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It Isn’t Only The Hezbollah Terrorist Who Won’t Be Down For Breakfast

The Iranian general is enjoying the 72 virgins

Today’s Top Stories
1. We now know that yesterday’s Israeli airstrike in the Syrian Golan killed Jihad Mughniyeh, a Hezbollah commander, and six Iranians, most prominently General Mohammed Ali Allahdadi of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

An Israeli security source (anonymously) confirmed to Reuters that the IDF carried out the attack. YNet lays out what the group had in store beyond the reconnaissance they were apparently doing when they met their demise:

“Jihad Mughniyeh was already planning, and had prepared, more major murderous attacks against Israel in the Golan Heights. These attacks include rocket fire, infiltrations, explosive devices, anti-tank missile fire, etc., with the goal of killing soldiers, hitting Israeli communities in the Golan Heights and killing Israeli civilians.”

This comes from the excellent site, Honest Reporting.

– Aggie


Thoughts and Prayers

Our condolences to Jihad’s family:

[How’d they hit him among all that camouflage?]

An Israeli strike on Syria that killed six members of the Iran-proxy Hezbollah terrorist organization also killed six Iranian solders and commanders, including an Iranian general.

“The Israeli strike killed six Iranian soldiers, including commanders, as well as the six members of Hezbollah. They were all in a convoy of three cars,” a source close to the Shia Islamist group told AFP on condition of anonymity.

Iranian officials confirmed the claim shortly after, adding that one of those killed was a general in the elite Revolutionary Guard force.

“General Mohammad Ali Allahdadi and a number of fighters and Islamic Resistance (Hezbollah) forces were attacked by the Zionist regime’s helicopters,” said a statement on the Guards’ website. “This brave general and some members of Hezbollah were martyred.”

The strike killed Jihad Mughniyeh, son of the late Imad Mughniyeh who was Hezbollah’s former military commander. Mughniyeh was among six Hezbollah terrorists killed, including a Hezbollah commander.

Mughniyeh, who according to intelligence sources was planning attacks on Israel’s north and had formed a terrorist organization of his own backed by Hezbollah and Iran, was to be buried on Monday afternoon in Beirut’s southern suburbs, a stronghold of the terror group.

I bet this is one funeral Obama WILL attend.

PS: Alas, fiery deaths run in the family.


Judged By One’s Enemies

Israel looks pretty good:

In response to the Presbyterian Church USA’s (PCUSA) decision to divest from American companies doing business with Israel, Shurat Hadin (Israel Law Center) filed a whistleblower action against the organization with the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) over meetings PCUSA held with Hezbollah terrorists.

Documentary and video evidence was sent to the IRS showing PCUSA delegates meeting with members of Hezbollah – which is designated by the US as a terrorist organization – as well as publishing anti-Semitic materials and passing around political advocacy materials in violation of its status.

“There is no mention in PCUSA organizing documents that it perceives fulfilling Christ’s work by meeting with and endorsing statements of a U.S.-designated terrorist organization found to be responsible for the death of United States civilians and marines. In fact, PCUSA has taken numerous, extensive, and costly efforts to engage in political anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic acts,” added the group.

I thank the Presbyterians for living by the words of Christ, Matthew 7:20: “By their fruits shall ye know them.”



Why Did the Lebanese Cross the Ocean?

To kill Jews!


A Lebanese man arrested in Thailand earlier this week on suspicion of ties to Hezbollah reportedly admitted he was plotting an attack on Israeli tourists in Bangkok, local media reported Friday.

Remember this antiwar sentiment from, gosh, forever ago?

Hezbollah, the Party of God, takes that literally:

The terrorist who killed five Israelis and their tour bus driver and wounded 32 Israelis in Burgas in 2012 was an Algerian who worked for Hezbollah, Bulgaria said Monday.

It was one of the most unsurprising declarations of the year since all signs have pointed to Hezbollah since the attack at the Black Sea resort.

The suicide bomber trained in camps in southern Lebanon.

A blast from the past, if you will:

The perpetrators of a 1994 terrorist attack on the main Jewish community offices in Buenos Aires have, for the most part, been eliminated by Israeli security forces operating abroad, a former Israeli envoy to Argentina sensationally revealed Thursday.

The AMIA (Argentine Israelite Mutual Association) bombing, carried out by a Lebanese suicide bomber who drove a car bomb at the multistory building, destroying it, killed 85 people and wounded hundreds. The bomber was subsequently identified as Ibrahim Hussein Berro, an operative of the Iranian-backed Hezbollah terror group, and he was allegedly assisted by other Hezbollah and Iranian operatives.

I think the guy who said this was reprimanded, but who cares? Everyone knows Hezbollah travels the globe to murder Jews for the sole purpose of murdering Jews. If other Jews hunt down the murdering scum and deliver take-out justice, what’s the problem? They should charge for the service.

PS: To name but a few.


Beirut Go Boom

Gee, this is awful:

Twin bombs targeted Iran’s cultural center and an army checkpoint in a Shiite neighborhood of Beirut during Wednesday morning rush hour, the latest in a series of sectarian attacks in Lebanon.

Health Minister Wael Abou Faour said five people were killed and 86 injured, including a number of children. The Iranian Embassy said none of its diplomats or staff at the cultural center were harmed in the attack.

An al Qaeda-affiliated group called Abdullah Azzam Brigades claimed the attacks in a message posted on its Twitter account.

The bombs were placed inside two booby-trapped vehicles, according to the Lebanese army, and went off almost simultaneously about 100 meters apart.

The bombs caused heavy damage to area buildings and cars in the neighborhood of Bir Hassan. Television footage showed smoke and fire billowing in the sky from several spots as rescue workers rushed to evacuate victims.

Debris, shattered glass and pools of blood covered the streets. Several cars parked the area were badly mangled. Human remains were scattered on the cement.

Bir Hassan is located near the southern Beirut suburb of Dahiya, a stronghold of Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shiite political and militant movement.

Just deplorable.

We note that it’s been 20 years since a Jewish cultural center was bombed in Buenos Aires. By Iran. And Hezbollah. Karma’s a bitch.

We condemn this reprehensible act.

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So Cute!

Arabs brilliantly eliminate life from between birth and death:


The Lebanese Hezbollah terrorist organization accepts babies onto its ranks, at least according to a recent report on its Al-Manar television.

“Military fatigues were the first garment to touch his tender body,” said the reporter, adding that the baby, Mahdi, “is a potential resistance fighter from the first hours of his life.”

The newborn’s mother is shown saying, “Nothing could be better than him becoming a soldier of Imam Mahdi. This reflects the continuation of the path of the Islamic resistance, one generation after another.”

Terrorist groups are known for instilling their doctrines in children starting at an early age. In 2012, Al-Manar showed the grandson of the assassinated Hezbollah arch-terrorist Imad Mughniyeh, who proudly boasted that he “wants to be in the resistance like grandpa.”

Just like grandpa, junior? It’s your funeral:

We drop this quote in from time to time. This seems like a good time.

“Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.” Golda Meir.

Not there yet.


Arab World Update

I know Israeli “settlements” (i.e. Jewish homes) are a far worse scourge on the face of humanity, but just one or two other stories.


Four people were killed and 77 others were wounded Thursday in a car bomb that struck Haret Hreik, a neighborhood of Beirut’s southern suburbs where Hezbollah enjoys broad support, the Health Ministry said.

Lebanon’s caretaker Interior Minister Marwan Charbel said human remains inside the vehicle used in the explosion suggested a suicide bomber may have been involved.

A judicial source told The Daily Star “DNA tests are being conducted on human remains that have yet to be identified.”

The car bombing in Haret Hreik, a densely populated neighborhood of the southern suburb, is the latest security incident to hit increasingly volatile Lebanon. The attacks are linked to the ongoing crisis in Syria, particularly Hezbollah’s military support there to President Bashar Assad.

Hezbollah MP Hasan Fadlallah said the blast occurred meters away from the party’s political council, saying “the target of the attack was Lebanon, its security, stability and national unity.”

No, the target was you, you Hezzie piece of [bleep].


Human rights groups report that thousands of women have been raped by Syrian army soldiers in the ongoing war, which is now in its third year and has left 130,000 dead. That trend appears likely to only increase, as a deputy to the Chief Mufti (Islamic scholar) of Syria has given religious permission to rape.

In the interview, Al-Dala said Syrian army soldiers have permission to “marry” unmarried and married women, sisters and mothers of the rebel fighters, without any official marriage agreement. He clarified that the rape is intended as a punishment for not reporting the rebels to the goverment forces.

In making his statement, the Sheikh placed his religious authority behind the rape of women and girls by soldiers, as part of their fight against the rebels.

According to testimony taken from captured soldiers and captains before they were put to death by rebels, rape has been employed as a common practice by the army, well before Al-Dala’s official religious support was stated.

While particularly attractive women are reportedly brought to senior commanders, rape victims include religious muslim women dressed in face veils and full-body cloaks (niqab).

It must be noted that for their part, the rebels have publicized religious permission for their fighters to do as they please with women who fall into their hands.

And an update on an earlier story:

The Czech foreign ministry expressed concern Thursday over the discovery of a large, illegal weapons stockpile at the home of the Palestinian ambassador in Prague, Jamel al-Jamal, a day after he was killed in an explosion there.

A ministry statement said that the findings possibly constitute a breach of diplomatic rules, and warrant a clarification from Palestinian officials, Reuters reported.

Respekt, a Czech weekly newspaper, reported that the discovered arsenal was enough to arm a unit of 10 men.

Czech police spokeswoman Andrea Zoulova confirmed that arms had been found in the ambassador’s residence, which is located within a newly constructed Palestinian diplomatic mission in the city.

The stockpile included heavy firearms being held illegally, unbeknownst to Czech authorities, according to a Channel 2 news report.

I would just observe that there was a terrorist bus bombing in Burgas, Bulgaria last year. Just sayin’.

Oh yeah, Jordan is trying a writer in absentia for “insulting” the state.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Israel-bashing—though if someone can explain to me why we’re not asking Israel to take more territory, not less, I’d love to know. I’d like to see the Jewish State run from Cairo to Baghdad. (So would many Arabs!)



Bloodthirstan condemns terrorism in all its guises (though technically this is more of a military operation):

A suicide bomber drove an apparently explosives-laden vehicle into two vans carrying Hezbollah operatives in eastern Lebanon early Tuesday morning, causing a number of casualties, Lebanon’s Daily Star quoted security sources as saying.

The area was cordoned off and multiple ambulances were seen entering the area to deal with the casualties.

It was not immediately clear who was responsible for the incident.

Hezbollah has been increasingly subject to attacks in Lebanon as its involvement in Syria’s conflict on the side of President Bashar Assad has caused tensions with Sunni groups.

In August, a car bomb killed 20 people in the southern suburbs of Beirut, a stronghold of the Shi’ite terrorist group.

Do you think that being the victim—rather than perpetrator—of indiscriminate horrific violence will prompt the Hezzies to change their philosophy?

“The anti-Semitism of Hezbollah leaders and spokesmen combines the image of seemingly invincible Jewish power … and cunning with the contempt normally reserved for weak and cowardly enemies. Like the Hamas propaganda for holy war, that of Hezbollah has relied on the endless vilification of Jews as ‘enemies of mankind,’ ‘conspiratorial, obstinate, and conceited’ adversaries full of ‘satanic plans’ to enslave the Arabs. It fuses traditional Islamic anti-Judaism with Western conspiracy myths, Third Worldist anti-Zionism, and Iranian Shiite contempt for Jews as ‘ritually impure’ and corrupt infidels. Sheikh Fadlallah typically insists … that Jews wish to undermine or obliterate Islam and Arab cultural identity in order to advance their economic and political domination.”

Me neither.



“Can’t tell your Islamofascists without a scorecard!”

Although the old-school leaders of al Qaeda still rage against the US and jihadists welcome any chance to harm us, look at who the terrorists actually kill. We’re not the main target of Sunni extremists these days. Iran, along with its allies, tops the list.

Of course, we cannot let down our guard and should hunt down Islamist terrorists where we can, but the focus of the “field soldiers” serving al Qaeda’s most-active franchise in Syria and Iraq is on Iran’s ambitions and Shia Muslims, not on us.

Yesterday’s suicide-bombing of the Iranian embassy in Beirut, Lebanon, amplified the breadth of this distinctly uncivil war within Islam. The Abdullah ­Azzam Brigades, a Lebanese al Qaeda franchise, claimed responsibility, citing Iran’s use of Hezbollah Shia militiamen to support the Assad regime in neighboring Syria. Wounding at least 140 victims, the attack killed 23 outright and appears, to this ­analyst, to have targeted the Iranian “cultural attaché,” who was killed while walking with a Lebanese security chief. In Iranian diplomacy, “cultural attaché” translates as “spymaster.”

In this multi-sided conflict, atop the maelstrom of the “Arab Spring,” people are killed not only for worshiping the wrong god, but for worshiping the right god in the wrong way. The unleashed hatreds are so intense that we’ve been pushed to the sidelines, still a desirable target, but far away. History’s law is that, while humans may relish hating a distant enemy, they generally prefer to kill their neighbors.

Al Qaeda? Iran says Al Kazin is more likely:

Iran’s IRNA news agency quoted an Iranian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman as saying the bombs were “an inhuman and vicious act perpetrated by Israel and its terror agents.”

Iranian Ambassador Ghazanfar Roknabadi said that “whoever carries out such an attack in these sensitive circumstances, from whichever faction, knows directly or indirectly that he is serving the interests of the Zionist entity.”

Iran has been cruisin’ for a bruisin’ for a long time now. I hate the loss of innocent life, but they need to look in the mullah—mirror, I mean. They were overdue to get their comeuppance.

Loath as I am to write this, if it occurred on his watch, I have to credit the namesake of ObamaCare. Thank you, Mr. President, for returning us to the days of the Iran-Iraq War (1980-88). How Reagan-esque of you.

PS: If you have any of that nerve gas left over from Syria… no never mind. Bad idea. Forget I mentioned it.


Live From Lebanon, It’s Friday Night Rage!

A couple of posts below, we offered lessons in comedy to the more observant among the Muslims. Sounds like a few more lessons may be necessary:

Like every Friday evening, the privately owned Lebanese network LBC broadcast its weekly satirical show Bas Mat Watan – a play on words meaning the homeland’s laughter but phonetically similar to dying homeland.

But this week the show outdid itself, deciding to lampoon none other than Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah. One of the show’s stars dressed up as the radical cleric – a feat last attempted in Lebanon in 2006 – and the result: Dozens of Hezbollah activists took to the streets in angry protest of the defamation of the beloved leader.

During the show, ‘Nasrallah’ was asked about possible mistakes ‘he’ has made. In response, the ersatz Shiite leader responded that his group’s participation in the Syrian civil war – a move which has earned Hezbollah massive criticism in Lebanon – was a mistake.

After the interviewer agreed with him, ‘Nasrallah’ quickly added that it was a mistake “because our participation came too late. We should have been there from day one.”

When questioned about additional possible mistakes, ‘Nasrallah’ noted Hezbollah’s control of arms – also a controversial topic in Lebanon – he of course quickly elaborated his response, adding that “we should also have submarines and planes. But it’s no problem, because we have managed to get our hands on missiles.”

Grilled about Iranian control over the group, ‘Nasrallah’ was “compelled” to conclude the interview: “I thank you. Your questions were more than beautiful and exact. The interview has come to an end!”

Much like the last time a Lebanese channel dared to poke fun at Nasrallah, his Shiite supporters could not remain on the sidelines.

During the weekend, pro-Hezbollah activists took to the streets in cities throughout Lebanon – from Hezbollah’s stronghold south of Beirut to Baalbek in southern Lebanon – burning tires and blocking roads in anger over the unfavorable portrayal of their leader.

The show’s director, Charbel Halil, responded to detractors via Twitter saying “the impersonation of religious figures has become a central tenet of the show, there is no need get upset.”

Oh yeah, the Party of God really digs “impersonation of religious figures”. They especially love the one of Muhammad as a dog.

The real problem, I suspect, is the lameness of the sketch itself. It sounds about as “funny” as 99.99% of SNL sketches. The only difference is New Yorkers do not set fire to tires in Rockefeller Center in protest of bad comedy. Though it might help SNL if they did.


Blowing This Joint

It’s not that I approach this story with wry amusement…well, okay, maybe I do. But I do so with shame that my wry amusement is inappropriate for the occasion.

But it’s just so damn wryly amusing!

A car bomb Thursday rocked a southern suburb of Lebanon’s capital — an area known as a stronghold of the Lebanese Shiite militant group Hezbollah, the Lebanese Army said.

Eighteen people were killed and 291 were wounded, the Lebanese national news agency NNA reported.

After the blast, a YouTube video surfaced in which three masked men holding weapons claimed they are part of a group responsible for the attack. They stood before a large Arabic sign containing the Islamic creed, “There is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is the messenger of Allah.”

The group, which calls itself “The brigade of Aisha, Mother of Believers,” accused Hezbollah of being aggressors. Aisha is the last wife of the Prophet Muhammad and is especially revered by Sunni Muslims.

In its YouTube post, the group called Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah a “pig” and said he works on behalf of Iran and Israel.

See, I knew I liked these guys!

“The brigade of Aisha, Mother of Believers”. Honestly, you have to laugh. How can these guys say this crap with a straight face? How can they be serious?

So deadly serious.

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“Savoir-Faire is Everywhere!”

Klondike Kat, anyone? A series of cartoons on the Underdog TV show? Along with Tennessee Tuxedo (voiced by Don Adams)? No?

This help?

He was a French-Canadian mouse who always bested the slow and slow-witted cat. I suppose if Speedy Gonzalez was a racist stereotype, so was Savoir-Faire. People didn’t seem to give a crap, however.

All of which is preamble to this real-life parallel:

To hear Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad tell it, Iran is a peace-loving country that minds its own business and just tries to get by in a world that is inexplicably hostile. But an eight-year investigation by an Argentine prosecutor into the 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish community center in Buenos Aires—where 85 people died—has led to a very different conclusion about Iran’s global agenda.

According to Alberto Nisman, who was assigned to the bombing case in 2005, Iran is sowing revolution all over the world, and Latin America is a key target. In a 500-page report released on May 29, Mr. Nisman outlines a sophisticated Iranian terrorism network that runs from the Caribbean to the Southern Cone.

Its targets are not limited to areas south of the Rio Grande. The foiled attempt to blow up New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport in 2007, Mr. Nisman contends, was an Iranian-planned operation that was managed from Guyana in a manner almost identical to the Buenos Aires attack. His report delivers evidence suggesting that numerous similar terror cells operate in the region.

In October 2006, Mr. Nisman indicted seven Iranians and one Lebanese-born member of the pro-Iranian Hezbollah militia for the AMIA murders. Interpol notices for their arrest were issued but none was captured. Then, late last year, the Argentine government of Cristina Kirchner announced that a “truth commission,” to be chosen by Argentina and Iran, would examine the viability of the prosecutor’s case.

To many Argentines, that seemed like letting the fox decide the fate of the chickens. But Mrs. Kirchner forged ahead, getting congress to agree. On May 20 Ahmadinejad approved Iran’s participation on the commission.

Let’s pause to consider: Iran (via Hezbollah) blows up a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires—almost 20 years ago—and Argentina’s head hag, Cristina Kirchner, asks Iran to sit on a commission to pronounce Iran’s innocence. That’s worthy of the UN, where criminal states like Iran are free to serve on the Human Rights Council and Saudi Arabia can opine on the rights of women!

But let’s hear the case for the prosecution:

The thread that led Mr. Nisman to look more closely at the JFK airport plot, and then the rest of the region, seems to have begun with Mohsen Rabbani. He was the Iranian cultural attaché in Buenos Aires in 1994 and the man whom Mr. Nisman’s report says was “the principal architect of the local connection in the AMIA bombing.”

Rabbani was one of a number of agents that Iran sent out into the world in the early 1980s to execute a plan to turn its embassies into centers for the export of revolution. He went to Argentina, Mohammad Tabatabaei Einaki was sent to Brazil and, according to Mr. Nisman’s report, “Iran accepted Abdul Kadir as its agent in Guyana.” Kadir would later be convicted in the U.S. in the JFK bombing conspiracy and sentenced to life in prison.

As Mr. Nisman’s report says, “The crucial issue in this matter—based on documents seized and shared with this investigation by the U.S. judicial authorities—is the remarkable resemblance in the building and [the] development of the intelligence and infiltration structures established in Argentina and Guyana since 1983.”

Guyanese law enforcement agents who searched Kadir’s residence after uncovering the JFK plot came upon “letters addressed to Mohsen Rabbani, newspaper articles that mention At Tauhid mosque [in Buenos Aires]—formerly run by Mohsen Rabbani—and Kadir’s personal phone book with Rabbani’s contact information handwritten in it.” The prosecutor says this provoked his team “to deepen the investigation [in order] to further the study of the context in which the AMIA bombing occurred.”

Mr. Nisman found that Kadir was a disciple of Rabbani, who believed that there was great potential for the Iranian revolution in yet-untapped Latin America and who “was the spokesman [for] the hardest line inside the Iranian regime.”

The model is not complicated. True believers are placed in legal structures, like embassies, cultural centers, mosques and religious schools, where they carry out official duties but also radicalize converts, collect funds, pass secret communications and otherwise lay revolutionary groundwork. Thus the mosque, for example, has a “dual use” as an “intelligence station.”

Iran did not have an embassy in Guyana so Kadir used Tehran’s diplomatic post in Venezuela to maintain contact with the regime. He founded the Islamic Information Center of Guyana and became the representative of the Secretariat of the Islamic Caribbean Movement. He carried out his work in neighboring countries, using “religious propagation to cover illegal activities,” such as building radical networks.

Meanwhile, Rabbani was also running operations in Uruguay, Chile and Colombia. Mr. Nisman’s office says that Mohammad Tabataei Einaki was expelled from Brazil in 1986. But it is highly unlikely that he was not replaced. The Brazilian border with Paraguay and Argentina is a famous hideout for Hezbollah, but Mr. Nisman’s report asserts that radicalized members of the Shiite Muslim sect—of which Iran considers itself the leader—also are known to operate in São Paulo, Parana and the Federal District in Brazil. The report doesn’t even mention Nicaragua, a small country where Iran has a large presence.

I’ve been hearing about that shady South America border area for years—years. Let’s hope the Obama administration has too (though Hillary Clinton didn’t see what difference it made). But that Iran’s nefarious reach extends so far and wide in South and Central
America is news to me. And it can’t be good news.


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