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From the Continent That Invented Antisemitism [UPDATED] [AGAIN!]

And has held the patent for over two millennia:

In a joint statement from Brussels, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Laurent Fabius and Federica Mogherini denounced “[t]he ugly anti-Semitic statements, demonstrations and attacks of the last few days,” declaring that “”nothing, including the dramatic military confrontation in Gaza, justifies such actions in Europe.”

Arab and Muslim demonstrators have taken to the streets across the continent in protest of the Jerusalem’s military incursion into the Hamas-controlled Gaza strip, attacking synagogues and chanting pejorative slogans about Jews and Israel.

On Sunday in the Parisian suburb of Sarcelles, a town with a mixed Arab-Jewish population colloquially known as “Little Jerusalem,” an Arab mob burned cars, attacked Jewish owned shops and clashed with members of the Jewish community outside of a synagogue, which the rioters attempted to set aflame. That incident was one of several incidents of attacks against Jewish places of worship in the greater Paris area, including the siege of a downtown synagogue just over a week ago.

Several hundred French Jews immigrated to Israel during the course of the conflict, with more expressing interest in leaving following the events of the past week.

Demonstrators were overheard screaming “Jew, Jew, cowardly pig, come on out and fight” at a recent Berlin protest and protesters in Antwerp were reported to have marched while chanting “kill the Jews.” There have been two separate reported incidents of men being beaten for flying Israeli flags in Sweden, according to local media.

“At a time when ‘Death to the Jews’ chants can be heard at public gatherings in European capitals, allegedly in protests against Israel, the bold, timely and unambiguous words of the three foreign ministers send a strong message that should be embraced by all EU member states,” said David Harris, the executive director of the American Jewish Committee.

“The pretense that these attacks are not anti-Semitic, but merely a reaction to current events in the Middle East, is cynical and decidedly false. When a Paris mob besieges and throws bricks at a synagogue with 200 congregants inside, it is anti-Semitism. When a synagogue north of Paris is firebombed on Friday night and sustains damage, it is anti-Semitism. When a 17-year-old girl — referred to as a ‘dirty Jewess’ — is assaulted on a Paris street by having her face pepper-sprayed, it is anti-Semitism,” the group stated.

That’s France, Germany, Belgium, and Sweden heard from. Anyone else?

Windows were smashed at a Belfast, Northern Ireland synagogue on Friday night and Saturday, Jewish community leaders told BBC News, as an upswing in anti-Semitic violence worldwide continues.

After a window was smashed Friday night and its replacement smashed again less than 24 hours later, Belfast police are treating the vandalism as a religious hate crime.

Rabbi David Singer told the news outlet the Jewish community had been “left shocked” by the incident.

In another well-publicized incident, a Berlin imam has openly prayed for the annihilation of Zionist Jews, asking Allah to “kill them to the very last one.”

Thank you, Germany. We’ve already heard quite enough out of you.

So, is that everyone?

Britain’s Jewish community has seen an almost unprecedented doubling of anti-Semitic incidents over the last few weeks, the Jewish Community Trust reported.

The Oxford Street incident occurred on Tuesday evening when a 57-year-old Jewish shopper from South Woodford, Northeast London described how she was surrounded and harangued by dozens of anti-Israel activists who had just completed a vigil outside the new BBC Headquarters protesting at what they claimed was bias in the BBC’s coverage of the Gaza conflict.

She had been shopping when the demonstrators came marching down the road shouting “Free Palestine” and “Zionist murderers.”

As they marched along Oxford Street during the evening rush hour they evidently overheard the woman discussing the Gaza situation on her cellphone. “As they passed by with their disgusting chants I said ‘Why are the Palestinians firing rockets at my daughter in Tel Aviv?’ At that point they cried out ‘get her’ and several of them left the march and came on to the pavement. They surrounded me, pushing and yelling ‘Jew/Zionist/murderer/thief.’” She was surrounded by about 50 protesters who had broken away from the main march and a man wearing a keffiyeh wrapped around his face then grabbed her phone. A steward who witnessed what happened was able to recover it five minutes later.

By then she had fled into a nearby store in floods of tears where she said a young Muslim man tried to help her. “I was shaking and my neck now hurts. It was awful for me – how is this possible in Oxford Street in 2014?” she added.

I was walking on Oxford Street just over a week ago. I am a (half Jewish) Zionist. I’m not a murderer, and haven’t thieved anything since a Clark Bar in first grade (on a dare, and I don’t even like Clark Bars). Why didn’t they come after me?

Anyhow, you stay classy, Europe! Croissants and berets—you’ve got a lot of credit in the bank. A little kristallnacht now and then won’t change that.

PS: Oh yes, don’t forget the “famous” artists who want to cancel the Israeli theater troupe at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. We covered that too.

PPS: We have another one!

“The big question is – if I lived in Gaza would I fire a rocket? – probably yes,” Liberal Democrat member of parliament David Ward tweeted.

Last July Ward’s party gave him a two month suspension for tweeting that Israel is an apartheid state.

In a July 13 tweet Ward wrote “Am I wrong or are am I right? At long last the #Zionists are losing the battle – how long can the #apartheid State of #Israel last?”

Previously, Ward had angered the Jewish community in January 2013, on International Holocaust Memorial Day, when he said he was “saddened that the Jews, who suffered unbelievable levels of persecution during the Holocaust, could, within a few years of liberation, be inflicting atrocities on the Palestinians in the new State of Israel — and continue to do so.”

Another one!

A Belgian watchdog on anti-Semitism complained to the mayor of a suburb of Liege against owners of a cafe whose window display featured a sign that said Jews were not allowed inside.

The Belgian League Against Anti-Semitism, or LBCA, filed the complaint Wednesday against the parties responsible for hanging a Turkish- and French-language sign at a cafe in Saint-Nicolas, a town located just east of the southern city of Liege.

The Turkish text reads: “Dogs are allowed in this establishment but Jews are not under any circumstances.” The French text replaces “Jews” with “Zionists.”

Following the LBCA complaint, the mayor of Saint-Nicolas, Jacques Heleven, dispatched police to the cafe, who had the sign removed and confirmed the LBCA report.

The window display also included a Palestinian flag, an Israeli flag crossed out with a red “X” sign, and a kaffieh, or Palestinian shawl, draped around it.

“LBCA will file in the coming hours a criminal complaint with the Liege prosecutor over the actions of those responsible for this violation of the July 30 law against racism and xenophobia of 1981,” LBCA said in a statement.

Hello, Italy!

Italian philosopher Gianni Vattimo has joined the alarming tide of anti-Israel hate-speech in Europe on Wednesday, saying he wanted to set up a fund to help Hamas “buy better weapons”, and saying that he would personally like “to shoot those bastard Zionists.”

Vattimo insisted that Hamas is “fighting with toy rockets that don’t really kill anyone.” When asked whether he would like to see more Israelis killed, Vattimo – who edited a book entitled Deconstructing Zionism: A Critique of Political Metaphysics – told Radio 24 broadcasters, “Of course! But unfortunately, I can’t really shoot.”

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We Get Results


According to Arnon Harel, marketing manager of the Golan Heights Winery, despite all the talk of boycotts against products from Judea, Samaria and the Golan Heights, exports to Europe have in fact blossomed over the past year.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva, Harel commented “we are not the only innovators creating quality wine for (consumption) abroad. We invest a lot in export to the US, the Far East, and Europe.”

“Despite the opposition and the attempts to boycott, that doesn’t interest the European consumers that are looking for quality wine. There’s a roughly 20% rise in sales in Europe; European customers don’t care about pro-Palestinian organizations opposing wine from the Golan Heights,” reported Harel.

Much as I would rather Europe drink straight vinegar, that’s uncharitable of me. If the people of such wine growing and consuming nations as France, Italy, Spain, Germany, etc. want to shell out Euros to drink wine made from Israeli grapes—yes, Israeli—why should I complain?

Because there’s less for the rest of us, that’s why. Still, if my loss is Israel’s gain, I, too, gain.


It’s On

I guess the title is misleading. It’s been “on” for a long time now. Surely the murder of three (possibly four—two of them Israeli) people in the Brussels Jewish museum reminds us how on it is.

Just another piece of evidence:

Two Jewish men were attacked Saturday night outside a suburban Paris synagogue, just hours after a deadly shooting at the Brussels Jewish Museum in Belgium.

The two men, brothers in their 20s, were heading to an office located in Chaare Tsion Synaogue on Saturday night around 8:30 p.m. They were about 200 meters away from the synagogue when they noticed that they were being followed.

Shortly after, one of the brothers was struck with a metal object. The object that attacked the second brother was not identified.

The attackers fled on foot and by bike.

The French minister of interior, Bernard Cazeneuve, announced on Sunday in a statement that he condemns the act “with the utmost severity.” He instructed all neighborhoods to immediately increase security related to protecting the Jewish community.

Cazeneuve “wishe[d] to reiterate its unwavering determination to fight those who, by their murderous acts or foul words, propagate racism and anti-Semitism and undermine the cohesion that our society needs more than ever.”

Cool. Glad to hear it. Though we’re a little bummed that you have to “reiterate” your “unwavering” determination. After Ilan Halimi, that is. And Toulouse.

Among other incidents across Europe.

Whatever the cause, whatever the reason, it’s on. This has been a public service announcement brought to you by


2 New Mass Murders!

The first is an antisemitic attack (although the media isn’t ready to call it that yet) in Brussels at the Jewish Museum.

I gave you the link to the Israeli media, since the AP really isn’t sure that it had anything to do with antisemitism…

One person remained in critical condition as a result of the shooting. Twelve people were being treated for shock, according to local sources.

“Two women and one man are dead, a third person is in hospital,” Interior Minister Joelle Milquet said at the scene. “We don’t yet know if they were tourists or staff, they haven’t been identified.”

Asked whether she believed it was an anti-Semitic attack, she said it was too early to say as a police and judicial inquiry was under way but that given the target “there are strong grounds for presuming so”.

One man was reported in custody after the attack.

Milquet said the government had moved to increase protection at Jewish buildings as well as the Israeli embassy.

The country’s foreign minister, Didier Reynders, tweeted Saturday that he was “shocked by the murders committed at the Jewish museum.”

Shocked! Shocked I tell you. Because we’ve never seen this in Europe before. Or in the United States, for that matter… (I’m recalling that antisemitic terror attack on the Holocaust Museum in DC, the antisemitic terror attack on the Jewish Community Center in Kansas City, the antisemitic terror attack on the Jewish Community Center offices in Seattle, and the antisemitic terror attack on a Jewish day care facility in the LA area. Please write in if I’ve forgotten any.

And we also have a killing spree in Santa Barbara today, one that is unrelated to antisemitism, I think.

Six people are dead and seven injured after a swift and deadly “mass murder” rampage by a gunman who plowed through the streets in a black BMW, spraying bullets into Friday night crowds in the Southern California seaside town of Isla Vista near UC Santa Barbara.

The gunman — identified by an attorney for his father as Elliot Rodger — was later involved in at least one shootout with sheriff’s deputies and died of a gunshot wound to the head, Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown said at a Saturday morning news conference. He could not confirm whether the gunshot was self-inflicted and the department had not released the idetity of the gunman by Saturday afternoon.

Seven victims were hospitalized and at least one of them underwent surgery for life-threatening injuries, Brown said. Details regarding the other victims’ conditions were not immediately available.

Rampage witnesses who spoke with NBC4 identified the gunman as Elliot Rodger. An attorney for the man’s father — “Hunger Games” assistant director Peter Rodger — later confirmed to NBC News that Elliot Rodger, a Santa Barbara City College student, was the gunman.

The family has not visited Santa Barbara to identify the remains, the attorney said, adding that the family is cooperating with investigators.

Sheriff’s department personnel are investigating a video in which a man identified as Rodger sits in a car, detailing plans for “retribution” and “revenge against humanity” prior to the shooting.

There is a video made by the young man at the link. He was unhappy. I am not watching it or posting it.

- Aggie


Top Secret Video

I can show this to you, but then I’ll have to kill you, You won’t see it on the news that’s for sure. [Hat tip: reader Yerushalimey]

Not only was there one single golf-clap (which is infinitely worse than silence), but one YouTube commenter noted that at the 0:55 mark, two members of the audience “heiled” him as he passed.

Oh wait:

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If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Crimea

Don’t blink, you’ll miss it.

Though controversial, the changing of borders in Europe has rarely been more peaceful. The time-lapse video of Europe’s maps shows the rise and fall of powers on the continent that no longer exist, from the Holy Roman Empire, to the Ottoman Empire, Bohemia, the Nazi occupation and the Soviet Union.

But what worries Western powers is the precedent set by Crimea’s annexation to Russia, that it could be a sign that Russia is looking to expand its power in regions with Russian speakers, starting with eastern Ukraine, but perhaps even further to other countries with ethnic Russian populations.

The referendum vote in Crimea was the “first step” in an eventual takeover of eastern Ukraine by Russia, Deputy Prime Minister Rustam Temirgaliev said on Sunday.

“Maybe in Crimea, 82% want to join to Russia. I think that in the east of Ukraine approximately 70%, 75% want to join to Russia,” Termigaliev told NBC News.

“This is the first step and I really think other regions will follow. I think the second step will be with east Ukraine.”

If he is proven correct, that could begin a whole different colour scheme begins to spread on the time-lapse map of Europe for the next 100 years.

Right. You want to see land change hands over the years, look at Germany in the Middle Ages, or Poland throughout history. But such changes in territory are often accompanied by war—this time with nukes?

Anyhow, I think this bolsters Israel’s position with regard to Judea and Samaria. They were promised the land, repeatedly, by Britain and the League of Nations. Why now such a slavish devotion to a snapshot of 1948? Western elites can take solace from this map and convince themselves that Israel won’t belong to the Jews forever. The rest of us (and maybe a higher authority) can think otherwise.

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More News From the Front Lines of Civilization

Aggie loves to point out how much more civilized Europe is than we country rubes. The art and architecture, the food and wine, the millennia of antisemitism.

And the kindercide!

Aside from its inherent significance, Belgium’s move requires us to revisit Roper v. Simmons, the 2005 Supreme Court case that ruled it inherently unconstitutional to apply the death penalty to anyone under 18. European nations had long waged a moral campaign against America’s allowance of the death penalty for 16-18 year olds, which they called barbaric and savage. After all, minors are not really responsible for their actions. America was labelled a human rights violator, an international outlier.

Finally, in Roper, the Court caved in to this pressure. Indeed, it cited the European position as support for its conclusion – other countries do not allow for such a thing.

Why can a 17 year-old rapist-murderer not face capital punishment? Because, as Justice Kennedy wrote in a 5-4 decision, science has shown that minors, even 17-year-olds, are too immature to truly understand the consequences of their decisions, or the meaning of life and death. Juveniles are prone to “impetuous and ill-considered actions” that they should not be made to lose their life for, even if the action involved taking the life of another.” Moreover, juveniles are susceptible to peer pressure, Kennedy wrote.


[N]ow we see Belgium thinks kids are responsible enough; the Netherlands similarly allows euthanasia as young as 12. These countries may be the way of the future, as they have been in other areas of progressive mores.

So it comes out that the juveniles cannot really make accountable decisions when it comes to killing people, unless it is themselves. Or to put it differently, Belgium will not hold children responsible when they hurt others, but gives them free license to hurt themselves. Perversely, in Belgium, the youths who are considered grown up enough to be euthanized have not done anything wrong at all, unlike Simmons, who tied up his victim and thew him off a bridge.

Who would look to such people for guidance on anything? What few children they have (1.83 fertility rate, thanks to Muslim immigrants), they can’t wait to smother with a pillow! I’m not for the death penalty, but these losers could change my mind.

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Something Rotten

Denmark hasn’t met a giraffe it doesn’t want to butcher (especially one named Marius).

Then how come?

Jewish and Muslim ritual slaughter will be illegal in Denmark starting on Monday, by order of Agriculture and Food Minister Dan Jørgensen.

Ritual slaughter, known in Hebrew as shechita, is already banned in Poland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.

The Netherlands attempted to ban shechita, but a deal was brokered, legalizing the practice in 2012.

On Monday, all slaughter that is not preceded by stunning will be forbidden in Denmark, rendering it impossible for ritual slaughter to be carried out according to Shar’ia or Halacha, Danish station TV2 reported on Wednesday.

How ’bout a compromise, Danes? Let’s presume all cows and sheep are named Marius. Then may we proceed?

“Animal rights come before religion,” the minister was quoted as saying.

Are you shi**ing me?

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Culture of Death

Ha! Bet you thought I meant the Palestinian Arabs. I usually do.

I still do—but they have company:

Parliament in Belgium has passed a bill allowing euthanasia for terminally ill children without any age limit, by 86 votes to 44, with 12 abstentions.

When, as expected, the bill is signed by the king, Belgium will become the first country in the world to remove any age limit on the practice.

It may be requested by terminally ill children who are in great pain and also have parental consent.

Opponents argue children cannot make such a difficult decision.

If they can choose their favorite ice cream, why can’t they choose to die? God bless the little buggers.

And while the Europeans are whacking the vulnerable:

A second Danish zoo has said it may have to put down one of its giraffes, despite a storm of protest after a similar move by Copenhagen Zoo.

The Danish Jyllands Park Zoo said that it, like the zoo in Copenhagen, would be doing so to comply with breeding programme rules.

Coincidentally, its giraffe has the same name as the Copenhagen giraffe, Marius.

The Danish Jyllands Park Zoo, in western Denmark, said its Marius is a seven-year-old hybrid, which means he is a mix of different sub-species.

He is currently housed with a younger, pure-bred giraffe called Elmer – who happens to be the half-brother of Copenhagen’s Marius.

Crikey, their giraffes are like their royalty—inbred! The first Marius ended up as tiger chow, which gives new meaning to Marius the Epicurean.

First they came for the giraffes…


Your European Story of the Day

Any continent that has riles regarding giraffe sperm is a continent that needs to be overrun by Muslim hordes (not for the first time):

Animal rights campaigners in Denmark are trying to save a healthy young giraffe at Copenhagen Zoo from being destroyed.

The zoo says it cannot keep the animal, named Marius, because of European rules to avoid in-breeding, and that attempts to find it a new home have failed.

Copenhagen Zoo says it needs to kill the giraffe before it becomes an adult and attempts to mate.

Campaigners say to do so would be barbaric.

How you doin’?

Shouldn’t giraffe birth control be covered under the ACA: Animal Contraception Act? What if we offed all male creatures as they entered their mating ages? Who would play high school football?

Anyway, Marius will go the way of the rest of his species: lunch.

Marius is due to be killed by a bolt gun. The zoo will not use a lethal injection, because that would contaminate the meat.

The zoo plans to dissect the animal after it has been killed, before feeding it to the tigers and other carnivores.

That’s the African solution. The European solution is to writes statutes governing hooking up among the hoofed crowd. At least someone on that benighted continent wants to procreate!

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Pity About the H-Word

Sorry to all you “folks” who perished in the camps.

An official statement on Holocaust Remembrance Day commemorating the victims of the Holocaust issued by EU High Representative Lady Catherine Ashton, does not identify who those victims were. The brief statement reads,

The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice President of the Commission, issued the following statement today:

Today the international community remembers the victims of the Holocaust. We honour every one of those brutally murdered in the darkest period of European history. We also want to pay a special tribute to all those who acted with courage and sacrifice to protect their fellow citizens against persecution.

On Holocaust Remembrance Day, we must keep alive the memory of this tragedy. It is an occasion to remind us all of the need to continue fighting prejudice and racism in our own time. We must remain vigilant against the dangers of hate speech and redouble our commitment to prevent any form of intolerance. The respect of human rights and diversity lies at the heart of what the European Union stands for.

We in Bloodthirstan also bow our heads in memory of the homosexuals, Catholics, and gypsies who died in the “tragedy”. If we left anyone out—sorry, communists!—please drop us a line to remind us.

One serious comment on the use of “tragedy” to describe the attempted (and largely accomplished) annihilation of Jews from the continent of Europe. (Oh Jews—of course!) An airplane crash is a tragedy, an avalanche. The long-planned, carefully organized, fully funded extermination of a race of people (as Jews were defined by Nazis) is not a tragedy. 9/11 was not a tragedy. The Marathon bombing was not a tragedy. Tragedies are acts of nature, or other unforeseen occurrences. They may be subject to blame or responsibility—was faulty maintenance at fault for the plane crash?; did poor trail grooming lead to the avalanche?—but tragedies are not written about in advance (Mein Kampf), not an agenda item at a conference (Wannsee).

That a spokesman for Europe can’t bring herself to mention the six million Jews* brutally murdered across the continent, and can’t even call the crime by its proper name, is actually kind of scary. She has nothing to say to the Jewish state of Israel.

* A conservative estimate.

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European Exceptionalism

Typically, societies don’t commit suicide, at least not intentionally. Europe has tired of genocide (two world wars, Nazism, Stalinism, centuries of nationalist and ethnic strife, millennia of persecution of Jews), moved past suicide (plunging birth rates, creeping Eurabianism), and gone straight to kindercide:

A Judiciary Committee has rejected calls for extra hearings before sending Belgium’s Child Euthanasia Bill for a final parliamentary vote. The decision clears the way for it to be passed to the lower house for consideration and a vote sometime before May…

Unlike the Netherlands which allows euthanasia for children over 12, Belgium is set to become the first nation in the world to lift all age restrictions.

Hey kids, wait your turn (to die):

Thousands of patients are being denied potentially life-saving drugs even after they have been approved for NHS use, according to a study.
It reveals huge disparities in the numbers of patients given access to new drugs, with some areas prescribing them up to 29 times as much as others.

The figures come from a report looking at the use of drugs approved by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice), the NHS rationing body.

Nice has been strongly criticised for unfairly blocking drugs it deems poor value for money, even when it is the last hope for cancer sufferers.

But latest figures for 2012 show that even when it approves drugs as cost-effective, and issues positive guidance to the NHS, patients are often failing to get them.

Stephen Whitehead, chief executive of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, said: ‘The report is a stark reminder that where you live in England still has an impact on your access to new NICE-approved medicines, which clearly needs to be addressed urgently by the NHS.’

Don’t feel so superior, America. The only difference between Britain’s death panels and yours is their user-friendly name (NICE). All the rest is coming soon enough. The Left will see to that (and to you too).

PS: Aggie and I live in the protective liberal shadow of Massachusetts. We’ll get all the drugs we ever need, thank you very much. As long as we keep our noses clean, that is. The rest of youse can curl up in the fetal position and die.

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