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Holocaust Denier Running For Congressman In Illinois

A Republican this time.

A Republican candidate for US Congress from Illinois has denied that the Holocaust ever occurred, regional newspaper the Oaklawn Patch reported on Wednesday.

“As far as I’m concerned, the Holocaust is nothing more than an international extortion racket by the Jews,” Arthur Jones, 64, was quoted by the Patch as saying. Jones, an insurance salesman from Lyons, Illinois, is a Republican candidate seeking to run against Democratic Congressman Dan Lipinski in Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District.

According to the regional newspaper, Jones referred to the Holocaust as “the blackest lie in history. Millions of dollars are being made by Jews telling this tale of woe and misfortune in books, movies, plays and TV. The more survivors, the more lies that are told.”

Jones also organizes neo-Nazi events commemorating Adolf Hitler’s birthday, according to the Patch.

The district which Jones hopes to represent comprises parts of Chicago’s south side and and a number of the city’s southern suburbs. He has previously made two losing congressional runs.

Jones was quoted by the Patch as saying that he hopes to unseat Lipinski because of what he describes as the Democratic congressman’s strange affiliation to the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC.

“[AIPAC] was bragging on their website how [Lipinski] is ‘spearheading’ the effort in the House of Representatives with a Jewish congressman from Virginia named Frank Wolf,” Jones said. “The two are spearheading an effort in the House to get tough with Iran, including closing off any oil exports to China that could lead to World War III.” While Jones said Wolf was Jewish, he is Presbyterian.

“I’m the only guy in the state of Illinois against the Israeli lobby,” Jones said in a radio interview, according to CBS.

The CBS report added that despite collecting over 1,000 signatures to be put on the ballot, the Illinois Republican party has refused to do so because of his views.

“I didn’t know believing in the Holocaust became a requirement for public office,” CBS quoted Jones as saying.

And that is why so many Jews are Democrats. This rhetoric was once common on the Republican side of the aisle and unheard of on the Democrat side. Times have changed; now we’re surrounded by it.

- Aggie

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Oliver Stone’s Son Converts To Islam In Iran

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Sean Stone, the son of acclaimed film director Oliver Stone converted to Islam in Iran on Tuesday in a ceremony in the city of Isfahan.

Stone, a filmmaker like his Oscar-winning father, told AFP that “the conversion to Islam is not abandoning Christianity or Judaism, which I was born with. It means I have accepted Mohammad and other prophets.”

The 27-year-old, whose father is Jewish and whose mother is Christian is in Iran filming a documentary.

Iranian media reported that Stone converted to Shi’ite Islam and has changed his first name to Ali.

According to the Tehran Times, Stone traveled to Iran in September to search for locations on a film he was shooting on the poet Rumi and Persian mysticism. The Times quoted Stone as saying that he needed to study Persian culture in order to get a feeling for its rituals and traditions.

Earlier this month, Stone was a participant in the Hollywoodism and Cinema conference in Tehran, where he was honored by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Sean’s father Oliver ruffled feathers in July 2010 when he gave an interview to Britain’s Sunday Times in which he downplayed the Holocaust, defended Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and complained about Jewish influence in the United States.

He told the newspaper that “Hitler did far more damage to the Russians than the Jewish people, 25 or 30 million.” He discussed what he called “Jewish domination of the media,” and said Israel had “f***** up United States foreign policy for years.”

So let’s assume he’s not gay.

- Aggie


February Tomfoolery

As I think “March Madness” is protected (and it’s not March), who’s up for the Hebrew-Hating Invitational?

Aggie and kicked this around yesterday. Basically, it’s like your office betting pool. Sixteen nations (or groups of nations) of Europe square off to see who hates Jews the most—may the vilest country win!


DO NOT VOTE YET!!! This is a preliminary list, subject to discussion and alteration.

Countries are divided randomly into four groups, but their ranking within each group is determined from most to least antisemitic. Hence, Germany & Austria, Britain, Turkey, and the countries of Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, and Denmark) are the “top seeds”, the countries I have (tentatively) determined are the most antisemitic. France, Russia, Poland, and Ex-SSRs are the next tier, and so on.

In the first round, number one seeds are paired against number four seeds: eg. Germany v Switzerland and Britain v Ireland. Although it’s not impossible for a four to beat a one, it will be a challenge. But the real battles are the twos versus the threes. Stand back!

A word on the contestants. I grouped some countries so they stood a fighting chance. The PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain—sometimes Ireland: PIIGS) wouldn’t stand a chance on their own; they wouldn’t even make the final 16. But as PIGS they at least have earned a spot. Other groupings were for social and historical reasons (Germany & Austria, Scandinavia, for example). Ex-SSR denotes any country once part of the Soviet Union; Iron Curtain any country of Eastern Europe that was not an SSR—and not Poland, which stands alone. Make your case for adjustments, but we need 16 contestants to play the game.

On what criteria to judge? Oh boy, I don’t know! History, current attitude toward resident Jews, current attitude toward toward Israel, suck-uppiness toward resident Moslems, suck-uppiness toward the Arab world, leftist antisemitism. You name it: whatever spells bad news for the Jews. I suppose Aggie and I get the last word, but your votes count!

DO NOT VOTE YET!!! We’ll start the contest on Monday (traffic is light here on the weekends). In the meantime, let’s tweak and let’s talk. Hundreds of millions of people, dead and alive, are counting on us.

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There Will Always Be A Germany

Upside-down, distorted, creepy

Two Dutch journalists will stand trial in Germany for allegedly invading the privacy of the escaped Nazi war criminal whom they helped expose.

Journalists Jelle Visser and Jan Ponsen are to report on Thursday morning to the courthouse in Eschweiler, a sleepy border town in western Germany. They will have to answer charges that they had violated the privacy and trust of Heinrich Boere, a Dutch Waffen-SS assassin.

The journalists for the investigative show Een Vandaag secretly filmed Boere in September 2009 at his home in Eschweiler, where he was also born. A German court sentenced Boere in March 2010 to life imprisonment for his wartime crimes.

He filed a complaint against the journalists for violation of privacy from prison. The investigation into the journalists’ actions began that year.

German authorities began preparing an indictment against Boere in 2008. The Dutch government repeatedly sought Boere’s extradition since the 1980s, to no avail.

“This case is ridiculous,” Visser told The Jerusalem Post. “The German authorities took more than 60 years to prosecute Boere, but they took less than two years to prosecute the reporters who filmed him at large.”

If convicted, the journalists face up to three years in jail.

Accompanying the journalists will be representatives of the journalist unions of the Netherlands and Germany, as well as family members of people whom Boere had murdered.

One of them is the daughter of Fritz Bicknese, a pharmacist and father of 12. Boere executed him near Breda in July 1944. Also present will be Anny Schröder-Schilte and her sister. Her father hid people wanted by the Germans and their collaborators in his home until Boere reported him to the Nazis. Mr. Schilte, father of five, died in a German concentration camp.

“I was relieved to see the broadcast,” Anny Schröder- Schilte told the Post. “Finally the person who killed my father had a face. I knew who had done it. I was 12 when it happened and it all happened very fast. It is unbelievable that he [Boere] dares file complaints after what he did.”

“The judge in this case will need to balance the public’s best interests with those of the individual,” said Esther Voet, deputy director of CIDI, Holland’s watchdog on anti-Semitism, and former editor-in-chief of the country’s Jewish journal, NIW. “The public’s interest here clearly outweighs the individual’s.”

Along with Boere’s extradition, the Netherlands is also seeking that of Klaas Carel Faber, another convicted Dutch Nazi who fed to Germany. Faber is still at large.

Learn more about how Germany protects her Nazis here and here.

Let’s have a contest! Which European country is the creepiest? Is it Norway for driving their Jews out and complaining that they are losing their Jewish population? Is it Germany for prosecuting journalists who point out the ugly fact that Germany was hiding and protecting the vicious animals they nurtured? Or do you have a different idea? How about the Austrians, who pretend that they had nothing to do with any of it? Gosh, there are so many worthy contenders, it’s tough to decide.

Write in with your answer and the logic behind it. The best entry wins something. Right, BTL?

- Aggie

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Not in Front of the Children

What would they think?

The UNRWA workers in Palestinian schools have announced their “adamant opposition” to teaching Palestinian children about “the Holocaust of the Jews.” This announcement by the UNRWA Workers’ Union was in response to UNRWA’s decision to include Holocaust education in its curriculum in the topic of “human rights.” According to the UNRWA Workers Union, teaching Palestinian children about the Holocaust will “confuse the thinking” of Palestinian children.

Who are pretty confused, you have to admit:

UNRWA’s steadfast answer?

[Union chairman, Suheil] Al-Hindi, explained to France Press, that UNRWA ‘approved teaching the Holocaust…’ but [the teaching] has not yet started.”

That’s okay. The Holocaust’s not going anywhere.

PS: I think I see the problem:

Research by the Center for Near East Policy Research Center has found that the doctoral dissertation of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas “stars” throughout the Palestinian Authority educational curriculum, and “is the basis for Holocaust studies in the PA.”

The Center’s Director, David Bedein, has asked Education Minister Gideon Saar and the government of Israel to demand that the PA remove the work from its schools and from its curricula.

The doctorate was published as a book in 1984, entitled,”The Other Side: the Secret Relationship Between Nazism and Zionism.” It was completed in 1982 at a university in Communist Russia, and was defended at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

It downgrades the number of Holocaust victims to “[possibly] below one million,” and accuses Zionist leaders of encouraging the persecution of Jews.

It also denies that the gas chambers were used to murder Jews, quoting a “scientific study” to that effect by French Holocaust-denier Robert Faurisson.

When’s the Oliver Stone movie coming out?

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Oslo Witted

Earlier today, I noted that the USA’s appeal to the United Nations Human Rights Council on behalf of homosexuals might find favor with Norway, a current member of that foul body. I also noted how antisemitic that band of jackals was.

Bloodthirsty Liberal, right again:

Norwegian Labor Party lawmaker Anders Mathisen isn’t very popular right now — members of his own party are calling for his resignation after Mathisen reportedly told the Finnmarken newspaper that the Holocaust never happened.

“There is no evidence the gas chambers or mass graves existed,” he told the newspaper, according to reports. “Even reputable Holocaust historians have admitted it cannot be established.”

Mathisen reportedly has accused Holocaust survivors of exaggerating their stories, stating that the public has been brainwashed into believing the Holocaust took place because of films such as “Schindler’s List”, according to the forum.

The lawmaker, who also posted his findings on his Facebook page, has refused to resign from the party.

“Holocaust survivors are aghast at the morally repugnant comments of a Norwegian member of Parliament,” Elan Steinberg, vice president of the American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors and their Descendants, said in a statement in which he called for Mathison’s expulsion from office.

You mean these “morally repugnant comments of a Norwegian”. There have been so many others in the past.

He’s a Labor Party member, huh? I guess that means he’s a Lefty. Go figure.

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And Then There Were Two

When I lived in New York, there were occasions when I would glance at the person sitting next to me on the bus or the subway and see numbers tattooed on their wrists. My reaction was puzzled, confused, at first. Then I figured it out, and my blood ran cold.

Those days are almost gone:

They are believed to be the last two survivors of the most chillingly efficient killing machine of the Nazi Holocaust: the Treblinka extermination camp in occupied Poland.

Samuel Willenberg and Kalman Taigman, 87-year-old Israelis, are devoting their final years to trying to preserve the memory of the 875,000 people systematically murdered in a one-year killing spree at the height of World War II. Almost all of them were Jews.

Only 67 people are known to have survived the camp, fleeing in a brazen revolt shortly before Treblinka was destroyed. Following the recent death of a prominent chronicler, Israel’s national Holocaust memorial says the two Israeli men are now the final living link to one of the most notorious death camps in human history.

“The world cannot forget Treblinka,” said Willenberg.

“Soon there will be no one left to tell,” added Taigman.

The survivors became the only source of knowledge about Treblinka, because the Nazis all but destroyed it in a frantic bid to cover their tracks.

“It was hell, absolutely hell,” said Taigman, who lives in a retirement home south of Tel Aviv. “A normal man cannot imagine how a living person could have lived through it – killers, natural-born killers, who without a trace of remorse just murdered every little thing.”

For most of us, this is not news. But the Holocaust denial industry whirrs and churns 24/7 around the world. Imagine: all we know of Treblinka is the memories of those precious few survivors.

Well, not all:

How it looked:

And, if you have the stomach:

Dear Reader —

For your sake alone I continue to hang on to my miserable life, though it has lost all attraction for me. How can I breathe freely and enjoy all that which nature has created?

Time and again I wake up in the middle of the night moaning pitifully. Ghastly nightmares break up the sleep I so badly need. I see thousands of skeletons extending their bony arms towards me, as if begging for mercy and life, but I, drenched with sweat, feel incapable of giving any help. And then I jump up, rub my eyes and actually rejoice over it all being but a dream. My life is embittered. Phantoms of death haunt me, spectres of children, little children, nothing but children.

I sacrificed all those nearest and dearest to me. I myself took them to the place of execution. I built their death-chambers for them.

I, who saw the doom of three generations, must keep on living for the sake of the future. The world must be told of the infamy of those barbarians, so that centuries and generations to come can execrate them…. No imagination, no matter how daring, could possibly conceive of anything like that which I have seen and lived through. Nor could any pen, no matter how facile, describe it properly.

In peace and solitude, I am constructing my story and am presenting it with faithful accuracy…. Perhaps I shall some day know how to laugh again.

That’s from “A Year in Treblinka”, by Yankel Wiernik, published in 1944.

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Biting the Hand That Feeds Them

Maybe now that Hamass realizes they’re getting fed by Israel (see below) and not the UN, they’re turning on their former mentors:

Gaza’s Hamas leadership has blamed the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) for causing “dozens” of deaths by allegedly withholding medical supplies. Previously, the deaths were blamed on Israel.

The Hamas Health Ministry accused the UN agency of failing to deliver needed medicine and equipment to hospitals. The issue came to light when Hamas officials went to a UNRWA warehouse to pick up supplies, ministry workers said.

“A group of staff from the Ministry of Health went to receive the medicine which was in the UNRWA warehouses near the Karni crossing. There were large quantities of medicines and medicinal equipment with labels indicating they were designated for the Palestinian Ministry of Health and for Ash-Shifa Hospital,” Hamas officials alleged Thursday.

UNRWA’s failure to hand over the supplies “affected the lives of thousands of sick patients,” Hamas said in an official statement.

Actually, the story states Hamass blames Israel, too, because why not?

Anyhow, if Hamass really wanted the supplies, they would have stolen them at gunpoint, which is what they usually do.

But if you for the briefest millisecond harbor anything like sympathy for UNRWA, I want to wash your soul out with soap.

The accusation was the second allegation against UNRWA made in less than two weeks. A few days earlier, Hamas accused UNRWA of planning to teach children in Gaza about the Holocaust. Hamas demanded that UNRWA cancel the alleged lesson plan, saying, “We refuse to let our children study a lie invented by the Zionists.”

UNRWA officials hastened to deny that Gaza children would be taught about the Holocaust. “We focus on human rights in curriculum… we found that the Palestinians were deprived of many rights,” said UNRWA commissioner Karen Abu Zayd. UNRWA spokesman Chris Gunness said the Holocaust was not taught because it was not “age appropriate.”

Senior UNRWA official John Ging backed his colleagues in denying plans to teach Holocaust history. UNRWA has “no intention to integrate materials and topics that are inconsistent with the desire of Palestinian society,” he assured.

That Hamass demands a curriculum of Holocaust denial is hardly surprising. That the UN acquiesces should be surprising, but isn’t either. And the multiple cover stories—it’s either not “age appropriate” or it’s “inconsistent with the desire of Palestinian society”, pick one—are just further examples of shabby and shameful UN behavior.

They won’t teach them the most unimaginable abuse of human rights in the history of mankind (while studying human rights) because the Palestinians don’t want them to? Do they not teach division in the math curriculum because they don’t want to undermine Palestinian unity? Why do they teach them anything if they can’t teach them everything?

What is the study of human rights without the study of the Holocaust—and how does one penny of our money go to official, sanctioned, globally-approved Holocaust denial?

Help me out, liberals. I’ve hated the UN with a blinding passion more than any institution except the press for too long to be objective. Explain to me how they are not accessories after the fact to genocide.


Adolf Eichmann Was Just Misunderstood

Ah-ah-ah, don’t kill the messenger!

I’m just passing on what I heard:

In a March 8, 2010 article in the Kuwaiti paper Al-Watan, journalist Dr. ‘Issam ‘Abd Al-Latif Al-Fulaij wrote that…

The only way to deal with [the Jews] is through power and confrontation. The Jews will remain Jews even if you bathe and wash them in soap and water. They do not change, neither [in] thought nor [in] faith, and they will in no circumstances be satisfied with any [non-Jew], even if he joins their ranks. The presidents of the U.S., Russia, and [other] European [countries] are living examples for us: throughout modern history, not one of them has succeeded in standing up to [the Jews] or implementing his agenda against them.

We [should] learn from the experience of Adolf Eichmann, [who was] head of the Department for Jewish Affairs in the Gestapo and top commander of Auschwitz [sic], the biggest [concentration] camp for Jews. Eichmann tried to help the Jews during Hitler’s mass murders of them, and worked to smuggle out thousands in order to save them from death.

Eichmann stood before the cameras in a military posture and said: ‘…The fact that cuts me to the heart is that I helped to save you [Jews] from Hitler’s crematoria and dealt with you humanely, while you dogs showed me the greatest villainy. The soil of Palestine is not your heritage or your land. You are no more than a gang of terrorists, murderers, and suckers of the blood of the nations. Nothing suits you better than to burn in Hitler’s crematoria, so that the Earth will be liberated from your wickedness and your corruption, and so that the Universe will be blessed in being purged of your abominations. The day will come when an Arab Hitler will rise up against you who will utterly exterminate you and burn you in the oil[-fueled] crematoria, you dogs. [In fact,] it hurts me to compare you to dogs, since dogs are loyal, while you are not. But your conduct is characterized by bestiality and the impurity of dogs. [Continue] your crimes in Palestine as you please, until the day when you [are forced to] flee. Then your screams will rise to high heaven, and you will taste the flavor of final surrender which you don’t believe awaits you. Then the fate of wandering dogs will be better than your fate.’

There’s no excuse for ignorance, but I was not aware that Eichmann was such a friend of the Jews, were you?

I’m a little puzzled how he can have claimed to have put his life on the line to save them and then call them worse than dogs in the same breath. Equally puzzling is Eichmann’s inexplicable concern for the Palestinians, about whom he cared not a whit, as far as I know, and who still had large swathes of Judea and Samaria at the time of his trial and hanging. Perhaps most puzzling of all is that I cannot find a shred of this supposed quote anywhere on the internet.

As I say, ignorance is no excuse. If Eichmann was indeed a friend of the Jews—righteous among the nations, even—then his descendants are welcome here. If he was, rather, what we believe he was, then may he, and all Kuwaiti journalists burn in hell for all eternity.


It’s Not About the Settlements, Part MMMCCCVI

Another in an endless series of lessons to those who think that if Israel changed its zoning laws, all would be well:

[T]he minute UNRWA deviates from the goal for the sake of which it was established and presumes to take on a political mission, set forth ideological demands in return for its services, or seek to make a cultural impact by mandating the study of the Holocaust to which the Jews were subjected, the relationship that now exists between it and the Palestinian refugees will be disrupted.

First, there is no universal consensus regarding the historical authenticity of the Holocaust. [Some] doubt that the Jewish version of [the Holocaust] is historically untrue.

Millions of Europeans concur with the French philosopher Roget Garaudy [and] his book The Founding Myths of Modern Israel.

Second, even if all the world governments conceded that the Holocaust happened according to the Jewish version, it would never convince a Palestinian – because he knows that the world has acknowledged the injustice done to [the Palestinian people] yet disregards the holocaust being perpetrated against it on a daily basis This [holocaust] is eating away at the Palestinians’ flesh with roadblocks, and is breaking its bones with the blockade – while the entire world looks on in silence, [as if] it had swallowed its tongue. And if Mr. John Ging, UNRWA operations director in Gaza, asked any group of Palestinian students, ‘What is a Jew? ‘ – the answer would be given promptly: ‘A Jew is death, wounds, torture of prisoners, destruction of homes, devastation, perdition, deception, siege, and oppression.’

It is not enough for us Palestinians to refuse to teach our children about the Holocaust. We must introduce special classes about the Nazis of the 21st century – the Israeli Jews….

It’s hard to select the most offensive thing from the above, but I had to laugh at the part where the writer told UNRWA to butt out of teaching history and stick to forking over the heaping piles of money to maintain the Palestinians in the ignorance and misery to which they have become accustomed. May they choke on it.

And if you think his is a minority opinion

Following are excerpts from an interview with Muhammad Yousef ‘Adas, former advisor to UNESCO

The reason for the whole issue is that [the Jews] meddle with the economy, thus gaining control over nations. They finance wars. They are the cause of wars and economic corruption. They helped other countries to shackle Germany, by means of the World War I treaties, with which we are familiar. [...]

“Like Roger Garoudy said, the number of [victims] is very controversial. These figures emerged from a myth, not from facts. [...]

Interviewer: “Nobody is held accountable for this, but whoever denies the Holocaust is harassed, fired, arrested, or even physically eliminated.”

Muhammad Yousef ‘Adas: “Physical elimination goes without saying, if the other solutions are difficult to accomplish.

“There are statistics that show that there were only a few hundred thousand – at most 400,000 – Jews. And some statistics give much lower figures…”

Interviewer: “Some say 5,000.”

Muhammad Yousef ‘Adas: “5,000 Jews. [...] It is not merely deception. It has become an industry – the Holocaust industry. They profit from this a great deal.

“There is a fundamental racism in Western mentality. The Jews are part of this racism because they are white Europeans. The Europeans… Let’s put Hitler aside – the Europeans in general believe that the white race is…”

Interviewer: “The supreme race.”

Muhammad Yousef ‘Adas: “Right.”

To summarize: maybe only 5,000 Jews died in the Holocaust; those who survived are vile racists; the real Holocaust is being visited upon the (brown) Palestinians by the (white) Jews.

Well we respect all opinions here at—but we respect facts more:

The United Colors of Israel


Of course, the Palestinians are not without their values, too:

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Well, Isn’t That Big of Them?

Aw, hey guys, you shouldn’t have.

No, really, the Palestinians say you shouldn’t have:

Palestinian schoolchildren in UN-run schools may soon learn about the Holocaust as part of a new curriculum on human rights that is being developed by a UN relief agency.

Despite strong opposition from Palestinians, the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees is pushing forward with the new curriculum, currently in its draft stages, which will be circulated among parents, educators and human rights experts in the coming weeks.

“The issue is not whether UNRWA’s Human Rights Education will include the important education on the Holocaust or not. It will,” a spokesman for UNRWA in Gaza told The Jerusalem Post. “But this is not the only subject.”

Rumors about the proposed curriculum erupted in controversy last month, when Palestinians protested plans to teach students about the Holocaust. At the time, UN officials said the curriculum would not be introduced this year, but they stuck by the concept. Since then, UN officials have said the Holocaust will be taught within the context of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Currently, the Holocaust is not taught in UN-run schools in Syria, Jordan and Lebanon, or in Palestinian schools in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, where officials said teaching Palestinian children about the Holocaust would first require peace with Israel. UN schools in Gaza are bound by Palestinian curriculum, but they may make changes. Since 2002, the schools have incorporated lessons on human rights.

John Ging, UNRWA’s director of operations in the Strip, said any human rights course would be incomplete without a discussion of the Holocaust.

“No human-rights curriculum is complete without the inclusion of the facts of the Holocaust, and its lessons,” Ging told Britain’s The Independent.

And, as we all know, the Holocaust just happened. You can’t blame the UN for not being aware of it before now.

Thanks for your concern, guys, but if you’ve been enabling Palestinian rejectionism for all this time, why should we think this will be any different? They’ll probably teach it as good news—or, at the very least, as a trigger for the founding of the state of Israel (ignoring any historic right or claim to the land).


A Muslim Site Devoted To The Holocaust

Every once in a while, I get hopeful about a better future

This is a Muslim attempt to educate Muslims about Judaism, Jewish history, and the holocaust. They’ve done a good job and I commend them. I am sure that they have faced a lot of headaches from some of their co-coreligionists who prefer to deny it.

- Aggie