This is Rich

Is there a conservative mole at the Washington Post?

President Obama briefly interrupted his holiday vacation here Friday to urge Congress to pass an emergency extension of unemployment benefits.

With roughly 1.3 million out-of-work Americans set to lose their unemployment insurance starting Saturday, the White House said that Obama placed separate telephone calls Friday to Sens. Jack Reed (D-R.I.) and Dean Heller (R-Nev.) to offer his support for their proposal to extend benefits for three months.

Shortly after placing the calls, Obama and his family ventured to the white-sand beach at Bellows Air Force Station, which is on the windward side of the island of Oahu and features turquoise water and a stunning view of the Mokulua Islands.

That can’t be an accident of tone-deafness, can it? Contrasting the victims of Obama’s failed economy with Obama’s own enjoyment of “white-sand beaches” and “turquoise water”? At massive taxpayer expense? I didn’t think so.

With utmost respect and concern to those 1.3 million Americans, who did nothing to lose their jobs, they have received nearly two years of unemployment benefits already. Not since Detroit’s notorious “jobs banks” (or the fall of the Soviet Union) have so many people been paid not to work—and look how Detroit turned out. We as a country have been—and still are—extraordinarily generous. But we also know when something isn’t working. Or someone. The jackass in the White House, on the other hand… is just a jackass.

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