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Ready to Torpedo Hillary

Rush Limbaugh mentioned today how it wasn’t just conservative media (barely a media, more of a medium) going after Hillary Clinton’s dodgy foundation funding, but a vast left-wing conspiracy too.

Case in point:

The Clinton Foundation accepted millions of dollars from seven foreign governments during Hillary Rodham Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, including one donation that violated its ethics agreement with the Obama administration, foundation officials disclosed Wednesday.

Most of the contributions were possible because of exceptions written into the foundation’s 2008 agreement, which included limits on foreign-government donations.

The agreement, reached before Clinton’s nomination amid concerns that countries could use foundation donations to gain favor with a Clinton-led State Department, allowed governments that had previously donated money to continue making contributions at similar levels.

The new disclosures, provided in response to questions from The Washington Post, make clear that the 2008 agreement did not prohibit foreign countries with interests before the U.S. government from giving money to the charity closely linked to the secretary of state.

That’s the WaPo, but you can read similar stories in the NY Times, USA Today, MSNBC, CNN, Reuters.

So, what is the Clinton Foundation?

We believe that the best way to unlock human potential is through the power of creative collaboration. That’s why we build partnerships between businesses, NGOs, governments, and individuals everywhere to work faster, better, and leaner; to find solutions that last; and to transform lives and communities from what they are today to what they can be, tomorrow.

Everywhere we go, we’re trying to work ourselves out of a job.

Sounds like Hillary’s just about managed that.

But why? Let’s set aside the least likely possibility: that the mainstream media is just doing its job. Since when?

No, they have a motive. Could they be anti-Hillary? Surely, she’s made her share of enemies, and her political ear is about as tin as the Woodman in the Wizard of Oz.

But come on. Don’t be thick. There’s one overriding reason the media is Not Ready for Hillary.

This isn’t hard, people.



A lot of class, but it’s all low…

Remarking on the death of Colonel Gaddafi of Libya

– Aggie


Bull’s Eye

Who doesn’t love a good hit piece?

Heckuva job, Rovey!

Bush man Karl Rove’s group American Crossroads uses soundbites from Elizabeth Warren in this campaign ad targeting Hillary.

Of course, you have to listen to that grating voice of Crockagawea, and Hillary would have had to shake the hands of a lot of reprobates as Secretary of State for four years—but let’s not spoil the moment!


How to be Wrong and Keep Your Job

Work for the New York Times.

Being serially wrong is a prerequisite:

Whenever I mention that Hillary Clinton is an overwhelming favorite for the Democratic nomination — and would be even if Senator Elizabeth Warren ran — the conversation usually comes back to 2008. “She was supposed to be inevitable last time,” the refrain goes, “and she lost.”

I get it. I remember that Mrs. Clinton was “inevitable,” and I see why today’s discussions of Mrs. Clinton’s strength sound familiar.

But there is no equivalence between Mrs. Clinton’s strength then and now. She was never inevitable eight years ago. If a candidate has ever been inevitable — for the nomination — it is Mrs. Clinton today.

Maybe so. I say otherwise, and in fact have guaranteed Elizabeth Warren will run, and will clean the floor with Hillary. But I have been wrong before.

Nothing like this guy, however.

Polls show that the Republicans have an advantage in the fight for control of the Senate. They lead in enough states to win control, and they have additional opportunities in North Carolina and New Hampshire to make up for potential upsets. As Election Day nears, Democratic hopes increasingly hinge on the possibility that the polls will simply prove wrong.

But that possibility is not far-fetched. The polls have generally underestimated Democrats in recent years, and there are reasons to think it could happen again.

He doubled down a few days later:

The Republicans are looking forward to having a good week. They are favored to win the Senate, and they could pick up enough House seats to finish with their largest margin since 1928.

But perhaps more important to the party’s long-term prospects than Tuesday’s results is what unfolds in the presidential battleground states. If the night ends with tight races in Iowa, North Carolina, Colorado and Georgia, as the polls suggest, then the results will not be as great for Republicans as many analysts will surely proclaim.

How did this guy still have his job on the morning of November 5th?

Eight years later, though, it’s clear that it’s still possible for a candidate to approach inevitability, and it is Mrs. Clinton who, in a twist, deserves the distinction.

The fact that Mrs. Clinton seems poised to clear the field is the surest evidence that 2016 is not 2008. It means that Ms. Warren is getting a very different message from the one Mr. Obama received when Senator Harry Reid reportedly urged him to seek the presidency. Instead, many of the first people to endorse Mr. Obama in 2008, like Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri, have already endorsed Mrs. Clinton.

Even if Ms. Warren did run, it is hard to argue that she is as strong as Mr. Obama was eight years ago. Not only is it a stretch to compare the enthusiasm for Ms. Warren to that for Mr. Obama, but the differences between her and Mrs. Clinton on inequality and finance are also less clear — and probably less salient — than Mrs. Clinton’s vote to authorize the war in Iraq. Ms. Warren won’t replicate Mr. Obama’s support among black voters, either, and it is hard to see how she would make up for it.

Again, I could be wrong. But if you’re going to be a bear, be a grizzly. Cohn is right that Lieawatha does not light the same fire as Barack Obama in 2008. But Hillary doesn’t light the same fire as Hillary of 2008 either. We’ve known her for almost a quarter century; if we’re not in love with her yet, when will we be?

Here’s a metaphor to describe my take: Hillary’s “inevitability” is like a warship, say a US destroyer, say the USS Cole. Indomitable. Invincible. Fauxcahantas is like a motorized dinghy, a skiff. With explosives packed in her bow. All Crockagawea has to do is set her sights on USS Hillary and torpedo her below the waterline. She’ll sink faster than you can say Waterloo.


Or maybe not.


A Simple Mistake That Anyone Could Have Made

Be honest. Haven’t you claimed to have been on a helicopter flying over Iraq? And the helicopter was forced down? But it wasn’t true? Brian Williams, nightly news anchor at NBC can’t be the only guy in the country who has made that little boast.

NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams admitted Wednesday he was not aboard a helicopter hit and forced down by RPG fire during the invasion of Iraq in 2003, a false claim that has been repeated by the network for years.

Williams repeated the claim Friday during NBC’s coverage of a public tribute at a New York Rangers hockey game for a retired soldier that had provided ground security for the grounded helicopters, a game to which Williams accompanied him. In an interview with Stars and Stripes, he said he had misremembered the events and was sorry.

The admission came after crew members on the 159th Aviation Regiment’s Chinook that was hit by two rockets and small arms fire told Stars and Stripes that the NBC anchor was nowhere near that aircraft or two other Chinooks flying in the formation that took fire. Williams arrived in the area about an hour later on another helicopter after the other three had made an emergency landing, the crew members said.

See what I mean? A simple mistake. Like thinking you had dinner at McDonalds on a certain date in 2003, when really it was Wendy’s. I bet you can relate.

“I would not have chosen to make this mistake,” Williams said. “I don’t know what screwed up in my mind that caused me to conflate one aircraft with another.”

Williams made the claim while presenting NBC coverage of the tribute to the retired command sergeant major at the Rangers game, and the fans giving the soldier a standing ovation.

“The story actually started with a terrible moment a dozen years back during the invasion of Iraq when the helicopter we were traveling in was forced down after being hit by an RPG,” Williams said on the broadcast. “Our traveling NBC News team was rescued, surrounded and kept alive by an armor mechanized platoon from the U.S. Army 3rd Infantry.”

Again, no big deal.

Williams and his camera crew were actually aboard a Chinook in a formation that was about an hour behind the three helicopters that came under fire, according to crew member interviews.

That Chinook took no fire and landed later beside the damaged helicopter due to an impending sandstorm from the Iraqi desert, according to Sgt. 1st Class Joseph Miller, who was the flight engineer on the aircraft that carried the journalists.

“No, we never came under direct enemy fire to the aircraft,” he said Wednesday.

Didn’t Hillary Clinton similarly lie about being fired upon… where was it? Bosnia or something. And we are supposed to believe anything that comes out of the mouth of any of these dolts? They lie to embellish their credentials. It is truly sad. Aren’t they famous and successful enough?

– Aggie

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Who’s Not Ready for Hillary?

Almost 666,000 (appropriately enough) by my count, that’s who:

In June, Hillary Rodham Clinton appeared on the cover of People magazine for the first time in more than a decade. Real people, not the magazine, talked about what the article might mean for 2016. They talked about whether Clinton was using a walker (she wasn’t). They talked about people talking about whether Clinton was using a walker (She still wasn’t).

What they didn’t do was buy the magazine. According to a report from AdWeek on Monday, the June 16 issue of People featuring the former first lady and senator was the magazine’s worst selling of 2014 with 503,890 copies sold. The magazine’s best-selling issue –1,169,800 copies — was the one featuring Robin Williams after his death in late August. AdWeek said that celebrity weeklies saw poor performances with issues that featured the Kardashians and Beyonce on the cover.

It seems to me Hillary has something else in common with Beyonce and Kim—butt I can’t quite put my finger on it. I’m sure it’ll come to me in the end. At bottom, they’re all talented successful women.


Pull up a Cherokee

The stars are aligning for Lizzie Warren.

I wish I had been a fly on this wall:

Progressive activists haven’t agreed on what to call the movement urging Elizabeth Warren to run for president, but they largely concur on this: with every recent anti-establishment move the Massachusetts senator grows more attractive as a 2016 candidate, both in her own right and as a progressive foil for Hillary Clinton.

Such sentiments were on vivid display this week at RootsCamp, a gathering of some 2,000 progressive activists held in Washington, D.C. The event was held as Warren and others on the left have been denouncing the “cromnibus” spending bill winding its way through Congress over provisions they say are too friendly to Wall Street.

One panel at the conference, for instance, was called #HillaryProblems, and it delved into the disconnect between the Democratic establishment and the grassroots. Another was devoted to the “Draft Warren” movement, and included members of groups such as, which has pledged to spend at least $1 million to nudge the senator into the race, something she has said she won’t do.

Who am I kidding? I bet the walls were covered with flies. And lice.

“This is Elizabeth Warren’s moment,” said Ben Wikler, MoveOn’s Washington director, during the “Draft Warren” panel. “[We] can see [that] this week when the bill that was about to sail through Congress became a national fight because Elizabeth Warren raised the alarm.”

Ahem. It didn’t hurt that conservative Republicans opposed it as well. In fact, it took Obama twisting Democrat arms to get the thing passed.

But fine. Make it all about her.

As David Brooks says:

[T]hat’s why Elizabeth Warren owes it to us to run, or somebody like owes it to us to run to make our lives interesting, of course.

My life is plenty interesting enough walking the Bloodthirsty Puppy and keeping up with bogus rape charges (not against me, I assure you). I can do without Warpath ’16, thank you very much.


Look Who’s “Ready for Hillary”!

Those who make big bucks, and those who make whoopie:

Users of Grindr, the leading gay hookup app, have voted Hillary Clinton their “Straight Ally of the Year.”

The former secretary of state joins a slate of other noteworthy figures highlighted in Grindr’s ‘Best of Awards’ for 2014, including Neil Patrick Harris (voted “Gay Icon of the Year” for the second year in a row) and Vladimir Putin (voted “Enemy of the LGBT Community”).

While Clinton’s team has not responded to request for comment, it seems likely she would welcome the positive reaction from Grindr’s gay users.

Clinton did not publicly support same-sex marriage until last year, after she stepped down as secretary of state.

What is it with these supposed liberals—Obama, Hillary—denying people the right to love whom they will? She was senator from New York for eight years, for pete’s sake! No gay constituent ever asked her about their right to marry? How come I’ve supported gay marriage for a long as I’ve known they wanted to marry, while these guys were hung up on their prejudices for years? Where’s my award?

Anyhow, it’s the moneybags, and not just the f—friends of Dorothy, who support Hillary:

According to a CNBC survey, Hillary Clinton — with 31% support — would be the top choice for people with “investable assets of $1 million or more” if the 2016 election were held today.

Clinton is followed by former Republican Gov. Jeb Bush with 18%, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie with 14% and Vermont Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders with 11%.

You know who’s got a smile as wide as the shores of Gitche Gumee? Lieawatha, of course. That “the bankers” and “the mega-wealthy” support Hillary is just another arrow in Liz Warren’s quiver.


Hillary, the Half-Ton Truck

I’m not intentionally sexist (I didn’t make a crack about her mud flaps, after all), but how else am I supposed to take this ad?

I almost want to ask if she comes with a Hemi.

Who is this video for? I’m not a huge country music fan, I’m by no means an expert on the regions of the country where country music is popular, but I like to think I know a little about them from my travels, friends, family and readers. But when I watch this, I’m at a loss as to who they think this is for?

Why, it’s for all those red neck good ol’ boys who appreciate Smart Power, a reset button with Russia, and four murdered Americans in Libya whose deaths at the hands of Muslim terrorists prompted a shrug.

That’s who. As Allahpundit says, it’s like writing a song about Microsoft: “The product is mediocre on its best day, but through some mix of luck and ruthlessness, it’s turned itself into an American institution.”

Typically tone deaf, patronizing, and embarrassing—it’s the perfect Hillary commercial.

Even more typical, it’s reactive:

That painfully lame campaign video? You totally built that.

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Ready for Hillary?

So you’re the one.

GOV. DEVAL PATRICK (D-Massachusetts): Well, I think first of all, Hillary Clinton, Secretary Clinton, excuse me, has been an extraordinary public servant and would be a terrific candidate for president. But I think that the narrative that it’s inevitable is off-putting to regular voters.

CHUCK TODD: So she should be challenged in the Democrat party?

GOV. DEVAL PATRICK: I don’t mean that as a criticism of her. I just think that people read inevitability as entitlement. And the American people want and ought to want their candidates to sweat for the job. You know, to actually make a case for why they’re the right person at the right time.

Boy, if the image of a sweaty Hillary Clinton, Secretary Clinton, excuse me, doesn’t torpedo her chances, Elizabeth Warren doesn’t stand a chance.

The 2014 winner of my annual award for “Member of Congress of the Year” goes to the politician who had such a good year she now defines her party’s future — Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.).

The Massachusetts senator could become the Barack Obama of 2016, able to grab the Democrats’ presidential nomination from the favorite, Hillary Clinton, by coming at her from the left. The defining issue for Democrats in 2008 was Iraq. In 2016 it will be the economy. Warren is much more in step with the party on this issue than is Clinton.

My head is swimming. Warren had the best 2014? Robin Williams had a better 2014. In what sense does a scheming careerist and serial “spiritual genocidist” ever have a good year?

In the sense of Democrat politics:

Warren’s surprising power is evident in her ability to force Clinton, the former senator from Wall Street’s home state and a well-paid speaker for top brokerages, to go on the attack against income inequality.

“I love watching Elizabeth give it to those who deserve to get it,” she said at a late October rally in Boston. Clinton was referring to Warren’s calls for increased regulation of big banks and Wall Street brokers who have “tried to trick and trap and cheat our families.” Clinton also echoed Warren’s rhetoric when she said at the same rally: “Don’t let anybody tell you that, you know, it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs.”

In the current Real Clear Politics average of polls asking Democrats to select their top choice as the party’s 2016 presidential nominee, Warren is running second. And she trails Clinton by a huge margin, 51 percentage points.

But a poll taken this month by the progressive group Democracy for America found Warren to be the most popular choice for party activists asked whom they wanted to see run. Warren drew 42 percent support, overshadowing Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-Vt.) 24 percent and Clinton’s 23 percent.

And who votes in primaries but zealots?

Hillary Clinton is old news, and she’s politically tone deaf. She was divisive as a First Lady, a complete fiasco as Secretary of State, but adequate as a Senator. (And a hell of an investor in cattle futures.) She will not be the nominee, much less the president.

I think Warren will be, and I can’t wait.

Cherokee people! Cherokee tribe!
So proud to live, so proud to die.

It’s your funeral, Crockagawea.


The Paiute vs. the Pantsuit

Please believe me, I do try to limit, if not eliminate, sexism, ageism, and other cheap attempts at “humor”.

I do try:

Clinton labeled Warren “the passionate champion for working people and middle class families.”

“I love watching Elizabeth,” Clinton added, touting her ability to “you know, give it those who deserve to get it.”

It must have sounded better in the original Ozark. But it’s clear she loves her some Lieawatha.

And you, Fauxcahantas? Care to return the compliment?

When Warren and Clinton both stumped for Martha Coakley, Massachusetts’ Democratic candidate, in Boston on Friday, Warren barely mentioned the former secretary of state.

“Happy to welcome Secretary Clinton back to the commonwealth,” Warren said, firing up the crowd. “We love it!”

Rather chilly.

Compare what Warren said about Clinton with how other members of the Senate have introduced Clinton recently.

“Hillary is a hero to me and too so many others,” said Sen. Al Franken at an event with Clinton on Thursday. “People admire Hillary because she spent her life fighting for economic and social justice.”

Franken then made the praise personal: “And I would add she is funny. By the way, I am not saying that because I want to pay her a nice compliment. I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it. … Hillary is truly, truly funny.”

Sen. Mark Udall, who is running for reelection in Colorado, all but endorsed Clinton for president earlier this week while introducing her.

“We hope she is going to come back over the next few years,” he said to a roaring crowd, before touting Clinton’s record of fighting for workers “all over the world.”

“Hillary is truly, truly funny”? Like Richard Pryor funny? Robin Williams funny? Or more like Steven Wright? Give Crockagawea credit for not resorting to such brazen lies.

Still, for the good of the tribe, these two squaws should bury the hatchet and smoke-em the peace pipe.

PS: I’ll never lay off of the fake Indian, but Hillary had her own moment of ethnic mimicry.


Once Upon a Time in America

That was then:

This is today:

The foreign minister of Russia has said it is time for a “reset 2.0″ in ties with the US, while blaming the Obama administration for their poor state.

Sergei Lavrov, who was minister during the 2010 “reset” of relations, said the current US administration had “wrecked much of the co-operation structures”.

“It is absolutely in our interests to normalise relations but we didn’t wreck them,” he told a Russian TV channel.

“Now there’s a need for what the Americans might call a ‘reset’,” Mr Lavrov told Russia’s Channel Five (in Russian).

“The current US administration is today wrecking much of the co-operation structures that it created itself along with us. Most likely, something more will come up – a reset No 2 or a reset 2.0.”

If not for the birth of her granddaughter, and if not her departure from this gaggle of losers a year and a half ago, I would call that a bitch-slap of Hillary Clinton. So I won’t. But it ain’t a peck on the cheek either.

Hey Barack, the 1980s called: they said you suck.


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