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Something Rotten

Denmark hasn’t met a giraffe it doesn’t want to butcher (especially one named Marius).

Then how come?

Jewish and Muslim ritual slaughter will be illegal in Denmark starting on Monday, by order of Agriculture and Food Minister Dan Jørgensen.

Ritual slaughter, known in Hebrew as shechita, is already banned in Poland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.

The Netherlands attempted to ban shechita, but a deal was brokered, legalizing the practice in 2012.

On Monday, all slaughter that is not preceded by stunning will be forbidden in Denmark, rendering it impossible for ritual slaughter to be carried out according to Shar’ia or Halacha, Danish station TV2 reported on Wednesday.

How ’bout a compromise, Danes? Let’s presume all cows and sheep are named Marius. Then may we proceed?

“Animal rights come before religion,” the minister was quoted as saying.

Are you shi**ing me?


Jesus of Ramallah

Unto us a child is given:

No! Not that child! This child:

The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) has claimed that Jesus was “Palestinian” in a seasonal video message attacking Israel.

The video juxtaposes images of “Christmas magic” with numerous scenes alleging “oppression” by Israelis. A figure revealed to be the Pope rides past scenes including a Jewish man holding a gun next to an Arab settler and Arabs cordoned off by an IDF soldier.

As he walks off into a church courtyard, a message across the screen blares: “Stand up for Hope, Peace and Justice in Palestine.”

In addition, the description below the video reads: “Every Christmas Palestine celebrates the birth of one of its own, Jesus Christ.” Jesus was in fact a Jew living in Talmudic-era Israel.

Yeah, we knew that.

In 2010, Samih Ghanadreh, an author from Nazareth, called Jesus “the first Palestinian martyr” on a PA national television network. Ghanadreh claimed that the historical reference had first been noted by PLO leader Yasser Arafat.

In 2012, the cleric also claimed that the religious holiday marked “the birth of the State of Palestine.”

When Jesus said “Suffer the little children”, he went on to say “and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”

But the Arab occupiers of Judea and Samaria and Gaza hear only the suffer part:


Eight Crazy Nights

Put on your yalmulka, here comes hanukkah
Its so much fun-akkah to celebrate—you’re under arrest!


Israeli police closed the Temple Mount Sunday after Jewish visitors to the Mount – which is Judaism’s holiest site and the exact spot of the events of the Hanukkah holiday – broke out into Hanukkah songs, enraging Muslim worshippers.

Following the song a scuffle broke out between Jews and Muslims. Four people were arrested.

Police have decided to close the Mount to all visitors until further notice.

The Temple Mount is Judaism’s holiest site, where the two holy Temples of Israel stood prior to their destruction, and where some Jewish traditions teach that the creation of the world began. The site is also the location of the Hanukkah miracle, where the Maccabees rededicated the Second Temple after 3 years of defilement by Greeks and Greek sympathizers.

The Mount has also been frequently closed to Jewish visitors and is often the site of blatant anti-Jewish discrimination. Jews are prevented from praying or performing any other religious ritual, while Muslim and Christian visitors pray freely.

Just 2 days ago, Sheikh Raed Salah, the head of the radical Islamist movement in Israel, denounced efforts by MKs to open the Mount for all visitors. His words follow accusations of inspiring Arab incitement against Jews on the Mount, as well as a marked upswing in Arab-on-Israeli violence in the area.

How does this injustice differ from the Jim Crow South? Hmm…? Anybody?

Correct! It doesn’t. Sounds like we have a perfect cause for a new Civil Rights Movement. Equal rights for Jews on the Jewish State! Sing-ins instead of sit-ins; light candles, not Molotov cocktails! We shall oy-vercome!


Diabetics Take Note

Too sweet, even for me:

Syria and Israel are formally at war, and the idea of Syrians being treated in an Israeli hospital once would have been unthinkable. But the brutality of the Syrian civil war has driven some 200 wounded Syrians in the past six months to seek help at the Israeli frontier on the Golan Heights, according to the Israeli army.

Soldiers take them to a field hospital for treatment and triage, with more serious cases sent to hospitals in northern Israel. About 100 have been treated at the Nahariya hospital, with more arriving as news of the Israeli medical aid spreads by word of mouth.

For the man in the bed, who declined to be named for fear of retribution against his family back home, treatment in Israel has been a profoundly transforming experience.

“I thank the Israeli army,” he said. “Two and a half years of revolution have changed my opinion of Israel. Look what Bashar Assad” – Syria’s president – “has done to his people. Everything he says is a lie. He spreads hatred of Israel, but Israel is a friend, not an enemy. The Israelis showed us their humanity.”

It’s not an isolated case, either:

In one hospital room, a 22-year-old fighter from the Free Syrian Army was recovering from a gunshot wound in the shoulder. The Syrian army, he asserted, had committed atrocities, destroying mosques and raping women. “The Free Syrian Army will never fight Israel,” he said. “Assad’s army is the enemy, not the Israeli military.”

A 17-year-old who entered the room in a wheelchair said that at the border he’d been frightened by Israeli soldiers pointing their rifles at him and ordering him to raise his hands. After an examination and transfer for medical treatment, he said he was surprised by the “compassion, sympathy and humanity” shown him at the hospital.

Now, we’ve covered this story before—twice, I believe—so we’re not ignorant or dismissive. But we’re not surprised, either.

All it tells us is what we already know: Israel is a deeply moral country, and its detractors are deeply sinful. Horrible, hateful, truly evil people. Who lie. All the time.

This is news?

PS: I’ve said before that I am not Jewish. My father is, however, and that is Jewish enough for Israel. If Obamerica goes any further down the tubes, I would seriously consider making aliyah. Not sure what my family thinks about that.

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Jewish Hooligans!

There’s a crime wave!!!

Rabbi Yisrael Ariel of the Temple Institute and activist Yehuda Glick were arrested Thursday morning on the Temple Mount.

An eyewitness told Arutz Sheva that the two were violently arrested at the exit to the holy site. Police dragged the men on the ground, he accused.

Police said the two were arrested for praying and bowing down while visiting the Temple Mount, which is the holiest place on earth according to Judaism, and the site where the First and Second Temples once stood.

While Jews are allowed to visit the site, they are forbidden to pray, for fear that Jewish prayers would inflame tension at the site. Muslim worshipers at the Al-Aqsa Mosque have frequently rioted and attacked Jews in the past when it seemed that Jews would be allowed more freedom on the Temple Mount; the riots have been encouraged by PA and Muslim leaders, who tell their followers that Jews are plotting to take over the area and rebuild the Temple.

Not a bad idea now that you mention it. But not true in this case:

Yehuda Glick told Arutz Sheva that the allegations that he prayed are not even true. “I was guiding a group on the Temple Mount. Everything went well, we finished the tour and shook hands with the police, and from there I went to the Kotel [Western Wall],” he recalled.

“A few moments later, I got a call asking me to come back and guide another group. I came back to the entrance to the Temple Mount, and there I was arrested. A police commander told me I was being arrested for disturbing the peace on the Temple Mount,” he said.

Glick expressed concern, “This is the first time they detained me, and I don’t know what they want from me… I have a strong feeling that I’m being set up.”

I know I’m a little fixated on this situation, but it still perplexes me. Imagine Christians not being allowed to pray in St. Peter’s or Muslims at Mecca. You can’t, can you? Yet Jews are arrested even for moving their lips in prayer. In Jerusalem. On the site of their holiest temple. Yet no one seems to care (Moshe Feiglin aside, that is).

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Apartheid State Update

This is not the apartheid you were looking for:

Jews have no right to visit the Temple Mount, and should be prevented from “contaminating” the holy site, a Member of Knesset has argued.

MK Ahmed Tibi (Ra’am Ta’al) spoke against allowing Jews to visit the Temple Mount, which is also the site of the Al-Aqsa mosque. The area is the holiest place on earth according to the Jewish religion.

Tibi was particularly outraged by the possibility that police may restrict Muslim worshipers in order to allow Jews to visit the holy site during the holiday of Sukkot.

Jews are still not allowed to pray at the holy site.

The decision to let Jews visit during Sukkot is part of a gradual plan with the ultimate goal of sharing the holy site equally between Muslims and Jews, he warned, adding that Muslims must not accept such an arrangeement.

“The Al-Aqsa mosque is a place of prayer for Muslims alone. Period! Not for others,” Tibi declared.

Note: he is an MK, a Member of the Knesset, the Israeli parliament. Yes, the Jewish state allows such a vile bigot to sit—and speak—in its house of representatives. And he’s not alone.

There may be apartheid in Israel, just not the apartheid you typically read about.



I was going to title this post “Damn Straight”, but it seemed inappropriate:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara, this evening (Tuesday, 17 September 2013), at the Prime Minister’s Residence in Jerusalem, held an additional meeting of the renewed Tanakh Study Circle. Sephardi Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef and Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi David Lau attended the circle, which is named after Sara Netanyahu’s late father, Shmuel Ben-Artzi.

This is the fourth meeting of the Circle, which was renewed in May 2012. The Tanakh Study Circle is a tradition from the days of former prime ministers David Ben-Gurion and Menachem Begin and is held in cooperation with the Menachem Begin Heritage Center.

This evening’s session focused on the last weekly portion of the Book of Deuteronomy, 33:1-34:12.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said, “I would like to open the discussion with Deuteronomy 34:1-6. Moses our Teacher could not enter the Promised Land and we are here in his merit and in the merit of the struggle of our people to be here, the inheritance of our ancestors, and we welcome every moment. It is a very great privilege to read this great book and know that we are realizing what the Almighty commanded our people. The fact that this is our inheritance and we are here, reading these words today, and knowing that we will remain here forever – thus we are fulfilling the precept.”

Any questions?

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You Don’t Look Brazilian

In Spanish, judío means Jewish and judía (verde) means green bean.

In Central and South America, they’re just beginning to learn the difference:

They came to Mexico City from places as far flung as Colombia and Brazil. Some traveled from Guadalajara.

Among their numbers were an ex-Catholic priest and a former Christian educator. What they had in common was this: after going online and learning about Jacques Cukierkorn, a Brazilian-born rabbi who lives in Kansas City, they had either converted already or were ready to convert to Judaism.

And they traveled to Mexico City to meet the rabbi themselves for a conference that included lectures, prayer services, mingling with Jews from the United States and Mexico, and the rituals and ceremony involved in formal conversion.

The phenomenon of Latin Americans converting to Judaism has exploded over the past few years – but one small Jewish synagogue is making it its mission to seek congregants in Latin America.

Some of those who convert are descendants of Jewish ancestors who were forced to convert to Catholicism during the Inquisition in Spain and Portugal.

Known as Conversos, Crypto Jews, Anusim, Marranos, or secret Jews, they became Catholic in public but continued their forbidden Jewish practices in private. Others have no family histories, but they said they felt a pull to Judaism when they discovered, as adults, that Jesus was Jewish.

Their numbers are still only in the hundreds, but the descendants of those forcibly converted must be in the many thousands. Interesting to see if this is merely a one-off news story or a growing trend.

BTW, this happens in Arab countries too—even so-called Palestinians learning their heritage is Jewish.

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Shana Tova

It’s already been said, but by whom better?

One more. Cute.


The Color Green [Retitled]

I wondered why such a grizzled old hag of a has-been like Alice Walker was doing trying to clutch the stylish and fashionable coat-tails of the talented and lovely (and hot!) Alicia Keys. One choice would be envy.

But I should have known the true cause: pure greed.

American writer Alice Walker, who has long made clear her antipathy toward the state of Israel, “has taken her extreme and hostile views to a shocking new level” in her latest book of meditations on life and her personal activism, according to a review of the book by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

Walker’s “The Cushion in the Road” devotes 80 pages to fervently anti-Jewish ideas, explicit comparisons between Israel and Nazi Germany.

The 12 essays of the section, titled “On Palestine,” which make up a quarter of the book, are rife with comparisons of Israelis to Nazis, denigrations of Judaism and Jews, and statements suggesting that Israel should cease to exist as a Jewish state. Walker’s book also attempts to justify terrorism against Israeli civilians, claiming that the “oppressed” Palestinians should not be blamed for carrying out suicide bombings.

Walker, a Pulitzer Prize-winning African-American writer, essayist and poet, has a long history of biased statements against the Jewish state. In June 2012 she refused to allow an Israeli company to publish a Hebrew edition of her classic novel, “The Color Purple,” in protest of what she described as Israel’s “apartheid” policies and “persecution of the Palestinian people.” Most recently, Walker wrote a letter calling on the singer-songwriter Alicia Keys to cancel her upcoming July 4th concert appearance in Tel Aviv in protest of Israel’s policies.

To think that we played into her avaricious hands, giving her pub for her hateful screed. All she wanted, like Goebbels before her, was to manage propaganda. No wonder she won a Pulitzer: that’s pretty shrewd. Isn’t it funny (?) how all of the Jew-hating tropes are actually practiced by the Jew-haters themselves?

LEst you think that language a little strong:

Speaking of Black churches whose leaders recount Biblical stories regarding Jewish triumphs, Walker writes, “It amazes me, in these churches, that there is no discussion of the fact that the other behavior we learned about in the Bible stories: the rapes, the murders, the pillaging, the enslavement of the conquered, the confiscation of land, the brutal domination and colonization of all ‘others’ is still front and center in Israel’s behavior today.”

On several occasions Walker seems to indicate that the purported evils of modern-day Israel are a direct result of Jewish values, alleging that Jews behave the way they do because they believe in their “supremacy.” She suggests that Israeli settlements are motivated by the concept that “possession is nine-tenths of the law,” which she claims is a lesson she “learned from my Jewish lawyer former husband. This belief might even be enshrined in the Torah.”

Ah yes, the “Jewish lawyer” figure. I wondered when he’d loom. It’s not just Israel, it’s the Jews and their religion. And it’s not just Jews, but “Jewish lawyers”—ex-husbands, no less! Her hatred is complete; it’s come full circle. There’s something almost Biblical in that. At least Satanical. And for her sake, let’s hope profitable.

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Temple Mount Judenrein???

Hey Cat’licks! Steer clear of the Vatican! Same goes for you Muslims and Mecca. Keep walking:

Nationalist activist David Haivri says police have informed him that he may not ascend the Temple Mount.

“The Temple Mount is the holiest place for the Jewish people and the state of Israel has an obligation toward the Jewish people to allow us free access to our holy place, in order to pray there freely,” he said.

Also on the blacklist is MK Moshe Feiglin, who has announced he will not abide by the coalition’s instructions and vote according to his conscience in all matters, in protest of the ban on his entering the Mount.

You know what they’ve been doing when they go there, don’t you? No, not graffiti, skateboarding, or stealing hubcaps.

Praying. Or even thinking of praying. And that is verboten.


NINA: No Israelis Need Arrive

Well, not this Israeli, anyway:

As a Knesset member, Moshe Feiglin(Likud-Beyteinu) ostensibly has immunity from prosecution on matters relating to politics and public safety, and should have free access to any cultural or historic site. That seems to be the case, except in regard to one site – the Temple Mount, from which Feiglin has been essentially banned.

The reason for this, the Justice Ministry said Monday, was because Feiglin’s “behavior” was not in line with what was expected from a Knesset member. “We have decided to prevent MK Feiglin from ascending the Temple Mount based on his previous behavior. As a result we have informed MK Feiglin that we do not intend to coordinate a visit for him to the Temple Mount with police.”

What’s he been doing? Jello shots? Cavorting with hookers?


Feiglin, head of the Likud’s Jewish Leadership faction, was detained by police on Tuesday morning after bowing down during a visit to the Temple Mount.

What’s more, he’s a recidivist:

Moshe Feiglin, the head of Likud’s Jewish Leadership faction, was one of two men arrested Tuesday morning for allegedly praying on the Temple Mount. Feiglin denies having prayed aloud, says Professor Hillel Weiss, who told Arutz Sheva, “He didn’t move his lips, only [prayed] in his heart. It’s a trumped-up charge.”

A Jew can’t even think freely on the Temple Mount, apparently.

No excuses:

Moshe Feiglin ascended the Temple Mount on Thursday to pray for his son David Yosef, who was seriously injured in a car accident on Monday. David Yosef, 16, was hurt while returning home from a volunteer shift at the Alfei Menashe fire station.

Hey, I don’t get it. But if the Israelis feel it’s so vital to accede to irrational, discriminatory demands by the Palestinian-Arab occupiers of the site, that’s their choice.


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