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Jihadi John Had a Job

E-I-E-I-keel you!

The world knows him as “Jihadi John,” the masked man with a British accent who has beheaded several hostages held by the Islamic State and who taunts audiences in videos circulated widely online.

But his real name, according to friends and others familiar with his case, is Mohammed Emwazi, a Briton from a well-to-do family who grew up in West London and graduated from college with a degree in computer programming. He is believed to have traveled to Syria around 2012 and to have later joined the Islamic State, the group whose barbarity he has come to symbolize.

The Kuwaiti-born Emwazi, in his mid-20s, appears to have left little trail on social media or elsewhere online. Those who knew him say he was polite and had a penchant for wearing stylish clothes while adhering to the tenets of his Islamic faith. He had a beard and was mindful of making eye contact with women, friends said.

He was raised in a middle-class neighborhood in London and on occasion prayed at a mosque in Greenwich.

Emwazi decided to move to his birthplace, Kuwait, where he landed a job working for a computer company, according to the e-mails he wrote to Qureshi. He came back to London twice, the second time to finalize his wedding plans to a woman in Kuwait.

A job and a wife! I guess he still has a job, only he employs knife strokes in place of keystrokes.

These “Brooklyn men” had jobs too:

Three men from Brooklyn have been arrested and charged with trying to help the Islamic State, according to a criminal complaint unsealed in federal court on Wednesday.

They had also discussed harming President Obama and carrying out attacks in the United States if they were unable to travel overseas. One of the three men was arrested while trying to fly to Turkey, where authorities say he planned to head to the border with Syria to meet with representatives from the Islamic State. Another of the men planned to follow him there next month, while the third man was helping finance some of these travel efforts.

Juraboev, 24, and Habibov, 30, are both citizens of Uzbekistan; Saidakhmetov, 19, is a citizen of Kazakhstan. The complaint says that Juraboev and Saidakhmetov, who were set to appear Wednesday at the U.S. courthouse in Brooklyn, are legal, permanent residents of the country; Habibov, who is not described that way, appeared at the U.S. courthouse in Jacksonville, Fla. The three men each face a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison for attempting to join Islamic State, which is also known as ISIL or ISIS.

Federal agents visited Juraboev at his home last August after seeing postings on a Web site that promoted Islamic State to Uzbek audiences, the complaint said. These postings discussed whether someone in the United States could swear an oath to Islamic State and discussed killing Obama.

“I am in USA now but we don’t have any arms,” the post said. “But is it possible to commit ourselves as dedicated martyrs anyway while here? What I’m saying is, to shoot Obama and then get shot ourselves, will it do? That will strike fear in the hearts of infidels.”

Habibov runs mall kiosks that fix cellphones and sell kitchenware in Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Virginia, according to the complaint, and Saidakhmetov worked for him at some of these kiosks last year.

Legal immigrants, gainfully employed, living the American Dream—and they still wanted to blow sh*t up. Marie Harf is going to take this awfully hard.


How Many Muslim Terrorist Sympathizers Does it Take to Screw Up Civilization?

The other day, we shared a story with you about how many Muslims in Gaza and Arab-occupied Israel oppose ISIS. All but 14% of them, which we figured out to be about 238,000 who give a wink and a thumbs-up to the beheaders and burners at the stake. We didn’t find that news very comforting.

We find this news even less so:

A BBC poll suggests that an overwhelming majority of British Muslims oppose the use of violence against people publishing images of the Prophet Muhammad.

A thousand people of Muslim faith were surveyed in the weeks that followed the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris.

The poll also found that 1 in 4 Muslims have some sympathy with the motives behind those shootings.

While it is true that three out of four is an “overwhelming majority” of anything, in this case, the overwhelming majority takes a back seat to the overwhelming minority. One in four Muslims (27% to be exact) sympathetic to the Charlie Hebdo shootings (or the “motives” behind them) equals 756,000 fans of cold-blooded killings of certain cartoonists and kosher deli shoppers. That would fall between Fort Worth, Texas and Detroit, Michigan as the 18th largest city in America.

It also means Britain’s Muslims are nearly twice as virulent Jew-haters and terrorist supporters as so-called Palestinians by percentage (27% to 14%), and over three times as populous (756,000 to 238,000). Good luck with that, Limeys.

As the famous Sun headline once put it:

PS: President Obama is right. This isn’t about Islam. It’s about 14%-27% of Islamers. At a little over two billion…well, you can do the math.


No Justice, No Problem!

What does it take to get your ass canned at the BBC? Decades of pederasty, sure (sometimes), but anything else?

As the woman, named Chava, expressed her fears over rising anti-Semitism in the country – fear shared by most of France’s half a million-strong Jewish community – Wilcox inexplicably interrupted her to state that “many critics though of Israel’s policy would suggest that the Palestinians suffer hugely at Jewish hands as well.”

His apparent equating of anti-Semitism and even murder of innocent French Jews by terrorists to Israel’s battle against Islamist terrorism drew widespread anger from British Jews, as did his follow-up comments, in which he appeared minimize the crisis felt by French Jews by asking: “you understand everything is seen from different perspectives?”

The Campaign Against Antisemitism group slammed the “disgraceful” comments, which triggered a deluge of complaints from viewers.

Wilcox offered a weak apology in response to the controversy – saying only that it was “poorly-phrased”.

Odd. Phrasing things well is his job, his profession. I’m pretty sure he said exactly what he meant to say: that Arabs are routinely slaughtered in their shops by radical Jewish terrorists.

Anyhow, here’s his punishment:

The BBC will not be taking any action against a senior correspondent accused of anti-Semitism during his coverage of a major Paris rally following the Islamist terrorist campaign in the French capital last month.

“I see nothing in Mr Willcox’s comments which is intrinsically disrespectful, and I saw nothing in Chava’s demeanour to suggest that she felt disrespected,” said Fraser Steel

“I am not proposing to uphold the complaints… I share Mr Willcox’s view that his comments were poorly-phrased, but I think they were no worse than that.”

The British suffered horribly during the Blitz in WWII. But as Irish, Indians, Americans, and Africans also suffered under British colonial rule, I think “everything is seen from different perspectives”. Carry on!

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Snowden Strikes Again

Released intel documents from 2013 show Britain and US cutting Israel out of intelligence loop

classified document leaked by US National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden reveals information about the cooperative intelligence gathering efforts of US, British and Israeli Intel against Iranian targets.

The document from April 2013, marked top secret, highlights the successes of US and British intelligence cooperation against Iran, the growing regional and cyber threat that Iran constitutes and reluctance to have an overarching intelligence sharing agreement with Israel.

The document was published earlier this month on website The Intercept, the platform created by journalist Glenn Greenwald to report on documents provided by Snowden.

More at the link.

– Aggie

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Apartheid State Update

Go ahead, Britain: judge Israel.

Chelsea said on Wednesday that they were prepared to ban self-proclaimed racist fans who were filmed preventing a black man from boarding a Paris subway train, branding their behavior “abhorrent.”

Amateur footage obtained by The Guardian newspaper captured the incident in a Metro station shortly before Chelsea’s 1-1 Champions League draw with Paris Saint-Germain in the French capital on Tuesday evening, reports AFP.

It shows a group of men chanting “Chelsea, Chelsea!” standing in a packed train waiting at a platform.

The unidentified black man repeatedly tries to squeeze into the carriage and they aggressively push him back. The film then cuts to the men chanting: “We’re racist, we’re racist, and that’s the way we like it!”

Can’t wait for British leftists to demand Britain boycott, divest from, and sanction Britain.

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The “Palestinian Catastrophe”

I was going to title this post “Don’t Sit Under the Gharqad Tree With Anyone Else But Me”, but I wasn’t sure everyone would get it.

But these dingbats and moonbats are more right than they know:

Some 700 British artists pledged to boycott Israel on Saturday in reaction to what they termed “the Palestinian catastrophe,” the British newspaper Guardian reported on Saturday.

The artists, who include Roger Waters, Brian Eno, Mike Leigh, Ken Loach, Richard Ashcroft, and others, pledged that they “will not engage in business-as-usual cultural relations with Israel.”

Not exactly news, as most of these bigots are Jew-haters of long standing. The full list is here. I started to read through it, looking for new names to boycott myself, but gave up in the Cs. Too many choreographers, poets, and “documentary filmmakers” for me not to give two feces about, let alone their fascist opinions. Perhaps you’ll have more luck.

As our readers know, I reject as fantasy any notion of a Palestinian entity. But the “Palestinian Catastrophe” is very real. In terrorism, woman and child abuse, bigotry, and general backwardness, we see it—and report it—every day. Thanks for naming it, a-holes.


Spot of Bother

Rule Britannia!
Britannia rule the waves.
Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.

Of course not. Islam doesn’t permit slavery.

It’s called dhimmi:

The number of Muslim children in England and Wales has doubled in a decade, according to the most detailed study of its kind.

An analysis of 2011 Census data carried out by the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) suggests the Muslim population increased by more than a million in the ten years from 2001, rising 75 per cent from 1.5 million to 2.7 million.

The research shows that one in 12 school-age children is now Muslim, and a third of all Muslims are aged 15 and under, with half under the age of 25.

And, due to settlement patterns, in some inner city areas as many as 86 per cent of all children aged between five and 15 are officially classed as Muslim.

Many wards in Birmingham have young Muslims making up more than 80 per cent of a school’s intake, such as the Washwood Heath ward where 86 per cent of children are Muslims.

A couple of weeks ago, noted terrorism expert, Steve Emerson got in trouble for saying that Birmingham was a “no-go zone”:

[A]nd in Britain, it’s not just no-go zones, there are actual cities like Birmingham that are totally Muslim where non-Muslims just simply don’t go in. And parts of London, there are actually Muslim religious police that actually beat and actually wound seriously anyone who doesn’t dress according to Muslim, religious Muslim attire.

He apologized profusely. Which was decent of him, if unnecessary. A little hyperbole is nothing to apologize for.

I paraphrase Mark Steyn, but Muslims tend to stay with the customs of their native lands rather than adopt the ways of their new hosts. Oddly, this is even more true of Muslims born among their new hosts. Muslim dominance of certain Britain cities doesn’t necessarily spell trouble, but it at least sounds it out phonetically.


Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World

Found it!

During an Islamic protest against free speech put on by the Muslim Action Forum [MAF] in London Sunday afternoon, women were kept separately from men with barricades.

When I approached a British police officer to ask if I was allowed to enter the protest as a non-Muslim, which was barricaded off across the street from where I was standing near Parliament (I asked the question because I didn’t see any non-Muslims inside the barricades), he informed me that I could try but that it wasn’t a good idea. The implication was that I could be hurt or verbally abused. He also told me that if I attempted to enter, the male protestors would force me to the designated female section.

The stage was put in the middle of the protest and all-male speakers faced the Muslim men in the crowd while their backs were to the women. The speakers never turned around to address the corralled women behind them. An electronic sign placed behind the stage read, “Be careful with Muhammad,” and speakers called on the UK government to condemn and criminalize offensive speech against their prophet.

The protest was part of the MAF’s “Campaign for Civility.”

Ha! Good one, Muslims!

PS: Any response, feminists? Didn’t think so.


British Jews Bail

This is an article in the Telegraph about one family, and how the patriarch is helping other Brits to come to America.

Simon and Honey Gould, married for more than 20 years and with two children, live a seemingly peaceful life in their handsome five-bedroom house in a quiet British suburb.
Simon, 52, is a successful businessman running his own property company. Honey, 49, has pursued a career in marketing, while also raising son Arron, now 18, and daughter Angel, 16. Their wide circle of friends, close family and other relatives lives nearby.
Yet this summer the Goulds will leave everything behind – their north Manchester home filled with memories, their lovely, rambling garden, their busy social life – and leave the UK for good.
It may sound dramatic – incomprehensible, even. But the family, who are Jewish, no longer feel safe in this country. They believe they have no choice.
“It’s a terrible wrench,” says Honey, who admits that even emptying a single drawer “takes hours” as, bit by bit, she packs away the pieces of their life, ready for transit to their new home in the US state of Arizona.

“I’m proud to be British. My parents live in London. Simon has lived his whole life in two streets of north Manchester. Our house is the only home our son and daughter have ever known. But we have to do this, not least for the sake of our children.”

Arizona? Why not Israel? Similar climate, but perhaps they couldn’t tolerate the language hassle. Or maybe they were afraid of Arab terrorism? Whatever the reason, I’m glad they are out of Britain.

She is not the only member of Britain’s 300,000-strong Jewish community to feel things have reached crisis point. Since the gun attack that killed three people at the Jewish Museum in Brussels last year and the murder by radical Islamists of four Jews at a kosher supermarket on the outskirts of Paris last month, the chorus of concern has been growing. The actress Maureen Lipman recently revealed that she, too, is considering leaving the UK because of the rising number of attacks on Jews.
A poll by the Campaign Against Antisemitism last month found nearly half of Britons thought that at least one anti?Semitic view presented to them was “definitely or probably true”.

More at the link. Including the fact that Mr. Gould has helpfully set up this site to help others leave.

“I am the fourth generation of Jew in my family to live in Britain,” he says. “Britain offered a safe haven, a chance for them to raise a family, build a home. I am eternally grateful for the refuge Britain and its government has given to the Jews. But I can’t help feeling that the future is no longer here. The grandfather of one Jewish friend said ‘It’s time to leave when you are no longer free to sit on a park bench’. I think that time is fast approaching. I’m leaving before I’m told that I have to go.”

So sad, but so true. I wonder what the long-term consequences on the British economy will be if many of their Jewish citizens say goodbye?

– Aggie


Islamic Terrorism Explained

Before I taunt all you haters with YET ANOTHER PATRIOTS SUPER BOWL WIN, here’s something even more fun!

London’s mayor had some choice words Friday for Muslims who turn to radicalism, calling them sexually frustrated losers who turn to terrorism out of a deep-seated lack of self-confidence.

“If you look at all the psychological profiling about bombers, they typically will look at porn. They are literally wankers (masturbators). Severe onanists,” Boris Johnson told UK tabloid The Sun, citing an MI5 report.

Sometimes we need the voice of innocence to tell is what we already know. Btw, “Severe Onanists” is a great punk band name for any young readers out there.

“They are tortured. They will be very badly adjusted in their relations with women, and that is a symptom of their feeling of being failures and that the world is against them,” said the Conservative Party member, adding that they sought others forms of spiritual comfort because they were not “making it with girls.”

Johnson further contended that turning to radical Islam was a form of compensation for men with deflated egos and a lack of purpose: “They are just young men in desperate need of self-esteem who do not have a particular mission in life, who feel that they are losers and this thing makes them feel strong — like winners.”

To all you British, French, other Euro-weenie, and even American lovers of the “Palestinian” cause, ask yourselves: how tightly do you want to hug your “freedom fighters” now? Where have those hands been? To what use has that keffiyeh been put?

No wonder Yasser Arafat was a homosexual (reportedly). He couldn’t “make it with girls”.

PS: As for the Patriots:

We are the champions, my friends,
And we’ll keep on fighting ’til the end.
We are the champions.
We are the champions.
No time for losers
‘Cause we are the champions of the world.


Fascinating Film About Life In Israel Today.. And Continuing Jew Hatred In Britain

Tal ben Shahar taught the most popular course at Harvard, a psychology course about happiness. Born in Israel, educated there, in Europe and in the US, a few years ago he decided to return. He narrates a 9 minute clip about the changes that took place in the 14 years in which he lived in the diaspora. I am posting the link, but youtube seems to open to sound automatically, a big No-No on this site.

The video is excellent. Did you know that Israel is the nation that has the 3rd most companies on the stock exchange? The US is number 1, China 2, Israel 3. The European nations are in the dust somewhere, no one seems to be able to locate them. There are brief clips with Warren Buffet, Steve Balmer, and others. There is some very moving footage of a scientist who is confined to a wheel chair whose lab developed a gizmo which allows paraplegics to walk, including interviews with the people using the device. And there is footage of the guy who developed the agricultural drip system in the 60s, and how it is used in arid parts of the world today. Israel is able to produce 40% more food with half the usual water, meaning that we can all buy Israeli peppers and tomatoes and dates!

On the other hand, we can all watch the British journalist and anti-Semite, Adam Boulton, interview the Chief Rabbi of Britain on the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. Go to the link and listen as he blames the Jews for Jew hatred.

I put these together because it is amusing that Europe is on such a steep decline as Israel prospers.

– Aggie


What if the Enemy of My Enemy is Still My Enemy?

Your old pal BTL is in a bit of a quandary. He finds the bloated, smug, distant, and undemocratic rule of the European Union repugnant. Yet he finds the Leftist rebellion against it even worse.

What’s a PhD in schadenfreude to do?

Greece says (in the words of the UK’s Sun) “Up Yours, Delors”:

Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis replied that the government would no longer engage with officials representing the country’s despised ‘troika’ of lenders – the European Commission, International Monetary Fund and European Central Bank.

Instead, the new government – which swept to power last weekend on a promise of ending years of austerity – would talk directly to other EU leaders to try to write off more than half of Greece’s £179 billion in rescue loans.

In fact, Tsipras was elected because he vowed to reverse the kind of austerity measures prescribed by Berlin.

To which Berlin (which is Europe, let’s be honest) responded, not so schnell, Zorba:

Germany’s Finance Ministry denied that Berlin is ready to discuss a new 20 billion Euro aid package if Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras accepted supervised economic reforms.

A spokesman claimed it was ‘pure speculation’, adding: ‘That is not on the agenda at all.’

Norbert Barthle, the parliamentary spokesman on budgetary affairs for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives, told the business daily Handelsblatt there would be ‘serious consequences’ if Athens refused to cooperate.

Hearing that from a German must still make European bowels loosen just a bit, nein?

But he clarified:

He said: ‘There are clear rules and we have legal stipulations about the conditions for giving European credit assistance.

‘If Greece can’t accept these conditions, it must find the necessary funding on the capital markets.’

Translation: starve.

Which is good. That’s how a capitalist should answer socialist twaddle. But in addition to hunger pangs, there will be blood. And you know whose blood it almost always is:

A Greek politician who claimed that Jews “don’t pay taxes” has been elected as Defense Minister, Greek media reported Thursday night, amid already-high concerns over rising anti-Semitism in the country that is only expected to worsen following recent elections.

Panos Kammenos of the Syriza party made the comments during an interview with Greek Ant-1 TV, according to New Greek TV, on December 18 – just days after the drive-by shooting at the Israeli Embassy in Athens.

Local Jewish leaders were outraged at the comments.

“It is a disgrace that a leader of a party in Parliament does not know that Greek Jews are equal citizens and subject to the all the rights and obligations of every citizen,” the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece stated in response at the time…

With the utmost affection and respect to my Greek Jewish friends, so the [bleep] what? Weren’t Weimar Germany Jews “equal citizens and subject to the all the rights and obligations of every citizen”? And French Jews? And Polish Jews? And Dutch Jews? And even Greek Jews? You can’t argue away vile antisemitism: as Israel has shown, you kill it dead.

You can see BTL’s derriere pierced by the horns of a dilemma. Which is more detestable—the statist bureaucrats of Brussels (aka Berlin); or the neo-Nazis (short for National Socialists) of the fascist Left? It is with a heavy heart that I must side with gray suits over the brown shirts.

But it may be too late:

Tens of thousands of people have massed in central Madrid for a rally organised by radical Spanish leftists Podemos.

The “March for Change” is one of the party’s first outdoor mass rallies, as it looks to build on the recent victory of its close allies Syriza in Greece.

Podemos has surged into the lead in recent opinion polls, and says it will seek to write off part of Spain’s debt if it wins elections later this year.

Podemos says politicians should “serve the people, not private interests”.

Note to Spanish Jews: you may want to start packing your bolsas de viaje now.

PS: I know we’re hard on British antisemites here, and with good reason. But Britain’s reaction toward the EU’s hegemony has been to push back, and to listen to those arguing for greater distance from Berlin (aka Brussels), namely Nigel Farage’s UKIP. There’s the odd nutter in the party, but the Tories, Labour, and the Lib-Dems are no better, often worse. There’s a certain kind of crazy that effects the continent that doesn’t effect the UK.

PPS: Or does it?

The Church of England has launched an investigation into charges of anti-Semitism made against one of its more controversial vicars, Dr. Stephen Sizer.

Sizer, it would seem, has joined the ranks of what the Americans call “truthers” – those who insist that the truth has been concealed regarding who was behind the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States.

Most truthers promote theories that the US government itself was behind the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington, DC. But Sizer has endorsed a smaller group of truthers who, in medieval blood libel fashion, say the Jews did it.

Sizer this week posted to Facebook a link to an article titled “9/11 Israel did it.” In text accompanying the link, Sizer wondered, “Is this anti-Semitic?” Whether or not it is didn’t seem to matter to Sizer, in whose mind the link in question “raises so many questions.”

PPPS: Never mind:

Britons feel more “unfavorable” to Israel than any other country worldwide except North Korea, a survey found.

The survey — taken in August and published Thursday by Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs — showed a massive surge in negative attitudes toward Israel since the previous such study, two years earlier. Thirty-five percent of Britons said they “feel especially unfavorable towards” Israel in the 2014 survey, compared to 17% in 2012.

That figure meant that Israel is regarded more unfavorably by Britons than Iran — 33% in the 2014 survey, compared to 45% in 2012. Only North Korea fares worse — regarded as especially unfavorable by 47% in 2014, compared to 40% in 2012.

At least Britain doesn’t have antisemitic politicians spewing ignorant hate speech.

PPPPS: Never mind—again:

Baroness Jenny Tonge, a member of Britain’s House of Lords with a long record of inflammatory, often antisemitic, statements against both Israel and the British Jewish leadership, has again been pressuring British Jews to collectively condemn Israel.

Earlier this week, Tonge tabled a written question in the House of Lords in which she asked “Her Majesty’s Government whether they plan to encourage Jewish faith leaders in the United Kingdom publicly to condemn settlement building by Israel and to make clear their support for universal human rights.”

Tonge’s question, which comes against the background of rising antisemitism in the UK, was quickly condemned by Jewish campaigners.

Jonathan Sacerdoti of the Campaign Against Antisemitism, which recently published a disturbing survey about the current levels of antisemitism in the UK, told The Algemeiner that the “widely accepted” definition of antisemitism coined by the European Union Monitoring Center “specifies that it is antisemitic to hold Jews collectively responsible for any action of the State of Israel.”

“Baroness Tonge has a long history of making these sorts of remarks,” Sacerdoti said. “It is despicable to see her using the House of Lords to try to harass Jewish people.”

I think I’ve said enough. I’ve certainly read enough.

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