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Suit Yourself

We’ve written before about the delights Europeans miss when they boycott Israeli products. From wine and olive oil to Gal Gadot and Itzak Perlman, they know very well what they’re missing.

But this might have them thinking twice:

Shortly after the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, and nearly a year before terrorists killed 130 in coordinated strikes that rocked the City of Light, French security officials rejected an Israeli company’s offer of terrorist-tracking software that could have helped them flag the deadly terror cell, a security expert said.

The offer of data-mining technology that would allow French authorities to “connect all the dots” in the Islamist extremist community was made to the Directorate-General for Internal Security, France’s main intelligence agency. It is used to analyze and match up fragmented intelligence reports from several national and international databases, giving counter-terrorism agents the most up-to-date information on potential terrorists available.

The overture was rejected.

“French authorities liked it, but the official came back and said there was a higher-level instruction not to buy Israeli technology,” a well-placed Israeli counter-terror specialist familiar with the technology and the company behind it told “The discussion just stopped.”

Jews have become accustomed to that, over the millennia. They don’t take it personally.

“Government agencies struggling to foil terror attacks need access to technologies that allow them to connect their data fragments, making it possible to handle daily data challenges,” the source said. “With this system, all data can then be easily navigated, processed and represented by employing a set of powerful analytic tools and unique algorithms.”

The offer followed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s pledge to work closely with Europe on enhancing security in the wake of the Brussels attacks, taken in Israel as a call for intelligence and technology sharing.

“In Paris or Brussels or San Bernardino or Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, terror must be condemned equally and it must be fought equally,” Netanyahu said. “Israel stands ready to cooperate with all the nations in this great struggle.”

Alas, not all nations agree.

“The European Union has blamed Israel for everything that is happening in the Middle East and stopped cooperation in regards to military, law enforcement and intelligence training and banning university cooperation which [generates] much of the technology to fight terrorism,” said Itamar Gelbman, a former IDF Special Forces and who is now a counter-terrorism consultant.

What Europeans (and a good many Americans, especially in the Left) willfully ignore is that the Arab-Israeli conflict is not just political or territorial, but religious—at least among the Muslims. Read or listen to Arab media at Palestinian Media Watch or MEMRI: they’re not shy. Indeed, what could drive such hatred or incitement to annihilation but religious fervor?

But when are politics and territory absent from the religion of Islam? Shariah is the application of Islamic law to the everyday world. There is no separation of mosque and state: the mosque is the state; the state is an extension of the mosque. When the irresistible force of Islam meets the immovable object of European statism, no wonder the explosions have been so big.

The recent spate of terror attacks on European soil could bring about a resurgence in investment with Israeli tech and intelligence companies, given its undisputed status as a global leader in the field.

“Israel has been facing terror threats since its inception in 1948,” said Gilles Perez, manager of HLS & Aerospace Unit at the Israel Export Institute. “In the 1970s, it was Israel’s national airline that pioneered the concept of an undercover security officer on every commercial flight long before it was adopted by other countries after September 11, almost 40 years later.”

Less than a week after the attacks in Brussels, Belgian law enforcement bought advanced surveillance and rapid view technology from Israeli company BriefCam. The technology is already in use at the Statue of Liberty and various U.S. airports, said President and CEO Dror Irani.

Israel’s tech and security sector has long been an incubator for anti-terror solutions, say experts. The more France and Europe in general are threatened, the more willing they may be to work with companies based in the Jewish state.

“Israel is leading the field in counter-terrorism technology, but it’s not a popular country,” said Ari Zoldan, CEO of technology and e-commerce firm Quantum Network. “It is unlikely that Israel will suddenly become popular, but the need for better national security will force people to work with Israeli solutions.”

No country has been more infected by Leftism than France. No country has more Muslims than France. Both groups are overtly hostile to Israel and Jews (to which the aliyah numbers from France attest). Nothing against my Leftist and Muslim friends, but the consequences of those facts have left France in merde profonde.

PS: Who is Gal Gadot? So glad you asked:

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Try Not to Let This Destroy Your Faith in the UN or the “Palestinians*”

[*If you can have faith in mythical creatures. I’ve seen more minotaurs than I have Palestinians.]

The PA has learned from the Master:

A shocking report on Wednesday reveals that the Palestinian Authority (PA) has fooled Western governments, raking in over a billion dollars in aid from them annually despite breaching their demands that it stop paying salaries to terrorist prisoners.

The report by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), which can be read in full here, exposes how the PA has coped since August 2014, when – in the face of demands by the US and European donor countries that it stop paying salaries to jailed terrorists – it announced it would stop the terror funding.

At the time, the PA claimed that it would not pay the jailed terrorists their salaries and instead the payment would be made by the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), the body behind the PA that had its terror status removed in the 1994 Oslo Accords when the PA was created.

PMW back in 2014 warned that the PA’s announcement was a “ploy” meant to keep the aid keep pumping in to the tune of a billion dollars a year. But nevertheless, the US and EU member states took the PA at its word and kept forking over donations.

In its new report on Wednesday, PMW cited numerous official PA sources as well as statements by officials in the organization, which clearly show the PA is tricking the West.

The sources cited all testify that the PA Ministry of Finance continues to be the body making decisions for funding, and continues to be the source paying salaries to the jailed terrorists.

It seems the minotaurs just changed the name of the agency that reimbursed convicted terrorist murderers for their incarceration. Wonder where they learned that?

The structure and composition of the U.N. Human Rights Council have made it subject to gross political manipulation while human rights protections around the world continue to regress, and all of this continues as the Obama administration has failed to win any substantive reforms. It has been nearly seven years, and it is clear that President Obama’s strategy of change from within at the council has been an abject failure, or human rights is so low on the president’s priority list that he’s unwilling to make the necessary effort — or both.

Mr. Obama must demand fundamental reforms of the body, or he must lead an effort to have it dissolved and replaced with a credible alternative. There is precedent for this already: The U.N. Commission on Human Rights, was disbanded in 2006 after being found to be morally bankrupt, reprehensible and completely lacking in credibility. We’re once again at that crossroads.

“Morally bankrupt, reprehensible and completely lacking in credibility”: that’s the UN, all right. But it’s also the minotaurs. (Not that I’d say it the face of a real minotaur. Never pi** off a minotaur, I always say.)

I would also say that describes US, EU, et al policy. Who doubts that we didn’t know? Who thinks that we care? And you think I’m cynical!


Why Not?

After Jimmy Carter, Yasser Arafat, and Barack Obama, why shouldn’t this guy get his Nobel?

Palestinian leaders have offered up an unlikely candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize: A man serving five life sentences for murder.

Marwan Barghouti, who founded al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades and is called “the Palestinian Mandela,” was convicted in 2004 of five counts of murder – including a 2002 attack at a Tel Aviv seafood market in which three civilians were killed. While in prison, he has toyed with running for president and polls suggest he would win if it were up to the voters.

But a Nobel Prize?

“[Barghouti’s] candidacy is essentially a call to recognize the legitimacy of the prisoners’ struggle… and also a response to the claims and Israeli terms that do not recognize the legitimacy of their struggle, and treat them as ‘terrorists and criminals,’” Issa Karake, head of the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs, said earlier this month.

The West Bank-ruling Fatah considers Barghouti’s arrest an “abduction,” and has suggested he should have enjoyed diplomatic immunity because he was previously a member of the Palestinian Authority parliament.

“The Palestinian Authority has claimed for years that they have a right under international law, confirmed by a UN resolution, to kill Israeli civilians in all places and at all times,” said Itamar Marcus, of Palestinian Media Watch. “Accordingly, those Palestinians who have killed Israelis are said to have done something positive and heroic. Palestinian murderers of Israeli civilians are presented as heroes and role models.”

To call Barghouti “the Palestinian Mandela” may tell you something about Mandela, and tells you plenty about the people who would make such an odious comparison—but nothing about Barghouti.

Allow me:

Yoela Hen (45) was murdered by Palestinian terrorists in a shooting attack at a gas station in Givat Zeev near Jerusalem on Jan. 15, 2002, carried out on the orders of Marwan Barghouti.

Eli Dahan (53) was murdered in a shooting and stabbing attack at the Sea Food Market restaurant in Tel Aviv on March 5, 2002, carried out on the orders of Marwan Barghouti.

Yosef Habi (52) – was stabbed to death during a shooting and stabbing attack at the Sea Food Market restaurant in Tel Aviv on March 5, 2002, carried out on the orders of Marwan Barghouti.

Police officer Sergeant-Major Salim Barakat (33) charged the terrorist during the attack at the Sea Food Market restaurant in Tel Aviv, and was stabbed to death. The attack was carried out on the orders of Marwan Barghouti.

(No picture) Greek monk Tsibouktsakis Germanus was murdered in a shooting attack on his car, carried out on the orders of Marwan Barghouti on June 12, 2001.

In addition to these five murders, dozens of other Israeli civilians were murdered by Tanzim terrorists during the period Barghouti headed Tanzim, although he was not tried for those murders.

I’ll say this in Barghouti’s favor: like Arafat and Carter—but unlike Obaba, then—at least he has done something to earn the attention of the Nobel committee. Obama earned his Nobel Prize for Consigning Israel to the Flames of Hell (the official name for the Peace Prize) after the fact.


Israeli Far-Right Wacko Watch

Have you heard what those ultranationalists are up to? Honoring their faith, the bastards!

Israeli forces arrested four Hamas suspects in Hebron Monday morning, hours before thousands of Israelis, including a number of far-right ministers, were slated to visit the flashpoint West Bank city for a ceremony.

The raids took place in Hebron’s Abu Sneineh neighborhood and in the nearby village of Dhahriyah, the IDF said. The suspects were handed over to security officials for questioning.

The IDF said it conducted the West Bank sweep in anticipation of the thousands of Jewish worshipers and visitors to Hebron’s Tomb of the Patriarchs — a site revered by Jews and Muslims as the burial place of Abraham — during the week-long Jewish festival.

“Far-right”, huh? An army of Meir Kahanes, leading legions of hilltop youth? Not as such.

Attending the event Monday will be Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel (Jewish Home), Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked (Jewish Home), Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben Dahan (Jewish Home) and Deputy Minister of Regional Cooperation Ayoub Kara (Likud), according to a community spokesperson.

MKs Oren Hazan (Likud), Shuli Mualem-Rafaeli (Jewish Home), Nurit Koren (Likud), Miki Zohar (Likud), Nava Boker (Likud), Bezalel Smotrich (Jewish Home), Avraham Neguise (Likud) and Nissan Slomiansky (Jewish Home) have also said they will attend, along with musicians and thousands of revelers.

Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel David Lau will also attend the event, along with tens of thousands of others, according to organizers.

The horror!

I know Hebron is a largely Arab city, but if Jews are not safe to visit their holiest sites (up to and including the Temple Mount) due to Muslim sensitivities, that doesn’t make Jews the enemy. And calling them names never helps.


Smile, You’re on Apartheid Camera!

Thanks to closed-circuit security cameras, many crimes are caught on tape: muggings, robberies, even the mass slaughter of terrorism.

Most heinous of all, prayer:

Palestinians placed notices on the Temple Mount compound in Jerusalem warning of plans to smash security cameras installed at the site holy to both Muslims and Jews, which has been at the epicenter of tensions in recent months.

Jordan, which is behind the camera initiative, subsequently stated that they will not be used to monitor the activities of the Muslim worshipers at the two mosques on the Mount, Channel 10 reported Saturday.

In October, US Secretary of State John Kerry endorsed a plan to install cameras at the site in a bid to calm repeated disturbances, after talks with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Jordan’s King Abdullah II. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also agreed to the plan.

Abbas met with Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh last month to finalize plans to install the cameras.

The two met in the West Bank city of Ramallah to discuss ways to “protect the status quo in the Al-Aqsa Mosque from Israel’s violations,” the Palestinian Ma’an news agency reported.

The surveillance was to have been set up months ago. But disagreement between Jordan and Israel over what the cameras can show apparently contributed to the delays.

Israel wants cameras installed everywhere in the compound, including in the mosques, to document alleged hoarding of stones and weaponry by Palestinians in preparation for clashes with Israeli security forces. Jordan, the custodian of the shrine, only wants cameras in open areas to show alleged violations by Israeli security forces.

Leave it to the Arabs to come up with a plan acceptable to all (not me—apartheid cameras meant only to finger Jews are a monstrosity), and still reject it themselves. So-o-o-o-o-o Arab. So-o-o-o-o-o Kerry.

This sort of BS is to be expected in such an unjust situation. The Temple Mount is the holiest site in Judaism—and it is even under control of the Jewish state—yet Jews are not permitted to pray there, an edict ordered by Muslims and enforced by Jewish soldiers. Shame on everyone who is complicit.


Jews Behaving Jewishly

John Kerrry’s condemnation of this provocative act will arrive in 3…2…1…

Muslim rioters attacked a group of dozens of Jewish worshipers at the tomb of the Biblical Jewish patriarch Joseph in Shechem, during a pilgrimage to the site.

Israeli Border Police forces and IDF Kfir Brigade soldiers accompanied 20 busloads of Jewish worshipers to the holy site last night. Under the Oslo Accords and other agreements with the PA Israeli Jews should be granted free access to all Jewish religious sites under PA control; in practice however, they are only able to do so under heavy armed guard as PA security forces make no effort to stop local Arab Muslims from attacking them.

During last night’s pilgrimage, Arab rioters hurled rocks and firebombs at the Israeli convoy, and at worshipers as the entered the tomb. Security forces however dispersed the rioters, and no Israelis were injured.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva at the site, acting Samaria Regional Council head Davidi Ben-Tzion noted that the approaching Hebrew month of Nisan is said to be a “month of redemption.”

“‘In Nisan we were redeemed [from Egypt – ed.] and in Nisan we will be redeemed in the future,'” he said, quoting the Talmud.

“The nation of Israel has, unfortunately, been through many periods in which ‘they came upon us to destroy us’,” he continued, citing the passage from the Passover haggadah. “This visit to Joseph’s Tomb during the current period as well represents the spirit of the nation of Israel, which is not broken and stands by its right to pray at its holy places even as our enemies attempt to threaten us.”

Atta boy. This sh*t must drive Obama crazy. More of it, please. Lots more.


Arson Farce

Not the arson you might be thinking of—or at least not yet. But I’m patient:

A Palestinian man who reported a “Jewish terror attack” near the Gush Etzion bloc south of Jerusalem now faces charges, after it was revealed he fabricated the entire incident.

On March 13, an Arab resident of a village near Neve Daniel in Judea lodged a complaint with Israeli security forces, claiming that “settlers” had set fire to his home, in an alleged incident similar to the deadly Duma arson further north in Samaria.

He claimed he identified the attackers as “settlers” by their tzitzit (fringed garments worn by religious Jews), and said they quickly fled the scene. He further alleged his father had discovered “Death to the Arabs” graffiti some 150 meters from his house, and that five “settlers” had cursed and pelted him with stones.

Nasty! And not true:

Using advanced investigative technology, investigators’ suspicions soon began to mount that no such incident ever occurred. Police subsequently opened an investigation into the complainants themselves, during which they discovered numerous contradictions between testimonies provided by the alleged victims and other witnesses.

Moreover, the key complainant failed a polygraph test, and forensics teams said they found no traces whatsoever of any flammable substances at the scene of the alleged incident.

As a result, the Palestinian complainant now faces a number of criminal charges himself, including obstructing a police investigation, and providing false information about a felony. He also faces charges of committing offenses against the maintenance of public order, since such false testimonies are frequently seized upon by terrorist groups to incite violence against Israeli Jews.

All of which will earn him jail time from Israel—and a medal from the Arabs.

In a statement, the Israel Police force emphasized: “From the investigation into the arson of the home in Duma… it is clear that every incident in which there is suspicion of a nationalistic crime is investigated with professionalism, decisiveness, and using all the resources available to the Israeli police and General Security Services (Shin Bet/ISA), in order to identify and arrest the perpetrators.”

Bully for you. Now, if you would just apply those same standards to the Duma investigation itself, some innocent Hilltop Youth can be released to roam Judea and Samaria again.


Broadly Speaking

Sheikhs Nix Chicks Snuff Flix


On March 18, 2016, at a UN event on combating violence against women sponsored by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), an OIC representative denied the connection between honor killings and Islam. Dr. Fadila Grine, the Director of the Family and Social Affairs Department of the OIC, said the following:

“…. violence is going on in our area, but it is not an Islamic, it is not marked by Islamic culture… it is wrong to assume that honor killings are solely a feature of Muslim cultures or societies… Islam and Islamic culture are not behind violence against women, it is actually just some misinterpretations… The Muslim faith, the Muslim culture is against violence against women.”

Thanks for clearing that up, Doc. Know anyone who does make the girls cry?


“Situation of and assistance to Palestinian women”.

Excerpts from the document include:

“Expressing deep concern about the grave situation of Palestinian women in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, resulting from the severe impact of the ongoing illegal Israeli occupation and all of its manifestations”

“Expressing grave concern about the increased difficulties being faced by Palestinian women and girls living under Israeli occupation, including as a result of the continuation of home demolitions, evictions of Palestinians, the revocation of residency rights, arbitrary detention and imprisonment, as well as high rates of poverty, unemployment, food insecurity, inadequate water supply and unsafe drinking water, shortage of electricity and fuel, incidents of domestic violence and declining health, education and living standards, including the rising incidence of trauma and the decline in their psychological well-being, particularly in the Gaza Strip, where a humanitarian disaster continues to severely affect the situation of women and girls”

Israel does all that? Even the honor killings (“incidents of domestic violence”)? No wonder they could “make the desert bloom”. Regular dynamos, the bastards. Bet they could build an A-bomb in their spare time. (Not saying they did…) But go easy on the ladies. They take enough abuse from their men without “increased difficulty” from your lot.

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My Half-Hearted Condemnation [UPDATED]

I disavow:

An Israeli soldier has been detained after a video emerged showing him apparently shooting a Palestinian in the head as he lay wounded and motionless on the ground.

The Palestinian was soon declared dead. He was one of two attackers who had earlier stabbed another Israeli soldier in the West Bank city of Hebron.

The Israeli military said the shooting was a “grave breach of IDF (Israel Defense Forces) values”.

He has an excuse:

The combat soldier who was filmed Thursday morning shooting a wounded terrorist did so because he feared that the terrorist was wearing an explosive vest and that he meant to detonate it, according to a relative of the soldier who spoke with Channel 2 news.

“The terrorist was wearing a thick coat on a hot day, he thought this was suspicious and he feared that he might be concealing a suicide vest and that he is about to set it off,” said the relative, presumably after speaking to the soldier.

The IDF suspended the soldier Thursday afternoon, after radical leftist NGO B’Tselem uploaded footage showing him shooting one of the Arab terrorists who conducted a stabbing attack earlier. The two terrorists had stabbed a soldier at a checkpoint, inflicting moderate wounds, before they were shot.

In the video, one terrorist can be seen lying motionless, but the other one moves slightly. A soldier wearing a cap with a visor cocks his weapon and shoots the terrorist, apparently hitting him in the head.

That’s good enough for me.

Seriously, for a moment: it’s easy to condemn this individual event. If he didn’t have to shoot him, he shouldn’t have. But how many dozens stabbings, some fatal, have there been? Individually, you would want each attack dealt with with no more or less force than necessary. But step back, and you have to wonder why this hasn’t happened before. And if executing one terrorist in the street made two poetential terrorists reconsider putting the steak knives to uses for which they were not intended, bless the soldier who pulled the trigger. This sh*t should have stopped before it started.

I condemn with one hand, pin a medal with the other.

On second thought, I’ll use both hands to pin the medal:

After an onslaught of condemnation from across the political spectrum against the soldier who killed a wounded terrorist, a witness present at the scene of Thursday’s stabbing attack in Hevron has corroborated a key element of his defense.

The soldier, who is now under investigation, claims that he feared the terrorist was carrying a suicide bomb vest, noting that the terrorist was wearing a thick coat despite the heat, possibly to conceal an explosive device.

An activist from the left-wing NGO B’Tselem recorded part of the incident and publicized a video clip showing the soldier shooting the terrorist in the head.

The witness recalled the moments immediately after the attack.

“I was at home when all of the sudden I got an [emergency] call on the radio,” the paramedic told NRG.

“I ran down [to the scene] and saw a civilian holding his hand to a soldier’s shoulder in an attempt to stop the bleeding. There were two terrorists lying down nearby; one next to the soldier and one about 15 yards away.”

“As we started to treat him [the soldier] someone started shouting ‘Look out, look out! He’s trying to blow himself up. Get the bomb squad.’”

“That’s what people were yelling there; I heard it with my own ears. If the video had recorded the sounds at the scene,” the witness said, referring to the video recording released by B’Tselem, “you’d be able to hear it as well.”

I’m happy for the soldier. He is vindicated. But I have to live with the regret that a hero who administered street justice in an entirely justifiable way actually acted prudently and within the law. I knew it was too good to be true. Today, for the first time in my adult life, I am not proud of the state of Israel.

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Belgium Waffling

I was wondering if I had been too hard on Belgium last night. (See below.)

Then I read Phyllis Chesler:

2004 and 2005 Islamic terrorists blew up the Madrid train and London subway; 243 civilians were murdered and 2,750 were wounded.

Neither attack stopped the flow of Muslim immigrants nor staunched the politically correct thinking of European leaders about Islam.

In 2012, a terrorist shot and blew up seven people and wounded 125 civilians on the street of Liege, Belgium. That same year, in Burgess, Bulgaria, an Islamic terrorist blew up six civilians on a bus and wounded thirty more. The bus was transporting 42 Israeli tourists.

These murderous attacks did not change the immigration policies of Europe, which did not close its national borders or the borders of the EU. Anyone who arrived in Europe could still travel to any other European destination.

In early 2015, Islamic terrorists shot down and murdered 20 civilians and wounded 22 more in the infamous attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices and the kosher deli. Later that same year, Islamic terrorists murdered 130 civilians and wounded 368 more in Paris.

World leaders marched and sent condolences, but the European Union did not change its policies. It did not clean up its “no go” zones which police fear to enter, where terrorists hide out as they plan their attacks, and where Sharia law prevails, not European civil law.

In 2016, women were sexually assaulted by gangs of Muslim men in many cities in Germany, Austria, and Scandinavia. In Cologne alone, over 1,000 women were terrorized, corralled, robbed, groped, and penetrated.

Now, three months later, and despite police vigilance and an ongoing manhunt, Islamic terrorists blew up 34 civilians and wounded 83 more in Brussels, Belgium.

Is it just me, or is there a pattern here?

She recounts the distinctly unpleasant experience of Europe’s Jews in the 20th century, then returns to the present day.

Today, the politically correct descendants of these Europeans are facing a terrible karmic destiny. They have reaped a whirlwind of violent, hostile, and unassimilated Semites–our cousins, the Muslims, or, if you will, the Islamists. (Not all Muslims are Islamists or even Islamist Jihadists but neither are they risking their lives to stop these evil-doers).

In addition, for having aided and abetted the contemporary scapegoating of Israel (which is a new form of anti-Semitism); for having attempted to appease the Jihadists in their midst by throwing Israel as a bone to them, Europeans are now facing a thousand rape attacks and bombing jihads.

One hopes that Europeans will finally understand that this is precisely what Israel has been suffering and that appeasement is not an option.

I am not holding my breath.

Smart girl.

It’s not easy gloating over the slaughter of innocent people by Islamist pigs. Definitely not easy. But if there’s no other choice…

PS: Mark Steyn has gone to ground lately to revise his book, America Alone, ten years on. When can he stop? It’s like he’s writing the headlines.


Liberte, Egalite, Allahu Akbar

You know the boilerplate disclaimer: Not all Muslims are terrorists.

Exhibit A:

Muslim police in France refuse to protect synagogues as growing support for Jihad is affecting law enforcement, according to a Gatestone Institute report.

The report claims that a leaked confidential memo from the Department of Public Security, published by Le Parisien, detailed 17 cases of police officers radicalized between 2012 and 2015, noting that the police officers listen to and broadcast Muslim chants while on patrol.

According to the anti-terrorist unit of the French Interior Ministry, as of January 2016, France is already host to 8,250 radical Islamists (a 50% increase in one year). Some have gone to Syria to join ISIS while others have infiltrated all levels of society, including the police and the armed forces.

Some of these police officers have openly refused to protect synagogues or to observe a minute of silence to commemorate the deaths of Jewish victims of terrorist attacks.

Sure, some French Muslims slink off to the desert sands of Araby to join the Caliphate. But the overwhelming majority stay loyal and true to La France. Why, except for their beards and robes, you could hardly tell them apart from the average Maurice Chevalier or Edith Piaf ambling down the boulevards:

One policewoman allegedly incited terrorism on Facebook, calling her uniform a “filthy rag of the Republic” while wiping her hands on it. Moreover, after the January 2015 attacks on Charlie Hebdo and the Hypercacher kosher supermarket, which left 17 people dead, the same officer wrote on her Facebook page: “Masked attack led by Zionist cowards… They need to be killed.”

Some French government official once dismissed Israel as a “shitty little country”. How do you say “kiss my ass” in Hebrew?


He Gets Results

American Vice President rightly condemned the leadership of the fictitious, invented people self-described as “Palestinian” (they might as well call themselves leprechauns or unicorns) for not denouncing the rash of terror attacks that met his arrival.

Fatah (Mahmoud Abbas’s gang) responded:

Text on arm: “The heroic Martyr (Shahid)”
Text on map is name of Taylor Force’s murderer: “Bashar Masalha”
[Official Fatah Facebook page, March 9, 2016]

Fatah and the Palestinian Authority celebrated yesterday’s murder of Taylor Force, an American tourist who was visiting Israel with Vanderbilt University. Fatah’s official Facebook page posted a drawing of a knife held over the PA map of “Palestine” that includes all of Israel and the PA areas.

“In the Martyrs’ (Shahids’) homeland and on the day the Martyrs are roses, flying to their Creator, to Allah’s mercy. O the pride of all of the young Palestinians, may your blood remain a source of true honor for the homeland for which you sacrificed all – even your precious lives. We promise you that your blood will continue to be a torch that illuminates our path, until we achieve what you died for as Martyrs. Your blood has taught us a lesson in the school of life: #The_homeland’s_honor_is_above_all”
[Official Fatah Facebook page, March 8, 2016]

There’s talk that Obama might try another “peace” intitiative before he leaves office. Israel needs that like it needs a hole in the head.


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