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Hajj Ball

Technically, not the hajj—but how could I resist?

With the war-battered Gaza Strip’s borders closed, thousands of people have been shut out of a Muslim pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia because they cannot leave the sealed territory.

Some 7,500 Gazans have sought to travel to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, for the minor umrah pilgrimage but have been turned away because Egypt restricts movement in and out of the coastal enclave.

Egypt has shut its border with the Gaza Strip since Oct. 24, citing security concerns in its northern Sinai Peninsula. It has opened it only intermittently for students and patients seeking medical care.

“I wait hour by hour. We feel every day that passes without leaving as though it’s a year,” said Fares Hayek, 80, who is among those waiting to make the pilgrimage. He applied in November along with his wife, children and grandchildren.

Boy, that’s tough. I’m tempted to label Egypt an apartheid state (since no one else will), and refer to Gaza as a township (Soweto-on-Sea), but let’s read a little further:

An Egyptian security official said that the closure is upon orders from President Abdel-Fattah Sisi, who said he will only open the border if it is controlled by the Palestinian Authority. Despite an agreement last year to form a Palestinian unity government, Hamas remains in control of Gaza and the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority wields little influence over the coastal strip.

Mahmoud Habash, an adviser to on religious affairs, blamed the pilgrims delay on the security situation in the Sinai Peninsula. Egypt has accused militants of using Gaza for their operations.

“We agreed with the Egyptians that the first priority is the safety of the travelers and the safety of the Egyptian teams at the border crossing, and when the safety conditions permit, there will be no problem for them to go,” he said.

See? There you go. Egypt is penning up the Gazan Arabs out of an abundance of caution, a surfeit of love. It’s really quite touching when you look at it from the pan-Arab perspective.


I Don’t Care If He’s the Akbar-est Mofo in the Universe, Get Out of My Face, B*tch!

To paraphrase the old Levy’s bread ad, you don’t have to be Jewish to be harassed on the Temple Mount:

A US Congressman witnessed firsthand the harassment faced by Jews on the Temple Mount at the hands of Islamist activists last Wednesday.

A video released by the Temple Institute shows Republican Congressman Dennis Ross (FL-15) taking part in a tour of Judaism’s holiest site along with Temple Institute guide Yitzchak Reuven.

The video clearly shows groups of fully covered female Muslim agitators following and harassing the Congressman and his group with calls of: “Allahu Akbar” and “Leave!” as well as statements proclaiming the “superiority” of Islam.

Jewish visitors are regularly subjected to similar harassment and abuse, which has on occasion escalated into threats and even acts of violence by Muslim extremists.

Recent reports have revealed how radical Muslim groups, including the Hamas- and Muslim Brotherhood-linked Islamic Movement, are paying groups of Muslim women specifically to stand at the site and harass Jewish visitors and stage provocations in an attempt to further restrict and even prevent Jewish visits.

The Congressman spent a full hour on the Mount accompanying a group of Jewish visitors led by Reuven, during which time he also experienced the discriminatory practices meted out to visibly Jewish visitors by authorities – both Israeli and Muslim.

As per usual, Jewish groups were separated and subjected to excessive security checks to ensure they had no non-Muslim religious items on their persons, after which they were followed closely by Islamic Waqf guards to ensure that they don’t partake in any form of prayer or non-Muslim worship.

The sizes of Jewish groups are also severely restricted, and unlike Muslims – who can visit whenever they want – Jews are only allowed to ascend the Mount during a few hours each day.

Ross’s group had to wait for over an hour before being allowed entry to the holy site, during which time hundreds of tourists ascended with ease.

In addition the congressman’s son was taken into a private room and body searched to ensure that he wasn’t in possession of any religious paraphernalia.

Does that sound like a religion of peace, respecting other faiths, and deserving of respect itself? I didn’t think so.

PS: As for the burqa-ed broads, they’d be too funny if not for their screeching voices. I’d pose with them for a selfie if I were there, and try to cop a feel while I was at it. If you’re going to be a Satan, might as well be a Great one.


How Many Muslim Terrorist Sympathizers Does it Take to Screw Up Civilization?

The other day, we shared a story with you about how many Muslims in Gaza and Arab-occupied Israel oppose ISIS. All but 14% of them, which we figured out to be about 238,000 who give a wink and a thumbs-up to the beheaders and burners at the stake. We didn’t find that news very comforting.

We find this news even less so:

A BBC poll suggests that an overwhelming majority of British Muslims oppose the use of violence against people publishing images of the Prophet Muhammad.

A thousand people of Muslim faith were surveyed in the weeks that followed the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris.

The poll also found that 1 in 4 Muslims have some sympathy with the motives behind those shootings.

While it is true that three out of four is an “overwhelming majority” of anything, in this case, the overwhelming majority takes a back seat to the overwhelming minority. One in four Muslims (27% to be exact) sympathetic to the Charlie Hebdo shootings (or the “motives” behind them) equals 756,000 fans of cold-blooded killings of certain cartoonists and kosher deli shoppers. That would fall between Fort Worth, Texas and Detroit, Michigan as the 18th largest city in America.

It also means Britain’s Muslims are nearly twice as virulent Jew-haters and terrorist supporters as so-called Palestinians by percentage (27% to 14%), and over three times as populous (756,000 to 238,000). Good luck with that, Limeys.

As the famous Sun headline once put it:

PS: President Obama is right. This isn’t about Islam. It’s about 14%-27% of Islamers. At a little over two billion…well, you can do the math.


Vigil Ante

I admit I ignored this for a day or so as inadequate or irrelevant.

But now I’m not so sure:

Hundreds of people were expected at a peace vigil in Oslo Saturday, hosted by young Norwegian Muslims expressing solidarity with Jews a week after fatal shootings in Denmark targeted a synagogue and free speech seminar.

The initiative by Norway’s Muslim youth to link arms with Norwegian Jews in a circle around Oslo’s synagogue was an effort to denounce recent violence by Muslim jihadists striking Jewish communities in France and Denmark.

“We want to show that we stand with the Jewish people and protect them. We don’t want extremists in Norway who think they can do as they wish to ordinary people,” 26-year-old Atif Jamil, one of the organizers of the human chain told AFP on Saturday.

Isn’t this what we’ve been asking for? For Muslims to act, rather than excuse or complain? What better retort to Obama than this?

The Oslo vigil was to take place after Shabbat early on Saturday evening. Even before the event began, leaders of Norway’s Jewish and Muslim communities said it had given them hope for the future.

“The beautiful thing is that Muslim youth want to stand up against anti-Semitism, and that gives me hope,” Norway’s Jewish community leader Ervin Kohn told news agency NTB.

“I hope this can be the start of a completely different kind of Muslim-Jewish dialogue both in Norway and internationally,” he added.

Leaders of Norway’s Muslim community have condemned the Copenhagen killings.

Youssef Bartho Assidiq, a Muslim youth leader, claimed to AFP that the event proved that Muslims “stand up for freedom of speech, stand up for freedom of religion and stand up for each other”.

“This is the best possible response we can give to the polarization we’ve seen in debates after the attacks in France and Denmark,” he said.

Now, I know what you’re thinking:

Despite the positive views being voiced around the event, Norway reportedly has the highest level of anti-Semitic beliefs of any Nordic country. The large Muslim community in Norway seems to have a relation to the rise of anti-Semitism.

In one example from January 2013, Nehmat Ali Shah, the imam at Norway’s largest mosque – the Jamaat-e Ahl-e Sunnat mosque – claimed in an interview with Dagsavisen that the existing hostility between Muslims and Christians is caused by Jewish influence.

Said an imam whose followers outnumber Jews 13-1 in Norway.

From just four months ago:

Norwegians hold the most anti-Semitic beliefs of all citizens in Nordic countries – warns the president of the Jewish community in Norway, Ervin Kohn

According to him, the level of anti-Semitism is growing and in many schools throughout the country, being called “Jew” has become nothing short of a curse. “Along with the well-known curses, ‘Jew’ has become a dirty word common in many schools,” he said.

Sorry to bring you down, but if it’s unadulterated good news you want, you should know by now this ain’t the blog. I am gladdened to see the cooperation of Muslims and Jews in the protection of the synagogue, even moved. But I am not fooled. I can’t help thinking that each of Norway’s 1,300 Jews—about the average seating capacity of a Broadway theater—would be safer in Israel. As great a shame as it would be for Fjord-ler on the Roof to close, it would be a greater shame for tragedy to play out.


A Shooting and Two Funerals

A lot of overtime detail for the Copenhagen PD:

Mourners gathered Wednesday in Copenhagen for the funeral of Jewish community member Dan Uzan, killed in a weekend terror rampage that also targeted a free speech forum in the Danish capital.

Uzan, 37, was providing security for a bat mitzvah party taking place behind a Copenhagen synagogue when the gunman struck.

Large numbers attended Uzan’s funeral, held at the Mosaiske Vestre Jewish cemetery in Copenhagen amid heightened security. Armed police patrolled the area, and a sniper could be seen on a nearby rooftop.

Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt was among those present for the somber ceremony.

They say “large numbers”, but they don’t say how large.

This large?

The gunman who killed two people in Copenhagen was today buried in a Muslim cemetery in the city, despite objections from the Islamic group that owns it.

Omar El-Hussein, 22, murdered two people last weekend following a bloody rampage through the Danish capital that ended when he was killed in a shootout with police.

The ceremony at the Islamic Society of Denmark was attended by approximately 500 mourners and sympathisers, before he was buried in a Muslim cemetery on the outskirts of the city.

The funeral was open to the public, but reports from the scene said it was mostly attended by young men, who were described as ‘wearing large black coats with many of them having covered their faces’.

After the burial, controversial Salafist Adnan Avdic – who had previously called El – posed for pictures at the the plot.


I don’t know, but 500 people showing up to bury a terrorist sounds extreme to me. Maybe, as the old joke goes, they just wanted to make sure the son of a bitch was dead.

More on this Adnan Avdic character (in a Google translation of a Danish news story):

Adnan Avdic is known to be Salafist who represent a small fundamentalist minority of Danish Muslims want Sharia law introduced in Denmark. In 2005 he was accused of planning terrorist in the so-called Glostrup case, but the trial in 2007, he was acquitted.

After the massacre of the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo said Adnan Avdic to the French television program “Le Petit Journal” and said among other things that France was responsible for the 12 deaths of innocent people. Because the country is behind the killing of innocent Muslims in Afghanistan.

Also the horrific terrorist attacks that rocked Copenhagen and Denmark at the weekend believes Adnan Avdic is our own fault.

“Why always a Muslim in the dock and take responsibility for the actions of others. No, we do not! We take no responsibility for this action. It is you who must take responsibility for violations of the Prophet Mohammed. It is you who have created this action, this terrorist, “came from Adnan Avdic.

How we created it?

“It is you who keep by violating the Prophet Mohammed. So is there anyone who react as they do. They will continue to be so, and so we must hope that some people get their act together and do not violate the Prophet Mohammed, then we Danes and Muslims can live in peace. For we Muslims and non-Muslims could live in peace, but these violations of the Prophet Mohammed have created hatred between Muslims and non-Muslims.”

Adnan Avdic said earlier this week that Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein was a hero for his actions. Friday he insisted that Denmark and the Danes are to blame for the terrorist attacks.

Are you saying that these acts of terrorism are our own fault?

“Yes, I do. Omar would never have thought in these courts, if it were not for these violations of the Prophet Mohammed. Why? Because while going for a draw, so it goes without saying. ”

But the people, Omar has killed, has not drawn the Prophet Muhammad?

“Have the children in Palestine done something? No not. So the people of Palestine have not done anything, but is killed anyway, “said Adnan Avdic, who demanded that ‘the West’ was to take responsibility for his actions in Palestine before he would discuss peace.

So, dry your tears, Denmark, and take responsibility for your actions in Palestine. Whatever they might be.

Avdic, a Bosnian with Danish citizenship, may be one man—but so was the murderer. And 500 showed up to see him off to paradise.

PS: An earlier incarnation:

“Recently Inger Støjberg from the party Venstre (Liberal Conservative) criticised Muslims who do not embrace Danish society’s laws and values – and told them to go home. The newspaper Ekstra Bladet organized a debate between Støjberg and the Islamist Adnan Avdic.

Avdic is Bosnian with Danish citizenship. Even before the debate started, complications emerged when Støjberg held out her hand to greet Avdic who refused. Instead, he handed Støjberg flowers and explained that he cannot shake her hand for religious reasons.

Avdic said that Støjberg’s criticism creates racism and terrorism, especially now during Ramadan, and Avdic drew parallels with Jyllands-Posten’s Muhammad cartoons. Something that upset Støjberg who said that Avdic’s statements was actually threats of terrorism.
Avdic then said to Støjberg that she will be punished in hell according to Allah.”

The Danish politician says Muslims who don’t want to be culturally Danish should move to where they might be more comfortable. The Muslim who doesn’t want to be culturally Danish says she’ll burn in hell. I’m sure they’ll come to an agreement.


Spot of Bother

Rule Britannia!
Britannia rule the waves.
Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.

Of course not. Islam doesn’t permit slavery.

It’s called dhimmi:

The number of Muslim children in England and Wales has doubled in a decade, according to the most detailed study of its kind.

An analysis of 2011 Census data carried out by the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) suggests the Muslim population increased by more than a million in the ten years from 2001, rising 75 per cent from 1.5 million to 2.7 million.

The research shows that one in 12 school-age children is now Muslim, and a third of all Muslims are aged 15 and under, with half under the age of 25.

And, due to settlement patterns, in some inner city areas as many as 86 per cent of all children aged between five and 15 are officially classed as Muslim.

Many wards in Birmingham have young Muslims making up more than 80 per cent of a school’s intake, such as the Washwood Heath ward where 86 per cent of children are Muslims.

A couple of weeks ago, noted terrorism expert, Steve Emerson got in trouble for saying that Birmingham was a “no-go zone”:

[A]nd in Britain, it’s not just no-go zones, there are actual cities like Birmingham that are totally Muslim where non-Muslims just simply don’t go in. And parts of London, there are actually Muslim religious police that actually beat and actually wound seriously anyone who doesn’t dress according to Muslim, religious Muslim attire.

He apologized profusely. Which was decent of him, if unnecessary. A little hyperbole is nothing to apologize for.

I paraphrase Mark Steyn, but Muslims tend to stay with the customs of their native lands rather than adopt the ways of their new hosts. Oddly, this is even more true of Muslims born among their new hosts. Muslim dominance of certain Britain cities doesn’t necessarily spell trouble, but it at least sounds it out phonetically.


Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World

Found it!

During an Islamic protest against free speech put on by the Muslim Action Forum [MAF] in London Sunday afternoon, women were kept separately from men with barricades.

When I approached a British police officer to ask if I was allowed to enter the protest as a non-Muslim, which was barricaded off across the street from where I was standing near Parliament (I asked the question because I didn’t see any non-Muslims inside the barricades), he informed me that I could try but that it wasn’t a good idea. The implication was that I could be hurt or verbally abused. He also told me that if I attempted to enter, the male protestors would force me to the designated female section.

The stage was put in the middle of the protest and all-male speakers faced the Muslim men in the crowd while their backs were to the women. The speakers never turned around to address the corralled women behind them. An electronic sign placed behind the stage read, “Be careful with Muhammad,” and speakers called on the UK government to condemn and criminalize offensive speech against their prophet.

The protest was part of the MAF’s “Campaign for Civility.”

Ha! Good one, Muslims!

PS: Any response, feminists? Didn’t think so.


Oh, To Be in Paris

Now that sharia is near:

At least as many anti-Muslim acts have taken place in France since the terror attacks this month as for all of last year, a leading Muslim group reported Friday.

The French Council for the Muslim Religion said 128 anti-Muslim actions or threats were reported from January 7th to the 20th — a number that does not include the densely populated Paris region. That’s compared to 133 in all of France, including Paris, in 2014.

Wow! I wouldn’t want to be Muslim in France.

Unless I were Jewish:

The cabinet will discuss Sunday a report pointing to a worrying rise in worldwide anti-Semitism in 2014, including a sharp increase in attacks against Jews.

According to the report, there was a 400 percent rise in anti-Semitic incidents during July and August 2014 – likely due to Operation Protective Edge – compared to the same time the previous year.

The report, authored by the Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs Ministry in cooperation with the Coordination Forum for Countering anti-Semitism, found France to be “the most dangerous country for Jews today,” after “the levels of anti-Semitism and violence against Jews there have reached new heights.”

France saw an increase of 100 percent in anti-Semitic incidents in 2014, with half of the recorded “racist incidents” targeting Jews, even though they constitute less than 1 percent of the population.

The arithmetic is a little tricky, but it would seem that if anti-Muslim backlash keeps up this breakneck (ha-ha) pace, it just might reach the levels Jews saw for all of last year (the overwhelming percentage of which is committed by Muslims).

No offense, France, love you, but if I could dig up all of Burgundy and move it truck by truck to Oregon or California, I would do it, and brick up the rest of Gaul (after rescuing any remaining Jews) for 100 years. This is a problem of France’s making. We fought a Civil War to rid ourselves of an insidious ideology. Let them.


We Are One

And this guy is a big one:

A British MP who has come under fire on numerous occasions for anti-Semitic and anti-Israel remarks is once again in the spotlight, this time for his controversial Tweets in response to last week’s terrorist attacks in France.

Liberal Democrat MP David Ward did not issue any condemnatory statements following Friday’s deadly attack on a kosher grocery store in Paris, although he had tweeted his solidarity with the Charlie Hebdo magazine, whose offices were attacked the previous Wednesday.

But following Sunday’s mega-rally in Paris, in which Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu joined dozens of world leaders in marching in solidarity with the French people, Ward apparently woke up, Tweeting: “#Netanyahu in Paris march – what!!!! Makes me feel sick”

Not content with that response, Ward then co-opted the solidarity hashtag #JeSuisCharlie and #JeSuisJuif (“I am Charlie” and “I am Jewish”), tweeting: Je suis #Palestinian

The left-wing MP for Bradford East has been rebuked on numerous occasions by his party for militantly anti-Israel comments, and has also been criticized for making statements about “the Jews” with distinct anti-Semitic overtones.

During last summer’s conflict between Israel and Gazan terrorists, Ward came under heavy criticism for a tweet in which he openly sympathized with Palestinian terrorists firing rockets indiscriminately at Israeli civilians – and mused that he would “probably” do the same if he lived in Gaza.

“The big question is – if I lived in #Gaza would I fire a rocket? – probably yes,” read the tweet.

The previous year, he posted a tweet claiming “the Zionists are losing,” branding Israel an “apartheid” state and gleefully predicting the Jewish state’s demise.

Several months earlier Ward drew widespread condemnation, after accusing “the Jews” of “inflicting atrocities on Palestinians” and comparing Israel to Nazi Germany – all on the eve of Holocaust Memorial Day.

There are two words key to understanding this troll’s disgusting comments. No, not Liberal Democrat, though that is a very, very good guess. Very. Really awesomely good. Outstanding.

Where was I?

Oh yes: Bradford East:

The population of Bradford is ethnically diverse. The largest proportion of the district’s population (63.9%) identifies themselves as White British. The district has the largest proportion of people of Pakistani ethnic origin (20.3%) in England.

The largest religious group in Bradford is Christian (45.9% of the population). Nearly one quarter of the population (24.7%) are Muslim.

Do not Pakistani Muslims in Bradford deserve representation? If Bradford is “ethnically diverse”, why can’t it also be ideologically diverse? My only response is that if I lived in Leeds, would I fire a rocket at Bradford (the eastern half)? Certainly yes.

Je suis Meir Kahane.


Looks like it’s not just Bradford and not just Muslims:

While interviewing a Jewish woman at the Paris rally on Sunday, a BBC reporter linked rising anti-Semitism and Palestinian suffering “at Jewish hands,” and urged the woman to see the “different perspectives” on Jew hatred in Europe.

I guess Liberal and Democrat are keywords after all.


Who’s Up for a Backlash?

Every time there’s a Muslim atrocity (which is to say, frequently), the media hold the back of their hand to their forehead in distress over the thought of a backlash against Muslims.

But it never comes.

Well, that ends today. Bloodthirstan hereby declares backlash against Muslims. Avert thine eyes, ye weak o’stomach.

Rotten hummus:

Gross, huh? Do you feel suitably assaulted? No? How about this?

Moldy pita:

Call the ACLU! Call CAIR! This is an affront to Muslim sensibilities!

And if that’s not, this is:

Imagine stumbling across a bottle and finding a scrumptious young woman imprisoned inside. For freeing her, you are her master forever. Something Boko Haram could only (wet) dream about comes true for a white US astronaut—who later goes on to play that most American of TV patriarchs, J.R. Ewing. Choke on that, terrorists. Consider yourself well and truly backlashed.


Try to Stay Current, Will Ya?

Today’s Muslim terror attack in France is not the same as yesterday’s terror attack in France.

Sheesh! Do you need a program or something?

At least ten people were injured, five seriously, after a van rammed into shoppers at a Christmas market in the western city of Nantes Monday evening around 7:00 p.m. local time.

The driver charged at a chalet in a stall serving hot wine, in front of which several people were gathered, a witness told AFP.

“Many were hit, with five requiring particular attention. The attacker was stabbed, but was not killed, despite very serious injuries of his own,” he continued. “The market was quickly cordoned off as emergency service workers arrived at the scene to take the injured to hospital.”

Local newspaper Ouest France, citing a police officer and witnesses on the scene, said the driver, who is being identified as either age 25 or 44, shouted “Allahu Akbar” before plowing into the large crowd of seasonal shoppers at the market.

He then stabbed himself “at least nine times” causing himself serious injuries. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition, where he is under armed guard.

French authorities are also attempting to determine whether this was a rampage terror attack, but say, as of now, this seems unlikely.

A source was quoted as saying that the motives for the attack were unclear but did not appear to be driven by religious extremism. “As things stand, we have no account pointing to any religious demands.”

Other than Allahu Akbar, you mean.

Police from Nantes also told local reporters the man was “European” and they had established no religious motives for the incident.

We get it already! A man plows a car into a crowd of people while shouting Allahu Akbar, and you see no religious motivation whatsoever. A day after this happened:

The attack comes the day after a mentally ill man yelled “Allahu Akbar” before ramming his vehicle into dozens of pedestrians in the eastern French city of Dijon. 13 people were injured in that incident, which has been ruled to have no link to terrorism.

Monday’s attack also comes two days after a French convert to Islam was shot dead upon stabbing three police officers while also reportedly crying “Allahu Akbar” in the central town of Joue-les-Tours.

Earlier on Monday, French President Francois Hollande called for vigilance after the weekend’s attacks, and urged the public to stay calm and not panic.

Panic, shmanic. Just avoid crowded sidewalks in France anywhere Muslims might be driving, and you should be fine.

PS: That’s three attacks in consecutive days. Anyone wanna bet on Tuesday? I got ten bucks that says yes.

PPS: As Aggie is away, let me take a solo dip in the still pool of schadenfreude while the French reap the terror that their appeasement of hard-line Islam has sown. It’s a bumper crop, if you’ll pardon the pun.


Man of the Book

Yesterday, we confirmed our suspicion that Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley, the despicable assassin or two NYPD cops, was indeed Muslim.

But what kind of Muslim was he?

The gunman who killed two of New York’s Finest was estranged from his own family — with his mother terrified that her disturbed son would explode into violence.

Ismaaiyl Brinsley, who had 19 arrests and a history of mental illness, had not seen his mother, Sheryl Brinsley, or his two sisters in more than a year.

Sheryl Brinsley also told police that her son “had a very troubled childhood and was often violent.”

Ismaaiyl lived a transient lifestyle, with no permanent address. He tried to hang himself last year, his mother told investigators.

In one bizarre Facebook anecdote, Brinsley told a story about a brawl he had with a beggar in Atlanta — a fight that quickly turned into a friendship.

“He asked me for some change. We ended up in an actual fistfight,” Brinsley wrote. “I asked him to come with me and grab a beer. Once at the bar we started talking and I found out he was Muslim too. We good now. All is love.”

Who gets into a fistfight over bumming quarters? Who goes from a fistfight to “all is love”?

He reminds me of someone:

Thirteen people have been injured after a known psychiatric patient drove into pedestrians shouting ‘God is greatest’ in Arabic in a French city.

Two of those hit by the driver, who was believed to be drunk, were in a ‘very serious’ condition in the city of Dijon after being struck shortly after 8pm on Sunday night.

Interior Ministry spokesman Pierre-Henry Brandet confirmed that the man was a ‘psychiatric patient’ and used expressions including ‘Allahu Akbar’, or ‘God is Great’.

He was also heard to say ‘For the Children of Palestine’, referring to deaths of more than 500 youngsters during the Israeli military campaign in the Gaza Strip over the summer.

It’s okay now. All is love.


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