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Is Syria on Netflix?

The plot twists, the hanging endings, how do the writers do it?

Rebels with the Free Syrian Army repelled an offensive mounted Wednesday by forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad in central Syria, destroying 10 government tanks — despite coming under repeated Russian air assault, their leaders claim.

But they say front-line militias fending off a Syrian government ground offensive in the countryside near Hama need more U.S. assistance and are critical of what they claim is a reversal in American policy to establish a safe haven in the northern part of the war-torn country.

Free Syrian Army leaders say they thought they had an agreement on a buffer zone weeks ago and are mystified U.S. officials are now saying publicly that an American-enforced no-fly zone is a no-go.

Tu’mah expressed frustration — as well as confusion — over the Obama administration’s position on establishing a buffer zone in northern Syria — one that would be secure from Syrian airstrikes. He claims U.S. officials told them during the summer that a buffer zone would be established — part of a deal with the Turks for the use of the NATO airbase at Incirlik in southern Turkey by U.S.-led coalition warplanes to strike Islamic State extremists.

“It is very strange indeed …suddenly the Americans said there was no agreement at all,” he told VOA.

We live in very strange times, Tu’mah. (If an imposter shoud try to pass himself off as this guy, would people say “It’s not a Tu’mah”?)

American warplanes have been told to stay well away from Russian jets:

Since Russia began its military operation in Syria last month, U.S. pilots have been ordered to change their flight paths if a Russian plane is within 20 nautical miles.

Even the US Navy is making itself scarce:

As Russian warships rain down cruise missiles as part of its military strike in Syria, there’s now a glaring absence in the region: For the first time since 2007, the U.S. Navy has no aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf.

Here’s their excuse:

Military officials said Thursday that they’ve pulled the USS Theodore Roosevelt, which is home to about 5,000 service members and 65 combat planes, so that it can undergo maintenance. The ship officially exited the gulf around 11 p.m. ET. The temporary measure is also the result of mandatory budget cuts.

Obama has turned tail and sailed, and he’s trying to blame Republicans? I haven’t seen an American run this fast since Bob Hayes won gold at the Tokyo Olympics. And which lie is the correct lie, that the ship all of a sudden needs maintenance, or that they can’t afford to keep it afloat? I guess they’ll have to scuttle it, right? Create an artificial reef (since all the natural ones are dying from global warming)?

Not to give away the season finale, but everybody knows that Russia is doing the chinless ophthalmologist’s bidding: eliminate all opposition except ISIS, then say to Obama, “Now, whaddya gonna do?”

Iraq already has its hand up asking for Russia’s help, and Iran is already taking delivery of Russia’s S-300 missiles.

This is what the new Russian sphere of influence looks like:

Russia is a paper bear, an origami bruin. Held together by scotch tape and bailing wire, funded only by oil revenue (today, half of its recent high), fielding an army of those few men who are not blinded by vodka or bed-ridden by TB or HIV, it is not built for the long haul.

And maybe that’s Obama’s strategy. Back off and wait for the barroom bully to pass out in his own sick. Except for those people who get hurt in the meantime, it just might work.

PS: Remember, we were once for Assad before we were against him:

And if you think I posted that picture solely to ogle Mrs. Chinless’ divine neck and shoulders, you know me too well. You don’t have to be Joe Biden to want to paw that flesh.


Even Better Take on Obama and Syria

I don’t hand out praise easily, but Ralph Peters is particularly good this morning.

Some nuggets:

The first thing to understand about Vladimir Putin is that he’s not content just to win. He has to destroy his opponents, foreign or domestic.

Meanwhile, our astonished president sulks like a high school girl stood up by her boyfriend (“But Vladimir … you promised!”).

You bet President Obama’s afraid of Putin. Physically, tangibly, change-the-diaper afraid.

And as I wrote in these pages on Monday, the odds are good that Putin will order the shootdown of a US drone or even a manned aircraft, anyway. Why? Because he can.

And he enjoys it.

Expect a lot more aggression and violence from Putin between now and Inauguration Day 2017. Obama’s delusional worldview — that of a narrow-shouldered, bleeding-heart undergraduate at a second-rate university — is a gift to Putin that keeps on giving. (In almost seven years in office, Obama still hasn’t grasped that words don’t stop bullets.)

We’re still funding the Iranian-owned Baghdad government; still shortchanging the Kurds; still afraid to use real military power against ISIS; and terrified that Putin will push the Syrian situation into a confrontation.

He will. And the Obama administration is utterly, profoundly unprepared.

Our confused polices in the Middle East have left us trusted by no one (not even Israel), respected by no one and feared by no one.

The White House response now? Spokesman Josh “Baghdad Bob” Earnest tells us everything’s under control and we’re working things out. The new line is that Russia will only get bogged down in a quagmire, as the Soviets did in Afghanistan. Sorry, folks: Just because Obama’s incapable of learning doesn’t mean Putin is, too. And Putin’s forces won’t go into battle with lawyers looking over their shoulders, either.

Want to know how low we’ve sunk? The president of France just repeated his demand that Assad has to go. Secretary of State John Kerry, following the pattern of his surrender to the Iranians, has already said that, well, maybe Assad can stay for a while until there’s a “managed transition.”

Never before has a US presidential administration combined such naked cowardice, intellectual arrogance and willful blindness. We don’t have a president — we have a scared child covering his eyes at a horror movie.

And Putin knows it.

I couldn’t have believed he could top “narrow-shouldered, bleeding-heart undergraduate at a second-rate university”. But he did. The Secret Service might need to interview him after this.


Daht’s the Vay I Like It

Nature abhors a vacuum:

Russia’s first airstrikes in Syria Wednesday targeted areas held by rebels receiving arms, funding, and training from the CIA and killed dozens of civilians, according to U.S. officials and published reports.

You killed civilians. You killed the wrong rebels. Waah-waah!

If you want something done right, do it yourself.

Obama had every opportunity to do something about Syria. If doing nothing counts, he was all over it. It’s a bit rich to complain now. It would be like Neville Chamberlain carping about the weather on D-Day.


Commander in Chief

Issuing orders like the leader of the fr…leader of the world:

Russian officials have demanded that American warplanes exit Syrian airspace immediately, a senior U.S. official told Fox News early Wendesday.

The official told Fox News that Russian diplomats sent an official demarche ordering U.S. planes out of Syria, adding that Russian fighter jets were now flying over Syrian territory. U.S. military sources told Fox News that U.S. planes would not comply with the Russian demand.

“There is nothing to indicate that we are changing operations over Syria,” a senior defense official said.

“We have had every indication in recent weeks that (the Russians) were going to do something given the build-up,” another defense official added.

The move by Moscow marks a major escalation in ongoing tensions between the two countries over military action in the war-torn country and comes moments after Russian lawmakers formally approved a request from the country’s president, Vladimir Putin, to authorize the use of troops in Syria.

In news of other repudiations of US force:

A promised counterattack by Afghan forces aimed at retaking the strategic city of Kunduz from Taliban militants collapsed early Wednesday as hundreds of soldiers and civilians reportedly fled to the city’s airport, where they were surrounded by insurgent forces.

The New York Times reported that the assault on Kunduz, a city of 300,000 in northern Afghanistan, may have been just the first part of a broader offensive by the Taliban. The paper reported that several military checkpoints and government buildings in Takhar Province, east of Kunduz, had also come under attack by militants.

The Associated Press reported that Taliban fighters began fanning out across Kunduz itself Tuesday, closing roads, throwing up checkpoints and torching government buildings as fearful residents huddled indoors. Afghan forces attempting to retake the city were stalled by roadblocks and ambushes, unable to move closer than about a mile toward their target.

Meanwhile, U.S. warplanes carried out two airstrikes on Taliban positions, and a NATO officer told the AP that more airstrikes were unlikely as “all the Taliban are inside the city and so are all the people.” He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to brief media on the issue.

I pity the Taliban. Imagine how they’ll feel when they wake up to realize they’re on “the wrong side of history”? They’re an emotional lot—I can see suicides in their future.

There are plenty in their past:


If You Think We’ve Been Hard on Obama

Read the editorial page editor of the Washington Post:

This may be the most surprising of President Obama’s foreign-policy legacies: not just that he presided over a humanitarian and cultural disaster of epochal proportions, but that he soothed the American people into feeling no responsibility for the tragedy.

He doesn’t need to soothe me into anything: I feel no responsibility for the tragedy.

But Obama should:

Perversely, the worse Syria became, the more justified the president seemed for staying aloof; steps that might have helped in 2012 seemed ineffectual by 2013, and actions that could have saved lives in 2013 would not have been up to the challenge presented by 2014. The fact that the woman who wrote the book on genocide, Samantha Power, and the woman who campaigned to bomb Sudan to save the people of Darfur, Susan Rice, could apparently in good conscience stay on as U.N. ambassador and national security adviser, respectively, lent further moral credibility to U.S. abdication.

Most critically, inaction was sold not as a necessary evil but as a notable achievement: The United States at last was leading with the head, not the heart, and with modesty, not arrogance.

The realists were right that the United States has to consider interests as well as values, must pace itself and can’t save everyone. But a values-free argument ought at least to be able to show that the ends have justified the means, whereas the strategic results of Obama’s disengagement have been nearly as disastrous as the human consequences.

When Obama pulled all U.S. troops out of Iraq, critics worried there would be instability; none envisioned the emergence of a full-blown terrorist state. When he announced in August 2011 that “the time has come for President Assad to step aside,” critics worried the words might prove empty — but few imagined the extent of the catastrophe: not just the savagery of chemical weapons and “barrel bombs,” but also the Islamic State’s recruitment of thousands of foreign fighters, its spread from Libya to Afghanistan, the danger to the U.S. homeland that has alarmed U.S. intelligence officials, the refugees destabilizing Europe.

Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan—what do those countries have in common? They’ve all been left to their fates by the niblick in the White House. Afghanistan and Iraq had been won, at great cost of American blood and gold, but he gave ’em back, and threw Syria and Libya into the bargain.

Even had Obama’s policy succeeded in purely realist terms, though, something would have been lost in the anesthetization of U.S. opinion. Yes, the nation’s outrage over the decades has been uneven, at times hypocritical, at times self-serving.

But there also has been something to be admired in America’s determination to help — to ask, even if we cannot save everyone in Congo, can we not save some people in Syria? Obama’s successful turning of that question on its head is nothing to be proud of.

Under Obama, we can’t even save our Libyan ambassador and three of his defenders. What makes anyone think he can save Syria from a savage horde of rabid beasts he waved off as the JV team? And who will tell the truth? Some, like this editorial page editor at the Washington Post, are smart enough and brave enough to speak. But who will listen? If it falls on deaf ears, what good will it do?

What good can we do? ISIS grew on Obama’s watch, and now his best generals say it will take years, decades, to eradicate. Under Obama, maybe. That’s what they said about Iraq until Bush instituted the surge. We won. I don’t know who or what to believe anymore—just not Obama.

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Old Soldiers Never Die

Unless they’re in the “care” of the VA:

Hundreds of thousands of veterans listed in the Department of Veterans Affairs enrollment system died before their applications for care were processed, according to a report issued Wednesday.

The VA’s inspector general found that out of about 800,000 records stalled in the agency’s system for managing health care enrollment, there were more than 307,000 records that belonged to veterans who had died months or years in the past.

In a response to the House Committee on Veterans Affairs’ request to investigate a whistleblower’s allegations of mismanagement at the VA’s Health Eligibility Center, the inspector general also found VA staffers incorrectly marked unprocessed applications and may have deleted 10,000 or more records in the last five years.

In one case, a veteran who applied for VA care in 1998 was placed in “pending” status for 14 years. Another veteran who passed away in 1988 was found to have an unprocessed record lingering in 2014, the investigation found.

The scandal predates Obama, but this is his position on the outrage:

The President and the VA are committed to ensuring that veterans have access to the timely, quality health care that they have earned and deserve.


As the President has made clear, those responsible for manipulating or falsifying records at the VA must be held accountable. The VA established an independent accountability review board to review employee actions and hold individuals accountable where there is misconduct.

Protections for Whistleblowers

The VA has reconfirmed and strengthened its commitment to protections for whistleblowers and the new leadership has been clear that retaliation against, or intimidation of, whistleblowers will not be tolerated.

New Commitment to Transparency

For the first time ever, the VA is providing the public with regular, updated information on the quality and timeliness of VA care. This is more information that any private hospital in the United States currently provides.

Ensuring Veterans Benefits

Improving quality and reducing the length of time it takes to process disability claims is integral to the Administration’s mission of providing benefits the care and benefits they have earned and deserve in a timely, accurate, and compassionate manner.

Legislation is the last refuge of scoundrels. Obama didn’t need a new law to take care of veterans; he’s not even doing it with a new law. The law just gave him cover.

The report released Wednesday reveals a web of complications with the VA’s management of health care enrollment data, including a lack of procedures to oversee records, software glitches within the records system and inconsistency in identifying veterans who have died.

The inspector general found the VA’s office responsible for enrollment “has not effectively managed its business processes to ensure the consistent creation and maintenance of essential data.”

Additionally, the investigation states the Veterans Health Administration “has not adequately established procedures to identify individuals who have died, including those with pending health care enrollment records.”

“Affordable health care for all”—except our soldiers. Heckuva job, Hussein-ie!

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On-Camera Executions

The parents of Alison Parker, the reporter shot dead by Vester Flanagan, the gay, black man who produced, directed, and starred in his own snuff film, are vowing advocacy for more gun control.

That is their right and even their duty as grieving parents.

Sadly, there is a lot of that going around:

“I am the mother of Steven Joel Sotloff, who was brutally murdered Sept. 2, 2014, by ISIL. The anniversary of his death is coming up and we would like to write an obituary.”

Since their son was beheaded in a video broadcast to the world, the Sotloff family has grieved privately, working quietly on memorials and scholarships in their son’s memory.

They haven’t spoken much about their son or their own lives after the horror of his murder by an Islamic State executioner. But with the pain and anger still raw, Shirley and Arthur Sotloff feel the U.S. government didn’t do enough to bring Steven home alive.

His pictures hang on the walls of the living room, the kitchen and a spare bedroom: Steven at age 8 at the local JCC. A teenager whitewater rafting in Colorado. A young boy posed with retired Miami Heat basketball player Rory Sparrow. A larger framed photograph sticks to the kitchen wall, with a more recent image of a bespectacled adult in a blue shirt. This one contains Steven’s last message to his parents — in a letter he smuggled out to them via hostages from other countries who had been released.

The Sotloffs received the letter in June 2014.

“Everyone has two lives. The second one begins when you realize that you only have one. Hug each other every day. Don’t fight over stupid things.”

“In that letter he was saying goodbye,” Arthur says. “He knew he wasn’t going to make it out because he was told that every day that he wouldn’t by his captors and he was telling us to go on with our lives. It was kind of a blueprint for the way Jews are supposed to live.”

There’s no joy to be taken from these artifacts or the awards he earned. Arthur and Shirley Sotloff’s son is dead. And no one can say for certain when, exactly, that happened. “There is no closure if there is no body,” says Shirley, a teacher at Temple Beth Am Day School.

“We don’t have Steven,” Arthur, a salesman, adds. “Steven is in a desert somewhere, laying in pieces with thousands of other people that have been killed. We’ll probably never get his remains back, so that means we won’t get the closure most people get when they lose somebody. This has been very difficult.”

The Sotloffs won’t finish the thought—but others will:

The UK security services gave the Obama administration intelligence in June 2014 about where in Syria the ISIS terror army was holding its American captives, but the White House dithered and missed its opportunity to rescue them, a report claimed last year.

The Daily Beast quoted an unnamed American official who said that Obama’s national security team refused to plan a rescue mission around information gathered by a foreign government.

‘The issue was that they didn’t trust it, and they wanted to develop and mature the intelligence, because it wasn’t our own,’ the American official said.

U.S. and British officials said the administration sat on the information for nearly a month before launching a military raid to recover American aid worker Kayla Mueller and journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff. By the time a rescue was mounted on July 4, 2014, the hostages had been moved.

Yet, despite this, Sotloff’s parents say they want to remember the good that their son did while working in the Middle East.

They are good people, perhaps too good.

This is more typical:

The heartbroken father of murdered TV reporter Alison Parker said his fight for gun control laws has only just begun as he hit out against the NRA and lawmakers who voted against stricter legislation, saying they ‘messed with the wrong family’.

Mr. Parker can be forgiven for anything he says. He is mad with grief. So it falls to the rest of us to point out that the NRA didn’t mess with anybody, Vester Lee Flanagan did. It would make more sense to call out the NAACP and/or Queer Nation: Flanagan’s race and sexual preference were more germane to his murderous rage than his gun ownership.

But we would have to agree that nutters like Flanagan, Dylan Roof, James Holmes, Adam Lanza shouldn’t have guns. If the Parker family wants to launch an assault (with apologies for the violent rhetoric) against the rights of convicted felons and certifiable loonies from owning guns, we will support them. Taking guns away from everybody else, leaving them defenseless, is madness.

PS: Getting back to the Sotloffs for a moment: can we detect a pattern of Obama’s behavior toward hostages? Steven Sotloff, James Foley, Kayla Mueller, the four hostages held by Iran—what did Obama do for any of them? The only hostage he “rescued”, Bowe Bergdahl, defected to the enemy, and Obama got him back only by handing over hardened terrorists in return. I’d say that’s a pattern, a pattern of betrayal.

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The 1980s Called, They Want Their World Back

Just the other day, Aggie reminded us of Obama’s patronizing retort to Mitt Romney during the 2012 debates: “the 1980s called, they want their foreign policy back.”

Good one, sir. But can we get our 1980s president back too?

Just another nail in the coffin of Barack Obama’s naive worldview. Yesterday his Secretary of the Air Force stated that “the biggest threat on my mind [is] the activities of Russia.”

Obama’s JV worldview has been so completely dismantled that it is tiring to recount the ways in which he has misunderstood and ineptly responded to real threats (not, say, global warming). Yet it is indeed noteworthy that one of his top officials in 2015 has so effectively dismissed the Obama of 2012.

Ironically, should the U.S. send F-22s to Europe in response to Russia’s ongoing aggression, the planes will be fulfilling the role originally envisioned for them back in the 1980s, when the Cold War was in its final phases and Washington looked to ensure air dominance in any conflict with Moscow. Yet given the possibility that the planes might be needed in Asia to prevent China from gaining air superiority over contested islands in the East and South China Seas, or in Iran, should a nuclear crisis ensue, the paltry 150 or so combat-capable Raptors will be hard pressed to fulfill all the demands Washington may make on them. But, of course, it was Barack Obama who canceled the program back in 2009, when he was resetting relations with Russia and embracing China as a strategic partner. Sometimes all the parts of a worldview do fit together, unfortunately.

And when that worldview is held by the most powerful man in the world, it’s a serious problem. We have a soiled brat trying to do a man’s job.


Breaking News From 1991 and 2003

Maybe Obama “ended the war in Iraq” just so he could start one all his own:

The Pentagon has recommended sending 400 more U.S. troops to Iraq to aid in the fight against ISIS, a senior U.S. military official told Fox News late Tuesday.

The official said that the White House had not made a final decision on the recommendation, which would bring the total number of American troops in Iraq to approximately 3,400. That number includes trainers, advisers, security and other logistical personnel. The plan is not likely to include the deployment of U.S. forces closer to the front lines to either call in airstrikes or advise smaller Iraqi units in battle.

Obama said Monday that the United States still lacks a “complete strategy” for training Iraqi forces. Obama also urged Iraq’s Shiite-dominated government to allow more of the nation’s Sunnis to join the campaign against the violent militant group.

Maybe that’s why Obama was sticking a cigarette in his mouth at the G7 (see below)—to keep from saying such stupid things. In which case, he’s going to need the whole carton.

PS: Big deal, Mr. President. George Bush ended the war in Iraq, twice.


“We Came, We Saw, He Died”

Hillary’s disturbing, even psychopathic, dispatch of Muammar Qaddafi:

But he’s got company, Madame Secretary:

Well, yes, them too. But I meant:

The ISIS terror group kidnapped 88 Eritrean Christians from a people-smugglers’ caravan in Libya last week, a U.S. defense official confirmed Monday.

The defense official confirmed initial reports of the mass kidnapping to Fox News after seeing a recent intelligence report. The independent Libya Herald newspaper reported that the convoy was ambushed by militants south of Tripoli before dawn this past Wednesday morning.

In February, Libyan militants proclaiming loyalty to ISIS released a video showing the beheading of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea. Two months later, another video showed the militants shooting and beheading an indeterminate number of Ethiopian Christians.

They ought to be running low pretty soon. But maybe the dead Christians are the lucky Christians:

HOLLY WILLIAMS, CBS NEWS, MISRATA, LIBYA: Libya is in a state of civil war, and as this country has descended into chaos and lawlessness, it has become fertile ground for human smugglers.

If there is a Hell on our Earth, this stinking, squalid Libyan prison is it. This is where migrants who are caught trying to get to Europe are locked up for months on end waiting to be deported. Packed 50 to a room, they are infected with lice and sometimes beaten by the Libya guards. Many here paid human smugglers to get them across the Mediterranean Sea, but instead they were picked up by the Libyan Coast Guard…

Still laughing, Madame Secretary? Me too.

Of course, she’s not the only one who got Libya wrong:

SCOTT WALKER: It’s interesting for the president, the guy who called ISIS the ‘JV squad’ and Yemen a success story, somehow suggesting someone else should bone up on foreign policy…

Good one, Scott!

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So, Which Is It, Benedict Arnold?

Thirteen years, twenty years, how many years you want?

Sen. Bob Corker (R., Tenn.) said Wednesday on Fox News that President Obama contradicted an earlier statement to NPR when he told Israeli TV that a nuclear deal with Iran would potentially stop it from having a nuclear weapon for 20 years.

“What is the worst scenario is the path that we’re currently on in which there’s no nuclear resolution and ultimately we have no way to verify whether Iran has a weapon or not,” Obama said. “Sanctions won’t do it. A military solution is temporary. The deal that we’re negotiating potentially takes a nuclear weapon off the table for 20 years.”

But in an interview with NPR on the temporary pact with Iran over its nuclear program, he said otherwise.

“So essentially, we’re purchasing for 13, 14, 15 years assurances that the breakout is at least a year … that—that if they decided to break the deal, kick out all the inspectors, break the seals and go for a bomb, we’d have over a year to respond,” Obama said. “And we have those assurances for at least well over a decade. And then in years 13 and 14, it is possible that those breakout times would have been much shorter, but at that point we have much better ideas about what it is that their program involves.”

Obama’s just talking sh*t. The numbers don’t matter.

We know Iran is cheating now:

Iran is continuing to develop missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons despite an interim agreement on its nuclear programs, according to a Pentagon report.

“Although Iran has paused progress in some areas of its nuclear program and fulfilled its obligations under the Joint Plan of Action (JPOA), it continues to develop technological capabilities that also could be applicable to nuclear weapons, including ballistic missile development,” a one-page unclassified summary of the report says.

A copy of the report was obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

The report was due to Congress in January but was not sent to the Armed Services Committee as required by law until this month. Analysts said the delay appeared designed to avoid upsetting Tehran and the nuclear talks.

Disclosure of the continuing development of nuclear delivery capabilities comes amid reports that Iran increased the amount of nuclear material that could potentially be used to build nuclear weapons despite the JPOA.

The State Department sought to challenge International Atomic Energy Agency reports on the increase in Iranian nuclear material, despite President Obama’s claim that the nuclear agreement had halted Iran’s nuclear program.

It’s not a laughing matter, but if John Kerry hadn’t broken his leg on the tricycle, Iran would already have a couple of dozen bombs already.

Obama also said a military intervention (bomb) would lead to only a temporary hiatus. But is that a bad thing? And can’t repeated military interventions (bombs) lead to repeated hiatuses? I know he thinks we’re stupid, and he’s right, we are. But this stupid?

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He’s Ba-a-a-ck

Sy Hersh, where have you been when your country needed you?

The White House is dismissing as “baseless” a controversial report alleging President Barack Obama’s administration lied about the circumstances surrounding the 2011 killing of Osama bin Laden.

“There are too many inaccuracies and baseless assertions in this piece to fact check each one,” White House National Security spokesman Ned Price said in a statement to reporters.

He took aim specifically at journalist Seymour Hersh’s assertion that the administration collaborated with Pakistani officials to kill the al Qaeda leader, saying that “the notion that the operation that killed Usama Bin Ladin was anything but a unilateral U.S. mission is patently false.”

“As we said at the time, knowledge of this operation was confined to a very small circle of senior U.S. officials. The President decided early on not to inform any other government, including the Pakistani Government, which was not notified until after the raid had occurred,” Price said.

That’s it? That’s all you got? What a gyp! Who cares?

Hersh also reports on boasting from some SEALs that bin Laden wasn’t given a burial at sea that adhered to Islamic religious traditions as the administration had claimed — rather, his remains “were thrown into a body bag and, during the helicopter flight back to Jalalabad, some body parts were tossed out over the Hindu Kush mountains.”

Now, that’s what I’m talking about! That’s good stuff.

We don’t mean to do no harm,
Look out for Osama’s arm!
Don’t get hurt, don’t get dead,
Watch out for bin Laden’s head!

Hersh also alleges Obama’s speech announcing the successful mission was “put together in a rush,” not vetted or cleared by national security officials and created “chaos in the weeks following.”

“This series of self-serving and inaccurate statements would create chaos in the weeks following,” he said.

Should I wear a red tie or a blue one when I take my victory lap?

Will this be serialized in the New York Times and the WaPo, and on the Today Show and Frontline? Especially the part about “self-serving and inaccurate statements”?


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