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Today, for the first time in my adult life, I am proud of international development agencies:

According to a new report, only a quarter of the promised $3.5bn pledged to help rebuild Gaza after last summer’s war between Hamas and Israel has been delivered.

A report released Monday by The Association of International Development Agencies stated that only 26.8 percent ($945m) of the promised aid pledged by donors at a conference in Cairo six months ago had reached the coastal enclave, and the reconstruction effort to help rebuild the battered strip has barely just begun.

“The promising speeches at the donor conference have turned into empty words,” said Winnie Byanyima, executive director of Oxfam and one of report’s signatories, according to al-Jazeera.

Like you’re surprised? They’ve already wasted the better part of a billion dollars—how much more do you want them to waste? On this single occasion I say hip-hip for hypocrisy!

Would you rather have more of this?

Defense Ministry security inspectors intercepted a shipment of thousands of electrodes from the West Bank that were on the way to terror organizations in the Gaza Strip on Monday. The discovery was made at the Kerem Shalom border crossing with Gaza, and it is the third capture of goods destined for Gazan terrorists in the space of two weeks.

Inspectors found the electrodes concealed in between marble slabs.

“This is one of the biggest captures at Kerem Shalom crossing since Operation Protective Edge [last summer],” the Defense Ministry said.

Electrodes can be used by terror organizations to weld rocket finds and other projectile parts, and to create a range of explosive devices.

Let me correct one statement: the money is not in fact wasted. It goes to rebuild Hamas’ military and terror forces.


Obama To Israel: You Are Officially Alone [Update: US Denies Report]

State Department told not to report to Israel about state of Iran negotiations

Our chickens*t little weenie of a President, Barack Obama, is having fits over the upcoming Netanyahu speech. And that means 2 things, Israel: 1. He’s using this as an opportunity to isolate you completely from any protection the US previously offered, and to stigmatize you as much as possible, and 2: You need to handle Iran on your own. We will capitulate to the mullahs.

The United States will no longer provide regular updates to the Israeli government on the status of the P5+1 nuclear talks with Iran, Channel 2 reported on Sunday.

The move is the Obama administration’s response to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plans to appear before a joint session of Congress, during which he is expected to discuss sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

Channel 2 reported that the White House is incensed over the Israeli government’s conduct in recent weeks regarding the Iranian issue, believing that Jerusalem has taken a sensitive issue with implications for national security and used it for political gain while interfering in American domestic politics.

According to Channel 2, the Obama administration is also angry over Israeli officials’ distorted use of information about the progress of the Iran nuclear talks.

Wendy Sherman, the under secretary of state for political affairs, informed her counterparts in Jerusalem that she would no longer provide updates on the Iran nuclear negotiations due to what Washington perceives as untoward use of the information for domestic Israeli political purposes.

The administration has also instructed Susan Rice, Washington’s ambassador to the United Nations, to cease communications with Netanyahu’s national security adviser, Yossi Cohen.

The Prime Minister’s Office responded to the Channel 2 report by saying that Israel and the US continue to maintain “deep strategic relations” and that Cohen is due to fly to the US soon to take part in a conference, during which he is scheduled to meet with both Sherman and Rice.

Don’t blink, Israel. And trust me on this – the US population is still largely behind you, but the young adults not so much. O-bots blame Israel for most of the world’s problems because they cannot blame Barry, The Messiah. So do what you need to do, whatever the heck that is.

Update: Administration denies report

Washington’s policy of briefing Israel on progress in negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program has not changed, senior US officials told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday, despite reports to the contrary in Israeli media.

Channel 2 reported earlier in the day the US would halt its briefings to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in light of his planned speech to Congress. Netanyahu is expected to criticize the state of the global diplomatic effort, which is geared towards crafting a comprehensive nuclear agreement.

“Conversations continue with Israel on the Iran nuclear negotiations,” one senior State Department official said. “Under Secretary [of State for Political Affairs Wendy] Sherman met with Israeli NSA Cohen and Minister for Intelligence and Strategic Planning Steinitz in Munich and will see NSA Cohen again this week.”

The official noted that the Iran talks were, “obviously,” the main topic of conversation.

“And Secretary [of State John] Kerry continues his conversations with Prime Minister Netanyahu about this issue, as has always been the case,” the official continued.

The report is one of many from Israeli television that has been criticized in recent months by the White House. In January, a senior US official characterized claims the US had given in to 80 percent of Iran’s demands in the talks as “complete nonsense.”

I would love to believe the above, but I just don’t. Again, Israel needs to do what is best for Israel in order to protect Israel. Period.

– Aggie


What Is A Bus But A Cage On Wheels?

Palestinian Terror Attack On Israeli Bus

Palestinian Terror Attack On Israeli Bus

During the Palestinian terror war, bus bombings happened almost daily, along with cafe bombings, school bombings, grocery store bombings, etc. I wonder if what happened to the unfortunate Jordanian pilot can help people understand? Nah.

– Aggie



Don’t take it too hard, Arab squatters on Jewish land. I think the Audubon Society is looking for members. Or public broadcasting—those guys will take anyone!

Senior members of the Palestinian leadership were set to convene Wednesday evening in Ramallah to discuss applying for membership in international organizations after a resolution on Palestinian statehood failed to pass a UN Security Council vote the night before.

A senior Palestinian source confirmed to The Times of Israel that Fatah’s Central Committee and the Executive Committee of the PLO will decide whether to sign the Rome Statute, among other international bodies, in their ongoing bid to become full members in International Criminal Court.

The ratification of the Rome Statute — the treaty established by the ICC — would make the Palestinian Authority eligible to present cases of alleged war crimes against Israel in international courts.

Then what’s to decide? Why wouldn’t they have joined years ago? If they had a case to make, why didn’t they barge through the doors and demand justice?

Or were they afraid of getting turned down? Again.

Technically, this item should be filed under Apartheid State Update, but while we’re enjoying the “daily humiliation of the ‘Palestinian’ people”, let’s feast on it here:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday evening thanked African leaders for helping to thwart the Palestinian statehood resolution at the UN Security Council.

Netanyahu called the leaders of Rwanda and Nigeria, two countries that abstained during the vote after Netanyahu and US Secretary of State John Kerry convinced them to instruct their UN envoys not to support the Palestinian draft resolution.

Netanyahu maintains warm ties with Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan. At the beginning of December, Netanyahu sent Jonathan a personal letter expressing his “heartfelt condolences” over a terror attack at a mosque in the city of Kano in which at least 120 people were killed. Jonathan made a high-profile visit to Israel in late October, coming with an entourage of 20 Nigerian political and religious leaders. He was in Israel on a private Christian pilgrimage.

I have no faith—zero, zilch, nada—in so-called international agencies and fora (least of all the UN) to adjudicate wisely or fairly. If I want something from government, I start with town hall. I do not do to such godforsaken settlements as Brussels or The Hague (or any other hague). But then, their legitimacy is on par with the so-called Palestinians’. Let an invented people seek ephemeral justice from a powerless court. Is Judge Wapner still around?

And if the ICC tells you to take a hike, Arab squatters, there’s always Triple-A. At least they will be there for you.


Cover Blown

While the European Union considers Hamass as harmless as the Elks or the Webelos, Hamass considers its options:

According to the reports, Hamas has acknowledged the limited efficacy of its mid- and longer-range rockets, many of which were shot down by Israel’s Iron Dome defense system during the war, inflicting very limited civilian casualties. Meanwhile, Hamas has recognized the deadliness of mortar shells, which fall short of Iron Dome’s range.

One new approach that Hamas has been considering in an effort to extend its effective range is to launch large volleys of rockets that would challenge Iron Dome’s ability to fire interceptors in rapid succession, the reports said. It has also been conducting tests, lobbing dozens of rockets into the Mediterranean Sea in recent weeks, according to Ynet, which cited Palestinian Gaza sources in its report.

Is that how a crushed people in a devastated territory behave? Why would the international community reward an Islamofascist entity that starts wars, targets civilians (its own as well as Israeli), and earns the loathing of its big brother, Egypt?

Egyptian military troops have started to inform residents in Rafah that they must evacuate another 500 meters from the border with Gaza, indicting the beginning of the second phase in creating a buffer zone between Egypt and Gaza.

Residents of Rafah have begun to look for alternative housing in el Arish and Sheikh Zuwayed,

An earlier decision ordered residents to clear 500 meters from the border, following this order, the total area to be evacuated will reach 1 kilometer.

The government hopes the buffer zone will isolate the militants who say they attack the security forces in retaliation for the government crackdown on Morsi supporters in which at least 1,400 people have been killed in street clashes.

The authorities also hope that the buffer zone will neutralize hundreds of illegal underground tunnels connecting the Egyptian side of Rafah with Gaza.

Such tunnels are often used for smuggling weapons and militants, and the army says it has already destroyed more than 1,600 of them.

My only disappointment is that Egypt is using its own territory to build a moat around Gaza. I had previously congratulated them on seizing Gaza’s own land for that purpose.

And just for the sake of completeness:

A rocket launched from the Gaza Strip exploded in open territory near the Eshkol Regional Council on Friday around noon, the IDF confirmed.

But when I asked above “why would the international community reward an Islamofascist entity”, I was being rhetorical:

Two months after donors pledged $5.4 billion to help rebuild Gaza after the war between Israel and Hamas, Palestinian, UN and other officials say barely two percent of the money has been transferred.

The conference in Cairo had been hailed as a success, with Qatar promising $1 billion, Saudi Arabia $500 million and the United States and the European Union a combined $780 million in various forms of assistance.

Half was expected to go to rebuilding houses and infrastructure in Gaza destroyed during seven weeks of fighting, and the rest to support the Palestinian budget.

But of the total, only $100 million or so has been received, according to UN and other officials. While the EU and the United States have accelerated some funding that was already in the pipeline, very few new pledges have come to fruition.

So, the Arab states welsh on their pledges, made at a lavish, pointless conference, leaving the US and EU to pick up the tab—with some, most, or all of the money going toward rearming a group even Egypt treats as rabid, as the EU seeks to delist them as a terrorist organization.

And you say I’m cynical.


It’s Official: Obama Has Created A Nuclear Iran

Feeling safer now, Obots?

In the “US Intelligence Worldwide Threat Assessment,” delivered to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Clapper reported that Tehran has made significant advances recently in its nuclear program to the point where it could produce and deliver nuclear bombs should it be so inclined.

“Tehran has made technical progress in a number of areas — including uranium enrichment, nuclear reactors, and ballistic missiles — from which it could draw if it decided to build missile-deliverable nuclear weapons,” Clapper wrote. “These technical advancements strengthen our assessment that Iran has the scientific, technical, and industrial capacity to eventually produce nuclear weapons. This makes the central issue its political will to do so.”

In the past year alone, the report states, Iran has enhanced its centrifuge designs, increased the number of centrifuges, and amassed a larger quantity of low-enriched uranium hexafluoride. These advancements have placed Iran in a better position to produce weapons-grade uranium.

Who thinks Iran lacks “the will to do so”?

– Aggie

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The Absent-Minded Law Professor

As enjoyable as it is to watch President Obama twist and flop like a gaffed fish… it really is enjoyable! Where was I?

Oh yes, Syrians are dying.

There are reasons for going in—obviously—and reasons for staying the [bleep] out—obviously. And there are principled arguments, if not principled people, on both sides.

So, what would we do? We supported Bush in Iraq, so don’t we support Obama in Syria? Up to a point—which is to say not really.

I’ll switch to the singular pronoun here, as Aggie’s thinking is her own, and I wouldn’t burden her with what passes for my thinking. I supported removing Saddam, but not because of WMD, or least because of WMD. I had no personal knowledge of his possession of bio, chem, or nuclear weapons—though I knew he used to: it was accepted as fact by all parties. But I knew he had started wars or skirmishes with Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Israel, as well as with ethnic minorities within his own borders. I knew he was in violation of countless UN resolutions regulating his behavior, and that the only entity capable of holding him to account was the US military. (The UN’s response was to pass another resolution.) It appeared to me that Saddam had bluffed the international community, and the IC blinked. They couldn’t even make eye contact.

As bad as Boy Assad is, he isn’t that bad. But what if he is? Isn’t the real argument whether the US has any national interest? We’ve stood by while scores of thousands have died; what’s raised our ire this time? The manner of the death of innocents? And if the act can be proved, and the blame placed, why is it so difficult—impossible!—to get anyone—other than France!—to go along with us?

Ultimately, I suppose it comes down to the manner of our response. President Obama seems to be proposing something more along the lines of Bill Clinton’s blasting of an aspirin factory in Sudan, rather than Bush’s accomplished mission of regime change. If that’s all Obama wants, fine, go ahead. He already kills people with abandon in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen (among other places, probably, if I thought about it). What’s the big deal if he blows up a Nyquil plant in Aleppo?

Which brings us back to Obama’s hopeless ineptitude. As Charles Krauthammer noted, this crew couldn’t organize a three-car funeral. The allegedly gassed bodies aren’t even cold, but the will of international bodies to bring them justice is glacially cold—and slow. I’d say this is due to Obama’s twin traits of narcissism and anti-Americanism. Our global rivals know he shares their contempt for American power; our global allies know he loves himself more than he could ever love them or our shared interests.

When we find ourselves in a ditch (Obama’s favorite metaphor), it’s never because we meant to drive into one. We made a series of mistakes. Our first mistake took place on November 4, 2008. We’ve been doubling down ever since.


How’s That Arab Spring Working Out, Mr. President?

He took time off his vacation to bloviate today.

Did you hear his remarks? I did. They were condescending and contained the quintessential dog-ate-my-homework pout. Not our fault. Egyptians, you really need to pull it together. Meanwhile, apparently more than 500 people were killed by the military yesterday.

Egyptian authorities on Thursday significantly raised the death toll from clashes the previous day between police and supporters of the ousted Islamist president, saying more than 500 people died and laying bare the extent of the violence that swept much of the country.

Despite the government’s declaration of a nighttime curfew and a state of emergency, violence continued into the next day. Angry men presumed to be supporters of deposed President Mohammed Morsi stormed and torched two buildings housing the provincial government of Giza, the city across the Nile from Cairo.

The death toll, which stood at 525, according to the latest Health Ministry figures, makes Wednesday by far the deadliest day since the 2011 popular uprising that toppled longtime ruler and autocrat Hosni Mubarak – a grim milestone that does not bode well for the future of a nation roiled in turmoil and divisions for the past 2 1/2 years.

I wonder what the O-bots are saying about this? We had dinner with various O-bot friends during the blossoming of the Arab Spring. We expressed skepticism, verging on certitude, that the Arab Spring would become a blood bath, and that we are responsible because we are the most powerful nation on earth and we had a lot to do with forcing Mubarak out. Say what you will about him, life was better for minorities, women, children… let’s just say people.. that it is currently.

NPR was amusing this morning. They quoted someone who blamed John Kerry for making statements that sounded like a green light for the military government. This spokesperson, whoever he was, was pretty sure that the military government misunderstood our brilliant Secretary of State.

Oh well. You get what you vote for. One more prediction: With a nut job Islamic government, Egyptians will starve. Will we support that?

– Aggie


Obama Cancels Summit With Putin

Who believes this is about anything other than Edward Snowden?

In a rare diplomatic rebuke, President Barack Obama on Wednesday canceled his Moscow summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The decision reflected both U.S. anger over Russia’s harboring of National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden and growing frustration within the Obama administration over what it sees as Moscow’s stubbornness on other key issues, including missile defense and human rights.

Obama will still attend the Group of 20 economic summit in St. Petersburg, Russia, but a top White House official said the president had no plans to hold one-on-one talks with Putin while there. Instead of visiting Putin in Moscow, the president will add a stop in Sweden to his early September travel itinerary.

Poor Sweden.

– Aggie

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You Can’t Fool All The People All The Time

Watch an Irish politician explain Obama:

– Aggie


France Is So Much More Sophisticated And Ethical Than The United States…

But they aren’t too into freedom of speech

A T-shirt worn by a 3-year-old nursery-schooler named Jihad has led to an unusual and politically charged criminal trial here that tests the limits of free speech — and common sense — in a France increasingly ill at ease with its growing Muslim population.

“I am a bomb,” the shirt said on the front. The back read, “Jihad Born Sept. 11.”

The prosecution and the defense both have predicted that the outcome is likely to become a legal precedent as the government and justice system handle recurring friction between France’s 8 percent Muslim minority and the majority of the country’s 65 million inhabitants who recognize their roots in an ancient Christian tradition.

The tensions have been increasingly visible as French soldiers combat Islamist guerrillas in Mali, in northwestern Africa, and anti-terrorism police scour the country’s poor suburbs in search of Muslim youths drawn by the call to jihad or revenge.

An Islamist cell broken up in nearby Marignane this month, for instance, was preparing to construct bombs for terrorism attacks in French cities, authorities declared. In another sign of the strain, France’s highest court, the Cour de Cassation, last week overturned a lower-court decision that endorsed the firing of a nursery school teacher who refused to remove the Islamic veil covering her hair. [Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite! – Aggie!]

The case in Sorgues, a small town just north of Avignon, where Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque pursued their cubist art, began Sept. 25 at an unlikely place: the Ramieres de Sorgues municipal nursery. As she dressed the children after a lunch break, a teacher there became alarmed when she saw Jihad’s T-shirt.

Although little Jihad was born on Sept. 11, the teacher saw an outrageous reference to Islamic war and the al-Qaeda terrorist attacks on the United States on Sept. 11, 2001, in which nearly 3,000 people were killed. Concerned, she spoke with the principal, who was equally upset and called in Jihad’s 35-year-old Moroccan-born mother, Bouchra Bagour.

Told of the indignation produced by Jihad’s shirt, the single mother, who works as a secretary, apologized for causing trouble and said she had no intention of conveying a political message via her toddler. The shirt, she pledged, would be put away for good.

But the issue did not rest there. The principal wrote a report to school district authorities. A copy of the report landed on the desk of Mayor Thierry Lagneau. The mayor, from the conservative Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) party, said in an interview that he regarded the T-shirt as a “provocation,” and he immediately stepped into action.

“I said to myself, we can’t let that go by,” Lagneau recalled. “I didn’t know what was behind it, but we could not let that go. We have to impose limits.”

Lagneau wrote a letter Sept. 29 to the region’s chief prosecutor, Bernard Marchal, asking for an investigation for possible criminal prosecution as well as a “thorough” investigation by child-welfare authorities to see if Bagour is a fit mother. If Jihad showed up again in the T-shirt, the mayor warned, the principal had orders to turn him away, “given the attitude of his parents, who cannot decently ignore the dramatic impact of their acts.”

So, go to the link for the rest, but the upshot is that France is taking both the mother and her brother to court for something like not hating crime enough. The potential penalties are $58,000 each and five years in the slammer. Yoohoo!! Lefties!! Are you listening? Why aren’t you out on the streets, protesting? Is it too cold outside? Cat got your tongue? Or are you afraid of terrorism and glad that the French government is going overboard, as only Europe can go overboard? Do you think this family will be deported?

– Aggie


Hey, Remember Benghazi?

Clinton supposedly will testify tomorrow

Do you remember Benghazi or shall I dig into the deep, dark past to refresh your memory? The Benghazi terror attack happened on September 11, 2012. The President of the United States, Barack Obama, and the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, blamed a hapless Coptic Christian originally from Egypt, but living in California at the time. He had produced a “trailer” for a “movie” about Mohammed, and the footage was incomprehensible, but derisive, you could tell. So, the government of the United States of America had him arrested in the middle of the night, but in full view of television cameras, and tossed him in jail. He remains in jail.

Meanwhile, it became more and more obvious that the film had nothing to do with the attack, and that it was a September 11th attack. Oh yeah – did I mention that the media failed to cover it at all until September 12th? This is because it wouldn’t have helped President Obama’s reelection chances to point out that we’d suffered another September 11th attack.

Somehow the administration shut up the media and Congress. Hillary Clinton took an extended vacation to Jupiter, and when she returned, she had a headache. So finally, tomorrow, some of our elected representatives will get to ask her a few questions.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is scheduled to be on Capitol Hill Wednesday, to give long-awaited testimony about State Department security and the attack that left four Americans dead in Benghazi, Libya.
Clinton, who had to postpone testimony because of health issues, is scheduled to appear before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee at 9 a.m. and the House Foreign Affairs Committee at 2 p.m. Wednesday. She will be the only person giving testimony in the hearing called, “Terrorist Attack in Benghazi: The Secretary of State’s View.”
More than four months have passed since an act of terrorism killed U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans in Libya. Clinton was expected to testify about a report on security failures in Benghazi in December, but first a concussion and then a blood clot near her brain kept the out-going secretary of state away from Capitol Hill.
The report led to the firing of three State Department employees from their posts and one resignation because of ”systemic failures and leadership deficiencies at senior levels in securing the compound.” The departing staff are still on administrative leave, however, meaning they are still State department employees.

As you know by now, the US is a Banana Republic (The Banana Republic of the United States of America) and nothing that she says will matter. But it is kind of nice that she has decided to appear.

– Aggie


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