We Called It

Yes, it’s official. Those who voted for Barack Obama are the most hurt by his economic policies.

…Each month the consultants at Sentier analyze the numbers from the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey and estimate the trend in median annual household income adjusted for inflation. On Aug. 21, Sentier released “Household Income on the Fourth Anniversary of the Economic Recovery: June 2009 to June 2013.” The finding that grabbed headlines was that real median household income “has fallen by 4.4 percent since the ‘economic recovery’ began in June 2009.” In dollar terms, median household income fell to $52,098 from $54,478, a loss of $2,380.

What was largely overlooked, however, is that those who were most likely to vote for Barack Obama in 2012 were members of demographic groups most likely to have suffered the steepest income declines. Mr. Obama was re-elected with 51% of the vote. Five demographic groups were crucial to his victory: young voters, single women, those with only a high-school diploma or less, blacks and Hispanics. He cleaned up with 60% of the youth vote, 67% of single women, 93% of blacks, 71% of Hispanics, and 64% of those without a high-school diploma, according to exit polls.

According to the Sentier research, households headed by single women, with and without children present, saw their incomes fall by roughly 7%. Those under age 25 experienced an income decline of 9.6%. Black heads of households saw their income tumble by 10.9%, while Hispanic heads-of-households’ income fell 4.5%, slightly more than the national average. The incomes of workers with a high-school diploma or less fell by about 8% (-6.9% for those with less than a high-school diploma and -9.3% for those with only a high-school diploma).

To put that into dollar terms, in the four years between the time the Obama recovery began in June 2009 and June of this year, median black household income fell by just over $4,000, Hispanic households lost $2,000 and female-headed households lost $2,300.

The unemployment numbers show pretty much the same pattern. July’s Bureau of Labor Statistics data (the most recent available) show a national unemployment rate of 7.4%. The highest jobless rates by far are for key components of the Obama voter bloc: blacks (12.6%), Hispanics (9.4%), those with less than a high-school diploma (11%) and teens (23.7%).

This is a stunning reversal of the progress for these groups during the expansions of the 1980s and 1990s, and even through the start of the 2008 recession. Census data reveal that from 1981-2008 the biggest income gains were for black women, 81%; followed by white women, 67%; followed by black men, 31%; and white males at 8%.

In other words, the gender and racial income gaps shrank by more than in any period in American history during the Reagan boom of the 1980s and the Clinton boom of the 1990s. Women and blacks continued to make economic progress during the mini-Bush expansion from 2002-07. “Income inequality” has been exacerbated during the Obama era.

Lesson? Liberal/Progressive policies are a failure. It doesn’t matter how much the President wills this to be otherwise, they fail. Obama is such a charismatic leader that he was able to snooker more than half of the American voters to vote for him twice, even though it was hurting them, their parents, their children, in every way. Boomers cannot retire so young people cannot get better jobs (or jobs at all). Elderly people are working in record numbers. Life has gotten worse for people of color. And if they could do it again, they would vote for him again.

- Aggie


  1. Bloodthirsty Liberal said,

    September 4, 2013 @ 10:41 am

    You bet we called it, Aggie. Over and over. My sides are permanently sore from all the laughing I’ve done at these boobs.

    But I wonder if they won’t have the last laugh. Indeed, they already are. They would vote for him over and over, again and again, precisely because he fails. If there were opportunity, they would be expected to seize it, to make something of themselves. As there is none, they can’t; they need him to take care of them. He gets their votes, and they get our money. It’s win-win, except the future of the republic.

  2. Bloodthirsty Liberal said,

    September 4, 2013 @ 12:43 pm

    It is so sad to think about the young adults who are working very hard and really struggling because the economy is so lame. Even the ones who are trying hard are having a tough time because of the policies this administration has implemented.

    - Aggie

  3. Bloodthirsty Liberal said,

    September 4, 2013 @ 7:20 pm

    I’m sad, too, Aggie, but not for them. Too many of them chose this, twice. I’m sad because this nation is hemorrhaging wealth and hobbling wealth-creation. You and I are going to shuffle up to the Social Security window just in time for the teller to stick the Out to Lunch sign in our faces. Only they will have scrawled the word Permanently across the bottom. And those struggling young people would vote for him again if they could.

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