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Now That The Jews Are Out Of Iraq, Time To Eliminate The Christians

The population of Christians has dropped by more than a million in the past decade

In a region where Christians predate Muslims by centuries, over one million Christians have been killed or have had to flee because of jihadi persecution, while America is basically standing by and watching. This is the sad news that Breitbart’s National Security Editor and one of the world’s leading experts on asymmetric warfare, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, brought to Breitbart News Saturday, hosted by Editor in Chief Alex Marlow on Sirius XM Patriot Radio.
Dr. Gorka explained that “in the last 48 hours, ISIS, which is now called the Islamic State in Mosul, has painted the letter “N” for Nazarene on the houses of all the surviving Christians in the city. ISIS has basically given an ultimatum to all the Christians left: You can either flee or convert to Islam, or we will kill you.”
Gorka points out that, over the last 20 years, America has stood up around the world to save Muslims. “Whether it was to save the Muslims in Bosnia or the Albanians, Kosovars, and Muslims in Serbia, it is now time for a humanitarian operation to save the remaining Christians in Iraq,” he said. “It is time for the American people and our representatives to do something for our co-religionists remaining in the Middle East.”
Marlow observed that the blatant religious cleansing is horrifying and asked Gorka: “Why is it that the mainstream press is not interested in the story?” Gorka first responded by saying “Let’s face it, this is a Christian version of the Holocaust and nothing less.”

Believe it or not, NPR had a story on this today. I can’t imagine why this isn’t getting more media attention.



The KKK Loves the Presbyterians!

And why wouldn’t they?

Buncha old white guys what don’t like Jews:

Dr. David Duke, currently on a lecture tour, was reached for and he made this official comment:

..[T]hrough ethnic racism and tribalism they discriminate against Gentiles and take over media and other institutions.

Their racist power over the media and government is why Israel can get away with it all.

But people can stand up.

Bravo to the Presbyterian Church for standing up to Jewish racism and supremacism!

The world is waking up to Jewish supremacism!”

Is that what it says on the signs out front?

The world is waking up to Jewish supremacism!

It should come as no surprise that the Presbyterians embrace the Arab occupiers of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza.

They both love death more than we love life:

The Presbyterian Church USA General Assembly has been making a lot of news on the same sex marriage issue. But this vote has my eyebrows raised. The convention voted no on protecting babies born alive after a failed abortion.

This isn’t a matter of protecting “reproductive rights.” A baby that is born is no longer in his or her mother’s body and thus nothing is being done to interfere with her privacy or autonomy.

The Klan, Arab terrorists, and the Presbyterian Church vs. new-born infants and Jews. Which side are you on? Take your time.


Calvin and the Chipmunks

I don’t ordinarily care (much less comment) when someone chooses to sell stock.

But the timing of this particular divestiture couldn’t be worse:

In a cliffhanger vote Friday, the general assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) decided to dump its investments in three corporations it says deliver products to Israel that help the Jewish state suppress its neighbors.

The decision puts the Palestinians and Israelis on equal footing before God, it said.

“We see both as children of God,” said Heath K. Rada, who moderated this year’s general assembly, the church’s biannual leadership meeting.

After Friday’s vote of 310 to 303, the Presbyterian Church will pull about $21 million out of Caterpillar, Hewlett Packard and Motorola Solutions.

Why these companies, which are not exactly arms dealers?

“Caterpillar provides bulldozers that destroy Palestinian homes,” said spokeswoman Kathy Francis. HP provides Israel with logistics and technology used in the naval blockade of Gaza.

“Motorola Solutions provides military communications and surveillance systems in illegal Israeli settlements,” she said.

First, let me swear by all I hold holy (which is precious little, I must confess) that I too believe the Arabs and the Israelis are “children before God”. If the Arabs are depraved savages, it is their doing, not God’s. I could never blame Him for their cruelty, blind hatred, and self-destructive behavior. They chose Satan of their own free will.

Such defamation of the Jews must be met with…what is the word, anti-defamation:

The ADL made clear its condemnation with the church’s decision saying it was “out of step with the views of the majority of Presbyterians in the pews and sends a painful message to American Jews.”

“Over the past ten years, PC(USA) leaders have fomented an atmosphere of open hostility to Israel within the church, promoted a one-sided presentation of the complex realities of the Middle East, and permitted the presentation of a grossly distorted image of the views of the Jewish community,” the ADL added.

A response by the church attempted to clarify that the vote did not imply an embrace of Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) against Israel, to which the ADL responded, “The claim by the PC(USA) that it does not support the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement is simply not reflected in this resolution and the overall tone of the discussions.”

Whatever else its tenets may be (who can tell with these splintered Protestant sects?), timing is not among them.

A few headlines ripped from the news:

LIVE BLOG: The search for the kidnapped teens

Palestinian FM: Israel overreacting on abducted teens

Gaza rocket hits open area in southern Israel

Belgium to spend $4 million on security for Jewish institutions

French Jews leaving for Israel in increasing numbers

Report: Secret Algerian document says Tunisian terror group to target Jews, Western targets

Guns and camouflage: Welcome to Hamas’ summer-camp

You get the point, even if the Presbyterians don’t. As they are “people of the book”, I take it they are familiar with God’s covenant with Abraham (Genesis 15:18):

In the same day the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates:

Me, I take that as my starting point, but I also look to more contemporary authority. The Balfour Declaration (1917): “His Majesty’s government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object…”.

The Mandate for Palestine of the League of Nations (1922): “Whereas the Principal Allied Powers have also agreed that the Mandatory should be responsible for putting into effect the declaration originally made on November 2nd, 1917, by the Government of His Britannic Majesty, and adopted by the said Powers, in favour of the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people…”.

If that seems like ancient history to you, it was once the (settled) law of the land, as dictated by God and man. That’s good enough for me.

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to head out as soon as the stores open and buy me an excavator:


Bring Back These Girls

I never thought I’d write these characters in this exact order:


Meriam Yahya Ibrahim, 27, gave birth to a girl early Tuesday in the hospital wing of a prison in Omdurman, one of her attorneys, Mohamed Abdelnabi, told by phone from Khartoum.

“She’s fine, and Meriam as well,” Abdelnabi said of the baby girl, who will be named Maya.

Can’t place the name?

A Sudanese woman sentenced to death for refusing to renounce her Christian faith has given birth in prison, and could now be lashed 100 times — even as she’s permitted to nurse her newborn for two years before the execution is carried out.

The court in Khartoum ruled earlier that Ibrahim must give birth and nurse her baby for two years before being executed, but must receive 100 lashes for adultery immediately after having her baby — for having relations with her Christian husband. Ibrahim could have spared herself death by hanging simply by renouncing her faith.

“I was never a Muslim,” she told a judge. “I was raised a Christian from the start.”

Somehow the entire article forgets to mention one key fact: her husband is an American citizen. Sudan’s primitivism is its own business. They want to be a backward black hole of ignorance and superstition? Great. Super. Give it their best shot.

But every lash that touches her skin should be directed at President Obama. Before you level charges of racism, I’m not lashing anyone, I’m assigning blame. Can we “bring back” 276 girls held captive in the jungles of Africa by a well-armed, bloodthirsty terrorists? Maybe. Should we? Maybe.

But are we going to allow the wife of an American citizen (as close to an American citizen herself without yet being one) to be lashed 100 times, then executed in two years? For the crime of not renouncing her Christianity? Un-[bleeping]-believable.

If Ms. Ibrahim were instead an unmarried Guatemalan who waded across the Rio Grande and then forged documents to commit identity fraud, the Left would cry out for her to be greeted as royalty. But let her come by her citizenship (near enough) legally and honorably, and our disgraceful president can’t be bothered to lift a finger in her defense (unless and until he does).

To the happy mother and daughter, I offer what passes for care and well-wishes these days: a hashtag. I’m embarrassed to say that’s all I have to offer, all perhaps our country (their country) has to offer.


Thank God

It’s Constitutional, bi—…blessed:

The Supreme Court says prayers that open town council meetings do not violate the Constitution even if they routinely stress Christianity.

The court said in 5-4 decision Monday that the content of the prayers is not critical as long as officials make a good-faith effort at inclusion.

The ruling was a victory for the town of Greece, N.Y., outside of Rochester.

In 1983, the court upheld an opening prayer in the Nebraska legislature and said that prayer is part of the nation’s fabric, not a violation of the First Amendment. Monday’s ruling was consistent with the earlier one.

Raised by a pair of atheists (one nominally Christian, one nominally Jewish), I was occasionally made uncomfortable by public prayer. So the [bleep] what? I lived, I got over it. In fact, I’m a little jealous of those with a religious upbringing. Faith is the one thing I find hard to fake.


Jesus for Jews

It’s hard to keep straight the Christian sects—Presbyterians, Unitarians, etc. ad nauseam—that call for boycotting Israel.

Let’s just celebrate this one that doesn’t:

The Israeli Zionist organization Im Tirtzu last week hosted the “Zionist Conference for Human Rights” in Tel Aviv. Among the invited speakers was Father Gabriel Nadaf, spiritual head of the Israeli Christians Recruitment Forum, a body that encourages young Arabic-speaking Israelis (they prefer to not be labeled as “Arabs”) to join the Israeli army and fully integrate with Israeli Jewish society.

In his address to the conference, Father Nadaf noted that “there are many regimes (in the region) that do not care about equal rights, they only care about catering to an elite that terrorizes the rest of the population, while brushing off the issue of human rights and dehumanizing others.”

But, the Greek Orthodox priest explained, “In Israel, we [non-Jewish minorities] do not experience this.”

Father Nadaf concluded by declaring how “proud” he is to live in Israel, and insisting that “Israel is a shining example of human rights in the Middle East.”

Talk like that can get you drummed out of the Episcopalians.

Or worse:

Earlier this month, Father Nadaf’s son was violently attacked on the streets of Nazareth by those opposed to local Arabic speakers identifying with the Jewish state. Nadaf and others said it was incitement from the likes of Arab Knesset Member Ahmad Tibi that resulted in the attack on his son and continued tension between Arabs and Jews in the land.

But Tibi, who last week wrote in an American publication about what he called Israel’s “Jim Crow” treatment of local Arabs, is coming under increasing fire for his hostile rhetoric and approach.

Deputy Knesset Speaker Hamad Amar, a member of Israel’s minority Arabic-speaking Druze community, responded to Tibi’s accusations with his own article accusing his Muslim colleague of representing “all that is wrong with parts of the Israeli Arab leadership.”

“In our whole region consisting of over 350 million Arabs, there are only 1,658,000 Arabs who have complete political and religious freedom and have the right to vote in full democratic elections. It is no coincidence that all of these Arabs live as full and equal citizens in the one Jewish State,” wrote Amar.

We apologize for this interruption. The hating on the Hebrew may now resume.

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Made in Bethlehem, Shared With Damascus

Snuffed in Alexandria:

Four members of a Christian family of Syrian origin living in Alexandria, Egypt, were stabbed to death Monday. A man was seen walking out of their apartment holding a black plastic bag.

The father of the family, 44, who was employed in one of Sharm el-Sheikh’s hotels, was found stabbed in the stomach, the chest and the shoulder. His 35-year-old wife was stabbed in the neck, and so was the husband’s 43-year-old sister. [Six-year-old among members of a family stabbed to death.] The murderers started a fire in the kitchen, in an apparent attempt to set the entire apartment aflame and destroy evidence.

The large Christian community in Egypt, which numbers about 10 million people, has increasingly been coming under attack from Muslims in the last few years. Many Christians have been murdered and wounded, and over 100 churches, homes and businesses owned by Christians have been attacked, with some being burned down.

The Egyptian regime has blamed the Muslim Brotherhood and other radical Islamist forces for these attacks.

Sure, why not blame the MoBros?

But it’s getting hard to tell the terrorists without a scorecard.

Security sources have confirmed that the explosion on the Egyptian side of the Taba crossing on Sunday was carried out by a suicide bomber. Four civilians were killed and 15 were injured in the incident. A fifth body, that of the suicide bomber who set off the explosion, was also found in the rubble.

According to investigators, the terrorist set off the bomb when the bus was just a few meters from the crossing into Israel through the Taba gate crossing. The bus was to have continued on to the southern Israeli resort city of Eilat. The driver got off the bus to arrange paperwork with border guards when an unidentified man approached the vehicle and blew himself up, witnesses said.

An Al Qaeda-inspired group, Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis claimed responsibility for the attack, and released a statement on Twitter vowing to continue its fight against Egypt’s military-led government.

“We will continue to hurt the leaders in Egypt, the economy, the tourism and the gas,” the statement read.

What happened to “No Blood for Oil”?

Maybe President Obama, being twice burned, is thrice shy about even mentioning the Middle East anymore. Still, you’d think his… let me make sure I get this right… Christian faith would command him to speak on behalf of a persecuted minority.

Guess not.


Funny, They Didn’t Look Jewish

This is something perhaps which Israel would rather not share with the world:

Salafi jihadist terrorists based in Sinai struck again on Sunday, but unlike most of their recent targets, this time it was foreign tourists who were at the receiving end of their fanatical violence.

The attack represents an attempt by Sinai terrorists to damage Egypt’s troubled tourist industry, which is making modest attempts at recovery this year following a long period of upheaval.

It is safe to assume that soon after the smoke cleared from the wrecked tour bus at Taba, the Egyptian General Intelligence Service launched an intensive investigation to track down the identity of the culprits.

It is also reasonable to assume that the Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis organization is a prime suspect.

It, like other Salafi jihadist groups in Sinai, is inspired by al-Qaida, and is made up of a mix of radicalized Beduin, residents of Egypt proper and a growing number of foreign volunteers.

The victims were South Korean Christians touring the Holy Land. From al Qaeda’s perspective, they had it coming. It’s not like the Islamofascists in Egypt haven’t been consistent:

The Luxor Massacre refers to the killing of 62 people, mostly tourists, that took place on 17 November 1997, at Deir el-Bahri, an archaeological site and major tourist attraction located across the Nile River from Luxor in Egypt.

That massacre was the event that penetrated my thick skull with the truth that Muslim terrorists meant bloody business. I can only apologize for my earlier ignorance, in all the senses of the word. We all start in ignorance; it’s how long it takes us to acknowledge and share the truth that excuses or condemns us.


Jesus of Ramallah

Unto us a child is given:

No! Not that child! This child:

The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) has claimed that Jesus was “Palestinian” in a seasonal video message attacking Israel.

The video juxtaposes images of “Christmas magic” with numerous scenes alleging “oppression” by Israelis. A figure revealed to be the Pope rides past scenes including a Jewish man holding a gun next to an Arab settler and Arabs cordoned off by an IDF soldier.

As he walks off into a church courtyard, a message across the screen blares: “Stand up for Hope, Peace and Justice in Palestine.”

In addition, the description below the video reads: “Every Christmas Palestine celebrates the birth of one of its own, Jesus Christ.” Jesus was in fact a Jew living in Talmudic-era Israel.

Yeah, we knew that.

In 2010, Samih Ghanadreh, an author from Nazareth, called Jesus “the first Palestinian martyr” on a PA national television network. Ghanadreh claimed that the historical reference had first been noted by PLO leader Yasser Arafat.

In 2012, the cleric also claimed that the religious holiday marked “the birth of the State of Palestine.”

When Jesus said “Suffer the little children”, he went on to say “and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”

But the Arab occupiers of Judea and Samaria and Gaza hear only the suffer part:



Hey, Obama, Stockholm called! They want their Nobel Prize back. (And Arafat’s, and Carter’s, and Tutu’s, and Gore’s… just kidding. That’ll be the day.):

According to Egyptian newspaper El Watan, a group of Egyptian lawyers has submitted a complaint charging U.S. president Barrack Hussein Obama with crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court.

The complaint charges Obama of being an accessory to the Muslim Brotherhood, which incited widespread violence in Egypt both before and after the June 30 Revolution.

Along with Obama, the complaint reproduced by El Watan mentions several Brotherhood members by name, beginning with the leader of the organization Muhammad Badie, and other top ranking leaders such as Mohamed al-Beltagy, Essam al-Erian, and Safwat Hegazi, adding that “Obama cooperated, incited, and assisted the armed elements of the Muslim Brotherhood in the commission of crimes against humanity in the period from 3/7/2013-8/18/2013, in the Arab Republic of Egypt.”

Somehow, MSNBC and the New York Times missed this story. Oversight.

That “[Barack Hussein] “Obama cooperated, incited, and assisted the armed elements of the Muslim Brotherhood” is beyond dispute. Even he would say he did. Whether his involvement rises to the level of war crime is debatable.

As for the Obama administration’s support for the Brotherhood, if most Americans are clueless or indifferent about it, average Egyptians have long known and resented it—hence the many large placards and signs held during the June 30 Revolution calling on Obama to stop supporting terrorism and calling on Americans to wake up.

One need only follow the words and deeds of Anne Patterson, John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Hillary Clinton, et. al. to know that the U.S president is a firm supporter of the crimes-against-humanity-committing Muslim Brotherhood.

[T]he facts are clear: by any definition, the Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters have committed numerous crimes against humanity in Egypt, especially in the context of the Christian Copts; and by its ongoing support for the Brotherhood, the Obama administration is complicit. Remember this next time the Obama administration cites concerns about “human rights” violations as reason to involve the U.S. in war—as it recently tried to do in Syria, again, to support more Islamic terrorists who are committing even worse crimes against humanity.

An amicus brief, you might say:

For years various American administrations used Egyptian Christians—Orthodox Copts—to put pressure on Egyptian governments pushing for policies or to get them to refrain from doing something which the U.S. considered against their interests.

With the advent of Obama, everyone knew his administration was supporting radical extremists like the Muslim Brotherhood and fanatic rebels in Syria and Libya. Copts knew that they were only a pawn in the eyes of previous administrations, who didn’t really care about them except to the extent of what may have fit their interests. The Egyptian Christians are certain that Obama himself is one of the main reasons for what is happening to them now; the killings, burning of churches, and displacement from their homes and villages at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama offers the Brotherhood both money and protection, using U.S. intelligence agencies with plans to restore them to power.

Dr. Naguib Gabriel, head of the Egyptian Human Rights organization and a senior Egyptian Christian, said that the Egyptian Human Rights will gather signatures from Christian Egyptians and a number of international organizations in the “peaceful coexistence conference” which will be held by Ovid, a French organization, to provide a memorandum to the international Criminal Court, accusing U.S. President Obama of crimes against humanity by helping and indirectly participating in the demolition of 102 Coptic facilities and the burning of ancient churches carrying the heritage of the Christian world, as well as causing the displacement of 150 Coptic families, and the slaughter of dozens of Christians.

Gabriel explained that these accusations are being made because Obama is funding the Muslim Brotherhood with 5 to 8 billion dollars, which the Muslim Brotherhood used to purchase arms and to pay criminals to kill Christians and torch churches…

You want his ass in court, Egypt? Take a number. Whether it’s due his abuse of power with ObamaCare, the IRS, NSA, Benghazi—or all this and more—I think this president will be in the dock for a long time to come.

But has any other Nobel Peace Prize recipient been hauled before the ICC on charges of crimes against humanity? He may be as “special” as his proponents say!

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Arab Spring Update

Sheikh disturbed:

Following are excerpts from a statement by Sheik Omar Raghba in the Yakubiya village of Syria, which was posted on the Internet on October 23, 2013.

Photographer: Go ahead.

Sheik Omar Raghba: Allah willing, Allah alone will be worshipped in the Levant, which will be ruled only by the law of Allah. The idols will be worshipped no more in the Levant, Allah willing.

We shall accept nothing but Allah, His religion, and the Sunna of His prophet.

Smashes the statue of the Virgin Mary that he was holding

Say: “Allah Akbar.”

People around him: Allah Akbar.

Allah Akbar, baby!



In the film “The Full Monty”, one particularly aggrieved character laments to himself, “God is there anyone I don’t get bollocked by?”

President Obama could relate, Gaz:

Following the recent barrage of church burnings, Father Rafic Greiche, the chief spokesman for the Catholic Church in Egypt, criticized President Obama for not speaking out against the worst violence against Egyptian Christians in nearly 700 years.

“President Obama when he made a speech he just touched on the burning churches instead of telling the Muslim Brotherhood that they are terrorists and they are making terror on Egypt,” Greiche said. “He did not speak loud for this and shame on him if he is a Christian that he does not speak out loud.”

“The spokesman of the White House who…was asked ‘What is the red line for the Christians in Egypt?’ he mocked and said, ‘I didn’t bring my red pen,” he noted.

“Obama does not appear to understand the situation,” Greiche told AsiaNews. “In his speech he didn’t even so much as mention all the churches and Christian buildings being burnt down by the Muslim Brotherhood.”

“This must absolutely be made clear: the Muslim Brothers are terrorists and are tied to groups belonging to al Qaeda and to the Salafites,” he said. “The history of the Muslim Brotherhood, even since their foundation, has been a history of 85 years of bloodshed.”

Sorry, Father Greiche, but Egypt was last month’s debacle. We’re all Syria all the time now. Like, who remembers Libya? And: Iraq, where’s that?


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