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Illinois + Medicaid = $$$$$

If I knew being dead paid so well, I might have topped myself years ago:

The Illinois Medicaid program paid an estimated $12 million for medical services for people listed as deceased in other state records, according to an internal state government memo.

Auditors identified overpayments for services to roughly 2,900 people after the date of their deaths.

The memo states that more than $7 million has been recovered and the rest is expected to be recouped by year’s end.

How do they do that? By digging up the bodies and selling their organs? Melting down their fillings? My arithmetic shows that the average stiff raked in $4,138. Unless they were buried in Versace, I don’t see how you can “recoup” that much money from dead people.

“It’s disappointing and somewhat enraging for taxpayers, but it’s not surprising,” Righter said. “I wish this administration would spend more time trying to solve the problems rather than trying to convince taxpayers that they’ve already solved them.”

That’s an Illinois State Senator talking about the Democrat Governor. But, boy, he could be talking about the federal administration, couldn’t he? Run by a former Illinois State Senator, I note. Who learned well.


This Guy Went to a Clay Aiken Fundraiser and a Klan Rally Broke Out

I’ve got nothing against Clay Aiken; I thought he should have won against Ruben Studdard in Season Two of American Idol. But he is a Democrat, and he does have some, well, rather questionable friends:

I haven’t seen such hostility since last Thanksgiving! What’d the guy do, relieve himself on the pool table? Come on, Dems, can’t we all get along?


So the [Bleep] What?

Obama invents eight million enrollees under ObamaCare!

Ukraine about to have SSR re-attached to its name!

Hundreds of Koreans join hundreds of Chinese (and a dozen sherpas) in tragic deaths!


In the circus of speculation that surrounds Hillary Rodham Clinton and her presidential prospects, Chelsea Clinton dropped a bombshell Thursday with her announcement that she and husband Marc Mezvinsky are expecting a child.

The former secretary of State has made no secret of her desire to be a grandmother, and sources close to her have said she would have serious reservations about diving into the grueling schedule of a presidential campaign if those demands coincide with her daughter’s pregnancy.

Baby Mezvinsky ranks way down in importance in this story, after its parents and way, way after its grandparents. Baby Mezvinsky had better get used to it.

Just consider the grandfathers alone. Leave aside the jokes about the nannies and the au pairs, the jokes about the Nigerian scammers will never end!

[Edward] Mezvinsky was involved in a series of business transactions that ultimately led to his downfall.

Beginning in the early 1990s Mezvinsky fell prey to a wide variety of 419 scams. According to a federal prosecutor, Mezvinsky was conned by “just about every different kind of African-based scam we’ve ever seen.” In order to raise the funds needed to front the money for the fraudulent investment schemes he was being offered, Mezvinsky became, himself, a conman, tapping his network of contacts and dropping the name of the Clinton family to convince unwitting marks to give him money.

In March 2001, Mezvinsky was indicted and later pleaded guilty to 31 of 69 felony charges of bank fraud, mail fraud, and wire fraud. Nearly $10 million was involved in the crimes.

What could I possibly have against Chelsea Clinton? As long as she doesn’t try to trade on the family name to attain a position for which she is uniquely unqualified, she can knock herself out.

But why didn’t we go ape when Amy Carter had a baby 15 years ago? Jenna Hager (née Bush) just had a baby last week and nobody said a word.

The Democrat-Media Complex will use anything for political advantage, up to and including a uterus and an embryo. Not that that comes as any surprise.

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Look Who’s on the Warpath

Lie-a-watha, Fauxcahantas, Crocagawea, Betty Buckskin…call her what you like as long as you call her the senior senator from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts:

The unresolved Native American question is seen as a potential campaign issue.

Politico said Warren admitted she initially “fumbled” when reporters first asked her about it.

When Brown picked up the drumbeat, Warren said, “He attacked my dead parents. I was hurt, and I was angry.”

“I was stunned by the attacks.”

Politico’s report recites Warren’s oft-repeated claim of family lore, without any new documentation: “Everyone on our mother’s side — aunts, uncles, and grandparents — talked openly about their Native American ancestry. My brothers and I grew up on stories about our grandfather building one-room schoolhouses and about our grandparents’ courtship and their early lives together in Indian Territory.”

He attacked your dead parents?

What, like those cannibals in Pakistan who dug up graves to feast upon the bodies buried therein? Is that the secret to his good looks?

Just for the record, Elizabeth Warren is 0/32nds Cherokee. And if you went to 64ths or 128ths, I very much doubt you’d find a platelet of Indian blood. Even in this book, her one big chance to set the record straight, she relies solely on family “lore”:

Warren says she was stunned by the attacks – and that she couldn’t provide documentation because her family hadn’t registered any tribal affiliation.

“In Oklahoma, that was pretty common,” she writes. “But knowing who you are is one thing, and proving who you are is another.”

“Pretty common”? Is she implying Cherokee are libertines and sluts, promiscuous savages sleeping with any paleface who flashes a few beads their way?

What difference, at this point, does it make, you ask?

She reiterated that she did not use her background to gain special treatment. “I never asked for special treatment when I applied to college, to law school, or for jobs,” she writes.

Of course she didn’t use her “background”! She doesn’t have any background, except as white trash made good. She used a casually adopted, and even more casually discarded (hence the charge of “spiritual genocide”), identity as the descendant of a noble and victimized people. Perfect for advancement in academia!

Not that we should believe one word from her forked tongue, but I like this tale:

After legislation was passed creating the [Consumer Financial Protection Bureau], Warren was informed that some named and unnamed advisors close to Obama opposed her as the nominee to head that department. One unnamed advisor to the president reportedly told Warren that her role would be a “cheerleader” for the new agency.

“I assume that was meant as a metaphor, but I had to wonder: Cheerleader?” Warren wrote. “Would the same suggestion have been made to a man in my position? I did not rush out to buy pom-poms.”

I could ridicule her humorlessness, but I like the seething anger at a fellow Democrat. At least he didn’t attack her dead parents.

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Change and Hope

All due respect to our Obamabot friends, but that’s the better order.

For only after you change can you begin to hope:

The choir sang hallelujah as the congregation of 15,000 clapped and sang along. Reverend James Meeks ratcheted up the intensity of his speech. “Man looks at the outside,” he shouted rearing his head back. “But God looks at your heart! Are you with me here?”

Judging by the response, Meeks had the faithful at Salem Baptist Church hanging on his every word.“One hundred percent with Reverend Meeks,” said parishioner Eugene Harris outside the mega-church on Chicago’s fiercely Democratic South Side.

Meeks is careful not to preach politics from the pulpit. That doesn’t mean he does not have a political side. This former state senator is active as a leader in Chicago’s African-American community and also has considerable political clout.

This gubernatorial election he is not throwing that clout behind the Democrat, incumbent Governor Pat Quinn. Instead, Meeks is lining up behind Bruce Rauner, the wealthy Republican businessman from Chicago’s predominantly-white North Shore.

“The Democratic party just assume always that 97 percent of the African-American vote will go to the Democratic party. If that assumption is true, they never have to work for our vote,” Meeks said.

Look at the other places where elections are decided by similar margins. North Korea, Crimea, Saddam’s Iraq, Cambridge…do any of those strike you as free?

If the definition of insanity truly is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, then too many black Americans are indeed bat-[bleep] crazy.

God bless Reverend Meeks:

“Our schools are still broken and getting worse. We’re last in employment or business. Our neighborhoods are deplorable,” says Meeks. “And we still get the same promises from the Democratic party, but we don’t get any deliverable. I think it’s time we should look at another candidate.”

“I would hope that I would get a chance to influence a lot of African-Americans to look at how we, as a voting bloc, [are] being taken for granted,” Meeks says.

Change lies within you. Now you can hope.


“The Time for Debate is Over”

Uh-oh. Someone must have just proved the Left wrong about something. Again.

Only when the debate turns against them is the time for debate over:

The ongoing trial involving journalist Mark Steyn – accused of defaming climate change theorist Michael Mann – reflects an increasingly dangerous tendency among our intellectual classes to embrace homogeneity of viewpoint. Steyn, whose column has appeared for years on these pages, may be alternatingly entertaining or over-the-top obnoxious, but the slander lawsuit against him marks a milestone in what has become a dangerously authoritarian worldview being adopted in academia, the media and large sections of the government bureaucracy.

Let’s call it “the debate is over” syndrome, referring to a term used most often in relationship with climate change but also by President Barack Obama last week in reference to what remains his contentious, and theoretically reformable, health care plan. Ironically, this shift to certainty now comes increasingly from what passes for the Left in America.

What do you mean “ironically” and “increasingly”? “Predictably” and “repeatedly” are more apt terms.

This shift has been building for decades and follows the increasingly uniform capture of key institutions – universities, the mass media and the bureaucracy – by people holding a set of “acceptable” viewpoints.

But what started as liberation and openness has now engendered an ever-more powerful clerisy – an educated class – that seeks to impose particular viewpoints while marginalizing and, in the most-extreme cases, criminalizing, divergent views.


Obama himself has been using the phrase for years: on health care as early as 2009; on global warming just a couple of months ago.

Show of hands, please, everyone who wishes the time for debate on health care had lasted just a little bit longer. Not that it was really a debate: they had the votes—some handsomely paid. There was even talk of deeming the damn thing passed without actually voting on it. Even the Constitutional debate (bitches) was circumvented by redefining the “mandate” as a “tax”.

How about “the time for lying is over”?


Voting Early and Often

As North Carolina goes, so goes the nation:

State elections officials said Wednesday that they’re investigating hundreds of cases of voters who appear to have voted in two states and several dozen who appear to have voted after their deaths.

Strach said North Carolina’s check found 765 registered North Carolina voters who appear to match registered voters in other states on their first names, last names, dates of birth and the final four digits of their Social Security numbers. Those voters appear to have voted in North Carolina in 2012 and also voted in another state in 2012.

“Now we have to look individually at each one,” Strach said. “Could there have been data error?”

The crosscheck also found 35,570 voters in North Carolina who voted in 2012 whose first names, last names and dates of birth match those of voters who voted in other states in 2012, but whose Social Security numbers were not matched.

Strach also said a “10-year death audit” found 13,416 deceased voters who had not been removed from voter rolls as of October 2013. Eighty-one of those individuals, she said, died before an election in which they are recorded as having voted.

Strach cautioned that about 30 of those 81 voters appear to have legally cast their votes early via absentee ballot and then died before Election Day.

However, she said, “There are between 40 and 50 [voters] who had died at a time that that’s not possible.”

“I think the big bombshell today is that you have documented voter fraud that has occurred,” said Rep. Tim Moore, R-Cleveland. “We have over 36,000 people who apparently voted in this state illegally and committed felonies.”

And you want to deny the dead and felonious the right to vote? Fascist!

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The UnDeadline [UPDATED]

No, this isn’t a post about zombies—or is it?

Monday marks the final day of Obamacare’s first open enrollment period — sort of — but the health care law’s hasn’t been implemented in its entirety or even close to on time.

Despite all the Obama administration’s talk about Republicans “obstructing” the health care law, federal officials and Obamacare administrators have done far more damage to the health care law by delaying some of its most central provisions. Here’s the Daily Caller News Foundation’s list of the ways the Obama administration has taken apart its own law, piece by piece.

It’s very long, but it’s encyclopedic (make that “but” an “and”). I would also note that Republicans in the House have tried to pass laws (of the land), Constitutional (bitches) laws, to legitimize what Kaiser Obama has rendered wholly illegitimate. Only for those laws to die in the Democrat Senate (under threat of veto by the Kaiser).

Today is a deadline—sort of—because all you have to do is say you tried to sign up but were thwarted by the universally reviled website. It’s an ironclad alibi.

MARCH 25, 2014: The Obama administration extends its enrollment deadline, letting consumers who already began the online initiation check a box stating that they were unable to enroll before the deadline. They’ll have until mid-April to sign up. (RELATED: White House extends Obamacare deadline yet again)

So, we are to believe that the Kaiser’s regime (“reich”?) will finally implement the law? I don’t—or rather, I don’t think he’ll implement the law as we think it is written. He will wield the law as he has all along, as a political tool.

To wit:

A couple in La Mesa, California received a voter registration card from California’s Obamacare exchange already pre-marked for the Democratic Party.

The couple did not want their identities revealed but told local station 10 News that they received an envelope addressed from Covered California, the state’s exchange, with a letter and registration card from the health care marketplace. They’ve always been registered to vote Republican.

Covered California is in the midst of sending out voter registration cards to all of its sign-ups, due to pressure from left-wing groups threatening legal action if they don’t comply.

Between private coverage and Medicaid sign ups, nearly four million Californians will receive voter registration cards.

With at least one couple’s Obamacare voter registration card illegally pre-marked as Democratic, worries over tying voter registration to the Democratic health care program could gain momentum.

To be fair to the Kaiser, KaiserCare has been a political Verdun: a long, slow bloodletting. So, if he tries to use it as a tool for community organizing, one should cut him a little slack. Just because four million Californians will be sent voter ID cards pre-marked “Democrat” doesn’t mean that’s how they’ll vote…does it?

[Bleep] you can’t make up:

People trying to apply and enroll for private health insurance through Obamacare before Monday’s midnight deadline discovered the website was “currently unavailable.”, the online marketplace bedeviled by bugs since its launch last fall, went down for several hours Monday morning, a statement from the Department of Health and Human Services said. It was back online later in the morning after a short time when it put customers in a “queue,” meaning they’d be notified by email when they could proceed with enrollment.

“Consumers may also complete their application by calling the call center at 1-800-318-2596. The federal data services hub is working normally,” HHS said.

An administration spokesman said the website is usually offline for maintenance overnight, and was brought down for four extra hours by a technical glitch — not a rush of procrastinators or hackers.

Oh, a glitch! That’s better.


When Bad Things Happen to Corrupt Democrats

You know the old saying: bad news comes in fours.

Three Democratic lawmakers were either arrested or had their office raided Wednesday by the FBI.

Two of the Democrats, including Charlotte, N.C. Mayor Patrick Cannon, were charged in connection with FBI stings that caught them allegedly taking bribes from undercover agents. Coupled with an FBI raid that led to the resignation of a prominent Democratic lawmaker in Rhode Island this past weekend, four Democrats have recently come under the FBI’s radar.

Add Ray Nagin, mayor of “Chocolate City”, and Kwame Kilpatrick, mayor of C-block (not to mention our local candidate, Willy Lantigua, ousted mayor of Lawrence), and you have a rogue’s gallery in the Party of Stephen A. Douglas.

And someone’s not pleased:

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow argued Wednesday that if there’s anything that can revive California’s Republican Party, it’s the scandal-ridden Democrats that have taken over the news cycle.

“Out of 40 state senators total, out of 28 Democratic state senators there are now three Democratic state senators with federal criminal indictments against them just this session, resulting already in eight felony convictions,” she said. “And yes, the Republican Party is essentially defunct in most of California and probably beyond reviving, but if anything can bring them back, it’s probably days like this.”

A California Democrat has been arrested or convicted every month so far this year.

To be fair, it’s only March.

Let me point out that many of the above-mentioned corrupt Democrats are ethnic minorities. Not because they are more venal than white Anglo-Saxon Protestants, but because identity politics and safe seats produce politicians who think they are invincible and above the law.

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Border Wars

The theme of Michael Chrichton’s Jurassic Park is that chaos rules the universe. You can have the best minds apply themselves to control a complex system, without budgetary or intellectual limitation; yet their “perfect” offspring will be a perfect monster.

That’s why I love (in a perverse sense) ObamaCare. It’s a perfect monster.

In ways no one could have imagined:

The Obama administration’s hopes that Massachusetts would serve as a model for New England states enrolling residents in health insurance has collapsed in a bitter regional feud over tens of millions of dollars, a victim of the botched rollout of the state’s online insurance portal.

Connecticut health care officials are now mounting a campaign to collect a portion of a $45 million federal innovation grant that was awarded to Massachusetts to build a state-of-the-art consumer platform for President Obama’s insurance program. The original idea was that the technical underpinnings of Massachusetts’ computer system could be shared with other New England states.

Massachusetts has failed to produce a successful computer model to share, and in the meantime Connecticut’s insurance marketplace, built by Deloitte LLP, is working so well that the state is now offering its computer system as a model for other struggling states.

Counihan said five states have expressed interest in piggybacking off Connecticut’s insurance marketplace, but not Massachusetts.

“Some states were trying to build a Maserati. We built a Ford Focus,’’ Counihan said. “It might not be as glamorous but it runs. It can get you to the store.”

The Massachusetts website was supposed to tell consumers if they qualify for a subsidized plan, calculate the cost, and help them to compare plans and enroll. But the site has not worked properly since it was launched in October, leading the state to encourage people to fill out paper applications instead.

This would be the time to remind you that under RomneyCare we did have a functioning website. The system went into the crapper only when ObamaCare required us to junk the old one—the Ford Focus, if you will—for the Maserati.

I love to watch nature in action. Whether it’s flower petals opening in sunlight or tracking the moons of Jupiter through a small telescope. The consequences of ObamaCare—so predictable in the general, so astonishing in the particular—delight me (in a perverse sense). Not least the bitter battle between Blue States over greenbacks.

If we were rational creatures, we would learn from this foolhardy fiasco. But we’re not. That’s why there was a sequel to Jurassic Park.


Nostalgia for RomneyCare

Remember Mitt Romney’s defense of the Massachusetts law during the campaign? That these complicated systems are better left to the states to design?

Why oh why did we not listen?

Massachusetts is dropping the contractor that created the state’s dysfunctional online health insurance marketplace, ending a troubled partnership that has left thousands of consumers frustrated and many without coverage for months.

The website is supposed to tell consumers whether they qualify for a subsidized plan, calculate the cost of coverage, and enable them to compare plans and enroll. It has not worked properly since it was launched in October, leading the state to encourage people to fill out paper applications instead.

“The reality is we have a long way to go,’’ Iselin said. “People still get stuck in the system. They get errors, and they can’t complete their applications. We wouldn’t see over half of the applications come in on paper if it was working well.”

Massachusetts will not meet the June 30 deadline to move more than 200,000 people into insurance plans that comply with the federal Affordable Care Act, she said. The state intends to ask the federal government for another three-month extension. The enrollment deadline was previously delayed from the end of March. A federal official she spoke to over the weekend signaled that the government wants to “work with us and be as flexible as they can,’’ Iselin told the board.

The website, created under the state’s 2006 landmark health insurance law, worked well for several years. But it was overhauled last year to meet the more complicated demands of the Affordable Care Act, by CGI, the same company that designed the federal health insurance website, which also had a disastrous rollout last fall.

Obama said that if we voted for Romney, health care would suffer. We did, and it has. So maybe he was right too.


Green Hams and Yeggs

I’m repeating this story—but it bears repeating:

Senate Democrats’ 14-hour global warming “talkathon” produced enough hot air to make up for the “15-year pause” in worldwide temperature increases. But for all the senators’ dire warnings, the gabfest ended with little to show.

After talking from 6:30 p.m. Monday through 9 a.m. Tuesday, Democratic senators ended up with no plans for legislative action.

Many red-state Democrats up for reelection this fall — Arkansas’s Mark Pryor, Alaska’s Mark Begich, Louisiana’s Mary Landrieu, and North Carolina’s Kay Hagan — skipped out on the night of long speeches. But the 28 other senators who showed up provided more than their share of head-scratching and odd moments on the floor.

More than half the Democrats in the Senate came to this oratorical orgy—yet not among their number was any Democrat Senator with anything on the line. That is so telling. This was a Roman bacchanalia blowhard lifers.

And what did we hear from these self-pleasuring poltroons?

The Senate majority leader warned, “Climate-change deniers still exist — there’s lots of them. They exist in this country. They exist, I’m sorry to say, in this Congress.”

?2. Massachusetts’ Ed Markey was one of the stars of the show on the Senate floor. At one point, he invoked Paul Revere’s warnings of “an invasion coming from the sea,” and cautioned, “With climate change, Boston and the Bay State could now face an invasion of the sea itself.”

?3. Markey later took a page out of Texas Republican Ted Cruz’ playbook by reading his own Dr. Seuss story. Rather than revisit Green Eggs and Ham, Markey read from Seuss’ environmentalist favorite The Lorax.

4. Markey also tried to illustrate the increase of carbon emissions over time through the increase in higher homerun totals during the steroid era of the 1990s.

5. Rhode Island’s Sheldon Whitehouse also used sports to warn of the impact of climate change. Unless the issue is addressed, children will no longer be able to learn hockey on frozen ponds. Additionally, many of the former sites of the Winter Olympics may no longer be “climatically suitable” to host future games.

6. One of the newest members of the Senate shared a harrowing story of crossing the United States in some kind of futuristic amphibious vehicle.

“Right after I turned 17 and got my New Jersey driver’s license, one of the earliest places I drove was a trip — the only trip I’ve ever taken — was to Hawaii,” the Garden State senator Cory Booker said.

“You didn’t drive to Hawaii,” New Mexico’s Martin Heinrich corrected him. Booker thanked his colleague for fixing the congressional record.

The Senate prides itself on being “the world’s greatest deliberative body”. Me, I’d rather deliberate on Scarlett Johansson’s body—but if Ed Markey is the “star” of your show, you’ve got an all-time flop on your hands. The Lorax was undoubtedly the only memorable thing spoken that night, though they would have done even better with Dr. Seuss’ great and underrated Sleep Book.

PS: Note how these imbeciles didn’t even resort to the last refuge of scaremongers, “climate change”. It was all about global warming, a phenomenon strangely absent from the world for a decade and a half.


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