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Transparent Hypocrisy

Everything Barack Obama touches turns to dreck: it’s the reverse Midas touch. What a pleasure it has been lately watching his reputation swirl down the cistern where dreck belongs:

Right now, here ON THE RECORD, fired “New York Times executive editor, JILL ABRAMSON.

While working at “The New York Times” and after decades of covering presidential administrations, Abramson calling President Obama’s White House the most is he secretive White House that she’s covered. And she’s not the only one.


BYRON YORK, THE WASHINGTON EXAMINER: This is not the most transparent administration in history.

BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I will make our government open and transparent.

One of the things I want to do is open things up. I want transparency. I want accountability.

BOB CUSACK, MANAGING EDITOR, ‘THE HILL’: This White House came in saying we’ll do things differently, we’ll change Washington. They didn’t change Washington.

OBAMA: The more transparency we can bring to Washington, the less likely it is Washington will be run by lobbyists and special interests.

Transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency.

A.B. STODDARD, ‘THE HILL’: He’s broken a promise.

OBAMA: This is the most transparent administration in history.

VAN SUSTEREN: You said have this administration is the most is the secretive. What is your support? Why do you say that?

ABRAMSON: I think it’s easy to demonstrate that that’s true, starting with — I love the name of your show, “ON THE RECORD.” I have never dealt with an administration where more officials — some of whom are actually paid to be the spokesmen for various federal agencies –demand that everything be off the record. So that’s secretive and not transparent.

But the most serious thing is the Obama administration has launched eight criminal leak investigations against sources and whistleblowers. And they have tried to sweep in journalists, including – it’s almost the one- year anniversary exactly that your college, James Rosen, had his record secretly looked at by the government in a leak investigation.

VAN SUSTEREN: Is it profoundly different thought than the other administrations?

ABRAMSON: It is profoundly different. Before these cases, these eight cases, and all of history, there have been fewer than half of those. And so it is different.

So, this has been an historic administration, after all.

Oh, and about “not changing Washington”, there is agreement:

VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: This is within our power to change. Everybody says because we tried in ‘08 and it didn’t happen, it’s not possible.

Give yourself a little credit, Joe. You changed Washington plenty. Never before has an administration that “ended” two “wars” and governed over a five-year “recovery” been so wretchedly unpopular. If you guys were the ones we were waiting for, I wish we had been less patient.


“Bite Me” Bites

Having gone to public schools back in the day, I’ve seen my fair share of schoolyard fights. I wasn’t a fan back in the day.

But today, I’m making popcorn:

A panel of political analysts on CNN’s New Day on Monday observed that Vice President Joe Biden took a veiled shot at former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over the weekend by criticizing former President Bill Clinton’s time in office. The political reporters on CNN detected that Biden is behaving like a 2016 candidate, whereas Clinton is not. They further noted that Biden is making some of the same arguments against Clinton that President Barack Obama made during the 2008 Democratic primaries.

Speaking at a Democratic fundraiser on Saturday, Biden told the audience that the divide between the rich and the middle class in America did not begin to expand to the rate it has today in the Bush years but during the Clinton administration.

“This is sort of the case that then Senator Barack Obama made against Hillary Clinton back in ’08,” The Atlantic’s Molly Ball said. “Biden, in public settings, makes the same sort of argument for like the blue-color, economic populist strain.”

“All the stuff that Hillary Clinton is not doing right now, Joe Biden is doing,” New York Times reporter Jonathan Martin asserted. “Is he doing it because he’s going to run, or is he doing it because he wants to be positioned in case she doesn’t run? Probably the latter.”

Speaking of people not running:

Vice President Joe Biden appeared at a closed-door fundraiser in South Carolina Friday and delivered what one attendee called “an Elizabeth Warren-type speech” about the struggles of America’s middle class, remarks that were well-received by a room full of influential primary state Democrats.

What does that mean? A hackneyed, cringe-making spiel that employed the word “hammered” more than “If I Had a Hammer” and “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” combined? Hillary must be laughing.

What difference, Joe, at this point, do you make?


Is This Serious?

I can’t tell, but I think so:

If there’s any suspense left about the Democratic primary in 2016, it largely revolves around whether an economic populist will challenge Clinton from the left. The prospect of Elizabeth Warren entering the race tantalizes many liberals. But since Biden’s not an anti-Wall Street crusader, his potential candidacy sparks barely any interest at all. That’s too bad. While a Warren candidacy would spark one valuable debate inside the Democratic Party—about government’s role in the economy—a Biden candidacy would spark another: about America’s role in the world.

Laughingstock, you mean.

Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden represent opposite poles. Hillary’s a 1990s-style hawk. Although she and Bill came of age during the movement against Vietnam, they both grew far more comfortable with American military force during his presidency. In her first memoir, Clinton describes having supported America’s interventions in both Bosnia and Kosovo. As first lady, she lobbied for Bill to appoint Balkan hawk Madeleine Albright as his second-term secretary of state.

If Hillary’s a hawk, I’m Anastasia, Czarina of Russia. Ask Chris Stevens if she’s a hawk. Ask the missing girls in Nigeria.

Biden’s worldview, by contrast, is more shaped by what came before and after the Clinton years. In a 2012 interview with James Traub, he mentioned his reverence for George Kennan, who for decades during the Cold War warned that global containment was producing American overstretch. Traub notes that Biden’s “foreign-policy heroes—men like Brent Scowcroft and James Baker—are, in effect, Kennan’s sons.” Scowcroft and Baker, it’s worth remembering, resisted the intervention in Bosnia that helped make Clinton a hawk. Nor did not they pursue Saddam Hussein’s ouster at the end of the Gulf War, something to which Bill Clinton committed himself in 1998.

Leaving Saddam in power was a good idea? That was typical of Baker’s corporitist attitude toward American might. Why solve a problem once and for all when it can be managed? If Iraq had to suffer another decade under the Saddam and his boys, so what?

Although Biden, like Clinton, supported the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq…

Okay, I’m done. What are we even arguing anymore? [bleep] the author for wasting as much of my time as he did. And [bleep] me for wasting yours.

A Biden candidacy…give me a break. Pull the other one, as the Brits say, it’s got bells on.

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Out: “Nobody Messes With Joe” In: “Joe is a Hot Mess”

You may have seen in the news a couple of days ago Joe Biden’s inspiring words in Boston on the anniversary of the marathon.

You probably didn’t see this:

It was worth it?

To the Richard family? To Jeff Bauman who would have bled out from his femoral artery had total stranger Carlos Arredondo not clenched shut the gushing orifice.

Their stories are inspiring. But they would rather have lived lives of quiet desperation the past year than have served as inspiration to this maroon. Four of them would rather have lived, period.

Bashing Biden isn’t the point; everyone knows he’s a dolt. But the media covering up for him is a big effing deal.

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WAH! Women Against Hillary!

Remember that woman who hounded people in power whom she claimed had lied to her and the American people about how and why her son died? What was her name again? Shee… something?

Smith! That’s the broad!

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had a sudden scheduling change related to her appearance in San Diego on April 11, 2014 at a major healthcare conference.

Local residents made aware of Hillary Clinton’s coming to San Diego organized a protest rally addressing the former Secretary’s role in what has been termed the Benghazi Cover Up. According to Pat Smith, mother of one of the fallen heroes Sean Smith, attendees were given a notice last week that Hillary’s appearance as Key Note Speaker had been changed to a satellite presentation.

Mary Kafka, one of the women organizing the protest rally addressed a group of about 75 people in Ramona, CA on Saturday March 29, 2014. Kafka stated that Hillary’s change of plans would not stop the protest from happening.

Lynette Williams, another one of the organizers and long term San Diego resident, attributed Hillary’s appearance by satellite instead of in person a result of the protest. Williams also raised the question as to whether Hillary’s schedulers saw the attendee list which included Pat Smith.

In testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on January 23, 2013, in questions related to the facts surrounding the attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi, Hillary Clinton angrily retorted “What difference…does it make?” On April 11, 2014, concerned citizens will let everyone know The Difference Matters.

Mrs. Smith, meet Mr. Woods:

He said that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — despite signs early on that militants were behind the attack — pledged to him at that event that she would pursue the maker of an anti-Islam film that had been linked to other protests.

“Her countenance was not good and she made this statement to me … she said we will make sure that the person who made that film is arrested and prosecuted,” he said on radio host Glenn Beck’s online show, adding that she also apologized.

Woods said he “could tell that she was not telling me the truth.”

Which is different…how?

Woods also described encounters on Sept. 14 with Vice President Biden and President Obama.

He claimed that at one point, Biden came over to him and said, “in an extremely loud and boisterous voice, ‘did your son always have balls the size of cue balls?’”

Woods said in the Beck interview: “I will ask you the question, is that the voice of someone who is truly sorry?”

In a separate interview with radio host Lars Larson, Woods said shaking Obama’s hand was “like shaking hands with a dead fish.”

To be fair, if Obama had to give a firm handshake to everyone whose son or daughter died on his watch, he’d have carpal tunnel syndrome.

Who remembers any of this stuff? In one ear and out the other. It has to be our own kid left by his country to die before we pay attention. Even Cindy What’s-her-name is long forgotten.

But not here:

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Cause and Effect


Stepping into a region on edge, Vice President Joe Biden came to Poland on Tuesday to reassure anxious allies that the U.S. will stand up to Russia’s aggression in neighboring Ukraine, even as Moscow brushes aside sanctions and stern warnings from the West.


Russian President Vladimir Putin and officials from Crimea signed a treaty Tuesday to make the Black Sea peninsula part of Russia, just two days after it voted to secede from Ukraine in a referendum the United States and the European Union call “illegal.”

Mr. Putin signed the document with the prime minister of Crimea’s regional government, the speaker of Crimea’s parliament, and the mayor of the Crimean city of Sevastopol, where Russia’s Black Sea fleet is based.

Hours later, Russian and Ukrainian news media quoted a Ukrainian military spokesman as saying that Russian forces had attacked Ukrainian troops at a base in Crimea’s main city, Simferopol, killing one serviceman.

Be afraid, Poland. Be very afraid.

PS: What’d Biden say to the Polish guy? “This is a big fu*king deal!”?


Bite Me Bites Back

You might think a lengthy profile of Joe Biden would be as worthwhile an investment of time as, say, darning socks. But you’d be wrong. At least you’d get more life out of the socks.

But Biden’s descriptions of the good-for-nothing president are priceless:

Gore, Klain concluded, had erred by putting himself in a silo, owning only a few issues (the environment and a “reinventing government” project). That won him headlines but limited his impact and eventually exacerbated his estrangement from Clinton in 2000. Klain counseled Biden to embrace a much more ambiguous role that fit Biden’s take-it-as-it-comes personality, urging him to undertake, in Biden’s words, “every sh[*]t job in the world” that Obama didn’t want to do.

Fortunately for Biden, there was a whole lot Obama didn’t want to do, from managing the withdrawal from Iraq to babysitting unreliable and paranoid Afghan President Hamid Karzai and dealing with a squabbling Senate that Obama had been only too happy to leave.

“I have a fu[*]king target on my back,” Biden told a confidant after the 2012 budget deal. He was right.

“When the president asked me what portfolio did I want, I said, ‘Base it on what you want of me to help you govern,’” Biden recalled in our conversation. “‘But I want to be the last guy in the room on every major decision. … You’re president, I’m not, but if it’s my experience you’re lookin’ for, I want to be the last guy to make the case.’” For the most part, Biden adds, Obama kept the promise.

The problem with that approach soon became clear, however: It imposed a loyalty tax of sorts, saddling Biden with a jumble of lost causes Obama wanted to offload.

You mean Obama wanted to offload MORE than Iraq, Afghanistan, and Congress?

In 2009 and 2010, [Biden] was tasked with selling the administration’s massive but unpopular $787 billion economic stimulus bill, headlining an ill-timed “Recovery Summer” tour when public sentiment was souring on big government, and stumping for doomed Democratic congressional candidates facing the incipient Tea Party revolt. Later, Biden would be called upon to sell Obama’s never-going-to-happen jobs bill and to quarterback a futile effort to pass even modest gun control measures in the wake of the 2012 Newtown, Conn., school massacre. In each of these instances, Biden counseled Obama and his team to take bolder action, and privately expressed puzzlement that Obama wasn’t more vigorously selling accomplishments like his health care law. But to no avail.

Was there anything Obama did do?

Senate Democrats were skeptical of his role, but Biden was undeniably a player, not least because of Obama’s inability—or unwillingness—to cultivate meaningful long-term relationships across the aisle.

Obama was a senator, albeit only for four years (less, when you consider he was running for president for at least two years); yet we are told he didn’t care to cultivate relationships, indeed, “had been only too happy to leave” the chamber.

So, WTF did Obama do? Run for reelection:

As Obama’s first term drew to an end and the 2012 campaign geared up, Biden seemed to recognize he needed to move beyond his tiny circle if he wanted a political future. Yet nearly every move to expand his political team was blocked by Obama’s sharp-elbowed protectors, according to several Biden and Obama aides I interviewed. If there was a moment when Biden could have asserted himself as a free agent, willing to buck the president’s political team, it came (and went) in 2011. Biden didn’t ask for much, just a few side trips to see potential 2016 donors, a schedule that took him to battleground states where he could build his blue-collar brand. But Obama’s campaign hands set the tone early on: This was an all-for-one operation, and the one was Barack Obama, not Joe Biden.

In the fall of 2011, Biden’s top in-house political aide at the time, Alan Hoffman, quietly added a few dinners with top Hollywood and Silicon Valley fundraisers onto a previously scheduled January 2012 trip to the West Coast. When Obama senior adviser David Plouffe and campaign manager Jim Messina caught wind of the plan, they shut it down. Plouffe was tasked with laying out the ground rules and told Biden that everything he said or did needed to be cleared with the Chicago campaign headquarters first. “We can’t have people going off doing things on their own,” Plouffe told Biden. “Everything has to be part of the larger plan.”

There’s tons more; I haven’t even scanned it all. But you get the point. Biden had to do every [bleep] job Obama asked of him while the president reamed through (sorry, rammed through) ObamaCare and campaigned for 2012.

But if this story isn’t Biden’s revenge, I don’t know what is. As Obama himself noted, nobody messes with Joe.


Idiot Boy

That could be so many people. But really…

It could only be one:

Gates’ book, “Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War,” has sent a small shock wave through Washington, with its candid critiques of the Obama administration and particularly of those at the top. Gates left little to the imagination in questioning President Obama’s leadership style and commitment to the Afghanistan war. But he was unsparing in his assessment of Biden’s contribution.

“I think he has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades,” Gates wrote, according to The New York Times.

In excerpts published by the Times and Washington Post, and confirmed by Fox News, Gates called Biden a man of “integrity” but also accused him of “poisoning the well” for military leadership.

A man of integrity, but a “wrong”, “well-poisoning” man of integrity. See? There’s good in everybody.

Even Hillary:

He admitted to having “a few issues” with George W. Bush and essentially wrote approvingly of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whom he described as being “smart, idealistic but pragmatic, tough-minded, indefatigable, funny, a very valuable colleague, and a superb representative of the United States all over the world.”

Now I have to question his judgement.


I Thought “Nobody Messes With Joe”

Don’t struggle, Joe. It only makes it worse:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Tuesday took some indirect swipes at Vice President Joe Biden at an off-the-record gathering, a state representative in attendance told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“I know she’s running for president now, because toward the end, she was asked about the Osama bin Laden raid. She took 25 minutes to answer,” George State Rep. Tom Taylor told the newspaper. “Without turning the knife too deeply, she put it to [Vice President Joe] Biden.”


Clinton, a top potential 2016 contender, addressed the National Association of Convenience Stores in Atlanta on Tuesday, where “social media, photography, recording, writing about and/or videotaping” was prohibited, according to guidance released a day earlier.

Clinton struck a similar theme at another recent speech before the Long Island Association, according to an attendee.

She was asked about bin Laden at that event as well, and in her telling, the attendee said, “She and the CIA director were for the attack, and Biden and the secretary of defense were against the attack.”

They say an early sign of a serial killer is cruelty to animals. Watching Hillary slowly torture Biden is like watching a young Hannibal Lecter mistreat his pet gerbil.

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He Said WHAT?

Oh dear. I worry that Joe Biden’s brain tumor is back:

In a speech at the conference of the self-labeled “pro-Israel, pro-peace” lobby J Street, Vice President Joe Biden said Monday that the Palestinians are the “least ideological and sectarian” Arabs in the Middle East.

Biden’s comments on the Palestinians were an attempt to address questions concerning the Obama administration’s brokering of Israeli-Palestinian conflict negotiations during a time of upheaval elsewhere in the region, including in Syria and in Egypt.

“In light of all these problems, some people ask us: Why Biden, why, why Obama. Why are you so set on trying to resolve the peace process?” Biden said.

“The Palestinian-Israeli issue involves the least ideological and least sectarian Arabs in the Middle East,” he said in an answer to his rhetorical question.

Dr. Daniel Pipes, president of the Middle East Forum, said Biden’s characterization of the Palestinians revealed the Obama administration’s “profound ignorance—or willful denial—about the Middle East.” He said the Palestinians, contrary to Biden’s assessment, have “shown themselves over the last century to be the most radicalized of populations not just in the region, but globally.”

“In the 1920s, they initiated a policy absolutely to reject the Zionist presence; in the 1940s, they joined with Adolf Hitler; in the 1960s, they founded modern terrorism; in the 1990s, they fraudulently signed an agreement on the White House lawn; in the 2000s, they engaged in a policy of ethnic cleansing vis-à-vis Christians; and today, as a terrorist organization rules in Gaza, a large majority endorses terrorism as a tactic and retains the goal of eliminating the sovereign Jewish state,” Pipes told

“Palestinians are, in fact, most ideological and most sectarian of Arabs,” he added.

Least, most—it’s just splitting hairs.

But look at Biden’s audience: J Street. This is a message tailored to the surrender wing of American Jewry. Biden was just telling them what they wanted to hear, the dumb bunny.

Besides, when it comes to ideological and sectarian Arabs (Muslims anyway), the competition is pretty stiff:

Following are excerpts from an Iranian TV video on the U.S. and President Obama, which aired on Press TV on October 2, 2013.

Narrator: The United States, once again, finds itself exposed before the whole world, as countless victims of Washington’s own chemical attacks – from Japan to Vietnam, to Iraq – watch Barack Obama point his blood-dripping fingers to Damascus.

Fact: Obama’s failure to set another chemical catastrophe, partly because of six decades of lies by succeeding U.S. administrations, setting the entire world ablaze, and partly because his latest war crime fell on ears and eyes deafened and blinded by Washington’s own history of chemical attacks, including: the Napalm bombing of Japan, burning to death some 100,000 innocent civilians and injuring a million more, while afflicting tens of thousands of newborn children with birth defects, not to mention the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki; dumping 20 million gallons of Agent Orange in Vietnam, killing 400,000 civilians, afflicting over one million people with disabilities, over half a million newborn babies with birth defects, and leaving two million people suffering from cancer; helping Saddam Hussein gas thousands of Iranians with chemical weapons, including sarin, nerve gas, and mustard gas, in his Washington-backed war against Iran, indiscriminate raining of white phosphorus in Iraq’s Falljua – melting to death hundreds of defenseless men, women, and children; littering Iraq with thousands of tons of munitions made from depleted uranium, with cancer and infant mortality rates sky-rocketing, and inflicting thousands of newborns with birth defects.

President Obama, you cannot fool all the people all the time.

He fooled 53% of the American electorate, which was more than enough.

PS: Did President Rouhani speak in these terms on your phone call, Mr. President?


The Farce of 2016

These things have a way of not turning out to be as much fun as we hoped, but 2016 may have some of the venom and vituperation as 2008. (Even one of the co-stars is back!)

As it stands now, Biden and Hillary are very close. She’s joked that she thinks Joe and Bill were “separated at birth” because they have such similar personalities. If I were Mrs. Biden — oh, I’m sorry, if I were Doctor Jill Biden — I would find that less than wholly reassuring. But if Biden runs and if it looks for even a moment that he might steal the prize from Hillary, the Clinton machine will go bat guano crazy and attack Biden either directly or via legions of sock-puppet proxies. The problem is that the substantive differences between Hillary and Joe are negligible. If anything, Joe has a better record of accomplishment on Hillary’s issues. Let me say that again. Joe Biden has done more for women (as defined by feminists and liberals) than Hillary has by far. He authored the Violence Against Women Act. He (dishonorably) torpedoed Judge Bork’s Supreme Court nomination, he embraced gay marriage before Obama and Clinton etc. He’s also got a better record — by far — than Hillary Clinton on foreign policy, her supposed strength as a former Secretary of State with a million frequent flier miles. He was also Barack Obama’s partner when they passed a disastrous healthcare reform law. Hillary was Bill Clinton’s partner when he failed to pass a disastrous healthcare reform law.

How dare Joe Biden stand in the way of “Madam President!?” “Joe Biden hates women!” We might even see liberals suddenly become very troubled by Biden’s past statements on race or whatnot. When political activists have no place substantive to go but their sense of entitlement is off the charts, you can expect them to get nasty quickly. That’s the thing about irrational positions, people defend them irrationally.

If Barack Obama was “clean” what compliment would Biden pay Hillary? She doesn’t sweat very much?

The smarter spinners will try to bait Biden into saying something stupid, which should be about as hard as baiting a bear with a huge bowl of ice cream, smoked trout and Captain Crunch.

I’m sure he thinks he can keep everything civil and cordial with the Clintons, that will only stay true so long as he’s not a threat. If he starts racking up wins in the early primaries (a significant if, I grant you), Bill Clinton even more enraged than he was when he missed his chance to be a judge at the Hawaiian Tropic beauty contest.

So, finally, my message to conservatives is: lighten’ up. This is going to be fun.

I hope so. But all the fun will turn to ashes if the Lady Macbeth of Benghazi actually wins the damn office. I can’t see it—or let myself see it—but I certainly can’t rule it out. We are that far gone as an electorate. That and more so.


Get a Shotgun

Maybe we can get this tightwad doofus to show some charity at the point of a gun barrel:

Vice President Biden and Dr. Jill Biden gave just 1.9 percent of their adjusted gross income to charity last year, far less than that donated by the Obamas and even below what the average American gives.

The Bidens reported an adjusted gross income of $385,072 in 2012 but gave only $7,190 to charity, a pittance for a couple earning so much and an incredibly small amount for a politician who probably hopes to run for president in 2016.

What’s more, $2,000 of what the Bidens donated didn’t come out of their income at all – it was old stuff, including “exercise equipment,” “boots,” “kitchenware,” “furniture,” toys,” bicycles,” “clothing,” and even “pottery.”

In the decade before his nomination to be vice president, Biden and his wife donated about 0.2 percent of their income, averaging a measly $369 in annual donations.

To their credit, the Obamas give a lot. What’s with BiteMe? And who tries to get a write-off for used boots? Ew.

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