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Brother, Can You Spare a Dinar?

Not as gratifying as a newspaper calling President Obama an “assclown” (see post below), but still a heartwarming story:

UN political affairs chief Jeffrey Feltman told the Security Council that donors who had promised $5.4 billion to the Palestinians at the Cairo conference four months ago “have yet to fulfill the vast majority of their pledges,” according to AFP.

“This is, quite frankly, unacceptable, and cannot continue if we hope to avoid another escalation in Gaza,” Feltman told the 15-member council during a meeting on the Middle East.

In a sign of growing impatience with pace of reconstruction efforts, dozens of protesters forced their way into a UN office in Gaza on January 28, after the world body announced it was suspending an aid program to support home repairs and refugee shelter assistance.

Feltman described the situation in Gaza as “increasingly worrisome” and cited the slow pace of reconstruction along with security and governance problems as creating “an increasingly toxic environment.”

“This approach is neither sufficient nor sustainable,” he warned.

I can’t be sure which I’m enjoying more: suffering in Hamasstan, or the UN’s pique. Both, I guess! You can have your cake, and eat it too.

PS: Plus, of course, Arab betrayal. My cup runneth over.


“Street Anger and Agitation” Watch

Yesterday, the Kurds; today, the Yazidi; tomorrow, the world!

Israeli humanitarian organization IsraAID has sent four Israelis to northern Iraq to join an international effort to assist Christian and Yazidi refugees fleeing the Islamic State group.

“There was a lot of trauma, we provided aid to many families who had their daughters kidnapped or father or son killed by Islamic State. They didn’t even have time to take a small bag with them; I could see the fear in their eyes,” says Navonel (Voni) Glick, a program director at IsraAID.

The four Israelis stayed for a week and a half at a camp with other representatives of international aid organizations, and, they said, didn’t hide the fact that they were Israeli.

“The Kurdish authorities and the UN supply them with just enough food to sustain themselves, but in order to survive they are going to need blankets and warm clothes. These people escaped with nothing but the clothes on their backs and the sandals on their feet,” he says.

“They are in a complete shock. They told us about the horrible violence they suffered. They said that Islamic State militants attack and take over an area in minutes. The refugees are in a complete shock and cannot believe what has happened to them.”

As John Kerry would observe, it’s just this type of behavior that brings “street anger and agitation” upon the Jews. If they just ignored the victims of Islamist brutality and savagery, like the rest of the Arab world, they might fit in better.

PS: Israeli generosity extends even to the families of terrorists sworn to their destruction, as we also reported yesterday. (Scroll down, you’ll find it.)


What Peace With the Arabs Might Look Like

Hey John Kerry! How does this contribute to “street anger” and “agitation”?

Israeli humanitarian workers have joined the effort to provide desperately-needed supplies to displaced victims of the brutal Islamic State terrorist group in northern Iraq and Syria.

IsraAID supplied beds, blankets, and food to over 1,000 families in the Kurdish city of Duhok, in northern Iraq. The Israeli aid agency worked with Canadian ONEXONE to deliver a convoy to a 14,000-strong refugee camp carrying 2,000 blankets and mattresses, as well as enough powdered milk for all the 1,015 babies under one year of age.

The emergency supplies could not have come soon enough. Many of those at the camp arrived with only the clothes on their back and are living in nothing more than tents or makeshift huts. As winter approaches their misery has increased still further, with recent rainstorms and cold weather just a harbinger of worse to come: some parts of the region receive a meter of snow on average amid subzero temperatures.

IsraAID’s Founding Director Shahar Zahavi told Arutz Sheva that the Israeli team were warmly received by the Kurdish residents of the camp.

“They were aware that we were Israel, and they received us very well. The Kurdish people really love Israel,” he said.

Kurds must have no streets, else they’d be “angry”. From Turkey and the Islamists, they get plenty of agitation.

I have to confess that Aggie and I once thought of starting a punk duo called Street Anger and Agitation. (We couldn’t agree on who would be whom.) [Bleep] John Kerry for stealing our name. [Bleep] John Kerry, period.

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Terrorist Welfare

I’m worried about the families of the likes of David Berkowitz and Charles Manson. How are they getting by? And Jeffrey Dahmer’s people, are they making ends meet?

I’m glad we have a government that cares:

In testimony to Congress, US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, Ambassador Anne W. Patterson, defended the Palestinian Authority practice of paying salaries to terrorists in prison saying “they have to provide for the families.” [April 29, 2014]

Palestinian Media Watch has documented repeatedly that this is not correct. According to PA law and in practice the PA does not give stipends to terrorist prisoners’ families but salaries to the terrorist prisoners themselves. PMW has already reported that the PA Minister of Prisoners vocally rejected the claim that the payments are social welfare aid to the prisoners’ families, stressing instead that the prisoners receive salaries “out of esteem.”

Anne Patterson…don’t I know that name?

One can see his point. But Ambassador Patterson was not done talking excrement:

Assistant Secretary Patterson twice told the Subcommittee on the Middle East and North Africa that she “knows” that the PA “are going to try to phase that out, and we should give them an opportunity to do so.”

There is nothing in all the activities and statements of the PA to back up that claim. PMW has not encountered any PA statements regarding a “phasing out” of the salaries to terrorists. To the contrary, in 2013 and 2014, PA officials have regularly been adding additional regulations and benefits for prisoners. In addition, they have reiterated in government meetings and in public statements to Palestinians that the salaries and other benefits to prisoners is a high priority for the Palestinian Authority and will continue.

But what are we arguing about? Who pays to look after the families of murderers? That is insane.

And it is official US government policy:

Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon (Likud) condemned the swearing in of the new Fatah and Hamas unity government on Monday, which took place in Ramallah.

“The replacement of ministers in the Palestinian government is just a pretty wrapping for the terrorist attacks that were conducted and will be conducted under their protection,” declared Danon.

“Now, all aid given to the Palestinians by the United States and other countries directly aids terror attacks against the state of Israel.

Which, presumably, is the point.


Not How It’s Done

Who you trying to impress, Israel?

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon on Tuesday announced that Israel has sent humanitarian aid to Syria during a visit to the Golan, reports AFP.

“We’ve sent food, water, baby food and other humanitarian products,” said Ya’alon, adding “we cannot remain idle when civilians are being confronted by a humanitarian crisis.”

The Defense Minister’s visit came after IDF soldiers were fired on from a Syrian army outpost on Monday.

We’ve already reported on the top secret program to treat the wounded from the Syrian civil war. Top secret because the patients would be at risk from their own countrymen if it was learned where they were treated.

This is how you treat your adversaries:

On Wednesday an unprecedented US court victory awarded $9 million in frozen Iranian assets to the families of 5 terror victims murdered in a triple suicide bombing in Jerusalem back in 1997.

The bombings, which took place in the capital’s busy Ben Yehuda street, was carried out by Hamas. Among the 5 murdered were three 14 year old girls.

Shurat HaDin (Israeli Law Center) began the petition in 2001 against Iran, which it claimed provided material and financial support to Hamas in conducting the attack.

The families will have to wait for the Iranian Defense Ministry to exercise its right to appeal, but the judge has already ordered the monetary transfer in their names.

Iran has been found to be the leading state sponsor of terror, and in 2012 the Islamic regime boosted its support of terror to previously unseen levels.

Bomb them, sue them, or appease them and give in entirely like a submissive cur—which would you do?


Feeding Gaza

The gaunt faces and sunken eyes; the ribs protruding through the sagging skin; flies land on unblinking eyes, sipping the scant tears—how can you turn away from the human misery?

Egypt can’t:

An aid convoy entered the Gaza Strip via the Rafah crossing on Tuesday for the first time since the June 30 events which overthrew Muslim Brotherhood president Mohamed Morsi.

Director of the Egyptian side of the terminal Sami Mutwalli told Ma’an that the convoy consisted of 100 tons of medicine, medical equipment and canned food.

The Rafah crossing has been the principal connection between Gaza’s 1.7 million residents and the outside world since the imposition of an economic blockade by Israel beginning in 2007.

Rafah has frequently been shut down or operating at reduced capacity in recent months due to ongoing unrest in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula and political turmoil resulting from former president Mohamed Morsi’s ouster by the Egyptian military in July.

A hundred tons! Wow!!! That’s, like, a lot of canned beets!

And it’s, like, less than 1% of what Israel shipped last month alone:


I’m not sure how these figures make Egypt “the principal connection between Gaza’s 1.7 million residents and the outside world”, or how a projected one-point-five-plus million tons of goods this year can be termed a blockade, but that’s not important.

You rock, Egypt!


Those Who Can’t Do, Pledge

I note that the wealthy oil states of the Middle East have finally kicked in some cash (or so they have announced) to help the victims of the typhoon in the Philippines. That’s great, really; when there’s actually anything to buy, the poor starving wretches will have beaucoup coin with which to purchase the Slim Jims and Hostess Cupcakes.

Israel’s help is more immediate:


Since the IDF delegation to the Philippines landed last Thursday, the unit has treated over 370 wounded – 150 of them children – in a hospital in the city of Bogo.

IDF doctors at Bogo’s hospital have performed operations, used advanced medical equipment, and overseen 5 births – including one Cesarean section and one birth where the mother went into labor en route to the hospital.


The move has left NBC reporter Nancy Snyderman in ‘awe’ of Israel’s humanitarian work.

In a special report, Snyderman noted her previous positive experiences with IDF teams, when she reported on the aftermath of the 2010 Haiti earthquakes. She remarked that Bogo is “the place we least expected”, as the city had not received as much media attention as other Philippine areas affected by the typhoon.

Snyderman also praises the IDF’s medical technology, which documents each patient by preserving digital copies of their medical files to prevent problems with filing mix-ups, language barriers, and a barrage of information flowing during a time of crisis. Also noting the IDF’s emphasis on security, she sums up her impressions of the IDF as being “Smart. Sophisticated. Secure.”


This time, says Snyderman, she was blown away by an additional factor: the IDF’s choice of Bogo. More than just remote, Bogo was poverty-stricken before the typhoon; the IDF delegation is not only attempting to help in the aftermath of the crisis, but also to enact long-term change in one of the Philippine’s poorest urban centers.

“As I left, I walked away in awe of this group of doctors: physician humanitarians, and medicine at its very best,” she concludes.

Yeah, but how much money did the cheap bastards contribute?

PS: Much more at the IDF blog.


Good Samarians

We’ve reported several times on how Israeli docs are treating Syrians wounded in the civil war.

They’re feeding Syrians too:

The purple plastic sacks fill two rooms in the otherwise sparsely furnished headquarters of a Jordanian NGO, awaiting distribution to Syrian refugees already lined up on the sidewalk.

They contain an array of staple dry goods — lentils, pasta, powdered milk, tea — as well as a range of hygiene products like soap and detergent, enough for 250 refugee families. But before the goods are handed out, one thing will be removed — the word “Jewish.”

Going sack by sack with a pair of scissors, an aid worker begins to cut.

“We don’t announce with trumpets that we’re Israeli,” the worker says. “There’s no need for that. Once you let that cat out of the bag, everything starts to blow up.”

The sacks are paid for by IsraAid, an Israeli nonprofit that provides disaster relief and humanitarian aid across the world. The group has provided medical care and psychological services following earthquakes in Japan and Haiti, and supplies food and other materials to refugees at two camps in Kenya.

IsraAid began working in Jordan early this year. Since then, the organization says it has provided approximately $100,000 worth of supplies to refugees who have escaped Syria’s brutal civil war.

If you think a world where the charitable have to hide their charity from those who receive the charity is worth saving… well, you’re more charitable than I am. A world that doesn’t know how lucky it is have the state of Israel among its nations is hardly worth saving. Good thing it’s not up to me, but to Him.


Red Cross, Red Handed

The International Committee of the Red Cross looks upon Palestinian terrorists and shrugs. No big deal:

Earlier this month, Palestinian Media Watch reported on a ceremony in the Palestinian Authority celebrating the International Red Cross’ 150th anniversary. The official PA daily reported that the International Red Cross (ICRC) together with the Palestinian Red Crescent planted 150 trees bearing the names of “veteran prisoners,” meaning security prisoners who have been imprisoned for many years.

Following PMW’s report, the International Red Cross, in a letter to Weekly Press Pakistan – Canad, denied its involvement in the ceremony:
“Please note that ICRC was not present during the planting of the trees ceremony reported by your website.”

However, not only did ICRC not condemn the Palestinian Red Crescent’s glorification of terrorists in the ceremony, it chose to justify the use of ICRC money by the Palestinian Red Crescent. The ICRC issued a statement defending their right to use donor money any way they choose, even though the issue being raised was the use of ICRC money for terror glorification:

“Over the decades, the ICRC has provided support, including financially, both to the Palestinian Red Crescent Society and to [Israeli] Magen David Adom for their humanitarian programs. It remains the prerogative of the National Society to define its own priorities and activities and to allocate funds accordingly.”

The official PA daily wrote that “the International Red Cross and the Palestinian Red Crescent… planted 150 fruit trees that carry the names of the veteran prisoners jailed in the occupation prisons… [during] a ceremony called ‘My Honor is My Freedom’… to mark the 150th anniversary of their founding.”

The PA uses the term “veteran prisoners” to refer to those who have been in jail the longest, and in most cases these prisoners are serving life sentences for murder or multiple murders.

So the ICRC justifies the glorification of terror, but claims not to have been there. Though PA media (not the most credible news organ, I’ll grant you) names them as among those present.

But what’s that about the ICRC and the Magen David Adom?

After nearly 60 years of battling for international recognition, Magen David Adom (MDA), Israel’s first aid and disaster relief organization, was finally admitted to the international Red Cross federation. The decision was announced to applause in Geneva, Switzerland at the 29th International Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent. Both MDA and the Palestinian Red Crescent were admitted simultaneously, and both members have full voting rights and receive funding for their efforts. Israel has been asking for membership into the Red Cross even before it became an official nation, but was barred from the organization because it objects to using a cross or a crescent emblem used by the other 184 members to identify its humanitarian workers. A new “neutral” symbol was adopted for Israel, the Red Crystal, which can be used during international operations in conjuction with the Red Star of David. Inside Israel, MDA will use the Star of David exclusively as it has done in the past.

That won’t offend anyone—except maybe Israelis.


Bloodthirsty Liberal’s Law

I used to tout this tenet, which held that Israel and Jews tend to be the very victims of the crimes and slanders of which they are repeatedly accused.

But it got little traction, at least judging from the lack of comments to the many posts I wrote under the heading. It’s no less true today, but I think I need a different heading.


Israeli aid groups are providing humanitarian assistance to Syrian refugees who have fled to Jordan and Turkey, Likud MK Ayoub Kara told AFP on Thursday.

“We have found a way, with voluntary organizations from Israel that are now on the borders of Jordan and Turkey with Syria, to provide humanitarian help to the Syrians who are there,” Kara said. “My advisers are also in Jordan to try to find a way to help the refugees in Jordan.”

He added that the volunteers do not represent the government, which, he said, is wary of giving the impression that it is aiding Syrian opposition groups.

“If we are part of the conflict, it’s a danger for all the region, all the world,” he said, highlighting the importance of such volunteer efforts.

“It is important for us that when there are big problems in our neighbor states, we are helping,” he continued.

Kara, a member of Israel’s Druze minority, said the governments of Jordan and Turkey “know about the work of the Israeli organizations.”

Israelis are helping Syrian refugees, though they can’t really go fully public with it, and the host governments know all about it.

And the likelihood that Syria, Turkey, or Jordan will ever express gratitude for the kindness shown? I’ll take never—who wants to bet? Anyone…? Bueller…?

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Invented People Sure Cost Real Money

Just not as many guilders:

Holland is reviewing its policy of funding the UNRWA agency for Arab ”refugees,” which treats them differently from other refugees.

In reply to a question from Speaker of the legislature Hans Ten Broke, Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal said the government will “thoroughly review” its annual contribution of approximately $30 million, according to the European Jewish Press.

Holland is the sixth largest contributor to the United Nations agency, which was set up to deal with Arabs, most of whom were encouraged to flee Israel by Arab countries who promised they would quickly return after the anticipated annihilation of Israel in the War for Independence.

Canada last year decided not to renew its $10 million funding for UNRWA, which is financed mainly by the United States, Sweden, Norway and Britain.

“UNRWA uses its own unique definition of refugees, different to the UN’s. The refugee issue is a big obstacle for peace. We therefore ask the government acknowledge this discrepancy, which leads to the third-generation Palestinian refugees,” speaker Hans Ten Broeke was quoted as saying.

Technically, you’re not a refugee if you return whence you came:

Contrary to political correctness, Palestinian Arabs have not been in the area west of the Jordan River from time immemorial; no Palestinian state ever existed, no Palestinian People was ever robbed of its land and there is no basis for the Palestinian “claim of return.”

Most Palestinian Arabs are descendants of the 1845-1947 Muslim migrants from the Sudan, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, as well as from Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, Morocco, Bosnia, the Caucasus, Turkmenistan, Kurdistan, India, Afghanistan and Balochistan.

Arab migrant workers were imported by the Ottoman Empire and by the British Mandate (which defeated the Ottomans in 1917) for infrastructure projects: The port of Haifa, the Haifa-Qantara, Haifa-Edrei, Haifa-Nablus and Jerusalem-Jaffa railroads, military installations, roads, quarries, reclamation of wetlands, etc. Illegal Arab laborers were also attracted by the relative economic boom, stimulated by Jewish immigration.

“Undocumented Arab laborers”, please. “Illegal” is so judgmental.


Who Pays for Terrorism? II

Aggie asked the question earlier this morning and answered SA and UAE. But there’s another answer that you may like even less.

You do:

A law published in the official Palestinian Authority Registry last month grants all Palestinians and Israeli Arabs imprisoned in Israel for terror crimes a monthly salary from the PA. The Arabic word the PA uses for this payment is “ratib,” meaning “salary.” Palestinian Media Watch has reported numerous times on Palestinian Authority glorification of terrorists serving time in Israeli prisons. Following the signing of this new law, the PA is now paying a salary to these prisoners.

The PA has defined by law which Palestinians would be considered “prisoners.”
“Anyone imprisoned in the occupation’s [Israel’s] prisons as a result of his participation in the struggle against the occupation.”
[Ch. 1 of Law of Prisoners, 2004/19, passed and published by the PA Chairman and Government, December 2004. The Prisoners’ Centre for Studies, Accessed May 9, 2011]

In other words, all Palestinians in Israeli prisons for terror crimes officially join the PA payroll. According to the definition in the PA law, Palestinian car thieves in Israeli prisons will not receive a salary, but Hamas and Fatah terrorist murderers will.

How many hundreds of millions of dollars do the US, the EU, the UN, etc. pour down the sewer of Palestinian “society”?

How could we be surprised? I don’t think we are.

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