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Total Wow.

Karen Lewis, head of the Chicago Teacher’s Union, considering run for Mayor

To get a sense of the President of the Chicago Teacher’s Union, watch this (probably not in the office):

Nice, right? Just the sort of person you want in charge of your child’s education. So maybe Mayor is a better title for her?

Karen Lewis’ potential bid for Chicago Mayor has moved beyond just a thought — it’s an “organic,” growing movement, the fiery Chicago Teachers Union president said.

Lewis revealed on Monday she already has an unofficial exploratory committee in the works, a chairperson has been named and her camp is working to have a representative in each of the city’s 77 neighborhoods.

Since an Early & Often poll released Sunday put Lewis at a 9-percentage-point advantage over Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Lewis’ phone has been ringing non-stop, she said.

“They’ve been coming from all over the country,” Lewis said in an interview Monday. “Facebook is blowing up. Twitter is blowing up.”

Lewis lashed out at Emanuel camp’s initial response to the poll published by the Sun-Times political portal. An Emanuel political spokesman called the poll numbers “laughable.”

“There are a variety of ways to look at these problems, but laughable isn’t one of them,” said Lewis, the mayor’s top critic during the closing of 50 schools. “That is how people feel — that they’ve been laughed at and ignored.”

Lewis said she’s still not made a final decision on whether to enter the contest.

But she is already thinking about strategy. That involves drilling down to the community level on resident concerns and having a representative for each of the city’s 77 official community areas.

Perhaps she can be President of the United States someday. Foreign leaders can imagine her in jail, sitting on one of those little toilets.

- Aggie


Something Happened

And somebody did it. Beyond that, who knows?

On Thursday morning between midnight and 6 a.m. at least one Mexican military helicopter crossed eight miles into the United States and shot at Border Patrol agents with lethal force before returning to Mexican territory. The incident occurred in an area notorious for violent drug cartel activity just west of the Tohono O’odham Indian Nation during a Border Patrol drug interdiction operation. The timing and location of the incident has prompted agents to believe the use of the helicopter by the Mexican military may have been on behalf of drug cartels operating in the area.

“Mexican military are oftentimes working hand in glove with the cartels. The Mexican military has routinely crossed the border in areas that Border Patrol agents are actively tracking or seizing drug loads. Inevitably the Mexican military claim they got lost, that the border was not clearly marked, or in extreme cases fire on agents to cover their retreat,” National Border Patrol Council Spokesman Shawn Moran exclusively tells Townhall. “Ajo, AZ Border Patrol agents have had several incidents like this over the years where they have taken shots from the Mexican military. The cartels’ resources are nearly limitless and it would not surprise me if they “rented” the cover by the Mexican military helicopter in this incident.”

A Border Patrol agent stationed in Arizona, who asked to remain anonymous, backed up Moran’s statements saying the Mexican military regularly works with cartels on the border and has been doing so for years.

That’s one way of telling it. Here’s another:

Tomas Zeron, director of the Mexican attorney general’s investigative office, offered a different story Friday.

While acknowledging Mexican authorities were conducting an operation “on the border,” Zeron said, “I do not think we crossed the border because we brought our navigation. But it was just 100 meters from the border.”

He said helicopters from the attorney general’s office and defense ministry “were shot at by criminals,” several of whom were later apprehended by Mexican authorities.

“The only ones doing the shooting were those that we have now detained,” Zeron said.

The first U.S. source said that Mexican authorities have called U.S. authorities and acknowledged a mistake, saying shots were fired from the helicopter after it accidentally crossed the border.

But Zeron gave no indication that any mistake was made or apology was necessary, suggesting that Mexican authorities did nothing wrong.

Hmm. So, who is this National Border Patrol Council? A bunch of white supremacists, militia wackos, and wannabe Klansmen?

Not as such:

The NBPC is a professional labor union representing more than 17,000 Border Patrol Agents and support staff. The NBPC was founded in 1967, and is recognized as one of the most effective labor organizations in the Federal sector. The NBPC’s parent organization is the American Federation of Government Employees, AFL-CIO.

No, if you want to label a government union as thugs and vigilantes, you mean the SEIU. These guys sound all right.

Who knows?


Driving While White Update

We’ve written about the case of Steve Utash, the Detroit tree-trimmer who hit a boy with his truck when the kid darted into traffic. He pulled over immediately and got out of his truck.

That was where his problems began.

And they ain’t over yet:

Crushed — that’s just one way to describe the Utash family Thursday night.

They are not pleased that all five of the men arrested for the mob beating of Steve Utash agreed to plea deals, meaning no trial, and likely lighter sentences.

Utash’s son said justice is not being served.

“It’s very frustrating. I seen it on the news and started crying. I don’t get this,” said Joe Utash.

Joe Utash admitted he doesn’t know all of the court and legal jargon, but he called the plea deals given to the suspects in his father’s beating case bologna.

“Me and my family are pretty upset about it,” Joe Utash said. “My dad is crushed.”

The brutal mob beating happened in April after Steve Utash accidentally hit a young boy with his truck.

The first to plead guilty for a deal was the teenager who police said threw the first punch.

Second, 18-year-old Bruce Wimbush took a deal in the case, pleading guilty to assault and admitting he punched Utash in the jaw.

Thursday, the other three suspects, Latrez Cummings, James Davis and Wonzey Saffold, all admitted to punching or kicking Steve Utash. They were scheduled to go to trial in August on charges of assault with intent to murder, but each pleaded guilty to a charge of assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder.

“I feel all of them got a deal for nothing,” Joe Utash said. “They didn’t give anybody else up — everyone (else) seen the video — 15 people there. Two rat out three, everybody gets a deal, walks away with a deal but my dad.”

Joe Utash said his dad is slowly recovering and doesn’t want to talk much about the case.

“He’s like, ‘Oh, everything is going to happen in court.’ He’s been staying out of it because he trusts in God and in the system. Seems like they’re just skating through it. If he was going to get a deal he should have brought someone else to the table. All those people there and nobody brought anybody to the table. It’s like five people out of 15,” he said.

The prosecutors said they spoke to Utash’s brothers, who had no problem with the plea deal. They also said this spares Utash the ordeal of having to testify. But this is a middle-aged man, with a wife and adult children. Why talk to the brothers (unless the inarticulateness of the son is indicative of diminished mental capacity)? Surely, someone in Utash’s household should have been consulted.

I don’t know what the sentencing will be (The New York Times says 10 years is tops), but we can only hope for the longest possible detention for the kind of people who would try to beat to death someone who stopped to take responsibility for something that wasn’t his fault. (The video shows Utash had zero time to react.) Wonzey Saffold and his mates assured that in a similar situation, the driver will floor the gas pedal until he reaches Tierra del Fuego.

But Wonzey and his blurred-out middle finger don’t seem to give a fig:



A Federacy of Dunces

It is the nature of organizations and bureaucracies that when they don’t get some things done right, they don’t get anything done right. If they can’t keep the copier full of toner or the phone bills paid, they can’t keep the wheels falling off the cars, or the drug smugglers from the border:

U.S. officials have neglected the rise of drug trafficking and transnational criminal groups in Latin America for so long that the problem has now reached America’s southern border, creating a humanitarian crisis and raising the costs of any U.S. response, a leading U.S lawmaker and experts said on Tuesday.

Rep. Matt Salmon (R., Ariz.), chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere, said in a speech at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) that the United States “has been AWOL in the hemisphere all together, not just in the war on drugs.” The most recent indication is the surge in young immigrant children crossing the U.S. border, where between 60,000 and 80,000 children are expected to seek safe haven this year.

“I Iay this at [President Barack Obama’s] doorstep,” Salmon said, pointing to administration policies such as deferred action that offer deportation relief for some undocumented immigrants who arrive as children. “It is because of his failed policies that this is happening.”

Transnational criminal groups have now begun to infiltrate corrupt governments and police forces in Central America and partner with gangs to traffic drugs, such as Barrio 18 and Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) in El Salvador. Honduras and El Salvador have some of the world’s highest murder rates—largely due to organized crime and gang-related violence.

However, U.S. military resources in the region have declined in recent years due to budget cuts known as sequestration. Marine Gen. John Kelly, head of U.S. Southern Command, told lawmakers at committee hearings earlier this year that he lacks the assets to interdict about three-fourths of “suspected maritime drug smuggling” into America.

“This shows us the lack of priority and focus that our government has given the scourge of drug trafficking right here in our own hemisphere,” Salmon said. “Violence near our shores poses a direct threat to our national security and destabilizes our region.”

I realize that many of the eff-ups of this administration are with problems not originally of their own making: Iraq, the VA system, Guantanamo and the war on terror, drug cartels, etc. all pre-existed Obama’s ascension to the seat of power. But after five and-a-half years in office, you own the nation and the world you have made.

This regime has been all about politics, nothing about power. If you have power and choose not to use it, others will: Al Qaeda, ISIS, China, Russia, MS-13. While we’ve been dic*ing around with ObamaCare, global warming, and equal treatment for shemales confused by their gender identity, those with a less nuanced view of the ways of the world (a 19th century view, as John Kerry once observed) just get on with it. If they want Iraq, Ukraine, some rocky islands in the western Pacific, or even Arizona, USA, they just take it. Who’s going to stop them, Obama? Putin’s still laughing. Assad’s sides still ache.

And as Arizona goes, so goes Ohio:

Sheriff’s detectives in rural northeast Ohio have made the county’s biggest drug seizure ever as part of an investigation that could have ties to Mexican drug cartels.

Investigators in Geauga County, east of Cleveland, raided a home in a secluded neighborhood in Newbury Township last week and seized 6 pounds of crystal methamphetamine, 2.2 pounds of black tar heroin, 100 pounds of marijuana and $128,000 in cash.

A sheriff’s department official says deputies arrested four people and that a number of loaded firearms were found during the raid. The official says it’s possible the ring had ties to Mexican drug cartels.

As columnist James Taranto likes to quote: “everything seemingly is spinning out of control”. Because it is. Obama’s chickens have come home to roost.

PS: What’s deliciously ironic about this story is that Obama has been telling us for months what an awesome country Mexico is behind those nasty “sensational headlines” of decapitated bodies and mass graves. Today, Nogales; tomorrow, Nebraska.


If Barack Obama’s White Grandmother Had a Great-Granddaughter, Would She Look Like Danielle Fair?

Ever since he brought it up with Trayvon Martin, I’m curious about everyone’s resemblance to Barack Obama.

Have to say, I don’t see it here:

Cleveland Police are investigating an attack on a 10-year-old girl as a hate crime, and the attack was captured on video and posted on-line.

It happened on Leeila Avenue off Bellaire Road on the west side.

A video posted on YouTube shows a white girl on a scooter ambushed and beaten by a black girl. The beating went on for about 12 seconds until you hear voices in the background calling for it to stop.

A Cleveland Police report shows the attacker is 13 years old. The victim, Danielle Fair, says she felt bullied.

A neighbor says she saw it all, and she heard the attacker use a racial slur.

“Cracker. She called her a cracker,” said Jessica Jaworski.

The attack looked planned, with the camera rolling even before the beating even started.

We went to the home of the teen throwing punches.

“Nobody was waiting. I don’t have to talk to you. It’ll all come out in court,” a woman at the door told 19 Action News.

The victim’s mom and dad want justice. They say their daughter never said anything to provoke the beating. Dad says he even tried talking to the other girl’s grandfather instead of calling police.

But now, a First District Detective is working the case. Hate crime or not, it’s a vicious attack.

I have two questions: where did the 13-year-old learn to hate white people so much (and that a cracker is not just something to carry Cheeze Whiz); and where did the 10-year-old learn how to take a punch? Police ought to look into both.

As racial epithets go, “cracker” doesn’t bother me so much. But that’s because I’m stupid. A word is nothing but a collection of letters. Some words begin with N and end in R: “never”, for example. But no one ever got brought up on hate crime charges for saying never (though this guy lost his job for using “niggardly” in a sentence). Cracker carries a lot of significance when it is accompanied by haymakers to the head.

Or when used to encourage infanticide:

President Obama is rarely shy to speak up when racial hatred erupts. A word, Mr. President?



Well, he’s a busy man. There’s Iraq, and the IRS, and Benghazi, and the VA, and all those illegal alien kids, and Ukraine, and Syria, and the contracting economy—not to mention his personal bête noir (what’s that supposed to mean?), global warming.

He’ll get around to it.

Update (6:55 p.m.): President Obama spent three hours and 40 minutes at Sunnylands to play golf. The president is now headed back to his house at Thunderbird Heights, according to the White House press pool report.


Rape is Wrong

That’s about all from this story we can all agree on:

‘We shouldn’t teach women self-defense so they can avoid being raped, rather we should only teach men it is bad to rape.’

That’s the logic coming from leftist feminists in response to Miss Nevada Nia Sanchez, now Miss USA, suggesting last night that women should learn self-defense in order to prevent or avoid being sexually assaulted. Sanchez is a fourth degree black belt in taekwondo.

“Myself, as a fourth-degree black belt, I learned from a young age that you need to be confident and be able to defend yourself. And I think that’s something that we should start to really implement for a lot of women.”

A strong woman, confident, independent, beautiful—who won Miss USA last night, by the way—a poster woman for feminists, right? Not on this planet:

Elisabeth Jasina
Miss Nevada might be gorgeous, but needs to realize teaching self defense to women isn’t the solution for ending sexual assault #YesAllWomen
10:42 PM – 8 Jun 2014

Bergen N. Baucom
Miss Iowa says today’s youth are narcissistic followed by Miss Nevada who wants to end rape with self defense classes Really? Sick #MissUSA

Anna Beth West
Women shouldn’t need to learn to protect themselves against rape #missnevada educate and respect yourself as a woman #rapeculture
10:55 PM – 8 Jun 2014

Elisa Benson
I get that the college sexual assault problem can’t be solved in 30 secs but still icky to pretend like self defense is the answer. #MissUSA
10:40 PM – 8 Jun 2014

“Teach men not to rape.” – because it’s not universally understood that rape is wrong. #morons

I’m a little out of touch, but in my collegiate days, we men were told rape was a crime of violence, not sex. So, while we’re teaching men not to rape (which lesson I learned early, but I’m precocious), can we also teach them not to assault, rob, stab, shoot, etc.? Then none of us will have to defend ourselves, except from the few women who commit those crimes.

Or wait: teach men no means no and that rape is wrong, while you teach women to knee such men in the nuts who just won’t learn. That’s just me all over: bringing people together.

Another contestant, Miss Pennsylvania (Valerie Gatto), claimed to be the product of rape. Lord knows what the feminists made out of her.

“When my mother was 19 years old and a college student, she was walking outside of work. A man all dressed in black and disguised brutally attacked her at knife-point,” said Gatto. “He raped her and he almost killed her, but she managed to get away. My mom became pregnant and I’m the product of that.”

Gatto said her mom wanted to give her up for adoption as soon as she was born, but was convinced by her grandmother to keep her.

“I really hope to make a difference with my story and my message, just showing that your circumstances do not define your life,” said Gatto. “And it doesn’t matter where you come from. You can do anything you want.”

One contestant could leave a potential rapist a crumpled blob on the sidewalk; another who was born of a rape still celebrates her life. That cloud of smoke you see is emanating from the ears of those few feminists still around. They would rather that this smart beautiful woman never had been born.


Second City, Third World

Every so often, I search the web for news of some of my favorite topics: Detroit’s bankruptcy; Mexican drug cartels; National Health Service atrocities; Chinese coal mining disasters, etc. I am rarely disappointed.

Another favorite theme is gun violence in Chicago. I am sorry to report that, again, I am not disappointed:

At least 29 people have been shot across Chicago this weekend, four of them fatally, officials said.

There are details aplenty at the link, if you’re interested. Don’t know why you would be; you didn’t know the victims.

But that wasn’t the only story that came up:

Yesterday, published a story about a mass shooting in Chicago. They reported that on Monday night, six people were shot in the Windy City at a laundromat. They included teenagers, and according to the Chicago Tribune, all are on the road to recovery.

The coverage raised the question of how six people could be shot and wounded in a single incident in the United States and get minimal press. It was uncanny, to say the least. A man walked up to a laundromat in Chicago and pulled the trigger an estimated 19 times, according to witnesses. How was this not all over the news?

There were over 80 documented shootings in Chicago in this timeframe [between the UCSB shooting and June 4, the date of this story]. These include fatalities, botched robberies, and gangland killings.

Why is this information not causing a firestorm among politicians and the media? Why has this information not been brought to the attention of the public? Where is the outrage?

One might well wonder:

There are three very possible answers to this question, and they are not mutually exclusive.

The first is that Chicago is the seat and the base of the Democratic political machine in the United States. It is the bastion of state controlled, tax-burdened, socialist capital which helps choose the nation’s Democratic leaders. Chicago is the throne of the Empire of the Donkey.

Chicago is also home, until recently, of the most stringent gun laws in the country. There was no ownership of handguns, there was no concealed carry, and there was no way for law-abiding people to protect themselves except to call the police. That is how the Democrats want it, and Chicago is where they had it.

The changes to allow law abiding Chicagoans to arm themselves have not yet taken full effect, and it will be interesting to watch the changes in the city once they do. Chicago cannot and will not accept these changes wholeheartedly. The city which represents the Democratic idea of industrial socialism and state monopoly of force will never fully respect or abide such a fundamental right as of citizens to arm themselves.

Second, Chicago already has tough gun laws. How can these crimes happen if those guns are illegal? The reaction of the media and the liberal politicians is for the most part to plug their ears and sing loud gibberish whenever a gun rights advocate brings up Chicago. They do not want to hear that their unarmed citizens are at risk; it is inconceivable. The shooter in the laundromat incident fired 19 shots; anything holding 19 shots is illegal in Chicago. Criminals do not seem to care about the restrictions placed upon them by the government, but they do seem to take advantage of them.

Lastly, Chicago is the city where Barack Obama himself helped craft the gun laws which are choking the ability of law-abiding citizens there to defend themselves. It was his policies, and it was his efforts that helped keep Chicagoans disarmed in the face of rising violent crime. According to a piece by, Obama himself declared that the type of laws Chicago had were the type of laws he wanted to pass on a national level. Magazine bans, “assault rifle bans,” background checks and licensing already exist in Chicago, just as they do for the most part in California where the Isla Vista shootings took place. Bringing attention to the gun violence in Chicago potentially hurts Obama, and that is something the liberal media cannot let happen.

I would also add that the overwhelming majority of the perpetrators and victims of Chicago’s epidemic of gun violence are black. This is an inconvenient and profoundly sad truth.

And those weren’t the only stories that came up:


And while you’re at it, we also need to hear from you about all the ways you’re working around the clock to keep more innocent people from being killed in Chicago.

Seven killed, 23 hurt over the last weekend? Eleven more shot on Monday?

These are headlines we expect out of Syria, not The Windy City.

Seriously, what will it take for our country to recognize that there is an all-out war being waged on its soil?

Someone white dying? Nope, Sandy Hook took care of that and WE STILL ARE NO WHERE.

Too many of our men simply aren’t there for them, and every day we see evidence of this: they’re abandoning their kids, dropping out of school, going (or returning) to prison and falling victim to violent crimes at the hands of one another in cities like Chicago and states like Louisiana.

I believe that if we fix the men we fix the kids, male and female.

If we fix the men we fix the household.

If we fix the household we fix the community.

We in the white mainstream, liberal or conservative, may be discomfited by this straight talk. But if we are to have these long-awaited “conversations on race” (20 years overdue), are we to silence voices that live on the front lines, as it were?

The facts are that despite Chicago’s strict gun laws (Fox Butterfield, is that you?), gun crimes are proliferating, and black people are suffering the consequences, unto death. What do we plan to do about it? Besides nothing, that is.


Who Am I?


“I couldn’t help but feel a bitter form of envy at all of the rich kids at the concert. They grew up in lavish mansions, indulged in excessive opulence, and will never have to worry about anything in their pleasurable, hedonistic lives. I would take great pleasure in watching all of those rich families burn alive. Looking at all of them really drilled in my mind the importance of wealth.

“Wealth is one of the most important defining factors of self-worth and superiority. I hated and envied all of those kids for being born into wealth, while I had to struggle to find a way to claim wealth for myself. I had to be ruthless, and do whatever it takes to attain such wealth.

Barack Obama? Elizabeth Warren? Some defecating Occupy Wall Street activist?

You’re soooo close!

The central theme of “My Twisted World: The Story of Elliot Rodger” is his intractable virginity, which he blamed on “the cruelness of women.”

No doubt the sick fu*k had his problem with women, but in his own words:

Rodger wrote that the “first phase” of his massacre plan would be to stab his two male roommates to death.

“These were the biggest nerds I had ever seen, and they were both very ugly with annoying voices,” he wrote. “If they were pleasant to live with, I would regret having to kill them, but due to their behavior I now had no regrets about such a prospect. In fact, I’d even enjoy stabbing them both to death while they slept.”

“After that, I will start luring people into my apartment, knock them out with a hammer, and slit their throats. I will torture some of the good looking people before I kill them, assuming that the good looking ones had the best sex lives. All of that pleasure they had in life, I will punish by bringing them pain and suffering. I have lived a life of pain and suffering, and it was time to bring that pain to people who actually deserve it.”

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office identified the three men found dead in Rodger’s apartment as Cheng Yuan Hong, 20; George Chen, 19; and Weihan Wang, 20. Hong and Chen were his roommates, while Wang was visiting the apartment, the sheriff’s office said. The three students died from “multiple stab wounds” before the shooting rampage, the sheriff’s office said.

By my count, four of his seven victims were men, and it sounds like it’s men he wanted to lure back to his apartment to torture and kill (out of envy for their successful sex lives). Obviously a misogynist, but that’s barely the half of it. He was a freakin’ psycho, through and through.

Like Adam Lanza, the last thing this scumbag should have had in his hands was a Glock or a Sig Sauer. Not because they’re guns, but because they’re nuts.


If Obama Had a High School History Teacher, He’d Look Like Trayvon Martin

Because who doesn’t want to look like Trayvon Martin?

A history teacher has courted controversy at a Californian high school after posing as Trayvon Martin in the annual yearbook.

Spencer Smith, a senior history teacher at Heritage High School in Brentwood, appears in the photo wearing a hoodie pulled down over his head and is prominently holding a bag of Skittles.

Smith hasn’t commented publicly about his reasons for making the provocative pose, but it prompted much debate at the school on Thursday after the yearbook was published.

I think it’s a great idea! I just hope someone ran with the idea and posed as George Zimmerman:

Don’t neglect the back!

My only question: there are so many Trayvon Martin images to choose from, why pick something so anonymous?

I wish George Zimmerman had just bid Trayvon a pleasant evening and let him walk home. But after that mistake, he didn’t bash his own head into the sidewalk. I wish Trayvon Martin had not taken such offense at arousing the suspicion of a neighborhood watch patrol. For his mistake, he is memorialized in a yearbook photo with a pack of Skittles. As the sergeant used to say in Hill Street Blues, let’s be careful out there.

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You’re Under Arrest, Oregon

Put the guitar down, hippie, and step away from the rainbow:

The federal criminal investigation of Oregon’s health insurance exchange took a step into public view Tuesday when the U.S. Attorney’s office issued broad subpoenas seeking information from Cover Oregon and the Oregon Health Authority.

While the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s interest in the exchange debacle had been previously reported, the legal demands dated May 13 indicate things may have moved beyond a preliminary inquiry to a full-blown investigation.

The investigation, led by federal prosecutors and the FBI, is seeking documents, memos, and emails between the two state entities that oversaw the botched health exchange with U.S. authorities in charge of dispensing federal money for the project.

Oregon has spent $250 million and three years on an ambitious IT project that failed to produce a fully functional exchange. Instead, what was produced was bug-ridden and largely unfinished, documents show.

Maybe they’ll get to the bottom of this conundrum:

Bruce Goldberg, the respected, long-time director of the Oregon Health Authority, offered to resign on March 18. Two days later, with the Cover Oregon tech mess going from bad to worse, Gov. John Kitzhaber announced that he’d shown Goldberg the door.

The resignation was “effective immediately,” said officials in the governor’s office.

Or so we thought.

It turns out, Goldberg never really left and is now drawing a full-time salary from the state. Oregon officials confirm Goldberg returned to full-time status at the Oregon Health Authority on May 15 and will use his accrued vacation pay until July 18.

He’s getting paid $14,425 a month.

So, not everybody hates ObamaCare.

Wonder what he’s been doing on vacation?

PS: Who could have foreseen this amateur result pn a $250 million investment?


“What Did You Do?”

“People work too hard for their stuff and somebody is going to shoot you.”


Legal problems are probably the least of one attempted robbery suspect’s worries right now. His mother and grandmother showed him some tough love after seeing him in the back of a police car, and it was all caught on camera.

His mother tells Eyewitness News she turned the 16-year-old in, and we were there when his grandmother paid a personal visit to that police car.

“What did you do? You did do something. You wouldn’t be in this police car. What did you do?” the grandmother is seen screaming her grandson.

She was demanding an explanation from her teenage grandson after Houston police say a man reported two suspects tried to rob him at gunpoint near a northeast Houston gas station.

“I noticed one of the guys so I brought the one guy back — the one that I noticed — and turned him in,” said the suspect’s mother, Deandra.

Deandra says that “guy” was her son, who she thought was out on a job interview with a buddy.

“People work too hard for their stuff and somebody is going to shoot you,” Deandra said. “I don’t want to see that, I don’t want to see that. I want for the best, and if this is what it takes for him to get help, let him get some help.”

As for his grandmother, she too wants him to stay out of trouble and suggests he stay in school.

“Take your butt to school and this wouldn’t happen, would it,” his grandma said.

Those families that cannot afford to give their children Lexuses (Lexi?) or ski trips to Zermat can still bequeath a greater gift: care. I know nothing of this family or how this young man came to his unwise decision, but he will not labor under any delusion that he was wronged by The Man.

“What did you do? You did do something. You wouldn’t be in this police car. What did you do?”


“Steve Utash is Home”

And Wonzey Saffold is still in jail.

There is some justice in the world after all:

Six weeks after their father was beaten in a highly publicized mob attack in Detroit, a Macomb County family got to post an uplifting message on Facebook: “Steven Utash is home.”

The message appeared on the “Support Steven Utash” Facebook page about 8 p.m. Saturday, six weeks after the 54-year-old tree trimmer was severely beaten after accidentally striking a 10-year-old boy with his pickup on the east side of Detroit. A mob ambushed Utash after he got out of his truck to check on the boy, who had darted into traffic.

According to his family, Utash suffered head injuries and was discharged from the DMC Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan on Thursday.

“He is home and doing very well. It is wonderful to have him back,” Utash’s family told the Free Press in a Facebook message.

Four men have been charged in the attack and will face trials in August on charges of assault with attempt to murder in the beating. A 16-year-old also was charged with assault and ethnic intimidation. His case goes to trial in June in juvenile court.

Wonzey and his mates are delighted by the news:

I will guarantee you that the next child struck by a car in Detroit will be the victim of a hit-and-run driver. The next dozen children. Hundred. Sorry kids, but it ain’t worth the aggro. Your busted legs won’t heal any quicker with our busted heads. Thank your Uncle Wonzey.

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