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Flanders Fields

PS: Anyone who knows my reverence for all things canine will know when I choked up during the video above. Soldiers love their dogs.


Chicks With Six-Shooters

I’m Bloodthirsty Liberal, and I’m reporting for duty:

Tel Aviv-based fashion firm is launching a calendar whose female models are also Israeli soldiers in an effort to promote its new line.

The calendar features scantly clad women who are, according to the company, “real soldiers” sporting the company’s military inspired apparel line MTKL, an Anglicization of the Hebrew acronym “matkal,” which refers to the IDF’s General Staff unit.

The company launched an Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign in order raise its profile and help finance its launch through the sale of the unabashedly racy calendar.

My birthday’s in June, by the way. Just sayin’

PS: If the IDF call of booty is your thing, knock yourself out.


The Peacekeeper

Leave it to Israel to refine the most random and collaterally damaging weapon into a lean, mean terrorist-killing machine:


Could this be the answer to rocket launching terror cells in Gaza? The IDF is set receive a new model of a GPS-guided mortar shell, developed by Israel Military Industries. The weapon is designed to deliver a quick strike against terrorist cells, especially those in the Gaza Strip, and was given the original name “Morty” (Patzmi, a play on the Hebrew acronym for mortar).

“Mortar shells were always considered an inaccurate weapon that hit only the target area and not the target itself,” a security source told Ynet. “Turning the mortar shell into an accurate weapon with the help of GPS is a real revolution.”

Ow! That’s gotta hurt.

The “Morty” has an operational range of 8 kilometers (5 miles) and an accuracy level of several meters in relation to the location details entered into the GPS system and is also considered to be relatively inexpensive in comparison with other mortar shells.

The missile’s warhead can be programmed to explode a meter or two above the target and not only upon contact with it.

This possibility will increase the deadliness of the shrapnel scattering against targets such as terror cells hiding in building, fields or armored vehicles.

Attention all Arab terrorists: you have been warned.

PS: Attention all BDS foamy-mouthed nutsos. Any comparison between Israel’s GPS-guided shells and the Arabs’ scattershot terrorist rocket-propelled land mines can be answered in one picture:

Damage to a Beersheva kindergarten after a rocket attack from the Gaza Strip.

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Our Man in Kiev

Obama may look out of his depth and bested by Putin at every turn.

But he has a long history with Ukraine:

As a U.S. senator, Barack Obama won $48 million in federal funding to help Ukraine destroy thousands of tons of guns and ammunition – weapons which are now unavailable to the Ukrainian army as it faces down Russian President Vladimir Putin during his invasion of Crimea.

In August 2005, just seven months after his swearing-in, Obama traveled to Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine with then-Indiana Republican Senator Dick Lugar, touring a conventional weapons site.

The two met in Kiev with President Victor Yushchenko, making the case that an existing Cooperative Threat Reduction Program covering the destruction of nuclear weapons should be expanded to include artillery, small arms, anti-aircraft weapons, and conventional ammunition of all kinds.

After a stopover in London, the senators returned to Washington and declared that the U.S. should devote funds to speed up the destruction of more than 400,000 small arms, 1,000 anti-aircraft missiles, and more than 15,000 tons of ammunition.


Many of the artillery shells shown in photographs from Donetsk, multiple weapons experts told MailOnline, would be the same types of ammunition required to repel advancing Russian divisions as they advanced to the west, had they not been destroyed.

Imagine Obama seeking to cut a nation’s military to a level at which it couldn’t defend itself. It can’t happen here!

‘Vast stocks of conventional munitions and military supplies have accumulated in Ukraine,’ Obama said in am August 30, 2005 statement from Donetsk. ‘Some of this stockpile dates from World War I and II, yet most dates from Cold War buildup and the stocks left behind by Soviet withdrawals from East Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungry and Poland.’

‘We need to eliminate these stockpiles for the safety of the Ukrainian people and people around world, by keeping them out of conflicts around the world.’

Making the world safe from Ukrainian hegemony? Was he on drugs? (Never mind, he’d just plead the fifth.)

Obama said then that the existing Cooperative Threat Reduction Program ‘has effectively disposed of thousands of weapons of mass destruction, but we must do far more to keep deadly conventional weapons like anti-aircraft missiles out of the hands of terrorists.’

How’d that work out? So glad you asked:

Much of the Ukrainian small-arms supply was ultimately exported, not scrapped, by a Yushchenko regime that chose revenue from arms dealing over the cost of melting down metal.

In 2008 the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute reported that between 2004 and 2007, the Ukrainian Export Control Service told the UN that it sent 721,777 small arms and light weapons to 27 different countries.

The United States was the top recipient, with more than 260,000 of those weapons, followed by the UK and Libya, which each imported more than 101,000.

Could it be that Senator Obama’s imbecility in 2005 led to the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith, and Tyrone Woods in 2012—on President Obama’s watch? Sounds like. And two years later, Crimea fell.

I heard a caller on talk radio make the point that Putin is ex-KGB (once KGB, always KGB). As such, he would have had mountains of material—opposition research, if you will—on the Left in America. Heck, they funded much of it. They would have known who Barack Obama was, merely from his associations with Bill Ayers, with Jeremiah Wright, with Derrick Bell. And they would have had a whole folder filled with pictures and clippings of this episode alone.

Putin took no risk invading Crimea. He knew Obama wouldn’t oppose him; it sounds like Obama supports him. “We need to eliminate these stockpiles for the safety of the Ukrainian people and people around world, by keeping them out of conflicts around the world.”

Obama was right: after eliminating Ukraine’s means of self defense, it had to no choice but to stay out of conflict. And Putin just laughs. Bashar Assad told him it would be easy, but he didn’t believe him.

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Zionist Porn

Now that I have your attention!

The Israel Missile Defense Organization and the U.S. Missile Defense Agency completed the first phase of the development of the David’s Sling Weapon System, by conducting a successful interception test.

This test included for the first time a successful interception by the Stunner Missile of the DSWS. The test was conducted by Rafael Advanced Defense systems at a test range in the southern part of Israel.

The DSWS is designed to provide an additional layer of defense against ballistic missiles by adding additional opportunities for interception to the joint U.S.-Israel Arrow Weapon System, resulting in an improvement in the State of Israel’s defense architecture against missile threats.

While President Obama and the world’s liberal elite welcome the rise of Islamofascism, Israel has been in the ingenious if unenviable position of arming itself against it:

Israel’s Iron Dome, the extraordinarily expensive and surprisingly effective anti-missile search-and-destroy defense system, now has a companion in the skies. On Nov. 20, the first installation of David’s Sling (also known as the Magic Wand) made its presence known to the world when it successfully intercepted its first missile. The test will allow for continued development of the new defense system, Israel Defense reported.

The Iron Dome intercepted an estimated 421 of the more than 1,000 rockets launched from Gaza in the recent eight-day war. The Iron Dome system is really designed to intercept only short-range missiles, and not at the constant rate at which rockets were flying in during that conflict. In addition, each missile in an Iron Dome battery costs between $50,000 and $100,000, and are usually fired in pairs, United Press International reported.

David’s Sling is supposed to rectify both of these problems, by being both more cost-effective and able to intercept longer-range missiles, potentially fired from up to 300 kilometers (190 miles) away, Al-Jazeera reported.

“As a concept, we’re not developing a system only for this [anti-rocket, anti-missile] mission. We’re trying as much as we can to develop a multi-role air defense system that later on could be integrated on ground or naval platforms,” an anonymous official told Israel Defense.

To be fair:

The system isn’t expected to be fully operational until 2014, the Jewish Telegraph Agency reported, but in the meantime, the Obama administration has pledged $3.1 billion to Israel for its military programs in the 2013 fiscal year, despite a supposed $600 billion in cuts for overall defense spending.

As our reader Jeanette pointed out in a comment, Iron Dome is very expensive to operate, so Israel has to follow a very disturbing calculus regarding when and where to deploy it. Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, yes; southern agricultural communities, not so much.


A Modest Proposal

I’m not sure myself, but might it not be a good idea to take away Iran’s nuclear weapons program—and give it to Japan?

Woody Island is a speck of land in the middle of the South China Sea, not quite a square mile in size. Over the past 80 years it has been occupied by French Indochina, Imperial Japan, the Republic of China, the People’s Republic of China, South Vietnam, and, after a brief war in 1974, the People’s Republic again. Now known as Yongxing to the Chinese (or Phu Lam to the Vietnamese, who still lay claim to it), the island has an airstrip, a harbor, and a few hundred Chinese residents, none native-born, many of whom make their living as fishermen.

An obscure tropical island may seem an odd starting point for an essay on the coming global disorder. Yet great conflicts have been known to flare over little things in faraway places.

On July 24, 2012, Beijing decreed that henceforth the little village of Sansha on Woody Island would be considered a “prefecture-level city,” complete with a mayor, a people’s congress, a military garrison—and claims to administer the 770,000 square miles of surrounding waters, an area larger than the Gulf of Mexico. Beijing’s coup was protested loudly by Vietnam and more quietly by the U.S. State Department, which fretted that the move ran “counter to collaborative diplomatic efforts to resolve differences” in the South China Sea. In response, Beijing called a U.S. embassy official to the carpet and demanded that the United States “shut up.”

China’s leaders are fond of advertising their country’s “peaceful rise,” and the pro-China chorus in the West has sought to engage Beijing as a “responsible stakeholder” in global affairs. Yet in the last three years alone, Beijing has provoked quasi-military confrontations over disputed waters with Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, and even the United States, all the while insisting that it has “indisputable sovereignty” over nearly the whole of the sea. “China is a big country and other countries are small countries,” explained Chinese foreign minister Yang Jiechi at a regional summit in 2010. “And that is just a fact.”

And you thought Woody Island just made funny movies. This one sounds almost as serious (and as bad) as Interiors.

Look, this is the next chapter in the History of the World. The radical Islam plot line is by no means done, but China’s not going to wait around for Al Qaeda to pick us apart before making its move. Its next move, that is.

And whom do you think is better equipped to deal with it?

PS: Let me forestall any gotchas out there by saying I know it’s the Japanese Emperor he’s bowing to, not a Chinese autocrat-du-jour. (That will come.) But you can’t deny the symbolism.

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If they time this thing right, the Egyptians may provide the Israelis with the best Fourth of July fireworks show in the world!

The nation’s election commission delayed the release of the results Thursday to an unknown date, feeding speculation over whether Ahmed Shafik or Mohamed Morsi will prevail.

There were conflicting reports on the website of the semiofficial news site Ahram Online.

Shafik, the last prime minister under former Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak, will be named the country’s new president Sunday, Ahram reported on its English version Friday, citing several unnamed government sources.

Shafik will be declared victor with 50.7% of the vote, the news outlet said.

But the site’s Arabic version quoted election commission officials as saying Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, remained in the lead.

There’s been no official confirmation from the leadership in Cairo. Both Shafik and Morsi have claimed they’ve won the election.

I heard Al Gore thinks he won.

“We will face anyone who will pose a challenge to the public and private sectors with an iron fist,” the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces said.

The country’s constitutional court dissolved the lower house of parliament last week, extending the military’s power and sparking accusations of a coup.

The military council recently announced it had full legislative authority.

The Muslim Brotherhood, the country’s largest Islamist group, was the dominant party in the parliament.

Under an interim constitutional declaration, the military council retains the power to make laws and budget decisions until a new constitution is written and a new parliament elected.

These guys have more elections than Switzerland—and rewrite the Constitution more than Democrats!

I know I should be a proponent of the Hebrew expression tikkun olam, “repairing the world”. But don’t you have to tear down to the foundations what you want ultimately to repair? If it’s riddled with dry rot or shoddily slapped together, don’t you need ruin before restoration? Just wondering.


Yippee Cairo, Mother[bleeper]

Still claiming credit for the Arab Spring, Mr. President?

The presidential runoff election in Egypt this weekend pits an Islamist against a symbol of Egypt’s former dictatorial regime: the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi and former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafik.

And there was a third option as polling began Saturday: boycott.

The stakes are high — the future of Egypt’s hard-won revolution rests in ballots cast this weekend amid political chaos. Egypt has no constitution and now, after a shocking court ruling, no parliament. It was declared invalid Thursday and dissolved Friday.

The Muslim Brotherhood rejected Saturday the dissolution of parliament as a dangerous step taken by the military and called for another referendum on the matter.

“We are calling for a referendum again on the dissolving of parliament and see it as the logical thing to do especially after 30 million people went to the polls the first time and the country spent over 3 billion Egyptian pounds in a transparent electoral process,” said Mahmoud Ghozlan, spokesman for the Brotherhood.

Many Egyptians have expressed fears that their revolution is unraveling; that the military, long the central nerve system of Egypt, will never relinquish power.

Why should they? They have the guns! What else are they for?

The Supreme Presidential Electoral Commission has approved licenses for 53 organizations to observe the elections, including at least three international groups — the U.S.-based Carter Center, the South Africa-based Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa and the Arab Network for Monitoring of Elections.

What about the Elders! They’ve got Carter’s wrinkled a**, but what about Tutu’s and the rest of the Jew-hating Elders’ pruned butts? They’ll feel right at home.

I suppose I should furrow my brow with concern, but I’m just laughing. Israel was a democracy from the first second of its existence; Egypt hasn’t managed even a second of democracy over its millennia.

It’s just too funny!

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Suspend Him? Promote Him!

What am I missing?

The IDF suspended an officer Tuesday after he was filmed using live fire against stone-throwing Palestinian protesters last week. The protesters were partaking in a weekly protest against Israeli settlement next to the village of Nabi Saleh in the West Bank.

Senior IDF officials stressed that the use of live fire represents a violation of army orders.

In the video clip, Palestinian protesters can be seen throwing stones at Israeli soldiers standing on a nearby hill. One soldier throws stones in their direction, while the soldier in question responds by shooting what is believed to be a stun grenade or tear gas.

Two of the protesters, masked-Palestinian men, continue to throw stones in the soldiers’ direction. The soldier in question then approaches them, throws stones at them, and then retreats up the hill. He then comes toward the two protesters and throws stones at them again — and he then comes even closer, and shoots what appears to be two to three shots of live fire at them.

The protesters were not hurt in the incident.

I bolded that last part because I thought they were “burying the lede”. Not burying the “protesters”. Burying the lede.

But if the IDF says shooting to miss is against orders, then they can punish him as they see fit.

As long as they give him a medal too.


Choose Your Barrel, Dirtbag

Say hello to my li’l frien':

A new Israeli assault rifle features a twin barrel – the first such gun to be made in Israel, writes Israel Defense.

Silver Shadow, the firm that manufactures the Gilboa assault rifle, will soon unveil a new member of the Gilboa family with a double barrel, meaningfully increasing fire power and enhancing the effect of a hit on target.

Yeah, I’d say so. Can’t wait for the next Hamass terrorist to pop his head out of a tunnel so I can see this bad boy in action.


Things You Can’t Do in Israel

First, you can’t do this:

IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz has decided to boot Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner from his position following the media storm over an edited video showing him using force to restrain a protester.

But you also can’t do this:

Eisner has spoken only briefly with reporters since the incident, but said Monday that he thought Ayas was the same activist who, Eisner said, had hit him with a stick and broke two of his fingers.

“That is a direct lie. It has nothing to do with reality,” Ayas said in response. “If these claims had anything to do with reality, we would have seen documentation by now.”

I wouldn’t do this either:

Two anarchists whose sponsors condemned Israel as racist scrawled a swastika on the wall of a detention room at Ben Gurion Airport.

French organizers of the anti-Israeli fly-in protest Sunday called Israel and airlines that canceled activists’ tickets “racists” and said one passenger was denied boarding privileges in France because she was not Jewish or Israeli.

However, Immigration and Border authorities found a swastika in one of the detention rooms where two foreign activists were kept until being deported, at the airlines’ expense.

“This was the gift the ‘peace activists’ left Israel,” a source at the Immigration Authority was quoted as saying on the Israellycool website.

This, too, is frowned upon (or ought to be):

One of the more than 1,000 terrorists and security prisoners freed for kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit sent a memory card to relatives with detailed instructions on how to kidnap more soldiers.

The Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) revealed Tuesday that Omar Abu-Sneina, a terrorist from Hevron who was sent to Gaza after the release, stated on the memory card that a live kidnap victim should not be hidden in an isolated area.

Abu-Sneina joins the list of a growing number of terrorists who quickly returned to terror after their release for Shalit.

The lesson is that if an Israeli soldier behaves inappropriately, he will be punished. Others… not so much.

Oh yeah, PS:

In yet another attack against Israeli civilians, Arabs threw rocks at two Jewish girls who were walking towards their home in Hevron on Tuesday evening.

One of the girls was slightly injured. After the attack, clashes broke out between local Jews and Arabs. IDF forces stationed in the area broke up the parties.


Water Into Wine

Maybe not a miracle, but pretty [bleeping] cool [hat tip Yerushalimey]:

Military troops around the world, no matter where they are instated, know that even with the best training, personnel and arms, they cannot survive battle if they are lacking one vital thing: water.

Among the concerns of military heads is to ensure water sources are always available, even in the most arid of places.

One Israeli company took up the challenge to ensure water can be readily available, anywhere and at any time, by extracting it from the most common of things: air.

Water-Gen, based in Rishon LeZion, Israel, specializes in water generation and water treatment technologies integrated with tactical military vehicles and ground units. Their technology extracts water from the ambient air humidity, and turns it into drinking water.

Initially, the system filters the air so that water can be extracted and accommodated in containers. Then, it is cooled and purified into drinking water. This water can be served from a tap within the system or inside the cabin.

According to the Water-Gen, the device, which can be fitted onto vehicles, produces 10-20 gallons (40-80 liters) of pure drinking water a day, even in harsh weather and field conditions. The system, which is operated by solar or electric energy, is designed to meet military needs and standards, the company adds.

The company has wide-scale pending patents for the systems and technology. In 2011, it completed a three-week experiment with US Army ground units (Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment), in which its systems provided the soldiers drinking water throughout the drills.

Ha! Suck on that!

I love the name of the website, It’s all about Israeli technology and innovation.

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