The Enemy of My Enemy Is… Wait, What?

Scorecards! Get your scorecards! Can’t tell the terrorists without a scorecard!

Taliban fighters from Pakistan say they have united with al Qaeda forces in Syria to fight the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The commander of the Pakistan Taliban, Abdul Rashid Abbasi, has told CNN that the first batch of fighters has arrived in Syria and established a command and control center to launch operational activities alongside Syrian rebel fighters. Abbasi, a close associate of Pakistan Taliban head Hakeemullah Mehsud, told CNN that 120 fighters are already in Syria.

The Taliban commander went on to say that another batch of fighters made up of 150 men will arrive in Syria this week.

“We shall be sending more volunteers, but cannot give exact numbers at this moment, but we will provide whatever support is needed by our Syrian brothers,” Abbasi told CNN.

Syrian rebels, whom we (sort of) support, are fighting alongside Taliban mercenaries, whom we (most certainly) do not. At the behest of Al Qaeda. (You don’t even have to ask.) President Obama, the Great Uniter.

Meanwhile, Jamo no mo’:

A senior Syrian official, Mohammed Darrar Jamo, has been shot dead in the southern Lebanese town of Sarafand.

Mr Jamo, a supporter of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, was attacked early on Wednesday morning as he entered his house.

Lebanese sources say gunmen opened fire on him but left his wife, who was with him at the time, unharmed.

The attack is being seen as the latest sign of how the conflict in Syria is threatening to destabilise Lebanon.

Ya think?

How many times have we laughed at the notion of the Arab Spring as a liberation or a democratic awakening? That one never gets old. In reality, it’s just another excuse for a people in no need of one to kill each other.

Whatever floats your boat.

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