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Blue Lives Matter

Not to everyone, however:

A black Nebraska state senator compared American police to Islamic terrorists and suggested he’d shoot a cop if only he had a weapon.

State Sen. Ernie Chambers said during a legislative hearing on gun bills Friday that you don’t have to go halfway around the world to find an ISIS mentality. It can be found in America because police terrorize blacks every day.

He was referring to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, which has beheaded journalists and brutally executed Westerners and others.

“My ISIS is the police,” Chambers said, adding police can get away with shooting people if they “think” they’re going to do something — like pull a weapon.

“The police are licensed to kill us — children, old people,” he said.

But he’s seen the error of his ways:

“I meant what I said and I said what I meant,” Chambers said.

He said the irony is that lawmakers were discussing freedom of expression on Wednesday, and said it was ignorant and “idle talk” to suggest taking any kind of legal action, since lawmakers are immune from civil or criminal liability in connection with anything they say in the Legislature.

“I’m not going to resign,” he said. “I’m not going to apologize. Why do you think I would apologize?”

Because you compared police officers to ISIS, and said you’d shoot them if you had a gun. Any other questions, dopey?

You say it’s a freedom of expression issue, but it’s the actions I’m talking about

A veteran San Jose police officer was shot and killed Tuesday night by a suicidal man apparently wielding a high-powered rifle, authorities said.

Here’s another reason I think you should apologize:

Kiel High School will host funeral services on Sunday for a Wisconsin state trooper who was killed in the line of duty Tuesday.

The Wisconsin Department of Justice identified the trooper as 21-year-old Trevor Casper of Kiel.

The young Wisconsin State Patrol trooper was on his first solo patrol since receiving his badge when he was killed in a shootout with a bank robbery suspect in Fond du Lac.

And this:

A 27-year-old Milwaukee man has been charged with two counts of attempted homicide after he shot at two Milwaukee police officers who were investigating an apparent drug deal last week, according to a criminal complaint.

And this:

A Rock Hill man was arrested Monday night, accused of shooting at a Rock Hill Police officer.

Sgt. Tony Breeden made a traffic stop in the Food Lion parking lot on Heckle Boulevard around 10:30 p.m. Monday. The car had been speeding, according to a police report.

A passenger in the back seat of the car, Maurice Blanding, 30, of Rock Hill, fled on foot into the woods. When Breeden followed Blanding, Blanding fired one shot at the officer.

And this:

A burglary suspect opened fire on a Phoenix Police Officer, and his officers fired back.

Both the officer and the suspect were hit by bullets.

Medics took one wounded officer to the hospital in serious condition. A second was also treated for an injury, it’s unclear if the second officer was shot.

Those are just in the past week.

Police officers are given a great deal of authority over our lives, authority they must exercise responsibly. There are many news stories of their not doing so, or at least accusations of irresponsibility.

But there are legal and civil remedies for saying what this Nebraska state senator said. Recall election, censure, defeat at the next election. He has responsibility over his authority, and he violated his as much as any cop. Who’s to say it won’t have fatal consequences, if it hasn’t already?


How ‘Bout That German Plane!

Pilot locked out of cockpit as plane descended into mountainside

Hmm, how did this happen? Why did one pilot refuse to open the door for his partner? Someone I had coffee with this morning is sure that one pilot left to use the men’s room, while the other had a heart attack and died. Ya’ think? Must be because otherwise we’re looking at yet another example of Congregational Terrorism, CT™, not to be confused with the state.

Or, as President Obama would say, “When folks are just flying to Dusseldorf and other folks decide to take down the airplane… ”

As officials struggled Wednesday to explain why a jet with 150 people on board crashed amid a relatively clear sky, an investigator said evidence from a cockpit voice recorder indicated one pilot left the cockpit before the plane’s descent and was unable to get back in.

A senior French military official involved in the investigation described a “very smooth, very cool” conversation between the pilots during the early part of the flight from Barcelona, Spain, to Düsseldorf, Germany. Then the audio indicated that one of the pilots left the cockpit and could not re-enter.

“The guy outside is knocking lightly on the door, and there is no answer,” the investigator said. “And then he hits the door stronger, and no answer. There is never an answer.”

He said, “You can hear he is trying to smash the door down.”

Undoubtedly a heart attack. What a shame.

– Aggie


America, The Lost

Dean of students at Cornell University ok’s ISIS, Hamas clubs, offers financial support:

It is so sad to see what has happened to our country.

– Aggie

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Thirstradamus Strikes Again

It’s almost getting boring being so right so often. Almost.

I’ve been telling you Betty Buckskin was getting in the race, and winning it. The Left would have it no other way.

This morning’s Boston Glob has three op-ed pieces and an editorial—four opinion pieces in all—on one subject: Lieawatha.

Democrats need Elizabeth Warren’s voice in 2016 presidential race

Elizabeth Warren, run for the White House

If Elizabeth Warren does run, she would surprise skeptics

Warren would be a credible threat to Clinton in the primaries

And in case you still don’t get it:

What other writers have to say about whether Elizabeth Warren should run in 2016’s presidential race:

“What you’re feeling now is Early Onset Clinton Fatigue. The CDC is recommending elaborate precautions. Forget it. The only known cure is Elizabeth Warren.”
Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post

“Despite her repeated denials she is considering the possibility of running, [Warren] remains a threat, and not just because her denials always seem phrased only in the present tense.”
Glenn Thrush and Manu Raju, Politico Magazine

“[Warren’s] supporters have been remarkably successful in getting the Democratic establishment to pay attention to her ideas.”
David Ludwig, The Atlantic

“At the very least, [Hillary] Clinton is going to have to work for the nomination.”
pollster John Zogby in Forbes

With accompanying photos to match the paeans in the press.

How much do you think this paid political announcement ran? Wait, what? This is free press? The only thing free about it is the cost. Otherwise, it’s in slavish lockstep with the left wing of the Democrat Party.

Hillary’s blood is in the water, and the Democrat sharks are circling. Some point to Valerie Jarrett as the culprit, but if you look behind her diminutive form, there lurks a taller, bigger-eared galoot. But really it’s the Democrats themselves. They’d be “ready for Hillary” if she were the only item on the menu. But reheated hash loses its appeal next to the Blue State Special.


Only You Can Prevent Racism

At least at Starbucks, you could choose not to have the conversation (lecture, actually) on race.

What choice do you have in this case, go to the beach instead?

A top U.S. Forest Service executive told his employees to probe their own “unconscious bias” on everything from race and sexuality to the disabled and fat people, asking them to use an unproven assessment tool to explore their feelings.

The online test, which Forest Management Director Bryan Rice urged other agency directors to use as well, specifically warns of problems when it is taken “outside of the safeguards of a research institution.” Users also are told to be careful about how far to go in interpreting the results.

Mr. Rice, in a March 11 email to his employees, also instructed them to read a New York Times piece titled “Straight talk for white men,” which argues that white men benefit from unconscious bias. He also shared a study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that shows managers are more likely to hire those with a “very white sounding name” over those with a “very African American sounding name.”

In an email to The Washington Times, Mr. Rice said he believed the tests would help build a better workplace for his team.

“The intent of using the unconscious bias material is to assist with efforts to foster a work environment where everyone is respected and valued,” he said. “The unconscious bias material can help us explore diversity and inclusion in the workplace. It was included in a discussion of diversity as part of a continuous series of collaborative discussions on a variety of topics we have on my staff that cover key Forest Service policies and values as a means of fostering continued awareness.”

I’m sorry, which agency is this again? The U.S. Forest Service?

Like most of you, I’m sure, I oppose racism. Nasty business, no place for it. I’m just not sure I’ve ever encountered it in the woods. I mean, we have the White Mountains up in New Hampshire, but that’s only because they are actually kind of white (from mica in the granite). Anyone can go there. I’m sure the Great Smoky Mountains are similarly open to all, regardless of… well, open to all. Where, exactly, does bias, conscious or unconscious, enter into it?

One senior congressional aide said the Forest Service should have bigger things to worry about.

“At some point this year, thousands of Americans will have to flee their homes because of catastrophic wildfires caused by poorly managed Forest Service lands,” the aide said. “And when some of those people return to smoldering piles that were once their homes, they will be comforted that under this administration, the Forest Service has been vigilant in testing against unconscious biases.”


This is as absurd as NASA’s outreach to Muslims. Incongruous barely covers it: bizarre. Who thinks this stuff up?

Mr. Obama in 2011 signed an executive order calling on agencies to promote diversity, including specific plans for each agency.

Of course. Should have known. Happy Nowruz, sir.



CNN unravels the mysteries of the Israeli electorate…

You may have heard that Israeli politics is extremely complex. But one of the most important forces at play there is actually rather straightforward: When Israelis feel safe and strong they tend to support moderate parties. When they feel vulnerable they move to the right. Understand that, and you will understand Israel — and why President Barack Obama may have inadvertently given Benjamin Netanyahu a helping hand.

Now, they have the general idea, but are fuzzy on the nuances. Who votes for the Left when their security is threatened? How dumb must you be to do that? Oh, sorry, Americans, I didn’t mean to sound so harsh.

But listen to how dumb CNN sounds here:

Clearly, it’s not all Obama’s fault. Netanyahu’s opponents also failed to address security issues, believing a focus on pocketbook matters would be enough. And Netanyahu is a skilled, articulate and shrewd politician.

But Obama, like it or not, was one of the reasons for Likud’s success.

Think of it this way, CNN. Netanyahu is a realist and a competent leader. Obama is neither. Obama has frightened Israel so much that they have finally decided that they are better off with a competent leader, even if the US President can’t stand the guy. CNN completely misses the obvious here. Is that accidental? Really? Hard to believe.

Oh, I get it. It isn’t the journalist that is dumb; it is the readers:

Through much of his presidency, Obama has failed to convince Israelis thay they can trust him. And his handling of the recent spat with Netanyahu only added to the problem. By appearing to dismiss Netanyahu’s warning of a “nuclear nightmare” over the Iran talks by arguing that the prime minister was offering no “viable alternatives,” Obama missed an opportunity to reassure security conscious Israelis that the United States will safeguard their survival. His tacit acknowledgment that there might be no alternative to an imperfect deal was of little comfort to Israelis who have spent years hearing genocidal threats from the Iranian regime.

The fact that Obama has become one of the key reasons why Netanyahu continues to win elections in Israel is ironic considering Israelis are profoundly worried about the deteriorating ties with the United States, a relationship they consider key to ensuring their country’s survival.

Amazing. Who doesn’t understand this stuff? The real threat to world security and stability is the idiocy of the US public.

– Aggie


Cynical, Hypocritical Europe Recommends Sanctions On Israel

There has never been a better time to travel to Israel

The European Union has produced an explosive new report recommending sanctions against Israel over its construction policies and security measures in Jerusalem, the British daily Guardian reported on its website on Friday.

The leaked report, which comes just days after incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu handily won re-election, describes Israel’s capital as a city gripped by the worst “polarization and violence” since the Second Intifada of a decade ago.

The document, which is an amalgamation of recommendations prepared by European diplomats stationed in the region, accuses the Israeli government of exacerbating tensions in the city by accelerating construction in the contest eastern part of the capital.

According to the Guardian, the city has been beset by a “vicious cycle of violence … increasingly threatening the viability of the two-state solution.” The report goes on to say that Israel’s “systematic” construction of housing in “sensitive areas” has compounded the problem.

The EU report also takes Israel to task for what it describes as “heavy-handed policing and punitive measures” against Palestinians in the city, “including eviction and home demolitions by Israeli forces.”

More significantly, the document prescribes a series of measures aimed at curbing the distribution and sale of products manufactured beyond the 1967 Green Line.

Etc. I have personally boycotted Europe for a number of years. I call on all of Bloodthirstan to avoid EU products, services, and certainly travel. They are a vicious Jew-hating culture and they deserve to be shunned completely.

– Aggie

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State Department, Obama Tried To Throw Israeli Election

and “non-profit” group in charge of interference applied to new tax status as soon as Congress began investigation

We knew this, but here is further proof. The slimes filed for a different tax exempt status as soon as Senator Cruz began asking questions:

The American nonprofit OneVoice Movement – under scrutiny by a U.S. Senate panel over possible links to a campaign to oust Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – quietly filed paperwork that would allow it to engage in political activism after two leading Republican lawmakers questioned its use of government funds, has learned.

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., sent a letter Jan. 29 to Secretary of State John Kerry asking whether the group ­– as a recipient of almost $350,000 in recent grants from the Obama administration’s State Department – had violated its tax-exempt status when it began backing the virulently anti-Netanyahu Victory 15 campaign in Israel earlier that month.

Cruz also publicly asked whether Obama – who’s had a well-documented adversarial relationship with Netanyahu – had “launched a political campaign against” the Israeli leader in the run-up to the election which was held on Tuesday.

“What does it say about the President of the United States when he’s more concerned about undermining and attacking the prime minister of Israel than he is standing up to the mortal threat a nuclear Iran poses?”- Sen. Ted Cruz, (R-Texas)
OneVoice, which until November was headed by a veteran diplomat from the Clinton administration, quickly bushed off claims from critics that its backing of V15 meant it was targeting Netanyahu. Such an effort would be illegal under its tax-exempt status, which falls under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Just five days after the public dispatch of the Cruz-Zeldin letter, a “corporation service company” registered a new funding entity in Delaware called PeaceWorks Action, Inc. under a section of the tax code that still governs nonprofits, but allows them to engage in a limited amount of political activity. Listed under section is 501(c)4 of the tax code, PeaceWorks Action, Inc. is now featured on the OneVoice Website as one of OneVoice’s funders, alongside PeaceWorks Foundation, whose name has long been present, and which holds 501(c)3 status like OneVoice itself.

Critics are likely to see the registration as tacit admission that it had indulged in political activity alongside V15, which itself has been advised by former Obama campaign aides, including his top field organizer, Jeremy Bird.

Critics will see a tacit admission? How about people in possession of a brain will see it as an admission of wrong-doing? How can you not see this?

– Aggie


Best Political Ad Evah!

Last night, while watching election results, I turned to my husband and said, “I get this country completely. Why can’t I understand my own country anymore?” The truth is, Israel is completely clear. Here in the US we’ve elected an effete, worthless snob – twice. But people adore him. I just do not understand how or why we are the way we are.

– Aggie


Arab Terrorists Attack Bus, Injure Israeli Children

Let’s give them a country!

A two-year-old boy and six-year-old girl were lightly wounded by shards of glass during a rock attack on the Egged bus they were traveling in near Pisgat Ze’ev in Jerusalem on Tuesday afternoon, police said.

According to spokesman Micky Rosenfeld, as the bus was driving down Route 1 past French Hill at approximately 4:30 p.m., Arab suspects threw several large rocks at it, forcing the driver to pull over and evacuate the passengers.

The two children sustained cuts during the attack and were treated at the scene by Magen David Adom paramedics before being transferred to Shaare Zedic Medical Center in Jerusalem, Rosenfeld said. No other injuries were reported. Police are searching the area for the suspects, he said.

Nice, peace-loving people.

– Aggie


‘Nuff Said

Death knell for the Clinton campaign

Death knell for the Clinton campaign

Do you remember those crowds waving their flip-flops in the air as John Kerry lied on? Can you imagine the impact of this poster? And I say it as one who would much, much prefer Hillary to Elizabeth Warren.

– Aggie


MSM Going After Hillary

This is a remarkable video, remarkable because Mika Brzezinski makes sense, and because somehow she was given the green light at msnbc to say this:

BTL, it looks to me like they prefer Lizzie Warren. (Lizzie Warren with an axe…)

– Aggie

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