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I can’t be the only person troubled by the fire-bombing of an Arab house that killed a small child. Not the fire-bombing itself, which troubles everyone.

But the certainty of who did it:

Yonadav Tapuchi, a young man in his 20’s, lives in a Jewish town in Samaria and sports long sidelocks and a large kippah on his head; in short, he looks very much like a “settler extremist.”

He visited the Arab village of Duma on Sunday for a condolence visit to the family whose baby was killed in a fire apparently set by Jewish terrorists.

Yonadav wrote on his Facebook page that his purpose was to express words of condolence, and also to “give a clear message that there are some acts that have no justification, whether they are directed against Jews or against Arabs…I emphasized that though I am of the right-wing and support the expansion of the settlement enterprise, there are some approaches that are simply not legitimate, and that they are not supported by the Jews of Judea and Samaria.”

The trip was organized by a left-wing group, whose politics did not match Tapuchi’s own. He soon realized it was a set-up:

“The second area concerns the anthropological experience I had on the bus filled with veteran left-wing activists from Tel Aviv – a horrific scene of hatred-filled talk: hatred of settlers, hatred of the religious, and especially of haredim; hatred of the State of Israel; and explanations why it was a moral imperative to leave and move to another country.

“When we arrived at the village, we were surrounded by Arab photographers. We were informed that the original plan had been changed, and that before visiting the actual mourning family, we would first see the burnt houses. Thus, a bunch of Jews with their heads held low were photographed near and in the burnt houses and the Hebrew graffiti there.

“I and others felt that this whole thing was a media trick to get the ‘Yahud’ [Arabic for ‘the Jews’ – ed.] to take part in humiliating set of photos near the buildings, and that they had never planned to allow us to come in actual contact with the family.”

But if he was seen next to the burnt buildings, he got to see them as well:

It was impossible to ignore some of the more curious aspects of the story. I would start with the fact that the two houses (I had always thought only one house was burnt) are located in the center of the village, and that in order to get there we had to travel a number of minutes from the entrance. Duma is spread out over a gigantic area, and the houses are situated at the end of a winding road, among fences and yards.

“According to the Duma version, the attackers burnt one house, then saw that it was empty, and so they went to set fire to the next house. The second house is enclosed by a fence, and the windows are covered by a dense lattice; a firebomb cannot be hurled through the windows, and in any event it is very hard to reach the windows behind the fence. The arsonists had to go around the house, enter the yard, and place the firebombs through the lattice. According to the Duma version, the attackers entered the house, stood over the parents and did not let them leave until the flames engulfed the house. Only then did the arsonists run away from the village.

“I can only say that when the arsonists are ultimately caught, we will get to hear a fascinating story of why they chose to navigate their way all the way into the middle of the village, and how they had time to set a house on fire, wait to find that it was empty, then walk around and enter another house and set it on fire, wait with the parents, spray graffiti in two places – including with a little design of a crown! – and then run away through the middle of the village with all the townspeople surely already up and on their feet seeing the flames and hearing the family’s cries. Something here is very fishy…”

The reporter provides more background:

[T]here have been reports of an ongoing, 18-year feud between two clans in Duma that might be related to the murderous arson. In addition, one of the two graffiti messages – the single word nekamah, meaning “revenge” – has calligraphic elements that raise the suspicion that it was actually sprayed by an Arab.

Flimsy evidence of a conspiracy, I agree. But my conspiratorial mind wondered if this was an Arab-on-Arab crime from the beginning. Not because Jews are incapable of commiting heinous acts—the gay-parade stabbings (now murder) being the most recent example. But such atrocities are notable for their infrequency. The math, unlike left-wing activists, doesn’t lie. Molotov cocktails are to Arabs, on the other hand, what Martinis are to James Bond. I knew nothing of the family feud in Duma, but this sure looked more like an Arab crime than a Jewish one. Each passing day without a lead to the Jewish-extremist angle of the story has fueled my suspicion. I could even believe left-wing activists were involved (masters of the set-up as they are).

I hope the murderer(s) is captured today, and that justice is swift and strict. I don’t care who he/they turn out to be; just know that I won’t be surprised.


Crime Pays, Big Time

One of my key objections to illegal immigration is the illegal part.

Once you go illegal, there’s no going back:

[I]llegal aliens are the platonic ideal of a flight risk. That is to say, once you’ve been allowed into the U.S., there is no downside whatsoever if you simply ignore your immigration court date. From last July through this May, fully 84 percent of “mothers traveling with minors” never showed up for their hearings. Though no-shows at immigration court are ordered deported in absentia, that just means if ICE ever catches up with them, the same thing will happen to them as if they hadn’t run off in the first place – they’ll be sent home. As a former immigration judge notes, “In any other court, disobedience to court orders results in arrest, contempt, and incarceration. Not so in immigration courts. Rarely, if at all, are aliens held accountable for the same conduct that would place a citizen in jail.”

This is why there are some 900,000 illegal aliens who’ve ignored deportation orders and remained here illegally – something they were able to do only because they were not detained. And ICE was prohibited in Obama’s November amnesty decrees from deporting any illegal-alien absconders who ran off before January 2014.

You can demand all the fencing you want on the Mexican border, but it doesn’t matter much when the executive branch waves people across the border, doesn’t detain them pending removal, doesn’t bother looking for them when they fail to appear for their hearings, and then exempts them from deportation even after they’re ordered deported.

Criminal aliens are self-selecting. Only those who would violate the borders of a sovereign state would enter this country illegally; only those with a contempt for the law would disobey a court order; only those who sneer at rules and authority would forge documents (another crime) to gain access to benefits to which they are, by law, denied (yet another crime). Remind me again: what use are they to the United States of America? Other than reintroducing tuberculosis?

Oh yeah. To the fullest extent possible, they and their ethnic brothers and sisters vote for their equally guilty parteners in crime, Democrats. Without each other, Democrats and criminal aliens would both be insignificant minorities. Together, they misshape the nation.

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Baltimore Homicide Level Highest In 43 Years

Nothing to see here

Baltimore reached a grim milestone on Friday, three months after riots erupted in response to the death of Freddie Gray in police custody: With 45 homicides in July, the city has seen more bloodshed in a single month than it has in 43 years.

Police reported three deaths — two men shot Thursday and one on Friday. The men died at local hospitals.

With their deaths, this year’s homicides reached 189, far outpacing the 119 killings by July’s end in 2014. Nonfatal shootings have soared to 366, compared to 200 by the same date last year. July’s total was the worst since the city recorded 45 killings in August 1972, according to The Baltimore Sun.

The seemingly Sisyphean task of containing the city’s violence prompted Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake to fire her police commissioner, Anthony Batts, on July 8.

“Too many continue to die on our streets,” Rawlings-Blake said then. “Families are tired of dealing with this pain, and so am I. Recent events have placed an intense focus on our police leadership, distracting many from what needs to be our main focus: the fight against crime.”

But the killings have not abated under Interim Commissioner Kevin Davis since then.

Baltimore is not unique in its suffering; crimes are spiking in big cities around the country.

While I don’t doubt that the police are hesitant to do their jobs, for fear of being accused, convicted and tossed into prison, if they say or do something that the mayor doesn’t like, it is interesting to note that all the big cities are having this problem. Open borders springs to mind as a possible explanation for some of our misery.

Oh well. Elections have consequences.

– Aggie

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Black Lives Matter?

Really? Are you sure?

Under the hashtag #100Days100Nights, users on Instagram and Twitter are issuing a stark warning: Two Los Angeles gangs are betting which one can kill 100 people—in a gang, or innocent—within the next 100 days.

A law enforcement source confirmed the reports exclusively to The Daily Beast on Monday night.

The bet—which follows the death of “KP,” a member of the Rollin 100 gang—was allegedly made last week.

Gang members say it will remain “on” for 100 days straight—and innocent people driving between the streets of Western and Normandie in Los Angeles could be risking their lives over a game on Twitter.

Users on social media have tagged images and videos with the hashtag expressing support for the movement, brandishing guns and firing fighting words. Posts now appear chastising neighboring gangs for participating in bloodsport.

The shooting that kicked off a series of violent crimes throughout the weekend occurred on Thursday evening at about 9:50 p.m. on the 2000 block of West 99th Street. A woman and two boys, ages 4 and 11, were wounded after a suspect walked up to their car and opened fire. The shooter is still at large.

As I read this, at least 100 (predominantly) black lives don’t matter at all to (predominantly) black gangbangers.

And I’m not alone:

At a peace rally Monday evening, about 60 people gathered near Hawthorne Municipal Airport, at one point joining in a prayer with their hands in the air.

Among those attending were children wearing white T-shirts emblazoned with “Let me live! #mylifematters.”

Go ahead, pray. I can’t think of anything better.

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Black, Brown, and Armed

Recently, a nationally-broadcast sports radio talk show host slandered people from the Domincan Republic as not being smart. Periodically, some mention (some mention here, in fact) that black people don’t score as well as whites on IQ tests.

This story should shut up the haters:

Otis McDonald — the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit that overturned Chicago’s gun ban — would have been delighted that many of his neighbors now have permits to carry concealed weapons, according to his fellow gun advocates.

McDonald, who died of an illness last year at 80, was an African-American resident of Morgan Park on the Southwest Side. The onetime robbery victim was a vocal advocate of allowing law-abiding citizens to carry hidden weapons to protect themselves against criminals.

“This is what Otis McDonald was telling us before he passed away,” said Todd Vandermyde, a lobbyist for the National Rifle Association in Illinois. “People in his neighborhood and others were hungry for this but were denied by the political class.”

“He was saying, ‘The gangs have their guns; we want ours, too.’ ”

The top five ZIP codes for concealed-carry permits in Chicago include upper middle-class, safe and predominately white neighborhoods on the Southwest and Northwest Sides — but they also include high-crime, minority neighborhoods on the South and Southeast Sides, the Sun-Times analysis showed.

Chicago’s highest concentration of permits is in the 60617 ZIP code — in the East Side neighborhood on the city’s Southeast Side — with 538 permits. According to the census, about 55 percent of the residents in 60617 are black, 34 percent are Hispanic and 7 percent white.

The Rev. Michael Pfleger, the outspoken pastor of St. Sabina Catholic Church in Auburn Gresham, said he was “saddened but not surprised” that his neighborhood was in the top five in Chicago in the number of permits issued to residents there.

“It used to be that you would hear young brothers saying, ‘I need this [handgun] to be safe in my neighborhood.’ Now I am hearing more adults say it.”

Pfleger accused the National Rifle Association of “selling a lie” that “the only way we can be safe is to have your own gun.”

“Rather than deal with the realities to stop the violence, we play into the fear,” he said.

Pfleger said he unsuccessfully lobbied the late Cardinal Francis George to declare that churches in Chicago’s Roman Catholic archdiocese were “gun-free zones.”

“Cardinal George said he talked to priests who said they wanted concealed-carry permits,” Pfleger said. “That’s how crazy it is out here.”

After what Dylann Roof did to Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, this fool still believes in gun free zones? Of course he does.

Pfleger was the one, remember, who went to bat for Jeremiah Wright in 2008. His diatribe was even more over-the-top than Wright’s famous perorations.

Blacks and Hispanics have been sold a lie, all right. From the likes of Rev. Michael Pfleger. They’re smart enough to have figured that out. Now, if they’ll just wise up enough to vote against the party who votes against their best interests, they’ll deserve a Nobel Prize.


War on Raped Women

Why do Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, et al hate raped women so much?
Do they think they were asking for it?

An untold number of rape cases — by some estimates, in the hundreds of thousands — remain unsolved because the rape kits used to collect critical evidence sit untested and gathering dust in police departments across America, despite $1 billion in taxpayer money approved to clear the massive backlog.

Critics blame the Justice Department, claiming it simply is not sending the money where it needs to go.

“It’s a tragedy that evidence from perhaps hundreds of thousands of unsolved rape cases has never been tested for DNA,” Scott Berkowitz, president and founder of the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, told

A comprehensive investigation by USA Today and its media partners uncovered at least 70,000 neglected kits in more than 1,000 police agencies. A state-by-state review suggests those numbers are on the conservative side, with 34 states reportedly admitting they have no idea of the number of untested kits.

Now, before you stamp your foot in outrage and disgust, let’s hear from the Feds:

Federal officials pushed back against USA Today’s report, saying it “greatly mischaracterizes what has been, and continues to be achieved by the Department of Justice to address un-submitted sexual assault kits.”

Rape kits contain forensic DNA evidence collected from victims during an often invasive process that can take up to six hours to complete. Testing DNA evidence in a timely manner helps identify suspects, leads to more prosecutions and in some cases exonerates those wrongly accused.

But none of that can take place if the kits aren’t tested — the $1,000 price tag for each test, though, can stress the budget of a local police department.

Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, recently sent Attorney General Loretta Lynch a letter demanding the Department of Justice address the issue. “Victims of sexual assault should not have to wait unnecessarily for justice,” he wrote in the June 29 letter.

Old white dude talking down to a black woman. Typical. But he might have a point:

The problem, victims’ advocates and lawmakers argue, is that the DOJ is spending the money on other programs.

“Congress has provided the funds to fix this problem, but over the past 10 years a large part of that money has been used for other criminal justice or administrative purposes,” Berkowitz said. He said the law passed by Congress set “very specific spending guidelines to ensure that the vast majority of the money goes to casework,” adding: “We’d like to see the Justice Department follow that formula and solve this problem once and for all.”

Instead of expending resources to give the entire town of Ferguson, MO a federal colonoscopy, the Department of—ha-ha—Justice could be, should be, catching rapists. There, I said it. Call me a hater, but I said it. If, according to Kanye West, George Bush “hates black people”, then Barack Obama hates women, at least raped ones.

Oh yeah, and white women are raped less often than black women, and significantly less often than mixed race or Native American women (for whatever reason). So Barack Obama’s least favorite “composite” woman is a Hopi-Inuit halfbreed who’s been sexually assaulted. That makes him a misogynist creep in my book, but you may disagree.


Dis-Sabled Rights

What did they call themselves, The Red Ermine Faction?

Two animal-rights activists were arrested Friday and charged with terrorizing the fur industry during cross-country road trips which they released about 5,740 mink from farms and vandalized homes and businesses of industry, the FBI said.

The FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force arrested Joseph Brian Buddenberg, 31, and Nicole Juanita Kissane, 28, both of Oakland, California. They both were charged with conspiracy to violate the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act.

A federal grand jury indictment unsealed Friday said the two caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages during 40,000 miles of cross-country trips over the summer and into the fall of 2013.

Buddenberg and Kissane are accused of sneaking onto farms in Idaho, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Minnesota to free mink. They also allegedly destroyed breeding records as well. In one case, they released a bobcat rom a farm in Montana, according to the FBI.

Among other crimes, the pair allegedly drove from Oregon to Southern California with paint, paint stripper, Super Glue and two types of acid to vandalize Furs By Graf in San Diego and the homes of its current owners in San Diego, Spring Valley and La Mesa, according to The San Francisco Chronicle. They are also charged with vandalizing and attempting to flood the Sun Prairie, Wisconsin home of an employee of the North American Fur Auctions.

I’m glad they’re behind bars and all, but how come the JTTF is always a day late and an Islamist short when it comes to depressed Chattanoogans of Palestinian descent, yet all Elliot Ness when it comes to the Beaver-Meinhof Gang?


What Are Fed Watchdogs Smoking?

Can I have some too?

Hillary Clinton faced new calls Friday to turn over her personal server after key inspectors general asked the Justice Department to open an investigation into whether classified material was improperly shared on the former secretary of state’s account.

In correspondence obtained by Fox News, the inspectors general for the State Department and intelligence community raised deep concerns about the contents of the Democratic presidential candidate’s emails. An initial joint memo sent June 29 to State Department Under Secretary for Management Patrick Kennedy said a review of Clinton’s email archive showed “hundreds of potentially classified emails.”

Uh, who would prosecute this? Would it be Loretta Lynch? Pizza, beer, dope, beach, Dumb and Dumber… every goofy cat video on the internet. No way, no how. This is summertime fluff.

– Aggie


Dreamers of My Father

Liberals love to legislate by anecdote: nothing sells a bill like sob stories.

We could learn from them.

Danny Paul Oliver, my husband’s last shift ended as a 15 year veteran of the Sacramento Sheriff’s deputy by doing something he would have done countless times before in his career, Danny was walking toward a car to see what the occupants were doing on his beat. Danny prided himself on helping communities and feeling like he was truly making a difference. Danny was a POP officer also known as a Problem Oriented Policing. My husband and father of two never made it to the driver’s window on Friday October 24, 2014. At about 10:30 a.m., a man armed with numerous weapons aimed one out of the car from the parking lot of a Motel 6 at Arden and Ethan Way in Sacramento and opened fire, killing my husband, Danny Paul Oliver, with a shot to the forehead as my husband simply asked how the armed man’s day was going.

Each day I look for parental back up to child rearing and I feel the loss. Each day my children reach mild stones [sic] like a wedding engagement, graduations, and our weekly family brunches, I am reminded that I no longer have my husband. I was married for 25 years to my high school sweet heart and we watched each other grow up. We could just look at each other and know what one another needed. Perhaps support, a loving smile, or even a “we will talk when we get home” look. It is hard to build this trust and understanding but we had it mastered with ease.

Every single day, law officers at the state, local, and federal level are forced to release criminal aliens who pose a threat to community safety—in violation of current laws that require deportation. Additionally, in the last two years, ICE released back onto the streets 76,000 convicted criminal aliens. There are 169,000 criminal aliens at large in the United States right now who have criminal convictions and were formally and lawfully ordered deported. The Administration’s tolerance of sanctuary cities has also resulted in another 10,000 potentially deportable arrested aliens being released by local law agencies since January of last year. And, 121 of the criminal aliens who’ve been ordered deported in the last few years were released by ICE have now been charged with additional homicide offenses. The man that killed my husband, Danny Oliver, was deported several times for various felonies. However, due to the lack of coordination between law enforcement agencies, he was allowed back into this country.

Today I honor my husband, Deputy Danny Paul Oliver, and the other fallen heroes, who are always with us, in our hearts and in our memories.

Sweet. Anyone else?

Kate was beautiful, kind, happy, caring, loving and deep in faith. Kate had a special soul, a kind and giving heart, the most contagious laugh, and a smile that would light up a room. Kate loved to travel, spend time with her friends, and most of all spend time with her family. In fact, the day she was killed, we were walking arm in arm on Pier 14 In San Francisco, enjoying a wonderful day together. Suddenly a shot rang out, Kate fell, and looked at me and said “Help me, Dad.” Those are the last words I will ever hear from my daughter.

Everywhere Kate went throughout the world, she shined the light of a good citizen from the United States of America. Unfortunately, due to unjointed laws and basic incompetence of the government, the US has suffered a self-inflicted wound in the murder of our daughter by the hand ofa person that should have never been on the streets in this country. I say this because the alleged murderer is an undocumented immigrant who has been convicted of 7 felonies in the US and already deported 5 times. Yet, in March of this year, he was released from jail and allowed to stay here freely because of legal loopholes.

It is unbelievable to see that so many innocent Americans have been killed by undocumented immigrant felons in recent years. In fact, we recently came across a statistic that says between 2010 and 2014, 121 unique criminal aliens who had an active deportation case at the time of release were subsequently charged with homicide related offenses. Think about that, 121 times over the past 4 years the administration has released an illegal immigrant with prior criminal convictions
that later went on to be charged with a murder when they should have been deported. That’s 1 every 12 days.

We feel that if Kate’s Law saves 1 daughter, 1 son, a mother or a father, Kate’s death won’t be in vain.

Kate’s Law would be a good name, but don’t we already have laws? Just not the will or the interest to enforce them?

Anyway, I’m beginning to detect a pattern here:

My husband George and I live just outside of Houston, TX. We raised 3 children. We are a typical Texan/American blue collar, hardworking family. George worked endless hours so that I could stay home with our children. We wanted to provide them with our beliefs and our values. We wanted them to know Jesus. We provided for their needs, built them up to be honest, compassionate and caring human beings. We accomplished that.

Our youngest was Joshua Aaron Wilkerson.

That fateful day of Tuesday, November L6,2010. His dad was at work already. His Brother was away in The United States Air force. His Sister was in College. Josh came down and said Mom, I am leaving to school. I put down what I was doing, and said hey, no\f,ia-y your leaving without a hug. He smiled, rolled his eyes a bit. We hugged. We both said I love you, and I watched him get in his truck and head to school. Josh never came home from school that day.

The killer. Here is what I know about him. His name is Hermilo V. Moralez. He is 19 years old. His parents whom were in this country illegally, brought him here illegally when he was 10 years old. He has a sister. His parents had recently kicked him out of their home. He was charged with harassment. He was in front of a Judge 10 days before he murdered Joshua. He relied on a friend’s mother for shelter and food. He had no driver’s license, no money for lunch and no transportation. He was an acquaintance of Josh’s through school. He had given him a ride home 3-5 times. He asked Josh that day for a ride home. He brutally murdered Joshua.

The killer was a black belt in mixed martial arts. He bragged from the stand about how his “killing skills” just took over. We watched as he got off of the stand and stood over the District Attorney so he could show the jury how he strangled Josh. He said that he first hit Josh in the face, so that he would not be able to fight back. He then kneed him in his stomach. We listened to him say that he was frustrated that Josh still had bloody bubbles coming out of his nose. He picked up a closet rod and beat Josh so severely on the head that the rod broke into 4 pieces. He strangled him over and over. He waited, Joshua died. Per the Medical Examiner he tortured him. He tied Joshua up like an animal. He cleaned up the scene, put Josh in our truck and went to the store to buy gasoline. He put Josh in a field. He put his school lD next to Josh’s body, doused him with the gas and set him on fire. After that the killer went to a friend’s house, took a shower, and went to see a movie. He laughed, He had popcorn and a coke.

Our family is left with a Birth certificate, an autopsy report and a death certificate. By the grace Of God we are also left with hearts that are badly broken, but still maintain the memories of such a beautiful relationship with Josh.

I know you will sympathize with our story, but I want more than that. I want you to be angry that America’s borders are wide open. America does not know who is in this country. lt is time to put American’s first. Close the Borders, figure out who is really here. Keep statistics. Realize that we are at war right here in this country.

I urge you not to wait until it’s your child or grandchild. You never want them to live through what our family and many, many others families have survived.

“A birth certificate, an autopsy report and a death certificate”. That’s what the state thinks its duty is Joshua Aaron Wilkerson. Not to preserve his life, but to document its transitions.

One more, as painful as they are:

Denny was crossing Kedzie Avenue on a marked crosswalk four years ago and was violently struck by a drunk driver who dragged Denny under his car for a block in an attempt to flee before Denny died. The family was notified by the Chicago Police and the killer was placed into custody and charged with Aggravated DUI causing death. Two days later ICE issued a detainer because the young man was an illegal alien with a prior felony. The family was assured by the Cook County prosecutor that the defendant would not be allowed to post bail and be released. Three months later the Cook County Board passed the ordinance that effectively requires the Sheriff to ignore detainers. During the intervening weeks after Denny’s violent death Cook County President Toni Preckwinkle and former mayoral candidate and Commissioner Jesus Garcia pushed for the ordinance and rammed it through on September 7,2011. Two months later the killer made bail and absconded to Mexico. Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this whole ordeal was that we also learned that this illegal alien was prosecuted for another felony two years earlier and ICE was never notified then. He was removed from probation February 2011 and four months later killed Denny. In short Denny would be alive today and enjoying the birth of a new granddaughter born two weeks ago if the Cook County criminal justice system that included the county board did their job.

It became clear to me that the Cook Board had no intention of revising its policies despite the consequences. I found it very frustrating that federal agencies-especially ICE-did not follow through on it’s warnings to Cook County and took no further action to compel the county to drop the policy. Nor has the federal government attempted to sanction the county, such as withholding federal funding.

The following October a family friend told me about the good works of Judicial Watch and I met with their chief litigator Paul Orfanedes the next month. A few months later a press conference was held at the State of Illinois Building announcing the filing of my lawsuit entitled Brian McCann v. Thomas J. Dart , on April 22, 2013. In the lawsuit we challenged Sheriff Dart’s refusal to honor immigration detainers or cooperate with Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) in identifying deportable criminal aliens. At the time Cook County jails had released as many as 1,000 criminal aliens sought by ICE in the previous 18 months.

What do these anecdotes teach us? That our government is not as interested in our safety as it is in protecting what rights could be ascribed to people who violate borders and our laws, who put us at risk every day.

“I urge you not to wait until it’s your child or grandchild,” as Laura Wilkerson said. For too many—and one is too many—we already have.

PS: I print these lengthy transcript excerpts for the benefit of the Democrats who vamoosed during the testimony:

Some of the Democrats seem to have taken their cue from Rep. Luis Gutierrez, who a few days ago dismissively referred to Kate Steinle’s killing as “a little thing” (una cosa pequeña). Senators Chuck Schumer and Richard Durbin did not stay to hear the victims’ testimony and only returned after the families had left and the second panel, featuring DHS functionaries, was underway. (Sen. Feinstein did stay, and had met with Ms. Steinle’s father earlier.) Brian McCann, Dennis’s brother, noted this absence diplomatically, telling the remaining senators: “I regret my senator [Durbin] had to leave and couldn’t hear my testimony.”


Sexually Assaulting the 14-Year-Old Girls Americans Can’t Be Bothered to Sexually Assault

Living the Dream:

An immigrant in the country illegally who is a registered sex offender is charged with sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl after being freed on bond by the judge overseeing his deportation proceedings, authorities said Tuesday.

Keane Dean, 26, was placed in immigration detention in October after serving time for burglary and indecent exposure, and immigration officials are seeking to have him deported for being in the country illegally, Immigration and Customs Enforcement said.

He was denied bond in December but released in April after posting a $10,000 bond granted by an immigration judge at a hearing mandated by the federal courts, ICE said.

Dean, who is from the Philippines, was arrested Wednesday in Los Angeles County after a teenage girl reported missing by her parents was found in his garage. The girl told deputies she had been befriended by Dean a day earlier at the grocery store and he had sexually assaulted her, authorities said.

In this instance, Dean was not released by local police but by federal immigration agents after winning bond. He was placed on GPS monitoring and required to report monthly to immigration authorities and until his arrest had complied with the terms of his release, ICE said.

A law-abiding sex offender! That’s a switch.

A few days ago, I happened upon one of those life-in-supermax-prison shows on TV. One of the convicts was a sex offender against children whose time for his crime(s) was up. His parole officer tried to explain to him the limits on his release: no living near schools or playgrounds, no talking to or interacting with kids, stay in regular contact with authorities, including registering with local police. Not only did the guy not understand the restrictions, he seemed incapable of understanding. Maybe it was an act, but he seemed so intellectually disabled he couldn’t tell right from wrong. I kept waiting for the parole officer to throw up her hands and say forget it, this guy would be an immediate threat to children the moment he set foot on the street. But she didn’t. Evidently, it was not in her power. The voice-over finished the story: the sex offender guy was released, never registered, disappeared, and was again wanted by the police for parole violations. Of all the dispiriting, hopeless stories I’ve seen on such TV shows, this may have been the most depressing.

So, it’s possible for 14-year-old girls to be sexually assaulted by red-blooded Americans too. But the illegal alien sex offenders should go:

Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, said the problem is deportation proceedings take too long. He urged Congress to streamline the process.

“There needs to be quicker, more expeditious removal of people who don’t belong here,” said Krikorian, who wants stricter limits on immigration.

In states covered by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, immigrants can’t be held more than six months without a hearing. But those in the greater Los Angeles area who get hearings early on are also entitled to a second shot at winning bond if they are still detained after six months. That point is the focus of oral arguments in a case before the federal appeals court in Pasadena later this week, said Ahilan Arulanantham, deputy legal director at the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California.

Granting the bond hearings has let thousands of people be reunited with their families while their immigration cases were pending, Arulanantham said.

“We do not abandon due process and detain people after they have finished serving their criminal sentences, except in very rare circumstances,” he said. “To abandon that basic due-process principle because a few people who are released then commit other crimes would be a terrible mistake.”

Imagine: defending civil liberties for foreigners living here illegally, who commit crimes against Americans while living here illegally. Such double, triple, multi-violators are more deserving of a bullet in the head than they are of “due process”. Personally, I would argue against both in favor of immediate deportation out of this country, including across the 12 mile ocean limit if no other country will take them.


Criminal Aliens 2, Grandma 0

The Dominican Republic exports shortstops and drug-dealing, illegal alien, murderers:

Deportation orders failed to oust two illegal immigrants who are now up on drug charges and under investigation in the July 4 shooting death of a Lawrence grandmother — in an alarming case that critics say illustrates a revolving immigration door with dangerous consequences.

Dominican Republic nationals Wilton Lara-Calmona and Jose M. Lara-Mejia were arrested on drug charges by police investigating the shooting death of Mirta Rivera, 41. The Lawrence nurse was killed in her sleep by a gunshot fired through the ceiling from an upstairs apartment, where both men lived.

But Immigration and Customs Enforcement records reviewed by the Herald show the men shouldn’t have been in the country in the first place.

Lara-Calmona, 38, was deported in April 2012 and arrested for re-entering the country last November, the records show.

Lara-Mejia, 35, was nabbed crossing the border in August 2013 and ordered deported in April 2014, but had remained in the country illegally.

ICE spokesman Shawn Neudauer confirmed that Lara-Mejia “was ordered removed by a federal immigration judge on April 9, 2014, after failing to appear before the immigration court. He was considered an ICE fugitive until his July 4, 2015, arrest by local authorities in Lawrence, Massachusetts.”

Rivera’s shocking shooting death — killed as she lay in her bed — comes as the country’s immigration policies are under renewed scrutiny. Only days before the Lawrence shooting, an illegal immigrant previously deported five times allegedly shot and killed a young woman walking on a busy San Francisco pier with her father.

We let illegals waltz across our borders; we give them benefits and discounted tuition; we welcome their extended, and extended-extended families; and they still revert to form, dealing drugs and shooting women dead. If they could turn a double-play or hit .300, I could forgive it. But the only thing these thugs can hit is the broad side of a grandmother.

It’s heartbreaking. But you have to admit that’s pretty good shooting.


Perhaps She Should Run For President?

She’s incompetent enough…

U.S. personnel chief Katherine Archuleta resigned Friday in the wake of massive data breach that allowed hackers to steal the records of more than 21 million people under her watch, Fox News confirmed.

Archuleta submitted her resignation to President Obama Friday morning. Her resignation is effective at the close of business today.

Day late and a dollar short, but we voted for this incompetent boob and he is surpassing the worst that most of us imagined…

– Aggie

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