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Why is This Man Not Smiling?

Everyone’s favorite ayatollah, the Smilin’ Mullah, has reason to frown today:

The Iranian delegation to the nuclear negotiations with the P5+1 world powers was headed back to Tehran Friday, cutting short ongoing talks, after the sudden death of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s 90-year-old mother.

Hardly “sudden”—she was 90 for crying out loud.

“We are leaving today but will resume the talks next week,” an Iranian official told Reuters.

The State Department confirmed Friday that talks would resume on Wednesday, with US Secretary of State John Kerry due to discuss progress with European counterparts Saturday somewhere in Europe.

Wherever the snow is best.

“Secretary Kerry will travel tomorrow to meet in Europe his French, German and British counterparts on Saturday, and the negotiations will resume next week, spokesperson Marie Harf said from Switzerland.

Earlier Friday, Iran and the six world powers were meeting to attempt to iron out their remaining differences over Iran’s nuclear program.

I wouldn’t put it past the Iranians to knock off the old bird just to stall. Unless there’s a fatwa against that.


Can Not! Can Too! Can Not!

I forgot one name on the list of people willing to stand up to Obama and give him what for: Tom Cotton.

BOB SCHIEFFER, FACE THE NATION: You heard what the secretary said, unprecedented, inappropriate, unthought-out, unconstitutionally wrong.

What were you trying to accomplish, Senator?

SEN. TOM COTTON (R-AR): Bob, I and 46 other senators are focused on stopping Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.

And we wanted to be crystal clear that Iran’s leaders got the message that, in our constitutional system, while the president negotiates deals, Congress has to approve them for them to be lasting and binding. And I have to say, I’m surprised by the secretary’s comments this morning, because just a few days ago, he testified before the Senate to say that any deal would not be legally binding.

And now he says that future Congresses can’t change a mere executive agreement if we disagree with them or if a future president disagrees with them? That’s not the way our constitutional system works. And it’s certainly not the way we should be negotiating with Iran.

But John Kerry’s got his fingers in his ears:

MARGARET BRENNAN, CBS NEWS: So, how do you clear the air? Are you going to apologize for this letter?

SECRETARY OF STATE JOHN KERRY: Not on your life. I’m not going to apologize for the — for an unconstitutional and unthought-out action by somebody who has been in the United States Senate for 60-some days.

That’s just inappropriate. I will explain very clearly that Congress does not have the right to change an executive agreement. Another president may have a different view about it. But, if we do our job correctly, all of these nations, they all have an interest in making sure this is in fact a proven peaceful program.

And it would be derelict if we allow some gaping hole in this program that doesn’t do so. But let’s see what it is first. And I think this applies to everybody, incidentally, who has been trying to judge this before, in fact, the deal, if it can be sealed, is sealed.

Executive agreement? Executive action? Obama can relieve himself in the Oval Office urinal, and that’s an executive action. Since when is a treaty with a hostile foreign power an “executive agreement”?

Can we get a little help here?

It is no secret that Barack Obama does not have much use for the United States Constitution. It is a governing plan for a free, self-determining people. Hence, it is littered with roadblocks against schemes to rule the people against their will. When it comes to our imperious president’s scheme to enable our enemy, Iran, to become a nuclear-weapons power — a scheme that falls somewhere between delusional and despicable, depending on your sense of Obama’s good faith — the salient barrier is that only Congress can make real law.

“Real law”, as opposed to the kind Obama makes up to suit his fanatical fancies.

This week, 47 perspicuous Republican senators suspected that the subject of congressional power just might have gotten short shrift in Team Obama’s negotiations with the mullahs. So they penned a letter on the subject to the regime in Tehran. The effort was led by Senator Tom Cotton (R., Ark.), who, after Harvard Law School, passed up community organizing for the life of a Bronze Star–awarded combat commander. As one might imagine, Cotton and Obama don’t see this Iran thing quite the same way.

Cheap shot. I thoroughly approve.

Evidently, writing the letter was not as noble as, say, Ted Kennedy’s canoodling with the Soviets, Nancy Pelosi’s dalliance with Assad, the Democratic party’s Bush-deranged jihad against the war in Iraq, or Senator Barack Obama’s own back-channel outreach to Iran during the 2008 campaign. Gone, like a deleted e-mail, were the good old days when dissent was patriotic.

Yet, as John Yoo observes, the Cotton letter was more akin to mailing Ayatollah Khamenei a copy of the Constitution. The senators explained that our Constitution requires congressional assent for international agreements to be legally binding. Thus, any “executive agreement” on nukes that they manage to strike with the appeaser-in-chief is unenforceable and likely to be revoked when he leaves office in 22 months.

By appealing to the Constitution, Cotton and the 46 other Republicans guaranteed that Obama and the ayatollahs would be united in opposition. Very clever, and prescient. Oh yes, add one more spoke to the Axis of Evil:

Clearly, Obama and the mullahs figure they can run the following stunt: We do not need another treaty approved by Congress because the United States has already ratified the U.N. charter and thus agreed to honor Security Council resolutions. We do not need new statutes because the Congress, in enacting Iran-sanctions legislation, explicitly gave the president the power to waive those sanctions. All we need is to have the Security Council issue a resolution that codifies Congress’s existing sanctions laws with Obama’s waiver. Other countries involved in the negotiations — including Germany, Russia, and China, which have increasingly lucrative trade with Iran — will then very publicly rely on the completed deal. The U.N. and its army of transnational-progressive bureaucrats and lawyers will deduce from this reliance a level of global consensus that incorporates the agreement into the hocus-pocus corpus of customary law. Maybe they’ll even get Justice Ginsburg to cite it glowingly in a Supreme Court ruling. Voila, we have a binding agreement — without any congressional input — that the United States is powerless to alter under international law.

The United States Senate is the bush leagues, the New York-Penn League of deliberative bodies, compared to the United Nations—which we do not elect, which no one elects (even the most criminal of states is an equal member). No wonder Obama appeals to them, and they to him.

His rampant lawlessness would be funny if it were just about naming the national songbird or changing the national anthem to “Never Going to Give You Up”. But it’s about stuff that matters: nationalized health care; betraying Israel; amnesty, work permits, and welfare benefits for illegal immigrants; and Article II, Section 2, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution. We need heroes like Cotton and Netanyahu to do their duties to their various constituencies.


He Was Against War Before He Was For It

John Kerry, reporting for dereliction of duty:

[Code Pink, I knew it; note Medea Benjamin mugging for the camera]

SECRETARY OF STATE JOHN KERRY: Provide the means for the President of the United States and his representatives to speak with a single powerful voice at this pivotal hour. When I came here last time, I–

PROTESTER: The people are speaking out, Secretary Kerry. We are tired of an endless war. We don’t want to live with a war when there is not end–

SEN. BOB CORKER: The committee will be in order. Look. We, appreciate–

PROTESTER: …the killing of innocent people…

BOB CORKER: Look. If this happens again, I would ask the police to escort immediately out of the room.

PROTESTER: More war creates more terrorism by killing innocent people.

JOHN KERRY: Killing more innocent people? I wonder how our journalists who were beheaded and the pilot who was fighting for freedom and was burned alive, what they would have to say to their efforts to protect innocent people.

ISIL’s momentum has been diminished, Mr. Chairman.

“Momentum has been diminished” is a far cry from “we shall fight them on the beaches”. It’s not even Mark Twain’s “God created war so that Americans would learn geography.”

“You go to war with the army you have,” Donald Rumsfeld said. And the Secretary of State, and the President, and the defeatist attitude that looks to surrender before hostilities have been declared. ISIS, Iran, and Putin seem pretty convinced.

PS: Yesterday’s display was just a preview of coming attractions:

On Saturday, March 21, there will be a noon rally in front of the White House not only to commemorate the 12th anniversary of the US invasion and occupation of Iraq, that some estimates find brought the deaths of more than a million Iraqis, but also to demand a halt to US bombing and drone attacks everywhere and total withdrawal of US forces, covert as well as overt, from the Middle East and Afghanistan.

The rally and march will be the culmination of “Spring Rising,” which starts on the afternoon of March 18, with a meet and greet and an evening of music, and includes on Thursday and Friday, March 19 and 20: lobbying on Capitol Hill organized by CODEPINK; a bus tour of work places in Washington of war planners and profiteers, organized by Cindy Sheehan; and at least six teach-ins that will include learning about the relationship of US military activity to climate change as well as to the militarization of US policy and the military’s lack of accountability.

If it will be a hardship to be in Washington, then please do your utmost to organize an event in your community.

March 21 is a critical moment in history when we must be in the street.

Yes, you must: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to be exact.

They’re getting the band back together: the Pussycat Dolls of Pacifism, the Ignorant Girls, Medea Benjamin and Cindy Sheehan. I bet Cindy will be signing her new book:


To BTL, who never forget me, and never let others forget me either.
xoxo Cindy


Where Have I Heard This Before?


“We have no interest in seeing Russia weakened or its economy in shambles. We have a profound interest, as I believe every country does, in promoting a core principle, which is: Large countries don’t bully smaller countries,” Obama told reporters.

Really? Because the opposite appears to be true.

It sounds an awful lot like this:

“It’s really 19th century behavior in the 21st century,” Kerry said. “You just don’t invade another country on phony pretexts in order to assert your interests.”

That was almost a year ago. What’s changed? I love the sanctions, and the oil price plummet has squeezed Putin by his rubles, but if our leaders really believe their striped-pant rhetoric, dasvidaniya Ukraine.

His visit comes a day after city officials in Mariupol, Ukraine, said shelling in southeastern Ukraine killed at least 30 people, including two children.

Another 102 people were injured, at least 75 of whom needed hospital treatment, and many suffered shrapnel injuries, Mariupol City Council said.

Pro-Russian separatists are blamed for the attack on residential areas in the port city, Donetsk regional police chief Vyacheslav Abroskin said on his Facebook page.

PS: And don’t think Iran hasn’t taken notice.


John Kerry’s Joke

Not a “botched” one either!

Addressing the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland today, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said, “the biggest error that we could make would be to blame Muslims collectively for crimes not committed by Muslims alone.” Kerry said we are increasingly fighting back, “but in doing so we also have to keep our heads.”

Oh, John, you wag you!

On second thought, maybe I used the wrong punctuation in the title. A colon rather than an apostrophe would have been more appropriate.


I’ll See Your Mark Steyn…

And raise you a Kevin Williamson:

Let us call the roll of national badasses: the 75th Ranger Regiment, USMC Force Reconnaissance, the SEALS, Delta Force . . . James Taylor?

What sort of warriors does a weary nation facing a savage enemy turn to? “The Quiet Professionals,” “Semper Fidelis,” “Death from Above” . . .

“A Churning Urn of Burning Funk.”

The spectacle of the Obama administration’s dispatching Secretary of State John Kerry to “share a big hug with Paris” as James Taylor — who still exists — crooned “You’ve Got a Friend” is the perfect objective correlative for American decline: The pathetic self-regard of John Kerry and James Taylor’s Baby Boomers meets the cynical, self-serving, going-through-the-motions style of Barack Obama’s Generation X as disenchanted Millennials in parental basements across the fruited plains no doubt injured their thumbs typing “WTF?” It is the substitution of celebrity for power, of sentiment for analysis, of sloppy gesture for clear-headed commitment.

We’re responding to barbarism from the 7th century with soft rock from the 1970s.

It’s not about James Taylor, as past his sell-by date as he is. It’s about John Kerry. It’s about Barack Obama. It’s about what used to be the United States of America.

Does a policeman arrive at the scene of a gangland murder (late, after first sending a crossing guard) with a troubadour and a “big hug” for the victims, spouting liberal pieties that while these may be gangland murders, they are the crimes of no particular gang? Maybe in today’s America they do.

When it comes to jihad, there are no obvious solutions, but there are some obvious non-solutions, and an impromptu James Taylor concert surely is one of them.

Williamson’s solution:

Seriously: If you’re going to send a past-its-prime musical act to an ally in distress — instead of showing up to join the rest of the heads of state in a show of solidarity — then send in the wild boys from Huntington Park, Calif., who are, like the last effective foreign policy maintained by this country, born of the 1980s. James Taylor tells France, “You’ve got a friend.” Slayer tells the world, “You’ve got a problem.” And there’s something in the Slayer catalog for everybody: “Jihad” for the most literal-minded; “Evil Has No Boundaries,” a sentiment that social conservatives could surely endorse; “War Ensemble” for the neocons; and President John Bolton’s agenda for his first 100 days in office: “Raining Blood.” (“Endless war?” President Bolton scoffs. “Try three weeks.”) If you find yourself in a fight, you want to know that you’ve got a friend. But do you really want that friend to be James Taylor?

He suggests Metal, but I wonder if another genre might not be more juste?

Islamist terrorists, meet Neo-Nazis. You two should hit it off. Or just hit.


Oh No He Di-unt!

Someone please tell we we are not being led by such a team of imbeciles. Someone? Anyone? Hello…hello?

After the administration’s noticeable lack of presence in post-attack Paris events, Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in France this week, bringing with him a “big hug” and a serenade from soft rock singer James Taylor.

Kerry is the highest-ranking U.S. official to visit Paris after Islamist terror attacks left 17 people dead, not including the 3 gunmen killed in police raids. He met Friday morning with French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius and French President Francois Hollande “to share a big hug with Paris.”

Later in the day, Kerry attended a ceremony with Taylor in tow, who broke out the guitar and played his 1971 hit “You’ve Got a Friend” for all in attendance.

First of all, “You’ve Got a Friend” was written by Carole King, so I don’t know why Kerry left her at home.

Second of all, the lyrics go:

Winter, spring, summer or fall
All you have to do is call
And I’ll be there

But as photographic evidence clearly demonstrates, we weren’t there, or anywhere near:

I had a few issues with Bush’s Secretaries of State, Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice (insufficient support for Israel), but my God, they are towering statespersons compared to Obama’s dunces:

Today, for the first time in my adult life, I am embarrassed to be an American.

PS: Maybe Kerry said he’s bring a “big lug” instead of a “big hug”. His French isn’t as good as he thinks it is.

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Mark Steyn beheads the preening, narcissistic media over the Charlie Hebdo murders:

Yes, the media feels the wrath of his tongue-lashing, but it’s the shots at John Kerry and Barack Obama that have me shouting “Steynu Akbar!”

He quotes Kerry’s stony-faced reaction: “John Kerry today said that this was a battle between civilization and, pregnant pause, the forces that are opposed to civilization,” he said. Alas, Kerry never named those forces. Our leaders may be as sensitive and politically correct as they like, but if they do not recognize that public enemy number one wears a beard and a turban (though he hates to have his picture taken), they are doing us more harm than good.

And if that ain’t clear enough for you: “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam,” President Obama said, most improbably.

Steyn’s reaction (and I paraphrase): technically, you can’t slander someone who died in the 7th century.

To which I add, also technically, Charlie Hebdo libeled—if they even did that, as truth is an absolute defense—not slandered, the prophet of Islam.

Slander and libel are offenses dealt with in court. The Charlie Hebdo killers, and Theo van Gogh’s killer, those who tried to hunt down Salman Rushdie, those whom Ayaan Hirsi Ali fears to this day—and countless legions of other murderers in the name of Muhammad—do not pursue legal remedies. Their grievances are not judicial in nature. Those who slander, libel, insult, slight, look cross-eyed at the prophet of Islam, are dealt by another form of justice, via the knife, the gun, the RPG, the 747.

I have no quarrel with the prophet of Islam. Seriously, I don’t. And I write that not out of fear, but out of ignorance. There are well over a billion Muslims—and a fair number of others—who know him better than I. Let them debate. Some of the more lurid stories (pick your own) I put down to local customs of the times. Child brides and slavery were once more common than they are now. Feigning shock at their existence over a millennium ago bores me, as long as we agree there’s no place for them today.

Just as there’s no place for smiting the infidel today. It is those who smite with whom I/we have a problem. Stop smiting and no one gets hurt. But as I write yesterday, the smiting comes last. There’s usually a long line of offenses, most criminal, that come before, and give us a good indication of where this is going. The earliest—the first wing pulled off the fly, the first tormented puppy—is often pure, distilled Jew-hatred. You may think it’s a long way from “descendant of apes and pigs” to “Allahu Akbar” and a hail of bullets, but there are those who know a shortcut. Charlie Hebdo might well still be an unappreciated satirical magazine (the best kind of satirical magazine), Private Eye with accents graves, rather than lying in their graves, if lesser offenses had been more greatly punished.

As I also wrote yesterday, these guys probably had a record (check), were probably home grown (check), and we’d soon learn how they did it (check, one is already under arrest). That’s hardly the Amazing Kreskin at work. We have all too much history with this sort of thing. Do we have the will to relegate it to history, that is the question.


John Kerry Gets One Right

Hey, even a stopped clock finds a nut once in a while:

Though it went entirely unnoticed in the Western press, all major Russian news outlets – RIA Novosti, Sputnik, RT, and others – were only too happy to report on what US Secretary of State John Kerry said last week to the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in private: “Just ignore Obama’s statements.”

According to Mr. Lavrov, John Kerry advised him not to pay too much attention to the US President’s harsh rhetoric directed toward his state. As recently as September, during his speech to the 69th UN General Assembly in New York, Mr. Obama puzzled and shocked Mr. Lavrov by placing “Russian aggression in Europe” in second place among the world’s threats, behind only the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, resigning to third place the “brutality of terrorists in Syria and Iraq.” “Aggressive Russia” again was included in Mr. Obama’s world top-danger list during November’s G20 Summit in Australia.

According to a translation commissioned by the Observer, Mr. Kerry advised Mr. Lavrov to “just ignore Obama’s statements.” Google translator phrases the nuance slightly differently: “Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says US Secretary of State John Kerry called on him to ‘pay no mind’ to a statement by President Obama.” But the take-home message is clearly the same.

“Talking to John Kerry,” said Mr. Lavrov in his speech to the State Duma assembly, “I asked him, what did it mean. He said to me: ‘Just ignore it.’ You understand, if this is so serious, then, of course, it is very sad. And he said ‘just ignore it’ because he wanted at that moment to discuss how we were going to co-ordinate our approaches on solving Iran’s nuclear program and on the situation on the Korean peninsula.”

Actually, Kerry was accurate but premature. We will be able to ignore Jumbo-ears soon enough, just not yet.

It’s no secret that the country is in the hands of a bunch of rodeo clowns (hence the presence of so much bullsh*t, so many horse’s asses). Watching their press conferences is like watching the freaks who audition for American Idol.

But it is a secret to our press barons and anyone who reads their rags. How can any election be valid if the public is not informed?

PS: Now that I think about it, didn’t Chuck Hagel get fired for ignoring Obama? How is that fair?

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Lame And Lamer

But which is which?

For the first time since the beginning of the current wave of terrorist attacks in Jerusalem, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday issued a condemnation of the latest such act.

Abbas was forced to condemn the Har Nof synagogue attack after facing pressure from US Secretary of State John Kerry, who had phoned the PA president twice over the past few days to demand that the Palestinians stop anti-Israel incitement. On Tuesday, Kerry issued a call to the PA leadership to condemn the Har Nof attack.

Kerry’s pressure prompted Abbas to issue two condemnations of the incident. The first came in the form of a terse statement published by official PA news agency Wafa, in which the Palestinian leadership condemned the “killing of worshipers in a synagogue and all acts of violence regardless of their source.”

The statement also called for an end to “incursions and provocations by settlers against the Aksa Mosque.”

Later, Abbas’s office issued a second statement, which again condemned the Har Nof attack and “assaults on the Noble Sanctuary [Temple Mount].”

News Flash: Jews will continue to go to the Kotel and Jerusalem – all of it – is the capital of Israel. But, leaving that aside, who’s more of a dolt, John Kerry or Abu Mazen?

– Aggie


Forgotten But Not Gone

Old Democrats never die. They just appear on MSNBC:

It’s been more than three years since the state Legislature redrew his congressional district, forcing ex-U.S. Rep. Barney Frank into early retirement, but the cranky liberal war horse just can’t let it go.

Case in point: The Massachusetts Humanities Council’s 40th anniversary gala at the JFK Library the other night. Frank was seated at the same table as incoming state Senate prez Stanley Rosenberg, who happened to be the point man for the Senate on redistricting, and Barney wasted no time in letting Stan have it!

“He didn’t say hello, how are you, congratulations, nothing. He just started screaming at him,” said Someone Who Was There. “It was very ugly.”

So much so that the organizers of the event moved Rosenberg and his partner, Bryon Hefner, to another table to get away from the grumpy ex-congressman!

Apparently the gist of Barney’s gripe was that Rosenberg didn’t do enough to preserve Frank’s district after the 2010 census forced the state to lose a seat in Congress. Instead, the new congressional map took New Bedford — a Barney stronghold because of his work on fishing issues — and parts of Fall River out of his district and added Blackstone Valley, where he was not a shoo-in, making the voting bloc more conservative. Instead of running for re-election in the newly drawn district, Frank retired. But apparently not without a lot of hard feelings!

“He was telling Stan that he should have gotten preference because of his seniority,” said our spywitness. “He thought that they catered to (now U.S. Sen.) Ed Markey and (U.S. Rep.) Steve Lynch over him, and he wasn’t happy about it.”

What really cheesed off some of Rosenberg’s friends who witnessed the brouhaha was that Stan had been hospitalized twice during the redistricting process for treatment of squamous cell carcinoma, but that apparently earned him no sympathy vote from Barney!

Can’t imagine why they redistricted you out of existence, Barn. What do you want to bet that he hasn’t been down to the grimy docks of New Bedford or Fall River since he left office? The closest he gets to the fishing industry these days is pan-seared bluefin tuna with Asian marinade at some chi-chi bistro in Provincetown.

Gay-on-gay crime. Very ugly indeed.

Thank God for the Boston Herald. This is the Globe:

Secretary of State John F. Kerry turned to his Chinese counterpart at lunch last month at Legal Sea Foods’ Harborside restaurant and drew attention to the view of Boston Harbor.

The port was once a symbol of pollution, Kerry told China’s chief diplomat, Yang Jiechi. But after persistent government effort, Kerry explained, it was dramatically cleaner.

“This is a small example that shows that these big problems can and must be addressed,” Kerry told Jiechi over squash bisque, Maine cod, and Boston cream pie.

The exchange, related by a senior State Department official with direct knowledge of the Oct. 18 meeting, marked a turning point in the Obama administration’s efforts to get the world’s two biggest polluters to commit to lowering the greenhouse gas emissions causing climate change.

The landmark agreement, announced this week by President Obama and President Xi Jinping of China in Beijing, came after months of behind-the-scenes discussions involving other officials in addition to Kerry.

Imagine having to sit through a lunch with John Kerry. And having to eat squash bisque (whatever that is). No wonder Obama gave away the store. Kerry might have picked up the tab, but China paid plenty.


We Coulda Told You That

John Kerry “untethered”? He defines the term.

US President Barack Obama’s administration is coping with underwhelming performance on various fronts according to officials cited in the New York Times on Friday, who suggested he may replace some senior administration officials – including US Secretary of State John Kerry.

Citing the Ebola crisis in Africa that has spread to a few isolated cases in America under Obama’s watch, the rise of Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists in Iraq and Syria, and tensions in Europe between Russia and Ukraine, the paper noted world events have already led Obama to make changes by bringing in Ron Klain to manage Ebola and Gen. John R. Allen to lead the coalition against ISIS.

According to the New York Times, Kerry and US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel “are struggling to penetrate the tightly knit circle around the president and carve out a place in the administration.”

White House officials cited in the report said Kerry is out of sync with the administration, even comparing him to Sandra Bullock’s role in the movie “Gravity” as an astronaut somersaulting through space, “untethered from the White House.”

You know the old joke about the apocryphal British newspaper headline: “Fog in Channel: Continent Cut Off”? John Kerry thinks the White House is untethered from him. He is untethered from many (almost all) things, not least reality.

Still, if Obama already has buyer’s remorse toward his Defense and State secretaries, barely a year-and-a-half into their respective terms, that’s on him. We coulda told you what bozos they were. In fact, we did, repeatedly. He owns ‘em.

Why don’t you try appointing someone who didn’t screw up a chance to be president, like your first two Sec’ys of State? Maybe a black man or woman (not named Susan Rice). Or is that “too Bush”?

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