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US Protected At Least 1000 Nazis After WWII

NY Times has the information

In the decades after World War II, the C.I.A. and other United States agencies employed at least a thousand Nazis as Cold War spies and informants and, as recently as the 1990s, concealed the government’s ties to some still living in America, newly disclosed records and interviews show.

At the height of the Cold War in the 1950s, law enforcement and intelligence leaders like J. Edgar Hoover at the F.B.I. and Allen Dulles at the C.I.A. aggressively recruited onetime Nazis of all ranks as secret, anti-Soviet “assets,” declassified records show. They believed the ex-Nazis’ intelligence value against the Russians outweighed what one official called “moral lapses” in their service to the Third Reich.

The agency hired one former SS officer as a spy in the 1950s, for instance, even after concluding he was probably guilty of “minor war crimes.”

And in 1994, a lawyer with the C.I.A. pressured prosecutors to drop an investigation into an ex-spy outside Boston implicated in the Nazis’ massacre of tens of thousands of Jews in Lithuania, according to a government official.

Aleksandras Lileikis was a Nazi officer implicated in 60,000 Jews’ deaths. He later worked for the C.I.A. before immigrating. Credit U.S. Department of Justice

Lileikis was apparently massacring Jews from Vilna ghetto (Lithuania) in the killing pits of the Ponary woods. He is just one of the creeps that our government protected. The article states that we protected Adolf Eichmann’s right hand man, for example.

I recommend that everyone go to the link and read this. It will make it much easier to watch the pain of ebola, immigration, crappy economy, etc. You won’t care.

– Aggie


Did The NY Times Cover This?

The US Government is sending social security payments to Nazi concentration camp guards.

Well that’s certainly diversity.

The Associated Press revealed on Monday – following an extensive investigation – that such payments continue to be made to participants in the Nazi genocide who were deported from the US due to their crimes.

According to the investigation, war criminals who immigrated to America and were outed and subsequently expelled have collected millions in state benefits.

The wire service claimed it was able to account for four such beneficiaries who are still collecting Social Security payments. The payments, AP alleged, were used by the government to pressure Nazi suspects to leave the country, by promising them they would continue to receive benefits after leaving.

Most Nazi war criminals and collaborators were never held accountable, Estee Yaari, a spokeswoman for Yad Vashem, told The Jerusalem Post. Asserting that there can be no statute of limitation on Holocaust-related crimes, Yaari called on the US to stop the payments and bring the recipients to justice in their respective countries.

“It’s maddening that some of these criminals who were forced out of the US once their past was uncovered were able to collect Social Security and live free lives,” she said.

Polish Chief Rabbi Michael Schudrich went even further in his criticism of Washington, stating that using government funds “to help war criminals is to desecrate the memory of the victims of the Shoah.”

Are you proud to be an American?

– Aggie


Ben Hecht

I first saw this at Caroline Glick’s site, but she quotes only part of it.

It’s awesome.

From 1948:

In these dark centuries that have never ended—the Jews carried the dream of Israel in their hearts. The Hebrew Nation of David and the Kings had been hammered to bits—but the bits refused to die. Every Jewish poet, every rabbi, and every worker at his bench kept alive this dream. In Spain after a thousand years of torment—the Jews still sang of their Jerusalem and their Holy Land. Jehuda Halevy [sic], the Hebrew poet of Spain, wrote of a homeland no Jew had seen for a thousand years:

Jerusalem, oh City of Splendor, oh bright home of the Jews—our spirit flies to you from many lands. In the East—in the far land of the cedar and the lemon trees our hearts lie. And our souls dwell beside the sun gone down on Israel.

The sun is no longer down. A champion fights in Palestine. He will not surrender. But he calls on us. He needs us.

If he loses, he will lose because we did not put a gun in his hand.

He will lose because we—and not he—were too small for the hour of Jewish destiny.

He will lose because the Jews of the world dreamed away the days of battle.

But these are only words I speak—words to wake up Jews if there are any asleep. He will not lose. No cause that had behind it the sweet and powerful dream of freedom—has ever lost. This dream does not stand on the battlefields alone. It stands in us.

There are twenty-eight million Arabs. There are British wealth and British officers—and British military equipment. There are eight hundred thousand Jews—besieged and encircled by this Goliath tonight.

A David stands against Goliath. I ask you Jews—buy him a stone for his slingshot.

Some background: that was Hollywood screenwriter, Ben Hecht, at an LA fundraiser for Menachem Begin’s Irgun fighters. As the introduction to the piece explains, the event was hosted by notorious LA gangster, Mickey Cohen. It cleared $200,000 (probably).

What I love about it is the language. Pithy, punchy, straight out of Hollywood dialogue of the 30s and 40s. Alone or with Charles McArthur, credited or uncredited, he worked on some of the greatest films from Hollywood’s Golden Age.

[W]hat have we American Jews to gain by the triumph of the Jewish nation now battling in Palestine? We are a happy people in the U.S.A. But we are happy as Americans, not as Jews. Not entirely happy—as Jews. The slaughter of our kind in Europe has left a wound in our spirits that our victory as Americans in the war has not entirely healed. It is a Jewish wound kept always open by the fear of the future. And despite the honors and positions we have won in America, we are no different as Jews than our fathers and grandfathers in Europe. We are like them, as Jews—uncertain, despairing, disenchanted, and always singing ourselves to sleep with the happy news that we have friends in court.

The Jews have always had friends in court—but they have never won a verdict. They have been always a noise without power, a talent without roots, a homelover without a doorstep of their own. They have worn fine clothes—and remained a fine nobody. They have always been going somewhere—but they have come from nowhere. And a man who comes from nowhere is a lesser man than one who comes from a place. There is always mystery and suspicion about such a man.

The nationalized soul of every nation, however civilized, abhors instinctively the nationalistic vacuum out of which the Jew is perpetually emerging. Having no land of his own, the Jew is looked on as a man who would—if given the chance—usurp the land of his host.

This has been true even of our own melting pot—a pot in which every immigrant has fused away his antecedents—except the Jew. A man from Sweden, Ireland, Luxemburg, Hungary, Italy—as soon as he loses the accents of those places—can become an American without suspicion or hyphen attached to him. The Jew, with or without accent—can become only an American Jew.

This is part of our stake in Palestine. A Jewish nation will remove our mystery and give us origins and permit us to thrive in the world—on an equal footing with other nationals. We can paradoxically become American then—for we will not be carrying around in our souls the confusion of what we are—and spreading this confusion among our always easily confused neighbors.

And we will not seem like the remnant of some stubborn religious sect given to weird and alien religious practices. Without losing our religion we will lose our two-thousand-year-old dangerous identity as religious fanatics—an absurd identity, but an identity ready made for the devilish schemes of bigots and rabble rousers; an identity that has brought intolerance and disaster down on us. We will lose that identity, for the land of Israel will have a flag, an army, and a congress to prove we are like other people—and that we stem from a normal state and not be black magic out of a hole in the past.

Just look at the news from Kansas City to see how relevant that position is today.

But there is a stake beyond these stakes of convenience and aggrandizement that we Jews have in the battle for Palestine. Is that battle lost—we Jews, all of us, are lost for another seven generations. We will have made our bid for human national status—whether we helped or hid our heads in a bag—and if this bid fails we will become a gabby and empty people, a gabby and defeated people—more so than ever in our history.

We will become losers. And this name will track us down in every city and village of America—and fasten itself to us. Not losers of a war—every nation has had that tag on it, but losers of the right to exist as anything but what we have been—the dubious guest in the house. If our bid for a flag and a homeland fails, we will all of us stand guilty before the world of an unworthiness. And this unworthiness we will, for a change, have deserved—if it comes to us. It is our duty to see that it does not come to us. It is in our power to prevent its coming. We will win—if the long dreaming soul of the Jew is wakened.

Hecht was not always a Zionist, but he was always a writer. This speech was lost to posterity until only recently:

Tucked amid the Ben Hecht Papers at the Newberry Library in Chicago is an undated typescript of 21 pages, with a penciled heading: “Speech at dinner at Slapsy Maxie’s, L.A., financed by Mickey Cohen.” Hecht was, of course, a fabled writer for stage and screen, Mickey Cohen was the notorious Los Angeles gangland boss (recently portrayed by Sean Penn in the movie Gangster Squad), and the speech, which has never before been published, is one of the most riveting and remarkable Jewish fundraising speeches ever delivered. What gives?

What gives is that an LA (Jewish) mob boss held a fundraiser for the nascent state of Israel at a joint he (mostly) owned (fronted by the washed-up—Jewish—boxer of the name), at the behest of a (Jewish) Hollywood scribbler who penned some of the most iconic movies in history (and who often had to work anonymously to avoid British boycotts of his movies).

Is this a great country, or what? (Was. Was a great country.) I have more faith today in the Israel Hecht imagines than in the America I see.


Spot the Fascist!

Russia says Ukraine is rife with fascists—they had to go in to sort the good from the bad.

Takes one to know one:

A television news anchor on a state-owned Russian television network said the Jews brought the Holocaust on themselves.

Evelina Zakamskaya of the Rossiya 24 channel made the statement earlier this week during an interview with writer Aleksandr Prokhanov on the Ukraine crisis. The interview was first made public by Americablog.

Prokhanov said that supporters of Ukraine were bringing about “a second Holocaust.”

He added that it is “strange that Jewish organizations, the European and our own Russian organizations, support the Maidan [protests]. What are they doing? Do they not understand that they are bringing about a second Holocaust with their own hands? This is monstrous.”

Zakamskaya replied that the Jews “brought about the first [Holocaust] similarly.”

Two Holocausts and I can’t remember how many intifadas. When will the Jews learn?

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Pity About the H-Word

Sorry to all you “folks” who perished in the camps.

An official statement on Holocaust Remembrance Day commemorating the victims of the Holocaust issued by EU High Representative Lady Catherine Ashton, does not identify who those victims were. The brief statement reads,

The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice President of the Commission, issued the following statement today:

Today the international community remembers the victims of the Holocaust. We honour every one of those brutally murdered in the darkest period of European history. We also want to pay a special tribute to all those who acted with courage and sacrifice to protect their fellow citizens against persecution.

On Holocaust Remembrance Day, we must keep alive the memory of this tragedy. It is an occasion to remind us all of the need to continue fighting prejudice and racism in our own time. We must remain vigilant against the dangers of hate speech and redouble our commitment to prevent any form of intolerance. The respect of human rights and diversity lies at the heart of what the European Union stands for.

We in Bloodthirstan also bow our heads in memory of the homosexuals, Catholics, and gypsies who died in the “tragedy”. If we left anyone out—sorry, communists!—please drop us a line to remind us.

One serious comment on the use of “tragedy” to describe the attempted (and largely accomplished) annihilation of Jews from the continent of Europe. (Oh Jews—of course!) An airplane crash is a tragedy, an avalanche. The long-planned, carefully organized, fully funded extermination of a race of people (as Jews were defined by Nazis) is not a tragedy. 9/11 was not a tragedy. The Marathon bombing was not a tragedy. Tragedies are acts of nature, or other unforeseen occurrences. They may be subject to blame or responsibility—was faulty maintenance at fault for the plane crash?; did poor trail grooming lead to the avalanche?—but tragedies are not written about in advance (Mein Kampf), not an agenda item at a conference (Wannsee).

That a spokesman for Europe can’t bring herself to mention the six million Jews* brutally murdered across the continent, and can’t even call the crime by its proper name, is actually kind of scary. She has nothing to say to the Jewish state of Israel.

* A conservative estimate.

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Did You Hear the One About the Holocaust?

It’ll slay ya:

Following are excerpts from an Egyptian show titled “Anybody Knows?!”, which was posted on the Internet on May 19, 2013.

In the studio

Little boy: Welcome to our show. Today, we’ll be talking about…

On the street

What is the Holocaust?

Woman: The what?

Little boy: The Holocaust.

Woman: I don’t know.

Man: The Holocaust? I’ve got no idea.

Young man: Give me some options to choose from. In Germany? I’ve heard about it, but don’t know exactly what happened.

Another young man: The what?

Little boy: The Holocaust…

Young man: Holocaust? Can you repeat the question?

Little boy: The Holocaust.

Young man: What Holocaust? I have no idea.

Old woman: I don’t know.

Young woman: Why don’t you tell me what it is? I told you that I don’t know. There’s nothing wrong with learning from someone younger than you.

Man: Ah, the Holocaust? You mean Hitler’s Holocaust? During the war, he burned [Jews] in crematoria.

Another woman: Hitler captured the Jews and burned and gassed them. He killed many of them. I’m not convinced that this really happened though.

Another man: This is a new term. It’s the first time I’ve heard it in Egypt.

Youth: Either he burned the Jews, or the Jews burned… I don’t exactly remember.

Young man: The Holocaust took place during World War II. Hitler rounded up the Jews and put them in things called gas chambers. There are disputes regarding the figures. Some say three million Jews were killed, and others say it was one million. Some question whether it occurred.

In the studio

Little boy: In the Holocaust, lots of people were rounded up and killed.

You sure, kid? Sounds like the average man and woman on the Arab Street doesn’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

This explains a lot.


Angela Merkel Is The First German PM To Visit Dachau?!

None of them have visiting Dachau until today.

Angela Merkel laid a wreath at Dachau concentration camp on Tuesday, making her the first German chancellor to visit the death camp where Nazis killed more than 41,000 people in the Holocaust.

Taking a pause in her campaign for a third term in office, the chancellor met survivors, including Abba Naor, an 85-year-old Jew whose mother and 5-year-old brother were murdered in concentration camps along with dozens more relatives.

“Merkel is coming here to say we will never forget what happened here,” the Lithuanian-born former inmate said.

The Nazis set up Dachau, near Munich, in 1933, weeks after Adolf Hitler took power, to detain political rivals. It became the prototype for a network of camps where 6 million Jews were murdered, as well as Roma, Russians, Poles and homosexuals.

More than 200,000 people had been detained in the camp by the time US troops liberated it in 1945. Television footage showing piles of bodies and starved inmates in the camp was among the first images the world saw of the Holocaust crimes.

The chilling motto “Arbeit macht frei” (Work makes you free) on the main gate to Dachau still greets the 800,000 annual visitors to the camp, where Merkel spoke to a small group survivors in the camp’s parade ground, surrounded by drab grey barracks and watchtowers.

“The name Dachau is tragically famous as it serves as a model for the concentration camps,” the chancellor said. “The memory of that fate fills me with deep sadness and shame.”

As far as I am concerned, every German man, woman and child should be required to visit Dachau, preferably naked in the winter, for one full week per year, until the end of time. They should eat what the inmates ate and they should work like the inmates worked. They should even see similar “doctors”. I am absolutely appalled that the first visit to Dachau by a German PM didn’t happen until now. What disgraceful people.


– Aggie

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Another Memorial

The Nazis killed Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, Catholics—you name it.

But we can’t forget these people:

Work has begun on a memorial in Germany for the 300,000 people murdered by the Nazis for having mental and physical disabilities or chronic illnesses.

A 30m (100ft) long glass wall is being built in the centre of Berlin, near the former site of the Nazi-era office that organised the “euthanasia” programme.

In 1939, Adolf Hitler told officials that people “considered incurable” should be “granted a mercy killing”.

The programme ended officially in 1941, but continued covertly until 1945.

At first, personnel killed people by starvation and lethal injection. They later used gas chambers at killing centres in Germany and Austria.

The programme, also known as Action T4, is considered a precursor to the Holocaust, during which millions of Jews were killed.

On Monday, Germany’s State Minister for Culture, Bernd Neumann, said educating people about the Nazis’ crimes and honouring their victims remained an obligation for the country.

In recent years, memorials have been constructed in Berlin for Jewish, Roma (Gypsy) and homosexual victims of the Nazis.

Interesting how Hitler’s language (“mercy killing”) sounds like Margaret Sanger’s. She believed in “assist[ing] the race toward the elimination of the unfit.” But even the morally dubious founder of Planned Parenthood never foresaw the evil that would be done in her compromised name: “abortion was the wrong way no matter how early it was performed it was taking life”.

At least the Germans have apologized.


Poland Turning Nazi


Two legal decisions have caused outrage among Jewish organizations and anti-fascists in Poland.

In the first case, a district prosecutor in the northern city of Bialystok announced that he does not intend to open an investigation after swastikas were discovered painted on electrical transformers, despite complaints lodged by locals. The prosecutor explained his decision saying that in different parts of the world, for example in parts of Asia, the swastika is not necessarily associated with fascism or the Nazi movement.

“Currently, in European countries and in the US, the swastika is associated almost exclusively with Adolf Hitler and Nazism, but in Asia it is widely used as a symbol for happiness and prosperity. In this case, it is difficult to see a painted swastika as a symbol promoting fascism,” the district prosecutor said in his statement.

The prosecutor’s decision provoked outrage in the Jewish community in Poland and among local residents.

Rafal Gawel, director of a theater in Bialystok who runs the campaign “Paint over evil,” in which activists remove anti-Semitic and racist graffiti painted on the city’s walls, called the prosecutor’s decision “bizarre.”

After the publication of the district prosecutor’s decision caused a storm in Poland, the case was transferred to the Bialystok’s Chief Prosecutor’s Office for reconsideration.

The Chief Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement that the decision not to open an investigation into the case was wrong.

“The claim that the swastika is not always associated with Nazism is not true. Placing such symbols in public places should be definitely regarded as promoting Nazism and fascism,” said Tadeusz Marek, Bilaystok’s chief prosecutor.

He announced that proceedings will start immediately.

So they know they have a problem and they’re trying to deal with it, but my issue is that they’ve had this problem for centuries. See what I mean?

Prof. Krzysztof Jasiewicz, from the Polish Academy of Sciences, who caused an international outrage after he blamed the Jews for participating in the killing of their own people during the Holocaust, will be dismissed from his position at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw.

Jasiewicz, 61, the head of the Department of Analysis of Eastern studies and a well known expert on Polish-Jewish relations, revealed his anti-Semitic views during an interview he gave in April to a special edition of the popular Polish magazine Focus – published on the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

I, too, am an expert on Polish-Jewish relations. Poles suck.

A survey conducted in recent weeks among high school students in Warsaw, Poland, presented disturbing results on the extent of hatred towards Jews, with a shocking 44 percent saying they would not like to have a Jewish neighbor.

One thousand two hundred and fifty students, aged 17-18, were surveyed by a Homo Homini Institute of Public Opinion Research poll commissioned by the Jewish community in Poland. Of these, 40% said they would not like to have a Jewish classmate.

The survey found 60% of the respondents said they would not like to have a Jewish partner, while 45% said they “would not be happy” if they had a Jewish relative.

When asked about the Holocaust, the Polish students did not hide their anti-Semitic opinions and showed poor knowledge of Jewish history in Poland.

Most of the students believed that the percentage of Jews living in Warsaw before World War II was 18%, while the actual percentage of Warsaw’s Jews was 30%. The survey also showed that 44% believed that “Poles and Jews suffered equally during the Holocaust.”

The judicial system is riddled with anti-Semites, as is the university system.

In my calmest moments, I believe that hatred of groups is based on the intolerable guilt of the hater. It’s tough for kids to come to terms with the fact that most of their grandparents were savage murderers and that their culture supports that savagery. They love their parents and grandparents and the memory of their great grandparents, and they feel proud of their culture. They don’t want to face the fact that many of their relatives were willing to sell the family next door for a bit of flour, or for the opportunity to own that family’s home and property. Because that is exactly what their forebears did. They murdered people for furniture, houses, jewelry, etc. Kids would have a hard time facing that.

– Aggie


Italian Righteous Gentile Beatified

We have a lot to thank him for

Odoardo Focherini, whom Yad Vashem honored as a Righteous among the Nations in 1969, was beatified on Saturday by the Roman Catholic Church in Carpi, his hometown in the province of Modena in northern Italy.

Focherini is the first Righteous Gentile to be sent on the road to sainthood, the first Catholic to be named a blessed martyr for losing his life in order to save Jews during the Nazi era.

His beatification process began in 1996 when the Carpi Catholic Diocese presented an official document.

Pope Benedict XVI signed the decree attesting to Focherini’s martyrdom on May 10, 2012.

Strong positive reactions have begun pouring in from representatives of world Jewry.

Renzo Gattegna, president of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities, offered “homage with deference and deep feeling.”

“Odoardo Focherini was a person of the highest values and principles. An extraordinary commitment, paid at the price of his life… His courage, his ideals, his love for life will not be forgotten. His memory will continue to be a source of inspiration, also for future generations,” Gattegna said.

The American Jewish Committee issued a statement in Rome saying it was “deeply moved.”

“Odoardo Focherini acted selflessly in accordance with the highest moral principles shared by our two fraternal religions,” it said. “This act will create yet another bond between Christians and Jews, further enriching our deepening dialogue. May the recognition and memory of Odoardo Focherini’s profound faith and humanity be a blessing to all the world’s peoples.”

Focherini’s extraordinary acts have been remembered and honored through the years. In 1955, the Union of Italian Jewish Communities presented his family with a gold medal in his memory, for having “applied himself as an activist, tirelessly, for a long period, to help Jews and in particular to save those who were being persecuted.”

In 1969, Focherini and Father Dante Sala, the parish priest of San Martino Spino near Mirandola who sustained Focherini’s frenetic activity in helping Jews cross over to Switzerland, were inscribed in Yad Vashem’s Album of the Righteous among Nations. In 2007, the Italian Republic commemorated his devotion and sacrifice with a Gold Medal for Civil Merit.

Father Giangiuseppe Califano, the postulator (the person who guides a cause for beatification or canonization through the Church’s judicial processes) of Focherini’s Cause for Beatification, said that Focherini “was martyred by the Nazis in odium fidei,” that is, he was murdered out of “hatred for the faith,” for giving witness by risking his life to save persecuted Jews.

Focherini is described as having been happily married and a loving father of seven who was a devoted Catholic activist whose path led to martyrdom because he followed his conscience and his faith.

He worked first as an insurance agent and then as a journalist for the Bologna-based L’Avvenire d’Italia newspaper.

Focherini (known as “Odo”) began building a clandestine network, producing false documents and escorting more than a hundred Jewish refugees across the Italian border into Switzerland, when the archbishop of Genoa, Cardinal Pietro Boetta, asked the editor-in-chief of L’Avvenire d’Italia, Raimondo Manzini, to help some Polish Jews to escape from Genoa.

Manzini entrusted Focherini with this delicate and dangerous task. The word of possible salvation quickly spread among Jewish refugees.

Focherini continued to save as many lives as he could with the help of Sala.

On March 11, 1944, after delivering his last false documents to Enrico Donati, a Jewish refugee in the Hospital of Carpi, Focherini was arrested by Italian Fascists and submitted to interrogation regarding a letter in which he wrote that he was helping Jews “not for profit, but out of pure Christian charity.”

This served as his death warrant.

From a prison in Bologna he was brought to the Fossoli concentration camp in Carpi, then to the Gries camp in Bolzano, and finally deported to the Flossenburg concentration camp in Germany.

He died at a subsidiary camp of Flossenburg in Hersbruck on December 27, 1944, at the age of 37, from blood poisoning caused by a leg wound.

A Catholic partisan friend, Teresio Olivetti, also interned at Hersbruck, had been hidden and saved by Focherini when the Nazis were seeking victims for a reprisal following a partisan attack in which 10 Germans were killed.

Olivetti conveyed Focherini’s last words: “I declare I am dying in the purest apostolic Roman Catholic faith and in full submission to the will of God, offering my life as holocaust for my diocese, for Catholic Action [a lay group], for the pope and for the return of peace to this world.”

More at the link, but I am too teary to read it now. Nice to know that there are people like him in our world.

– Aggie


Nazi Butcher Living In Minnesota Since 1949

Why am I not surprised?

I’m not surprised because the northern midwest has always been a hotbed of Jew hatred (witness the Charles Lindbergh wing at the Minneapolis airport, why not just put up a George Wallace wing?), and there have been stories all my life about how the Scandinavians (Nordics, Aryans) in the area have hidden Nazis. Apparently, they get along quite well with the Ukrainians.

Read this carefully and see if you can spot the missing word. Hint: It begins with a J.

A top commander of a Nazi SS-led unit accused of burning villages filled with women and children lied to American immigration officials to get into the United States and has been living in Minnesota since shortly after World War II, according to evidence uncovered by The Associated Press.

Michael Karkoc, 94, told American authorities in 1949 that he had performed no military service during World War II, concealing his work as an officer and founding member of the SS-led Ukrainian Self Defense Legion and later as an officer in the SS Galician Division, according to records obtained by the AP through a Freedom of Information Act request. The Galician Division and a Ukrainian nationalist organization he served in were both on a secret American government blacklist of organizations whose members were forbidden from entering the United States at the time.

Though records do not show that Karkoc had a direct hand in war crimes, statements from men in his unit and other documentation confirm the Ukrainian company he commanded massacred civilians, and suggest that Karkoc was at the scene of these atrocities as the company leader. Nazi SS files say he and his unit were also involved in the 1944 Warsaw Uprising, in which the Nazis brutally suppressed a Polish rebellion against German occupation.

The U.S. Department of Justice has used lies about wartime service made in immigration papers to deport dozens of suspected Nazi war criminals. The evidence of Karkoc’s wartime activities uncovered by AP has prompted German authorities to express interest in exploring whether there is enough to prosecute. In Germany, Nazis with “command responsibility” can be charged with war crimes even if their direct involvement in atrocities cannot be proven.

Karkoc refused to discuss his wartime past at his home in Minneapolis, and repeated efforts to set up an interview, using his son as an intermediary, were unsuccessful.
Efraim Zuroff, the lead Nazi hunter at the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Jerusalem, said that based on his decades of experience pursuing Nazi war criminals, he expects that the evidence showing Karkoc lied to American officials and that his unit carried out atrocities is strong enough for deportation and war-crimes prosecution in Germany or Poland.
“In America this is a relatively easy case: If he was the commander of a unit that carried out atrocities, that’s a no brainer,” Zuroff said. “Even in Germany … if the guy was the commander of the unit, then even if they can’t show he personally pulled the trigger, he bears responsibility.”
Former German army officer Josef Scheungraber – a lieutenant like Karkoc – was convicted in Germany in 2009 on charges of murder based on circumstantial evidence that put him on the scene of a Nazi wartime massacre in Italy as the ranking officer.

German prosecutors are obligated to open an investigation if there is enough “initial suspicion” of possible involvement in war crimes, said Thomas Walther, a former prosecutor with the special German office that investigates Nazi war crimes.

Prosecution in Poland may also be a possibility because most of the unit’s alleged crimes were against Poles on Polish territory. But Karkoc would be unlikely to be tried in his native Ukraine, where such men are today largely seen as national heroes who fought for the country against the Soviet Union.

Karkoc now lives in a modest house in northeast Minneapolis in an area with a significant Ukrainian population. Even at his advanced age, he came to the door without help of a cane or a walker. He would not comment on his wartime service for Nazi Germany.
“I don’t think I can explain,” he said.
Members of his unit and other witnesses have told stories of brutal attacks on civilians.

One of Karkoc’s men, Vasyl Malazhenski, told Soviet investigators that in 1944 the unit was directed to “liquidate all the residents” of the village of Chlaniow in a reprisal attack for the killing of a German SS officer, though he did not say who gave the order.

“It was all like a trance: setting the fires, the shooting, the destroying,” Malazhenski recalled, according to the 1967 statement found by the AP in the archives of Warsaw’s state-run Institute of National Remembrance, which investigates and prosecutes German and Soviet crimes on Poles during and after World War II.

“Later, when we were passing in file through the destroyed village,” Malazhenski said, “I could see the dead bodies of the killed residents: men, women, children.

Did you guess the missing word? There’s more to this article at the link, along with photos of this lovely gentlemen and others of his ilk. I bet he’s a real nice guy, children love him, etc. I also bet that Eric Holder’s Injustice Department will not make a move to deport him.

– Aggie


The World’s Most Popular Country!


Somehow, home of the Nazi extermination campaign of 6 million Jews being the most popular country in the world fits perfectly with my opinion about my fellow human beings.

Europe’s largest economy Germany, which has been criticized for not doing enough to help struggling euro zone countries, has topped a poll as the world’s most popular country.

The survey carried out for the BBC, polled 26,000 people in 25 countries, and asked them to rate 16 countries and the European Union, as a whole, on whether their influence on the world was mainly positive or negative.

Germany came out on top, with 59 percent of the survey’s participants awarding it a positive rating. The country moved up three percentage points from its 2012 position. It displaced Japan at the top of the table, which saw its positive rating fall from 58 percent last year to 51 percent, falling from first to fourth place.

The most negatively perceived country was Iran, with only 15 percent of respondents giving it a positive rating. Pakistan and North Korea also received low ratings.

So, you can exterminate a minimum of 6 million people from one ethnic group, you can torture and starve and burn them, and within a generation or two, it’s all good. Nice.

– Aggie

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