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If You Can’t Say Something Nice, Say Nothing

I’m sorry about Jimmy Carter’s cancer. Sounds like he’s a goner.

CAMERA, do you have anything to add?

Praise for Carter Ignores Ex-President’s Anti-Israel Obsession

There’s plenty to read there if you’re interested.

Real shame about the cancer.

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And Now, A Word From That Crazy Old Man on the Bus

Who says he’s a Nobel Prize winner, no less, and was once President of the United States!

Yeah, right:

Former US president Jimmy Carter called Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal a strong proponent of the peace process Saturday, and said he wasn’t meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu because it would be “a waste of time.”

Now, now, Jimmy, it’s a sin to lie. What’s the whole truth?

Israel officials said last week that Netanyahu and Rivlin had refused invitations to meet with Carter, who was described by an Israeli diplomatic source as “a disaster for Israel,” who holds “anti-Israel positions.”

Speaking of sins, it wouldn’t surprise me if Israel told you to get lost solely to stop you from “lusting in your heart” after those hot Israeli women in their IDF uniforms. For that alone, I couldn’t blame you.

Next stop, The Bowery.


Pound Sand, Jimmy!

Israeli President, Rivlin, refuses to meet with Jimmy Carter.

President Reuven Rivlin has refused to meet with former US president Jimmy Carter during his upcoming visit to the region, due to his stances over recent years seen as “anti-Israel.”

In recent years, Carter has become one of the most prominent critics of Israel, notably when during last summer’s war with Hamas he denounced the IDF’s Operation Protective Edge in Gaza as illegitimate.

An Israeli diplomatic official told The Jerusalem Post’s Hebrew sister publication Ma’ariv that the Foreign Ministry recommended Rivlin not meet with Carter, in order to transmit the message that those who harm Israel will not meet with the president.

Carter is the 2nd worst President in modern American history. I think we all know who the worst is.

– Aggie


Our Friends, Hamass

Indiscriminate killing, ethnic cleansing, documented intentions of genocide, violent intimidation and summary executions, human shields and other war crimes: Jimmy Carter’s people!

“Hamas cannot be wished away, nor will it cooperate in its own demise. Only by recognizing its legitimacy as a political actor – one that represents a substantial portion of the Palestinian people – can the West begin to provide the right incentives for Hamas to lay down its weapons.”

In the article, Carter praised Hamas for making a “major concession” in April when it entered into a reconciliation agreement with the Palestinian Authority’s President Mahmoud Abbas. In the reconciliation agreement, Hamas gave up all of the top government positions to technocratic Fatah appointees pending elections.

Carter also credits Hamas with adopting de facto the unity government’s pledge to nonviolence, recognition of Israel and adherence to past agreements.

Heck, give them a Nobel Peace Prize—yours! So, if Jimmuh loves himself some Hamass, guess whom he doesn’t like?

“Tragically, Israel rejected this opportunity for peace and has succeeded in preventing the new [Palestinian unity] government’s deployment in Gaza.”

If you can’t live with Hamass, with whom can you live?

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When the Phone Don’t Ring, You’ll Know It’s Barack

Aren’t delusions and paranoia consistent with Alzheimer’s Disease?

“I have felt that my own communications were probably monitored,” said [former president, Jimmy] Carter. “When I want to communicate with a foreign leader privately, I type or write the letter myself, put it in the mailbox and mail it… I believe if I send an email it will be monitored.”

Dear Hamas, Keep it up! Love, Jimmuh.

But Carter does have his good days:

President Barack Obama is the first president who has not solicited advice from former President Jimmy Carter since he left office, Carter told NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday.

“President Clinton did and President George W. Bush and H.W. Bush and even Ronald Reagan used to call on us to go into sensitive areas,” Carter told NBC’s Andrea Mitchell Sunday.

“I think the problem was that — in dealing with the issue of peace in between Israel and Egypt — the Carter Center has taken a very strong and public position of equal treatment between the Palestinians and the Israelis,” said Carter.

Right, the Carter Center is demanding that Israelis board Arab buses (or sneak into remote Arab villages) and slaughter women and children to achieve “equal treatment”. Israel should also shell Palestinian towns indiscriminately (firing from crowded areas to discourage retaliation); broadcast racist, anti-Arab television programs, especially to small children; repeat blood libels as fact; and celebrate every single Jewish mass-murderer as a hero and a martyr. (Where’s David Berkowitz Plaza, for example?) Until the Israelis comply with Carter’s insistence on “equal treatment”, Jimmy must stand apart, on principle, even if it means Obama won’t go near the old goat.

I’m sure his Profile in Courage Award™ is in the mail.


Jimmy Carter, Dolt

Carter claims that today’s Middle Class is equivalent to poor people when he was President.

From one who lived as a young, poor person in the Carter years, let’s review:

Poor people back then lacked cars, telephones, adequate clothing and food. It was possible, pre-AIDS, to sell your blood for $5 per visit, and you were allowed to do this once a week. The five dollars bought food for a week for two if you only ate lentils, potatoes, onions and milk and whatever was cheap. No meat, no cheese, some peanut butter. Think Russian peasant, early 19th century, except for the peanut butter. Personally, I easily fit a women’s size 2, which was quite large on me. Clothing was very expensive (pre-cheap-Chinese-goods), and hand-me-downs were worn by many. I owned two pairs of jeans. Buying shoes for children was a real challenge, especially if said children were fed and insisted on growing. I could go on and on, but I imagine that many of our readers can recall. Oh, and if you were able to purchase a house interest rates were astronomical.

So when Jimmy Carter claims that living in poverty, circa 1978, was in anyway similar to being in the American Middle Class today, I call bullshit:

Former President Jimmy Carter said Monday that the income gap in the United States has increased to the point where members of the middle class resemble the Americans who lived in poverty when he occupied the White House. [In what way do they resemble it, Mr. Carter? Be specific please? Is it a lack of cell phones (no, we have Obamaphones for the poor, and everyone else older than about 12 years old has a regular cell phone? TVs? I don’t think so. Cars? Please. What utter nonsense. – Aggie]

Carter offered his assessment of the nation’s economic challenges Monday at a Habitat for Humanity construction site in Oakland — the first of five cities he and wife Rosalynn plan to visit this week to commemorate their three-decade alliance with the international nonprofit that promotes and builds affordable housing.
The recent economic downturn revealed that families living in even comparatively well-off, but expensive regions like the San Francisco Bay Area are economically insecure, he said.

“Even in one of the wealthiest parts of the world there is a great deal of foreclosures and now a great deal of people who are fortunate to own their own houses owe more on them than the houses are worth in the present market, and that’s all changed in the last eight years,” Carter said during an exclusive interview with The Associated Press.
Taking a break from framing windows at a new 12-unit town house development in a section of East Oakland where Habitat already has built or repaired 115 homes, the 89-year-old former Democratic president said the federal government is investing less in affordable housing at a time of greater need.
[Really? He is going into poor areas and labeling them “middle class” in order to make this statement. Home ownership is higher among the middle class, the lower middle class and poor people than when he was President. Does anyone recall that in the Carter era, interest rates were north of 10%? – Aggie]

“The disparity between rich people and poor people in America has increased dramatically since when we started,” he said. “The middle class has become more like poor people than they were 30 years ago. So I don’t think it’s getting any better.” [Disparity may have increased, but the Middle Class lives more like the affluent in the Carter years. – Aggie]

Years of tax breaks for the wealthy, a minimum wage untethered from the inflation rate and electoral districts drawn to maximize political polarization have reduced the quality of life for all but a small fraction of Americans and imperiled the nation’s standing as “a real superpower,” he said. [I agree that we have become more polarized and that gerrymandering is not helping. – Aggie]

Ok, that’s as much as I can take. The difficult part of this is that I agree that it would be nice for everyone to have more, but I disagree about the pathway. When Carter and his ilk demonize people who disagree, and frankly lie about what life was like when he was President, it only further destroys the already weak ties we have to each other in the United States.

– Aggie


Carter: America Has No Functioning Democracy

Amazing. This is the first time I’ve agreed with Jimmy Carter in decades. We are not a democracy in the Age of Obama.

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter was in the wake of the NSA Spähskandals criticized the American political system. “America has no functioning democracy,” Carter said Tuesday at a meeting of the “Atlantic Bridge” in Atlanta.

The funky English is due to the fact that the statements were published in Der Spiegel (the German news magazine) and run through an internet translator. But he’s obviously correct. And the party that took our democracy apart, brick by brick, is the Democrat Party under the leadership of Barack Obama. I bet a nickel that Carter voted for him twice.

– Aggie


Looking More And More Like The Carter Era

Gas rationing

For a different reason, to be sure, but it sure does bring back memories.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie spoke Friday afternoon and said the state was “inching closer to normalcy” following the devastation of Superstorm Sandy.

But things seemed far from normal after the governor issued a gas rationing system to ease the strain several hours later. Starting at noon Saturday, New Jersey will move to an odd-even gas rationing system in 12 counties as part of a “limited state of energy emergency.”

Christie ordered odd-even fuel sales to help ease shortages and long gas lines that have occurred since Sandy decimated the coast earlier this week.

Let’s compare the Obama era to the Carter era. Crappy economy? Check. Gas lines? Check. Unexplained violence in the Middle East? Check. President wearing cardigans and refusing to leave the White House? Not exactly. This President loves golf more than just about anything and he’s very hip… no cardigans for him. But he is very into Green Energy, today’s cardigan.

– Aggie

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Let’s Play “Blame the Jew!”

I’m so relieved!

Egypt’s President Mohamned Morsi has “suggestions” for a change to his country’s peace treaty with Israel, but will not implement them unilaterally, former U.S. president Jimmy Carter said on Tuesday, according to AFP.

“I have talked with President Morsi about the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt… and he has assured me that it would be honored by Egypt,” Carter was quoted as having said in Cairo.

“He has suggestions for change, he told me this, and he understands also that any change in the treaty has to be approved by both sides. If it is done unilaterally by Egypt or Israel, the treaty would be destroyed,” added Carter.

Well, you have to understand Jimmy’s position. Other than introducing the American public to the word “malaise”, the Camp David accord was his single accomplishment. (Oh yeah, the hostages.)

That’s how he can ignore this:

Last week, an adviser to Morsi called to urgently change the peace treaty with Israel.

The adviser, Mohammed Ismat Seif Al-Dawla, issued the call during a speech he delivered at a conference on “Camp David and its Impact on Egypt’s National Security.” The presidential adviser said that in its current form, the historic treaty maintains the national security of the “Zionist enemy” more than it helps Egypt’s national security.

Ties between the two countries have been strained over the issue of security in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, which has increasingly become a haven for terrorists who use the area as a launching ground for attacks against Israeli civilians living in the south of the country, and IDF soldiers.

Israel has urged Egypt to tackle the growing lawlessness in Sinai, and Cairo has responded by boosting its military presence in the area where the attack took place.

So, will Israel accept the assurances of the disgraced ex-president? This member of the Israel-bashing Klan, the Elders?


“That policy of promoting a two-state solution seems to be abandoned now and we are deeply concerned about this move towards this catastrophic so-called one-state choice … this is a major concern,” Carter told a news conference.

“Every (Israeli) prime minister that I have known has been a pursuer of the two-state solution and I don’t know that (US President Barack) Obama has found that Prime Minister Netanyahu has been willing to go that route,” Carter added.

“All indications to us is that this two-state solution has basically been abandoned and we’ve had a moving forward towards a ‘greater Israel’ which I think is contrary to the two-state solution concept,” Carter said.

Carter neglected to mention this:

Palestinian terrorists fired 60 rockets and mortar shells into southern Israel Wednesday morning, injuring five and sending local residents fleeing for cover. IAF strikes targeting Palestinian rocket-launching squads killed four Hamas operatives but did little to stem the flow of rockets.

Hamas’s armed wing, the Al-Qassam brigades, took responsibility Wednesday for both a barrage of rockets unleashed against Israel since Tuesday night and the bomb that critically injured an IDF officer along the Gaza border on Tuesday. The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) took responsibility for the Gaza border bomb.

I have a nervous tic that I’m a little embarrassed by. Any time someone mentions Jimmy Carter, I blurt out “vile antisemite”. I can’t help myself. Any ideas on how to control this involuntary spasm?


Guess Who Can’t Find Work…

Jimmy Carter’s grandson

The damning video of Mitt Romney telling a room of wealthy donors how he really feels about the freeloading 47 percent of Americans “who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it,” among other candid things, has been floating around online in bits and pieces for three months, but didn’t hit the big time until it was published by David Corn at Mother Jones today. Credited as a “research assistant” on the story is James Carter IV, the grandson of former President Jimmy Carter, who has been toiling online as an opposition researcher and is “currently looking for work,” according to his Twitter bio. “I’ve been searching for clips on Republicans for a long time, almost every day,” said Carter this evening. “I just do it for fun.” But by connecting Corn with the mysterious uploader of the clip, Carter has uncovered his biggest story yet, one that could potentially affect the outcome of the election. (And get him a job.)

He put the anonymous video source in touch with the Mother Jones reporter and then butted out, knowing he was onto something. “Any time that you can find a clip that strengthens the narrative already established, that’s what becomes a big deal,” Carter explained. “I’ve been trying to get paid for this but it hasn’t worked out yet. This might help.”

Here’s the gold mine:

I bet George Soros hires him immediately. Anyway, it speaks so highly for the Democrats. Here is a kid that had everything. Grandpa was President. And he can’t find work?

– Aggie


1979 Fashion Statement

The cardigan!

BTL wondered what hemlines were in the 1970s. A bigger question is how we managed to stay warm during the oil embargo? Our fearless leader led the way. Jimmy donned cardigans!

Gentle Reader, we in Bloodthirstan have always been helpful to the cause. Perhaps if we all pooled our pennies, we could send Barack Obama a nice selection of fall cardigans? Size very, very small. All in hip colors, the colors you would expect to find in a hipster neighborhood of Brooklyn.

ANother 1979 fashion statement:

Or maybe we should show up at Obama campaign events in ugly cardigans and big teeth?

– Aggie

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Carter Era Stagflation Is Back

Heh. We predicted this in February 2008.

The dreaded combination of stagnation and inflation has returned, bringing with it new challenges for policy makers, investors, business people and consumers.

As far as policy goes, it is tough enough to reduce unemployment. It is also no picnic to keep inflation at bay.

But it is a real challenge to deal with both at the same time, which is what policy makers must do when confronted with stagflation. This is because fighting one problem risks exacerbating the other.

While neither unemployment nor inflation is uncommon, every so often, both rise together to alarmingly high levels. Take the period from 1973 through 1975, for example.

The economy entered into a recession in November 1973 and did not stop falling until March 1975 — a period of 16 months, which at that time was the longest downturn since the 1930s.

Meanwhile, inflation, which had risen from 3.6% at the beginning of 1973, to 8.3% when the recession began, continued to rise throughout 1974, peaking at an annual rate of 12.3% in December of that year.

This double-digit inflation was caused by rapid money growth in the wake of the quadrupling of oil prices in late 1973, which led to a sharp rise in inflation expectations, especially through cost-of-living-clauses in private and public contracts.

However, the combination of sharply rising prices and interest rates depleted buying power, causing business to cut back. Layoffs rose, sending the unemployment rate from 4.9% in the fourth quarter of 1973 to a high of 8.7% by the second quarter of 1975.

President Ford’s WIN (Whip Inflation Now) policy was futile; so were President Carter’s wage-price guidelines.

But Reagan’s tax cuts and pro-business policies helped.

I gotta be honest – I’m torn. I think Obama is as dumb as a bag of rocks, but his voters are dumber. So why shouldn’t they go through a real Carter-era experience? Very high unemployment coupled with alarmingly rapid inflation might be what they want. Remember when the Arabs did an oil embargo and Carter responded by wearing a cardigan? Today’s Obots can all put on their cardigans and feel smug in their freezing houses.

– Aggie

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