaches on Palestinian territory, with captions reading 1946, UN Plan 1947, 1949-1967, and Present.

At the same time, Snow stated that “We have a map that shows historically the areas that used to be Palestine in 1946 and then the UN plan there and then as it shrunk down to basically Gaza and the West Bank, right, and then present.” Fletcher agreed with her assessment, and added that, unless there is a peace agreement, Israel will continue taking Palestinian land until there is none left.

Aside from the issue that there has never been a sovereign state of Palestine to take land from, the maps contain a number of lies and inaccuracies designed to paint a false picture. The first marks all areas that Jews privately owned as yellow [yellow for Jews—nice touch, MSNBC -ed.], while assuming that the entire rest of the region, which was under the British Mandate, belonged to Palestinians, although it did not.

The second map shows the UN partition plan, which was the first time that Palestinians were offered a state of their own. Instead of accepting it, though, the Arabs felt that any land for a Jewish state was too much, and they launched an attack in the hopes of destroying Israel completely.

The war ended with an armistice agreement and generally acknowledged borders, which did last until 1967, as the third map portrays. However, the green sections did not belong to “Palestine,” but were instead conquered and annexed by Egypt and Jordan. For the 19 years in which those two countries controlled Gaza and Judea-Samaria, respectively, there were no UN resolutions or international pressure aimed at giving Palestinians their own nation.

That’s a whole lotta truth right already, and I want to let it sink in. You’ve read it from me ad nauseam, but you’re going to hear it again: Palestine is a fiction, an invention. The Ottomans never believed in it; the Arabs never believed in it; the British never believed in it (except as a placeholder name for a Jewish state); no one took the absurd idea seriously until the Jews moved into the neighborhood.

The Mufti of Jerusalem was a Nazi sympathizer, for crying out loud!

Put on your thinking caps, boys and girls, it’s time to use your noodles. Let me direct your attention to the second map, above, the so-called UN partition. Leave it to the UN to propose something that looks like a Rauschenberg for a compromise—but it also betrays the lie behind the very idea of “Palestine”. The territory of today’s Israel, Gaza, and Judea and Samaria was once populated by Arabs who considered themselves to some degree or another Jordanian, Egyptian, Lebanese/Syrian. Else why the land bridges to their homelands? If Palestine were a distinct entity, there wouldn’t be a need for one umbilical cord, let alone three. I thank the UN (a phrase never before written on this site) for making the obscure clear.

The final map purports to show the current state of Israeli versus Palestinian control, but it too is missing important information. The areas labeled as green are under the autonomous rule of the Palestinian Authority, as granted by the Oslo Accords. The reason they appear small is because it was only intended to be a temporary trial, before handing over more territory. Like in 1947, this attempt at creating a Palestinian state failed due to Palestinian violence and complete rejection of the State of Israel.

At least I will be honest about my motives. I want one Israel, from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea. I’ve explained why many times (the religious/historic/cultural imperatives are inarguable), but suffice it for now to say that it would lead to actual peace. Remove the Palestinian lie from the equation, and the Arabs who would choose to live in Eretz Israel would be the freest and happiest Arabs on the planet (as present day Israeli Arabs are, most/some of them).

But if it were about peace, there would be more of this:

To put it bluntly, the message we need to start sending to the Palestinians is this: the more you try to kill us, the more we will build. For every act of Palestinian destruction, Israel should undertake an act of construction, and move forward with an expansion of the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

This is not to imply a moral equivalence between the two. Just the opposite.

After all, the central aim of Palestinian terrorism is to kill Jews and to expunge the Jewish presence from the Land of Israel. Every individual Palestinian who wakes up in the morning and decides to raise a knife to harm a Jew needs to know that he will be plunging a blade into the Palestinian cause itself by choosing such a course of action.

In other words, it is not enough to elicit a personal price from the terrorist and his immediate family. An ideological and collective penalty must be assessed too.

If a potential Palestinian attacker knows that his assault will directly result in the construction of a dozen new Jewish homes, or the addition of a new Jewish neighborhood, he might just think twice before pursuing the path of violence.

For this to be effective, a clear linkage must be drawn such that any attempt to reduce the number of Jews living in the Land of Israel will be met by efforts to increase that number.

This is a blood-free option, and it is not without precedent.

About which you can read at the link if you’re curious.

My summary is really the same message I’ve been preaching for years: Israel can handle war; peace will be the death of it. Those who speak of peace—Kerry, the UN, the EU—are really speaking of surrender. Those who actually want peace—a permanent cessation of hostilities—know that it comes with victory. With victory comes magnanimity, but not until.

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She Has A Point…

How many illegal immigrants did Europe take from Central America?

The United States is the most generous nation in the world, and we have taken many refugees from foreign lands. Europe has not offered to take refugees from Central America, so why are some politicians here insisting that we take many thousands of refugees from the Middle East?

On the other hand, one could argue that since the European refugee problem exists because of the policies of the Obama administration, along with the policies of the EU, that we have a lot to answer for. And when Obama became President, the American public voted for a community organizer who promised to withdraw from Iraq, period. And that when we decided to attack and kill the Libyan Poo-Bah, Moammar Khadaffi, we willfully created chaos. And that when we decided that the Arab Spring was a Ducky Idea™ we destabilized Egypt – population 80 million folks. And that by declaring ISIS the JV Team, we were encouraging them. And that by refusing to help the democracy movement in Iran in 2009, we were strengthening the Mullahs. And that by promising Putin more flexibility in the 2nd term (an open-mic moment), we were encouraging the takeover of Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, as well as the build-up of weapons in Syria.

Other than that, we are blameless.

– Aggie


Obama Said Some Sh*t on Israeli TV, Who Cares?

I started a point-by-point refutation to this crap in my mind, but life is too short to waste it on Obama.

He’s still pi**ed at Netanyahu, and unless Bibi dances to his tune, he threatens to let the carpenter ants at the UN nibble at Israel’s vitals. Blah-blah-blah in a Negro accent (©Harry Reid). More mush from the wimp.

But I will have a go at one thing:

Describing Netanyahu, Obama said, “I think that he also is someone who has been skeptical about the capacity of Israelis and Palestinians to come together on behalf of peace. I think that he is also a politician, who’s concerned about keeping coalitions together and maintaining his office.”

“Netanyahu…is somebody who’s predisposed to think of security first.


Obama is so arrogant, so self-loving, so tone deaf, that he thinks that accusing a nation’s leader—a recently reelected leader in what passes for a rout over there—a leader of a people fired on almost continuously, if not at actual war, for most of the last 67 years…I’m so lost in this sentence, I’ll end it here: he thinks he’s putting down Netanyahu.

But Netanyahu is in good company, moonbat-wise, because Obama dismissed Elizabeth Warren as a “politician” two weeks ago.

Why does no reporter ever challenge the Doofus-in-Chief? Why does no one ask him, non-threateningly, but matter-of-factly, what is the evidence that the so-called Palestinians even want peace? They never talk of peace, only war, even genocide. Never peace. Never. Why does no one ask him how Israel can be expected to talk surrender to an entire culture of death and ethno-religious loathing, that describes Jews in non-Darwinian terms, that teaches its children songs that would make Horst Wessel blush?

He’s so calm, so confident: “come together on behalf of peace”. Who talks like that? Make peace, even achieve peace, reach a peace settlement, if you must. Barack Obama loves himself some Barack Obama. “Smack-smack, you gorgeous thing, you. If I weren’t married…”

But what did I say at the top? Not worth the time.

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Folks Waggin’

That word is my personal dog whistle. Any time I hear someone not named Jedidiah or Jethro use it, I smell BS:

“I continue to believe that a two-state solution is absolutely vital for not only peace between Israelis and Palestinians, but for the long-term security of Israel as a Democratic and Jewish state and I know that a government has been formed that contains some folks who don’t necessarily believe in that premise,” said Obama.

Obama said this as he emerged from a meeting with emirs and sheikhs—sorry, goatherds and camel minders—at Camp David. The emirs and sheikhs stayed away in droves.

But he also said this to cement his imbecility for all time:

The President said the current chance of reaching a peace deal, “seems distant,” and hailed what he called the, “incredible vision and courage,” of the Camp David Accords signed in 1978. He said that, “tough choices resulted in what’s now been a lasting peace between countries that used to be sworn enemies and Israel’s better off for it.

Let’s stipulate that the Camp David accord showed “incredible vision and courage” (even if the level of Salafist infiltration there now would never have happened under Israeli sovereignty). Let’s also stipulate that pulling up stakes from Gaza was a “tough choice”. Israel has ceded land almost three times its own size—23,166 square miles of Sinai, 139 of Gaza—roughly equivalent to the area of West Virginia.

What has it netted in return? From Egypt, a lack of war, if not actual peace. From Gaza, a decade of festering misery—not least for the Gazans. One of these things is not like the other. Obama thinks he’s making one point, but ends up proving the opposite. Israel knows there is neither “lasting peace” nor “long-term security” between itself and the so-called Palestinians, at least not as presently constituted. It has proven that point over and over, proofs written in blood, but Obama’s too stupid to get it.

Which is hardly a surprise.

Maybe hanging out with the inbred lesser cousins of the Arab royal families robbed him of his faculties.

Unless it was something else:


Good Morning!

New day, new Hamass atrocity:

A “humanitarian ceasefire” between Israel and Hamas has broken Friday, after Hamas fired yet another salvo of rockets on Israel despite the bilateral truce.

Heavy fighting has now broken out between Israel and Hamas in southern Gaza, according to Palestinian sources, who also claim that eight terrorists have been killed since 10:00 am.

Rocket fire from Hamas and Islamic Jihad has resumed.

Mortar shells have been fired in the Eshkol region; no injuries were reported, but a brushfire started and is spreading. Firefighting teams are working to stymie the blaze.

The Iron Dome missile defense system also shot down two rockets over Ofakim Friday afternoon.

“Once again the terror organizations in Gaza flagrantly violating the ceasefire to which they committed themselves, this time to the US Secretary of State and the UN Secretary General,” a statement from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said, without pointing to a specific incident.

Earlier, Hamas fired a salvo of rockets at the south just before 7:00 am Friday; two rockets hit open areas in S’dot HaNegev and in the Merhavim area. No injuries or damage were reported.

Additional rockets were fired at Ashkelon and Ashdod, just after 7:30 am. Two rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system over Ashdod; there are no reports of injuries or damage.

Yet another salvo was fired, just five minutes before 8:00 am, at Gaza Belt communities.

The barrages were fired just minutes before a 72-hour ceasefire was to take effect, in a UN and US-brokered deal slated to begin 8:00 am Friday.

There is even a report that an Israeli soldier was captured.

I ask John Kerry and the striped-pants brigade to please dispense with the peace “processes”. Israel has a job to do; fifty-six soldiers have died to protect their country. How about for a change you let Israel win?

As others are asking:

“We call on the Prime Minister to return Israel her sovereignty,” MK Miri Regev (Likud) stated Friday. “We must stop these cease-fires – they give over a message of hesitancy.”

“We must not accept a single condition in a cease-fire,” she continued. “We must either demilitarize or retake Gaza; there is no middle ground. Now is the time.”

Regev’s statements surface after weeks of similar statements from ministers, many of whom have conveyed disappointment over Prime Minister Netanyahu’s willingness to dabble in the demands of the international community regarding a cease-fire.

Another voice in the chorus:

Feiglin does not believe in going after rocket launchers or tunnels. Gaza should be retaken in whole, he said, by directly attacking the Hamas leadership and striving for victory, and doing so according to Jewish law, without sacrificing soldiers in order to save members of the local population, which voted Hamas into power.

Once this is accomplished, the terrorists who fight Israel must be destroyed, he said, and the remaining population should be encouraged to leave through monetary compensation. Surveys show that 80% of Gazans would like to leave the Mediterranean coastal strip and move elsewhere in the world. The minority that decides to stay will be allowed to stay and gradually receive a status similar to the Arabs of eastern Jerusalem.

We see in the short term (overnight) that Israel can’t trust or work with Arab occupiers of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza. The chronicle of the last 65 years or so demonstrates they can’t trust or work with them in the long term either. If Kerry and his ilk really wanted peace they’d support the single state of Israel from the river to the sea. Anything less is just a Jewish ghetto.


Hamass on That Whole Peace Thang

No one asked us:

Hamas will never recognize Israel and will not accept the conditions laid out by the Middle East peacemaking Quartet, according to the Islamist movement’s deputy leader.

Speaking late on Saturday, Mussa Abu Marzouq said Hamas, which recently signed a reconciliation deal with the Western-backed leadership in the occupied West Bank, would never agree to recognize Israel.

“We will not recognize the Zionist entity,” he said at a press conference in Gaza City.

Recognizing Israel is one of the key conditions laid out in the 2003 peacemaking roadmap of the Middle East Quartet, which brings together the United Nations, the European Union, the United States and Russia.

The other two key demands are a renunciation of violence and acceptance of all prior agreements with Israel.

Abbas, who is to head the new government, to consist of political independents, has insisted it will abide by all three principles.

But Abu Marzouq said Hamas would never accept the Quartet’s conditions.

“Hamas rejects the Quartet’s conditions because it denies some of our people’s rights,” he told reporters.

“No one asked to discuss this,” he said.

And our State Department blames Jews building houses.


Being John Kerry

Not exactly a headline designed to pack ’em in, but give me a chance.

Ynet has an “exclusive” interview with an American intimately involved in the failed negotiations between Israel and the Arab occupiers of Judea and Samaria.

You’ll never guess whom Kerry and his people blame for the collapse:

From the US perspective, the issue of the settlements was largely to blame.

You’ll have to read a lot further down to find any other explanation. Over and over, Netanyahu and the Israelis are described as inflexible, insulting, disinterested—“we were doing this for you”, the official laments.

Even Arab failures are blamed on Israel:

Abbas refused to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

“We couldn’t understand why it bothered him so much. For us, the Americans, the Jewish identity of Israel is obvious. We wanted to believe that for the Palestinians this was a tactical move – they wanted to get something (in return) and that’s why they were saying ‘no.’

“The more Israel hardened its demands, the more the Palestinian refusal deepened. Israel made this into a huge deal – a position that wouldn’t change under any circumstances. The Palestinians came to the conclusion that Israel was pulling a nasty trick on them. They suspected there was an effort to get from them approval of the Zionist narrative.”

But there was one Israeli they did like:

“Tzipi Livni was a heroine. She fought with all of her might to promote the agreement.

We noted the other day Caroline Glick’s assertion that Livni serves as an American mole in the Israeli government. No wonder we want to give her a medal (while Jonathan Pollard rots in prison).

Subsequent events—Fatah making nice with Hamass, Kerry’s “Apartheid” comments—have bolstered any Israeli skepticism. Kerry may have been insulted by accusations that he was hot in pursuit of a Nobel Prize, but let’s just say he wouldn’t have turned one down had it been offered.

And now the threats of reprisal:

“As of now, nothing is stopping the Palestinians from turning to the international community. The Palestinians are tired of the status quo. They will get their state in the end – whether through violence or by turning to international organizations.

“The boycott and the Palestinian application to international organizations are medium-range problems. America will help, but there’s no guarantee its support will be enough.

“Your extreme right wing is very happy with the collapse of the peace talks. They won’t accept any gesture, or any positive comment from the other side.”

Sigh. No doubt this anonymous American knows whereof he speaks. His account certainly fits the pattern of the Obama regime. (Is it any wonder why Israel doesn’t trust us? I don’t trust us.) There’s no reference to missiles, mortars, and rockets from Gaza; no mention of Arab anitsemitism and incitement to violence and genocide; no condemnation of the glorification of terrorists living and dead; no reminder that Abbas himself is a fictitious leader (he has no power in Gaza, and his elected term has long since expired) of a fictitious people (“Palestinian” is a modern invention); no suggestion that neighboring countries, Jordan most particularly, have played a key role in this “unsustainable” status quo—through containment camps and second-class citizenship for refugees (if Arabs among other Arabs can be so labeled, especially after 65 years of refuge). One could easily go on.

So, why not go on? Did you notice, as I did, the internal contradiction in US and Arab criticism? It’s all about the settlements, we’re told—they’re bad, bad, bad. Yet America proposed, and the Arabs seemed to agree, “to the border outline so 80 percent of settlers would continue living in Israeli territory”. How can settlements be the problem if the Arab position is that 80% of them are okay? Most new construction in Judea and Samaria is also in existing settlements, so that can’t be a problem either.

Israel was wise or lucky to have missed out on this “historic” opportunity. This was always an ego trip for Kerry. Given his ego, it’s no surprise the trip was so long and arduous. Such peace initiatives between the Israelis and the Arabs usually bring about bloodshed (as engagement and flexibility are interpreted as weakness and vulnerability). It’s odd that the one effort that has actually led to anything like peace was Jimmy Carter’s Camp David accord. But then, Israel had no strong cultural ties to the Sinai, and Egypt had no stomach for more war. Until the Arab occupiers of Judea and Samaria experience similar defeat, I believe, they will have no stomach for peace.

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Israel’s Partners in Peace

As Aggie has already announced, the Grand Duchy of Bloodthirstan extends its congratulations to the terrorist organizations Fatah and Hamas on their merger (new name: Fa shat a ham).

it’s all very clarifying:

A video broadcast on Hamas’ Al-Aqsa TV yesterday shows actors playing Israeli soldiers entering the Gaza Strip, as a text on screen warns, “You will end up in Hell.” One by one the actor-soldiers are shot in the head, after which a Hamas sniper collects all the dog tags of the killed soldiers. A text appears on the screen: “Our harvest is your heads.”

The following is the text in the official PA daily from April 16, 2014:

He [Haniyeh] added: ‘The kidnapping of Israeli soldiers is part of the agenda of the Palestinian resistance and of the Hamas movement, and will continue as long as there are Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli prisons.’

What’s the sound of peace talks going up in smoke, Secretary Kerry? Poof?


We’ve Got Your Back, Israel

You have been warned:

US Secretary of State John Kerry spoke before the Senate on Tuesday, where he blamed Israel for the breakdown of peace talks last week.

“Israel didn’t release the Palestinian prisoners on the day they were supposed to be freed, and another day passed, and another day, and then another 700 settlement units were announced in Jerusalem, and ‘poof’…that was sort of the moment,” remarked Kerry before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

The fourth and final batch of terrorist releases, meant as a “gesture” for the talks, was set for March 29 but put on hold given the total lack of progress in talks, and the widespread protest to the unpopular move. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu reportedly told Kerry the release could topple his government.

The release was officially cancelled last Thursday, after Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Abbas requested to join 15 UN agencies last Tuesday, in breach of the peace talk conditions.

Regarding Kerry’s comment about the “700 settlement units,” Israel reissued a call for tenders on over 700 housing units in the southern Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo last Tuesday. A construction freeze on Jewish building in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria was not a precondition of the talks.

I could rant and rave about the injustice—Israel has literally bled in releasing these prisoners; the Arabs haven’t stopped their Jew-hating incitement to murder and genocide for even a nanosecond; why do we cite housing starts in America as a positive economic indicator while condemning every single one in Israel—but I can’t be bothered.

I’m too busy standing and applauding Israel for sending this poseur packing. Seeing him drone on before Congress, I half expected him to accuse Israel of “razing villages in fashion reminiscent of Jenjis Khan”.

Kerry further blamed Israel for demanding recognition as the Jewish state. Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas brought talks to a standstill by adamantly refusing to recognize Israel as the Jewish state.

“The government of the United States and the president supports the notion of Israel being defined as a Jewish state,” Kerry noted. “We believe that that should happen. But when it happens, and how it happens, has to be part of the negotiations. It’s not going to happen in the beginning.”

What is Israel if not a Jewish state, you moron? Luxembourg with bagels? The only reason the Arabs won’t agree to it is that they want it as an Arab state. Like the world needs another one!

Noting the intensive energy that he has put into pushing the talks forward since last July, Kerry noted “there’s a limit to the amount of time that (US) President (Barack) Obama and I can invest in this topic with consideration to other challenges around the world, especially if the sides aren’t willing to show seriousness.”

Good! Beat it. Hasta la vista. See you. I think I hear Crimea calling.

Don’t worry, Israel. He, too, shall pass.


Daily Humiliation of the Palestinian People™ Daily Update

Another day, another humiliation:

Egypt on Wednesday detained and deported Northern Irish Nobel Laureate and anti-Israel activist Mairead Maguire and held up others who had been planning to go to neighboring Gaza, AFP reported.

Maguire had intended to join a delegation of women activists going to Gaza, activists and officials told the news agency. On Tuesday, airport police had already detained and deported American activist Medea Benjamin, also part of the delegation, who told AFP police broke her arm.

Come on, Medea, you’ve had that and worse coming for a long, long time.

But why would the lovely Irish colleen want to go to that armpit, Gaza?

This is not the first time she has tried to enter Gaza and failed. In 2010, Maguire took part in the flotilla that aimed to break Israel’s naval blockade of Gaza.

Following the flotilla, Maguire was expelled from Israel for 10 years. She appealed the decision to the Supreme Court, but the appeal was rejected. She was subsequently deported from Israel.

Egypt controls the only border crossing with Gaza that bypasses Israel, and is accused of colluding with the Jewish state to blockade the territory ruled by the Hamas terrorist group.

“I think it’s sad, what they’ve done,” Maguire told AFP of the reception she and the other activists received in Egypt.

“It is an example and confirmation of the Egyptian government’s compliance with the blockade of Gaza,” she charged.

She’s sad that Egypt is being mean to Hamass: yet another Jew-hater awarded with a Nobel Peace Prize. When’s Farrakhan’s turn?

These antisemites give Leftism—and peace—a bad name.


The Broken-Promised Land

Note that the Lord didn’t say “If you like Canaan, you can keep Canaan.”

Speaking in Germany, Kerry claimed that in Israel, “there’s a momentary peace. Last year, not one Israeli was killed by a Palestinian from the West Bank.”

In fact, several Israelis were murdered in terrorist attacks in the area in Judea and Samaria in 2013. The widow of one of them – 31-year-old Evyatar Borovsky – expressed hurt at Kerry’s remarks.

“I don’t even believe that Obama even knows there was a murder or anything,” she said. “I’m not sure they actually know, that the American government knows what’s happening in Israel, that people are being murdered.”

It has been less than a year since Evyatar was murdered, she noted. “Everyone here… is feeling it because terrorism is actually rising,” she said. Indeed, a report from the Shin Bet (General Security Service) revealed a significant increase in the number of terrorist attacks in Judea and Samaria in 2013.

“The Americans are supposed to be our best friends, but are actually working against us and putting our backs to the wall,” she accused.

Kerry is “living on a planet of his own,” she said.

Five Israelis were murdered by terrorists in Judea and Samaria in 2013. In addition to actor and father-of-five Evyatar, terrorists killed retired IDF officer Seraya Ofer, young soldiers Tomer Hazan and Eden Attias, who was stabbed to death on a bus as he slept, and Gabriel Kobi.

There were also several near-fatal attacks throughout the year, including a rock attack that left a 2-year-old girl fighting for her life, and an attack north of Jerusalem in which a terrorist shot a nine-year-old girl in the neck.

The Arabs who occupy the ancient land of Israel would dearly love to improve on these numbers. From individual murders to mass slaughter, Arab propaganda is diametrically opposed to peace, “momentary” or permanent. Their words are nearly bloodier than their deeds. (Nearly.)

But she’s wrong to say that Kerry is on a planet of his own. It’s more like a yacht (docked in Rhode Island, not Massachusetts, to avoid taxes) than a planet, and he’s hardly alone. Drinking Moet on the deck with him are the glitterati of the international set: Obama, Ban ki Moon, Jimmy Carter, Catherine Ashton, and that hot Scandinavian PM who took selfies with Obama at Mandela’s funeral. They are not bothered by throat-slashings or car-stonings. They are completely at sea.

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