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I spit on Obama:

A judge in New York on Monday ordered the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) to post $10 million in cash or bond while they appeal a jury’s finding that they supported terrorist attacks in Israel, Reuters reported.

At a court hearing in Manhattan, U.S. District Judge George Daniels said the defendants must also deposit $1 million each month pending the appeal of a February jury verdict worth $655 million in favor of 10 American families.

The order came a week after the Obama administration took the unusual step of urging Daniels to “carefully consider” the PA’s financial condition, saying too high a bond could compromise its ability to function.

A collapse of the Palestinian Authority “would undermine several decades of U.S. foreign policy and add a new destabilizing factor to the region,” U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a court filing earlier this month.

Hear, hear. Undermine away. Commence with the destabilization.


Daniels said in Monday’s ruling that in fashioning his order he had given “serious consideration” to the State Department’s position, despite objections from the plaintiffs that the amount was far too low.

Kent Yalowitz, a lawyer for the plaintiffs, said the money was a “token amount” and criticized the PA, saying it made payments to terrorists in jail.

“Instead of focusing on rebuilding schools, maybe it ought to focus on taking terrorists off its payroll,” he said, according to Reuters.

Daniels said the full judgment would remain on hold while the appeal is ongoing, unless the defendants fail to make the monthly deposits.

He also denied a request from the plaintiffs to add $165 million in pre-judgment interest.

Hey Obama, you ever stop to think…what am I saying? Of course not. So let me suggest, Dumbo, that “several decades of U.S. foreign policy” might have led directly to the deaths those ten Americans. The $655,000,000 won’t bring their loved ones back, but if it bankrupts the terrorist infrastructure, they wil not have died in vain.

The judge said B. Hussain’s intervention made the difference. Shame, shame, shame.

PS: On the judge too. He should have told the Obamans to get the f**k out of his courtroom. In Latin, of course.

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Quid Pro Quo

Hey, Obama! How’re those Iranian hostages working out?

“Now, if the question is why we did not tie the negotiations to their release, think about the logic that that creates,” Obama said. “Suddenly, Iran realizes, you know what, maybe we can get additional concessions out of the Americans by holding these individuals—makes it much more difficult for us to walk away if Iran somehow thinks that a nuclear deal is dependent in some fashion on the nuclear deal.”

Huh? Come again?

You think that name is hard, try saying Gennady Rozhdestvensky!

But I digress. You’ll remember the tiny flicker of heat Obama took for leaving four Americans in the ayatollah’s dungeons while taking his victory lap.

If you don’t:

MAJOR GARRETT, CBS NEWS:: Thank you, Mr. President. As you well know, there are four Americans in Iran, three held on trumped-up charges that, according to your administration, one whereabouts unknown.

Can you tell the country, sir, why you are content, with all the fanfare around this deal, to leave the conscience of this nation, the strength of this nation, unaccounted for in relation to these four Americans?

And last week, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said under no circumstances should there be any relief for Iran in terms of ballistic missiles or conventional weapons. It is perceived that was a last-minute capitulation in these negotiations.

Many in the Pentagon feel you’ve left the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff high out to dry. Could you comment?

OBAMA: I’ve got to give you credit, Major, for how you craft those questions.

The notion that I am content as I celebrate with American citizens languishing in Iranian jails, Major, that’s nonsense, and you should know better. I’ve met with the families of some of those folks.

Did your “folks alarm” just go off? Mine did.

Maybe Obama shamed other reporters from asking about hostages still held in Iran, or maybe they’re afraid of butchering the names worse than Obama did—but no one’s talking about them.

Well the Washinton Post is—one of them anyway:

Jason Rezaian must be acquitted and freed immediately. As the final hearing in the Iranian trial of The Post’s Tehran correspondent was brought to a close Aug. 10, the international community waits for a verdict.

Rezaian is an American Iranian journalist working for one of the most respected media organizations in the world. Iran has now illegally detained an innocent man for 13 months.

His arrest by Revolutionary Guards was arbitrary and illegal, taking place in the middle of the night with no indication of the charges brought against him until months later. The conditions of his detention at Evin Prison are also illegal. Rezaian has been subjected to long periods of solitary confinement, a tactic that was designed to extract a forced confession. This practice is in direct violation of Article 38 of the Iranian constitution. How can Iran justify violating its own laws?

How can Iran justify violating its own laws?

The WaPo cannot be serious. The question answers itself: Iran. For a country that claims to be an “Islamic Republic”, they sure are un-religion-of-peace-ful. And unlawful. Indeed, their form of government defines Islamofascism.

It is unfortunate that the nuclear talks have not resulted in the release of all Americans unfairly detained in Iran. Indeed, the talks have been disappointing in their exclusion of human-rights issues. The Iranian authorities think they can put off releasing prisoners of conscience until some unspecified date.

Hush yo’ mouth! “That’s nonsense, and you should know better.”

It is unfortunate that you bring them up, but since you did:

Meet the Four Americans Held Hostage By Iran

Jason Rezaian

Yeay, yeah, him we know, even if Obama can’t pronounce his name. Who else you got?

Robert Levinson

Working for the government does not always have its perks.

Robert Levinson was kidnapped in 2007 from Kish Island off of Iran, where he was working for a rogue CIA operation.

The 67-year-old grandfather from Florida was hired as a contractor for the Office of Transnational Issues at the CIA when he disappeared. The CIA paid the Levinsons $2.5 million to avoid a lawsuit due to the sensitive nature of this case.

The Iranian government denies being responsible for Levinson’s disappearance, but many believe they are aware of his location.

According to CBS News, Levinson is the longest-held American hostage in the history of the U.S., as he has been missing for over eight years.

Okay, at least he’s a spook, or might be. What about the others?

Saeed Abedini

Pastor Saeed Abedini met his wife in Tehran, shared his faith in Tehran, and is now imprisoned in Tehran.

Abedini had traveled to Iran multiple times starting in 2009 in the efforts to construct an orphanage.

The 35-year-old pastor from Idaho was abruptly taken into custody by Iranian officials in 2012 under the guise of undermining national security.

Abedini was convicted a year later to serve eight years in Evin Prison for starting local home churches.

He is frequently subjected to beatings by prison guards, psychological torture and long periods of solitary confinement.

Amir Hekmati

Visiting aging relatives led to the death penalty for the then 28-year-old ex-Marine.

Amir Hekmati, a dual citizen of Iran and the United States, served the United States from 2001 to 2005 as a Marine specializing in linguistics.

He visited Iran for the first time in 2011 in order to celebrate Ramadan in Tehran with his extended family.

Hekmati never made it to the celebration, however, as he was taken by Iranian authorities and wasn’t heard from until a week later.

After a forced confession of espionage, Hekmati was sentenced to death after a three hour, closed-door trial.

Three months later, the case was repealed based on shaky evidence, and a new trial was ordered. His new crime was “cooperating with hostile governments” and Hekmati was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Here’s hoping a post-vacation, rested Obama can bring our boys homoe. After he gets back from Las Vegas, that is.


It Depends on the Meaning of ISIS

We shared over a week ago the appalling, disgusting, repulsive news that America has offered asylum to almost no Yazidi refugees suffering at the hands (and penises) of ISIS savages (with apologies to savages among our readers).

Thank God others lead when Obamerica is nowhere to be found:

He’s being called a “Jewish Schindler” — a modern day rescuer of young women and girls in Iraq who’ve been taken by force by ISIS. Steve Maman is the Montreal businessman behind a project called the Liberation of Christian and Yazidi Children of Iraq, or C.Y.C.I. And just as Oskar Schindler saved Jews from the death camps, Steve Maman is being credited with saving Yazidi and Christian women and girls from sex slavery.

“What motivated me is very simple…being Jewish, being part of a people that actually survived the Holocaust…we for six years waited for people to actually answer the call and come and help us,” Maman tells As It Happens guest host Matt Galloway.

According to the United Nations, thousands of women and girls have been sold into sex slavery, or taken as brides by Islamic State fighters, since ISIS started fighting its way across northern Iraq last year. Maman decided to take action eight months ago.

“I decided myself, with the Yazidi and the Christians that were suffering in the caliphate that it was already too many months that had gone by without reaction.”

He adds, “I was going to use the contacts I had on the ground in Iraq and the government contacts…I was going to put those to work and try to put together a plan…to start removing those children from harm’s way and I wasn’t going to wait for the world to react.”

The project is working. Thanks to his efforts, Maman says that 128 children have made it out so far.

That’s 128 witnesses to barbarity, to subhumanity—128 witnesses to Obama’s indifference to suffering beyond imagining. Of course, you don’t have to imagine: their testimony paints a picture.

I don’t toss accusations of “antichrist” around loosely. I don’t know if I would recognize The Beast if he kicked me in the nuts. I only know that I am shocked nearly to the point of speechlessness at Obama’s apathy toward Yazidi victims, his indiffernece toward Iran’s development of nuclear weapons and spread of terrorism. Call me a neofascist wingnut, but I’m even beginning to wonder how clean and articulate he is.


If a Missile Falls…

But it was fired on orders from Iran…

Does it make a sound?

By direct order of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Foreign Ministry has dispatched an official letter of protest to the Western countries that signed the nuclear agreement with Iran – regarding the Iran-ordered attack on Israel on Thursday.

Four rockets were fired from Syrian Thursday evening, hitting areas in the northern Galilee and the Golan Heights. Fortunately no one was hurt, but “this was an indiscriminate terrorist attack, planned in advance, with no prior Israeli provocation,” the letter stated.

Israel informed the Western powers that it has “reliable information that this attack was carried out by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, ordered directly by the Iranian terrorist Said Izadhi of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.”

The letter further states: “This is further clear indication of Iran’s increasing involvement in attacks against Israel in particular and against regional targets in general. The ink on the nuclear agreement has not yet dried, and this attack shows clearly how Iran plans to act the moment after the international sanctions are removed.”

Israel attributes responsibility to the Western powers, led by the United States: “The international community, headed by those who signed on the deal, cannot allow Iran to attain international and political legitimacy even as it continues to act directly and actively in terrorist attacks throughout the Middle East.”

I didn’t hear anything, John, did you?

No, Barack, I didn’t hear an explosion. Let alone four explosions.

That’s what I thought, John.

Iranians will do what they do. Palestinian Arabs will do what they do. And evidently America will do what it does. Which is bubkes.

Appeasement marches inexorably toward war.


Obama the Mensch

President Obama is no antisemite—perish the thought. Neither is he anti-Israel. How dare one even suggest the idea!

If you don’t believe me, maybe you’ll believe Alan Dershowitz:

President Obama and his administration are not anti-Israel, nor are they anti- Semitic.


Oh sure, there’s this other matter…

[A]s the debate over the Iran deal has grown increasingly heated, President Obama, members of his administration, and various supporters of the deal have impugned the integrity of their opponents, sometimes using language that some see as code words.

Tablet Magazine accused certain proponents of the agreement of using “Jew-baiting and other blatant and retrograde forms of racial and ethnic prejudice” such as “accusing Senators and Congressmen… of being agents of a foreign power…” to smear their opponents. Similarly, Abraham Foxman, the former director of the Anti- Defamation League, attacked President Obama for fueling the anti-Semitic stereotype of Jews as warmongers. Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesental Center also attacked the administration for bullying opponents of the deal with the “crock of dual loyalty.”

They have suggested that those members of Congress who have come out against the deal are in the pockets of billionaires and lobbyists. They have also sought to conflate opposition to the Iran deal with support for the US led invasion of Iraq in 2004.

Such suggestions of dual loyalty have been echoed in more respectable publications such as the New York Times, whose editorial board commented on the “unseemly spectacle of lawmakers siding with a foreign leader against their own commander in chief…” as if members of Congress—an independent branch of our government—should always kowtow to the President (who is not the Commander in Chief of Congress).

Certainly, it is clear at this point that President Obama, and supporters of the agreement are doing themselves no favors by attacking the motivations of those who oppose the deal.

“Dual loyalties”, “billionaires and lobbyists”, “agents of foreign powers”…it’s a good thing Obama and his stormtroopers are not antisemitic or anti-Israel. Think how ugly that would be!

Remember, Dershowitz is a big fan of this president, occasional disagreements aside. So, in order to keep his Matha’s Vineyard membership card active, he offers a helpful hint:

Rather than doubling down on his misguided and misleading accusations, President Obama should be seeking to elevate the tone of the national discussion. He should directly address concerns regarding the strength of the inspections regime envisioned by the deal, and he should insist on the release of the content of the side agreements between the IAEA and Iran regarding access to Iranian nuclear sites.

Regardless of what Congress and the President decide to do, these are issues that demand serious and substantive debate, and all interested parties should be encouraged to contribute their opinions. The arguments made in recent weeks by supporters of the deal have been completely counterproductive in that regard. We might expect such attacks by partisans on both sides of the isle. However, we should demand that the President elevate the tone of the discussion.

Got it? “Elevate the tone”. Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, don’t mess with Mr. In-Between. Obama is practically the tone-elevator-in-chief. He’s elevated the tone so high, only dogs can hear it. He’s singing soprano, coloratura. That ringing in your ears that you thought was early-stage tinnitus? That’s him not dismissing opponents as “bitter clingers”, “likeable enough”, who “if they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun”, and who shouldn’t “[hold a] gun to the head of the American people”. That’s him not urging his supporters to “get in the face” of anyone who disagrees, or “punish their enemies”, or him trying to figure out “whose ass to kick”.

Thank you, Alan Dershowitz, for vouching for Obama as a stand-up guy, and we look forward to the tone-elevation you call for. You’ll excuse us, until then, if we listen to and report what he actually says, not what you wish he’d say. Not only all of the above, but this:

That means that we are going to have just hand-to-hand combat up here on Capitol Hill.”

Forgive his violent rhetoric; it’s just the Chicago in him.


ISIS’s Ass

It’s been a year-and-a-half since Obama dismissed ISIS as the JV team. (Specifically: “If a jayvee team puts on Lakers uniforms that doesn’t make them Kobe Bryant.”)

No, but Steph Curry isn’t half bad:

Intelligence officials are comparing a newly discovered secret Islamic State document to Hitler’s “Mein Kampf,” as it blames Israel for the rise of the Islamic State and crowns U.S. President Barack Obama as the “Mule of the Jews.”

Found in Pakistan’s remote tribal region by American Media Institute (AMI), the 32-page Urdu language document promotes an “end of the world” battle as a final solution. It argues that the Islamic leader should be recognized as the sole ruler of the world’s 1 billion Muslims, under a religious empire called a “caliphate.”

“It reads like the caliphate’s own Mein Kampf,” said a U.S. intelligence official, who reviewed the document. “While the world is watching videos of beheadings and crucifixions in Iraq and Syria the Islamic State is moving into North Africa the Middle East, and now we see it has a strategy in South Asia. It’s a magician’s trick, watch this hand and you’ll never see what the other is doing.”

The document discloses the history of Islamic State dating back to the early 1990s and explains why in 2011 its leader, Abu Bakr al- Bagdhadi, unleashed car bombs to avenge Osama bin Laden’s death, and boasts about the suicide rates of American soldiers.

How’s that for irony? ISIS has been present since Obama was voting “present” in Springfield, Illinois! It’s like “the mule” and the mullah grew up together.

Even David Axelrod would have to admire their attention to detail:

The battle plan to “end the world” is described in six phases (three of which have already passed) – ripping pages from al-Qaeda’s original plans to defeat the west, in a graphic illustration of how ISIS sees itself as the true heirs to Osama Bin Laden’s legacy.

Phase 1 “Awakening” 2000-2003: Islamic State calls for “a major operation against the U.S. .. to provoke a crusade against Islam.”

Phase 2 “Shock and Awe” 2004 – 2006: Islamic State will lure U.S. into multiple theatres of war, including cyber-attacks and establish charities across the Muslim and Arab world to support terrorism.

Phase 3 “Self-reliance” 2007-2010: Islamic State will create “interference” with Iraq’s neighboring states with particular focus on Syria.

Phase 4 “Reaping/extortion/receiving” 2010-2013: Islamic State will attack “U.S and Western interests” to destroy their economy and replace the dollar with silver and gold and expose Muslim governments’ relations with Israel and the U.S.

Phase 5 Declaring the Caliphate 2013-2016: Not much details offered here. The document just says, “The Caliphate According to The Prophet.”

Phase 6, Open Warfare 2017-2020: Islamic State predicts faith will clash with non-believers and “Allah will grant victory to the believers after which peace will reign on earth.”

So, just about the time Obama was waving off Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as Sasha Vujacic in a Kobe jersey, ISIL (to use Obama’s term) was “reaping/extortion/receiving” while attacking “U.S and Western interests”, and was on the verge of declaring the Caliphate.

That’s okay, sir. We all say stupid sh*t. “You can keep your doctor…you can keep your health plan…save $2,500…”—you might say you “cling bitterly” to saying stupid sh*t.

Heh, it just occurred to me that if we combined ISIS’s appraisal of Obama with our appraisal of Obama, we come up with Francis, the Talking Mule of the Jews.

And we’re late to the game, as usual:

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I Wish They All Could Be Yazidi Girls

Maybe if they were from Guatemala, it would be different:

Despite the ongoing threat of execution in Iraq, nearly all Yazidis, a Kurdish monotheistic community that lives throughout Iraq, Syria, Turkey and even Armenia and Georgia, who have applied for asylum in the U.S. have been rejected, has learned. The reason why is not clear, but advocates say Washington is turning a blind eye on the situation.

“What we are seeing, in real time, is genocide,” said Frank Wolf, a former congressman from Virginia and senior fellow at 21st Century Wilberforce, a nonprofit that seeks to protect Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East.

The dramatic rescue of the Yazidi came in August 2014, after ISIS fighters chased an estimated 40,000 Yazidi men, women and children from the town of Sinjar and onto a nearby mountain to which they then laid siege. With the mountain surrounded, and supplies running low, the Yazidi faced certain death until airstrikes and boots on the ground cleared an escape route. The Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government estimated in December that 4,000 Yazidi were killed before international help arrived.

Of the tens of thousands of Yazidis uprooted from their homes, only 10 families have been granted asylum in the U.S., according to Yazda, an American-based Yazidi advocacy group. None of the visas were issued due to religious persecution faced at the hands of ISIS.

I don’t get it. We have how many thousands of “refugees” from Latin America here—with the Obama regime practically chartering buses from Tegucigalpa—yet not one single Yazidi family under threat of annihilation from ISIS. I do not get it.

Are they too pretty> Too Christian? What?


We Told You This Was Coming

The Obama regime says by all means sue the Palestinian-Arab terrorists.

Just don’t sue them too much:

The Obama administration urged a US judge to “carefully consider” the Palestinian Authority’s financial condition in determining the size of any bond it must post to appeal a jury’s finding that it supported terrorist attacks in Israel.

The US Department of Justice filed a notice of interest in the lawsuit in Manhattan federal court late on Monday, after 10 American families in February won a $655 million verdict against the Palestine Liberation Organization and Palestinian Authority.

The Justice Department said the government “strongly supports” allowing terrorism victims to vindicate their interests in court.

Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken nonetheless asked US District Judge George Daniels to “carefully consider” how requiring a multimillion-dollar bond could affect the Palestinian Authority’s viability, given its delicate finances.

The Palestinian Authority’s collapse “would undermine several decades of US foreign policy and add a new destabilizing factor to the region, compromising national security,” Blinken said.

Wait, “undermin[ing] several decades of US foreign policy and add a new destabilizing factor to the region, compromising national security” is a bad thing? Explain that to me. I see no value over the decades and even less value in so-called “stability”. It’s that stability that has left the Palestinian Arabs free to bomb bars, cafes, pizza shops, seders, etc. with abandon. Now such behavior is not free, but comes with a hefty price tag—and they want to intervene?

With the Iran deal, hostility toward Netanyahu, hardball toward Pollard, now this—I wonder what Jews ever did to pi** off Obama?


Obama Trashes Republicans, Leaves Early for Vacation

“[Bleep] the optics. I’m outta here.”

Obama, Michelle Obama, and their family, along with dogs Bo and Sunny, flew aboard Air Force One to the US Coast Guard station on Cape Cod, and then boarded helicopters for the short hop to the island.

The Obamas arrived at their vacation home in Chilmark, the same seven-bedroom, nine-bathroom property they rented last year, after a 20-minute drive over the picturesque island’s gently rolling hills and verdant green spaces.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Obama realized he could spend Friday night on the island after all, and ‘‘get started on his vacation first thing” Saturday morning, so he decided to go for it.

Because taking a vacation (his first in seven weeks) from his job is a top priority.

You can see why he’s tired. Wit is so exhausting:

It’s those hardliners chanting “Death to America” who have been most opposed to the deal. They’re making common cause with the Republican caucus. (Laughter and applause.)

You wag, sir!

And just in case you think he’s a pansy who takes back his ad hominem attacks, Donald Trump could take lessons:

FAREED ZAKARIA: In your speech at American University, you made a comparison. You said that Iran’s hard-liners were making common cause with Republicans. It’s come under a lot of criticism. Mitch McConnell says even Democrats who oppose the deal should be insulted.

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: What I said is absolutely true factually.

The truth of the matter is inside of Iran, the people most opposed to the deal are the revolutionary guard, the Quds force. Hard liners are opposed to any cooperation with the international community. The reason that Mitch McConnell and the rest of the folks in his caucus who oppose this jumped out and opposed it before they even read it, before it was even posted is reflective of an idealogical commitment not to get a deal done. In that sense they have a lot in common with hard liners who are much more satisfied with the status quo.

I find that hard to be believe. Mitch McConnell and his “folks” (including several Democrats, Chuck Schumer most notably) are dead-set against Iran getting the bomb, while the mad mullhs are dead-set on getting one. That’s “absolutely true factually”. Where’s the common cause?

But don’t let the facts get in the way, prez.

He was just getting started:

If Congress succeeds in killing the deal and Iran were to subsequently walk away from the agreement and start enriching uranium again to weapons-grade levels, the opponents of the deal will pressure the US government into launching a preemptive strike against the Islamic Republic’s nuclear facilities, the president was said to have argued.

“But the result of such a strike won’t be war with Iran,” Rosenbaum said, quoting the president.

“They will fight this asymmetrically. That means more support for terrorism, more Hezbollah rockets falling on Tel Aviv,” Rosenbaum quoted Obama as saying. “I can assure that Israel will bear the brunt of the asymmetrical response that Iran will have to a military strike on its nuclear facilities.”

Who says the only alternative to the deal is a missile strike (much as I would cheer one)?

Obama’s own Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff calls BS:

SENATOR ERNST: … General Dempsey, we have heard some other discussions today about the choices that the President has with this agreement. Now, two weeks ago, many of our news outlets, USA Today and others, had quoted President Obama, “the choice is the Iran nuclear deal or war.” This seems to be a military decision. I understand that you advise the President on these issues. Is that what you have told the President is that we either take this deal or we go to war?

GENERAL DEMPSEY: No, at no time did that come up in our conversation nor did I make that comment.

SENATOR ERNST: Who is advising the President, then, that we must go to war if this deal is not signed?

GENERAL DEMPSEY: I can’t answer that. I can tell you that we have a range of options and I always present them.

I intended to keep going, and to include John Kerry’s lies and threats, but it’s August. Who gives a [bleep]? Need a fourth for golf, Barack?

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Obama Hits Bottom, Keeps Digging

Expect to see that headline often, daily it seems, over the next year and a half.

Here’s today’s nadir:

The Obama administration has signaled it may intervene next week in a civil lawsuit in which 11 American families won a potential billion-dollar judgment from the Palestinian leadership over a series of bombings and shootings that killed or wounded dozens of U.S. citizens, a move that critics say would find the government siding with terrorists over its own citizens.

The families won a $218.5 million judgment in February after a seven-week trial in Manhattan Federal Court in which a jury found the Palestine Liberation Organization and Palestinian Authority were responsible for a string of attacks from 2001 to 2004 that killed 33 and injured hundreds. A 1992 law that requires damages in such cases to be tripled, as well as interest on the award, would push it to as much as $1.1 billion. The judgment, which the Palestinians are appealing, would equal nearly a third of the Palestinian Authority’s annual operating budget.

Late last month, the Department of Justice, which had previously not been involved in the 11-year-old case, informed the court it was considering filing a “statement of interest” in the case by Aug. 10, but officials would not elaborate. A source said the Department of Justice was working with the State Department on the matter.

The plaintiffs included the estates of four U.S. citizens who were killed and several dozen Americans who were physically or psychologically injured in the attacks as well as their families. Kent Yalowitz, the families’ attorney, has requested that the Palestinian leadership be required to place $30 million per month in escrow while the case is appealed. Yalowitz suspects the U.S. government is considering intervening to help the cash-strapped Palestinian leadership avoid the bond.

“An administration which claims to be fighting terror is planning to weigh in favor of the terrorists,” Yalowitz told “If our government actually came in favor of convicted terrorists, it would be a really sorry statement about the way our government treats terror.”

They wouldn’t dare. Would they?

“Palestine is not a state, and is therefore, not entitled to be treated like a state,” Bolton told Fox News. “It does not enjoy sovereign immunity and it would be wrong for the United States government to argue otherwise in federal court.”

Families of the victims say the jury has spoken, and note the PLO and Palestinian Authority pays stipends to the very terrorists and their families who carried out the attacks.

“The U.S. government and the DOJ should be ashamed that they are even considering telling an American court that the PLO and the PA can afford to pay convicted terrorists, but cannot afford to pay the victims of those very same terrorists,” Alan Bauer, a family member, told Fox News.

We’ll find out in a few days’ time. But don’t be surprised. And don’t forget where you heard it.

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Oh Brothers

Wow, is Obama ever popular in Kenya!

With almost everyone:

Perhaps we should take comfort from the fact that presidents have embarrassing siblings, like the rest of us. Bill Clinton’s half brother Roger had a second-rate rock band that went on tour in North Korea, not to mention a cocaine conviction. Jimmy Carter’s brother Billy promoted an awful brand of beer and urinated on an airport runway in front of dignitaries.

These men were cursed by their brothers’ fame, even as they tried to capitalize on it. Inadequacy tends to get magnified when your brother’s the most powerful man on earth. At least Billy and Roger were younger brothers. Malik’s the oldest — a point he makes constantly, to whoever will listen.

But it’s one thing to grow up with a sibling who’s destined for the tabloids. It’s another to welcome one into your life at age 25, as Obama did when he began his search for the Kenyan family members he’d never met. In his autobiography, “Dreams From My Father,’’ Obama portrays Malik as a dogmatic but essentially good-hearted person who converted to Islam two years prior. He’s “prone to make lengthy pronouncements on the need for the black man to liberate himself from the poisoning influence of European culture,” Obama wrote of Malik, who was called Roy at the time.

I met Malik in 2009, when I was trying to interview Obama’s step-grandmother in the sleepy Kenyan town of Kogelo. Malik, who lived across the street, flagged down my taxi and invited me inside. We chatted about Washington, D.C., where he’d briefly lived. He complained that journalists seeking information about his family failed to donate to his foundation. But it was a nice conversation. So imagine my surprise when he sent me an e-mail afterward accusing me of being a Republican operative out to destroy Obama’s presidency.

I asked him why he believed such baseless lies. He called me an arrogant white person.

Actually, my mother is African-American, I replied.

That’s when Aunt Zeituni — Obama’s aunt, who lived in Boston at the time — chimed in with an e-mail: Ha ha, she wrote. Your ancestors were slaves.

I asked myself: Is this really happening?

Since then, I’ve wondered whether Obama ever regretted finding his Kenyan relatives. The story that launched his political career could have just as easily tanked it. (It should be noted that Obama’s half sister, Auma, is lovely and sensible.)

I have always suspected that Malik fanned the flames of birthers on purpose, out of jealousy.

Finally, I’ve got proof. A few months ago, Malik gave an interview over Skype to Joel Gilbert, the maker of a 2012 Obama-bashing Swift Boat-style film. Malik complained that the president turned his back on his family, and failed to cough up $20,000 for Aunt Zeituni’s funeral — the opposite of what he’d said in the past.

“He’s not an honest man,” Malik said.

Then it got even crazier: Malik speculated that Obama’s real father is actually a communist named Frank Marshall Davis, indulging the wild theory that Gilbert had put forth in his “documentary” Dreams of My Real Father.

After years of serving as fodder for the far right, Obama’s brother has officially joined them. Then he had the gall to lament that he hasn’t been invited to the bigwig dinner during the presidential visit.

“It’s a big humiliation,” Malik said. “He doesn’t want anything to do with me anymore.”

Don’t take it personally, Malik. The group of African relatives Obama doesn’t want to be seen with could fill up Yankee Stadium:

Barack Obama’s brother George has told of the disappointment of the US president’s Kenyan family that he will not be returning to his ancestral home.

George Obama, the president’s half-brother, said there had been considerable excitement in the rural village of Kogelo, where their father hailed from, when it was announced Mr Obama was returning to Kenya.

However, despite the promise of home-cooked food and a warm welcome, the US Embassy confirmed Mr Obama would remain in the capital during his two-day trip.

George Obama, who has not seen his sibling since his last visit in 2006, said the news had been greeted with dismay.

“The villagers are complaining because they had hoped to see him but he’s on a tight schedule,” he told The Telegraph.

The city has also been festooned with American and Kenyan flags, billboards welcoming the US president “home” and murals of his famous face on the sides of buildings. Nairobi’s governor has even optimistically planted fresh grass seed in pavements of red mud.

Mr Obama said dismissed the measures as “cosmetic”. “It’s a smokescreen. They are just pleasing him. When he goes it’s just going to return to normal. We are living a lie. When he is gone, who’s going to take care of it?” he said.

“Living a lie” pretty much describes these past six-and-a-half years in America, George. In a way, he’s visited you after all.

PS: How many crackpot Obama relatives—these two half-brothers, crazy Aunt Zeituni, dipso Uncle Omar—have to be this loopy before we start to wonder about the president’s own state of mind?


Great, Satan

As Aggie likes to say, “How’s that unclenched fist working out for ya?”

Despite a landmark nuclear deal between his country and the US, the Supreme Leader of Iran has continued denunciations of the West and tweeted a picture of Barack Obama committing suicide.

Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei posted a picture on his Twitter account with a silhoutted figure wearing an American flag lapel pin and red tie pointing a gun to his head.

Khamenei’s tweet followed a series of statements criticizing the US since the deal, likely to assuage conservative hardliners against a dramatic shift in stance towards the country described as the ‘Great Satan’.

‘Even with #IranDeal, our policies toward US Arrogant system will see no change. US policies in the region differ through 180° from Iran’s,’ he posted after the agreement was announced.

‘Five US presidents since the Revolution have either died or been lost in history wishing to make Iran surrender; you are also like them!’ he said.

Don’t tell John Kerry about this. He’ll be steamed!

“Did you ever ask them [the Iranians] to stop calling for the destruction of Israel?” an audience member at the Council on Foreign Relations asked Kerry.

“Yes, to the last,” Kerry said. “I also told them that their chants of ‘Death to America’ and so forth are not helpful and are pretty stupid. So we absolutely discussed those things.”

That was the Secretary of State calling the Supreme Leader “pretty stupid”, not me. Register your complaints with him. (Take a number.)

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