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You Say “White Privilege” Like It’s a Bad Thing

But if you’re going to teach it—during physics—shouldn’t it exist?

The head of Seattle’s University Prep says that the school is “fully aware” and “supports” that its science instructor spends six days teaching about white privilege in his seniors’ physics classes.

F=MA, where F stand for the fascist tendencies of modern society, M for its monetary hegemony, and A for its general a**holic demeanor.


I promise I wouldn’t abuse it or make anyone feel underprivileged, but I wouldn’t mind maybe just a day of white privilege. It would be like my birthday or Father’s Day. But white privilege is even more elusive than the Higgs Boson—something about which the budding physicists needn’t worry their empty little heads—a theoretical construct that exists for unimaginably brief spans of time, and only underground in France.

White privilege, I mean. Turns out the Higgs Boson may be very real.


Durban University Of Technology Students Seek To Expel Jews

Some of us well-remember the Durban, South African “anti-racism” conference which was held in August of 2001. Jews were threatened, spat upon, shoved, and hit. Copies of Mein Kampf were passed out. Now, students at the university seek to expel Jews.

The student representative council at the Durban University of Technology in South Africa urged the institution’s management to expel its Jewish students, especially those who don’t support the Palestinian cause, the Daily News newspaper reported Wednesday.

The demand was also extended to any students sponsored by the Israeli government.

“We had a meeting and analyzed international politics,” the student body’s secretary, Mqondisi Duma, was quoted in the report as saying.

“We took the decision that Jewish students, especially those who do not support the Palestinian struggle, should deregister.”

Durban University of Technology vice chancellor Ahmed Bawa called the suggestion to kick out Jewish students “totally unacceptable.”

On Tuesday, Natan Pollack – the national chairman of the South African Union of Jewish Students – said the demand was “deplorable.”

“To discriminate against people because of their religious and political standpoint goes against freedom of speech,” he said.

They did that in Germany too, guys. It didn’t turn out well.

– Aggie

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U of California Student Government Votes To Divest From USA

Hahahaha. BDS applied to the United States.

The University of California Student Association board – which represents all 233,000 students enrolled in the UC system’s 10 campuses – approved a resolution on Sunday that calls on the system’s leaders to financially divest from the United States.

The measure cited alleged human rights violations by America such as drone strikes that have killed civilians, and claimed the country’s criminal justice system is racist, among other accusations.

The “Resolution Toward Socially Responsible Investment at the University of California” passed with an overwhelming majority vote of 11-1-3.

“The government of the United States of America is engaged in drone strikes that have killed over 2,400 people in Pakistan and Yemen, many of them civilians,” the resolution stated. “The government oversees, by far, the highest rate of imprisonment in the world, and racial and ethnic minorities are disproportionately targeted by law enforcement agencies, particularly for drug-related offences. 400,000 undocumenteducal immigrants are held in detention centers every year, and millions have been deported since the current administration took office, and the government is directly supporting and propping up numerous dictatorships around the world with weapons sales and foreign aid.”

The resolution also called on UC system leaders “to withdraw investments in securities, endowments, mutual funds, and other monetary instruments with holdings” from the governments of Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Russia, Turkey, Israel, Sri Lanka and Mexico, as well as the U.S.

I feel bad for the parents who are paying for this. And even worse for the next generation of Americans who will be living under these fascists.

– Aggie


Econ 101

Obama gets schooled in economics—for free!

Just the way he wants it.

STUDENT: Hi, I am Mario. I am a student here at Ivy Tech. My question is if community college becomes free, do you think the value of an associates degree will fall?

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: Absolutely not. I have been asked this question before, and I do not know where it is coming from.

I will give you an example. There is a college in New York called City College of New York. And back in the, you know, 1940’s, 1950’s, 1960’s, the City College of New York produced as many Nobel laureates as a lot of Ivy league schools.

It was free. But it was considered one of the best universities in the country, one of the best college systems in the country. Nobody thought, because you went to the city colleges, and it did not cost you any money, that somehow the education was devalued.

Nice try, sir. City College is unique. A product of its time (those 40s thru 60s he highlights, but even earlier and later) and place (Manhattan), City College could afford to be both free and excellent. (It also didn’t hurt CCNY that Columbia and the other Ivies had strict quotas on Jews.)

But it wasn’t for everybody:

Requiring demonstrated potential for admission and a high level of accomplishment for graduation, the College provides a diverse student body with opportunities to achieve…

You had to be wicked smart to get into CCNY, and wicked smart to graduate. Even today, their acceptance rate is less than a third of all applicants. Community colleges serve a need. But to compare Bunker Hill Community College (0 Nobel laureates) with City College of New York (10 Nobel laureates) is… you guessed it, dishonest.

Yes, Mario, if Obama makes community college free, he will cheapen it, but not just in cost. It will merely be a finishing school for under-performing high school grads. Or worse, another two to four years of wasted time.


How Obama Will Make Affording College More Difficult For Middle Class Families

He will “rollback” the tax savings on the 529 plans

President Obama is pitching his new tax plan as a way to help the middle class at the expense of the rich. But middle-class savers are bound to notice if he achieves two of the White House’s stated goals—to “roll back” tax benefits of 529 college savings plans and “repeal tax incentives going forward” for Coverdell Education Savings Accounts.

Both plans allow parents, grandparents or anyone looking to help fund a kid’s education to contribute after-tax dollars into accounts that grow tax-free. There is also no tax when the money is withdrawn, provided it is used for qualified educational expenses such as tuition, fees, books, room and board.

Mr. Obama wants to allow the IRS to tax as income any withdrawals from future 529 contributions. This would make them less attractive. The White House goal seems to be to discourage private thrift, and encourage greater use of government benefits, when paying for college.

If the plans are closed to new investments and savers, those who stand to lose aren’t the 1%. As of June 30, 2014 there were 11.8 million 529 accounts holding $244.5 billion in assets, according to the College Savings Plans Network, a a group of state officials who administer the plans. The average account balance was $20,671. That sounds like “the middle class.”

Isn’t that fascinating? Rather than make it easier for mom and dad and grandma and grandpa to help with college costs, this administration wants to make community college free, and withdraw parents and grandparents from the equation. Let’s be honest here. Community college is terrific, but most kids and families would prefer the choice of going directly to a 4 year college or choosing to save money with community college first. And community college is inexpensive already. So, given the loss of tax breaks for the educational plans, I think that we can fairly conclude that Obama’s plan is both a tax on the rich and a tax on the middle class. What a disaster this president is.

– Aggie


Race-Based Discrimination Is OK, As Long As We Can All Agree That The Out-Race Isn’t Too Cool

Asians, you’re not cool

Asians, take a lesson from the Ivy League treatment of Jews. This is how it works:

Decades ago, the Ivy League colleges thought they had a problem: too many Jews. These recent immigrants, from a culture that prized education and academic achievement, had an unfortunate characteristic: They worked harder, studied longer and cared more about school. In short, they had all the attributes required for success in the Ivy League.

Problem was, the Ivy League didn’t really want them. Being first-generation students, these applicants didn’t have rich alumni parents who would be likely to donate big bucks. Being from an ethnicity not associated with America’s governing class, they didn’t help the Ivy League with its biggest selling point — that going to college there provides an opportunity to rub shoulders with America’s governing class. And they were seen as boring grinds who studied too hard and weren’t much fun.

The result was a change in admissions criteria to reward “leadership,” and “well-rounded” candidates — a thin disguise for “WASPs” — and, following closely on, actual quotas for Jewish students, so that no matter how many applied, their numbers on campus would stay just about the same. After several decades, this came to be seen as racist and unfair, and the quotas were dropped. (Though by then, conveniently enough, the Ivy League was able to find Jewish applicants with plenty of money, polish and governing-class connections without too much trouble).

I can’t tell you how many Jews I have known over the years whose parents – or they themselves – changed their last name in order to appear to be WASPs on the Harvard application. Or in the political campaign. Or in the general social milieu. Don’t even get me started on nose jobs.

But while the quotas for Jews are gone, the Ivy League now, by all accounts, has quotas for Asian students. They are seen as people who study too hard, boring grinds who aren’t much fun — and, of course, their parents aren’t as rich and connected. And though the numbers of highly qualified Asian applicants have grown dramatically, the number of Asians admitted stays pretty much the same every year.

Now the Asian students are suing. In a lawsuit against Harvard, they are claiming that Harvard demands higher qualifications from Asian students than from others, and that it uses “racial classifications to engage in the same brand of invidious discrimination against Asian Americans that it formerly used to limit the number of Jewish students in its student body.”

These claims are almost certainly correct. Discrimination against Asian students — and not just by Harvard, but throughout higher education — has been an open secret for years. Asian students, we’re told, face a “bamboo ceiling” as a result.

Where today’s discrimination is different from the Ivy League’s old quotas against Jews is that those old quotas were removed as part of efforts to fight racism. The Ivy League’s new quotas, meanwhile, are often defended on the same grounds — or, at least, as a means of attaining “diversity.”

Here’s what the Jews did: Harvard wouldn’t take them, so they went to NYU and MIT and state colleges, etc. And they did just fine. Asians should walk away from the Ivy League in droves, should build up departments in colleges and universities that will value them, and then, as they become affluent, they should contribute to those institutions. And as this generation of Asians grows up and achieves, they should definitely encourage their own kids to avoid the Ivies. Because the Ivies have a way of practicing racism and antisemitism while preaching to the rest of use that racism is bad, that we are all racists, etc. It’s obnoxious. Maybe by losing out on the future endowment that could be provided by those talented Asians, say in about 50-100 years, the Ivies might just begin to learn a lesson.

– Aggie

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Psst! What’d You Get for Number 7?

And will she be left-cheeked or right?

The question was from a test on genetics.

“LaShamanda has a heterozygous big bootie, the dominant trait. Her man Fontavius has a small bootie which is recessive. They get married and have a baby named LaPrincess” the biology assignment prompts students.

The assignment then continues to ask, “What is the probability that LaPrincess will inherit her mama’s big bootie?”

“I was completely stunned,” the mother said. “This is not appropriate language at all for the children in the school.”

“I am extremely concerned that this type of language is being used and considered expectable [sic] to be issued to students,” she said while asking for an explanation.

I thought standardized testing was racist and classist. Given the Internet’s obsession with booties great and small (mostly great these days), how can we blame the testers for trying to connect with students where they live?

The question gives no indication of race (indeed the offended mother appears to be white), but if we are to judge by their names, LaShamanda and Fontavius may possibly be African American. That’s where the question fails. Nearly three out of four African American babies are born out of wedlock.

I couldn’t be happier for the couple, and more hopeful for the bright future of LaPrincess. But she’ll be a minority in more ways than one.


He IS a Racist President

Remember one of Obama’s first move as presidents (after dismissing the Republicans, with a wave of his hand, “I won”) was to scuttle school choice in Washington DC?

If you don’t, what Juan Williams had to say at the time:

This is an outrage to me. … This is so important that you give young people a chance to have an education in America and especially in a failing public school system like you have in the District of Columbia. This voucher system is a direct threat to the unions. And so I think everybody on Capitol Hill, that’s getting money from the NEA or AFT, they should be called on the table. They should ask them, ‘where do you send your kids to school? And are you willing to say these kids getting the vouchers…and doing better than the rest of the kids, that these kids aren’t deserving of an opportunity to succeed in America?’ You just want to scream. Why Duncan and Obama aren’t in the forefront of education reform is an outrage and an insult to the very base that voted for them.

It’s five and-a-half years later now:

[Condoleezza] Rice said, “Poor black kids trapped in failing neighborhoods schools, that’s the biggest race problem of today. That’s the biggest civil rights issue of today. Anybody who isn’t in favor of school choice, anybody who isn’t in favor of educational reform, anybody who defends the status quo in the educational system, that’s racist to me.”

Obama still opposes vouchers. I don’t know whom else Ms. Rice could be talking about.


Not-Islam Watch

From the faith that brought you algebra:


ISIS extremists have cancelled all classes except religious studies in Syrian schools – with even the two-times table banned in its new curriculum.

Militants have closed all schools in the eastern area of the country pending a religious revision of the syllabus to replace the current ‘infidel’ education, it has been revealed.

Activists in the area say ISIS has attempted to justify the move by claiming that ‘all knowledge belongs to the creator’.

Don’t you think He already knows that? I mean, He’d have to, right? Do you think He’d mind if we borrowed it for a while?

Of course you do. As the Africans say, Boko Haram.

‘Their rationale is that all knowledge belongs to the creator, so even the multiplication table shouldn’t be taught,’ said an activist called Abu Hussein al Deiri.

Some locals protested when the school shutdown, according to footage posted online by activists.

It showed two dozen girls and boys appearing to be under 12 years of age marching with a few female teachers clad in black veils as required by Islamic State since the beginning of the academic year.

The children chanted: ‘we want school’.

As if! Kids under 12 demanding school? Not bloody likely.

PS: The ancient Islamic world also believed in the zero. Surely the study of nothing at all wouldn’t offend the creator.


Are Social Scientists Biased Against Conservatives?


We haven’t given out one of our coveted ‘Ya Think?™ awards in quite some time, so congratulations Professor Jonathan Haidt, you deserve it!!

On January 27, 2011, from a stage in the middle of the San Antonio Convention Center, Jonathan Haidt addressed the participants of the annual meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology. The topic was an ambitious one: a vision for social psychology in the year 2020. Haidt began by reviewing the field that he is best known for, moral psychology. Then he threw a curveball. He would, he told the gathering of about a thousand social-psychology professors, students, and post-docs, like some audience participation. By a show of hands, how would those present describe their political orientation? First came the liberals: a “sea of hands,” comprising about eighty per cent of the room, Haidt later recalled. Next, the centrists or moderates. Twenty hands. Next, the libertarians. Twelve hands. And last, the conservatives. Three hands.

Social psychology, Haidt went on, had an obvious problem: a lack of political diversity that was every bit as dangerous as a lack of, say, racial or religious or gender diversity. It discouraged conservative students from joining the field, and it discouraged conservative members from pursuing certain lines of argument. It also introduced bias into research questions, methodology, and, ultimately, publications. The topics that social psychologists chose to study and how they chose to study them, he argued, suffered from homogeneity. The effect was limited, Haidt was quick to point out, to areas that concerned political ideology and politicized notions, like race, gender, stereotyping, and power and inequality. “It’s not like the whole field is undercut, but when it comes to research on controversial topics, the effect is most pronounced,” he later told me. (Haidt has now put his remarks in more formal terms, complete with data, in a paper forthcoming this winter in Behavioral and Brain Sciences.)

The entire article is depressingly familiar, but go to the link to hear about how liberal academics punish conservative thought. Want tenure? Heh, heh, heh. I consider this trend to be an absolute disaster for our country, and we have been way too slow in recognizing it or attempting to correct it. Oh, well. I’m a big believer in You Reap What You Sow. And we have sown incompetence and willful ignorance.

– Aggie


Milwaukee’s Worst

Remember Wisconsin? Mid-sized state next to Michigan? It was in the news a few years ago when its Republican governor tried to pry the fingers of the public sector unions off the throat of state government. For his efforts, Scott Walker was vilified and subjected to every legal and illegal punishment the Democrats could imagine. We were tangentially involved when our reports on the thuggish behavior of the union goons drew churlish, tendentious comments from hired hacks.

What was all that about?

Teachers in Wisconsin’s public schools have learned a major lesson from the state’s landmark 2011 law neutering public sector unions, with more than a third dropping out of their labor organization.

Given no choice but to join and pay dues to the Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC) for decades, teachers have for the last three years been able to opt out. And that is what tens of thousands have done as a result of Gov. Scott Walker’s Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill, also known as Act 10.

“Given the evidence, it shows that the union’s hold is softening,” Patrick Wright, vice president of legal affairs for the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, told

Softening? I’ve seen diapers with firmer resolve.

“As soon as I was given the choice, I left,” Amy Rosno, a teacher with the virtual class program at the Waukesha school system, told “I never really understood the union anyway.”

Rosno said she had a better understanding once she was asked to be a representative for her department and attended her first WEAC meeting.

“I realized that it was all political and not about teaching,” she said.

No! What was your first clue, Amy? (These are the people to whom we entrust the education of our children?)

Teachers who spoke to the nonprofit education think tank said they were glad to be free of the union’s grip, especially because of the perception their dues were spent on political contributions.

“It’s important to have a choice, because we are all professionals,” Michelle Uetz, a special education teacher at Prescott High School told the education news site. “We shouldn’t be pigeon-holed into contributing to politics we don’t believe in.”

WEAC has been accused of having a partisan political alliance with the Democratic Party in the state and backed a failed recall against Walker. Despite losing the policy battle, the union still pressures teachers to join, according to some interviewed by EAG.

“I worked with a young teacher who was thinking of leaving the union and she was actually scared to leave,” Deena Ferguson, a teacher at Fox Prairie Elementary, in Stilton, told the site, adding that WEAC often uses fear to recruit new teachers, suggesting they need protection from administrators.

“If the union is so beneficial and good, people will want to join on the principle and the merits and not be forced to join,” she said.

Rosno agreed, telling that many teachers are left in a precarious position.

“There’s still a lot of fear,” she said. ‘A lot of teachers are afraid to admit that they support [Gov.] Walker. Many of them felt a lot of backlash. It still continues and they are afraid to show public support for the governor.

“I think it’s interesting the union hasn’t chosen to change its business model, even though teachers are leaving in droves,” Kristi LaCroix regional membership director for AAE said. “It’s just business as usual with them, so I see more and more professionals leaving.”

“Union” and “business model” rarely appear in the same sentence. But she’s right. Fascists never do change.


Pity The Poor Teachers

Philadelphia teachers now have to pay $140/month for health insurance

Philadelphia teachers vowed to fight a sudden move by the district Monday that cancels their union contract and forces them to start paying health premiums of as much as $140 a month.

The teachers union, with about 15,000 members, accused the state-led School Reform Commission of ratcheting up its “war on teachers.”

However, district leaders said there was nothing else to cut after years of funding woes that have prompted nearly $1 billion in cuts that includes the loss of 5,000 positions and the closure of 30 schools. Many Philadelphia schools operate without a nurse or librarian on duty.

“If the contract is blown open, what’s going to happen to things that matter to our kids, (such as) student class size?” said Anissa Weinraub, 34, a high school English teacher who has gone through several layoffs and three forced transfers in nine years. “I’m nervous about what else might be imposed.”

Both Superintendent William R. Hite and Philadelphia Federation of Teachers President Jerry Jordan, along with Mayor Michael Nutter, agreed that the problem lies in the state funding formula for education.

“The cuts by the commonwealth over the last few years have had a devastating financial impact on the school district and the quality of education,” Nutter said. “There’s no debate about that.”

Hite nonetheless backed Monday’s decision, saying the money would yield more than $50 million a year for classroom and other needs.

Philadelphia is one of those cities that likes to put it to businesses. The end game of that sort of thing will always be that businesses find another place to be. The folks left behind might not have the resources to pay taxes. And what do the teachers think that ObamaCare did to the business community? So, as you can tell, Gentle Reader, my heart is bleeding all over the keyboard. One hundred and forty dollars a month is a steal.

– Aggie


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