What if They Held a Campaign Appearance and Nobody Came?

Obama is dangerous to Democrat Senators and other living things:

Do you ever wonder, though, if this guy imagined even in his darkest moments in the Hopenchange-y summer of 2008 that he’d one day be so toxic to the other party that red-state Dems would duck him when he came to town? That’s par for the course for any president, but not every president is a would-be post-partisan messiah.

[T]here’s no reason to be grumpy about Hagan pulling the “Barack who?” routine at this point. Why hand the Americans for Prosperity ad team another soundbite to use against her just because she wouldn’t give them a photo op to use?

I have it on good authority that Sen. Kay Hagen actually scheduled elective root canal and gum grafting for yesterday rather than be seen with this dill weed. (And she’s already got dentures!) If she had another appendix, she would have had that taken out too.

Obama couldn’t be more toxic to Democrat candidates if he gulped a Polonium milkshake, wore a suit spun from the wool of an anthrax-infected sheep, and French-kissed Typhoid Mary. To Southern voters, he is the southern pole of a magnet, repelling anyone who approaches him.

And he is such a spoiled petulant brat that he can’t leave the snub untouched. He would rather take her down with him than act mature (act, I said) and let it lie. That’s another reason he can’t be ex-President: besides not wanting to leave his precious legacy in the hands others less virtuous than he. No one truly gets him but him.

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