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Effing Belgium, man. What’s up with that?

Following are excerpts from a statement by Belgian Islamist Sheik Abu Imran opposite the Atomium Monument in Brussels, which was posted on the Internet on December 11, 2011:

In the name of Allah, the Merciful the Compassionate. Praise be to Allah, and prayers upon the Prophet, his family, his companions, and his followers. This is a short message to the King of Belgium, the Belgian government, the Belgian people, and specifically to the Muslims in Belgium. This is the flag that, Allah willing, will soon be flying on top of that building over there. There you see the flag of the Taghut, of the infidels, and soon, the flag of “there is no god but Allah” will be flying there, on top of that palace…

Demonstrator: Say: Allah Akbar.

Crowd: Allah Akbar.

Abu Imran: …and on top of all the other palaces in Europe, until, Allah willing, we reach the White House. We will not rest, despite the lawsuits and intimidations, and despite the war they wage against the Islamic nation. We swear by Allah, the one and only God, that we will not rest, we will not stop, until this flag flies on top of that building.

Demonstrator: Say: Allah Akbar.

Crowd: Allah Akbar.

Abu Imran: We can see nowadays how people are taking photos, and how people from Brussels and from all over Europe come here for what is called “tourism,” and take photos of this monument. They hold on to this monument. Allah be praised. On top, you can see the Belgian flag. This monument is a symbol of Belgium. They have put this symbol on the euro, and they have printed it on banknotes. This is a symbol of the state of Belgium. Soon, Belgium will fall apart. May Allah disperse them and their country.

Crowd: Amen.

Abu Imran: Then this symbol will be useless to them. Look how people view this monument as their Taghut, their idol.


Between 1995 and 2001, Mullah Omar, may Allah protect him, destroyed the symbols of idolatry [in Afghanistan], so we too should destroy these monuments. How can we demonstrate that we are Muslims? When we see that in Egypt, people hold on to pyramids, to the Sphinx… They have become places for tourists, for millions of businesses, and they even make little souvenirs for tourists, just like they have done with this monument here, the Atomium. They make little models of it for tourists, and sell them in souvenir shops. That is why we must free ourselves from this idolatry, and why we call upon everyone to stay away from idols and idolatry.

One of these idols is this Taghut here behind us, with the flag of the Taghut government on top of it, a symbol of the Taghut regime, the Taghut system, ruling this country. But Allah willing, Belgium will soon be freed from polytheism and idolatry. Belgium will be freed from the system of idolatry. We promise to clean Belgium of the system of idolatry, as well as of the idols themselves. Then we will demolish this symbol, this monument. Andy why? Not because of hatred.

I know people will try to twist my words, in order to prove that I call to destroy things. So why? Simply because the Belgian community could better use all the millions spent on renovating this monument, spent on electricity, spent on tourism.

That is why we say: We do not need these things. What we do need is free water, electricity, and gas for the Belgian people. We need to ensure the safety of Belgian Muslims and non-Muslims in the Islamic state that will replace this Taghut. Allah willing, the more Muslims who participate, the faster we will reach our goal of freeing Belgium from injustice, from tyranny, and from idolatry, and of implementing the purest form of Tawheed in our lives.

Demonstrator: Say: Allah Akbar.

Crowd: Allah Akbar.

Abu Imran: Let us live in an Islamic state, in which there is no idolatry, and there is only “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is His Prophet.”

Title reads: “Support our troops”


Take Belgium already, it’s yours! Nobody will miss it. Just shut up. God, what noise.

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Massacre in Belgium

There was a horrible shooting in Belgium this morning, and while our deepest sympathies go out to the people of Liège, we feel it important to point out that the killer was, ahem, shall we say, not a Jew:

Nordine Amrani, the lone gunman who died after killing three people and injuring scores in an attack in a crowded Belgian square on Tuesday, had a long criminal record but was not known for violent crime.

The 33-year-old Amrani was well known to the police before he went on the rampage in the eastern Belgian city of Liege, opening fire on a square packed with children and Christmas shoppers, killing three people and wounding another 75.

He had previously been convicted for drug dealing and illegal arms possession, as well as for holding stolen goods and other crimes, said Daniele Reynders, the public prosecutor for Liege.

In September 2008 he was thrown behind bars for 58 months when police uncovered a weapons arsenal in his home.

They found 10 firearms and 9,500 gun parts along with 2,800 cannabis plants, but a prison official said Amrani was granted early release last year.

A weapons aficionado, he was said to be able to dismantle, repair and put together all sorts of weapons but was never linked to any terrorist act or network.

Amrani, that’s Arabic innit?

But you know the detail that really gets me?

Amrani had been summoned by police on Tuesday morning but never showed up.

Instead he left his Liege home in the morning with his backpack and arms, a light automatic rifle, a handgun and several grenades.

They “summoned” him? Why? Why didn’t they “arrest” him? Given the cowardly reaction (or lack thereof) by the police to the attack on the Jewish girl, Oceane Sluijzer, by a pack of Arab girls, I suppose nothing should surprise me.

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If It’s Jews-day, This Must Be Belgium

I don’t know why, but such an inconsequential country as Belgium has been popping up on our radar screen lately. (In terms of consequence, Belgium ranks behind Togo and maybe just ahead of Andorra.)

Whether it’s this guy, the new Socialist leader of the, ahem, country, and contender for the I-Hate-Really-Really-Hate-Israel-More-Than-You-Do Prize (I think he has the swimsuit competition wrapped up).

Or even this guy, the US Ambassador to…what’s it called again? Right, Belgium. He says Muslim antisemitism is tied to the Israeli-Arab conflict alone (which would be news to the author of the Koran and certain hadiths).

And don’t get us started again on the nonsense coming out of Brussels. I have Nigel Farage bookmarked, and I’m not afraid to use him.

But no Belgian has been more present here lately than the beautifully named Oceane Sluijzer.

Who she?

Perhaps this will jog your memory: “I got used to being called a ‘dirty Jew’”.

Her blue eyes still look empty, her blond hair hides the heavy strokes she received. For 10 days, 13-year-old Oceane Sluijzer didn’t leave her house, terrified, afraid to go out.

The fear to walk on the street on her own still paralyzes her, ever since that Friday, about two weeks ago, when five girls of Muslim descent, her schoolmates, humiliated her in public and assaulted her.

“Dirty Jew – go to your country,” they told her, grabbing her hair and slamming her head against their knees. Then they just left her there, at the sports center, not far from the school, while those who witnessed the incident quickly ran away.

“The police suggested that I keep quiet about the incident. They asked me, ‘Don’t say that it’s anti-Semitism,’” Oceane reveals. “They even suggested that I avoid going to the hospital.”

According to her father, Dan, “The police said they would collect the five girls’ testimonies and settle for that. If they attack her again in the future, they promised to act differently. The police wanted to bury this affair as soon as possible.”

The educational system’s response was similar. Oceane returned home that day and didn’t leave her house for the next 10 days, but no one at the school even bothered to check on her. Her schoolmates disappeared too.

“A week later, the principal called and asked me to visit his office with Oceane’s mother,” the father says. “He said he had decided to suspend the girls’ leader. I informed him that my daughter would not be returning to a school which is incapable of protecting her. As far as he was concerned, it was enough. It was the ideal solution.”

She finds it difficult to look up when she speaks, her head is bent down, her voice is faint. Her father says his daughter has changed. “Suddenly I can’t touch her,” he notes. “A pat on the shoulder and she flinches. I’m very concerned.”

We’ve reported this I believe twice before—but Oceane tells the story now in her own words:

“I play soccer at the sports center,” she says. “It was a routine afternoon training session organized by the school.”

She says the abuse was nothing new. The girls of Moroccan descent used to regularly address her with exclamations of contempt.

“In the past month and a half it became worse,” she says. “That day I just had enough. I said to myself that today I would answer them, that I wouldn’t take it anymore.”

She mustered the courage and answered back. “The fact that I’m not Moroccan doesn’t give you permission not to respect me,” she told the girls. “They began cursing and insulting me.”

Oceane didn’t break down: “I don’t want to keep quiet. I live in my country.” Her comment cost her two slaps in the face. “It was an act of provocation and they wanted me to hit them back. I was gripped with fear and realized I must walk away.”

But the girls wouldn’t let her go. “They followed me and began assaulting me. The attack lasted five minutes, which seemed eternal. A friend of mine of Indian descent was the only one who intervened. She tried to protect me. She prevented a disaster. Their hatred would have left me bleeding on the grass without anyone there to help me.”

It turns out that the girls only found out about Oceane’s Jewish roots about a year ago.

“We’re Arab. We don’t want you to be part of our group,” they used to tell her. “The Muslim girls created a balance of fear threatening everyone. I got used to not having the Belgian girls defend me, because I knew they were scared too.”

Tensions mounted at the school every day. “I got used to being called a dirty Jew. It wasn’t unusual, although I was burning up inside.”

Her father, whose grandfather was murdered in the Holocaust, says that “last year I already went to the school and warned the principal that there is a problem of anti-Semitism here, but he said they were just children and that I mustn’t make generalizations. I was concerned by the fact that my daughter and her older sister are the only Jewish girls in the school.”

And he had good reason to be concerned, as the verbal violence turned into physical violence. While the Moroccan girl has appealed the decision to suspend her and may return to the educational institution, Oceane must now look for a new school.

Victims of bullying here in America (and presumably elsewhere) recognize this craven solution. It is easier to solve the problem by removing the victim than by punishing and changing the behavior of the aggressor.

Boy, doesn’t that sound familiar? Oceane is the personification of Israel, a state isolated in a sea of Arab enmity, called “dirty” on its best of days, and left to fend for itself by its purported allies who are scared [bleep]less to come to its defense.

But Israel isn’t going anywhere.

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