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Hey Libs! Put a Tarp Over Your Computer Screens

Warned you:

Top officials in the Koch brothers’ political organization Monday released a staggering $889 million budget to fund the activities of the billionaires’ sprawling network ahead of the 2016 presidential contest.

The budget, which pays for everything from advertising and data-gathering technology to grass-roots activism, was released to donors attending the annual winter meeting of Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, according to an attendee.

During remarks Saturday, Charles Koch said the organization would not back down from its ambitions.

“Americans have taken an important step in slowing down the march toward collectivism,” Koch said, according to excerpts released over the weekend. “But as many of you know, we don’t rest on our laurels. We are already back at work and hard at it.”

Koch said the group’s efforts have been “largely defensive to slow down a government that continues to swell and become more intrusive.”

During last year’s midterm elections, Koch-affiliated groups spent millions in advertising to successfully toss out Democrats from the Senate and put the chamber in Republican control. In all, the Koch network is believed to have spent $290 million to help shape 2014 election results.

“We have never seen this before,” Sheila Krumholz, who runs the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics, said of the Kochs’ planned spending, “There is no network akin to this one in terms of its complexity, scope and resources.”

Mwahahahaha!!!! The evil Koch Brothers, like the Borg, are relentless and cannot be stopped. Resistance is futile. Prepare to be assimilated.

With a few exceptions:

Steyer, Thomas & F. & Kathryn Ann Fahr: $74,009,434
Bloomberg, Michael R. $10,377,600
Eychaner, Fred, Newsweb Corp $8,267,000
Simons, James H. & Marilyn H., Renaissance Technologies/Simons Fdtn $7,624,700
Soros, George, Soros Fund Management $3,755,400

You effing cheapskate, Soros. Tom Steyer is bankrupting himself to save the planet from the peril of global warming; even Republican Michael Bloomberg spent over $10,000,000 on Democrat and liberal candidates; and you… you miser couldn’t cough up what amounts to nickels under your sofa cushion. You’re probably a Koch mole.



[Bleep] You Can’t Make Up

Next, Obama will pitch to Latino voters from the casa of someone named Rico Bastardo:

President Obama blasted Republicans as the party of “billionaires” on Tuesday while mingling with high-rollers at the $26 million estate of Rich Richman — yes, that’s his real name — in Greenwich, Conn.

Richman, who built his $10 billion company developing rental housing, lives in the Conyers Farm area, where the minimum lot size is 10 acres. Twenty-five donors paid $32,400 each to get their photo taken with the president. Others paid $10,000 for dinner.

While Obama was schmoozing — and the press pool was playing billiards in the basement — he was also soliciting donations for House Democrats in an e-mail.

“If Republicans win, we know who they’ll be fighting for,” Obama said. “Once again, the interests of billionaires will come before the needs of the middle class.”

Obama arrived from New York City — where he had attended a fundraiser with hedge-fund billionaires George Soros and Paul Tudor Jones — in a convoy of four helicopters that landed at the Greenwich Polo Club.

The story mistakenly says Richman “built” his company. I hope Obama disabused the aptly named Richman of that notion:

I suppose I should add the last paragraph of the piece:

Conspicuously absent was Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy. The Stamford Advocate reported Malloy, “not wanting to alienate the state’s large bloc of independent voters, might be keeping a safe distance from Obama.”

We noted yesterday that the Democrat Party had a race problem: no one wants to be seen next to the guy.

So what’s TNFBP™ to do but raise money instead? Like he’s got anything better to do?

Obama Schedule || Thursday, October 9, 2014
by KEITH KOFFLER on OCTOBER 8, 2014, 9:52 PM
11:40 am ET || Departs White House
2:00 pm PT || Arrives Los Angeles
2:45 pm PT || Tours the startups area at Cross Campus; Santa Monica, California
3:05 pm PT || Participates in a town hall with members of the Cross Campus community
5:55 pm PT || Delivers remarks at a DNC fundraiser; Private Residence, Los Angeles

His skin may be black but the money he raises is green.

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Let’s Go: Boston

Welcome to town, Mr. President! Park your limo(s) anywhere (as you always did, if your unpaid parking tickets are any indication).

May we offer some suggestions to fill the time between your money grubbing?

Like to skate? There’s the Frog Pond in Boston Common, right next to Hampshire House, the model for Cheers. You and your security team of dozens can hoist a tankard (of hot chocolate) at the bar afterwards.

I see one of your shakedowns will be at the Charles Hotel in Harvard Square (no traffic problem there). Be sure to check out the Regattabar while you’re there. Jussi Reijonen will be playing both the fretless and fretted guitars, backed by musicians from Finland, Sweden, Spain, and Palestine (wherever that is). If $18 a ticket for your entire entourage is too steep, have Michelle expense it. No one will question it.

Please notice the clean ice sheet that is the Charles River. We’ve suffered a lot to get it looking this nice. As global warming is the greatest threat we face, this may be your last chance.

And you can always read Howie Carr in the Herald:

Gov. Deval Patrick has a glass jaw. He can’t take a punch.

Unfortunately for Deval, punches are about all he takes these days. And unlike the guy he’ll be spending the day with, he doesn’t have George W. Bush to point the finger at whenever anything goes wrong.

Perhaps you’d better not, sir.

Hey, it could have been worse. Someone could have asked him about the inspector general’s EBT fraud report, showing an 87 percent increase in welfare fraud cases reported in the first 10 months of last year — 14,431 in all. That’s an awful lot of anecdotes.

And here’s another one, just in from Lynn. Last Saturday, cops found a man passed out in a car, with two kids in the back seat. According to reports, in the driver’s possession they found 116 Oxys, 47 methadone pills, bags of marijuana and cocaine, $3,703.25 in cash and, as the local paper put it, “somebody else’s Department of Transitional Assistance Card.”

Make that 14,432 anecdotes.

Later today, an eminently qualified lawyer (he gave $110,000 to various Democratic pols and claimed that the greatest moment in his career was representing a Gitmo terrorist) will likely be voted down for a judgeship by the Governor’s Council on a tie 4-4 vote.

And Deval has no way to break the tie after the resignation of his crooked lieutenant governor, Crash Murray.

Then there’s the DCF fiasco, the marijuana-dispensary fiasco, the casino licensing fiasco, the completely worthless Obamacare website fiasco.

Somewhere, perhaps Deval is thinking to himself, if only he could wriggle out of every disaster the way his pal Barack does.

“George Bush did it!”

You mean like this?

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow asserted Monday that George W. Bush, who exited office in 2009, is ultimately at fault for the current Ukrainian crisis.

It would take too long to bring you up to speed on all the fiascos Howie cites. What they add up to is the very expensive lesson that single party rule (at least by Democrats) is not only corrupt, but incompetent. (Imagine if they were competently corrupt!)

PS: I tried to find a picture of pure corruption, and this is what I came up with:

How’d I do?

PS: MF-er got me back good. I sat in a half-hour ObamaJam this afternoon. Thousands of cars idling in rush hour while his O-minence picked pockets about town. Thanks for the carbon, BHO!


More Flatus From FLOTUS

What is the mot juste?


Mrs. Obama appeared before a Democratic National Committee women’s event to raise money, and she let Republicans have it, characterizing them as misogynists who are out of step with American values.

From the White House transcript of her remarks:

When a small group of folks in Congress shuts down our government to try to shut down Obamacare, and we watch as our President stands strong, that’s not just some political fight in Washington — it is a battle about our most fundamental values and aspirations.

If you’re not happy about what you’ve seen in Congress lately, if you don’t like seeing folks in state government trying to undermine Obamacare or chip away at women’s rights and women’s health, then I urge you — let’s not just sit around feeling angry or helpless or hopeless, especially not women. (Laughter.) . . .

And all the women and families who don’t want anyone interfering with their most private health decisions, women who are more than capable of making our own choices about our bodies, they’re counting on us. They’re counting on us to stand up and fight for rights and freedoms that we all deserve, and that’s why we need your support right now.

Because there is something that all of you can do right now today to make a huge difference: You can write a check. That’s what we need you to do right now. We need you to write a big old check. (Laughter.) Write the biggest check you can possibly write.

So we need you all to max out. And just as important, once you’ve maxed out, we need you to go back to your states and get everyone you know to give whatever they can as well.

Oh, shut your big old mouth. Ma’am.

Odd that she’s still calling it ObamaCare. It’s EdselCare now, isn’t it? Occasionally maybe the Affordable (ha!) Care (ha-ha!) Act? I’d sooner have my name associated with a strain of herpes than with this plague.

Anyhow, the pitch is getting a little stale:

At a fundraising event in New York City [in May], First Lady Michelle Obama shared her “motto” for donations to the Democratic National Committee: “Max out! And if you’ve maxed out, get your friends to max out.” She explained that “maxing out” won’t just help embattled Democratic congressmen in 2014 — it “sounds kind of baller too.”

Mrs. Obama attended two events in Manhattan on Wednesday, including one with members of fashion elite at the apartment of designer Tony Burch, where she thanked those in attendance for helping her “become the poised and stylish woman that I am.”

Because what “poised and stylish” woman doesn’t say “max out” and “baller”? She’s Eldridge Cleaver in Vera Wang.

PS: Is this what Mrs. Obama meant by “women’s rights”?

What wasn’t mentioned in the cheery report about Falls Church Healthcare Center was what the Virginia Department of Health found when it made a planned and announced inspection of the clinic in August 2012.

As reported in a 65-page document, the facility was found to be blood-splattered and failing to comply with even basic sterilization procedures. Again, this was after being told when to expect a visit from health inspectors.

The inspectors observed that two blood collection tubes, designated as “clean and ready for use”, actually had a “dark reddish substance” where the tube for blood collection attached. A staff member said that the cleaning process for these tubes is to run them under water and then soak them in alcohol at the end of the day, but not between patient uses. When the inspectors pointed out the substance, a staff member said, “That looks like blood. They aren’t clean.” So the staffer ran them under water and said the “blood” was gone.

The facility was found to be blood-splattered and failing to comply with even basic sterilization procedures.

There was also dried blood of various colorations on the foot/leg support of the procedure table and the metal support under the padded area and the metal base of the procedure table itself. A procedure room was reported as ready for the patients scheduled that day, but observation revealed visible dried blood on the metal joints that connected the metal leg stirrup/supports. There was also dried blood splatter in the “Wet Lab”/Dirty scrub room, on the swing door to a second procedure room, the door jamb to the same room and the wall above the freezer. Two pathology containers were contaminated with blood, and clean equipment was put in contaminated areas.

A sponge used to clean blood splatter was kept on a utility sink, and a staff member reported that the cleaning method for the sponge was to rinse it under water.

This sounds nearly as grisly as “Dr.” Keith Gosnell’s torture chamber. Yet this is the first I’ve heard about it. Feminists, predictably, are not amused:

In a victory for the Falls Church Healthcare Center, a Virginia women’s health clinic that provides abortions, an Arlington County judge ruled last week to allow the clinic’s appeal regarding targeted regulation of abortion provider (TRAP) laws to move forward in court. Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, who is currently running for state Governor, had tried to have the appeal dismissed, but the judge ruled against him.

About 30 supporters of the clinic attended the hearing in the courtroom, and around 75 attended a lively rally before the hearing outside the courthouse.

“Freedom to have our bodies treated like a toxic waste dump!” You’ve come a long way, baby.


Bara¢k Hu$$ein Obama

Hope ‘n’ Spare Change!

“This is my last election,” President Barack Obama assured Russian President Dmitry Medvedev last year, but the president’s post-reelection schedule suggests he has never stopped campaigning.

Since his second term began, Obama has headlined at least 15 fundraising events, according to an analysis of presidential events by The Daily Caller. That’s three times as many as President George W. Bush attended in the first six months of his second term, and a few more than President Bill Clinton — an inveterate campaigner who was widely condemned for spending too much time on politics during his presidency — attended in the same period of his second term.

Among the political events Obama has attended: a dinner at Alain Ducasse’s Adour restaurant to benefit Organizing for Action, the 501(c)(4) political organization that evolved out of Obama’s Organizing for America campaign nonprofit; a series of Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee events at “Millionaire’s Row” residences in San Francisco’s Sea Cliff district, followed by fundraisers for the Democratic National Committee in Atherton, California and Dallas, Texas; a $10,000-a-plate luncheon [pdf] for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in Atlanta, Georgia; and this week, two DCCC fundraisers in Chicago, the second one at the Streeterville home of longtime Obama backers Bettylu and Paul Saltzman, during which the president expressed sympathy for the unemployed and joked, “We’ve got kind of an Obama cabal in this room.”

Hey look! Another Obama cabal room!

According to CBS, Obama has committed to attending at least five more DCCC events and a similar number of DSCC events. Also this week, First Lady of America Michelle Obama raised $600,000 in Boston for Democratic Senate candidate Ed Markey and what reporter Keith Koffler estimates to be more than half a million dollars for the DNC at a New York City event featuring haute couture icons Anna Wintour and Vera Wang.

The president’s perpetual campaign mode has begun to attract unwanted attention. Republican National Committee spokesman Sean Spicer in March estimated to the New York Times that Obama had spent “the equivalent of five workweeks” on fundraising. MSNBC’s Chuck Todd has called new tactics by Organizing for America “selling access” to the White House. On Wednesday The New York Times wrapped Obama’s fundraising trips — many of which involve long-distance travel — into a general critique of Obama’s $180,000-an-hour use of Air Force One for less-than-vital business.

And who’s going to hold him accountable, Anna Wintour? $180,000 an hour would pay for a lot of air traffic controllers, but it suits his purposes to have travelers stranded in airport lounges while he flits about the country like a sparrow with Tourette’s.


Filthy Lucre

Boy, $181 million. That Sheldon Adelson-Koch Bros Romeny machine sure is cranking out the dirty dollars.



Never mind.

An unofficial rule of modern politics is that the cries of outrage over money in politics are inversely proportional to the success of Democratic candidates in raising it. Thus the nonprotests—bordering on muffled media elation—you heard over the weekend as President Obama’s campaign and Democratic affiliates reported raising $181 million in September.

This was reported as a sign of Mr. Obama’s political strength and his ability to out-compete Mitt Romney on TV in the campaign’s home stretch. Democrats raised a combined $114 million in August, and the President joined Bill Clinton on Sunday for another big-ticket affair with George Clooney and other Hollywood swells.

George Clooney, Secretary of State?

The cloud of anxious fallout from Denver has all but overshadowed what otherwise would be considered a particularly glittering and gala L.A. appearance for Obama. His Sunday evening will kick off with a concert at downtown L.A.’s Nokia Theater featuring Katy Perry, Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Hudson, Earth Wind and Fire, and Jon Bon Jovi. Presidential pal Clooney will make a special appearance to introduce Wonder. Afterward, Obama will head next door for a $25,000-per-plate dinner at Wolfgang Puck’s chic WP24. Both events were sold out before the debate. The two events could easily raise more than $5 million for the president’s reelection campaign.

Obama’s trip will also include a private meeting in Beverly Hills with 12 donors to thank them for their support, according to campaign officials. Former President Bill Clinton — who is raising money for his foundation this week in Los Angeles — is expected to attend.

Why didn’t they ask Wolfgang Puck to plan their yechy student lunch menu? And Katy Perry is plenty developed enough to be HUD Secretary. Do I have to think of everything?

Why isn’t the press demanding to know the identity of those evil, shady Dirty Dozen Donors? Would Romney get away with that? Rhetorical questions.

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Heap Big Wampum—Again!

Elizabeth Warren may be no Cherokee (she’s not, not even 1/32nd), but she sure knows how to live off the fat of the land:

In contrast to challenger Elizabeth Warren, Senator Scott Brown is collecting most of his high-dollar donations in Massachusetts, according to a Globe analysis of his fund-raising figures.

While 40 percent of Warren’s donations of more than $200 came from in state between April and June, Brown raised about 60 percent of his large donations in state.

Brown, a Republican, has been pointing to his homegrown fundraising to draw a contrast with Warren, a Democrat and a Harvard Law School professor who he says is the favorite of the liberal elite in Washington and Hollywood.

The geography of Brown’s fund-raising is similar to the previous quarter, when he raised 59 percent of his itemized contributions in state, compared with the 36 percent that Warren raised in Massachusetts in that period.

Nice try, Globe, rounding 36% in paragraph 16 up to 40% in the second paragraph. I might have written “barely over a third” of her contributions came from in state.

The Times reports that “frustrated” liberals (too much information!) have flocked to Fauxcahontas:

Ms. Warren’s haul — $24.5 million so far — has already catapulted her to No. 15 on the list of most successful Senate money-raisers in history, according to an analysis by the Center for Responsive Politics done for The New York Times. With more than three months to go before Election Day, she is likely to climb higher.

“She has become a darling for the left, and a lot of that money is incredibly frustrated and is looking for a place to go,” said Meredith McGehee, policy director of the Campaign Legal Center, a watchdog group in Washington.

If Ms. Warren is picked to deliver the prime time keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte this summer, as has been whispered lately, she could reach many more potential donors.

I hope she does. America needs to see what a fake Indian looks like, so we can appreciate the real ones. Of course, the hall (or football stadium) will be empty, as candidates across the country have been urged to stay away in droves.

I hope Crockagawea adopts the look of another fake Indian, Sacheen Littlefeather (born Maria Cruz), who accepted an Oscar on behalf of Marlon Brando for The Godfather.

I still remember my crush on her—although she was better looking in my memory. (False eyelashes on a false Indian. How perfect!)


Governor Pothole

Remember Al D’Amato’s nickname derived from his attention to detail back home, Senator Pothole? At least D’Amato earned that epithet looking out for his constituents.

Governor Patrick has only one beneficiary in mind, and she ain’t no constituent:

Deval Patrick’s office personally asked town officials to dispatch road crews this week to fill potholes near his Berkshires mansion to pave the way for a smooth ride for first lady Michelle Obama when she hits the Bay State for a presidential fundraiser at the governor’s getaway next month.

Richmond Town Administrator Matthew Kerwood said a staffer from the governor’s State House office called this week and asked him to plug potholes on Cone Hill Road, which leads to Patrick’s Sweet P Farm, where he’s hosting a $20,000-a-seat dinner on Aug. 3 with the first lady for the Obama Victory Fund.

“They just mentioned the condition of the road and requested if it could be addressed,” said Kerwood. “I said, ‘OK, we’ll look at it.’”

“It’s on the list, but it wasn’t a priority,” Webber said of repairs he claims will cost only “couple hundred” dollars. “That’s one of those spots we had planned to fix. Now we’ll just fix it a couple weeks sooner.”

What’s the big deal? Nothing, really. Although if it’s only a “couple hundred” dollars to fix, I would hope the Richmond Christmas Fund or Boys and Girls Club sees a generous donation from the Patrick family this year.

It’s not like they can’t afford it, owning 77 acres in the Berkshires and all:

Sweet P Farm

Well, there’s maybe one more thing wrong with it:

Imagine if Mitt Romney as governor had called up the town manager of Wolfeboro, N.H., and asked that the road to his lakefront digs be repaired so that he could entertain … Laura Bush.

At $20,000 a head.

Squirrelly trust-funded demonstrators would have converged on Lake Winnipesaukee, brandishing hand-lettered signs.

“Romney Lied, My Prius Died.”

“8/3 Pothole Repairs — An Inside Job.”

Asking the press and the Left (the Liberal-Democrat Complex, as Eisenhower might say) to hold itself accountable is like thinking you can command the tides to stop rising: narcissistic and pointless. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t hold them accountable.

PS: Won’t the First Lady be riding in an SUV that could withstand a Cruise missile attack (God forbid)? What’s a measly pothole?

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Working Hard Or Hardly Working

Yesterday, I noted that Obama spent half the day on the golf course—after two straight days of fundraising and campaigning only.

I’m sorry. I spoke too soon:

9:30 am || Departs White House
11:15 am || Arrives Cincinnati
12:30 pm || Attends a fundraiser; Cincinnati Music Hall
2:20 pm || Attends a second fundraiser; Cincinnati Music Hall
4:45 pm || Departs Cincinnati
6:25 pm || Arrives White House
7:10 pm || Attends the United States vs. Brazil women and men’s basketball games; Washington

Finally, serving the country! By attending basketball games… but we should take what we can get!


Is This Creepy, or is it Just Me?

Not that the two are mutually exclusive [Via Best of the Web Today]:

Robert Maurius Reno, one of former U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno’s two younger brothers, died Saturday morning, according to their sister, Maggy Hurchalla, of Stuart.

The Miami native was born Dec. 11, 1939, at Jackson Memorial Hospital and succumbed to Alzheimer’s disease at the Miami Veterans Administration Medical Center, where he’d been living for about four years.

He was 72 and, said Hurchalla “a proud liberal Democrat.’’

In lieu of flowers, the family asks friends — “even if they are Republicans” — to give to the Obama campaign, Hurchalla said. “That was an inspiration we had while crying [Saturday] morning.’’

So, it wasn’t the late Mr. Reno’s idea, but his grieving family’s, to honor his memory by donating to Obama. I will even stipulate that Reno himself would have heartily supported the idea.

But can we get some perspective here? Even if you love him as a candidate, his presidency (certainly his positions) are as perishable as the flowers you could have sent. I am all for donations to worthy causes, even worthy liberal causes (if I could think of any), but how about to ones whose missions never end? Save the Children, Red Cross, diabetes or Alzheimer’s research—one could go on nearly forever.

He’s already asking for you birthday and wedding presents. This elevation of a tawdry election campaign to the status of charitable foundation (In all but the tax sense) is disturbing. To me, anyway.


Heap Big Wampum

Who’s getting tired of the Indian jokes? Too bad, they’re not going anywhere.

Who’s getting tired of Elizabeth Warren (Lieawatha)? Too bad, because neither is she:

Elizabeth Warren, demonstrating a sustained ability to raise massive sums of money in her race against Senator Scott Brown, said Monday that she had pulled in $8.67 million between April and June, a major haul that could cement her position as the top fund-raiser among the nation’s congressional candidates.

The millions Warren has raised month after month under score how the US Senate race in Massachusetts has become a national battleground in the fight for control of the Senate and reflects the enthusiasm she has generated among wealthy donors and grass-roots activists, inside and outside Massachusetts.

Warren’s fund-raising also suggests that questions about her Native American heritage have not hurt her standing with donors. Indeed, the controversy may have helped her to raise money, by energizing her liberal base.

That’s right. A Harvard Law School prof who advanced her career by wearing war paint and a feather headdress, then ditched both as soon as she got to the top, who plagiarized Pierre Franey’s crab dip recipes as her legacies of her own entirely made-up Cherokee heritage, who grew up on the hard scrabble of Oklahoma with nothing but three cars in the driveway (one a white MG), who claimed to be the first lactating legal scholar in the history of New Jersey (there’s an accomplishment), who boasted of laying the intellectual foundation for the defeated defecators of the Occupy Movement, who traded in her Beemer for a Prius days before announcing her candidacy, whose husband (also absurdly self-identified as Cherokee, also a recipe stealer) can’t manage to take the cap off a beer that has been shoved into his hands for a photo-op—that absurd excuse for a candidate is breaking all records for fundraising.

But who’s cutting the checks? The last joker to raise such funds was Jerry Lewis, but he had a cause. Who’s bankrolling Betty Buckskin?

One must look hard to find out. The 17th and 18th paragraphs tell a tale:

The Warren campaign said 81 percent of its donations in the most recent quarter were for $50 or less, and 40,500 donations came from Massachusetts residents.

The campaign did not reveal how many donations came from out-of-state contributors, who have given more than half of Warren’s itemized donations, sparking criticism from Republicans.

But the 13th paragraph points even more directly at the source of funding:

Polls show the race remains close. The attention it has generated has helped Warren tap liberal donors, through frequent appearances on MSNBC and a travel schedule that has taken her to California, New York, and other wellsprings of Democratic cash.

Of course the fakers in Hollywood love Elizabeth Warren. She’s played more roles than they have. (Wait, you mean Matt Damon really can’t do complex theoretical mathematics?)

All of this would really annoy and scare me but for one thing. Even the moonbats of Massachusetts might not be enough to haul this cigar store Indian over the finish line. Though Crockagawea and Scotty the Body are tied in the polls, Howie Carr’s column yesterday noted his huge lead among independents. Sure, Dems outnumber Republicans in this blighted state, but independents (Unenrolled) now number more than half of registered voters. If they are underrepresented in the polls, and if the ObamEconomy continues to suck, both likely in my opinion, Scott Brown will retain his seat.

PS: Warren’s 40,500 donors equals 1% of the registered voters in the state. I don’t know how that compares to Brown or other statewide candidates, but there it is.

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Does He Kiss His Children With That Mouth?

Part whatever.

I suppose after he’s finished washing it out with soap, it’s not quite so defiled by the lies he tells:

“I got outspent when I ran [the] first time for Senate,” he claimed as he was ending his heated campaign-trail speech in Maumee, Ohio.

Obama was misleading.

The Federal Election Committee’s website shows that Obama’s campaign claimed $14,807,432 in donations by December 2004.

In contrast, his opponent, Alan Keyes, had only $2,545,325, according to the FEC.

“Misleading.” That’s funny…

Here’s more misleading:

In a second speech June 5, Obama compounded his misleading claim by declaring that he was outspent in the 2008 presidential race.

“The thing that I want everybody here to understand – each of you personally — is that back in 2008, everybody said we couldn’t do it because we were outspent,” he said during a 4.12 p.m. speech in Sandusky, Ohio.

Obama did not correct the claim, although he immediately revised it, by adding that “we weren’t favored.”

During the 2008 race, Obama raised $779 million. His GOP rival, Sen. John McCain, raised less than half as much, or $347 million.

This after pulling a con on McCain, remember, by first agreeing to take public funding (as McCain had agreed), then backing out, flip-flopping, lying, all of the above, and going private. (Is it any wonder Guantanamo is still open?)

But a president who outspent his opponent more than two-to-one last time isn’t about to let that disadvantage happen again:

He starts work at about 10:30 am or so, looks like. And by noon he’ll be having lunch and prepping for his interviews, mostly with anchors who broadcast to markets in swing states, with New Orleans thrown in for cover.

And then he’ll be fundraising.

10:45 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:15 am || Meets with senior advisers
2:00 pm || Participates in interviews with local TV anchors from New Orleans; Manchester, New Hampshire; Louisville, Kentucky; Miami; Raleigh, North Carolina; Davenport, Iowa; Milwaukee; and Las Vegas.
4:15 pm || Attends a fundraiser; The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Washington
5:20 pm || Attends a second fundraiser; The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Washington

Two shows at the Mandarin! I wonder if he’ll do new material in the second show, or just repeat the same set?

Anyhow, nobody else in the country is working; why should he?


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