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Down Mexico Way

You know, like Maryland:

U.S. sheriffs are alarmed that securing the U.S. – Mexico border is no longer a concern for the law enforcement agencies near the boundary, with Mexico drug cartels infiltrating cities and towns across the country trading in human trafficking, prostitution, kidnapping and money laundering.

Sam Page – sheriff of Rockingham County in North Carolina, who oversees 94,000 residents – told The Washington Times that a Mexican cartel set up a drug warehouse one mile from his home.

He estimates hat cartels have infiltrated more than 3,000 U.S. cities and are recruiting local gangs, former prisoners and teenagers to join them.

‘If we fail to secure our borders, then every sheriff in America will become a border sheriff,’ he told The Times.

‘We’re only a two-day drive from the border and have already seen the death and violence that illegal crossings brings into our community.

‘These men are coming into our county with more firepower than I have. I’m literally outgunned.’

Since entering into an agreement with U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement in early 2008, the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office has detained 1,250 illegal immigrants, 50 of whom have had connections to Mexican drug cartels and organized crime, Sheriff Jenkins said.

‘The success of the program is not in the numbers – it’s who is actually getting arrested,’ he said.

‘Do I want Mexican gang members on the streets of Frederick County? Hell no.’

This ought to unite people to action, right?


Pablo Alvarado, executive director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, said such programs waste federal money and are discriminatory.

‘The idea of deputizing local sheriffs as front-line immigration reformers is a catastrophic mistake,’ said Chris Newman, the network’s general counsel.

‘It distracts attention, chills people from reporting crime, encourages racial profiling and leads to the unconstitutional arrest and detainment of illegal immigrants.’

Isn’t it the job of local sheriffs to arrest people breaking the law? How can any such “detainment” be unconstitutional? Indeed, how does the US Constitution apply to Mexican nationals—especially those here illegally, especially those “trading in human trafficking, prostitution, kidnapping and money laundering”—at all?

Readers know my obsession with this particular Obama lie. Not once but twice has he flapped his gums to portray Mexico as Switzerland with chipotle. Among his myriad lies, this one is a lie not of opportunity (like his ObamaCare lies), but a lie of fancy. He doesn’t gain anything by quoting such Mexican luminaries as Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, Octavio Paz, and… uh…Octavio Paz. He just likes to. There’s nothing wrong with Mexico, he asserts, that fewer “sensational headlines” couldn’t fix.

So, why does he do it? Why try to portray Mexico in terms opposite of the facts of this sensational headline?

Drug cartel internal feud leaves 28 dead in Mexico

That was last week.

But of course the answer is easy. The “day laborer” activists quoted above tell us all we need to know. Obama flatters Mexico not to flatter Mexicans, but to flatter Mexicans (and Guatemalans, and Salvadorans, etc.) here illegally. When we lost our health care plans and our doctors, who but a few late-stage cancer patients was harmed (all of whom were liars anyway, according to Harry Reid)? At the very least, prostitutes and kidnapping victims have been harmed by this Obama lie. Where are their support groups and advocates?


Hearts and Minds

I always thought that was an expression. Not a menu.

Ever eager to lear how President Obama thinks, I follow up on his claims and assertions to see how they stand up to… what is the word?


The shooting deaths of seven men near the Mexico-Arizona border dramatize what appears to be an escalating use of the once-calm stretch of border as a drug trafficking corridor.

The seven men apparently were ambushed by rival drug traffickers in a rural area near Sonoyta, Mexico, close to the U.S. border crossing at Lukeville, Arizona, and their bodies were found inside a pickup truck Wednesday night, a day after the killings.

Authorities said Thursday that an eighth man was found wounded on a hill, and he told state police the victims had just dropped off marijuana when gunmen opened fire with automatic rifles on their pickup truck.

Well, that’ll happen sometimes.

This is a little unusual (I hope):

New members of a Mexican drug cartel were reportedly forced to eat children’s hearts as part of their initiation, according to authorities.

Details of the rituals were discovered by officials investigating an organ trafficking ring allegedly run by the infamous Knights Templar cartel.

The group’s leader Nazario Moreno, who was shot dead by police in March, allegedly ordered that recruits prove their loyalty through an act of cannibalism, the International Business Times reported.

“At [an] initiation ceremony they used the organs, in this case the heart, and forced people going through this initiatory process to eat it,” Alfredo Castillo, the federal government’s envoy to Michoacan, told a local radio station.

The majority of the hearts came from local children who had been kidnapped for organ trafficking purposes, authorities believe.

Waste not, want not!

I guess smuggling works up an appetite:

California has become the nation’s top entry for methamphetamine coming into the country, with over 70 percent of the U.S. supply of the drug being brought across the border into the Golden State by Mexican drug cartels, a new report states.

“The harm done by transnational criminal organizations to communities all across California is hard to overstate,” the report states. “Not only do these organizations threaten public health by driving the supply and distribution of harmful narcotics, but their alliances with violent prison and street gangs have sparked a rash of violence in a period of otherwise declining criminal activity.”

You know another word for “criminal activity”?


The Sinaloa Cartel, headquartered on Mexico’s northern Pacific Coast, is constantly exploring new ways to launder its gargantuan profits. The State Department reports that Mexican trafficking organizations earn between $19 and $29 billion every year from selling marijuana, cocaine, heroin and methamphetamines on the streets of American cities.

“It’s very important for them to get that money into the banking system and do so with as little scrutiny as possible,” says Jim Hayes, special agent in charge of Homeland Security Investigations for the New York office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE. He was lead agent in the 2012 case that revealed how Sinaloa money men used HSBC, one of the world’s largest banks, as their private vault.

The bank ignored basic anti-money laundering controls, as the investigation found. In 2007 and 2008, the bank’s personnel in Mexico wired $7 billion dollars to corresponding U.S. dollar accounts in New York. These were more dollars than even larger Mexican banks wired to U.S. accounts. ICE says some of it was drug proceeds.

A U.S. Border Shelter That Attracts Asylum Seekers Far And Wide
Yet no red flags were raised because of what a bank official later described as, a “lack of a compliance culture” in the Mexico affiliate, according to the Senate report.

We’ll comply mañana.

But President Obama said Mexico was getting better! That it was practically Swiss in its devotion to the rule of law.

President Obama say a lot of [bleep]:

Little has improved in Mexico’s security since President Enrique Pena Nieto took office in 2012, even with the arrest of the nation’s biggest drug kingpin and a government committed to improving the rule-of-law, some Mexican executives say.

Rogelio Velez, chief operating officer at railroad operator Ferrocarril Mexicano SA, said his company has spent 2.2 percent of its income in 2012 and 2013 to protect the company. Samantha Ricciardi, Mexico’s country head at BlackRock Inc., the world’s largest asset manager, agreed that violence has remained at elevated levels and investors in the automotive hub of Queretaro state are concerned about safety.

Pena Nieto in his 2012 inaugural address vowed to reduce crime in Latin America’s second-biggest economy and shift Mexico’s focus away from the drug violence that has left more than 92,000 people dead or missing since 2006. While he captured drug cartel leaders including Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, the world’s most-wanted criminal, kidnappings and extortions have increased under his watch.

“Basically we’re in the same place as before,” Ferromex’s Velez said today at the Bloomberg Mexico Economic Summit in Mexico City. “We haven’t been able to see in our numbers a security improvement.”

Them’s some pretty “sensational headlines”, don’t you think?


Higados y Riñones

Regular readers know my interest in (more like obsession with) Mexican affairs since our president visited there last May. He described Mexico as a stable, cultured land of peaceful and literate happy people. Obama dismissed stories of drug cartel violence and political corruption as mere “sensational headlines”. That spawned my series of posts under the standing headline “Sensational Headline Watch”, detailing story after story of depravity, savagery, inhumanity—on our southern border.

Then Obama went back last month and pretty much repeated himself:

If you think about North America, to have three borders this long in which we share a common set of values, a common set of principles, a commitment to democracy, a commitment to free markets, a commitment to trade where we are allies and interact peacefully, that is a precious gift. And it’s one that I think all three of us are committed to building and nurturing for future generations.

How stupid does he think we are? This stupid:

Police in Mexico’s western state of Michoacan detained an alleged member of the Knights Templar cartel who is suspected of kidnapping children to harvest their organs, an official said on Monday.

Michoacan state Public Safety Secretary Carlos Castellanos Becerra alleged that Manuel Plancarte Gaspar was part of the cartel’s organ-trafficking ring.

The ring would kidnap children and take them to rented homes with medical equipment where their organs were removed, Castellanos Becerra charged.

A leader of one of the local vigilante groups that sprang up last year in Michoacan to challenge the cartel’s control told a radio station after hearing about the tweet that people in the area knew the Knights Templar gang was involved in organ trafficking because several children had been rescued in his town while being transported in a refrigerated container inside a van.

‘They were inside a refrigerated box, tightly wrapped in blankets,’ Dr. Jose Manuel Mireles, leader of the civilian ‘self-defense’ group in Tepalcatepec, said in a morning interview with MVS radio.

Mexican authorities have said drug trafficking is no longer the top source of income for the Knights Templar, which was once a top producer of crystal meth.

The officials say the cartel’s main sources of income are illegal mining, illegal logging and extortion.

What would Diego Rivera say, Mr. President?


This is Your Toluca Day!

President Obama was down Mexico way again yesterday, and you know what that meant.

Comedy gold:

I want to congratulate President Peña Nieto on the outstanding efforts that he’s made during the course of this year on a whole range of reforms that promise to make Mexico more competitive and increase opportunity for the people of Mexico. And I’m also very interested in hearing President Peña Nieto’s strategies as he embarks on dealing with some of the reforms in the criminal justice system and around security issues, which I know are very pressing on his mind and where we have some excellent cooperation between the United States and Mexico.

Oh yes, Mr. President. Congratulate away:

The latest gruesome photos from Mexico’s cartel war show headless bodies bagged and wrapped in plastic tape on the side of a road outside Mexico City.

It was believed the men were the latest victims of the bloody turf war that has been waging between Mexico’s sadistic drug cartels.

Last week the severed heads of four people were found near the front door of a church in the neighboring state of Michoacan, while butchered arms and legs were found elsewhere in the small town of Zacan.

Two days before that, two other severed heads were left in front of a bank in Paracuaro, about three hours north of Mexico City.

Heckuva job, Peña Nieto!

Didn’t Obama say he liked watching Breaking Bad?

Make no mistake. The drug War in rural Texas is all about Mexican methamphetamine, a potent stimulant known on the street as Ice. It’s made in Mexico, smuggled across the border as a liquid and reprocessed into shards that resemble ice.

This press release from the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Texas is typical of what is happening every day. Drug gangs based in the Mexican state of Guerrero send entire families to rural Texas as if they were pharmaceutical company sales reps.

One aspect of the case is particularly troubling. The indictment alleges that Abelardo bribed a local police officer to protect his drug operation. It says he paid the officer a total of $5,000 in $1,000 increments over several months. But the indictment provides no details and does not name the police officer.

The public corruption allegation raises the specter that Mexican drug gangs are importing more than drugs to Texas. Bribing police officers in Mexico has been a way of life for generations. And federal agents report that they are finding more Texas law officers taking money from drug dealers.

Next time Obama takes questions from reporters (or will it be the first time?), I have a tip for the gaggle: Google News. It’s amazing the [bleep] you learn there.


News From Occupied Territory

Stop the daily humiliation of the Mexicali people!

Investigators say a man who was shot and killed by a U.S. Border Patrol agent near San Diego threw several large rocks at the agent, including one the size of a basketball.

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department said Wednesday that the attacker began throwing fist-sized rocks at the agent from a hillside perch. The rocks got larger, and one of the bigger pieces hit the agent in the head.

The sheriff’s department says the agent fired his gun twice Tuesday, fearing that he might be killed or incapacitated if he was hit again. The agent was treated for minor injuries at a hospital and released.

The episode has fueled debate about how the Border Patrol should respond to rock attacks.

I should say so!

What can a simple thrown rock do?

“We were in a full car – two women and several children – traveling from Jerusalem to Elon Moreh,” Alona, the driver, recounted to Arutz Sheva. “Right after we passed Eli we heard a loud ‘boom’ that shook the car. We saw glass shattered in our car and realized that the Palestinian Arab teenagers we saw earlier had thrown stones at us as we passed.”

It took a few moments – but, thankfully, the victims of the attack managed to find help.

“We found a group of IDF soldiers along Route 60 and told them what had happened,” Alona said. She emphasized that no one had been hurt in the incident.

See? No harm, no foul.

Adele Biton could not be reached for comment.

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Sensational Headline Watch

You know the drill by now, right? President Obama went to Mexico City and described a wonderful, pluralistic society rich in culture and history.

And then there’s Mexico:

The daughters of a reporter slain in the Mexican state of Veracruz told authorities that a woman angered by one of his stories had threatened to have a drug cartel kill him.

The statements by Gregorio Jiménez’s daughters contradicted the official version that the reporter was killed in a personal vendetta related to his son and the family of the woman he dated.

The daughters, Cindy and Flor, told authorities Friday that their father had a heated argument last year with Teresa de Jesus Hernández, who was angry about a story he wrote of a man getting stabbed outside her bar in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz.

They said the dispute came to blows and that Hernández told their father she knew members of the Zetas drug cartel and would hire them to kill him.

“Mrs. Teresa shouted at him ‘remember the story you wrote. I’m holding on to that. I know the Zetas and I will have you killed,” Cindy Jiménez said, according to her statement to authorities read by a court employee.

Gunmen kidnapped Gregorio Jiménez, 42, from his home in Coatzacoalcos last week. Police found his body Tuesday buried in the backyard of a home in the nearby town of Las Choapas along with a taxi driver and a union leader who was kidnapped in January.

Jiménez had also written about the union leader’s kidnapping.

Sooo Mexico.

But this is even better:

Federal agents believe drug cartels have moved into Colorado and are using the recent legalization of marijuana within the state as a front to make money illegally.

Drug cartels – both from Columbia and Mexico – have suffered major revenue losses following the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado on January 1.

The Feds believe the gangs will now turn to the legal businesses in the state to find ways of making up for the shortfall in their profits.

Didn’t see that coming!

Boy, I hope we get real about the dangers coming from Mexico before someone gets hurt. Someone American, I mean.

Someone else, then.

A Mexican man was sentenced Monday to 30 years’ imprisonment in a border agent’s 2010 shooting death linked to the federal government’s “Fast and Furious” gun-tracking operation, according to a spokesperson for the U.S. District Court in Tucson.

“We are not celebrating,” Terry’s family said in a statement. “Today we recognized justice has been served and we believe the 30 year sentence imposed on this particular defendant is an appropriate sentence… We remain hopeful that all suspects in this murder will be brought to justice.”

PS: Just one more:

A lucrative partnership between Colombian and Mexican drug cartels is at the heart of Long Island’s heroin scourge, with traffickers and dealers increasingly viewing Nassau and Suffolk as potential growth markets amid a crackdown on opioid pain pills, officials said.

The favorable economic conditions driving the heroin trade on Long Island and in the Northeast have contributed to a surge in fatal overdoses, authorities said, including more than 220 heroin deaths on Long Island over the past two years — the most ever recorded.

Affluent New Yorkers and those living in the suburbs and rural areas are also using heroin at higher rates, a trend exemplified by the apparent overdose death this month of Oscar-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman in his Greenwich Village apartment, authorities said.

“Heroin traffickers here [Long Island and New York City] have recognized that there’s a whole group of new potential customers who have emerged,” said James Hunt, acting head of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s New York office. “They realize that there’s a whole generation that got hooked on prescription pills, as well as more affluent users, and see this as a way to bring new customers into their grasp.”

As President Obama said:

And in the United States, we recognize our responsibilities. We understand that much of the root cause of violence that’s been happening here in Mexico, for which many so Mexicans have suffered, is the demand for illegal drugs in the United States.

Yeah, Hoffman! Get your act together! Don’t you see the “suffering” you’re causing the Mexicans? God, addicts are so selfish!


Sensational Headline Watch

“Some Americans only see the Mexico depicted in sensational headlines.”
Barack Obama, May 30, 2013, Mexico City

Did this guy make the same mistake millions of other Americans made by believing the serial liar in the White House?

Harry Devert’s motorcycle journey from the United States to Latin America is somewhat reminiscent of “The Motorcycle Diaries,” which recount the South American travels of revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara on an old motorbike in search of his insurgent spirit.

But Devert, 32, who left a job as a trader in finance to travel the world, has not been in touch with his mother or girlfriend in New York since January 25. That day he sent girlfriend Sarah Ashley Schiear an ominous text via the WhatsApp messenger app.

“Just got an hour and a half long escort out of some area it was too dangerous for me to be,” the message said. “Stopping for lunch and … voila Internet. … Gonna get back on the road soon. Apparently there’s another military escort waiting for me in some other town… I’m running way late because of the crazy military stuff…hopefully get a chance to talk to you tonight when I (hopefully) finally arrive.”

Ann Devert said she last heard from her son January 23. The phone connection was poor. He told her he’d be out of cell phone and Internet range a few days.

She said he called every January 29, his late father’s birthday, “and when he didn’t, I felt a misgiving but I thought maybe it would take a couple of days,” she said. “He didn’t call.”

Uh-oh. What would Octavio Paz say, Mr. President? How come Diego Rivera didn’t paint murals of drug cartels beheading naive gringos on their stupid motorcycles?

“This is an area in Michoacan that has been very dangerous,” said Ann Devert, who has been in contact with The Missing Americans Project, a Website dedicated to sharing information and resources about U.S. citizens missing in other countries.

Last week, Ann Devert contacted both the American and French embassies in Mexico. Her son, born in France, has dual citizenship.

In Mexico, Interior Ministry officials told CNN that they have not yet confirmed that Devert is missing.

No offense, amigos míos, but he’s missing. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing:

“I’ve been chased with a gun in Colombia, chipped my tooth on a gun that was shoved in my mouth in Venezuela and shot everything from a bazooka to a machine gun, an M16 to a Colt .45,” Devert wrote in his travel blog, A New Yorker Travels. “I’ve been in some of the poorest and some of the most dangerous parts of the world and to many of the finest, and I still can’t tell which I liked more. I think that life is a pilgrimage.”

In an Oct. 19 post, Devert described his latest journey on a type of vehicle he had no experience using.

“I’ve never ridden a motorcycle,” he wrote. “Mostly, naturally, because I don’t know how. So tomorrow I’m going to go to the DMV, get my motorcycle permit, buy a bike and hopefully figure out how to ride it home without crashing. Which I’m sure will be an adventure in itself.”

There’s a story on the wires this morning about a woman who died base-jumping in front of her newlywed husband. I’d say that activity is safer than watching the Food Channel from your sofa compared to a novice biking through Michoacan, Mexico.

Frida Kahlo might disagree. President Obama could not be reached for comment.

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Sensational Headline Watch

“Some Americans only see the Mexico depicted in sensational headlines.”
Barack Obama, May 30, 2013, Mexico City

Before we proceed to the latest installment, a reminder:

THE PRESIDENT: Hola! (Applause.) Buenos dias!

Patronizing dillweed.

And it’s an honor to be back in Mexico City — one of the world’s great cities. Es un placer estar entre amigos. (Applause.)


In modern times, Mexico’s blend of cultures and traditions found its expression in the murals of Rivera and the paintings of Frida, and the poetry of Sor Juana and the essays of Octavio Paz.

Anyone he left out? Fernando Valenzuela? Selena Gomez?

Despite all the bonds and the values that we share, despite all the people who claim heritage on both sides, our attitudes sometimes are trapped in old stereotypes. Some Americans only see the Mexico that is depicted in sensational headlines of violence and border crossings. And let’s admit it, some Mexicans think that America disrespects Mexico, or thinks that America is trying to impose itself on Mexican sovereignty, or just wants to wall ourselves off.

That’s the background to this:

Four human heads were reportedly discovered Thursday in Michoacan state, one of several recent incidents that suggest the Knights Templar drug cartel may be lashing out as the federal government and vigilante groups attempt to retake territory under cartel control.

The heads were found in the indigenous community of Zacan, about 200 miles west of Mexico City, according to numerous news reports. The newspaper El Universal reported that a “message with threats from organized crime” was found along with the body parts. Two other human heads were discovered Monday in Antunez, south of Zacan.

So sensational have the headlines been that Mexicans have taken to vigilantism to protect themselves in these lawless regions.

And now for the truly sensational part:

Though the motives behind this week’s beheadings were unclear, they may represent efforts by the Knights Templar to lash out against the forces allied against them.

Meanwhile, the states around Michoacan have been stepping up security in anticipation of the “cucaracha effect” — that is, increased violence as Michoacan-based cartel members scurry away from the increased federal presence there.

Even the rest of Mexico want to “wall itself off”, Mr. President. From the “cucaracha effect”.

I, and people like me, don’t fear illegal immigration and criminal aliens because they are “brown” (as the Left always describes them), but because they are illegal and criminal. In fact, I’d like to nationalize and deputize the Mexican vigilantes and put them to work patrolling the border. To keep the (their word, not mine) “cucarachas” at bay.

Not only can our president not be trusted to execute the laws as they were written, he doesn’t even live in the same world as the rest of us.

But what’s also clear is that a new Mexico is emerging.

[Y]ou go forward knowing the truth that Benito Juarez once spoke — “democracy is the destiny of humanity.” And we are seeing that here in Mexico. (Applause.) We’re seeing that here in Mexico.

It’s like he opened up Wikiquote and just started copying.


Sensational Headline Watch

“Some Americans only see the Mexico depicted in sensational headlines.”
President Obama, Mexico City, May 3, 2013.

A federal takeover is under way in an area of western Mexico known as Tierra Caliente, or Hot Land, where heavily armed vigilantes have taken up a fight against a local drug cartel.

Mexico’s interior minister Miguel Angel Osorio Chong said Monday that government troops would take over security in the region with support from authorities in Michoacan state, where the area is located.

The announcement in the state capital, Morelia, followed a string of firefights between the vigilantes and alleged members of the so-called Knights Templar cartel.

The interior minister called on the vigilante groups to return to their activities as citizens and leave security in the hands of the institutions. But the leader of one vigilante group, Estanislao Beltran, said they will not disarm.

Masked vigilantes took power in more than a dozen rural communities last year in Michoacan state, arguing authorities were failing to stop drug violence.

Opponents and critics claim the vigilante groups are backed by a rival cartel — a charge the vigilantes deny.

Drug gangs! Vigilantes! Men named Estanislao! This is truly a sensational story, El Presidente.

Almost as sensational as your website estúpido:

[Y]ou can be thankful at least that you don’t have to rely on ObamaCare’s “Spanish-language” website. It’s called, which, as the Associated Press notes, literally translates as “For the Caution of Health.” It sounds as if Señora Sebelius relied on Google Translate–or maybe on the guys who translated the Japanese videogame Zero Wing into English, creating such comedy classics as “All your base are belong to us.”

Among the problems with the ObamaCaution site: It launched more than two months late. “A Web page with Spanish instructions linked users to an English form.” And Adrian Madriz, a Miami ObamaCaution navigador, tells the AP: “When you get into the details of the plans, it’s not all written in Spanish. It’s written in Spanglish, so we end up having to translate it for them.”

The AP closes on a political note, if an implicit one:

Gabriel Sanchez, a political science professor at the University of New Mexico, said the problems hurt the credibility of federal officials and reinforce the belief held by some that authorities are indifferent to the plight of Latinos.

Sanchez said, “They will look at this, and think, ‘Man, they really don’t care about us.’ “

Why would they care about you? No offense, but what makes you special? They want your vote, Paco, nothing else. As long as they get it, you’re not worth a hill of frijoles to them.


New Year, Old News

2014 will offer more of the same on Obamacare, the Middle East, Iranian nukes, government scandals, and Congressional elections. Oh sure, there’ll be a surprise or two—a Carlos Danger lurking in the shadows—but that’s the depressing truth.

But who says old news is bad news?

A dramatic shootout between authorities and suspected cartel gunmen at a Mexican seaside resort this month has ties to a botched U.S. gun operation.

A U.S. official said Tuesday that investigators have traced at least one firearm recovered at a December 18 gunfight in Puerto Peñasco, across from the Arizona border, to Operation Fast and Furious.

That’s the disastrous operation run by agents in the Phoenix office of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Agents allowed suspected gun smugglers to buy about 2,000 firearms with the goal of trying to find and prosecute high-level traffickers. They couldn’t track the firearms and most are believed to have ended up with cartels and gangsters in Mexico.

Many have turned up at crime scenes in Mexico and the United States, including at a shooting that killed a U.S. border agent in 2010.

Guns recovered at such scenes are routinely checked with the ATF’s tracing lab to try to determine their origin. At least one AK-47 style firearm was found, and U.S. investigators identified it as one that was allowed to be sold to suspected traffickers as part of Fast and Furious, according to the U.S. official.

The ATF, in a statement, said: “ATF has accepted responsibility for the mistakes made in the Fast and Furious investigation and at the attorney general’s direction we have taken appropriate and decisive action to ensure that these errors will not be repeated. And we acknowledge that, regrettably, firearms related to the Fast and Furious investigation will likely continue to be recovered at future crime scenes.”

Guns from Fast and Furious have turned up at other high-profile killings in Mexico, including those of the brother of a Mexican state prosecutor and of a beauty queen.

I’m sure the beauty queen, regrettably, accepts the apology.


Nope, maybe not.

Grassley, in a statement Tuesday, said: “In Operation Fast and Furious, the Mexican drug cartels found an easy way to supplement their own illegal ways. Worse yet, the Obama administration has yet to publicly hold anyone accountable for this disastrous policy. Unfortunately, guns from Fast and Furious will be found in operations like this for years to come.”

The gift that keeps on giving.

PS: Cross-filed under “Sensational Headline Watch”.

PPS: President Obama is, we’re certain, terribly broken up over the incident.



Sensational Headline Watch

“Some Americans only see the Mexico depicted in sensational headlines.”
President Obama, Mexico City, May 3, 2013.

“Dude, where’s my head?”

Five severed heads and their bodies were dumped in two spots Saturday morning around the capital of the western state of Michoacan that has been plagued by worsening drug gang violence this year.

Three sets of bodies and heads were displayed in the street in a township on the northern edge of Morelia and the other two were left in the town square of a community in the southern part of the capital, according to a statement from the state prosecutor’s office.

Michoacan’s murder rate rose in 2013 compared to declines in most states. Last month, dozens of mutilated corpses were found buried in mass graves in an area on the border between the states of Michoacan and Jalisco.

Decapitations became an increasingly common form of gangland vengeance across Mexico since five heads were tossed onto a barroom dance floor in the Michoacan town of Uruapan in 2006.

Miley Cyrus’s next desperate attempt at relevance?


Wait, What?

I just started paying attention. Can you repeat that?

The head of the union representing thousands of federal immigration officers backed a federal judge’s claim that the Department of Homeland Security is delivering children smuggled across the U.S.-Mexico border to their illegal immigrant parents.

“This is exactly what’s happening,” Chris Crane, head of the National ICE Council, told

Crane was reacting to a blistering court order from U.S. District Judge Andrew S. Hanen, which detailed the alleged policy. The Texas judge said the “dangerous” practice is effectively aiding human traffickers and particularly the drug cartels, which run many of these operations.

I’m sorry, I have a hard time comprehending this. Could you break it down for me?

The judge noted that the children in question were all accompanied by the person smuggling them over the border, and did have a parent in the U.S.

“There is nothing in this Act that directs and authorizes the DHS to turn a blind eye to criminal conduct,” he wrote, adding the 2002 law “provides no excuse” for the practice.

Crane claimed that immigration officers are in fact shepherding children who cross the border illegally and delivering them to parents in the U.S., at least in some cases.

“That’s what we do now, we babysit kids,” he said.

He concurred with Hanen in arguing that, despite the humanitarian interest in connecting children with their parents in the U.S., the government could be putting more children in danger by inadvertently encouraging smuggling.

“The very people patting themselves on the back as humanitarians are putting these children at more risk than they’ve ever been before,” he said.

[T]he “conspiracy” started when an illegal immigrant in Virginia hired smugglers to get her daughter from El Salvador to Virginia. She paid $6,000 in advance. But after the smuggling operation was interrupted by federal agents, he wrote, “the DHS delivered the child to her.”

Further, he wrote, this was the fourth case he’d seen in as many weeks along these lines. In one case, he claimed, the U.S. government “flew a child to multiple locations” in the U.S. at the expense of U.S. taxpayers.

So we have illegal aliens living here, you know, illegally, and instead of returning them whence they came (or at least out of here), we fly their kids in, or rely on Mexican cartels to smuggle them across the Rio Grandee.

The Department of Homeland Security claimed in a statement to Fox News that it was following the law, and that its officers are committed to the “safe, fair and humane treatment” of minors.

Is there anything true in that statement?

What’s “safe, fair and humane” about the Sinaloa cartel?

Mexican authorities say this week’s gun battle at the Gulf of California resort of Puerto Penasco started inside a luxury beach condo complex and involved two government helicopter gunships that opened fire during the confrontation.

Mexico’s federal police say that two government Blackhawk helicopters opened fire on at least 10 vehicles as they tried to flee with top Sinaloa drug cartel lieutenant Gonzalo Inzunza. The vehicles were hit by gunfire in the Wednesday battle.

Inzunza apparently owned or rented a beachside villa at the complex, which officials did not name.

Federal police said late Thursday that an analysis of blood stains found in the vehicles show that Inzunza was among those killed or wounded, though his body hasn’t been found.

Do these kids sound like they were safe?

Five high school students waiting for a bus were killed Wednesday when a pickup truck being chased by Mexican army forces careened out of control and plowed into them in the violent northern border city of Reynosa, authorities said.

The pickup’s occupants, thought to be likely drug cartel henchmen, escaped, authorities said. The youths ranged in age from 13 to 15. A woman and a 5-year-old girl, waiting in cars nearby, were injured.

Obama and the Left try to portray “immigration” “reform” as a humanitarian issue. Explain to me how this is anything close.


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