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You can’t draw Jesus, you can’t draw Ganesh, you can’t draw Abraham, and you sure as hell can’t draw you-know-who:

L. Ron Hubbard

An Acton school district superintendent said Wednesday he has banned depicting religious leaders after middle school students drew images on a history worksheet of Muhammad, which is forbidden in Islam.

Following a parent’s complaint and media inquiries, Acton-Agua Dulce Unified School District Superintendent Brent Woodard told a reporter Tuesday he would consult with an expert on Islam to determine whether a vocabulary handout given to a 7th-grade history class at High Desert School in Acton was offensive. The worksheet, Vocabulary Pictures: The Rise of Islam, listed words such as Quran, Mecca, Bedouins and Muhammad with spaces for students to draw pictures or images related to those words.

“I have directed all staff to permanently suspend the practice of drawing or depiction of any religious leader,” Woodard said Wednesday afternoon in a text message. “I am certain this teacher did not intend to offend anyone and in fact was simply teaching respect and tolerance for all cultures.”

I could add a few more vocabulary words: jihad, honor killing, shahid, 72 virgins, Aisha, decapitation, blowing up historic treasures, to name a few.

PS: Zarqawi with his 72 virgins:

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A Cut Above

We’ve covered most of this before, but MEMRI is invaluable.

The Knife Intifada from MEMRI TV on Vimeo.

All they do is present Arabs and Muslims in their own words. But as no one else does that (save PWM, Palestinian Media Watch, on a limited sale), it is more than enough.

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Try Not to Let This Destroy Your Faith in the Safety of the Bangladeshi Blogging Community

Dang! Another one?

Another secular blogger was hacked to death and three other people were severely wounded in two separate attacks in Bangladesh’s capital on Saturday, Dhaka police said.

Publisher and secular blogger Faisal Arefin Dipan was killed in Shahbagh area while three others, also publishers and bloggers, were hacked and shot in Lalmatia area.

Muntasirul Islam, a deputy commissioner and spokesman of Dhaka Metropolitan Police told journalists that unidentified assailants were involved in the attacks.

“It’s been seemed pre-planned and (an) act of terror,” Islam said, adding that police were yet to make any arrests.

Can’t get anything by the Dhaka PD.

Both Dipon and Ahmedur Rashid Tutul, who was being treated at Dhaka Medical College Hospital, published books of slain Bangladesh-born American blogger and writer Avijit Roy.

Roy was murdered in a similar attack in an annual book fair on Dhaka University campus in February.

A month later, Washiqur Rahman, 27, was savaged by two men with knives and meat cleavers just outside his house as he headed to work at a travel agency in the capital.

Anant Bijoy Das, 32, was set upon with cleavers and machetes in May as he left his home on his way to work at a bank in northeastern Bangladesh. And in September, Niloy Neel was hacked to death in his Dhaka apartment.

Bangladeshi lives matter!

PS: I’m just relieved that I can blog freely and safely (and anonymously) as an obnoxious conservative here in the deep blue state of Massachusetts. I think.


M is for the Martyr That She Made Me

O is for the orangutan she resembles (with apologies to our simian sisters)…:

Umm Muhammad Shamasne, whose son Muhammad was killed while perpetrating a terror attack on a bus in Jerusalem on October 12, was recently interviewed in her home by the Lebanese Al-Quds TV channel. Offering the interviewer candy to celebrate her son’s martyrdom, Umm Muhammad Shamasne said…

No. No giving it away.

Interviewer: I am talking to the mother of the martyr Muhammad Shamasne. First of all, Allah’s mercy on Muhammad. Did you know that Muhammad was thinking about carrying out an operation, and do you believe the occupation’s version, which says he was the one who carried out the operation in Jerusalem?

Umm Muhammad Shamasne: First of all, Allah be praised, Muhammad was martyred for the sake of Al-Aqsa, and for the sake of the young women of Al-Aqsa. Allah willing, all my children will follow in Muhammad’s footsteps. We knew [what he had in mind]. I did not cry, and I am angry that he didn’t take me with him. Muhammad should have taken me to be martyred with him. We regret nothing. We are proud of him. I’d like to offer you candy to celebrate Muhammad’s martyrdom.

Umm Muhammad Shamasne hands the interviewer a bowl full of candy


Interviewer: Muhammad’s body is now being held by the Israeli occupation. Have you received any threats on the part of the Israeli occupation regarding Muhammad’s body or regarding the demolition of this home? As you know, one of the punitive measures of the Israeli occupation is the demolition of the home of anyone who carries out a resistance operation. Have you encountered any threat?

Umm Muhammad Shamasne: Until now, we have not received any threat, and no threats will have any effect on us. Let them destroy the house. Let Mu’tasim and Yousuf be martyred as well. It is all a sacrifice for the sake of Al-Aqsa and Palestine. As for me…

Umm Muhammad Shamasne pulls out a knife from under her clothes

Interviewer: No, no, no…

Umm Muhammad Shamasne: I am concealing this weapon for Israel. Watch out, Israel! Watch out!

Umm Muhammad Shamasne makes stabbing motions

Interviewer: We don’t want to see such spectacles on TV, but let’s keep to the subject of Muhammad. I understand the searing pain, the anger, and the tension, but we can’t have such things, if you’ll forgive me. Regarding the home, this home could be demolished at any moment… Please put that thing away…

Umm Muhammad Shamasne: The home will be a sacrifice for the sake of Al-Aqsa. I will sacrifice my four children for the sake of Al-Aqsa, and I will be the first to sacrifice myself for the sake of Al-Aqsa. Watch out, Israel. You have brought the fire of Hell upon yourself, and you don’t know who you’re dealing with. You have brought the fire of Hell upon yourself, Israel. There’s no need for me to say any more. My deeds will speak louder than words.

I doubt that. This bitch makes Hillary Clinton sound like a librarian.

But she missed her chance to sacrifice herself for Al-Aqsa on live TV. I would have sprung for pay-per-view to have seen that. Made popcorn and everything. Drained the battery on the remote while I ran it backwards and forwards.

Some people may look at Mrs. Umm and despair of Israel ever triumphing over such determination and self-sacrifice. I just laugh. This “we love death more than you love life” thing sounds scary the first 74 times you hear it; less so after that. Every time a Palestinian Arab dies in the commission of a terrorist act, I just think: more Israel for the Jews.

Besides, as my president said: “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” And so it must not. Mrs. Umm and her brood are history.

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Detestable [UPDATED]

What the hell, let’s unload the whole thesaurus:

abhorrent, hateful, loathsome, despicable, abominable, execrable, repellent, repugnant, repulsive, revolting, disgusting, distasteful, horrible, horrid, awful; heinous, reprehensible, obnoxious, odious, offensive, contemptible.

US Secretary of State John Kerry said Saturday that Israel has agreed on steps to calm tensions over the Temple Mount, including 24-hour security cameras, AFP reports.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was to announce details of the measures later the same day, Kerry said after meetings in Amman with Jordan’s King Abdullah II and Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas.

He said Netanyahu had agreed to “an excellent suggestion by King Abdullah”, custodian of the Temple Mount complex in Jerusalem, “to provide 24-hour video coverage of all sites” in the compound, which is sacred to both Jews and Muslims.

“This will provide comprehensive visibility and transparency and that could really be a game changer in discouraging anybody from disturbing the sanctity of the holy site,” he said.

Turning the Temple Mount into an Islamic police state is “an excellent suggestion”, which protects the “sanctity of the holy site”? Mentally, I’m sputtering incoherently (not that one can easily tell the difference).

Israel has repeatedly and slanderously been referred to as an “apartheid state”. This act actually meets the criteria. I’m angry with Netanyahu, of course, but I’m burning with shame that this is American policy.

I turned to my unofficial rabbis, Caroline Glick and Moshe
Feiglin, for spiritual guidance (and not a little outrage). Neither has yet responded.

Unless this entry by Feiglin (dated before this hateful, abhorrent, etc.) announcement is actionable wisdom:

And when Abram was ninety years old and nine, G-d appeared to Abram, and said to him: ‘I am God Almighty; walk before Me, and be simply sincere.’ (Genesis 17:1)

“Do not lose your simple sincerity,” the King of the world says to the father of the Jewish nation. Even when ‘reality’ shows that there is no hope, and when the very opposite of what was promised happens, simple sincerity is the secret weapon that will make the blessing reality.

Sometimes, simple sincerity can be confused with passivity. “We will simply learn Torah and everything will work out,” say some. Or: “We will simply build new settlements.” Or: “We will simply become top officers in the army.” Or: “We will simply play the political game.” Or: We will simply make a lot of money and everything will work out.” Each person seems to have a form of passivity that keeps him comfortable. But Abraham does not confuse simple sincerity with passivity. He teaches Torah, makes wars, builds the Land, is actively involved in politics, makes a lot of money and does not forgo any human endeavor. He keeps going all the time – but with simple sincerity as his guiding light.

Take a deep breath, BTL. Even if you don’t believe in G-d, he believes in Israel. John Kerry, too, shall pass (if there is a G-d).

PS: I looked up Genesis 17:1, and Feglin’s translation is, how to put it, creative. What he translates as “simply sincere” is most often translated as “blameless”; “wholehearted” and “integrity” are also mentioned. The King James and other like translations put it “be thou perfect”. Interesting range of interpretations.

PPS: G-d makes his covenant with Abraham next, if you were wondering.

That didn’t take long:

Bayit Yehudi MK Yinon Magal said that nothing would prevent Jews from praying there.

“I appreciate the prime minister’s efforts to calm the situation at the moment, but in the end, nothing will prevent Jews from praying on the Temple Mount, their holiest site in the world, not even the Wakf’s cameras,” Magal wrote.


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Atta Girl

I want to stab a Jew.

Her father, Abdulhaleem Abuesha, a teacher in the Madaba refugee camp in Jordan, encourages her, saying: “Oh, you’re so strong!” The video was posted on Abuesha’s Facebook account on October 16. His account also features a picture of a little boy – presumably his son – holding a large knife and smiling at the camera.

A father and a teacher! What a molder of young minds.

But just one, Rahf? Have you no ambition?


Save the Garbanzo!

Arab Spring, Nuclear Winter—what’s the difference?

Humanity has had to cash in on its insurance policy earlier than expected.

Deep in the side of a mountain in the Arctic archipelago is the Svalbard Global Seed Vault. Coined the “Doomsday Vault,” this bank operated by the Norwegian government is meant to be humanity’s back-up in the event of a devastating catastrophe that decimates crops.

But that was not what caused scientists to have to dip in and make a withdrawal. Rather, it was because of the most preventable of manmade disasters — war.

Death, devastation and unimaginable brutality has become the hallmark of the bitter civil war ravaging Syria. In the midst of one of the most contested areas in Aleppo sits a treasure trove of food crop genetic material made inaccessible by war.

ICARDA’s gene bank in Aleppo, one of the most important in the world, includes more than 135,000 varieties of wheat, fava bean, lentil and chickpea crops, as well as the world’s most valuable barley collection.

“These are land races that were inherited from our grand-grand-parents, most of them are unfortunately extinct now,” ICARDA Director General Mahmoud El-Solh said. “And this is where the cradle of agriculture [was] 10,000 years ago. In this part of the world, many of the important crops were domesticated from the wild to cultivation.”

ICARDA needs to reconstruct its collection of genetic material stocks since it can no longer access its own vault in Aleppo and plant the lands around it.

Is there much competition for “the world’s most valuable barley collection”?

Let us consider: the “cradle of agriculture” is now on the brink of starvation, sterility, extinction. Less than five years removed from the dawn of the Arab Spring we are now at the daybreak of Doomsday. Aramgeddon has come to Aleppo.

Okay, I’m enjoying this too much. But can you blame me? As newly installed president, Obama scuttled over to Cairo to declare America’s submission to Islam. Six years later, the Muslim world is aflame (again, still); young, fighting-age men from war-ravaged countries comprise a human tsunami across Europe; we have betrayed (again, still) our sole ally, steadfast to the last, blessed Israel. And the fava bean is under siege.

But congratulations on Tunisia, everybody! They’ve earned their Nobel more than Obama did. But then, so did Yasser Arafat.


Cool Clock, Ahmed

Want to bring it to the International Criminal Court?

Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year old boy arrested after a homemade clock he brought to school was mistaken for a bomb, may be putting President Obama in an awkward situation after meeting with Sudanese president and alleged war criminal Omar al-Bashir just days before a White House event to which he was invited.

Despite the controversy, the White House has not yet announced any change of plans for the invitation or the event – an Astronomy Night scheduled for Monday that brings together NASA astronauts and government scientists with students and teachers.

But as the boy has gone on a tour across the globe to speak out against racism — meeting with Turkish President Ahmet Davuto?lu in New York, and visiting a number of Middle Eastern countries such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia — the visit to his father’s home country of Sudan is raising eyebrows.

He was photographed meeting with al-Bashir on Wednesday, reportedly alongside his father.

The Sudanese leader is wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes in Darfur, where he is accused of orchestrating genocide and crimes against humanity. Al-Bashir denies the accusations.

Sudanese human right advocates say that al-Bashir is using the 14-year-old’s visit for his own political benefit.

Obama got himself in this mess by essentially saying the school and the police “acted stupidly”. But whether this was a trap set by Ahmed and his father and his sister, or just a mistake, the “awkward situation” is entirely of Obama’s making.

What’s “cool” about this?

Even if it’s innocent (and it’s not), it’s a mess. I couldn’t be happier if Ahmed were pictured laying a rose on the grave of Yasser Arafat, or dressed as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi for Halloween.

Here’s a napkin, Mr. President. You wouldn’t want to get any of that sh*t sandwich on your shirt!

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The Daily Humiliation of the Palestinian People

One oft-repeated myth holds that most Arabs are just people like you and me. As with the Tooth Fairy, I once believed that myself.

Then I started considering the evidence: all the mothers who pledge their wombs to breeding terrorists; the TV programs for children that teach the virtues of slaughtering Jews; the summer camps featuring flaming hoops and barbed wire; the parks, squares, plazas, and corners named after mass-murderers; the stipends paid to the families of mass-murderers (coming indirectly from your pocket); the incitement to genocide printed and broadcast every day in the state-run media; need I go on? (You know I could.)

All the evidence indicates that the kind of person who could ram a car into a bus stop, crushing an old man, and then leap out of the car waving a meat cleaver, which he proceeds to bury into live human flesh over and over and over again—that person is not like me and you. At least not you. I hope.

Your honor, the prosecution submits Exhibit ZZ:

Health Minister Ya’akov Litzman (United Torah Judaism) ordered an investigation on Friday to check suspicions that Arab medical staff at a clinic in Jerusalem’s Old City did not go out to help Jewish victims, who were stabbed right next to the clinic.

The incident in question is the brutal murder of Aharon Banita Bennett (21) and Rabbi Nehemia Lavi (41), which took place on Hagai Street on October 3. Bennett’s wife was seriously wounded and his two-year-old son was lightly wounded in the Arab terrorist attack.

While Bennett’s wife’s condition has since improved, it is likely that immediate medical treatment could have lessened the seriousness of her wounds and possibly saved the life of her husband and of Rabbi Lavi, who was stabbed as he came to try and save the young couple and their son.

The Arab-run health clinic located adjacent to the stabbing was open at the time of the attack and medical staff was present inside, reports Channel 2.

However, the Arab medical team did not go out to provide treatment to the wounded, despite their occupational obligations to treat the wounded, just as Magen David Adom (MDA) medics treat Arab terrorists at the scenes of attacks.

The Health Ministry is currently checking whether the medical staff could have helped the wounded and chose not to.

Minister Litzman ordered to speed up the process and mete out justice against those responsible if it becomes clear that they indeed ignored wounded Jewish victims in the lethal attack.

The suspected response of Arab medical staff falls in line with the response of Arab residents, who mocked Bennett’s wounded wife as she tried to escape the attacker and seek help. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has asked to shut down the stores belonging to the Arabs who laughed at the terror victim and struck her.

Back in the dark ages (darker ages, I suppose, would be more accurate), when suicide bombers roamed the Israeli bus system, we used to point out that the exploding terrorist was only the tip of a human pyramid. Behind him was an enormous infrastructure of enablers, recruiters, munitions experts, imams, etc.

So we learn (re-learn) today that behind every foam-flecked, knife-flashing terrorist are Arab doctors, nurses, EMTs, shopkeepers, and passersby who scourge bleeding victims. If I were a betting man, I’d set the over/under on honorable, decent, civil Arabs at 1 1/2. That’s what the evidence suggests, nay insists. Who wants action?

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Today, For the First Time in My Adult Life, I Am Not Proud of Israel

This is all that separates Israel from rabid beasts:

The defense establishment is expected to move forward with plans to construct a massive fence along the border with Gaza, similar to one existing along the Israeli-Egyptian border.

After a year of working on plans but no allocation of funds, the IDF’s Southern Command is finally expected to receive the greenlight for the construction of a 65-km-long tall fence.

The overall plan, called “Southern Light,” however, includes the erection of two massive barriers to run the length of the border with Gaza.

Amid an ongoing wave of terror across Israel, Palestinians in Gaza have made several attempts in recent days to breach the current border force and enter the Jewish state.

A tall fence? That’s it? Since when, Israel, did you let Egypt one-up you? Two-up, five-up, 164-up you? [New York Times article, if you’re counting.]

President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt announced a sweeping plan last fall to tighten his crackdown on Islamist insurgents in the North Sinai: clearing a half-kilometer buffer zone along the length of the border with the Gaza Strip, to block any weapons or support from coming through tunnels from Hamas militants on the other side. The government said it would demolish 800 homes and displace as many as 10,000 people in the process.

That, however, has turned out to be only the beginning.

Nearly a year later, the government has destroyed more than 3,255 homes and other civilian buildings, according to a report released Tuesday by Human Rights Watch. The report draws on satellite images, interviews with 11 displaced families and other residents, and a careful study of reported statements by government officials.

The officials have acknowledged in various statements over time that more than 3,200 families have been displaced from their homes, the report said. And security forces are still in the process of leveling the entire border town of Rafah, which has a population of 78,000. At least six schools have been destroyed, with no plans to accommodate their students, the report found.

Such scorched-earth tactics are almost certainly counterproductive, said Daniel L. Byman, a professor at Georgetown University and senior fellow at the Brookings Institution who studies counterinsurgency. “This is just going to anger the local people, and some of the people who get angry may start to support the militants,” he said.

After which Egypt will respond with incinerated-earth tactics, I’m sure. As is their right.

But if Egypt’s “scorched-earth tactics” prompted a single mew from some academic crybaby, imagine how Israel would have been crucified for leveling one house, or razing one school.

For pete’s sake, they’re getting heat for shooting terrorists!

Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon slammed the United States on Thursday after a State Department spokesperson accused Israel of using “excessive force” when subduing Arab terrorists.

While addressing ongoing Arab terror in Israel on Wednesday, State Department spokesman John Kirby asserted that “without qualifying each and every one of them, we’ve certainly seen some reports of security activity that could indicate the potential use of excessive force.”

Yesterday, I wrote that “Barack Obama and John Kerry are the George Wallace and Bull Connor of Jim Crow in Jerusalem.” And then I wrote it again:

Barack Obama and John Kerry are the George Wallace and Bull Connor of Jim Crow in Jerusalem.

That was in regard to their support of keeping the Temple Mount judenrein. But what can I write in response to this monstrous claim? I try to hold off on comparisons to Hitler, but…

It is stated B. Hussain Obama policy that Jews may not put one “filthy foot” (in Mahmoud Abbas’s words) upon the Temple Mount; that they may not “neutralize” one hate-filled, knife-wielding savage; that every new Jewish home is an affront to civilization; that the 93% of land that they have returned to Arab warmongers is not enough.

I’m not sure a comparison to Hitler goes far enough.

PS: To correct the Times story (how often have people had to type those words?), Egypt increased the size of its beffer zone to an entire kilometer in width when the realized a half-k wouldn’t do it. Now, they’re flooding the trench and the tunnels with sea water, and creating fish farms. Halibut yes, Hamass no.


Don’t Do the Crime If You Can’t Do the Swine

Shakin’ and bacon:

Kiryat Arba resident has lit the internet on fire over the weekend, after footage surfaced of him placing what he says is a piece of pork on the body of a dead terrorist killed by Israel Police during an attack on Israeli civiilians Friday.

In the video, Magen David Adom (MDA) medics can be seen performing resuscitation on the terrorist. In the interim, the resident succeeds in getting close to the body and placing the piece of meat upon it, sarcastically telling the terrorist to “enjoy” it.

While both Jews and Muslims are forbidden from eating pig meat, Muslims consider it unclean to even touch, and “martyrs” who die touching it are said not to go to heaven.

Even the acting mayor of Kiryat Arba, Yisrael Bramson, backed the radical act.

“I was there when it happened,” he said. “I think this is a very basic and legitimate response.”

“I do not condemn what happened,” he added. “They do not need to get their bodies back, you have to throw them into the sea at best.”

“The terrorist came to slaughter the Jews and we had to treat him like he meant to treat us.”

And the ham-handed condemnation from the international community will commence in…three, two, one….


Obama Policies Have Created New Respect In The Islamic World!

Even the children love him!

So, as you can see, unless Obama agrees to pay special taxes – like ordinary Jews and Christians – he is looking at the Sword of Islam. What will Josh Ernest say about any of this?

– Aggie

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