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Down Mexico Way

You know, like Maryland:

U.S. sheriffs are alarmed that securing the U.S. – Mexico border is no longer a concern for the law enforcement agencies near the boundary, with Mexico drug cartels infiltrating cities and towns across the country trading in human trafficking, prostitution, kidnapping and money laundering.

Sam Page – sheriff of Rockingham County in North Carolina, who oversees 94,000 residents – told The Washington Times that a Mexican cartel set up a drug warehouse one mile from his home.

He estimates hat cartels have infiltrated more than 3,000 U.S. cities and are recruiting local gangs, former prisoners and teenagers to join them.

‘If we fail to secure our borders, then every sheriff in America will become a border sheriff,’ he told The Times.

‘We’re only a two-day drive from the border and have already seen the death and violence that illegal crossings brings into our community.

‘These men are coming into our county with more firepower than I have. I’m literally outgunned.’

Since entering into an agreement with U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement in early 2008, the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office has detained 1,250 illegal immigrants, 50 of whom have had connections to Mexican drug cartels and organized crime, Sheriff Jenkins said.

‘The success of the program is not in the numbers – it’s who is actually getting arrested,’ he said.

‘Do I want Mexican gang members on the streets of Frederick County? Hell no.’

This ought to unite people to action, right?


Pablo Alvarado, executive director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, said such programs waste federal money and are discriminatory.

‘The idea of deputizing local sheriffs as front-line immigration reformers is a catastrophic mistake,’ said Chris Newman, the network’s general counsel.

‘It distracts attention, chills people from reporting crime, encourages racial profiling and leads to the unconstitutional arrest and detainment of illegal immigrants.’

Isn’t it the job of local sheriffs to arrest people breaking the law? How can any such “detainment” be unconstitutional? Indeed, how does the US Constitution apply to Mexican nationals—especially those here illegally, especially those “trading in human trafficking, prostitution, kidnapping and money laundering”—at all?

Readers know my obsession with this particular Obama lie. Not once but twice has he flapped his gums to portray Mexico as Switzerland with chipotle. Among his myriad lies, this one is a lie not of opportunity (like his ObamaCare lies), but a lie of fancy. He doesn’t gain anything by quoting such Mexican luminaries as Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, Octavio Paz, and… uh…Octavio Paz. He just likes to. There’s nothing wrong with Mexico, he asserts, that fewer “sensational headlines” couldn’t fix.

So, why does he do it? Why try to portray Mexico in terms opposite of the facts of this sensational headline?

Drug cartel internal feud leaves 28 dead in Mexico

That was last week.

But of course the answer is easy. The “day laborer” activists quoted above tell us all we need to know. Obama flatters Mexico not to flatter Mexicans, but to flatter Mexicans (and Guatemalans, and Salvadorans, etc.) here illegally. When we lost our health care plans and our doctors, who but a few late-stage cancer patients was harmed (all of whom were liars anyway, according to Harry Reid)? At the very least, prostitutes and kidnapping victims have been harmed by this Obama lie. Where are their support groups and advocates?


Did He Say Open or Opaque?

For a regime so notoriously secretive (Benghazi, IRS, Fast & Furious, chilling prosecutions against reporters), they’re awfully public with this news:

Medicare paid a tiny group of doctors $3 million or more apiece in 2012. One got nearly $21 million.

Those are among the findings of an Associated Press analysis of physician data released Wednesday by the Obama administration, part of a move to open the books on health care financing.

Topping Medicare’s list was Florida ophthalmologist Salomon Melgen, whose relationship with Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J., made headlines last year after news broke that the lawmaker used the doctor’s personal jet for trips to the Dominican Republic. Medicare paid Melgen $20.8 million.

AP’s analysis found that a small sliver of the more than 825,000 individual physicians in Medicare’s claims data base — just 344 physicians — took in top dollar, at least $3 million apiece for a total of nearly $1.5 billion.

Menendez, D-N.J., hasn’t been found guilty of anything. Why should the doctor?

I’m all for openness, but, again, I do not trust this occupting power farther than I can throw the White House.

The American Medical Association, which has long opposed release of the Medicare database, is warning it will do more harm than good.

The AMA says the files may contain inaccurate information. And even if the payment amounts are correct, the AMA says they do not provide meaningful insights into the quality of care.

“We believe that the broad data dump … has significant shortcomings regarding the accuracy and value of the medical services rendered by physicians,” AMA president Ardis Dee Hoven said. “Releasing the data without context will likely lead to inaccuracies, misinterpretations, false conclusions and other unintended consequences.”

I don’t know if Dr. Melgen is a crook or not, though I find his choice of company suspect. If he’s found guilty, I hope they soak him but good. But an ophthalmologist in South Florida would seem to be in position to make as much money as he wanted, it would seem to me. If he has a good Chinese buffet in his waiting room, so much the better.

Anyway, Obama has been slandering doctors from the beginning of ObamaCare. Rush is ranting about this as I type (transcript not yet up), but this Newsbusters post makes the point:

President Obama disgustingly said the following:

[L]et’s take the example of something like diabetes, one of — a disease that’s skyrocketing, partly because of obesity, partly because it’s not treated as effectively as it could be. Right now if we paid a family — if a family care physician works with his or her patient to help them lose weight, modify diet, monitors whether they’re taking their medications in a timely fashion, they might get reimbursed a pittance. But if that same diabetic ends up getting their foot amputated, that’s $30,000, $40,000, $50,000 — immediately the surgeon is reimbursed.

The following day, the American College of Surgeons issued a statement harshly rebuking the President’s comments, but America’s media almost completely ignored it (h/t Jamie Colby):

Yesterday during a town hall meeting, President Obama got his facts completely wrong. He stated that a surgeon gets paid $50,000 for a leg amputation when, in fact, Medicare pays a surgeon between $740 and $1,140 for a leg amputation. This payment also includes the evaluation of the patient on the day of the operation plus patient follow-up care that is provided for 90 days after the operation. Private insurers pay some variation of the Medicare reimbursement for this service.

Three weeks ago, the President suggested that a surgeon’s decision to remove a child’s tonsils is based on the desire to make a lot of money. That remark was ill-informed and dangerous, and we were dismayed by this characterization of the work surgeons do. Surgeons make decisions about recommending operations based on what’s right for the patient.

These were some of the earliest lies of ObamaCare, contemporaneous with the you-can-keep-your-doctor porkies (pork pies rhymes with lies, hence porkies). But they still reverberate. Doctors make money off treating the sick. If that’s not parasitism (according to Obama), he don’t know what is.

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Saved or Created Health Insurance Policies

The Obama regime can claim to have “saved or created” millions of jobs in congressional districts that don’t exist (anybody found the North Dakota 99th yet?), so why not claim 7.1 (love the 0.1!) enrollees in ObamaCare?

Like the media are going to check?

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: [T]his is a phony number and it’s wonderfully precise. You know, these guys go six months without any idea what the numbers are, and all of a sudden, it’s to a decimal point. 7.1, not 7.2. But of course, it’s meaningless because, a, we don’t know how many of them have paid. And it’s an enrollment number that’s not enrollment, but the more important one is how many were previously uninsured?

Such a cynic.

Let Jay Carney explain it all for you:

ED HENRY: At the beginning of all of this, when the website was having so much trouble, and there were only hundreds and thousands of people signing up in the first month you were saying then, ‘I’m not going to cherry-pick numbers and we’re going to put out the numbers monthly, of the people who are signing up.’ So now when you have records number of people coming into the website, how can you turn around with these numbers in 24 hours and tell us with accuracy –

JAY CARNEY: Because our system has gotten a lot better, which I think anybody who went on in October and went on it in the last week can attest.

HENRY: [inaudible] that you know it’s an accurate number?

CARNEY: I think that we’ve got better and better at compiling and collecting the data…

Does he kiss Claire Shipman with that mouth? The very system that crashed—twice—yesterday is better? It can tell you how many signed up, but nothing about them?

I know why they lie, but I wish they were better at it. This crap is just an insult.


Hearts and Minds

I always thought that was an expression. Not a menu.

Ever eager to lear how President Obama thinks, I follow up on his claims and assertions to see how they stand up to… what is the word?


The shooting deaths of seven men near the Mexico-Arizona border dramatize what appears to be an escalating use of the once-calm stretch of border as a drug trafficking corridor.

The seven men apparently were ambushed by rival drug traffickers in a rural area near Sonoyta, Mexico, close to the U.S. border crossing at Lukeville, Arizona, and their bodies were found inside a pickup truck Wednesday night, a day after the killings.

Authorities said Thursday that an eighth man was found wounded on a hill, and he told state police the victims had just dropped off marijuana when gunmen opened fire with automatic rifles on their pickup truck.

Well, that’ll happen sometimes.

This is a little unusual (I hope):

New members of a Mexican drug cartel were reportedly forced to eat children’s hearts as part of their initiation, according to authorities.

Details of the rituals were discovered by officials investigating an organ trafficking ring allegedly run by the infamous Knights Templar cartel.

The group’s leader Nazario Moreno, who was shot dead by police in March, allegedly ordered that recruits prove their loyalty through an act of cannibalism, the International Business Times reported.

“At [an] initiation ceremony they used the organs, in this case the heart, and forced people going through this initiatory process to eat it,” Alfredo Castillo, the federal government’s envoy to Michoacan, told a local radio station.

The majority of the hearts came from local children who had been kidnapped for organ trafficking purposes, authorities believe.

Waste not, want not!

I guess smuggling works up an appetite:

California has become the nation’s top entry for methamphetamine coming into the country, with over 70 percent of the U.S. supply of the drug being brought across the border into the Golden State by Mexican drug cartels, a new report states.

“The harm done by transnational criminal organizations to communities all across California is hard to overstate,” the report states. “Not only do these organizations threaten public health by driving the supply and distribution of harmful narcotics, but their alliances with violent prison and street gangs have sparked a rash of violence in a period of otherwise declining criminal activity.”

You know another word for “criminal activity”?


The Sinaloa Cartel, headquartered on Mexico’s northern Pacific Coast, is constantly exploring new ways to launder its gargantuan profits. The State Department reports that Mexican trafficking organizations earn between $19 and $29 billion every year from selling marijuana, cocaine, heroin and methamphetamines on the streets of American cities.

“It’s very important for them to get that money into the banking system and do so with as little scrutiny as possible,” says Jim Hayes, special agent in charge of Homeland Security Investigations for the New York office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE. He was lead agent in the 2012 case that revealed how Sinaloa money men used HSBC, one of the world’s largest banks, as their private vault.

The bank ignored basic anti-money laundering controls, as the investigation found. In 2007 and 2008, the bank’s personnel in Mexico wired $7 billion dollars to corresponding U.S. dollar accounts in New York. These were more dollars than even larger Mexican banks wired to U.S. accounts. ICE says some of it was drug proceeds.

A U.S. Border Shelter That Attracts Asylum Seekers Far And Wide
Yet no red flags were raised because of what a bank official later described as, a “lack of a compliance culture” in the Mexico affiliate, according to the Senate report.

We’ll comply mañana.

But President Obama said Mexico was getting better! That it was practically Swiss in its devotion to the rule of law.

President Obama say a lot of [bleep]:

Little has improved in Mexico’s security since President Enrique Pena Nieto took office in 2012, even with the arrest of the nation’s biggest drug kingpin and a government committed to improving the rule-of-law, some Mexican executives say.

Rogelio Velez, chief operating officer at railroad operator Ferrocarril Mexicano SA, said his company has spent 2.2 percent of its income in 2012 and 2013 to protect the company. Samantha Ricciardi, Mexico’s country head at BlackRock Inc., the world’s largest asset manager, agreed that violence has remained at elevated levels and investors in the automotive hub of Queretaro state are concerned about safety.

Pena Nieto in his 2012 inaugural address vowed to reduce crime in Latin America’s second-biggest economy and shift Mexico’s focus away from the drug violence that has left more than 92,000 people dead or missing since 2006. While he captured drug cartel leaders including Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, the world’s most-wanted criminal, kidnappings and extortions have increased under his watch.

“Basically we’re in the same place as before,” Ferromex’s Velez said today at the Bloomberg Mexico Economic Summit in Mexico City. “We haven’t been able to see in our numbers a security improvement.”

Them’s some pretty “sensational headlines”, don’t you think?


A website based on deceit and fraud, designed by the government, intended to sell you on a thoroughly discredited theory…do these guys never learn?

The Obama administration is launching a new online effort to warn the public about the dangers of climate change.

The White House is unveiling a new website Wednesday,, that will let citizens, businesses and local governments take the latest scientific data and see how their communities will be affected by rising seas, heat waves and drought.

The website is part of U.S. President Barack Obama’s efforts to boost public support for his initiative to fight climate change.

It worked so well for health care!

Imagine if old pharaoh had had the internet at his disposal to let the citizens of ancient Egypt see how the plague of frogs would effect the kingdom from Memphis to Thebes. “The Romans just want to help the single-cubits. We want all folks to receive their fair share of manna.”

Because you rely on me, I clicked over to (an Orwellian URL if there ever was one).

I sh*t you not:


However stupid these people are, we folks are even stupider. Would ancient Egyptians have fallen for “If you like your first-born, you can keep your first-born”?


Your One-Size-Fits-All Republican Campaign Ad for the Fall

Just add water:


Sensational Headline Watch

“Some Americans only see the Mexico depicted in sensational headlines.”
Barack Obama, May 30, 2013, Mexico City

Before we proceed to the latest installment, a reminder:

THE PRESIDENT: Hola! (Applause.) Buenos dias!

Patronizing dillweed.

And it’s an honor to be back in Mexico City — one of the world’s great cities. Es un placer estar entre amigos. (Applause.)


In modern times, Mexico’s blend of cultures and traditions found its expression in the murals of Rivera and the paintings of Frida, and the poetry of Sor Juana and the essays of Octavio Paz.

Anyone he left out? Fernando Valenzuela? Selena Gomez?

Despite all the bonds and the values that we share, despite all the people who claim heritage on both sides, our attitudes sometimes are trapped in old stereotypes. Some Americans only see the Mexico that is depicted in sensational headlines of violence and border crossings. And let’s admit it, some Mexicans think that America disrespects Mexico, or thinks that America is trying to impose itself on Mexican sovereignty, or just wants to wall ourselves off.

That’s the background to this:

Four human heads were reportedly discovered Thursday in Michoacan state, one of several recent incidents that suggest the Knights Templar drug cartel may be lashing out as the federal government and vigilante groups attempt to retake territory under cartel control.

The heads were found in the indigenous community of Zacan, about 200 miles west of Mexico City, according to numerous news reports. The newspaper El Universal reported that a “message with threats from organized crime” was found along with the body parts. Two other human heads were discovered Monday in Antunez, south of Zacan.

So sensational have the headlines been that Mexicans have taken to vigilantism to protect themselves in these lawless regions.

And now for the truly sensational part:

Though the motives behind this week’s beheadings were unclear, they may represent efforts by the Knights Templar to lash out against the forces allied against them.

Meanwhile, the states around Michoacan have been stepping up security in anticipation of the “cucaracha effect” — that is, increased violence as Michoacan-based cartel members scurry away from the increased federal presence there.

Even the rest of Mexico want to “wall itself off”, Mr. President. From the “cucaracha effect”.

I, and people like me, don’t fear illegal immigration and criminal aliens because they are “brown” (as the Left always describes them), but because they are illegal and criminal. In fact, I’d like to nationalize and deputize the Mexican vigilantes and put them to work patrolling the border. To keep the (their word, not mine) “cucarachas” at bay.

Not only can our president not be trusted to execute the laws as they were written, he doesn’t even live in the same world as the rest of us.

But what’s also clear is that a new Mexico is emerging.

[Y]ou go forward knowing the truth that Benito Juarez once spoke — “democracy is the destiny of humanity.” And we are seeing that here in Mexico. (Applause.) We’re seeing that here in Mexico.

It’s like he opened up Wikiquote and just started copying.


It Depends on Your Definition of Smidgen

It’s smaller than a pinch, but bigger than a wisp:

The day produced more evidence blowing apart President Obama’s claims that there was “not even a smidgen of corruption” or political motivation in the IRS handling of groups applying for tax-exempt status.

Mr. Obama wants Americans to believe that the targeting resulted from the confusing tax law governing nonprofits, which he says was “difficult” to interpret and resulted in mere “bureaucratic” mistakes. This is also the Administration’s justification for issuing new regulations governing 501(c)(4)s that would effectively silence White House opponents this election year. Published in the Federal Register in November, the new rules cite the “lack of a clear and concise” regulation as reason for the rewrite.

House Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp blew up this fairy tale at Wednesday’s hearing with new IRS Commissioner John Koskinen.

Mr. Camp added that everything his committee has discovered contradicts the White House argument that the IRS scandal was caused by legal “confusion.” The current rules governing 501(c)(4)s have existed, unchanged, since 1959. Prior to 2010 the IRS processed and approved tax-exempt applications in fewer than three months with no apparent befuddlement.

The IRS hyper-scrutiny of conservative groups only began in 2010 amid the Obama Administration’s larger political attack on political donors like the Koch brothers, and emails show that IRS officials were acutely aware of this political environment. In February 2010, for example, an IRS screener in Cincinnati flagged an application to his superiors noting: “Recent media attention to this type of organization indicates to me that this is a ‘high profile’ case.”

From then on applications were routed through the offices of Mrs. Lerner and Obama-appointed IRS chief counsel William Wilkins, and long approval delays ensued. Extensive interviews and emails show that neither the initial Cincinnati interest, nor the subsequent Washington delay, was in any way driven by “confusion.”

My greatest outrage changes by the day. Benghazi? ObamaCare? But the IRS scandal might just beat all. Benghazi didn’t get him reelected; God knows gutting health care didn’t. But he absolutely and directly owes his second term to the disenfranchisement of conservative voters.

And as someone else asked, if there’s not a smidgen of corruption surrounding the IRS, why did Lois Lerner take the Fifth?


Death By Obamacare

This woman says Obama lied to us, and so he did. But she also says he betrayed us. Did he?

How is this not a very much intended consequence?

ObamaCare was supposed to help me.

That’s all I could think as I sat in the House of Representatives last Tuesday night as the guest of my congresswoman, only a few hundred feet away from President Obama as he gave his State of the Union address. Four years ago, I’d have been there cheering for ObamaCare’s passage. But the real ObamaCare has made my life a nightmare.

I suffer from a difficult chronic illness called lupus, an autoimmune disease with devastating symptoms that strike when you least expect them. At age 40, my life is filled with visits to doctors, specialists and the emergency room. While paying for this care is expensive, I have no other choice.

Prior to ObamaCare, I bought my health insurance through CoverTN, a program run by the state of Tennessee. The coverage was perfectly suited to my unique medical condition. It offered me low premiums, a low deductible and low co-pays for my regular trips to doctors and specialists. This plan was perfect for someone with my unique medical condition and limited financial means.

My plan was canceled last fall. According to the regulators behind ObamaCare, it was a subpar plan that should no longer be sold to consumers.

He’s a liar, sure. The facts speak for themselves. And she’s screwed; that also seems beyond dispute. (Though when you see he details of her old plan, you know she was being subsidized by others—her payments were too low for the cost of her treatment.)

But betrayed? That would imply that she voted for this cad, this charlatan, this obvious faker:

I’ve had to take a second job in order to pay for my ObamaCare plan. Given my health problems, the physical and emotional drain that this puts on me is difficult to bear. It’s also made it much more difficult for me to care for my ailing mother, who depends on me for help.

For me, the impact of ObamaCare is a health plan that is both unaffordable and uncaring. For a law named “The Affordable Care Act,” this is both backward and perverse.

It’s also not what you promised me when I voted for you, Mr. President.

Aggie and I could spend all day every day posting similar stories. But she voted for him. So did many of the other people “betrayed” by him.

We stand second to no one in our contempt for the man (a liar) and his policies (socialism). But this post is about the people who voted for him. Considering what she says about him, what does that say about her? Rush Limbaugh said he hoped Obama would fail precisely because the evils of Obamacare would be the legacy of his success. Show of hands, America, how many of you now wish Obama had failed?

The ayes have it.

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Obamacare es Mierda

Los Hispanicos no like-o cuidado de salud:

President Obama’s new health-care law also is causing consternation among many Latinos over the possibility that signing up for the Affordable Care Act could get family members deported.

“It’s a very real barrier,” say Daniel Zingale, vice president of the California Endowment, a Los Angeles nonprofit that promotes the law among Latinos.

“Families are worried about being deported and divided by having any official interaction with the government,” he says.

So much for brining them out of the shadows. If the bright lights of the clinic and the ER scare them, do you think they’ll file with the IRS? Register with the DMV? Get a library card?

“Our community is about family, so protecting the family comes first,” says Jane Delgado, executive director of the National Alliance for Hispanic Health in Washington.

“This is very personal information that they’re being asked to share,” she adds.

While the rest of us are just being asked our shoe size, you mean. Vamanos, muchachos! They did this for you. Where’s the gratitude?

About 9 million people live in families that include members who are in the US legally as well as some who are here illegally, according to the Pew Research Center. Under the new law, only people in the country legally qualify for help with health-care insurance.

I will pay one billion Bloodthirstani dollars to the first person who can explain that passage in real English. I think it means there are families with both legals and illegals as members (or criminal aliens if they don’t like illegal). I always heard there were 12 million—and I heard that number was low—but whatever.

Despite a public statement released by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) that health-care information would remain confidential, many Latinos remain skeptical that an agency that has deported record numbers of people in the past few years will keep its promise.

They don’t trust this government? Imagine! But don’t worry, my little bandido amigos, Obama has drawn another of his famous “red lines”:

To ease people’s angst, health-care advocates are now telling families that ICE has drawn a line between enrollment and immigration enforcement.

But health-care activists say that, in addition, public assurances from Obama would go a long way toward quelling anxiety about deportation.

“I don’t think it’s asking too much for the president himself to offer legal Americans eligible for Obamacare the reassurance that they can enroll in this program without having their loved ones deported,” says Zingale.

Si le gusta a su familia, usted puede mantener a su familia.

PS: I’m sorry, I don’t meant to laugh at Latinos. I laugh at everyone. Especially everyone who bought this [bleep]. It really is too funny.


Just One More Lie

If you would allow us just one more whopper of a lie, pretty please?

Republican Rep. Tom Price hit President Barack Obama for not listening to new ideas on health care, saying his calls to the White House have gone unanswered.

“We’ve actually called him. We’ve contacted the White House repeatedly. Silence. It’s crickets,” Price (R-Ga.) said Monday on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends.”

Earlier this month, Obama slammed Republican critics of the Affordable Care Act for not coming up with solutions asking people to bring him good ideas, but he said will not repeal the law.

Price, a physician and vice chairman of the House Budget Committee, spoke about his own proposal, which would actually repeal Obamacare. Price said his plan puts patients, families and doctors in control of their coverage, but continued to criticize the White House.

“The fact is they don’t want to talk about the quality of health care, accessibility to health care, affordability of health care. What they want is the government to control health care,” Price said.

Republicans were shut out when the law was written, and they’ve been shut out from any of Obama’s imperial whims of enforcement or suspension. For him to pretend otherwise is, well, just another lie.

He is a serial prevaricator, who lies from the moment he wakes up to the moment he goes to bed. He lies pathologically, obsessively. His lies can be multiple and contradictory; he no more remembers them after he says them than he means them as he says them. If he were locked up in a loony bin, he’d be unremarkable; as he lives in the White House and wields the power of the federal government (IRS, NSA, etc.), he is a little more dangerous.


Penalty of Perjury

Aggie has helpfully compiled a list of the myriad lies Obama has told—a moveable feast—but Obama ain’t the only one telling tall tales:

Two documents released Monday about the Obamacare ‘Navigators’ couldn’t be more different: A congressional report slammed the health insurance helpers for encouraging fraud, while the organization’s own training manual encouraged workers to ‘be candid, open, and honest’ and ‘build trust’ with Americans seeking health care policies.

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform released its scathing indictment of the Navigator program in conjunction with a Texas field hearing. Investigators found that volunteers tasked with enrolling Obamacare customers were encouraging applicants to lie in order to get government subsidies and favorable premiums.

‘Navigators from the Urban League of Dallas were captured on video,’ committee chairman Rep. Darrell Issa reported, ‘encouraging applicants to lie on their health insurance application so the applicants could qualify for tax subsidies.’

‘Navigators were also recorded advising an applicant to lie about her smoking habits to obtain a lower monthly premium,’ the report added.

‘War Room’ meeting notes from the team’s first month in action ‘show confused HHS officials struggling to advise Navigators about how to respond to the inoperable website,’ Issa’s committee wrote.

Notes from October 11, 2013 stated that ‘[t]he paper applications allow people to feel like they are moving forward in the process and provides another option; at the end of the day, we are all stuck in the same queue.’

That dysfunction was on full display Nov. 19 during a Florida visit by HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

While reporters trailed her during a chat with Obamacare Navigators at a Miami hospital, one noticed that the site was crashing.

‘The screen says, “I’m sorry but the system is temporarily down,”‘ a television reporter told Sebelius, who could only mutter a surprised, ‘Uh oh.’

Maybe that should be its name: Uh-Oh-bamacare.


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