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Here’s That “Uncordial” Letter Governor Brewer Wrote to President Obama

Excuse the girly handwriting—Governor Brewer may be a tough hombre, but she is a woman!


Dear Mr. President,

Welcome to Arizona!

You‘ve arrived in a state at the forefront of America’s recovery—and her future. We were at the brink. We were at the bottom of the list in job creation. Today, we have a balanced budget and we’re in the top 10 for job creation.

I’m proud of that hard-won recovery—the result of many tough decisions, courage and perseverance.

My hope is while you are here you will have a chance to see our tremendous results first hand.

We both love the great country, but we fundamentally disagree on how to best make America grow and prosper once again. I‘d love an opportunity to share with you how we’ve been able to turn Arizona around with hard choices that turned out to be the right ones.

And, of course, my offer to visit the border—and buy lunch—still stands!

With respect,

And remember, she was all smiles on the tarmac—even commenting that they kept the sun out for him—until Petulant [sic] Obama decided to get in her grill.

I can’t wait for the movie of Scorpions for Breakfast! When Helen Mirren wags her finger in Tyler Perry’s face it will be priceless!

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Under My Thumb

So far, so good:

President Barack Obama talks with Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer after arriving at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2012, in Mesa, Ariz. Brewer greeted Obama and what she got was a book critique. Of her book. The two leaders engaged in an intense conversation at the base of Air Force One’s steps. Both could be seen smiling, but speaking at the same time. Asked what the conversation was about, Brewer, a Republican, said: “He was a little disturbed about my book.” Brewer recently published a book, “Scorpions for Breakfast,” something of a memoir that describes her years growing up and defends her signing of Arizona’s controversial law cracking down on illegal immigrants, which Obama opposes. Brewer also handed Obama an envelope with a handwritten invitation for Obama to return to Arizona to meet her for lunch and to join her for a visit to the border.

And then:

Host: Tell us what happened.

Gov. Jan Brewer (R-AZ): Well, I was there to greet him. I was the first in line as he came off the plane. He came down, he said ‘Hello Jan.’ I told him, ‘Mr. President, welcome to Arizona and we kept the sun up for you.’ And it was a beautiful day in Arizona. And I said, ‘We appreciate you being here and the bottom line is I’d like the opportunity to sit down to talk to him about the great Arizona comeback and the things that we have done here and job growth, etc. etc.

I explained to him how we have turned Arizona around and that we both love our country. I know that he loves our country, I love our country. And he brought up my book. And he was a little tense.

He said that he had read the excerpt and he didn’t think that I was very cordial. And I said, ‘Well, we agreed on that day to disagree.’ And he was somewhat thin-skinned and a little tense, to say the least. And I don’t remember — I was trying to be calm. You know, that picture (Brewer pointing her finger at Obama) is very interesting but I don’t remember actually doing that. And he moved on down the line.

I’ll have to ask the ladyfolk: is his posture as condescending as I think it looks? Is he practically saying “sweetie”?

I don’t know about scorpions for breakfast, but I bet she could have his nuts for lunch—a light lunch to be sure—sauteed with a little rattlesnake and gila liver.

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No Abortions Based on Race

Oh, thank goodness!

Isn’t it appalling to think in this day and age that people would kill an unborn child based on its race?

Well, not in Arizona:

Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona has signed what is likely the first legislation in the nation to ban abortions over ethnicity.

The law makes it a Class 3 felony to knowingly perform or provide financing for an abortion sought because of the race or sex of the fetus or a parent’s race.

Supporters said the measure is an important statement against discrimination and for life.

I don’t see how that can be argued. But wouldn’t you know, some people tried:

Critics said there’s no evidence that selective abortions occur in Arizona, and doctors could face jail time if they lose a newly required affidavit that an abortion isn’t for selection purposes.

Planned Parenthood of Arizona said it condemns Brewer’s decision to sign the bill.

Well, if there’s no evidence… what are you worried about?

Actually, I’m not sure I approve, either. If there are no abortions based on race in Arizona, then it’s an abuse of the legislative process to pass such a law. It’s like hate crime legislation—acting on that hate is already illegal, and just thinking hateful thoughts ought never be.

But if there is such evidence of race-based abortions—as there is in New York City, where the abortion of black babies rises to the level of genocide—then how can anyone support it? Do you also support sex-based abortions?

What kind of monsters are you?

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Keith Olbermann: Accessory Before the Fact

This is awful; I wonder if Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh are involved?

A 27-year-old mentally troubled man was arrested last night and charged with the murder of a young female employee of the small group home where he lived.

Wearing a white hooded sweatshirt and baseball cap, Deshawn James Chappell was apprehended shortly before 8 p.m. inside his grandmother’s apartment building at 30 Rockland St. in Roxbury and loaded into a waiting Boston police wagon. Chappell was located after being hunted by police since earlier in the day, when he and the woman disappeared from the group home.

He will be charged in the slaying of Stephanie Moulton, 25, of Peabody, who had worked as a residential counselor at a group home in Revere run by the North Suffolk Mental Health Association, under contract with the state Department of Mental Health. She was allegedly attacked and taken away from the facility sometime yesterday by Chappell. Her body was later found in a parking lot behind St. George Greek Orthodox Church in Lynn.

Authorities did not disclose yesterday how Moulton was killed.

It was hate speech what done it. After all, social workers are unremittingly liberal; therefore her murder was inescapably a political act.

But wait a minute. This is a left-wing part of the country. We returned an all-Democrat slate to Congress and reelected a loser of a governor. Just about every Democrat down to dog catcher won reelection.

And we have two NPR and two PBS stations. The airwaves in this town are poisoned with pious liberal claptrap: there are no guilty, only victims; if we cut the deficit, poor people will starve, the elderly will freeze, and pets’ heads will fall off; Auntie Zeituni (and all criminal aliens) deserve public housing, discounted tuition, and tickets to all Sox games. Anything less is an atrocity. Deshawn can hardly be blamed; he was manipulated by far left hate speech.

I’ve just about cracked this case. I feel a little like Sheriff Dummkopf down in Pima County. Him and Sherlock Holmes. It was elementary.

PS: Let me add what the foul and prevaricating media didn’t have the decency to add after the Tucson massacre, and express my sorrow to the family of Ms. Moulton. I may have used her murder to make a point, but I did not lose sight of it. A six year-old girl died in Tucson, among several others, but everybody lost sight of them.

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His Terrible Swift Sword

No, not Jared Loughner (who prefers to use a Glock). The Lord.

I just don’t think the President of the United States should be associated with such violent imagery:

Last year President Obama stood in the pulpit and delivered a five-page address on Martin Luther King, but after a week in which he attempted to console a nation after the mass shootings in Tucson, the president visited an African American church Sunday as a worshiper.

Rev. Ronald E. Braxton and the members of Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church in Northwest Washington made sure the Obama family had a regular, downhome service complete with announcements, the passing of the collection plates and plenty of foot-stomping gospel music.

“This follows a long tradition for the president of the United States to worship in our national cathedral,” Rev. Braxton said. “It was historic for the first African American president to sit on a pew next [to] the pew where Fredric Douglass once sat.”

“Mr. President Let God have the last word. You belong to him,” said Braxton as he concluded a sermon where even the music was tailored to be uplifting — with songs that ranged from “I Am On the Battlefield for the Lord” to “We Come This Far by Faith.”

Seriously, if politicians have been criticized for “targeting” certain districts—obviously giving the green light to Jared Loughner to fire at will—is this a time to speak of battlefields? Is not an unbalanced mind pushed over the edge by talk of the “valley of the shadow of death”?

Rather should not the president continue to exploit the horrific murders in Tucson by tarring conservatives with hate and pushing the liberal agenda? Isn’t that what crises are for? Let’s have no more talk of “vengeance is mine, I will repay”; who knows what that will drive some crazed Tea Partier to do? Rather let us lower insurance deductibles and raise marginal tax rates. That is as Dr. King would have it.


Don’t Retreat, RELOAD!

Some people just don’t get metaphor, I guess:

A man who was shot but survived last Saturday’s massacre in Tucson, Arizona, was taken to a county mental services unit Saturday after making a threatening comment at a town hall event, Pima County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Jason Ogan said.

James Eric Fuller, 63, was involuntarily committed after he made threats against a Tea Party member at the Tucson event sponsored by ABC News, Ogan said.

Fuller photographed Trent Humphries and said “You are dead” when Humphries began speaking at the event, according to Ogan.

Are you telling me that a Tea Party member was a victim of threatened violence, not a perpetrator? That can’t be!

And the person who made the threat was taken to a loony bin? But I thought people who made (and carried out) such threats were political operatives, not madmen. That’s what I keep hearing in the media. To hear them (and at least one commenter here) tell it, Jared Loughner was a member of the Chamber of Commerce and the BPOE.

If I didn’t know better, I’d suspect the Left of exploiting senseless slaughter to score cheap political points.

But even if they had, it was only because they care so much.

Quoth Geraldo Rivera:

“There was a very public death threat today in Tucson that prompted police action. Ironically, it came from a hard-core liberal”

Nothing ironic at all, as we’ve been trying to tell you. But at least the death threat came from a good place, right?

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Stooge No More

You may have noticed an angrier Bloodthirsty Liberal lately, a BTL furious with liberals in politics and the media for their disgraceful mass-slander of conservatives after the slaughter in Arizona by a lone crazed gunman. Just as something in BTL snapped after 9/11—unleashing the inner BTL—something snapped again here. I have gone Death Wish.

No longer content merely to refute their lies and laugh at their dishonesty, I want to take every left-wing invention and shove it down their throats. I want every leftist bastard debased and defiled more even than they already have done to themselves.

With one exception. My last connection to reality, before I started looking in a mirror and saying “You talking to me?”, was to excuse President Obama for the pep rally-like atmosphere at the memorial service for six murdered Americans. I gave the president the benefit of the doubt. I presumed that it was the administration and student body of the university, not the administration of the President of the United States of America, that lost perspective and turned the most solemn occasion imaginable—the murder of a six-year-old girl—into a rock concert.

I was wrong, and I have been had. It won’t happen again.

The “Together We Thrive” T-shirts that starred at Wednesday’s Arizona `Memorial’ originated from Organizing for America.

In the controversy of the pep rally/rock concert style Memorial for those who lost their lives in Saturday’s Arizona tragedy, the mainstream media reported that the “Together We Thrive: Tucson & America” T-shirt given to mourners as they entered McKate Center was the idea of University of Arizona brass, not the Obama administration.

Yet the “Together We Thrive” slogan dates back to a post to Obama’s own Organizing for America in a Feb. 11, 2008 post by self-described “globalist” John Berry IV.

More than passing strange that the Obama campaign message of civility was the same on Feb. 11, 2008 as it was in his Wednesday Memorial speech, and the same one, too carried by the mainstream media in coverage of the Memorial.

University of Arizona brass did not originate the “Together We Thrive” T-shirt. They merely recycled it for Obama—and recycled it in time for what should have been a dignified Memorial for the dead.

If you were a mourner who took home a “Together We Thrive” T-shirt have a look at the bottom of your shirt. “Rocking America and Rocking the Vote” is a common theme of the DNC, and it’s right there on your Memorial T-shirt memento.

Welcome to the era of Obama, where cheering and standing ovations, for the first time in history, became part of the Requiem for the Dead.

I first heard this on Rush today, but had to find it for myself:

RUSH: One thing on the pep rally-disguised-as-a-memorial on Wednesday night. I happened to, as I have been told, anger a lot of people yesterday by saying that the president delayed the memorial while waiting for the polling data to come in and the T-shirts to get printed. Well, guess what? I was right on both counts.

It turns out that “Together We Thrive” comes from the Organizing for America website, which is Obama’s website. It was written by John Berry IV. John Berry’s blog, Together We Thrive, February 11th, 2008. So they reheated an old idea. The whole point of this was a pep rally or a political rally for Obama.

I told you a few days ago I read the classic study of fascism, The Nazi Seizure of Power, while I was away, and that I might make reference to it in the coming days. This is the time.

The Nazis were around a long time before they took control of Germany. Part of their ascendancy was through elections, part through intimidation. A classic Nazi trick was for the brownshirts to provoke a fight or a riot, after which the Nazi politicians would cry for more law and order, their bread and butter. Instigate uncertainty, then call for more certainty, which only you can provide (through the thugs who instigated the uncertainty).

After the Arizona shooting, the Left decried heated rhetoric, yet, curiously, only rhetoric which differed from their own. There was no evidence rhetoric of any sort had anything to do with the murders—in fact, all evidence was to the contrary, and still is—but the Left thrives when the opposition is silenced, and this was an ideal occasion to intimidate it into silence. Only approved rhetoric—slanderous, dishonest rhetoric—should be permitted.

Another point about the Nazis was that the party was the state and the state was the party. And the head of both was Der Führer. There was no such thing as a dissenter, a dissident, a conscientious objector, even a private citizen. You either got on board with the Nazis or you got on board a train to Dachau.

Obviously, I don’t see the same thing happening here (you will be pleased to know), but the cult of personality around Obama is disturbing. Already, people are delusional; how far will they go if they fear actually losing him in an election?

You think I’m crazy? Look what happened in the past week alone and tell me you aren’t at least a little scared—and mega-pi**ed off. Do you recognize this country?

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Because Nothing Memorializes a 9-Year-Old Girl Like a Political Rally

Complete with a slogan:

and a t-shirt:

By all accounts that I’ve seen, President Obama’s speech was measured, respectful, and well received.

The rest of the rabble, not so much:

Obama enters stadium to wild applause. Opening music: Copeland’s Fanfare for the Common Man.

Native American gives rambling speech while holding a feather. His remarks are frequently interrupted by whoops and cheers. He gives a shout-out to his son serving in Afghanistan. Brags about his ethnic Mexican background. Babbles about two-legged and four-legged creatures and the feminine energy that comes from Mother Earth.


And immediately, the sobriety is broken by massive whoops and hollers for Janet Napolitano.

Just. Gross.

U of A president intro’ing Obama. Cheers, whoops, shout-outs. Ear-splitting applause as he heads to podium.

Audience screaming “WE LOVE YOU!”

Even as it began, some conservative commentators were posting comments criticizing the memorial service for being overly partisan and more like a pep rally, and there were some boos in the hall when Gov. Jan Brewer, a Republican, spoke. Those reactions would have been hard to imagine, say, in the days after the Oklahoma City bombing.

Just to be clear: it was billed as a memorial. Let me be clear about this also: it would appear that the perversion of the event was instigated by the university administration and student body.

But who could be surprised? Democrats in politics and the media had spent the previous week relieving themselves all over the reputation and character of anyone and everyone who had raised their ire. Why not not cap it off with a Nuremberg-like rally?

It’s what they do:

The partisan tone of the memorial service for the late Sen. Paul Wellstone stirred anger Wednesday in some Republicans, political consultants and radio talk show hosts who say some of the comments and behavior were inappropriate.

Democrats defended the nature of the service, but they also apologized to anyone who might have been offended.

Vin Weber, a former congressman from Minnesota, lambasted Democrats for what he called a “complete, total absolute sham.”

“To them, Wellstone’s death, apparently, was just another campaign event,” he told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

Dave Ryan, a radio talk show host in Minneapolis, said the airwaves have been full of talk about the service, which featured speeches from Wellstone family members and friends who urged the crowd to remember Wellstone when they cast their votes next week.

“I guess the local stations here were swamped with phone calls from people who were angry because they had been sold a memorial service that had turned into a political rally,” Ryan said in an interview with CNN. “And I really thought that was kind of shameful. I really did.”

Liberals sure do have an odd way of displaying their grief.

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Firing Off Questions

Now that the Left has been dispatched back to the sewers from which they scuttled after the mass murder in Arizona, I’d like to look at another angle to the story: why the schizo scumbag had a gun.

When the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the handgun ban in the nation’s capital in 2008, Representative Gabrielle Giffords applauded the ruling, calling gun ownership “an Arizona tradition.” That she had co-signed a congressional amicus brief against the ban came as no surprise: she has always been pro-gun, and she represents a state with a history of proud gun ownership and lax gun laws.

So there is at least a touch of irony to the fact that her name is being invoked, following her attempted assassination on Saturday, in calls for tighter gun control. Paul Helmke, head of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, offered prayers for Giffords and decried “easy access to high-powered guns.” New York Representative Carolyn McCarthy called the shooting “an illustration of why we must all work together to fight gun violence in America and keep dangerous weapons out of the hands of the wrong people.”

Gun-rights supporters see a different moral to the shooting. “It shows more than ever why people need to have the tools of defense,” says Charles Heller, founder of the Arizona Citizens Defense League. As for additional gun-control laws, Heller says, “It doesn’t need to be any more illegal than it already is to shoot a Congresswoman in the head.”

The real question in Tucson, though, is why the alleged shooter, 22-year-old Jared Lee Loughner, was allowed to buy the murder weapon in the first place. Beyond the clearly delusional nature of online videos ascribed to him, Loughner was suspended last year from Pima Community College apparently because of mental problems. According to the college, he was told he could return only if he obtained “a mental health clearance indicating, in the opinion of a mental health professional, his presence at the College does not present a danger to himself or others.” The Army also denied Loughner’s application for unspecified reasons. It’s unclear what other organizations or agencies might have been aware of Loughner’s dangerous mental state. Still, he passed a background check, and late last year legally bought the 9-mm Glock 19 semiautomatic handgun allegedly used in the shootings.

As far back as the Gun Control Act of 1968, there have been federal laws against selling weapons to mentally ill individuals.

I don’t own a gun, and I don’t want to—but I’m with the gun-rights people on this one.

I don’t trust the government to protect us from dangerous people who own guns illegally if they are so inept at protecting us from dangerous people who own them legally. Is our response really just to double down and say “try harder, government”?

The article also raises legitimate questions about how this guy—who scared the [bleep] out of more than a few people—was allowed to carry on as he did. I don’t know what responses the police and campus security could bring to bear, and I don’t know what his parents tried, but he was a walking time bomb waiting to go off.

Sarah Palin has been unfairly and disgracefully dragged into this affair, but I’ll use her example in a different manner. She and Todd have an infinitely higher profile and are infinitely more incendiary (also unfair and disgraceful) than Gabrielle Giffords, yet no one has pulled a Glock on them. Anyone wonder why?

If you answered “because Todd would drop the guy in his tracks before the weapon was out of his waistband”, you win! And if Todd missed, Sarah would have produced her Remington Model 870P shotgun from inside her hot red leather jacket and raised it to her shoulder.

I only ask you honestly to consider which situation is the more dangerous.

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Newsweek’s Dietary Advice

Read this and purge:

President Obama is off to a good start in his handling of what the networks are now calling “The Tragedy in Tucson.” The moment of silence he asked for on Monday at 11 a.m.—resonant for older Americans of the exact hour on November 11 each year that the World War I Armistice was once observed—is an appropriate expression of what we need right now: Less Noise.

But silence will not be enough. This horrific event offers the president a chance to show leadership qualities that he’s inexplicably hidden away in some blind trust. The shootings and the resulting debate over the climate of incivility play to his strengths as a calm and rational leader. Just as Bill Clinton’s response to the 1995 Oklahoma City bombings helped him recover from his defeat in the 1994 midterms, so this episode may help Obama change—at least in the short term–the trajectory of American politics.

Clinton did more than just speak movingly after Oklahoma City and pull the country together as griever-in-chief. He was able to use the event to discredit the militia movement and tamp down hate speech on talk radio enough that it wasn’t much of a factor in his 1996 reelection. The Oklahoma City bombings were later seen by historians and Clinton-era officials as the turning point in his political comeback. Of course the viciousness of the attacks eventually resumed (especially after the Lewinsky scandal) but they weren’t as fierce again until the Obama years.

And the Bush years? They weren’t vicious?

No matter. What I’m looking at here is the opportunism urged by the left before the blood has been swabbed from the deck.

They’ve been hoping for something like this for months:

Mark Penn, Democratic strategist and former chief strategist for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, let out the kind of doozy, on last night’s Hardball, that must be seen to be believed. Comparing Obama’s current situation to the aftermath of the 1994 “Republican Revolution,” Penn noted that it took the Oklahoma City tragedy in order for President Clinton to “reconnect” with the American people.

He then stepped off the cliff by saying that President Obama needed a “similar event” to achieve that reconnection following his party’s midterm losses.

Just in case you have an especially strong stomach:

One veteran Democratic operative, who blames overheated rhetoric for the shooting, said President Barack Obama should carefully but forcefully do what his predecessor did.

“They need to deftly pin this on the tea partiers,” said the Democrat.

“Just like the Clinton White House deftly pinned the Oklahoma City bombing on the militia and anti-government people.”

I don’t even need to ask if these people have no shame. They are completely unfamiliar with the concept.

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Same as They Ever Were

In a previous horrific attack, when a man who tried to defect to the Soviet Union and who protested in favor of Fidel Castro killed someone, they still tried to blame “the Right”:

In an email, James Piereson–author of the indispensable Camelot and the Cultural Revolution: How the Assassination of John F. Kennedy Shattered American Liberalism–points to a column by New York Timesman James Reston, written hours after JFK died. Here’s Reston:

When the historians get around to assessing his three years in office, it is very likely that they will be impressed with just this: his efforts to restrain those who wanted to be more violent in the cold war overseas and those who wanted to be more violent in the racial war at home. … And from the beginning to the end of his Administration, he was trying to damp down the violence of the extremists on the Right.

Then and now, while corpses are still warm, it’s always the fault of conservatives.

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen Kennedy documentaries talking about the anger in Dallas, the hatred in Dallas. Kennedy was walking into the lion’s den in Dallas.

They look angry to you?

While the real assassin was agitating for “the Left’s” darling scant months before the assassination:

Remember this next time someone tries to pass off how violent “the Right” is. And remember that Bobby Kennedy’s assassin was a Palestinian. Just sayin’.

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Death in Arizona

I would like to offer my condolences to the families and friends of those killed in the senseless slaughter in Arizona yesterday.

I would also like to stop partisan speculation in its tracks.

A scan of the New York Times reporting on the story hints at it (Dems blaming a “poisonous atmosphere” in Arizona), but the story about the shooter demonstrates only that he was crazy and getting crazier. One former classmate even described him as a political liberal. (My own guilt: when I saw the headline and the state, I thought sure it as a Republican congresswoman who had been shot.)

What he was beyond any dispute was seriously disturbed. More than that we do not know.

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