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Why Isn’t This News?

George Bush and Dick Cheney made headlines for calling NY Times reporter, Adam Clymer, a major league a-hole.



According to retired ABC News journalist Ann Compton, Barack Obama launches into “profanity-laced” tirades against the press in off-the-record meetings with reporters. In a C-SPAN interview, Compton also derided the President for leading “the most opaque” administration of “any I have covered.”

The journalist, who retired in August after a 40-year career, revealed to C-SPAN’s Brian Lamb: “I have seen in the last year Barack Obama really angry twice. Both were off-the-record times. One, profanity-laced where he thought the press was making too much of scandals that he did not think were scandals.”

She explained, “And I don’t find him apologetic. But I find him willing to stand up to the press and look them in the eye, even though it was off the record and just give us hell.”

After Lamb wondered if the President had a point, she chided, “We cover what we are allowed to cover. And when policy decisions and presidents are inaccessible and don’t take questions from the press on a regular basis, I think they reap what they sow.”

Earlier in the hour-long C-SPAN interview, which aired on Sunday night, but was recorded in October, Compton slammed the “opaque” administration:

ANN COMPTON: Before I walked out the door on September 10, I was a strong voice for complaining that this particular administration has been more opaque than any I have covered about what the President does in the Oval Office everyday. He is far less accessible on photo-ops with meetings. Even some meetings on the record, meeting in the Roosevelt room with financial leaders from, from Wall Street or on issues with environmental groups, or with issues with environmental groups, with public opinion leaders, I think most presidents have been far more forthcoming than the second Obama term, in terms of what the President is doing every day and we almost never get photo-ops.

She added that it’s fine for the White House to take its own photographs, but “those same elements should not be blocked from the White House press corps.”

Since when does the president get to dictate what is and is not a scandal? And why do these guys cover up for this guy? Especially when he’s such a major league a-hole himself?

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Democrats Piling On

We’ve heard of the open feud between Obama and Harry Reid; Bob Woodward says Democrats tell him how much they hate Obama; senior Democrats have to call MSNBC hosts to find out what Obama is thinking.

But none of them have said this:

PATRICK CADDELL: I just want to say because this man is a raving narcissist. He has absolutely…

SEAN HANNITY: This is your president, Pat. You’re saying he’s a raging narcissist?

CADDELL: He’s a raging narcissist who has no grip on reality. What he’s been doing — he has been doing which is that I’m king and I can rule like king and the Republicans, I have to say, before lay down for him. McCain, Graham, all laid down on the stuff when he did the — here’s the point: now they have to stop it because this will destroy –

Pat Caddell is a Democrat pollster. He helped get Jimmy Carter elected, for God’s sake. But he sounds like me or Aggie (or Buck). And of course he’s right.

I don’t know if Obama will be able to keep it up for two years, but he doesn’t seem cut out for the role of lame duck, much less eunuch. The next six months at least promise to be incendiary.


“Albatross” is a Dog Whistle

Who’s more racist—the racist DEMOCRAT politicians who don’t want to stand next to TNFBP™ (The Nation’s First Black President), or the racist DEMOCRAT voters who can’t stand anyone who has anything to do with TNFBP™?

JAKE TAPPER: What Democrats told me today is that President Obama, however much they love him, he is an albatross around their necks right now. His poll numbers are so bad, people not feeling good about the state of the economy even if there economic indicators that things are getting better. Wages are stagnant.

This after the crowing and whooping over 248,000 new jobs. Even I, who can find the bad news lurking below even the bubbliest employment numbers, conceded that this was a good jobs report (with some disturbing trends—I’m not stupid).

Obama’s got a theory on that, too:

“Frankly, the press and Washington, all it does is feed cynicism,” he insisted, despite getting six years of favorable coverage from establishment newspapers and TV shows.

“Most of you don’t know the statistics I just gave you,” Obama said, after listing a series of cherry-picked data that ignored that roughly 10 million Americans who have given up looking for work, and the $7 trillion in added debt.

“The reason you don’t know [the favorable data] is because they elicit hope. They’re good news … and that’s not what we hear about,” he declared to the roughly 250 supporters who paid up to $1,000 to attend.

To the list of racist DEMOCRAT politicians, racist DEMOCRAT voters, let us add racist reporters (almost all DEMOCRATS).


At Sea

I don’t have a problem with Obama sending people to Michael Brown’s funeral. Their level in the administration, and their roles in it, seemed appropriate for what became, for better or worse (mostly worse), a big story.

But there was another death that became a big story, too:

The Obama White House sent three officials to attend Monday’s funeral of slain teenager Michael Brown in Missouri, but sent no one to represent the president when photojournalist James Foley, decapitated by a terrorist on video, was memorialized Sunday in a New Hampshire church.

Foley’s remains haven’t been found, leaving his family to mourn him without the funeral and interment that Roman Catholics believe is an integral part of the end of life.

‘There was nobody that represented the White House,’ church office assistant Connie Hammond told CNS News.

Politicians do funerals; it’s part of the job. Biden had a conflict?

New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan and Rep. Ann Kuster came to the mass, along with both of the state’s U.S. senators, Kelly Ayotte and Jeanne Shaheen – three Democrats among them – according to the Catholic Diocese of Manchester.

Pope Francis sent a message of condolence to the Foley family in a letter read aloud during the service.

‘It’s pretty embarrassing,’ a former White House official told MailOnline, on condition of anonymity.

‘In the last two years the White House has become more and more myopic. When you don’t have to face voters anymore, some politicians let it all hang out. I’m afraid this one is especially prone to that.’

We know what Obama was doing:

The President spent his last day on the Vineyard tucked out of sight in Chilmark where his family had been renting a home overlooking the north shore for the past two weeks.

Not good enough: asked the White House why no White House official attended James Foley’s memorial Mass.

“The President expressed his profound condolences to the family in his statement last week,” responded Ned Price, a spokesman for the National Security Council. “He was speaking on behalf of his Administration—as well as the American people—in offering these words to the Foley family, and he continues to keep them in his thoughts as we attempt to bring the other American hostages home.”

Put more simply:

Okay, maybe Biden isn’t whom you send to show your respect. But I don’t care if you don’t like the “optics” of being represented at a service that reflects poorly on American power and prestige. You send someone.

Maybe the Secretary of State.

Although the Instagram user identified the above boat as Kerry’s, it might be impossible to confirm for certain, and it’s also unclear whether Kerry was in fact on the boat when the photo was taken. But the number on the sail does match the number borne by Kerry’s boat in at least one past photo, and the boat itself appears to be the same.

Never mind. Dumb idea.


Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

How many of us have celebrated our 53rd birthday thusly? How many of us would bother to celebrate our 53rd birthday at all? (I’ll give you one bash a decade, maybe two. But annually? What are you, eight years old?)

Oops! Wrong president and wrong orgy! Kennedy’s was understated by comparison.

The annual extended Obama birthday bash began this morning with a mass landing on the golf course at Joint Base Andrews, where twelve golfers are participating in a Saturday morning outing.

Actually I imagine the festivities began Friday, since everyone seems to already be in town. I noticed that right after his early Friday afternoon press conference Obama exited the West Wing, apparently knocking off work early. I imagine – though I can’t confirm – he was headed to the residence to begin welcoming his guests.

Among those known to be participating in this morning’s golf bonanza are former Obama aide Reggie Love, current White House aide and Obama golf favorite Marvin Nicholson, and timeless friends Greg More, Bobby Titcomb, and Mike Ramos. The assemblage arrived at Andrews at 8:35 am ET.

After golf, the party will move to Camp David, where Obama and his crew will spend the night. Unclear if more celebrants – and maybe some celebrities – are flying in.

The president is not scheduled to return to the White House until 2:55 pm Sunday, no doubt to begin an extended period of recovery. Obama’s actual birthday is Monday.


Obama and his foursome, which included longtime buddies Greg Orme, Bobby Titcomb, and Mike Ramos, beat two other teams in today’s Obama Birthday Open at the Joint Andrews Base golf course.

This means his friends get to chopper on Marine One with the president to Camp David for Phase II of the birthday celebration. Also aboard are aide Marvin Nicholson and Obama trainer Cornell McClellan.

You only turn 53 once, Mr. President!


During a press conference at the White House on Friday, Mr. Obama chided reporters for failing to ask if he had birthday plans.

“I thought that you guys were going to ask me how I was going to spend my birthday,” Mr. Obama said. “What happened to the happy birthday thing?”

Finally, April Ryan of National Urban Radio called out to the president, “Happy Birthday.”

“There you go, April,” the president replied. “That’s [what] I’m talking about. Somebody finally wished me happy birthday.”


Medium light, two sugars.

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Flay of Fish

This is such a complete vivisection of President Obama’s shortcomings, I almost feel sorry for him.

Not even close, actually. Enjoy!

In case you’re wondering why I’m writing about this—well, I am too. A Malaysian jetliner has vanished into thin air, while Russia has completed its seizure of Crimea and may yet invade other parts of Ukraine. Serious stuff, you might say. But the big story of last week as far as the president is concerned is his appearance alongside the star of “The Hangover” movies, the guy who last year smoked a joint live on the Bill Maher show.

Incidentally, I quote these lines from the Us Weekly report of the Seacrest interview. Us magazine is where I go for my political news these days. The online article also had a link to a photo gallery of Mr. Obama hanging out with various celebrities, like Justin Bieber. “What’s up, my dude!” the Canadian teen star says to the president of the United States. “What’s up, Biebs!” the president of the United States answers back.

Just the other day, he was photographed standing by his Oval Office desk, casually dressed in jeans, speaking to Vladimir Putin on the phone. The president had been savaged by Sarah Palin “as one who wears mom jeans and equivocates and bloviates.”

Retorted Mr. Obama: “The truth is, generally I look very sharp in jeans.” The sole exception, he added, “was one episode like four years ago in which I was wearing some loose jeans, mainly because I was out on the pitcher’s mound and I didn’t want to feel confined while I was pitching.”

Even now the unanswered question about Mr. Obama’s personality is whether his insouciance is a mask for ideology, ignorance, or simple indifference. When the president goes before the cameras to announce tough sanctions, and the sanctions are not only not tough but laughably weak, what’s going through his head?

Should he be wearing loose jeans more often so he can feel less confined geopolitically?

Alternatively, the president might consider rearranging his work schedule. Last year came the news that Mr. Obama was unaware of the problems plaguing his health-care website until after its rollout and that he never once had a private meeting with Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius between July 2010 and November 2013. How does something like that happen?

A cavalier foreign policy by an inattentive president that elicits the contempt of the people it intends to punish ultimately encourages their aggression as well.

The less obvious: We need a fat president. Or at least one who rarely thinks and never speaks about how he looks in jeans. And one who doesn’t spend his day testing his wits against a Hollywood stoner or bantering with Ryan Seacrest while a European ally is being pummeled by Russia. And one who would rather spend his time working than working out, even if it means putting on a few pounds. And one who can pitch from the mound and reach home plate. However confined.


I’m giving this a standing ovation as I write.

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What if They Held a Campaign Appearance and Nobody Came?

Obama is dangerous to Democrat Senators and other living things:

Do you ever wonder, though, if this guy imagined even in his darkest moments in the Hopenchange-y summer of 2008 that he’d one day be so toxic to the other party that red-state Dems would duck him when he came to town? That’s par for the course for any president, but not every president is a would-be post-partisan messiah.

[T]here’s no reason to be grumpy about Hagan pulling the “Barack who?” routine at this point. Why hand the Americans for Prosperity ad team another soundbite to use against her just because she wouldn’t give them a photo op to use?

I have it on good authority that Sen. Kay Hagen actually scheduled elective root canal and gum grafting for yesterday rather than be seen with this dill weed. (And she’s already got dentures!) If she had another appendix, she would have had that taken out too.

Obama couldn’t be more toxic to Democrat candidates if he gulped a Polonium milkshake, wore a suit spun from the wool of an anthrax-infected sheep, and French-kissed Typhoid Mary. To Southern voters, he is the southern pole of a magnet, repelling anyone who approaches him.

And he is such a spoiled petulant brat that he can’t leave the snub untouched. He would rather take her down with him than act mature (act, I said) and let it lie. That’s another reason he can’t be ex-President: besides not wanting to leave his precious legacy in the hands others less virtuous than he. No one truly gets him but him.


How Do You Top the Death of Nelson Mandela?

Silly question.

That was but the warm-up for the main event:

RUSH: [Y]ou gotta hear the Drive-Bys. You just have to hear the audio, verbal orgasms here.

CHRIS CUOMO: Were walking around and talking to security officials.

CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR: Castro! He’s shaking hands with Raul Castro.

CHRIS CUOMO: As Christiane points out, President Obama just shook hands with Raul Castro from Cuba. What does that say as a gesture?

CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR: It says that this a moment of reconciliation for Mandela. And President Obama is doing the diplomatic thing. He’s not just going to walk by and ignore these people who are there. And they’re all in a line. He’s kissing now the U.N. Secretary General, President Zuma.

ROBYN CURNOW: This is a man, and it is so true, who brought people together in life and he continues to bring people together in death.

Rush didn’t see the big whoop in bringing two communists together.

But it has to be pointed out that Cuba is still holding Alan Gross in prison, after four years, despite his direct appeal to President Obama. (Fox Butterfield, is that you?) And it has to be said that Raul Castro did Fidel’s dirty work. I would hope there’s something newsworthy in Obama shaking his hand. I would hope that was not routine. (Note I don’t say seemly or moral, just newsworthy.)

But CNN wasn’t done—and neither was Rush:

Now, we go back to Christiane Amanpour. Some gospel singer was bringing down the House. That’s the next thing that happened here at the memorial. And while the gospel singer was bringing down the house, Christiane Amanpour comes back to describe the moment when Obama shook Raul Castro’s hand as joy and described the whole service as just a warm-up act for Obama. Listen.

CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR: President Obama couldn’t be getting a better warm-up act.


CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR: Look at this! The whole crowd!

CHRIS CUOMO: American gospel singer Kirk Franklin, who just brought this stadium to its feet, the South African crowd dominantly was just going crazy to the —

ROBYN CURNOW: Wonderful.

CHRIS CUOMO: — stylings of Kirk Franklin.

ROBYN CURNOW: Just a sense like we’re in the middle of a pop concert, half a party, but it’s a funeral. It’s a memorial service.

CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR: This truly is what today’s about! This moment really captured the joy!

Mandela’s dead! All right! Woo-hoo! Way to warm up the crowd! Hey, Nellie, can I take a selfie with you?

But then, the Left is notorious for hijacking death rites.

Shameless, shameless people.

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Bobble Head

Can you spot the difference?

Right! One’s a degrading stereotype—and the other’s a plastic doll!

President Barack Obama used a seven-minute late-night TV speech to maximize the PR impact of his nuclear deal with Iran’s Islamist theocracy.

Throughout the speech, the president repeatedly swiveled his head as if he were addressing a large audience.

But there were only a few officials in the White House’s formal State Room as he read the speech from two teleprompters positioned to his left and right, according to the pool reporter.

“Good evening. Today, [swivel] the United States — together with our close [swivel] allies and partners — took an important [swivel] first step toward a comprehensive solution that addresses [swivel] our concerns with [swivel] the Islamic Republic of Iran’s [swivel] nuclear program,” he declared.

According to the pool report, “In the room as the president spoke: Ben Rhodes, deputy national security advisor for strategic Communications and speechwriting, and several NSC staff members.”

Sasha [swivel], Malia, [swivel], will you please pass [swivel] the mashed potatoes and [swivel] gravy [swivel] [swivel]? Gosh, it’s hardly like the namesake of ObamaCare to go for staged events, is it?

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Shooting the President

And I thought graven images of holy figures were prohibited:

New York Times photographer Doug Mills strode into Jay Carney’s office Oct. 29 with a pile of pictures taken exclusively by President Obama’s official photographer at events the White House press corps was forbidden to cover. “This one,” Mills said, sliding one picture after another off his stack and onto the press secretary’s desk. “This one, too – and this one and this one and … .”

The red-faced photographer, joined by colleagues on the White House Correspondents’ Association board, finished his 10-minute presentation with a flourish that made Carney, a former Moscow correspondent for Time, wince.

“You guys,” Mills said, “are just like Tass.”

Chief White House photographer Pete Souza gets exclusive access to Obama, often at the expense of photographers who don’t get paid to make the president look good. The picture on the left is taken by a news photographer while Souza hogs the center frame, where he holds up a camera to take the picture at right. White House photographers have had exclusive access for decades, but before social media their photos were not distributed widely. Many news organizations publish and broadcast the White House photos (often without realizing it), which is akin to distributing a White House press release disguised as a news story.


Media photographers were able to take photos of Obama visiting Nelson Mandela’s former jail cell (see left). They were told his visit with Mandela’s family in the cell would be “private.” And yet photos of Obama and the family, taken by the government-funded White House photographer, were made public and went viral. This passes as “private” in the Obama White House.


Hey, I thought the girls were off limits! What gives? It looks like Obama just grabbed Sasha for the photo-op. Dad, you’re stepping on my foot!

We noted this disturbing hagiographic tendency two years ago. Nice of the media to notice.

Speaking of holy figures:


These two photos illustrate how a president committed to transparency has instead restricted access. At left is President Bush touring the crypt containing the birthplace of Jesus Christ. It was taken by an AP photographer. Obama barred photographers during his visit to the exact same spot, and released the exclusive image at right. It was taken by photographer paid by taxpayers to make flattering photos of the president.

I just threw up in my mouth.


The Absent-Minded Law Professor

As enjoyable as it is to watch President Obama twist and flop like a gaffed fish… it really is enjoyable! Where was I?

Oh yes, Syrians are dying.

There are reasons for going in—obviously—and reasons for staying the [bleep] out—obviously. And there are principled arguments, if not principled people, on both sides.

So, what would we do? We supported Bush in Iraq, so don’t we support Obama in Syria? Up to a point—which is to say not really.

I’ll switch to the singular pronoun here, as Aggie’s thinking is her own, and I wouldn’t burden her with what passes for my thinking. I supported removing Saddam, but not because of WMD, or least because of WMD. I had no personal knowledge of his possession of bio, chem, or nuclear weapons—though I knew he used to: it was accepted as fact by all parties. But I knew he had started wars or skirmishes with Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Israel, as well as with ethnic minorities within his own borders. I knew he was in violation of countless UN resolutions regulating his behavior, and that the only entity capable of holding him to account was the US military. (The UN’s response was to pass another resolution.) It appeared to me that Saddam had bluffed the international community, and the IC blinked. They couldn’t even make eye contact.

As bad as Boy Assad is, he isn’t that bad. But what if he is? Isn’t the real argument whether the US has any national interest? We’ve stood by while scores of thousands have died; what’s raised our ire this time? The manner of the death of innocents? And if the act can be proved, and the blame placed, why is it so difficult—impossible!—to get anyone—other than France!—to go along with us?

Ultimately, I suppose it comes down to the manner of our response. President Obama seems to be proposing something more along the lines of Bill Clinton’s blasting of an aspirin factory in Sudan, rather than Bush’s accomplished mission of regime change. If that’s all Obama wants, fine, go ahead. He already kills people with abandon in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen (among other places, probably, if I thought about it). What’s the big deal if he blows up a Nyquil plant in Aleppo?

Which brings us back to Obama’s hopeless ineptitude. As Charles Krauthammer noted, this crew couldn’t organize a three-car funeral. The allegedly gassed bodies aren’t even cold, but the will of international bodies to bring them justice is glacially cold—and slow. I’d say this is due to Obama’s twin traits of narcissism and anti-Americanism. Our global rivals know he shares their contempt for American power; our global allies know he loves himself more than he could ever love them or our shared interests.

When we find ourselves in a ditch (Obama’s favorite metaphor), it’s never because we meant to drive into one. We made a series of mistakes. Our first mistake took place on November 4, 2008. We’ve been doubling down ever since.


Did He Have To?

You know President Obama (unfortunately): he just couldn’t help himself:

“His words belong to the ages, possessing a power and prophecy unmatched in our time,” Obama told a crowd that gathered under gray skies and intermittent drizzle to attend the five-hour ceremony.

King, Obama said, “gave mighty voice to the quiet hopes of millions,” heralding leaders who braved intimidation and violence in their fight for equal rights.

“Because they kept marching, America changed. Because they marched, the civil rights law was passed. Because they marched, a voting rights law was signed,” Obama said. “Because they marched, city councils changed and state legislatures changed and Congress changed and, yes, eventually, the White House changed.”

Because it’s all… about… him.

And did it really take five hours, or did it just seem that way?

The speech starts off promising enough: “His words belong to the ages, possessing a power and prophecy unmatched in our time.” Not bad, and true.

But then he makes a rhetorical fumble. Why start off with the grandest statement—America had changed—and then bother with the trivialities? Who cares, really, about city councils? And to culminate with himself—not Congress, not the landmark laws, not the country,himself—displays a narcissism bordering on obscene.

And this part was particularly disappointing:

Some conservatives have criticized the 50th anniversary celebration as an exercise of liberal Democratic politics, though the organizers have said the agenda is nonpartisan.

Organized labor; lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender groups; and opponents of “stand your ground” laws all see Wednesday’s event as an opportunity to get their messages out.

However, many Republicans have chosen to remain on the sidelines.

I’m sure it did become a political rally—Dr. King would have been a gay-marriage-supporting, single-payer-advocating, gun-control activist, who supported bombing Syria without delay.

But Republicans were instrumental in passing the civil rights bills—Republican senators and congressmen voted for them at a higher percentage than their segregationist Democrat colleagues. (Look it up—I’ve posted on this several times.) Eisenhower did as much or more to desegregate than Kennedy. I can understand not wanting to be associated with rank partisan hacks, but Martin Luther King is too important to this country to have his bones picked by those hyenas.

I wish one or both Bushes had attended and spoken. I wish David Eisenhower, a historian, had spoken. Carter, Clinton, Jesse Jackson, Oprah Winfrey—they all spoke. But the best conservatives got was this (and it was very good indeed):

Social activist Robert Woodson, who heads the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise, said the African-American community faced a completely different set of issues in the 1960s. “Our problems today are not the Klan coming in, but it is, what are we doing to ourselves?”

Woodson added, “About 10 years ago, there was a Klan rally in downtown Washington, and The Washington Post asked an old black guy in (mostly black) Ward 8 — the highest crime area of the city — if he was going to join in the demonstration. He said, ‘Bring the Klan down here if they can get rid of these drug dealers.’ ”

Woodson, who is black and describes himself an independent, is highly critical of the current state of civil rights advocacy. He recently addressed a meeting of the Republican National Committee, echoing some of his concerns about the movement and the state of black leadership.

“I really think it has morphed into a race-grievance industry. I think they have descended from the moral high ground that they used to occupy. And that they have become an extension of the Democratic Party,” Woodson said.

Great. I mean it. But the Republican Party, political conservatives, can’t cede “the moral high ground” to the “race-grieving industry”. Dr. King dreamt of the day when a person would be judged not on the color of his skin, but the content of his character. That’s Conservatism 101. And a high-profile conservative Republican should have been there to pay honor to King’s legacy.


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