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Hajj Ball

Technically, not the hajj—but how could I resist?

With the war-battered Gaza Strip’s borders closed, thousands of people have been shut out of a Muslim pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia because they cannot leave the sealed territory.

Some 7,500 Gazans have sought to travel to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, for the minor umrah pilgrimage but have been turned away because Egypt restricts movement in and out of the coastal enclave.

Egypt has shut its border with the Gaza Strip since Oct. 24, citing security concerns in its northern Sinai Peninsula. It has opened it only intermittently for students and patients seeking medical care.

“I wait hour by hour. We feel every day that passes without leaving as though it’s a year,” said Fares Hayek, 80, who is among those waiting to make the pilgrimage. He applied in November along with his wife, children and grandchildren.

Boy, that’s tough. I’m tempted to label Egypt an apartheid state (since no one else will), and refer to Gaza as a township (Soweto-on-Sea), but let’s read a little further:

An Egyptian security official said that the closure is upon orders from President Abdel-Fattah Sisi, who said he will only open the border if it is controlled by the Palestinian Authority. Despite an agreement last year to form a Palestinian unity government, Hamas remains in control of Gaza and the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority wields little influence over the coastal strip.

Mahmoud Habash, an adviser to on religious affairs, blamed the pilgrims delay on the security situation in the Sinai Peninsula. Egypt has accused militants of using Gaza for their operations.

“We agreed with the Egyptians that the first priority is the safety of the travelers and the safety of the Egyptian teams at the border crossing, and when the safety conditions permit, there will be no problem for them to go,” he said.

See? There you go. Egypt is penning up the Gazan Arabs out of an abundance of caution, a surfeit of love. It’s really quite touching when you look at it from the pan-Arab perspective.


Est. 2015

As I just wrote in a comment to the post below, nothing can return the victims of terror to their grieving loved ones. Civil suits in the amounts of hundreds of millions of dollars at least discourage the financial advantages of terror. Saddam Hussein notoriously contributed lavishly to the families of dead or imprisoned terrorists. I think it’s still PA policy.

I have another idea, prompted by this footnote to the heartbreaking story of Adelle Biton:

President Reuven Rivlin paid a condolence call in the Samarian community Yakir on Monday night to the parents of Adelle Biton.

Biton, 4, passed away last week, two years after she was critically injured in a terrorist attack in which stones were thrown at her family’s car.

Also on hand during the visit were Yakir’s Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Aharon Cohen, as well as the head of the Samarian Regional Council, Gershon Mesika, and his deputy, Yossi Dagan.

Mesika told Adelle’s parents that “we are aware the sense of loss and pain is absolute, but it is important for us to clarify to you that you are not alone. All the people of Israel embrace you right now.”

Noting the Biton’s strength, Mesika concluded, “this is the most important message to our enemies: you will not stop us. We will continue to live here, in Samaria, Jerusalem, and everywhere in Israel. We are not going to give up one inch of our land.”

Not one inch. Rather, they should add to it. When can they break ground on the quaint village of Adelle, Israel? Each Jewish life taken should give rise to another Israeli “settlement” in Judea or Samaria. I’ll buy land for my retirement.

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Wait’ll you see what those subhuman savages of ISIS have done now!

The latest disturbing video from ISIS shows what the Islamist group touts as the next generation of jihadist killers, pint-sized terror trainees who appear to be as young as 5 participating in drills and reciting verses from the Koran.

The 9-minute video released Monday shows about 70 camouflage-clad kids, who are reportedly the children of foreign fighters who have flocked to Iraq and Syria to join the Islamist army. An instructor states in Arabic that most of the children are in the second phase of training and that they represent the “next generation” of ISIS. The video illustrates the charge in a UN Human Rights Council report last year that determined that Islamic State “has established training camps to recruit children into armed roles under the guise of education.”

“At the camps, the children recruited received weapons training and religious education,” the report stated. “The existence of such camps seems to indicate that ISIS systematically provides weapons training for children.

This is a crime! This is an affront! This is…

Old news?

I shouldn’t speak for Israel, but I will. She feels your pain, rest of the world, more than you could ever know. But she also wonders where the [bleep] you’ve been. Pick any date you want, but I’ll suggest 1972. Who could possibly criticize Israel’s treatment of the so-called Palestinians after the so-called Palestinians murdered the entire Olympic team in Munich? (“They’re all gone”, as Jim McKay sighed on national television.) And those rabid animals are your underdogs? Even a dolt like BTL figured it out eventually (almost 30 years later–but then he was only 14 at the time).

Exactly, Israel. Well put. You pick the heinous, unspeakable act committed by ISIS, and Hamass got there decades ago. Ditto the Party of Allah, the Al Aqsa Murderers Brigade, Islamic Jihad (take note, Obama), the Popular Front for the Liberation of (so called) Palestine, and more like-minded organizations than I care to list right now. It’s just that nobody cared.

That’s Israel’s problem, sure—they’d like to live and let live, but to live is the key. The rest of the world has a problem, too, however. Not just ISIS (and Boko Haram and Al Qaeda and al-Shabaab and more like-minded organizations than I care to list right now), but Israel’s enemies should be everyone’s enemies. For Israel’s enemies make up a death cult whose motto is “we love death more than you love life”. If you don’t stand against that, you get what you deserve.

I get that now; what’s your problem? Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life.

PS: Munich, for God’s sake! Munich!! What else is there to say?!?!

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Oh, to have been on this jury:

New York federal court was scheduled to hand down a verdict later Monday as to whether or not the Palestinian Authority and the Palestine Liberation Organization can be held responsible for terror attacks that killed US citizens in Israel.

The $1 billion lawsuit was filed over a series of deadly attacks in or near Jerusalem that killed 33 people and wounded hundreds more during the second Palestinian intifada, or uprising, a decade ago. The plaintiffs have turned to the US court because some of the victims were American citizens.

At issue are several Palestinian terror incidents between 2001 and 2004 targeting civilians, including a bombing at a packed cafeteria at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University, as well as suicide bombings and shootings on busy streets.

From the trial:

Family members suing Palestinian governing bodies took to the stand last week to share often heartbreaking memories of relatives killed in a spate of attacks against Israeli civilians in the early 2000s, known as the Second Intifada.

During one witness’s testimony, a juror “broke into sobs and uttered an expletive,” the Palestinian Authority’s lawyer Mark Rochon said.

“I don’t want to embarrass jurors, and I am very cognizant of the fact that an element of the damages can be powerful emotional testimony, but if someone has a personal experience … that would affect their ability to be fair, that’s something we do need to know about,” he added.

Rochon, from the Washington-based firm Miller & Chevalier, suspected that unexpected testimony about “sexual assault issues” caused the juror to weep.

Declining to issue a jury instruction, U.S. District Judge George Daniels commented, “This isn’t the first time that I have seen a juror cry or react strongly to the emotional testimony of a particular witness.”

Lawyers for the families contend that Palestinian Authority payment records, employment files and intelligence documents show a tie to the bombing’s “mastermind,” Ahmed Barghouti.

Lawyers for the families submitted records from the Palestinian Authority’s General Intelligence Service allegedly linking their employees Ahmed Salah and Ali Ja’ara to that attack, a spokeswoman said.

Ja’ara was the bomber, and Salah was convicted of aiding it, she added.

The Palestinian Authority’s lawyer Rochon contends that the paperwork reflects only his client’s massive “social welfare state.” He estimated that he would kick off a four-day defense case this week.

They got Al Capone for tax evasion. If they take down the PA and the PLO by bankrupting them, it won’t be enough. But it’ll have to do.


Another Teen Terrorist Who Needs a Job

Call this post a background memo for understanding Bibi’s speech to Congress:

An ultra-Orthodox man was stabbed by an Arab teen in Jerusalem Sunday evening in a suspected terror attack. The incident took place in Safra Square in centeral Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat was present at the scene with his security guard, who helped subdue the terrorist.

The incident took place at around 5:30 pm at Safra Square, adjacent to Jerusalem’s City Hall. The victim was a 27-year-old Haredi man who sustained moderate wounds and was taken to Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Medical Center.

Barkat recalled the event: “I was traveling in a car next to the IDF Square (Safra Sqaure) when my team suddenly saw a terrorist with a knife right next to us. I immediately jumped out of the car together with my team, (my bodyguard) pulled out his gun and together we held the terrorist until security forces arrived; we also attempted to treat the victim.”

There has been a spate of terror attacks in Jerusalem in recent months, mostly carried out by so-called “lone wolf” perpetrators and targeting individuals.

Many of the attacks centered on public transport hubs in the capital, including several attacks in which terrorists plowed into crowds waiting at light rail stops.

The last terror attack in Jerusalem took place six weeks ago when a 21-year-old Jewish man was stabbed by a screwdriver in Jerusalem’s Old City.

A 15-year-old Arab from East Jerusalem was arrested in connection with the attack the following day.

The most recent major terror attack in Israel took place last month, when a Palestinian youth armed with a knife stabbed a 12 people on a busy rush hour bus in central Tel Aviv. The terrorist fled and was hunted down by security officials who were in the area.

A show of hands, please, of anyone who remembers even one of these attacks? Anyone? Hello? Our forgetfulness is a big part of the problem. Remember that, at least.

Note that the jobless terrorist teen didn’t attack a soldier, policemen, or other symbol of “occupation”. He attacked an ultra-Orthodox Jew. That’s a symbol, too, though. Wonder where they got the idea?

PS: In a related story:

As is commonly the case, a group of Jews who ascended the Temple Mount Sunday were forced to endure provocation and harassment at the hands of Muslims – an all too common occurrence on the Mount.

What was surprising, however, was that instead of the “usual culprits”, this morning’s disturbances were caused by Arab children, seen chanting “Allahu Akbar” at Jews, shouting insults at them and waving the PLO flag in their faces.

The “Hozrim LaHar” (Returning to the Mount) movement condemned the new crop of harassers, noting that, “the children rioting on the Temple Mount are undergoing a stage to become terrorists.”

“In a few years we will see the same faces stabbing soldiers and running over civilians,” the organization said, alluding to a spate of terror attacks across Israel, but particularly in Jerusalem, in recent months.

“Police must stop the children now before it is too late,” Hozrim LaHar warned.

The attacks mentioned earlier were committed by “youths” from 15 to 21 years old. QED


How to Bury a Child

If you have to, you could do a lot worse:


Adelle’s mother Adva spoke at the funeral, saying in tears “they didn’t give you a chance but you didn’t give up for anyone. I didn’t agree that they say you don’t hear or don’t understand, and you proved to me that you hear and understand. You never gave up, my warrior. Those vile people didn’t take your beauty even after you were wounded.”

“My Adelle, you’re my whole world. Yesterday I saw your suffering, struggling for every breath. When they put you on emergency care I said to the Holy One blessed be He – either life or death, enough of your suffering. The Holy One blessed be He decided to take you to Him,” added the bereaved mother.

Rafi, Adelle’s father, said of the brutal attack that robbed him of his daughter “we must deal with everyone who throws rocks, even if they are a minor, through their parents.”

Addressing his departed daughter, he added “I told everyone that I’m prepared to deal with everything just not the emptiness. The sadness and the grief will eat me up. The thought that I won’t be able to hug Adelle again destroys me.”

“What will I do without you? I’m ready for anything, just not this emptiness,” continued Rafi. “You, Master of the Universe, brought me to this condition and You’re the only one who can help, either take me or return Adelle to me, Adelle – my little one. …A life of sadness was decreed on us, and I say: I’m turning the sand hourglass until I will join you or until you return to me. The loss is complete.”

I can’t speak to their grief. But every Arab kid or adult caught throwing anything heavier than a nerf ball should be charged with attempted murder. Little Adelle was murdered (as were Asher and Yonatan Palmer). It just took two years to carry out the act.


Will You Pray for Her?

UPDATE: Adele has died.

Adele Biton is in intensive care with pneumonia. She needs all the help she can get.

In case you don’t remember:

Terror victim Adele Biton was admitted earlier this week with pneumonia to Schneider Children’s Hospital in Petah Tikva, and is fighting for her life.

Schneider staff said Tuesday that a medical team has been fighting to keep Adele alive in intensive care.

Adele’s family has asked the public to pray for Adele Chaya bat Adva.

Adele, 4, was critically injured during a terror attack nearly two years ago.

In March 2013, as she was traveling in a car with her siblings and mother Adva close to the city of Ariel, their car was ambushed by Arabs, who hurled rocks at the car, causing it to veer off the road and crash headfirst into a truck.

Adelle, who was just two years old at the time, was left critically injured and fighting for her life; investigators say she was struck directly in the head by fist-sized rock thrown by her attackers.

Adelle Biton, Asher and Yonatan Palmer—these are just a few of the victims of Arab terror with rocks and stones.

Yes, terror.

“With great sorrow we report the death of Adelle Biton who despite the efforts of the doctors passed away roughly an hour ago,” stated the hospital on Tuesday. “Our condolences to the family.”

“Two years ago we had a great miracle here, and that is what I long for,” Adele’s mother Adva told Arutz Sheva earlier on Tuesday afternoon. “Adele is here, and she is fighting.”

“She is between heaven and Earth right now,” Adva added. “The situation is not simple, unfortunately. We never dreamed we would be here again, but there are things that are out of our control.”

“We are only flesh and blood, and I pray to the Creator that whatever He decides, it’s for the best,” Adva continued. “We are small here and really do not understand [what’s in store]. I only pray for the Jewish people, here and abroad, who have been so helpful as we navigate this complicated time.”

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Dollars for Dozers

We commented the other day that Kayla Mueller reminded us of Rachel Corrie. Both sympathized with Palestinian terrorists; both met untimely ends for their efforts. We regret their deaths and extend our sympathies to their families, but we have to ask: you go to Syria, you stand in front of a bulldozer—what do you expect?

Not a payout, I hope:

Israel will not pay compensation to the family of anti-Israel ISM activist Rachel Corrie, who was crushed by an IDF bulldozer in 2003 in Gaza, the Supreme Court decided Thursday.

Corrie had been standing in front of a Caterpillar D9 bulldozer and acting as a human shield to try and interfere with the razing of a house in Rafiah, Gaza. In 2012, Haifa District Court Judge Oded Gershon ruled against the Corries’ civil lawsuit and supported the IDF claim that the driver of the bulldozer could not see Corrie when she was hit by the bulldozer’s blade.

The court noted that Corrie, who was 23 years old, was fully aware that she was in danger and that she could have prevented her own death by moving out of the path of the bulldozer. The judge found the IDF free of blame and said it did not act recklessly.

?The court also invoked the “combatant activities” exception, which states that a country’s armed forces cannot be held liable for physical or economic harm to civilians that occurs in an area defined as a war zone.

I don’t know what the Latin is for “Duh!”, but it applies here. What is it with the current generation of parents that raises its girls to think they’re invincible? I couldn’t find Kayla’s or Rachel’s politics more repulsive, but were they my daughters, they wouldn’t have been allowed to go to Passaic, much less Palestine (whatever and wherever that is).

Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be ISM activists. It sure don’t pay.


Fun For All, From Five To Eighty-Five


Terrorist attacks in Jerusalem have faded into the background in recent weeks after an intense spate of high-profile attacks late last year, but in Ma’ale Hazeitim on Jerusalem’s Mount of Olives in the east of the city, the daily terror continues unabated.

On Wednesday morning a gang of Arab terrorists descended upon the Jewish neighborhood’s kindergarten, firing potentially lethal fireworks and hurling rocks at the institution.

Jewish residents called the police, but when they failed to arrive the residents took matters into their own hands, trying to fend off the attackers. No wounds were reported, but a building was lightly damaged.

“Where were the police? That’s a good joke”

King noted that terrorists hurled Molotov cocktails in addition to the fireworks and rocks.

“Ask: where were the police? That’s a good joke,” he said. “Ask: were the terrorists arrested? Another joke. Ask: was there a warning? In the last 13 days five attacks were conducted against the neighborhood and its residents, isn’t that enough for the police to prepare against the terrorists? A joke.”

Eighty-five (or 65, or 55):

In the latest of a string of attacks, a vehicle in which a Hassidic rebbe was riding in on Wednesday on its way to the Mount of Olives was hit by heavy rocks, as rioting Arabs attacked the vehicle. The Rebbe of Koznitz was on his way to say memorial prayers on the Mount when Arabs in the Wadi Joz area of Jerusalem set upon the vehicle, nearly turning it over.

The incident began when the vehicle got stuck in a traffic jam. Apparently peering into the vehicle, several Arab teenagers began throwing rocks at the vehicle, and the disorder attracted more Arabs. Unable to extricate the vehicle from the traffic jam, the driver had no choice but to remain where he was – and the passengers, consisting of the Rebbe, family members, and close followers, had no choice but to try and avoid getting hit by the rocks.

Frightened for their lives, the passengers traveling with the Rebbe said that he immediately began praying. “He urged us to recite the Shema Yisrael prayer, and to recite the confession” – the prayers said by individuals who are about to die, said one witness. “There was a very somber atmosphere in the vehicle.”

Ya think?

Don’t worry about it. The media won’t report this, just as they don’t report any similar attacks and pogroms against Israeli Jews. In a day or so, it will be like it never happened.

You just wonder where they learn the hate:

In Friday’s sermon on official Palestinian Authority TV, the cleric demonized Jews as “apes and pigs.”

“Many Muslims are being harmed these days by a group whose hearts were sealed by Allah. ‘He made of them [Jews] apes and pigs and slaves of deities’ (Quran, 5:60). They are harming the livelihood of the believers [Muslims]… They withhold their [the Palestinians’] money and collect interest on it.”
[Official PA TV, Jan. 30, 2015]

A few months ago, a Palestinian youth recited a poem on official PA TV, also demonizing Jews as apes and pigs, as Palestinian Media Watch reported:
“You have been condemned to humiliation and hardship
O Sons of Zion, O most evil among creations
O barbaric apes, O wretched pigs”

[Official PA TV, Sept. 12, 2014]

The Quran in three places (Suras 2:65, 5:60, and 7:166) tells of Allah turning Jews into apes and/or pigs. In one place, it is explicitly about Jews:
“And you had already known about those who transgressed among you concerning the Sabbath, and We said to them, ‘Be apes, despised.'”

But Allah is not Muslim. He’s just a “zealot”.

I wonder if our president would describe the Jewish kindergarten and the Hassidic rabbi as just “random folks”?


We Are All Israeli

Or will be soon enough:

ISIS and Al Qaeda are increasingly mounting and calling for attacks on soft targets as a means of deterring Western assaults on their strongholds — a strategy that is extending the reach of terrorism to hotels, cafés, supermarkets and malls where Europeans and Americans once felt safe.

ISIS, or Islamic State, and its sympathizers around the globe have claimed responsibility for several recent strikes on Western citizens, and the terrorist army’s reach has extended deeper into the everyday lives of Westerners in their homelands or abroad. Last week’s attack at a Tripoli hotel left one American and one French victim dead, and was the latest in a spate of planned and lone wolf attacks, including the Charlie Hebdo massacre, a siege at a Paris supermarket and another deadly hostage-taking at a cafe in Sydney.

Note to ISIS: don’t ignore buses! Or kindergartens.

But have we reached “peak jihad”?

The battle for recruits, meanwhile, is as much focused on co-opting them from Islamic State’s terroristic, and much longer-established rival, Al Qaeda, than on attracting newly radicalized Islamists.

When the demand for terrorists outstrips the supply, the price-per-jihadist will go up. And as we kill them off, the supply will be further pinched. Soon, Al Qaeda and ISIS won’t be able to afford staying in business in their chosen industries. Capitalist economics saves the world yet again!

PS: Another note to ISIS: have you considered moving operations to China? Another capitalist solution.


Laws of Physics

Newton’s Second: The acceleration of an object as produced by a net force is directly proportional to the magnitude of the net force, in the same direction as the net force, and inversely proportional to the mass of the object.

Boyle’s: At constant temperature for a fixed mass, the absolute pressure and the volume of a gas are inversely proportional.

Ampère’s/Maxwell’s: Maxwell’s addition states that magnetic fields can be generated in two ways: by electrical current (this was the original “Ampère’s law”) and by changing electric fields (this was “Maxwell’s addition”).


Hundreds of protesters on Wednesday tried to storm the Gaza headquarters of the United Nations, an AFP correspondent said, after the UN announced it lacked funds to rebuild the enclave from the damage caused by Hamas’s most recent terror war against Israel.

Around 200 people demonstrated outside the building in Gaza City of UNRWA, burning tires and throwing rocks, while shouting “we are still homeless!”

As the riot continued to turn violent, some tried to storm the building before police of the Hamas terrorist organization that rules Gaza, broke up the demonstration.

The incident came a day after UNRWA announced it can not afford to repair tens of thousands of homes damaged during the July-August war between Israel and Hamas because donors have failed to pay.

Hamass staged the demonstration so that Hamass could break up the demonstration. Street theater.

There are besieged and oppressed people in the world, but Gazans are not among them. The victims of Boko Haram, Ebola patients, Tibetans, even commuters on the Southeastern Expressway in a light drizzle are more deserving of your sympathy than one single Arab occupier of southwestern Israel.

The reconstruction has barely begun, not only because world nations have not delivered, but also because construction materials allowed in by Israel have been used by Hamas to rebuild terror tunnels into Israel meant to attack civilians, leading Israel to limit the transfers.

Earlier this month Hamas threatened the world, demanding that it pay to rebuild Hamas’s stronghold of Gaza, or else face the region “becoming” a hotbed for extremism and terrorism.

“Becoming”?! Since when has that human fly trap not been a hotbed for extremism and terrorism? Strawberries, tomatoes, and Qassam missiles—that’s all it’s good for.

Home is where the heart is, the saying goes. If you are “homeless”, you are homeless in every meaning.


How to Handle Border Security

Egypt offers one model:

Egypt began work Thursday on doubling the width of a buffer zone along the border with the Gaza Strip to prevent terrorists infiltrating from the Palestinian enclave, security officials said.

The buffer was initially planned to be 500 meters (546 yards) wide, but is now being expanded by another 500 meters.

Much to our disappointment, Egypt is using its own land, not Gaza’s, for the buffer zone.

This, by contrast, is how Israel does it:

Housing and Construction Minister Uri Ariel (Jewish Home) and his staff have implemented a new program to rebuild and expand Gaza Belt region communities Wednesday, to the tune of some 134.5 million shekel ($34.2 million).

The expansion program is designed to help more families slowly settle the region, which was hit hardest by Operation Protective Edge over the summer. At the height of the war, up to 80% of Gaza Belt community families had fled inland due to the ongoing barrage of rocket fire, sparking concerns over the region’s future.

Despite the war, the communities near Gaza “continue to grow thanks to the wonderful residents of the area,” Ariel stated. “We ask for help to increase settlement in these communities and execute the government’s decision. Our aims our clear: more and more people are building there.”

Israelis continually amaze me. Egypt builds a mote and relocates thousands. Israel, which suffers much more from Arab terrorists than Egypt does, rebuilds and holds a block party. What a remarkable people.

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