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Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

Harry Reid’s announcement of his retirement next year prompted this remembrance by Rush Limbaugh of a despicable act so low, so vile, I had to share it with you:

The exercise machine got it even worse.

RUSH: But we’ve had a very famous run-in with Dingy Harry on this program. Dingy Harry once attempted to have your host — your beloved fuzzball leader, me — censored and silenced. Dingy Harry applied pressure to the chief executive officer of my then syndication partner, Clear Channel Communications, a man by the name of Mark Mays. You remember this? It was over this totally made up controversy involving the phony soldier.

Eight years ago, in 2007. It was in September and October. The short version is that a man claiming to be a veteran of the Iraq war came back to the United States and began bashing the American military, bashing the war effort, bashing George Bush. We did a little research and we determined the guy was a fraud, that he had never been to Iraq.

He had never been in the US military!

He was a leftist plant much like a Cindy Sheehan was. He was totally made up, and the media was supporting him and the Democrat Party was supporting him, and he was a total fraud. I ended up calling the guy “a phony soldier,” and this irritated Harry Reid, who only knew about this from reading from a propaganda website called Media Matters for America, which was also lying about all of this. So Harry Reid or somebody on his staff reads the account and thinks that I have maligned a real hero as a “phony soldier.”

Harry Reid goes to the floor of the United States Senate and reads a letter that he had sent to the then-CEO of Clear Channel Communications, my syndicating partner. The man’s name was Mark Mays. Harry Reid called him Mark May. And the letter begged or asked, and it’s… You’re a CEO of a major American communications conglomerate. Many of your properties are regulated by the federal government, the FCC.

You get a letter from the Senate majority leader suggesting you do something and there is a lot of implied intimidation, and Harry Reid knew this. And the letter that Dingy Harry composed and sent to Mark Mays, he read verbatim on the Senate floor. And he asked Mark Mays to censor me, to make me apologize and to think seriously about allowing me to continue. And then, after reading the letter, he then did indeed send it.

And Mark Mays did indeed receive it, at which point I had an idea. I got hold of Mark Mays — syndication partner, CEO, Clear Channel Communications — and I asked him if I could have the letter for the purposes of auctioning it on eBay, because what that letter represented was the long arm of the federal government making a direct assault on the First Amendment rights of an average, ordinary American citizen. That would be me.

Mark Mays gave me that letter after I requested it. He sent it to me and allowed me to use it however I wanted, which I thought was a profound act of courage and bravery. Remember, his company has properties — radio stations, TV stations — that were regulated by the federal government. Easily intimidated, some people in that position are. He could have said, “No, Rush. Let’s leave this alone.” He gave me the letter. We put it up for auction on eBay as an example of the government trampling on the Constitution.

“It’s a great historical example,” I said, and I said, “Whoever buys this,” donates the most to buy it, the charity I named, “I will match it.”

I’m holding in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers a copy of Harry Reid’s letter to Mark Mays. It was October the 2nd of 2007. Not only did Harry Reid send the letter, it was signed by I think every Democrat in the Senate, including Senator Kennedy. It was signed by Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, Patty Murray, Chuck Schumer, Tom “Dung Heap” Harkin, Jack Reed, Frank Lautenberg.

We put it up, and I said that whatever amount of money we get for this, I’m going to match it, and we’re gonna donate it to (Are you waiting for it?) the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation, which has been one of my top charities since it was formed in the mid-nineties. The Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation provides college scholarships for the children of Marines killed in action.

And during massive events like 9/11 they extend the scholarship offerings to the children of men and women killed in action from other services, the Air Force, the Secret Service, the Navy, you name it. Well, the bottom line is, ladies and gentlemen, that we ended up collecting a top donation of $2.1 million, and I had pledged to match it. So that meant that $4.2 million ended up being donated to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation because Dingy Harry went to the floor of the Senate and attempted to use me to impugn the United States military.

Harry Reid had done everything Rush said he had done. But he wasn’t done:

What did Harry Reid do?

After all of this, Harry Reid went back to the Senate floor and attempted to take credit for all of this. Have you forgotten that? He went back to the Senate floor and said, “This is the kind of great thing that can happen when people work together for a common good.” His original attempt was to essentially silence me. He ended up being publicly humiliated, and then his last act was to try to glom on to it, take credit for it, and act like he was the one ultimate responsible for it all happening because this is what he wanted.

Harry Reid, John Adams, Garrison Keillor, Nebraska state senators, MSNBC guests, Lena Dunham are not dog sh*t themselves. They are the worms, spores, and other pathogens that lurk within that innocent waste product.

And they get away with their nonsense because no one in the media calls them on it. We do, but we are the definition of on one in the media.

PS: I reminded myself of this “phony soldier”. He was one Jesse MacBeth. There’s not much about him since he pled guilty for “using or possessing a forged or altered military discharge certificate and one count of making false statements in seeking benefits from the Veterans Administration”.

But he does have a Twitter feed (by invitation only). This is as much as he admits to on the home screen: Black Romance Author, Muslim, and proud father of three


Figures. All of it.

PPS: Michael Patrick Leahy at Breitbart has plenty on the shady, slimy background to Reid’s surprise announcement.


How Do You Get to Carnegie H— FASCIST!!!

While Netanyahu works to form a government and Obama sulks in the Oval Office, we have some time to catch up on one of our other pet themes: leftist snots. See the two posts immediately following this one for examples.

And leftist snots don’t get much snottier than this:

Tonight, the New York Philharmonic premiered a work by John Adams. Adams is probably the most famous and important composer in the world (classical composer). His new work is Scheherazade.2, a “dramatic symphony for violin and orchestra.”

Before the performance, Adams himself took a microphone and spoke to the audience about the work. He described how it came about. He had seen an exhibition in Paris about Scheherazade. Then he read Arabian Nights, and was appalled by the “casual brutality toward women” depicted therein. At the same time, he was reading of brutality toward women around the world: in Egypt, Afghanistan, and India, for example.

But we were not to think we Americans were exempt from this brutality. For example, you can “find it on Rush Limbaugh.” (Rush equals the Taliban or the Muslim Brotherhood, you see.)

To this remark, the audience responded with sustained and robust applause. In 1984, Orwell writes of the two-minute hate. The applause in Avery Fisher Hall did not last for two minutes, but it went on long enough.

Nordlinger defends Rush and dispatches Adams’ ignorance. But this is the part that I want to highlight:

This is a sick and twisted culture. It features that toxic combination of ignorance and hate.

Adams is a good composer, and this violin-and-orchestra piece is a skillful work (as I will write in a later review). But even if he wrote music as good as Mozart’s, he would not measure up to Rush Limbaugh. He apparently has nothing like the decency or goodwill of my friend Rush.

You’re never supposed to analogize anything to the Nazis. That’s the rule. But sometimes I break the rule. And I believe I got a whiff — just a tiny whiff — of Nuremberg in Avery Fisher Hall tonight. Collective hatred, and self-satisfied hatred, based on damnable lies.

Self-satisfied hatred: a perfect phrase to describe liberal smugness and it’s consequent loathsome behavior. Substitute Garrison Keillor (for one) for John Adams, and the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul for Avery Fisher Hall, and you have another building block in my contempt for my former homies on the Left. They would hijack any event to hold a two-minute hate of George Bush. Or Dick Cheney. Or Don Rumsfeld. Or Condoleezza Rice. Or John Ashcroft.

But the self-satisfied part was even worse than the hatred. People like Adams and Keillor didn’t want a debate. They wanted unanimity. They picked their times, however inappropriate and incongruous, when they knew they’d get no argument. Even more, they’d get whoops of approval and howls of laughter. And I felt the same bile rising in my stomach that Nordlinger describes.

He was almost alone, but not quite. Rush was happy to share this story as he opened his show today. Later on, he got a call from a woman who was also in the Avery Fisher audience. She and her companion were both disgusted by the spectacle. When they booed Adams and screamed in defense of Rush, they were angrily told to shut up. Like I said, unanimity and nothing less.


How MSNBC Went Bust

If anyone had been watching test-pattern TV, they might have taken offense:

Yesterday on CBS This Morning, Sen. Ted Cruz revealed that his taste in music changed after 9/11 and he became a fan of country music.

On MSNBC this afternoon, editor Jamilah Lemieux said “nothing says let’s go kill some Muslims like country music.” This elicited laughter from her fellow co-host Joan Walsh of Salon.

“Nothing says let’s go kill some Muslims like country music. Fresh from Lynchburg, Virginia,” Lemieux said on MSNBC’s NOW with Alex Wagner.

“I mean really? It’s absurd,” added.

Later in the show, MSNBC’s Ari Melber, who was guest-hosting the program, apologized for Lemieux’s remarks.

Confession time: I watch MSNBC—with the sound down. For while I couldn’t listen to a syllable of their siren song of idiocy without going mad, their ethnic eye-candy appeals to me more than Fox’s blonde-all-day approach.

Pretty woman. Ugly heart.

My admission should come as no surprise. You know how I puddle when Melissa Harris-Perry shakes her tampon earrings at me.

Just me. She’s looking only at me. Prince Charles that he wanted to be reincarnated as Camilla’s tampon. I can relate, Chas.


Cow or Fat Cow? A Quiz

Bad news: another Lena Dunham post.

Good news: there’s nothing about her sex life [shudder] in it:

Anti-Semitism has raised its ugly face [you can say that again! ed.] again Friday – this time, in a quiz published in the New Yorker.

The quiz, entitled “Dog or Jewish Boyfriend? A Quiz” was written by controversial Girls actress Lena Dunham.

In the article, Dunham – who is herself Jewish – makes a number of comparisons between Jewish men and her dog that are apparently meant to be humorous.

The questions play up a number of stereotypes about American Jewish men, including having asthma, being “cheap” (he leaves his wallet at home and never tips, she claims), and being “intimidated” by her father’s “Waspy” (i.e. White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) demeanor.

Several of the “questions” are downright attacks on what she claims are Jewish culture.

“I feel that he is judgmental about the food I serve him. When I make something from scratch, he doesn’t want to eat it, but he also rejects most store-bought dinners,” read questions 8-10. “This is because he comes from a culture in which mothers focus every ounce of their attention on their offspring and don’t acknowledge their own need for independence as women. They are sucked dry by their children, who ultimately leave them as soon as they find suitable mates.”

“As a result of this dynamic, he expects to be waited on hand and foot by the women in his life, and anything less than that makes him whiny and distant,” she adds.

In another question, she quips, “he has hair all over his body, like most males who share his background.”

I should apologize. I don’t publish extended tracts from Mein Kampf or the Protocols of the Elders of Zion here. But then, I do publish unhinged rants from Muslim clerics, and Ms. Dunham is right at home with them. I’d rather be called a descendant of apes and pigs than be described as cheap, whiny, or hairy by this extra-large exhibitionist.

Others comment:

Kveller author Jordana Horn penned a response Thursday, in an article titled “Lena Dunham Equated Jews to Dogs & That’s Not OK,” noting that statements like hers are a slippery slope into blatant anti-Semitism given a free pass in respectable press.

“To dehumanize people, one of the first steps is to call them non-people or animals,” she noted, adding that anti-Semites have been comparing Jews to dogs for hundreds of years. She also challenged readers to imagine what the response would be if the title was “Dog or Black Boyfriend?: A Quiz.”

Why must we always appeal to what-ifs in cases like this? Why isn’t it obvious already that it’s putrid?

As a free-speecher, I support lap-band Lena’s right to believe, say, write anything. And if the New Yorker sees fit to publish her hateful screeds, that is their Constitutionally-protected right. (Just as it was their right to reject every piece I ever sent to them, I add in full disclosure.) So as it is my right to ridicule her body type (not that I can hold a candle to her self-ridicule).

I just want to read more pieces in the New Yorker comparing African-Americans to simians, Asian-Americans to androids, gay people to ballerinas, and Muslim men to pigs. They’re missing an untapped market.

Hey, that sounds like out blog!


Why Do They Hate Us?

Not terrorists.


Open border activist Rep. Luis Guitierrez is calling Republicans racist and xenophobic for opposing illegal immigration. He’s also attacking U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanan for issuing an injunction against President Obama’s executive action on illegal immigration.

“It is mean and xenophobic,” Guiterrez said during an interview on The Kelly File Wednesday. “I believe that this judge is going to get an atta’ boy when he goes back to his country club, what a great job.”

Nothing about the law. Just aspersions and character assassination. In that vein: what a POS.


If You Wrong Us, Shall We Not Revenge?

I’m a live-and-let-live kind of guy. Moonbats and fruit-loops may annoy me, but as I live among them, I’m used to their silly, silly ways.

But then they come out and openly insult me, treat me with hate and derision…I go kind of John Rambo

Get the shredders ready — the Tea Party could be coming.

The city’s new municipal ID program allows for personal info provided by applicants to be destroyed at the end of 2016, in case a conservative Republican wins the White House and demands the data, the law’s co-sponsor told The Post on Monday.

City Councilman Carlos Menchaca (D-Brooklyn) said the measure was crafted so data submitted by those seeking the cards can be destroyed on Dec. 31, 2016.

The cards are aimed at undocumented immigrants.

“In case a Tea Party Republican comes into office and says, ‘We want all of the data from all of the municipal ID programs in the country,’ we’re going to take the data,” he explained.

With respect, go f**k yourself.

The great thing about the Tea Party is that it doesn’t exist. I may be sympathetic to its goals, but there’s no card to carry even if I wanted to. It’s an understanding among Americans who agree on limited government, low taxation, and even more limited government. It’s no surprise the Tea Party grew organically in response to the passage of ObamaCare, which—hint, moonbats—is enforced by the Internal Revenue Service. Its incompetence is its only saving grace.

And for these mangy rats to declare the Tea Party the enemy, and illegal aliens the victims… well:

“It’s no secret that one of the biggest sticking points in the ID programs is ensuring that there’s confidentiality, that immigrants are comfortably giving their information to the city,” said Steven Choi, executive director of the New York Immigration Coalition.

“The sunset is part and parcel of the effort to ensure confidentiality.”

The bill lets the city destroy the info if it determines it’s no longer needed.

The cards were first available early last month. Demand has been overwhelming, with more than 200,000 appointments made for the cards in less than a month.

Are you telling me that 200,000 illegal aliens are not a problem for NYC?

How about 500,000?

Anyway, I thought leftist radicals like Che de Blasio thought ID cards were fascistic:

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio signed into law a measure that creates a municipal identification card that can now be used by illegal immigrants to access government services, rent an apartment and open a bank account.

“Government services”? What kind of government services? As their mere presence here is a federal crime (albeit a misdemeanor), how can they qualify for any government services, except the services of the criminal justice system?

Tea Partiers, bad; border jumpers, good. To repeat myself: go f**k yourself.


Deriving Their Just Power From the Consent of the Governed

What is the role of government?

Is it this?

The Vermont House has endorsed a measure to ban so-called microbeads from personal-care products sold in the state. The tiny plastic particles are used to make some soaps, toothpastes, and over-the-counter drugs more abrasive. But environmentalists said they pose a threat to water quality, marine life, and possibly to human health. Microbeads are blamed for attracting and becoming a vehicle for toxic chemicals in water. One concern is that they then can be eaten by fish that are later eaten by humans. A bill given preliminary approval Tuesday would ban the sale of personal-care products containing microbeads beginning at the end of 2018, and in over-the-counter drugs in late 2019.

Or this?

Vermont lawmakers are considering whether to become the first state Legislature to legalize marijuana.

Or even this?

A political showdown is developing at the Vermont Statehouse over a gun control bill. The governor doesn’t support it.

Or how about this from Vermont West?

Seattle began enforcing this month a new law, which aims to curb the amount of food sent to landfills. As of January 1, residents of the city, including all commercial establishments, must have a composting service haul away their food waste, drive the waste to a processing site, or compost it themselves at home or on-site. The law applies not only to food but also any cardboard or paper with food on it.

For those unwilling to cooperate, there will be a price.

For now, the cost of defiance will come in the form of public shaming. Those who refuse to separate their garbage will find their bins tagged with a red sign for all to see. The hope is that the tags will help serve as both a warning as well as an incentive to make composting a habit. But come June, after a public education campaign lasting several months about the new rules, violators will begin facing fines—$1 per infraction for households; and $50 per breach by apartment buildings and businesses.

That’s a bit of a walkabout from life, liberty, and the pursuit of #2 plastics.

But I’m torn. The more local the government, the more it represents the will of the people it governs. But as these cases clearly show, local government represents the will—the tyrannical will—of the majority of the people it governs. The minority can get [bleeped].

Think I’m wrong?

Seattle’s new law is meant to help the city achieve its goal to recycle 60 percent of waste by the end of this year. Strict rules, which have banned recyclables from trash bins since 2005, have helped Seattle come within striking distance of that promise—the city currently recycles approximately 56 percent of its waste. But progress toward that goal appears to have stalled; the percentage has barely increased in recent years, and even fell in residential homes between 2012 and 2013, according to Oregon Public Broadcasting.

You don’t get in much more Marxist marching formation than in Seattle. And they still can’t reach that Utopia of universal recycling and unanimous composting. Even with Maoist public shaming.

I hold nothing against recycling (even after watching Penn & Teller’s vicious beatdown of the program), and nothing for microbeads. But ask anyone who knows me and they’ll answer as one: I hate being told what to do. What I have to do. I have a compost pile because I have a garden. I half-assedly throw kitchen scraps into a bin for mixing in with leaves and other yard waste. (To be honest, I just as often throw the crap into the garbage after marinating in its own supperating juices for a week.) But the moment my community passes an ordinance mandating compost piles, I am going to pour lighter fluid all over mine and set a match to it. They’ll see it from the International Space Station.

Like the old lady here in Concord, Mass who spearheaded the ban on the sale of individual bottles of water. How did the tyranny of this individual benefit the rest of the citizenry? She was portrayed as a Joan of Arc. To me, she was Typhoid Mary, Tokyo Rose, and Axis Sally rolled into one.


Fox News Calls Nancy Pelosi a Lush! [UPDATED]

Correction: Fox News called John Boehner, not Nancy Pelosi, a lush. We regret the error.

Correction II:, not Fox news, called John Boehner, not Nancy Pelosi, a lush. We regret the error.

[We’re just trying to get hired by]

A story that made light of a threat against House Speaker John Boehner has drawn the ire of the Ohio congressman, prompting an apology from the website.

Posted online Tuesday night, the story suggested that Boehner has a drinking problem and asked whether anyone would have noticed if Boehner had been poisoned. That comment was in reference to news that a former bartender at an Ohio country club where Boehner is a member has been arrested for allegedly threatening to kill the congressman.

“Stories about Boehner’s drinking have circulated for years,” wrote Victor Paul Alvarez, one of a handful of associate editors at, in a passage that has since been removed from the website. “Had he been poisoned as planned, perhaps his pickled liver could have filtered out the toxins.”

Michael Steel, a spokesman for Boehner, fired back in an e-mail Wednesday.

“I would have thought it would be obvious to any sentient human being that your item mocking the threats against the speaker and his family was completely insensitive and inappropriate,” Steel wrote. “Should you wish to offer an explanation, or – better – an apology, feel free to respond.”

Mike Sheehan, the chief executive of Boston Globe Media Partners LLC, said he spoke with Boehner’s office and sent a note of apology Wednesday afternoon.

“It’s very difficult to hit the epicenter of tasteless, mean-spirited, and humorless in one fell swoop,” Sheehan said in an interview.

In a statement released Wednesday, general manager Corey Gottlieb said the Alvarez piece did not reflect the site’s values.

“The original column made references to Speaker Boehner that were off-color and completely inappropriate,” Gottlieb wrote. “We are sorry, and we will do better.” is owned by Boston Globe Media Partners LLC but operates independently from The Boston Globe and

“There is a really fine line between tongue in cheek . . . and what’s unfair or hurtful,” Gottlieb said, but Alvarez’s story clearly crossed that line. He declined to say whether Alvarez would be disciplined for the story.

Since threatening the life of a Republican is hardly news (until the culprit is awarded a Nobel Peace Prize), you may not have heard:

Last October, Hoyt allegedly told police he was going to kill Boehner, who he claimed was responsible for the spread of Ebola.

Hoyt allegedly said he planned to shoot Boehner and suggested he could poison one of his drinks.

Freedom of the press trumps all to me, so if the snide comment was in an opinion piece, I would defend it from the outside, even if I would have spiked it from the inside. (I run a blog, not a supposedly respectable news site. As editor the latter, I would never have allowed it, even if I might have written something like that here.)

But then, it has to go both ways. You can’t make fun of Boehner’s liver and Sarah Palin’s special needs son, and not let me have a go at Obama’s nicotine addiction, Pelosi’s Botox addiction, and John Kerry’s John Kerry addiction.

The guy got canned.


Who Shot J(ews) R(epeatedly)?

Yesterday, we shared the opinion of the Turkish prime minister (or president or aga or bey or whatever), Turducken, that the French, not Muslims, carried out the massacres in Paris. The same article reported that at least one Russian newspaper suggested America was behind the atrocities. We take it as given that the Mossad is widely suspected. I doubt the boast from Al Qaeda’s Yemen franchise that they done the deed will change any minds.

But Chris Hayes has a novel conspiracy theory:

“Due to last week’s horrific murders in France, the 114th Congress’s first week did not get a lot of air time, which is probably a good thing for the GOP,” Hayes said before introducing a segment devoted to Congressional Republican infighting and the party’s legislative agenda.

The news this morning is that John Boehner was the target of an assassination plot. What are the odds that he was simultaneously hatching one of his own?

MSNBC: what a waste of air time.


Liberals for the Ethical Treatment of Democrats

I’m resigned that Sarah Palin will never be president.

But what we will have missed!

Sarah Palin has a message for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA.

“Chill,” Palin wrote on Facebook Saturday. “At least Trig didn’t eat the dog.”

The former Alaska governor was responding to a massive freak-out by PETA — and others — which was upset at pictures Palin posted on New Year’s Day of her youngest son, Trig, standing on top of Jill, the family’s black Labrador Retriever.

“May 2015 see every stumbling block turned into a stepping stone on the path forward,” Palin wrote on that post, which showed Jill appearing to be unfazed by Trig’s presence.

“Hey, by the way, remember your “Woman of the Year”, Ellen DeGeneres? Did you get all wee-wee’d up when she posted this sweet picture?” Palin wrote, linking to a picture DeGeneres posted on Facebook in July of her daughter standing on top of the family dog.

PETA named DeGeneres its “Woman of the Year” in 2009.

“Did you go as crazy when your heroic Man-of-Your-Lifetime, Barack Obama, revealed he actually enjoyed eating dead dog meat?” Palin continued, referring to Obama’s admission that he’s eaten dog meat in the past.

“Yeah, you’re real credible on this, PETA,” the former vice presidential candidate concluded.

“A shame, because I’ll bet we agree on what I hope is the true meaning of your mission – respecting God’s creation and critters.”

Palin had some zealously-reported mess-ups in 2008, but her feistiness shows a sharp mind. You want me to put up a blooper reel of another candidate from that election?

Who would ever vote for this dolt for president?! Never happen.

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The Blind Leading the Blind

When one annoyingly smug website critiques another (overusing foul language in an effort to be even more annoyingly smug), there is little to learn.

But much to enjoy:

Vox launched almost nine months ago, pitching the idea that by utilizing constantly updated articles and taking advantage of the internet’s lack of space constraints, they could “explain” the news in an entertaining and informative manner. It was an interesting premise—maybe even a great one—and readers apparently agreed, as Vox’s traffic and revenue numbers are reportedly great. Which is astonishing, because for a site whose foundation is explaining the news, Vox fucks up a breathtaking amount of stories.

Sometimes Vox gets the name of a grocery store or the year a bill was passed wrong, but errors like that—while unfortunate—are inevitable and excusable. What makes Vox unique is not their errors, but the magnitude of those errors. Whether being taken in by blatant hoaxes, showcasing a clear misunderstanding of a study in an article that has no purpose other than explaining that study, or making multiple mistakes in a post that consists of only a graph or a short paragraph, Vox repeatedly crapped the bed in 2014.

From this vantage point, the problems seem systemic, not the kind that can be fixed simply by asking writers to slow down or hiring a few more editors. Vox has hired a number of Bright Young People—and is run by the Brightest Young People—and the house style seems to be, “Write as if you are an expert, in a tone assuming that everything one needs to know about a subject can be found in your article.” These Bright Young People may well be near-experts on one or two subjects, or at least close enough to pass as such online, but Vox publishes at the same rapid pace as the rest of the internet, on an exceptional and ever-growing number of topics, and there’s only so much authoritativeness to go around. It isn’t merely that writers and editors have screwed up—though they have—but that the ingredients for disaster are hardwired into the site’s design.

I think we all know Bright Young People, don’t we?

Even when Vox doesn’t technically make mistakes, their model ensures that, far from explaining the news, they actively misinform readers. Here is Vox’s foreign policy guy laying out an article titled, “Here’s the real reason North Korea hacked Sony. It has nothing to do with The Interview.” Never mind the tone (and headline) of utter certainty in the face of numerous computer security experts who are extremely skeptical of the government’s story that North Korea hacked Sony. […] Vox’s foreign policy guy thinks he can explain the reason the notoriously opaque North Korean regime conducted a hack they may well not have actually conducted!

You can read on if you wish. Let me just whet your appetite with this:

Headline: 11 crucial facts to understand the Israel-Gaza crisis

Correction: An earlier version of this post suggested there was a bridge connecting Gaza and the West Bank. Various plans to do this have been floated, but the bridge was never actually built.

It wasn’t? Are you sure?

Sure looks like it to me.


Vox Pol

The cops have had their say (see below); what about the politicians?

The mayor’s office later issued a statement responding to the PBA, saying, “It’s unfortunate that in a time of great tragedy, some would resort to irresponsible, overheated rhetoric that angers and divides people. Mayor de Blasio understands this is the time when we must come together to support the families and friends of those brave officers New York City lost tonight – and the entire NYPD community.”

De Blasio had the chance to be the bigger man—and punted it like Ray Guy on steroids.

Anyone else? Of course:

“I have instructed our attorneys last night, I have began receiving threatening phone calls and hate. I’ll play one because I’m turning this over to the FBI,” Sharpton said at a press conference with Garner’s widow and mother in the aftermath of the execution-style murders of officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu by Ismaaiyl Brinsley.

“The language is ‘hey N-word, stop killing innocent people, I’m going to get you,’ and I have several like this,” Sharpton said. “So we are now under intense threat.”

With respect, Reverend, while I condemn and such hate-speech, this isn’t about you. Rather it is about what you said, and how your mob of followers interpreted it. At least have the decency to own it. Same goes for the mayor.

PS: I wondered earlier in the day about Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley’s background:

Brinsley was Muslim and also went by Isaiah and Moses, Romero said, describing him as “a god-fearing person.”

That would be open to question.


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