Thuggish Activity

Did you hear about the vicious beating Leon Panetta recently suffered in DC?

Do yourself a favor and stop reading if you have a sensitive nature:

“You have to engage in the process,” Panetta said, criticizing Obama at a Monday breakfast sponsored by The Wall Street Journal, according to an account by liberal Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus. “This is a town where it’s not enough to feel you have the right answers. You’ve got to roll up your sleeves and you’ve got to really engage in the process … that’s what governing is all about.”

This propelled some political reporters in the room to justify Obama’s lack of leadership, reports Marcus.

“Jackie Calmes of The New York Times noted that the Panetta-envisioned budget deal was illusory because Republicans refuse to consider new tax revenue. Doyle McManus of the Los Angeles Times observed that the White House would argue that its previous efforts at schmoozing and deal-making had fizzled.”

You question Obama, you gonna pay. But Panetta gave as good as he got:

“If the president, for whatever reason, feels he can’t do it because the Republicans don’t want to confront him, then he ought to be willing to delegate that responsibility to someone who can do it,” Panetta reportedly concluded.

It’s not the job of these reporters—not opinion columnists, reporters!—to plead the president’s case. But that’s exactly what they think their job is.

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