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Why Not the Best?

As with so many things, Jimmy Carter said it first and best:

But if California could ever use a governor with the experience and wisdom of Cindy Sheehan (a debatable proposition), that time is now:


I mean:

Which metro area in the U.S. has suffered a greater economic collapse over the last two decades than Detroit? Hint: It’s a common fundraising stop for President Obama. The answer, according to a new UCLA Anderson School of Management study, is Los Angeles.

Th researchers say Los Angeles has lost 3.1% of its employment base since 1990, more than Cleveland (-0.2%) and Detroit (-2.8%). Job growth over the same period has exceeded 50% in Phoenix, Orlando, Las Vegas, San Antonio, Houston and Dallas. Los Angeles “displays a tale of two cities in terms of job growth,” the study notes. “From 2005 to 2012, West L.A. had a payroll job growth of 3% while the rest of L.A. took a 5.1% hit in job loss.”

Cindy’s the one who’s running, but it sounds like a job for another once-high-flying liberal heartthrob now fallen on hard times:

Anything to make a buck, right? But seriously, you think Cindy’s going to let this situation stand? Then you don’t know Cindy:


PS: Just for laughs:

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Pro Choice, As Long As It’s Hers

Maybe opposing abortion on the campus of UC Santa Barbara is like shouting fire in a crowded theater:

A department of feminist studies professor has been accused of going berserk after coming across a campus prolife demonstration that used extremely graphic displays, leading a small mob of students to chant “tear down the sign” before grabbing one of the signs, storming off with it, then allegedly engaging in an altercation with a 16-year-old prolife protestor who had followed the educator to retrieve it.


The professor at the heart of the controversy is Mireille Miller-Young, an associate professor whose area of emphasis is black cultural studies, pornography and sex work, according to her faculty webpage. She could not be reached for comment Tuesday by The College Fix.

The confrontation took place at the coastal, public university’s “free speech” area, a heavily traversed part of the quad.

She had me at “pornography and sex work”, so I swung by her webpage (swinging dude that I am).

Imagine my disappointment:

Areas of Study:

Pornography; Sex Work; Black Film, Popular Culture and Art; Feminist & Queer Theory; African American & African Diaspora Studies; Visual Archives; New Media; Ethnography; Oral History


PhD. New York University (American History and History of the African Dispora
M.A. New York University (American History and History of the African Dispora)
B.A. Emory University (History)

Dissertation: “A Taste for Brown Sugar: The History of Black Women in American Pornography.”

Do all those institutes of higher education demand their degrees back when they see how she spells? Do California taxpayers care that their money pays her salary? And where can I get a copy of her thesis?


Culture Wars Again

When I read Glenn Beck said this:

“I said when I left Fox that this half of my career is going to be shaped more by Walt Disney than anything else,” he says.

His interest in Disney is symbolic of the shift in his attention and efforts toward culture and away from politics. He had a realization: “Culture is the lead. That’s the dog. The news is the tail.”

He pulls out a piece of early publicity on Disneyland, points to a paragraph, and reads aloud. “Disneyland will be based upon and dedicated to the ideals, the dreams, and the hard facts that have created America and it will be uniquely equipped to dramatize these dreams and facts and send them forth as a source of courage and inspiration to all the world.” Beck, known to burst into tears at a moment’s notice, looks like he might do so right now. “That’s what we’re gonna do,” he declares. “That’s how I intend on impacting culture. To do that.”

And then Mark Steyn wrote this:

You can’t have conservative government in a liberal culture, and that’s the position the Republican party is in. After the last election, I said that the billion dollars spent by the Romney campaign on robocalls and TV ads and whatnot had been entirely wasted, and the Electoral College breakdown would have been pretty much the same if they’d just tossed the dough into the Potomac and let it float out to sea. But imagine the use all that money and time could have been put to out there in the wider world. Liberals expend tremendous effort changing the culture. Conservatives expend tremendous effort changing elected officials every other November — and then are surprised that it doesn’t make much difference. Culture trumps politics — which is why, once the question’s been settled culturally, conservatives are reduced to playing catch-up, twisting themselves into pretzels to explain (including in the pages of this magazine) why gay marriage is really conservative after all, or why 30 million unskilled immigrants with a majority of births out of wedlock are “natural allies” of the Republican party.

I am compelled to pause and think.

I don’t necessarily buy into everything Steyn says—I think gay marriage can be conservative, for example, in that two adults of the same sex committing to each other before God and man, often to raise children, fits the conservative model of the family more than a single woman who tries to go it alone (or aborts her unborn child). Conservatism can change with the times, and the times are significantly less hostile to gay people, and even gay marriage, than just a few years ago.

But I do buy the larger part. How can the Right win elections (except as a reaction to failures on the Left—see 2010 and 2014, I hope) when its vision of a healthy society is so at odds with what popular culture is selling? Cutting the budget may be fiscally prudent (necessary, even), but what about school breakfasts? We no longer expect parents in some districts to give breakfast to their kids (lunch was lost long ago), so are they supposed to go to school hungry? What about unemployment insurance? Even liberal economists (even Paul Krugman!) acknowledge that paying people not to work discourages them from working. But do you want them to starve? Black women may be slaughtering their unborn children at genocidal rates (in the case of “Dr.” Keith Gosnell, literal slaughtering), but do you expect them to have babies they can’t care for?

The culture weighs the pros and cons and makes its decisions. We live in a culture that prefers dead black babies to ones born to unfit mothers; that would rather not insist people work even when they can; that would rather schools play mommy and daddy, rather than, you know, mommy and daddy. Like a parallel universe, it’s hard to picture the world any different.

Yet this is at odds with one of Rush’s observations: that Obama remains more popular than any of his policies. He preaches “immigration reform” (amnesty) when few people care, and most of those who do oppose it. He wants to elevate “climate change” from the last place finish it ranks in polls of national concerns. He won’t get off the pot on the Keystone pipeline, when most people see the benefit. And he force-fed us ObamaCare. At least on some political issues, Obama, not conservatives, is at odds with the culture. Once Obama is gone, things may look more balanced (if it’s not too late).

I am more drawn to the Tea Party end of the Republican Party than its mainstream—give me more Ted Cruz, less John Boehner. Not because I believe everything Cruz believes, but because he believes in something. Whatever the Left believes in is diseased and corrupt. That has to made manifest to a nation of “low information voters”.


At Least This Democrat Admits He’s Full of It


Wright said state and local government place far greater restrictions on people’s lives than the federal government.

Lecturing from his loo, Wright tells the camera: ‘The way you wear your pants — people are getting fined $100, $200 and even getting jail time just by the way they wear their pants.

‘What’s next, are you going to tell a gay person they can’t be gay?

‘Or are you going to tell a person who dresses in drag that that’s not appropriate and you’re going to fine them too?

‘Like, when will enough be enough?

‘If you want to have an abortion, what kind of intrusive things do you have to go through just to get an abortion knowing that it’s your God-given right to do so as an American?’

Oh, I left something out:

A congressional candidate in the U.S. has taken an unusual approach to sharing his views – posting a political rant about the Tea Party and the anti-abortion movement… from his toilet.

Democrat Erick Wright posted the feature, which he named Politics On The Throne, before he decided to run for congress.

The self-confessed entrepreneur tried to remove the video from YouTube after launching his bid to become congressman for the 2nd congressional district in Alabama, Yellow Hammer News reported.

God-given right to an abortion? Let’s see… life…liberty—I guess abortion can be seen as an inevitable extension of one’s pursuit of happiness. If you had a good time at the conception. Or at least pursued a good time.

But that’s an argument for another day. I’m sure we can all agree that most of the Democrats ideas come from the pot. Or at least smell that way.


Daily Humiliation of the Palestinian People™ Daily Update

Another day, another humiliation:

Egypt on Wednesday detained and deported Northern Irish Nobel Laureate and anti-Israel activist Mairead Maguire and held up others who had been planning to go to neighboring Gaza, AFP reported.

Maguire had intended to join a delegation of women activists going to Gaza, activists and officials told the news agency. On Tuesday, airport police had already detained and deported American activist Medea Benjamin, also part of the delegation, who told AFP police broke her arm.

Come on, Medea, you’ve had that and worse coming for a long, long time.

But why would the lovely Irish colleen want to go to that armpit, Gaza?

This is not the first time she has tried to enter Gaza and failed. In 2010, Maguire took part in the flotilla that aimed to break Israel’s naval blockade of Gaza.

Following the flotilla, Maguire was expelled from Israel for 10 years. She appealed the decision to the Supreme Court, but the appeal was rejected. She was subsequently deported from Israel.

Egypt controls the only border crossing with Gaza that bypasses Israel, and is accused of colluding with the Jewish state to blockade the territory ruled by the Hamas terrorist group.

“I think it’s sad, what they’ve done,” Maguire told AFP of the reception she and the other activists received in Egypt.

“It is an example and confirmation of the Egyptian government’s compliance with the blockade of Gaza,” she charged.

She’s sad that Egypt is being mean to Hamass: yet another Jew-hater awarded with a Nobel Peace Prize. When’s Farrakhan’s turn?

These antisemites give Leftism—and peace—a bad name.


The Second Time as Tragedy

Remember idiot Joe Biden’s exhortation for the disabled state senator to stand up and take a bow?

That was a farce (though to be fair, Biden handled his humiliation well).

This is a tragedy:

While investigating Obamacare Navigators, Battleground Texas, and their connection to Obama’s Organizing for America, we caught some deeply offensive comments on tape.

It seems Battleground Texas and Wendy Davis’ strategy to win the Governor’s seat is to mock Attorney General Abbott’s disability. We caught Davis supporters and Battleground Texas staff on tape making crude statement such as “isn’t that amazing to think of? He’s in a wheelchair and we want to stand with Wendy?”

Even more disturbing was an election official who when asked about forging signatures covered her ears and then went on to admit, “People do that all the time.” A Battleground Texas volunteer then added, “I don’t think it’s legal but I didn’t hear you say that.”

There’s another statement along the lines of mental disability: Abbott’s in a wheelchair, yet lacks empathy with others.

Look folks, we’ll just keep lobbing these stories at you until the truth that liberalism is a mental disorder is universally accepted.


CNN is in Every Airport; MSNBC in Every Asylum

Poor MSNBC has been falling in the ratings since Ed Schultz wore tampons for earrings. (Wasn’t him? Sniff-sniff, sob, I apologize.) To complete the metaphor, they need maxipads to absorb the flow of effluvium pouring from that (news) organ. (Note to self: next time, don’t complete the metaphor.)

[I]s Maddow any better than the rest? A recent incident suggests that if anything, she is worse.

Last Thursday, 45 minutes before Maddow’s show began, her producer sent this email to representatives of Koch Industries, with which MSNBC has long been obsessed.

I can’t display the emails, but you can read them here.

It’s important to remember that the first email, asking for Koch comment on an MSNBC hit-piece, wasn’t sent until 7:14 pm EST, not exactly business hours, and only 45 minutes before air time. The Koch legal team didn’t respond until the show was already underway. (In a later email, they suggest that the late request for comment was intentionally late.) Their comment, highly relevant as you shall see, was a one big “Huh?” They had never heard of the issue Maddow was drooling over.

So what?

Rachel Maddow, naturally, didn’t wait to learn the facts. Her segment on the Florida law, which required drug testing of all welfare applicants and had just been struck down by a federal judge, was all about Koch–bizarrely so, since Koch had nothing to do with the law in question:

Ms. Maddow moved on to a discussion of a 2011 Florida welfare law and a Florida federal court ruling concerning that law, falsely stating that the “Koch brothers . . . have been promoting forced drug tests for people on welfare.” Ms. Maddow based this false statement on her claim that the Florida Foundation for Government Accountability (“FFGA”) was involved in the legislation. This was a knowingly false and malicious statement by Ms. Maddow – Koch is not involved in promoting any such issue and we are not working with the FFGA on any such issue, as we explained to you last night. Indeed, your email from last night shows that you knew Koch had no link to the FFGA or this issue since you stated that Koch “donated to the State Policy Network of which FGGA is a member.” Nevertheless, Ms. Maddow repeatedly and falsely referred to FFGA as a “Koch brothers affiliated group,” a “Koch brothers connected Florida group,” a “Koch brothers related group,” and “this group (FFGA) affiliated with them (Koch) in Florida.”

Given that Koch has zero relationship with FFGA, Maddow based her claims on the fact that Koch has donated risibly small amounts–$40,000 over eight years–to the State Policy Network, and FFGA, which advocated for the Florida law, is a member of the State Policy Network.

The State Policy Network–let alone the Koch brothers!–had nothing to do with the Florida legislation. Ms. Maddow perhaps was trying to suggest that the State Policy Network is a funding source for FFGA, so that the Koch brothers have indirectly supported FFGA, albeit to a ridiculously small level (nowhere near $1,000 on a pro rata basis). But that isn’t true either.

The SPN is like a trade association of conservative think tanks, with members in every state. The SPN doesn’t support the local groups, like FFGA; on the contrary, the local think tanks pay dues to support SPN. So there is no connection–not even a minute, indirect one–between Koch and FFGA. I repeat: as far as we know, no one at Koch had ever heard of FFGA before Rachel Maddow’s show on Thursday of last week, and Koch did nothing–zero, nada–to support the Florida legislation in question.

So Rachel Maddow’s entire segment was one big lie. Her central premise, that the Florida welfare statute was an initiative of the Koch brothers, was false, and she knew it. She made the whole thing up to fool the low-IQ viewers who form MSNBC’s base.

Rachel Maddow says that any company that supports the State Policy Network is “affiliated with” the Florida Foundation for Government Accountability, and is responsible for everything FFGA does. … Who else, besides Koch, has supported the State Policy Network? You might be surprised: the list includes Microsoft, Facebook, AT&T, Time Warner Cable, GlaxoSmithKline, Kraft Foods, and many more. So Maddow randomly singled out Koch as opposed to any of these other companies as the sponsor of the Florida legislation.

[O]ne of the many companies that have contributed to the State Policy Network is Comcast, which owns MSNBC and is Rachel Maddow’s employer. So in her Thursday broadcast, Maddow could equally well have said that MSNBC “ha[s] been promoting forced drug tests for people on welfare,” and that FFGA is an “MSNBC-affiliated group.”

So, she reported a lie (one she made up), distorting a bland truth into a blood-dripping scandal; then she covered her ass by making a flunky email the Kochs for comment minutes before the broadcast (not call, not make certain contact—email); then she got nasty:

Koch asked MSNBC to retract, and apologize for, Maddow’s fabrications. Instead of correcting her misrepresentations, Maddow, in her show on Friday, triumphantly refused, saying “I don’t play requests.”

In Googling around for this post, I found several accounts from Leftie blogs hailing Maddow for smacking down the Kochs. It doesn’t matter how dishonest she was, how 180° wrong she was. She spoke Untruth to Power, and the moonbats can’t de-tumesce. See your doctors, moonies.


My 12 Years a Slave

If New York City is a plantation—and it’s got plenty of BS for fertilizer—what does it grow?

A Brooklyn pastor gave an invocation at Bill de Blasio’s mayoral inauguration on Wednesday comparing New York City to a Civil War-era “plantation” and asking for God’s help in ending inequality in the city.

“End the civil wars and usher in a new Reconstruction era that builds upon the many successes and achievements of yesterday while proclaiming the beginning of a new beginning,” said Rev. Fred A. Lucas Jr., of Brooklyn Community Church.

“Let the plantation called New York City be the city of God, a city set upon the hill. A light shining in the darkness,” Lucas prayed.

Lucas, who gave an invocation along with three other city religious leaders — an imam, rabbi and monsignor — continued, “Oh God, Oh God, Oh God; break every chain, break every chain, break every chain.”

Oh God, indeed. I haven’t lived in NYC for more than 20 years, so I have to ask: what “civil wars”? Did Staten Island try to secede? (Why didn’t they just let it?) There were times on the Number 1 train at rush hour when I felt some kinship with the slaves on the Middle Passage—I can say that, can’t I?—but I knew it would be over in 20 minutes.

I lived in New York from the end of the Beame administration, all through the Koch years, into David Dinkins’ term—a black man, if I recall, at least that’s why I voted for him. I was a young man then, and there were good times. But by the end—with broken-down subways, rundown parks, race riots—I would have moved to The Bronx if it had tried to secede and join Yonkers.

PS: Ed Koch, not David Koch:

“Already we have lost 14 states in this union to the most corrupt group of citizens I’ve ever known,” said Belafonte at a political event held at a Baptist church in New York City with de Blasio in attendance. “They make up the heart and the thinking in the minds of those who would belong to the Ku Klux Klan. They are white supremacists. They are men of evil. They have names. They are flooding our country with money.”

“The Koch brothers, that’s their name,” said Belafonte at the event. De Blasio manned the stage shortly after Belafonte’s remarks and praised the actor.

I’ve been resentful that I missed NYC’s renaissance under Giuliani and Bloomberg. Sounds like I can get over it now.

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Back to Hating PajamaBoy

I called off the literary dogs on young Ethan Krupp shortly after discovering him for myself. Not visual barbs—how could one pass up ridiculing this visual?

But I didn’t like the homophobic drift of some of the commentary around the Web.

I just wish Ethan Krupp had the same forbearance:

Ethan Krupp, the little man who played “Pajama Boy” in a widely mocked Obamacare ad, once characterized himself as a “liberal f*ck.”

Krupp, an Organizing for Action (OFA) content writer who became the face of progressive America while wearing a onesie pajama suit, also remarked that gays “are all liberal f*cks” and criticized a “conservative gay prick” on his now-deleted WordPress blog, entitled “Not Being Creative.”

“I am a Liberal F*ck,” Krupp wrote in one post. “A Liberal F*ck is not a Democrat, but rather someone who combines political data and theory, extreme leftist views and sarcasm to win any argument while make the opponents feel terrible about themselves. I won every argument but one.”

Funny. I’ve known many, many liberal f*cks, and all they are is liberal f*cks. But E was just getting started:

Krupp then detailed the only political argument he claimed her ever lost, a drunken encounter he had with a “conservative gay prick.”

“I sat in a pizza joint, chomping on meat-heavy pizza and slamming whisky sours with gay guys on Pride Parade day in Columbus, Ohio; My gay roommate and friends loved to ironically ‘bro-out.’ I love gays because they are all liberal f*cks too,” Krupp wrote.

That last paragraph must be the most smug example of self-regard since Henry VIII’s last diary entry. I had a gay roommate in college (albeit many years ago); I can’t recall that he and his gay friends ever “bro’d-out” “chomping meat-heavy pizza” while “slamming whiskey sours”. At a pizza “joint”, no less. Is that our Pajama Boy play-acting Chuck Norris or something? It’s certainly putrid writing.

And it explains the conceited expression on his face, which seemed to settle on his face long ago:

As The Daily Caller reported, Krupp was accused of racism and anti-Semitism during his college-aged stint as the editor of the Madison, Wisconsin comedy newspaper the “Madison Misnomer.”

“We have no morals, and we will attack you. But you really don’t have to worry because no one reads the paper anyway,” Krupp added.

Madison is where Krupp cut his fangs:

“I have had the privilege of knowing Ethan Krupp for five years,” wrote a blogger on the website

“The past couple days have shown what the other side consists of. In short: homophobics, bigots, and prejudice emasculators. Even more concisely: assholes. Mustering up mud to sling at a photo of someone they don’t even know. Basing opinions on appearances. Their opining proving their foolishness, ignorance, and rottenness,” wrote the friend.

“For one, you would have been hard-pressed to see Ethan on the UW campus without a beautiful, I mean beautiful girl on his arm.

Yes, we all know girls like that. But what is a “prejudice emasculator”?

I don’t care if Ethan Krupp is gay, straight, left-handed, or Inuit. But I take him at his word, with more than ample supporting evidence, that he is a “liberal f*ck”. I won’t be gratuitously cruel, but should he ever resurface, I will treat him as he deserves.


Busted Flat in Boca Raton

Schadenfreude is defined as taking joy in the misfortunes of another.

This story gives me a raging case of übergrosseschadenfreude

Florida Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson lost $18 million in a scheme by a Virginia man that involved over a 100 victims, the congressman’s office confirmed Monday.

The man who ran the scheme, William Dean Chapman, was sentenced Friday in federal court to 12 years in prison. Prosecutors say Chapman used the money to fund a lavish lifestyle including a Lamborghini, a Ferrari and a $3 million home.

In most of the court papers, Grayson’s identity is protected — prosecutors say only that an elected official with the initials A.G. was the primary victim — but documents twice mention Grayson by name.

Nothing in the court papers suggests Grayson was anything but a victim of the scheme. Grayson, a former trial attorney, said he has had a long record for picking winning stocks, which formed the basis for his personal fortune.

A trial attorney and a rapacious capitalist: sounds like a leftist wanker to me.

In the House, he is known as one the most sharp-tongued critics of Republicans, once famously summarizing Republican’s health care plans as little more than wanting sick people to “die quickly.”

You know what they say about a fool and his money:

It is not the first time Grayson, who represents parts of the Orlando area, has lost tens of millions of dollars in a fraud scheme. In 2009, he won a $34 million judgment after filing a lawsuit in South Carolina under federal racketeering laws against a company called Derivium Capital. Derivium’s business plan for hedging an investor’s stock profile was nearly identical to the plan outline by Chapman.

A good day just got a whole lot better.


Obamacare, the Newest Dog Whistle

Never mind that he uses the term, that Michelle uses the term, that pretty much all Americans, left, right, and center use the term.

Now that the whole steaming pile of donkey [bleep] has turned out to be a… whole steaming pile of donkey [bleep], applying his name to the whole steaming… you know… is, like, racist:

I want to talk today about a controversial word. It’s a word that has been with us for years. And like it or not, it’s indelibly printed in the pages of American history. A word that was originally intended as a derogatory term, meant to shame and divide and demean. The word was conceived of by a group of wealthy white men who needed a way to put themselves above and apart from a black man. To render him inferior and unequal and to diminish his accomplishments.

President Obama has been labelled with this word by his opponents. And at first he rose above it, hoping that if he could just make a cause for what he achieved, his opponents would fail in making their label stick. But no matter how many successes that he had as president, he realized there were still many people for whom he’d never be anything more than that one disparaging word. A belief he knew was held not just by his political opponents, but also by a significant portion of the American electorate.

And so he decided, if you can’t beat them, you’ve got to join them. And he embraced the word and made it his own, sending his opposition a message they weren’t expecting — ‘if that’s what you want me to be, I’ll be that.’ Y’all know the word that I’m talking about. Obamacare. That’s right! I said it and I’m not ashamed and neither is President Obama. Because he knows that of all his victories over two terms in office his legacy is ultimately going to be remembered for this one single word.

And I thought the word was doofus. That’s the word Aggie used that got our one liberal commenter, Richard, Robert, whatever, to quit in a huff. I still think doofus is a better word to describe his “legacy”.

But didn’t we also call Romneycare Romneycare? And Hillarycare Hillarycare? And weren’t the Bush tax cuts the Bush tax cuts? Let me apologize to all black people offended by my past use of Romneycare. I didn’t mean to render you inferior and unequal and to diminish your accomplishments. I don’t recall using Hillarycare, but if I did, I’m really sorry if I put myself above and apart from you.

Such nonsense could only come from the ridiculous and self-humiliating (and kinda hot) Melissa Harris Perry of something called MSNBC.

But then, I’m always a sucker for a woman with fashion sense:

This was the same woman who said kids belong to the state, not their parents, and the state has an overriding interest and say in how they’re raised. Maybe she can start with Sasha and Malia. Those poor sweet girls don’t deserve the family they’ve been born into.

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Told You So

Rush and I called it:

The co-author of the new book “Dallas 1963” says Tea Party members of today are just like the radical political protestors who hated President John F. Kennedy decades ago, that there’s parallels between modern Tea Party rhetoric and the heated political climate that contributed to JFK’s assassination.

“It’s defining your political opponent as an enemy of the state, and this is the same instinct that flared up in Nazi Germany when the Nazis took over,” co-author Steven L. Davis said in an interview with The College Fix.

The parallel is uncanny. Except that Kennedy was killed by an avowed, unabashed Commie. Not a Nazi. Kennedy was virulently anti-Commie, it must be noted—see Cuba, Berlin, Vietnam, etc. By Kennedy, it must also be noted, I mean John, not Ted, who two decades later wrote gushing love letters to ex-KGB goon Yuri Andropov, conspiring to thwart President Reagan’s efforts toward strong national defense. Ted Kennedy was more like Lee Harvey Oswald than any Texas right-winger.

A state Kennedy won, by the way.

But don’t let that stop you!

“(Kennedy) was seen as very threatening to people and basically the status quo, as is Obama,” Davis said. “And so people who oppose that are the ones leading those attacks.”

People…ewww. Don’tcha just hate ‘em?

Davis recalled a visit to Dallas that Obama made at the start of the Tea Party movement where he was met with protestors just as Kennedy had during his presidency. According to Davis, Obama was greeted by these protestors with signs that read “traitor to America,” “Obama wanted for treason,” “Obama un-American” and “impeach Obama.”

These signs, Davis said, were the same kind Kennedy faced in his visit to Dallas.

“And every single person in that audience was white, which should tell you a little something,” Davis said about the protest against Obama.

Davis said protesters during President George W. Bush’s tenure that depicted him as Hitler were a much smaller part of his opposition than those similarly criticizing Obama now.

This is scholarship?


Hey, white people! What does that tell us, perfessor?

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