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Garbage nazis:

A controversial Seattle ordinance that allowed city workers to inspect people’s trash — as part of an effort to stop residents from throwing food scraps in the wrong pile — was ruled unconstitutional on Wednesday.

King County Superior Court Judge Beth Andrus said sanitation works and other city collectors poking through everyday garbage violates privacy rights and voided the ordinance.

“I’m thrilled as can be,” Ethan Blevins, attorney for the Pacific Legal Foundation, which filed the lawsuit on behalf of eight Seattle residents, told The Seattle Times. He added, “We have been vindicated.”

The rule first went into effect last year, and was meant to compel residents to put food scraps in the same bins as yard waste, so all could be composted. Under the program, nine full-time solid waste inspectors as well as contracted waste haulers tagged trash cans with more than 10 percent compostable material, providing those residents with educational material on how to improve. Residents also were told that breaking the rules would come with a $1 fine for single-family homes and $50 fine for businesses or multi-family units.

The one thing that makes me abandon my natural inclination to reduce, reuse, and recycle is the compulsion to do so. If I knew there was some kind of rubbish fascist poking through my waste, I’d give him waste, all right, every morning. Regularly, if you get my drift.

But I have new assignments for all the derelict dumpster divers:

According to a new report from the Center for Immigration Studies, Immigration and Customs Enforcement in 2015 “freed 19,723 criminal aliens, who had a total of 64,197 convictions among them.”

This included “8,234 violent convictions and 208 homicide convictions.”

“These are people that were here illegally, got caught committing a crime, were convicted of that crime and instead of deporting them, they were just released back out in the United States of America,” House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, said.

There’s your quarry, “inspectors”. If you’re experts at getting trash off the streets, there’s nearly twenty thousand pieces of filth (if that’s not overly micro-aggressive) that need disposing of. And unlike your previous employers, we’re not overly sensitive about how you do it.

But that’s not how Obama rolls. As Gina McCarthy blamed others for the EPA’s criminal neglect in the Flint water case, ICE passes the buck like Meadowlark Lemon passed a basketball:

ICE Director Sarah Saldana defended her agency, even characterizing the statistics as an improvement while claiming they were being politically manipulated.

“I can’t tell you how disheartening it is to hear a very important issue being bandied about as a political football,” Saldana said. “I would ask we focus on solutions rather than political banter.”

Saldana described the number of releases in 2015 as an improvement over prior years. The agency also made modest gains in detaining illegal immigrants but still released nearly 20,000 criminal offenders last year who had been convicted of crimes ranging from arson to embezzlement to sexual assault, according to the CIS report.

“To sit there and say that the proud women and men of law enforcement and ICE are choosing to release criminals is absolutely unforgiveable,” she said. “They do not go around trying to put criminals on the streets.”

I wish they would try. Their incompetence added to typical government inefficiency would mean no criminal alien would ever get out. If this is their best, please try to do worse.


Fibber Brings the Facts

Citing Bill Clinton as an authority is problematic—a little like asking Emperor Nero to captain your voluntary fire department.

But even a chronic liar is right twice a day:

If Bernie Sanders were elected president, his supporters would “shoot every third person on Wall Street,” former President Bill Clinton joked on Friday.

Stumping for his wife Hillary Clinton at an event in Fort Washington, New York, Clinton jabbed Sanders and students who support the Vermont senator’s attacks on corrupt financial systems.

“One of the few things I really haven’t enjoyed about this primary: I think it’s fine that all these young students have been so enthusiastic for her opponent and [he] sounds so good: ‘Just shoot every third person on Wall Street and everything will be fine,'” he said.

In an interview with NBC News following the event, Clinton insisted his comment was “a total joke.”

Of course it was. The Sanders-istas know their Shakespeare. “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the bankers.”

Nor is it the first time Clinton has made violence-tinged barbs about left-wing critics of the financial industry.

“You could take [Goldman Sachs CEO] Lloyd Blankfein into a dark alley,” Clinton once said, according to former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. “And slit his throat, and it would satisfy them for about two days. Then the blood lust would rise again.”

He’s not wrong.

Just as he was not wrong when speaking truth to Black Lives Matter’s power:

“I don’t know how you would characterize the gang leaders who got 13-year-old kids hopped up on crack and sent them out onto the street to murder other African-American children,” Clinton said, addressing a protester who appeared to interrupt him repeatedly. “Maybe you thought they were good citizens …. You are defending the people who kill the lives you say matter. Tell the truth. You are defending the people who cause young people to go out and take guns.”

“I talked to a lot of African-American groups,” Clinton continued. “They thought black lives matter. They said take this bill, because our kids are being shot in the street by gangs. We have 13-year-old kids planning their own funerals.”

“She doesn’t wanna hear any of that,” Clinton said to the protester. “You know what else she doesn’t want to hear? Because of that bill, we have a 25-year low in crime, a 33-year low in murder rate. And because of that and the background check law, we had a 46-year low in the deaths of people by gun violence, and who do you think those lives were? That mattered? Whose lives were saved that mattered?”

Bill and Hillary Clinton are all that stand between the Democrat Party being taken over by a bunch of Bolsheviks baying for blood. How safe do you feel? Me, not very.


Reparations for Slavery

I’m generally against. Who should pay for crimes committed two hundred years ago? As Woody Allen said in Annie Hall: “My grammy never gave gifts. She was too busy getting raped by Cossacks.” If there were no statute of limitations on crimes against an entire people, the Jews would be owed the combined wealth of Sheldon Adelson, Larry Ellison, Michael Bloomberg, the Rothschilds…hey, wait a minute!

But I might make an exception in this case:

The Pioneer Valley has a drug problem, a gang problem, and now is beginning to see a human trafficking problem.

And it starts with children as young as age 13.

Gangs have continually been a source of much of the city’s gun violence and drug activity. In recent years, gangs have gotten into human trafficking, he said.

Human trafficking is term used by the FBI in relation to someone who is exploited, either by threats of violence, fraud or coercion, to perform labor or service against his or her will. Quite often that service is sex for money.

The problem is serious enough in Massachusetts that the state police and Department of Children and Families recently formed a statewide human trafficking enforcement unit.

“I’m not talking about California, the West Coast or Chicago,” Cotto said. “I’m talking about right here.”

Quite often the girls who are recruited are already on the fringes, runaways, from broken families or abandoned by their parents and out on the street. The gangs recruit them by lavishing attention on them and giving them drugs, new clothes and cellphones, Cotto said.

Once recruited, they can be required to raise as much as $5,000 a week through sex, he said.

“And if they don’t raise the quota, they’re going to get beat bad,” Cotto said.

The girls can be shuttled from place to place and be forced to have sex, he said. He has recently learned of one girl who was trafficked to Florida for sex work.

Have you been to Springfield? Florida is an improvement.


Let me state for the record that I solemnly and wholeheartedly oppose slavery. It’s just a thing about me, and I make no apologies for it. You don’t like it, you’re free to read another blog (as most sane people do). So, when I read about “human trafficking”—i.e. slavery—here in Massachusetts—today—I get mad. Weren’t we the original abolitionists? Now, we’re practically the Virginia of the north, trading in teenyboppers instead of tobacco, c*nts instead of cotton.

And the next person who suggests that I owe him anything because his great-great-great-great-great grandfather was an indentured servant is invited to kiss my backside. Demanding a handout for wrongs committed centuries ago when the crime is still rampant here, today, is obscene.


Racist Chicago Cops

Not such a bad thing—wait, hear me out!

First, the report:

Faced with an unsparing critique of the Chicago police force from his hand-picked task force, Mayor Rahm Emanuel acknowledged Wednesday that racism is a problem in the department and left open the possibility of dismantling the city’s beleaguered police oversight agency.

Emanuel’s remarks came shortly before his Police Accountability Task Force released recommendations for reforming the Police Department, one of which called for the superintendent to publicly acknowledge the force’s “history of racial disparity and discrimination.”

While the panel’s report had a striking focus on how racism in the department undermines its relationship with the community, Emanuel cast that theme as a foregone conclusion. The mayor acknowledged that the city and the department must “honestly confront the past” and previous police scandals, but said he’s more focused on making tangible improvements that will restore public trust in the city’s officers.

“I don’t really think you need a task force to know we have racism in America, we have racism in Illinois or that there is racism that exists in the city of Chicago and obviously can be in our departments,” Emanuel said. “The question isn’t, ‘Do we have racism?’ We do. The question is, ‘What are you going to do about it?'”

I would suggest more “community policing”, but given the community…

In the day’s first shooting, a 16-year-old boy was also shot in Woodlawn. The teen was outside in the 600 block of East 62nd Street about 9:40 a.m. when shots were fired from a red car, police said. He was hit in the face and arm and taken in fair condition to Comer Children’s Hospital.

That was the first of 10 shootings. Yesterday.

If most of the victims were black, as I suspect, then the gang-bangers—most of whom are also black—and the police are on the same side. So, what’s the problem?


Scofflaws Scoff at Law, Law at Fault


An extensive report released Monday shows that Latinos and African-Americans in California are much more likely to drive a vehicle without a license because of unpaid tickets – and then get arrested for it. A situation that perpetuates cycles of poverty and inequality, the civil rights group that compiled it wrote.

Before someone loses his license, he must accumulate unpaid tickets; before someone gets a ticket, he must commit a moving or parking violation. And we’re all familair with license-less illegal aliens getting into accidents or pulled over for violations which clutter so many police blotters. Who’s perpetuating what?

The report included remarkably granular information for the Bay Area, including a map showing that in parts of the city of Richmond, for instance, the Latino drivers accounted for more than 62 percent of the suspended licenses, with blacks at 20.4, Asian-Americans at 7.3 percent and whites at 11.1 percent.

Last year, the Times said, California’s Legislative Analyst’s Office released figures showing that uncollected court-ordered debt had grown to more than $10 billion in the state.

Most of which is being sent back to Mexico and Guatemala.

The writer is suggesting, I suppose, that law enforcement is three times more racist against Latinos than blacks; more than eight times more racist against Latinos than Asians.

Or the numbers are what they are: legal and illegal, Latinos are almost twice as likely to drive with a suspended license than all other ethnic groups combined. But 12 million illegal aliens—breaking laws every day they’re here—can run up a lot of traffic tickets.


Immigration Follies

Try not to let this story destroy your faith in the visa system:

The University of Northern New Jersey fielded no sports teams, held no graduation ceremonies and had no instructors, classes or degree programs. It did have a very attractive website that promised an “exceptional” education for foreign students wishing to study in the U.S.

It was a sham from beginning to end, and it was created by federal authorities, who used it to arrest 21 people on charges they conspired to help more than 1,000 foreigners fraudulently keep or obtain student or work visas over the past 2 1/2 years.

The defendants whose arrests were announced Tuesday knew the school was bogus, as did the foreigners, who pretended to be students there in order to stay in the U.S., authorities said. But they didn’t know it was set up as part of a sting by undercover agents from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Most of the foreigners who benefited from the scam were from China and India and were already in the U.S. on student visas, federal prosecutors said. Officials said they have been identified and will be dealt with by immigration authorities — meaning they could face deportation — but won’t be prosecuted.

The 21 people arrested — characterized as brokers, recruiters and employers — were charged with conspiracy to commit visa fraud and to harbor aliens for profit. The second charge carries up to 10 years in prison. The defendants awaited court appearances in Newark on Tuesday.

Officials have investigated hundreds of suspected fake schools, or “visa mills,” in recent years. Some have led to charges: Officials at two schools in California and one in Georgia received prison sentences, including one who got 16 years for visa fraud and other charges.

Come on, did anyone get hurt? Unlike, say…

An illegal immigrant — who police said was drunk while street racing when he killed a Nebraska woman in a car crash — wasn’t detained by immigration officials because his offense did “not constitute a crime of violence,” the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency said in a March letter to Congress.

Edwin Mejia, 19, is accused of being drunk and driving recklessly when his vehicle slammed into 21-year-old Sarah Root’s car in January.

Root died at the hospital. Mejia later posted bond and fled. He’s been added to ICE’s “Most Wanted” list.

“Mr. Mejia should not need to be on this list – he should be in jail,” Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., said in a March 30 statement. “ICE originally said that Mr. Mejia was not an ‘enforcement priority,’ but this morning he was placed on their Most Wanted list. The public still does not have a complete account of what went wrong.”

What went wrong is government. Its core mission is to secure the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Mr. Mejia got a little too “happy”; Ms. Root lost her life; Mr. Mejia is now at liberty. That equation does not balance. While Obama grunts and snorts about what government “must do on our behalf”, discovering rights to pee in any restroom we identify with on a given day, or to be protected against the chalked impressions of the letters T-R-U-M-P, millions of illegal aliens live (some of whom also kill) among us without consequence.

The Declaration of Independence expresses the spirit of American government; the Constitution lays out its laws. I just rechecked: neither document declares or implies that young men from Mexico or Guatemala (or China or India, for that matter) can break our laws—including those against murder and rape—with impunity.

That’s not “who we are”.


Smidgen of Corruption Watch

As pointless as it seems to follow the daily revelations of Hillary Clinton’s venality and corruption, I feel I should carry on. Like flossing, there may be a payoff down the road:

After interviewing any Clinton aides who choose to be interviewed, the DOJ personnel on the case will move their investigation into its final phase, in which they will ask Clinton herself whether she wishes to speak with them. The prosecutors will basically tell her lawyers that they have evidence of the criminal behavior of their client and that before they present it to a grand jury, they want to afford Clinton an opportunity blindly to challenge it.

This will be a moment she must devoutly wish would pass from her, as she will face a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t dilemma.

Here is her dilemma.

If she were to talk to federal prosecutors and FBI agents, they would catch her in many inconsistencies, as she has spoken with great deception in public about this case. She has, for example, stated many times that she used the private server so she could have one mobile device for all of her emails. The FBI knows she had four mobile devices. She has also falsely claimed publicly and under oath that she neither sent nor received anything “marked classified.” The FBI knows that nothing is marked classified, and its agents also know that her unprotected secret server transmitted some of the nation’s gravest secrets.

The prosecutors and agents cannot be happy about her public lies and her repeated demeaning attitude about their investigation, and they would have an understandable animus toward her if she were to meet with them.

If she were to decline to be interviewed—a prudent legal but treacherous political decision—the feds would leak her rejection of their invitation, and political turmoil would break loose because one of her most imprudent and often repeated public statements in this case has been that she can’t wait to talk to the FBI. That’s a lie, and the FBI knows it.

That’s Judge Napolitano.

Here’s Judicial Watch:

Judicial Watch announced today that U.S. District Court Judge Royce Lamberth granted “limited discovery” to Judicial Watch into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email matter. Lamberth ruled that “where there is evidence of government wrong-doing and bad faith, as here, limited discovery is appropriate, even though it is exceedingly rare in FOIA cases.”

Not only is the judge not protecting Hillary, he’s citing her “wrong-doing and bad faith” as cause to throw her to the wolves, as wolfish as Judicial Watch can be.

Plaintiff is relying on constantly shifting admissions by the Government and the former government officials. Whether the State Department’s actions will ultimately be determined by the Court to not be “acting in good faith” remains to be seen at this time, but plaintiff is clearly entitled to discovery and a record before this Court rules on that issue.

“This remarkable decision will allow Judicial Watch to explore the shifting stories and misrepresentations made by the Obama State Department and its current and former employees,” stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “This Benghazi litigation first uncovered the Clinton email scandal, so it is good to have discovery in this lawsuit which may help the American people find out why our efforts to get Benghazi answers was thwarted by Clinton’s email games.”

Howie Carr interview Tom Fitton two days ago. It’s good listening.

I don’t how you feel after reading this post, but I feel virtuous for having written it.


Ibrahim, Martín, y Juan

Just boozing and driving and killing people Americans can’t be bothered to kill:

In the five years since an unlicensed illegal immigrant ran down his son, Don Rosenberg has turned his anger and grief into a mission to answer a seemingly simple question: How many people are killed each year by drivers who don’t belong in the U.S., much less behind a wheel?

Drew Rosenberg, a 25-year-old student at Golden Gate University, was riding his motorcycle in San Francisco when Roberto Galo struck him on Nov. 16, 2010. In his frenzied effort to flee the scene, Galo ran over his victim twice. The elder Rosenberg got the news no parent should hear from San Francisco General Hospital that night, but what he would learn over the next few years only compounded his bitterness.

As many as 7,500 Americans — 20 per day — are killed annually by unlicensed drivers, and Rosenberg calculates that more than half are the victims of illegal immigrants. Now, by testifying before lawmakers, speaking to parents who have been through the same ordeal and posting his research on his nonprofit’s website,, Rosenberg is shedding light on a frightening number not readily available from government sources.

Drew Rosenberg’s death bears distrubing resemblances to Matthew Denice’s by the notorious “Medford man”, Nicolas Guaman here in Massachusetts a few years ago. Matthew survived the initial accident, but was run over and dragged, despite screams to stop from witnesses, by an unresponsive Guaman, an illegal from Ecuador.

Because state and federal highway safety officials do not classify deaths by the perpetrator’s immigration stats, tabulating the deadly toll of unlicensed, illegal immigrant drivers has been a painstaking effort. Rosenberg has pored through spreadsheets and studies, piecing together numbers that show his son’s death was neither necessary nor unique. Still, his estimate is just that, and it varies from the guesses of other groups.

“I’ve learned over time that many jurisdictions do not cite license status or immigration status when reporting these statistics, so if anything, the numbers are understated,” he said. “For example, San Francisco doesn’t report either criteria, so Drew’s death defaults to having been killed by a licensed driver who was a citizen.”

Such imprecise government bookkeeping masks a frightening and, critics say, preventable danger. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, which obtains state-by-state data from the federal government Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) database – found that 20 percent of fatal crashes involved an unlicensed driver. From 2010-2014, there was an average of 32,887 road deaths per year, which would mean 6,577 were caused by unlicensed drivers. Those drivers include citizens with suspended or revoked licenses, and those who never had licenses. But if half are illegal immigrants, it would be in line with Rosenberg’s estimates.

“Our archives are filled with stories of drunk-driving illegals killing U.S. citizens,” William Gheen, of the Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee, told “It is our official estimate that more than 3,000 U.S citizens lose their lives each year due to the insufficient enforcement of our existing border and immigration law.

Three thousand “acts of love” from “undocumented Americans”.

“Until you have lost a loved one to an illegal criminal, you will never truly understand the other side of this issue,” she said.

Of that I am quite sure.

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Black lives matter-ish:

A Chicago teenager, 13, who appeared in award-winning anti-violence video is in critical condition after being hit by stray bullets near his home

A Chicago teenager who appeared in an award-winning anti-violence video was in critical condition in a hospital on Sunday after he was shot in the back by a stray bullet near his home on Chicago’s West Side, police and local media said.

Zarriel Trotter, 13, who police said was shot Friday night, appears in a minute long YouTube video with several third- through seventh-grade African-American boys discussing their feelings toward gun violence and homicides.

The video ends with the written statement: ‘The loss of a black boy is a loss for America.’

Wow! What are the odds of a young black man getting shot on the streets of Chicago?


Clinton Aids To Be Interviewed By FBI

According to LA Times

Federal prosecutors investigating the possible mishandling of classified materials on Hillary Clinton’s private email server have begun the process of setting up formal interviews with some of her longtime and closest aides, according to two people familiar with the probe, an indication that the inquiry is moving into its final phases.

Those interviews and the final review of the case, however, could still take many weeks, all but guaranteeing that the investigation will continue to dog Clinton’s presidential campaign through most, if not all, of the remaining presidential primaries.

No dates have been set for questioning the advisors, but a federal prosecutor in recent weeks has called their lawyers to alert them that he would soon be doing so, the sources said. Prosecutors also are expected to seek an interview with Clinton herself, though the timing remains unclear.

Some cynical people think this is all necessary to make it look as if an investigation had been done, before declaring her completely innocent. I’m wondering if they aren’t going to go after her because she is such a weak candidate. Maybe we’ll get Plagiarizing Joe Biden instead?!

– Aggie


Never Thought I’d See the Day

Germany running out of prisons? What is the world coming to?

Germany is about to run out of prison cells due to the unprecedented migrant influx in the country.

Foreigners make up 9 percent of Germany’s population, but close to 30 percent of its prison population. The number is even higher among incarcerated people awaiting trial, as there is a risk they will leave the country.

The sexual assaults in Cologne on New Year’s Eve are another contributing factor to the problem. While less than 10 percent of the around 1,000 perpetrators have been caught, it has put more pressure on authorities to act. Immigrants from North Africa are particularly over-represented in statistics, both for the Cologne attacks and in overall crime.

No prison room for “enemies of the state”; 90% of criminals still on the loose; Middle Eastern foreigners pouring across the border. This ain’t your granddaddy’s Germany.


Trump Explained in Two Words

“Framingham men”:

If that’s not clear:

One of four illegal aliens from Guatemala accused of attacking a couple had been arrested for drunken driving in Framingham, a sanctuary city, less than a month before the heinous attack in which the woman was raped and her boyfriend was beaten.

But federal immigration officials said they were not alerted that 32-year-old Adan Diaz, who is in the country illegally, was arrested for drunken driving on Feb. 22.

Diaz is charged with indecent assault and battery and kidnapping in the March 13 attack in Framingham.

Diaz’s 24-year-old brother Ariel Diaz, another of the four who is charged with unarmed robbery, assault and battery, indecent assault, kidnapping and witness intimidation, was also arrested for drunken driving, in December 2015 — a charge immigration officials were also unaware of until the assault and rape in Framingham.

“Initial checks of ICE records do not indicate ICE was notified,” Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesman Shawn Neudauer told the Herald.

Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies at the Center for Immigration Studies, called the alleged attackers’ histories a “case study” on dysfunctional U.S. immigration policies.

“Obviously the border is not secure if someone who is deported after crimes in May is already back and getting arrested again very quickly,” she said.

“It also illustrates why local law enforcement agencies need to be paying attention to immigration status and doing the appropriate queries of ICE so that they don’t make the mistake of releasing illegal aliens who are a threat to the public,” Vaughan said, adding that Framingham “bends over backwards” to make illegal immigrants feel welcome.

Vaughan said of sanctuary cities, “There is a cost to tolerating illegal immigration, and a cost to looking the other way for immigration violations.”

What is more, this attack occurred a week ago. You might think that the rape and beating of a young couple by four illegal aliens (sorry if that term offends—how about “criminal scumbags”?) would be newsworthy, especially in these fraught times. I might think so. But the press, the police, ICE, whoever think criminal scumbag lives matter.

Trump burst onto the scene condemning the tsunami of “Mexican rapists”. Mexico, Guatemala, what’s the difference? If Kate Steinle were his running mate, he’d win 57 states.

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