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Horrible Harry Reid

Harry Reid’s a liar, so what? We know that. Heck, he told us: “He didn’t get elected, did he?” The one-eyed f**k; he’s a Mormon Mullah Omar.

But this is for fun. Enjoy:

Planned Parenthood “is the health care backbone for American women during their lives,” Reid said. “In fact, it’s the only health care that a significant number of women get. About 30 percent of women, that’s their health care.”

A reader thought that number sounded high and asked us to check it out.

We started by doing some basic math.

According to the 2013 Census Bureau population estimate, there were about 161 million women in the United States, of whom 131 million were age 15 or over — the primary constituency for Planned Parenthood. Thirty percent of that number is about 39 million women.

Did Planned Parenthood serve 39 million women who had no other health care options? Not even close.

According to the most recent Planned Parenthood annual report, the organization saw 2.7 million patients in 2013, completing 10.6 million separate procedures. The biggest categories of procedures were sexually transmitted infection tests (3.7 million), reversible contraception (2.1 million), emergency contraception kits (1.4 million), pregnancy tests (1.1 million), and HIV tests (704,000). (For the record, the group disclosed that it performed 327,653 abortions during that period, or about 3 percent of all procedures.)

Equally problematic, there’s no indication in Planned Parenthood’s data that each of the 2.7 million patients had no other health care resources to rely on, as Reid said was the case.

Sorry for my bad word above, but I bet you’re repeating it like sailor with Tourette’s right now. (I know people with Tourette’s; they’d forgive me.)

What say you, Mullah No-Eye?

When we checked with Reid’s office, a spokesman said that the senator was speaking off the cuff and had meant to refer to a different statistic. That is a statistic — often cited by Planned Parenthood itself — is that “one in five American women has chosen Planned Parenthood for health care at least once in her life.” But that’s not what Reid said.

Our ruling

Reid said Planned Parenthood is “the only health care that a significant number of women get. About 30 percent of women, that’s their health care.” That’s not the case — Planned Parenthood saw 2.7 million patients in 2013, not the 39 million it would have needed to see for Reid’s claim to be accurate. Even if every Planned Parenthood patient had no other health care options, the group would have seen about 2 percent of women, not 30 percent. His office acknowledged that Reid, making off-the-cuff remarks, got the talking point wrong. In this case, he really got it wrong. We rate the statement Pants on Fire.

Incineratng trousers would have made a better excuse for the beating Harry Reid took that cost him the sight in one eye. He even lied about that.

And how imbecilic do you have to be to get your main point wrong, and in the process blow the arithmetic expected from an 11-year-old? (One in five is 30%? In what galaxy?)

Told you this was a fun one!

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It’s Harry Reid’s Party, and He Can Crow if He Wants To

You remember Harry Reid in August of 2012 on the floor of the Senate (right now, it looks like someone mopped the floor of the Senate with his face):

And you remember his abject apology three months ago for disgracing himself, his party, his office, and the institution in which he served:

Harry Reid, D-Nev. has no regrets about his 2012 claims that then presidential candidate Mitt Romney paid no taxes for 10 years.

The outgoing Senate Minority Leader even bragged to CNN that the comments, which had been described as McCarthyism, helped keep Romney from winning the election.

“They can call it whatever they want. Romney didn’t win did he?” Reid said during a wide-ranging interview.

I think the reason Harry Reid looks like a bad card-counter at a high-stakes blackjack table after a meeting with casino security out behind the kitchen is that God ran out of hellfire and had only a few sizable chunks of brimstone to hurl at him. Sorry about the eye, Harry, but I warned you about false witness.

In the Democrat Party, it’s monkey-see-monkey-do:

Todd Bosnich, 29, pleaded guilty to a felony charge of obstruction of justice by lying to the FBI about the email.

The GOP challenger in 2014 was former Councilman Carl DeMaio, who enjoyed high name recognition through his hard-charging style and his pledge to “fix Congress first” by making it more efficient and responsive to taxpayers.

But the final weeks of the campaign focused to a large degree on allegations made by a former DeMaio staff member that the candidate sexually harassed him. DeMaio’s campaign seemingly never recovered, and he later blamed his defeat on the charges.

On Friday, the ex-staffer admitted in federal court that he lied when he claimed to have gotten an anonymous email threatening that he would never work again in politics if he revealed that he had been sexually harassed by DeMaio.

Peters, DeMaio said, “shares responsibility for promoting Bosnich’s smears and lies for political gain.”

In response, Peters said, “Someone came to us alleging sexual harassment by Mr. DeMaio; we took everything to the police and they thanked us for it. [DeMaio] was accused by two people from his own operation. He’s the one who needs to take some responsibility.” Peters was citing a second sexual misconduct allegation by a former staff member that was made two days before the election.

Richard Grenell, media advisor to the DeMaio campaign, criticized the media, including the Los Angeles Times and CNN, for reporting on the allegations: “These same reporters should now hold Team Peters accountable for their dirty tricks or risk encouraging more ugly politics because a campaign gets away with it.”

Carl Luna, political science professor at San Diego Mesa College, called the incident “another tawdry chapter in San Diego politics. Sometimes I think this town is trying out for a recurring role on ‘Scandal,’” the television series about hardball politicking in Washington.

The Peters campaign “tarnished itself by becoming part of the narrative for unproven allegations,” Luna said. But he doubted that the allegations cost DeMaio the election.

Who knows? But it’s hard to make a case for yourself with the voting public when the overriding story is that you’ve been hitting on your male staff. Limited government and pension reform are abstract enough without having to compete with images of chasing Brad or Trip around the desk.

This wasn’t the first case of smearing an opponent, and it won’t be the last. But from the top of the ticket all the way down to dogcatcher, the Democrat Party has its figurehead—and it couldn’t be more fitting:


What’s Wrong With Marco Rubio?

How come he hasn’t amassed wealth in the manner of his corrupt colleagues?

You all are doubtless aware that Marco Rubio has scandalized the New York Times with his record of erratic driving (two tickets in almost two decades, the other tickets either having been dismissed, or earned by his wife). Today, the Times has the vapors that Rubio once bought—sorry, “splurged on”—a boat for $80,000.

I found a powerboat for sale online for about 80 grand. Rubio’s boat might have looked something like this:

Not bad. Until you compare it to John Kerry’s seven million dollar yacht, custom-built in New Zealand.

Rubio’s boat wouldn’t make it as a lifeboat for Kerry’s—which makes sense, given that Kerry’s annual Massachusetts excise tax almost equals the cost of Rubio’s boat. If he moored the boat in Massachusetts, which he doesn’t.

But John Kerry married money. Harry Reid made it the old-fashioned way: graft.

In 2004, the senator made $700,000 off a land deal that was, to say the least, unorthodox. It started in 1998 when he bought a parcel of land with attorney Jay Brown, a close friend whose name has surfaced multiple times in organized-crime investigations and whom one retired FBI agent described as “always a person of interest.” Three years after the purchase, Reid transferred his portion of the property to Patrick Lane LLC, a holding company Brown controlled. But Reid kept putting the property on his financial disclosures, and when the company sold it in 2004, he profited from the deal — a deal on land that he didn’t technically own and that had nearly tripled in value in six years.

When his 2010 challenger Sharron Angle asked him in a debate how he had become so wealthy, he said, “I did a very good job investing.” Did he ever. On December 20, 2005, he invested $50,000 to $100,000 in the Dow Jones U.S. Energy Sector Fund (IYE), which closed that day at $29.15. The companies whose shares it held included ExxonMobil, ChevronTexaco, and ConocoPhillips. When he made a partial sale of his shares on August 19, 2008, during congressional recess, IYE closed at $41.82. Just a month later, on September 17, Reid was working to bring to the floor a bill that the Joint Committee on Taxation said would cost oil companies — including those in the fund — billions of dollars in taxes and regulatory fees. The bill passed a few days later, and by October 10, IYE’s shares had fallen by 42 percent, to $24.41, for a host of reasons. Savvy investing indeed.

Here’s another example: The Los Angeles Times reported in November 2006 that when Reid became Senate majority leader he committed to making earmark reform a priority, saying he’d work to keep congressmen from using federal dollars for pet projects in their districts. It was a good idea but an odd one for the senator to espouse. He had managed to get $18 million set aside to build a bridge across the Colorado River between Laughlin, Nev., and Bullhead City, Ariz., a project that wasn’t a priority for either state’s transportation agency. His ownership of 160 acres of land nearby that stood to appreciate considerably from the project had nothing to do with the decision, according to one of his aides. The property’s value has varied since then. On his financial-disclosure forms from 2006, it was valued at $250,000 to $500,000. Open Secrets now lists it as his most valuable asset, worth $1 million to $5 million as of 2010.

There are richer Senators, the richest Democrats, but the point is made. The Rubios have done all right for themselves, but in that quaint, old-fashioned way of hard work, diligence, good fortune, and fast-driving.

I wasn’t sure whom I supported in the Republican primaries, but the Times has made the decision for me!

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See No Evil

Harry Reid is proof that in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king:

JOSE DIAZ BALART: Senator, let’s talk about Bill Clinton. Do you think the whole Bill Clinton global initiative is kind of taking away or putting pressure on Hillary Clinton’s campaign? Do you think Bill Clinton should step aside? Do you think if she were to win the presidency he should step aside from the Foundation?

SEN. HARRY REID: People do not understand the strength of Hillary Clinton. She’s a marvelous woman, independent, thoughtful, smart, experienced. And Bill Clinton will step down from whatever he needs to do to help his wife. The Foundation, which has done so much good around the world, Haiti, for one example, no organization other than the United States government itself did more to help than the Clinton Foundation, so I don’t know all the intricacies of what he will do and what he can’t do, but I know he’ll step aside any time he gets in the way of his wife.

Strength? I know she can hurl an ashtray (or was it a lamp?) like a 1968 Bob Gibson fastball—but a strong candidate? To belabor the metaphor, she’s revealing herself to be the Dal Maxville of 2016—all glove, no power.

But then, Reid is delusional in everything he says—the only thing the Clinton Crime Family Foundation did for Haiti was give Tony Rodham a job.

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If You Can’t Say Something Nice, Say it of Harry Reid

The other day, we touched upon Harry Reid’s retirement in 2016 by sharing Rush Limbaugh’s tale of Democrat debauchery and debasement.

But compared to some of the other voices piping up, Rush was practically French-kissing Reid (dread image).

Charles Cooke, National Review:

[T]his is good news for Republicans and it is good news for America. Good riddance, Harry. Good bloody riddance.

Harry Reid is a stone-cold killer who has damaged Washington considerably, who has elevated his own political preferences above the institution he was elected to protect, and who has made worse the partisan rancor that our self-described enlightened class claims to abhor. The greatest service he can do America is to go away.

Certainly, progressivism is in better shape today because of Harry Reid. But for those of us who care about process, who do not believe that the ends justify the means, and who are concerned primarily about the integrity of the American constitutional and political order, Reid has been little more than a dangerous menace.


Ian Tuttle, National Review:

He was able to wreak endless havoc because he had the backing of his party. It would be nice to think that most Democrats held their noses while voting for Reid, but it simply was not so. He served six years as his party’s whip, and will retire having served 12 years as his party’s leader in the Senate. The disreputable methods, the scorched-earth tactics — all was done with the approval of Senate Democrats. Perhaps Reid started that train of abuses and usurpations moving, but eventually his caucus hopped aboard. If he was avant-garde at the beginning, he is now simply the avatar of most of his party’s elected leadership.

The second indictment is more sweeping. As the editors note, for years Harry Reid has played double-dutch with every legal line he comes to — and the result has been political effectiveness and personal enrichment. Recognizing that Reid is not the first to live comfortably off corruption, and recognizing also that he will not be the last, is it not still an indictment of Washington that so filthy a character can live such a long, happy, and successful political life?

It ain’t over yet. Give it time.

The editors, National Review:

There is no gentle way to characterize Senator Reid’s career: He is and long has been one of the worst things about American government — a self-interested, dishonest, sanctimonious, unscrupulous charlatan who began his career with an act of cheap theater — choking Jack Gordon, who had offered him a bribe, for the benefit of the FBI’s cameras — and capped it by filibustering a bill intended to help people being held as slaves because it did not allow for shunting public money into the coffers of Planned Parenthood for subsidized abortions, a stunt he pulled after boasting of his pro-life voting record.

He has grown wealthy in office and made fortuitous investments in real estate that later benefited from federal projects. He used campaign funds as a family slush fund, channeling money to his granddaughter and taking dubious steps to conceal the fact — omitting her surname from official documents — all while posing as a champion of campaign-finance reform. He invested an extraordinary amount of time and effort — including speeches from the Senate floor — denouncing two private citizens for their philanthropic and political donations. He flat-out lied when it suited him, for example announcing during the 2012 campaign that Mitt Romney hadn’t paid any taxes in ten years, a complete and utter fabrication that is, unfortunately, the sort of thing in which Reid has been all too happy to traffic.

He bears a great deal of responsibility for the mess that is Obamacare, for the shocking waste of the stimulus package, for the unprecedented deficits produced by his joint congressional leadership with Nancy Pelosi, and for the undermining of U.S. policy in the Middle East when sabotage suited him.

He has been as near to a personification of everything that is wrong with American public life as we ever hope to see.

That’s National Review heard from. Who else?

Charles Krauthammer:

“Harry, we hardly knew ye, and what we did know we didn’t like,” Krauthammer said on Special Report.

Ed Morrissey, Hot Air:

The worst part of the next eighteen months or so will be the valedictions offered to Reid for his service. By any objective measure, Reid has been a blight on the Senate and on Congress. He declared the Iraq war “lost” while Americans were still fighting there, and he derailed a budget process that had worked well before his ascent into leadership. He stripped the Senate of one of its debate functions after sabotaging the amendment process, and nearly destroyed regular order. On top of that, Reid used his post to commit McCarthyite character assassination of Mitt Romney, claiming to have inside knowledge that Romney hadn’t paid taxes in ten years, a smear that turned out to be utterly false. He has been a malevolent force for years in American politics, and nothing he did in Washington will improve the place as much as his leaving it.

Goodbye, Harry, and good riddance.

A common theme.

Good riddance for good reason:

“I think it is unfair for me to be soaking up all the money to be re-elected with what we are doing in Maryland, in Pennsylvania, in Missouri, in Florida,” Reid told the Times.

Reid said neither his recent eye injury nor concern over his chances of winning played a factor in his decision.

But the real reason Reid is retiring may have nothing to do with any of these excuses and everything to do with his concerns that a possible Republican Presidential victory in 2016 would lead to the appointment of a Republican Attorney General in January 2017.

A Republican Attorney General would be almost certain to initiate a criminal investigation into Reid’s abuse of his political power in a brazen intervention in the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) issuance of EB-5 visas to investors in a Las Vegas casino and hotel that was represented by his son, Rory Reid, as was highlighted in a report released by the Inspector General of DHS last week.

“I think Harry Reid’s getting out of town ahead of the posse,” former U.S. Attorney Joe diGenova tells Breitbart News.

Last word, as it should be, to Mark Steyn:

How mean-spirited are House Republicans? So mean-spirited that they would end federally funded cowboy poetry! On Tuesday, Harry Reid, the Majority Leader, took to the Senate floor to thunder that this town ain’t big enough for both him and the Mean-Spirited Kid (John Boehner).

“The mean-spirited bill, HR 1 … eliminates the National Endowment of the Humanities, National Endowment of the Arts,” said Senator Reid. “These programs create jobs. The National Endowment of the Humanities is the reason we have in northern Nevada every January a cowboy poetry festival. Had that program not been around, the tens of thousands of people who come there every year would not exist.”

“Tens of thousands” would “not exist”? There can’t be that many cowboy poets, can there? Oh, c’mon, don’t be naïve. Where there are taxpayer-funded cowboy poets, there must surely be cowboy poetry festival administrators, and a Bureau of Cowboy Poetry Festival Licensing, and cowboy poetry festival administration grant-writers, and a Department of Cowboy Poetry Festival Administration Grant Application Processing, and Professors of Cowboy Poetry Festival Educational Workshop Management at dozens of American colleges credentialing thousands of cowboy poetry festival workshop co-coordinating majors every year. It all adds up.

That’s what I had to say four years ago, but, as ol’ Harry rides off, let’s have one more chorus of my own contribution to the cowboy-poetry genre. I’m still waiting for the grant check:

An ol’ cowpoke went ridin’ out one dark and windy day
Upon a ridge he rested as he went along his way
When all at once he spied a posse from the GOP
A-hangin’ from that ol’ mesquite his fed’ral subsidy

His pen was still a-fire and he knew how to spell “git”
But an ol’ paint can’t outride a trillion-dollar deficit
If only Harry Reid can head ’em off at that there pass
‘Cuz he hasn’t finished paying off creative-writing class

Yipp-ki-o yippi-ki-ay
Cow Poets On The Dole
Yipp-ki-o yippi-ki-ay
Cow Poets On The Dole…

Our grandchildren will not believe that someone as corrupt and as comical as Harry Reid actually existed, much less wielded the power he did. He’s as mythical and criminal as Boss Tweed, as crude and coarse as LBJ. Nothing will become him as his long-awaited departure.

PS: There are those who don’t believe his story about a broken exercise band causing his injuries. Count me among them.


Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

Harry Reid’s announcement of his retirement next year prompted this remembrance by Rush Limbaugh of a despicable act so low, so vile, I had to share it with you:

The exercise machine got it even worse.

RUSH: But we’ve had a very famous run-in with Dingy Harry on this program. Dingy Harry once attempted to have your host — your beloved fuzzball leader, me — censored and silenced. Dingy Harry applied pressure to the chief executive officer of my then syndication partner, Clear Channel Communications, a man by the name of Mark Mays. You remember this? It was over this totally made up controversy involving the phony soldier.

Eight years ago, in 2007. It was in September and October. The short version is that a man claiming to be a veteran of the Iraq war came back to the United States and began bashing the American military, bashing the war effort, bashing George Bush. We did a little research and we determined the guy was a fraud, that he had never been to Iraq.

He had never been in the US military!

He was a leftist plant much like a Cindy Sheehan was. He was totally made up, and the media was supporting him and the Democrat Party was supporting him, and he was a total fraud. I ended up calling the guy “a phony soldier,” and this irritated Harry Reid, who only knew about this from reading from a propaganda website called Media Matters for America, which was also lying about all of this. So Harry Reid or somebody on his staff reads the account and thinks that I have maligned a real hero as a “phony soldier.”

Harry Reid goes to the floor of the United States Senate and reads a letter that he had sent to the then-CEO of Clear Channel Communications, my syndicating partner. The man’s name was Mark Mays. Harry Reid called him Mark May. And the letter begged or asked, and it’s… You’re a CEO of a major American communications conglomerate. Many of your properties are regulated by the federal government, the FCC.

You get a letter from the Senate majority leader suggesting you do something and there is a lot of implied intimidation, and Harry Reid knew this. And the letter that Dingy Harry composed and sent to Mark Mays, he read verbatim on the Senate floor. And he asked Mark Mays to censor me, to make me apologize and to think seriously about allowing me to continue. And then, after reading the letter, he then did indeed send it.

And Mark Mays did indeed receive it, at which point I had an idea. I got hold of Mark Mays — syndication partner, CEO, Clear Channel Communications — and I asked him if I could have the letter for the purposes of auctioning it on eBay, because what that letter represented was the long arm of the federal government making a direct assault on the First Amendment rights of an average, ordinary American citizen. That would be me.

Mark Mays gave me that letter after I requested it. He sent it to me and allowed me to use it however I wanted, which I thought was a profound act of courage and bravery. Remember, his company has properties — radio stations, TV stations — that were regulated by the federal government. Easily intimidated, some people in that position are. He could have said, “No, Rush. Let’s leave this alone.” He gave me the letter. We put it up for auction on eBay as an example of the government trampling on the Constitution.

“It’s a great historical example,” I said, and I said, “Whoever buys this,” donates the most to buy it, the charity I named, “I will match it.”

I’m holding in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers a copy of Harry Reid’s letter to Mark Mays. It was October the 2nd of 2007. Not only did Harry Reid send the letter, it was signed by I think every Democrat in the Senate, including Senator Kennedy. It was signed by Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, Patty Murray, Chuck Schumer, Tom “Dung Heap” Harkin, Jack Reed, Frank Lautenberg.

We put it up, and I said that whatever amount of money we get for this, I’m going to match it, and we’re gonna donate it to (Are you waiting for it?) the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation, which has been one of my top charities since it was formed in the mid-nineties. The Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation provides college scholarships for the children of Marines killed in action.

And during massive events like 9/11 they extend the scholarship offerings to the children of men and women killed in action from other services, the Air Force, the Secret Service, the Navy, you name it. Well, the bottom line is, ladies and gentlemen, that we ended up collecting a top donation of $2.1 million, and I had pledged to match it. So that meant that $4.2 million ended up being donated to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation because Dingy Harry went to the floor of the Senate and attempted to use me to impugn the United States military.

Harry Reid had done everything Rush said he had done. But he wasn’t done:

What did Harry Reid do?

After all of this, Harry Reid went back to the Senate floor and attempted to take credit for all of this. Have you forgotten that? He went back to the Senate floor and said, “This is the kind of great thing that can happen when people work together for a common good.” His original attempt was to essentially silence me. He ended up being publicly humiliated, and then his last act was to try to glom on to it, take credit for it, and act like he was the one ultimate responsible for it all happening because this is what he wanted.

Harry Reid, John Adams, Garrison Keillor, Nebraska state senators, MSNBC guests, Lena Dunham are not dog sh*t themselves. They are the worms, spores, and other pathogens that lurk within that innocent waste product.

And they get away with their nonsense because no one in the media calls them on it. We do, but we are the definition of on one in the media.

PS: I reminded myself of this “phony soldier”. He was one Jesse MacBeth. There’s not much about him since he pled guilty for “using or possessing a forged or altered military discharge certificate and one count of making false statements in seeking benefits from the Veterans Administration”.

But he does have a Twitter feed (by invitation only). This is as much as he admits to on the home screen: Black Romance Author, Muslim, and proud father of three


Figures. All of it.

PPS: Michael Patrick Leahy at Breitbart has plenty on the shady, slimy background to Reid’s surprise announcement.


Scorched Earth

Obama administration policy:

The White House worked closely with liberal House Democrats last week to torpedo a tax deal that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-­Nev.) was negotiating with Republicans.

The unusual move to kill a Reid­-backed proposal has raised suspicions among Senate negotiators about the White House’s motivations. They believe President Obama’s team is eyeing a broad corporate tax reform deal in 2015, when Republicans will control the Senate and the House.

“It might indicate less about the merits of the package and more about the White House using progressives to kill a deal now in order to pave the way for a deal with Republicans next Congress that progressives will absolutely loathe,” said a senior Senate Democratic aide.

The administration joined forces with the House Democrats with one thing in mind: making sure a possible veto wouldn’t be overturned.

“Clearly the White House calculated that the House Democrats could sustain a veto,” said another Democratic aide. “The White House had conversations with a slew of House Democrats on Tuesday. It was furiously trying to assess how much opposition there was in the House. They were very upset.”

I’ll admit to being confused. Why would Obama spike a deal with Democrats when Congress will turn even more Republican next year? The article descrbes the horse-trading, but this is the key take-away for me:

The deal fell apart amid lingering tension between Reid and the White House in the aftermath of last month’s devastating midterm losses, which many Senate Democrats blame on Obama.

They’ve been feuding openly for the past four weeks. I don’t think Obama ever got over Reid’s “light-skinned black” and “Negro dialect” comments. I don’t know about light-skinned, but he sure is thin-skinned.


Harry Reid’s Stand-Up Act

Don’t give up your day job, Harry (Actually, do!):

Harry Reid, who faulted his 2010 Republican opponent for making an insensitive remark to Asian-Americans, cracked two Asian-themed jokes at a Las Vegas event Thursday.

“I don’t think you’re smarter than anybody else, but you’ve convinced a lot of us you are,” the Senate Majority Leader said to laughs from the audience at a Las Vegas Asian Chamber of Commerce event.

Later in the video, which was sent to reporters by the Republican research group America Rising, Reid said, “One problem that I’ve had today is keeping my Wongs straight.”

But they’re light-skinned Asians, who speak with Asian accents when they want to!


The Obama Doctrine

You have to listen to Hillary and Harry Reid to discern it: What difference does it make?

MANU RAJU, POLITICO: Looking back at the way this was rolled out, do you think the White House could have been a better job looping in Congress during these negotiations?

SEN. HARRY REID: Listen, Manu [Raju], and everyone here, the timeline was very, very brief here. This has nothing to do with briefing this down in the classified briefing. We all know that the president had a very short period of time to make a decision. He made the decision to bring him home, and I’m glad he did because in my opinion, based on nothing in the classified briefing, in my opinion, every day that he was there was a day closer to his dying.

RAJU: How come you were the only one who got a heads-up the day before?

REID: I’m not sure I’m the only one. I mean, this is making a big deal over nothing. The whole deal, is it Friday or Saturday? What difference does it make? What difference does it make?

Sound like someone else you know?

Hillary said that after Americans were killed by Islamist terrorists; Reid said it before. I guess that’s the difference.


Have a Koch and a Smile

Harry Reid it and weep:

The United Negro College Fund announced a $25 million grant Friday from Koch Industries Inc. and the Charles Koch Foundation — a large donation from the conservative powerhouse Koch name that Democrats have sought to vilify heading into the 2014 midterm elections.

The UNCF, known for its iconic motto, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste,” supports historically black colleges and universities and provides scholarships.

From the donation, $18.5 million will go toward nearly 3,000 merit-based scholarships to African-American students, and $6.5 million will go toward general support for historically black colleges and universities and the UNCF.

African-Americans are a key constituency within the Democratic Party. But Michael Lomax, president and CEO of UNCF, said that since the organization’s inception in 1944, it has reached out to people of all backgrounds for support without an “ideological lens” because it is in everyone’s interest. The organization has awarded $100 million in scholarships to more than 12,000 students at 900 schools this year alone, but he said the need is so great that the organization turns away nine out of every 10 applicants, or about 100,000 students annually.

He said that in today’s politically charged climate, he’s prepared to take criticism from those of different political leanings than the Kochs.

“Criticism is a small price for helping young people get the chance to realize their dream of a college education, and if I’ve got to bear the brunt of someone else’s criticism to ensure that we have the resources to help those students, then I can handle it, and I can take the heat,” Lomax said.

Lomax said he and Charles Koch, chairman and CEO of Koch Industries, based in Wichita, Kansas, had lunch together and were able to find that we “shared a profound belief in the importance of education.”

“We talked about students. We talked about the kinds of support they need. We talked about the shared belief that there are a lot of talented young people there whose lives will be transformed if they get a chance to complete a college degree,” Lomax said.

In a statement, Koch said that “increasing well-being by helping people improve their lives has long been our focus” and that the partnership will provide promising students with new educational opportunities.

“We have tremendous respect for UNCF and we are hopeful this investment will further its effectiveness in helping students pursue their dreams,” Koch said.

In case you were wondering:

Reid’s office did not respond to The Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

Let me provide a comment for Reid: sometimes, a mind is perfectly okay to waste (as he himself demonstrates every day) if the evil Kochs are paying for it.

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No Koch, Pepsi

Desperate. Just desperate:

“Republican senators have come to the floor to defend the Koch brothers’ attempt to buy our democracy,” Reid said. “Once again, Republicans are all in to protect their billionaire friends. … They have again and again defended the Koch brothers’ radical agenda — and it is radical, at least from the middle-class perspective. … And the Koch brothers are returning the favor with huge donations to Republican Senate candidates, either directly or indirectly.”

“Senate Republicans, madam president, are addicted to Koch,” Reid said, saying they “hardly need” the National Republican Senatorial Committee, the committee charged with electing Republicans to the Senate.

Reid accused the Kochs of “spending to rig the system” to benefit the wealthy, and for perpetrating a system in which “whoever has the most money gets the most free speech.”

Last week, Reid called the Koch brothers “un-American.”…

What say you, you un-Americans?

Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips is taking exception to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) attacks on the Koch brothers, the conservative group’s major benefactors.

“It’s ironic to have someone like Harry Reid use the word ‘un-American’ about David and Charles Koch, because the Koch brothers, they create more prosperity for more Americans from more walks of life in a single year than a liberal politician like Harry Reid creates in a lifetime. And yet he has the gall to use the word ‘un-American,’ ” Phillips told The Hill on Friday.

“Does he really want to bring that committee back, the un-American Activities Committee?”

Reid took to the Senate floor last week to rip Americans for Prosperity and the Koch brothers specifically for their attacks, and doubled down on them on Tuesday.

“I guess if you make that much money, you can make these immoral decisions,” Reid said on Wednesday. “The Koch brothers are about as un-American as anyone I can imagine.”

As desperate as he is, he’s even more loathsome. Still, his death pangs are entertaining to watch.


What About Fairness?

Please hear fairness as I’m saying it: FAIIIRNESS

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Tuesday delayed action on legislation raising the minimum wage, the centerpiece of the Democrats’ 2014 agenda.

The Nevada Democrat made the surprising move amid escalating Democratic resistance in the wake of a Congressional Budget Office report released last week estimating that hiking the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour could cost the equivalent of 500,000 jobs by late 2016.

That got your attention, did it, Dems? Half a million to a million jobs kaput because of your simpleminded meddling? Why is this situation different from everything else you’ve done?

Sen. Mark Pryor (Ark.), the chamber’s most vulnerable incumbent, has said he does not support the legislation. He does, however, back a pending plan in his home state to increase the minimum wage to $8.50.

Other Democrats up for reelection who have not co-sponsored the Harkin measure include Sens. Mark Warner (Va.), Kay Hagan (N.C.) and Mary Landrieu (La.).

Oh right, election year. The public has a limit on Democrat-induced job losses (from minimum wage, ObamaCare, tax hikes) before they vote en masse for the other party(-ies). You have no problem shrinking the labor force, but only up that point.

Reid blamed the delay on Republicans.

“The obstruction continues and it slows things down,” he said. “We’ve also been hampered by trying to get an extension of unemployment benefits. The slowdown has been a result of continued obstruction.”

Mm-hmm, yeah, sure. Obstruction, bad. See you in November, leper.


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