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Out: Do it for the Children—In: RACIST!

If a equals b, and b equals c, what do we know about the value of a compared to the value of c?

As Eric Holder would say, you don’t want to go there, buddy:

In late March, the Chicago Board of Education announced an ambitious plan to implement its “turnaround” model for three low-performing elementary schools in poor, predominantly black neighborhoods.

The turnaround process involves the sacking of every teacher and staffer at each of the schools, according to an email from the Chicago Teachers Union obtained by The Daily Caller.

Naturally, the union bosses aren’t happy that the nation’s third-largest school district is employing such sweeping measures to improve some of its worst schools.

The email from the teachers union also suggested that the effort to improve the schools is an effort spearheaded by Chicago Public Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett to damage black children and black families.

“This is an attack on Black schools that continues the assault carried out by” Byrd-Bennett “last year, when she closed 50 schools (claiming they were the last closings for at least five years).”

Byrd-Bennett is black.

No way!


What is the insidious plan this Aunt Jemimah has in mind for black children?

One of the three schools facing turnaround plans is Ronald E. McNair Elementary School, which has been on academic probation for the past 14 years. Another school is Dvorak Technology Academy, which has been on academic probation for the past 7 years. The third school is Walter Q. Gresham Elementary School, which has been on academic probation for the past 6 years.

If the Board of Education approves the plan at its board meeting on April 23, the three schools will be managed by the Academy for Urban School Learning (AUSL), a nonprofit organization which already manages 29 public schools in Chicago where over 17,000 students are enrolled.

The turnaround process involves bringing in teachers and staffers who have been specifically trained to work in low-performing schools.

And we can’t have that.

Woody Guthrie once wrote the refrain, “You can’t scare me, I’m stickin’ to the union.” If it read today “stickin’ it to the union”, it would be relevant. The union sure has been sticking it to kids—black kids—for decades.


Obama’s War On Women

Or More Good News From The ObamaEconomy

The number of women who were unemployed in the United States climbed 180,000 in March, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

In March, there were 4,850,000 unemployed women, 180,000 more than the 4,670,000 American women were unemployed in February, according to BLS.

At the same time, the unemployment rate for women rose from 6.4 percent in February to 6.6 percent in March.

To be counted as unemployed, a person must have actively sought a job in the last four weeks and be part of what BLS calls the civilian noninstitutional population (meaning a person is 16 or older and not on active duty in the military or in an institution such as a prison, mental hospital or nursing home).

The number of American women who had jobs dropped 133,000 from February to March, declining from 68,458,000 to 68,325,000.

From February to March, the number of women in the civilian noninstitutional population increased by 84,000, climbing from 127,779,000 to 127,863,000. Of those 127,863,000 women in the civilian noninstitutional population, 73,175,000 participated in the civilian labor force, meaning they either had a job or actively sought one in the past four weeks. That put the labor force participation rate for women at 57.2 percent in March–the same as it was in February.

ETC. More at the link. But we can truthfully say that Obama has a War on Women (I wonder if we are stacked in binders somewhere?) and that anyone who goes to war against women is attacking The Children. Because a lot of those women are single providers, of course. And a distressed, desperate mom is not the Best She Can Be… Why, oh why, are we doing this to the children? Ask your Progressive friends. Maybe they understand the answer, I sure don’t.

- Aggie

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Let’s Talk About 50 Years Of Welfare

George Will points out the tragedy of liberal policies

itics of Rep. Paul Ryan’s remarks about cultural factors in the persistence of poverty are simultaneously shrill and boring. Their predictable minuet of synthetic indignation demonstrates how little liberals have learned about poverty or changed their rhetorical repertoire in the last 49 years.

Ryan spoke of a “tailspin of culture, in our inner cities in particular, of men not working and just generations of men not even thinking about working or learning the value and the culture of work,” adding: “There’s a real culture problem here.” This brought down upon Ryan the usual acid rain of accusations — racism, blaming the victims, etc. He had sauntered into the minefield that a more experienced Daniel Patrick Moynihan — a liberal scholar who knew the taboos of his tribe — had tiptoed into five years before Ryan was born.

Moynihan wrote this

A year from now, there surely will be conferences marking the 50th anniversary of what is now known as the Moynihan Report, a.k.a. “The Negro Family: The Case for National Action.” In March 1965, Moynihan, then 37 and assistant secretary of labor, wrote that “the center of the tangle of pathology” in inner cities — this was five months before the Watts riots — was the fact that 23.6 percent of black children were born to single women, compared to just 3.07 percent of white children. He was accused of racism, blaming the victims, etc.

Forty-nine years later, 41 percent of all American children are born out of wedlock; almost half of all first births are to unmarried women, as are 54 percent and 72 percent of all Hispanic and black births, respectively. Is there anyone not blinkered by ideology or invincibly ignorant of social science who disagrees with this:

The family is the primary transmitter of social capital — the values and character traits that enable people to seize opportunities. Family structure is a primary predictor of an individual’s life chances, and family disintegration is the principal cause of the intergenerational transmission of poverty.
In the 1960s, as the civil-rights movement dismantled barriers to opportunity, there began a social regression driven by the explosive growth of the number of children in single-parent families. This meant a continually renewed cohort of adolescent males from homes without fathers; this produced turbulent neighborhoods and schools where the task of maintaining discipline eclipsed that of instruction.

In the mid-1960s, Moynihan noted something ominous that came to be called “Moynihan’s scissors.” Two lines on a graph crossed, replicating a scissors’ blades. The descending line depicted the decline in the minority — then overwhelmingly black — male unemployment rate. The ascending line depicted the simultaneous rise of new welfare cases.

Hmm, let’s see if we can find Moynihan’s scissors:


Believe it or not, that image comes from PBS. Times have truly changed.

Will’s point is that it isn’t racism – and certainly not race – that creates the dependency class, but rather a culture where this is accepted. I agree. He is also very down on single parent homes. Although I raised kids in a marriage, happily, I sure know a lot of young adults who grew up in a single parent household and did just fine. I believe that it is easier to raise kids in a two-parent environment, but I think that the collapse we’re seeing in cities like Detroit is more complex than the absence of a father in the home. I get the point that boys need male role models, but in communities where men work and behave reasonably, whether they reside with their kids or not, you don’t see that spike in criminal behavior and drug dependence. Maybe I’m just splitting hairs?

- Aggie


Higados y Riñones

Regular readers know my interest in (more like obsession with) Mexican affairs since our president visited there last May. He described Mexico as a stable, cultured land of peaceful and literate happy people. Obama dismissed stories of drug cartel violence and political corruption as mere “sensational headlines”. That spawned my series of posts under the standing headline “Sensational Headline Watch”, detailing story after story of depravity, savagery, inhumanity—on our southern border.

Then Obama went back last month and pretty much repeated himself:

If you think about North America, to have three borders this long in which we share a common set of values, a common set of principles, a commitment to democracy, a commitment to free markets, a commitment to trade where we are allies and interact peacefully, that is a precious gift. And it’s one that I think all three of us are committed to building and nurturing for future generations.

How stupid does he think we are? This stupid:

Police in Mexico’s western state of Michoacan detained an alleged member of the Knights Templar cartel who is suspected of kidnapping children to harvest their organs, an official said on Monday.

Michoacan state Public Safety Secretary Carlos Castellanos Becerra alleged that Manuel Plancarte Gaspar was part of the cartel’s organ-trafficking ring.

The ring would kidnap children and take them to rented homes with medical equipment where their organs were removed, Castellanos Becerra charged.

A leader of one of the local vigilante groups that sprang up last year in Michoacan to challenge the cartel’s control told a radio station after hearing about the tweet that people in the area knew the Knights Templar gang was involved in organ trafficking because several children had been rescued in his town while being transported in a refrigerated container inside a van.

‘They were inside a refrigerated box, tightly wrapped in blankets,’ Dr. Jose Manuel Mireles, leader of the civilian ‘self-defense’ group in Tepalcatepec, said in a morning interview with MVS radio.

Mexican authorities have said drug trafficking is no longer the top source of income for the Knights Templar, which was once a top producer of crystal meth.

The officials say the cartel’s main sources of income are illegal mining, illegal logging and extortion.

What would Diego Rivera say, Mr. President?


I’m Black, Don’t Abort Me

When I saw the title of Eugene Robinson’s column, “I’m Black, Don’t Shoot Me”, I immediately flashed to the title above, inspired by the story we posted yesterday that more black babies are aborted than born in New York City.

But I was too late:

According to the latest Justice Department figures, blacks make up 13 percent of the U.S. population but represent 50 percent of homicide victims. Moreover, black offenders kill 90 percent of black murder victims. And in the vast majority of interracial crimes, the victim is white and the perpetrator is black. In 2008 there were about 520,000 interracial violent crimes reported, and 82.5 percent were black-on-white, while just 17.5 percent were white-on-black. Messrs. Robinson and Coates would have us believe that black people in America should be more fearful of the Michael Dunns and George Zimmermans than of fellow blacks. Which is preposterous.

What these crimes statistics don’t show is how early the black-on-black violence begins. The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has just released a report showing that more black babies in the city are aborted than born. In 2012, there were 6,570 more abortions than live births of black children. The other groups studied—whites, Asians and Hispanics—all had more live births than abortions. Blacks are 25 percent of New York’s population, but the black babies aborted were more than 42% of all abortions.

Perhaps that might interest black liberals who want to downplay black-on-black violence and lecture us about the value that whites place on black lives.

I’m neither black nor a social scientist, but let me pretend. If I’m black, I’m supposed to feel the shame of slavery, a century and a half after it was abolished. It was the white man’s crime against my great-great-great-great grandfather and grandmother that defines who I am today. Any crimes I may commit or failings I may suffer from can be blamed on a poor self-image born of bondage and dehumanization.

Let’s say that’s true.

If I’m so sensitive to atrocities against people five, six generations removed from me, how can I be deaf, dumb, and blind to what my own mother is doing to me today? What kind of self-image does mass infanticide instill in a young man or woman? To be a black baby in New York City today is have overcome the longest of odds. You can’t see many of your kind around, and it’s only a matter of time before you find out why. Your unborn siblings were “mistakes”, “inconveniences”, as casually discarded as they were conceived. Congratulations, that must make you very special.

Maybe… I’m just thinking out loud here… but maybe the genocide committed by black men against black men (see above) might be an aftershock of the infanticide committed by black women (and their partners) against black babies. Where better to learn the low value placed on life than with the mother’s milk?

I may not make a convincing black person, but I can pass for a PhD in social science!


Please Let This Undocumented Immigrant Come Out of the Shadows

Oh dear, that’s gotta be racist somehow.

And I tried so hard to be sensitive!

The [Zimbabwe] state-controlled newspaper, The Herald, reported that Reynolds was arrested Monday for allegedly possessing pornographic material and violating immigration laws.

Reynolds, an Illinois Democrat, resigned from his congressional seat in 1995 after he was convicted of 12 counts of statutory rape, obstruction of justice and solicitation of child pornography.

Another source told the paper Reynolds had filmed more than 100 videos, and shot 2,000 nude pictures of at least 10 different women on various occasions. The paper also said he owes more than $24,000 in unpaid hotel bills.

The Herald reported Reynolds entered Zimbabwe last year, purporting to be a middleman for foreign investors in the tourism industry.

He was just filming the naked women and stiffing hotels (or the other way around) that Zimbabweans couldn’t be bothered to rape statutorily. Maybe if he had an anchor child (as if he hasn’t had dozens already).

I’m sorry, I’m making a mess of this very serious story about yet another Democrat public servant who made some unwise choices.

But that campaign slogan is just so unfortunate!


For the Children

Even that liberal canard doesn’t hold here.

It’s to the children:

Fire the commissioner of the Department of Children and Families?

OK, so some kids are dead, or missing or living with convicted felons who may or may not be sex offenders, although we’re not really sure because one-third of the department’s social workers aren’t even licensed.

So what? Olga Roche is going nowhere.

Haven’t you read the glowing tributes to Olga from her nearest and dearest that were posted on Friday, attesting to her impeccable credentials?

This, from the Spanish American Center: “We are very proud of her Latino heritage.”

What more do you need to know? You cannot fire this wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences, to coin a phrase.

Olga also gets a thumbs-up from Juan Gomez, who identifies himself as “president of the largest minority multi-service provider” in the commonwealth, who spends his days trying to “reinforce support for minority communities.”

Wait, wouldn’t a number of those children be minorities? So the [bleep] what?

They’re mounting basically the same line of defense as the local NAACP did for jailbird ex-state Rep. Carlos Henriquez, a combat veteran of the War on Women. Some people just can’t be fired, because … well, just because.

Henriquez had kidnapped and beaten a women (he was convicted of two counts of A&B); he was led into the State House in handcuffs for his expulsion vote (146-5). The NAACP took his side.

Next, we have Maria Z. Mossaides of the Children’s League of Mass. She writes how great Olga is for all the DCF “stakeholders.”

Wouldn’t the actual children themselves be the ultimate “stakeholders” in DCF?

But leave it to Gov. Deval Patrick to point the finger of blame right where it belongs — at this newspaper. Once again, everything is the Herald’s fault. Just as we did with the DTA, we have “destabilized” the department by reporting … anecdotes.

There’s an old saying, patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. In Deval’s case, blaming the Herald is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

We all understand the sympathy he feels for Olga. He knows what it’s like to be in way over your head, in a job for which you have next to no qualifications. He remembers his doomed (although extremely lucrative) tenures at Coke and Texaco, after he finally passed the bar exam on his third try.

The columnist, Howie Carr, is very hard on Governor Patrick, but deservedly so. This is appalling failure of the state to do the minimum job required of it: to take care of its powerless and vulnerable wards.

But it is hardly the only lapse. My particular favorite is the state drug lab:

The American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts urged the state’s highest court today to dismiss all of the 40,000-plus criminal cases tied to Annie Dookhan, the state chemist whose falsification of test results in drug cases led to the worst scandal to hit the criminal justice system in years.

Which is saying something from the people who brought you Whitey Bulger!

But how many innocent people were wrongly convicted? And how many guilty convicts will be wrongly freed? The ACLU may have its head far, far up its collective backside, but it’s right in this case. Under the governor’s watch, tens of thousands of criminal cases were ruined, the innocent and the guilty wrongly convicted. The line for lawsuits forms to the right.

PS: Others opt for the New England Compounding Center scandal.

The owners and insurers of the bankrupt Framingham pharmacy blamed for an outbreak of fungal meningitis that killed dozens of people last year have tentatively agreed to contribute more than $100 million to compensate victims and creditors of the firm.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that at least 751 people contracted meningitis or other infections from the pain shots, including 64 who died in 20 states, making it one of the largest cases of tainted drugs in US history. Overall, as many as 14,000 patients received the tainted injections, and, beyond those diagnosed with meningitis, some reported suffering fatigue or other symptoms.

Federal inspectors found dirty mats, black specks floating in vials, and other signs the room was contaminated.

“Federal inspectors”? Where was the state?

Critics say compounding pharmacies, which custom-make medications for individuals who need speciality drugs not available elsewhere, have not traditionally received enough scrutiny because they are mainly overseen by states, rather than the US Food and Drug Administration….


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Culture of Death

Ha! Bet you thought I meant the Palestinian Arabs. I usually do.

I still do—but they have company:

Parliament in Belgium has passed a bill allowing euthanasia for terminally ill children without any age limit, by 86 votes to 44, with 12 abstentions.

When, as expected, the bill is signed by the king, Belgium will become the first country in the world to remove any age limit on the practice.

It may be requested by terminally ill children who are in great pain and also have parental consent.

Opponents argue children cannot make such a difficult decision.

If they can choose their favorite ice cream, why can’t they choose to die? God bless the little buggers.

And while the Europeans are whacking the vulnerable:

A second Danish zoo has said it may have to put down one of its giraffes, despite a storm of protest after a similar move by Copenhagen Zoo.

The Danish Jyllands Park Zoo said that it, like the zoo in Copenhagen, would be doing so to comply with breeding programme rules.

Coincidentally, its giraffe has the same name as the Copenhagen giraffe, Marius.

The Danish Jyllands Park Zoo, in western Denmark, said its Marius is a seven-year-old hybrid, which means he is a mix of different sub-species.

He is currently housed with a younger, pure-bred giraffe called Elmer – who happens to be the half-brother of Copenhagen’s Marius.

Crikey, their giraffes are like their royalty—inbred! The first Marius ended up as tiger chow, which gives new meaning to Marius the Epicurean.

First they came for the giraffes…


Cultural Homicide

If they outlaw yogurt, only outlaws will have yogurt:

Nineteen school children in central China were hospitalized this week after consuming yogurt laced with poison, China’s state run news agency Xinhua reported.

Among the sick children, three were in serious condition, the agency reported. But none of the victims suffered life threatening injuries, the agency reported.

The incident occurred Wednesday at a school in Hunan province, the news agency reported. A 34-year old woman has been detained and accused of placing rat poison and herbicide in the yogurt, Xinhua reported.

A lesser woman would have just picked up a gun and mowed ‘em down. This is why China is making a sap of the rest of the world. Rat poison, herbicide, yogurt: it’s called snack.


Another Thing Obama Doesn’t Know?

We’re vaporizing Pakistani grandmas—is that what President Obama means by American exceptionalism?

Nine-year-old Nabila Rehman rested her head on the table.

Nabila, a shy girl with startling hazel eyes and red streaks in her dark hair, along with her father Rafiq and 13-year-old brother Zubair, have told the story of the day when a drone fell from the sky in their village in North Waziristan so many times. By Tuesday morning the tale was rote — even if this particular retelling was before U.S. lawmakers, at a briefing which was the first opportunity for members of Congress to hear directly from Pakistani victims of American drones.

It was October 24, 2012, the day before the Islamic holy day of Eid-al-Adha in North Waziristan. Zubair, Nabila, their little sister, five-year-old Asma, and some of their cousins were all in the fields beside their house as their grandmother, 67-year-old Momina Bibi, showed them how to tell when the okra was ripe for picking.

Zubair knew the drones were circling overhead; he has known their distinctive buzzing since he was even younger — a methodical zung, zung, zung, he says.

“It’s something that even a 2-year-old would know,” he said in Pashto, speaking to Al Jazeera through a translator. “We hear the noise 24 hours a day.”

Before the missile hit, he remembers hearing two clicks, like a trigger being pulled. Suddenly, day seemed to turn to night as they were enveloped in darkness and heat. Their grandmother, Momina Bibi, was thrown 20 feet away and killed instantly.

Zubair, Nabila and the other children wounded in the attack were taken to a hospital. Zubair had shrapnel lodged in his leg — an injury that would take expensive laser surgeries to heal — while Nabila looked down to see her hand bleeding.

“I tried to bandage my hand but the blood wouldn’t stop,” she said. “The blood kept coming.”

The Rehmans traveled halfway across the world, from their remote village of Tappi, to tell their story, and to urge lawmakers to put an end to the covert CIA program of “targeted killings” in Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere. They also participated in an Amnesty International report about casualties of drones and a documentary by filmmaker Robert Greenwald, called Unmanned. According to the London-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism, 376 total strikes have taken place in Pakistan, killing up to 926 civilians, and as many as 200 children.

The Obama administration, for its part, until recently did not even acknowledge the existence of the program.

See? He probably doesn’t even know. He didn’t know bubkes about Benghazi, about the IRS, about the NSA, about EdselCare—what’s he going to know about a grandma picking okra with her grandkids?

Ultimately, only five members of Congress arrived at the briefing to hear their testimony Tuesday morning: Rep. Alan Grayson of Florida, who organized the briefing, along with Reps. Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill., Rush Holt, D-N.J., John Conyers, D-Mich., and Rick Nolan, D-Minn.

I’m actually kind of ashamed only five congressmen showed up, none of them Republican. Still, maybe one of the Democrats can get word to Obama, and he can find out whose ass to kick.

From another account:

“What radicals had previously failed to achieve in my village,” al-Muslimi said, “one drone strike accomplished in an instant: there is now an intense anger and growing hatred of America,” adding that he has ”seen al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula use U.S. strikes to promote its agenda and try to recruit more terrorists.”

The drones are an important tool in counterterrorism, no doubt. But President Obama has a Big Problem here. Under President Bush, a rabidly ruthless press would hound him until he changed policy (see the successful surge in Iraq). This press corps is complicit—accessories before, during, and after the fact.

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Young Girl, Get Out Of… Just Get Out!

You’re much too young, girl:

A backwards society, shoddy economy and Islamist terror – many difficult problems flood the country of Yemen, one of the worst is the phenomenon of young girls forced into marriage.

Just last month an eight year old, identified as Rawan, died of internal bleeding, apparently the result of being forced to have sex with her 40-year-old husband on her wedding night.

Dr. Arwa Rabi’i, a gynecologist from the capital city of Sana’a, talked to the i24news channel and called for raising the marriage age to 18. “When a woman marries before the age of 18, before the uterus and hips are fully developed, there are going to be many gynecological complications such as multiple miscarriages and life-threatening infections,” she said. “We see it every day, not every month or week, every day! A lot of them, 10 or 20 sick girls.”

Belkis Wille, an activist in Human Rights Watch, talking to i24news from Yemen via Skype, said that in rural areas, it is common to see marriage at the ages of eight or nine. Regarding Rawan’s story, she said: “Unfortunately, this specific story is influenced by a lot of rumors; various local authorities are saying the story is not true, while the journalist who broke the story refuses to believe it’s not true.

“Different human rights organizations are taking different position locally, but from every point of view, whether this story is true or not, it’s irrelevant considering that this happening around the country all the time. I’ve personally come across two or three cases I’ve heard from gynecologists of girls who bled to death on their wedding night.”

Yemen may be particularly backward—or it may not. Next time some lefty hyperventilates about kids having to recite the Pledge of Allegiance or the plague of big sodas, tell him at least we don’t marry our 8-year-olds off to dirty old men (Elizabeth Smart notwithstanding).

And we don’t let them drive:

A leading Saudi cleric warned women who drive cars could cause damage to their ovaries and pelvises and that they are at risk of having children born with “clinical problems.”

Sheikh Saleh Al-Loheidan’s widely derided remarks have gone viral as activists claim a website urging women to defy their country’s driving ban has been blocked in Saudi Arabia.

“If a woman drives a car,” Al-Loheidan told Saudi news website in an interview, “it could have a negative physiological impact … Medical studies show that it would automatically affect a woman’s ovaries and that it pushes the pelvis upward.”

Explained Al-Loheidan, “We find that for women who continuously drive cars, their children are born with varying degrees of clinical problems.”

“[W]omen who continuously drive cars”? In Saudi? Where? When? Much as I may favor women pushing their pelvises upward (and downward, forward, backward, side-to-side, you name it), this is completely deranged.


Tomorrow is More Than a Day Away

These kids show us that when life gives you garbage, make ashcan art:

The tragic story of this group of youngsters aged between 15 and 23 takes us back a few years when one by one they managed to cross the heavily-guarded border from North Korea into China to search for food. Most of them were orphans, while others had a parent unable or unwilling to look after them.

A South Korean missionary living in China, known only as M.J. to protect his identity, tried to help the youngsters and has broken his silence to CNN.

“This one child used to live with his father,” he explained. “One day his father went into a North Korean military base trying to find food but was caught and beaten to death on the spot. The child witnessed this … his mother then told him not to come home and threw rocks at him to keep him away.”

The youngsters survived by foraging for scraps in trashcans. Fish bones and discarded rice were mixed to make a porridge, while rodents were considered a luxury. When M.J. first met some of them in December 2009, they had frostbite on their hands and toes from living in an old abandoned building where temperatures plummeted to as low as minus 30 degrees Celsius. Some of them had injuries from beatings by security guards and merchants when they were caught stealing food.

One of the nine, a 20-year-old man, told M.J. he wanted to live in China as “even beggars in China do not go hungry.”

“These kids were suffering from malnutrition and disease,” recalled M.J. “They had been living in quarters with bad sanitation … also they all seemed to have suffered in one form or another from tuberculosis. Because they were suffering from malnutrition, their growth was stunted.”

But wait. As another little moppet taught us, the sunwill come out tomorrow:

The nine lived with the couple and several other North Korean defectors in China for almost two years in constant fear of being discovered by the authorities. They could never leave the house during this time. China doesn’t treat North Koreans in its territory as refugees and usually sends them back across the border.

“As we lived with these children, I saw them change,” M.J.’s wife, who also asked not to be identified, said. “They started having hopes, they started dreaming and I know they were happier. I was overjoyed to have done something worthwhile.”

Another blog would leave it there, would leave you with the hope, however false, that the story ended happily. This is not that sort of blog because this is not that sort of world:

On May 27, the Laos authorities told the youngsters to pack as they were being sent to South Korea. M.J. said they were so happy they all shouted for joy. Years in hiding seemed to finally be over. But the bitter truth of the situation soon became clear.

The missionary couple was prevented from following the children and instead locked in a room at the immigration offices for two hours. The United Nations’ refugee agency, UNHCR, said the group had been sent back to North Korea via China.

Human rights groups were shocked. The missionaries were devastated.

“In these children’s minds, they were going to South Korea,” said M.J.’s wife. “They never imagined after crossing the border to Laos they would be sent back to North Korea.”

Doubtless these innocents don’t read BTL—China wields a force of two million Internet cops—else they would have guessed what was up. They would have twigged to the certainty that the problems of nine little people don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world.

A twisted coda to a twisted story:

The children have since been used for propaganda purposes in Pyongyang, appearing on state-run television in June claiming they had been tricked into leaving North Korea and expressing thanks to leader Kim Jong Un for saving them and bringing them back.

“What I am concerned about is what is going to happen after the propaganda is gone and the rhetoric is over,” said M.J. “If we don’t pay attention, if we don’t keep asking where these children are, then these children will be lost forever and we will never know what happened to them.”

Good luck with that.

You could have gone about your business today without knowing the betrayal of these kids. But you wouldn’t know the betrayal of humanity that this story also lays bare. There are many guilty parties, but I hold China distinctly responsible. (Of course you do, BTL.) Unlike Laos, it would have cost China nothing to save these nine souls.

But that’s not how China (spring) rolls. From the macro (Internet snoops, choking smog, myriad human rights abuses) to the micro (forced late-term abortions), the China state doesn’t “get” the rights of the individual. Like the concept of hope for these hopeless kids, the concept of human liberty is without meaning. I bet there’s not even a character for for the idea.

For some orphans, the sun will never come up again.


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