Chicago Fireworks

This story is perversely related to the previous two (see below):

Shootings in Chicago during the Fourth of July holiday weekend have left at least nine people dead and several dozen wounded, including two boys shot in different parks.

Gov. Pat Quinn said Sunday that such continued violence underscores why he dramatically altered a gun bill that will end Illinois’ last-in-the nation ban on carrying concealed firearms — a prohibition that’s been declared unconstitutional by a federal appeals court.

“That ought to be an alarm bell to all of us that we need strong laws that protect the public safety, especially when it comes to guns,” the Chicago Democrat told reporters after speaking at a church on the city’s West Side. “It’s time to end the violence.”

Now it’s time? Why not “end the violence” before these people were shot? Before Hadiya Pendleton was shot? Or why not wait a little longer? Why be so arbitrary?

How have “strong laws” helped you so far, Chicago? I would bet that every weapon used in these shootings would have been illegal even with weak laws. The NRA is right: criminal guns don’t kill people; criminals kill people.

To connect to the stories below: this is all part and parcel of the bankruptcy of once-great American cities (two stories down); and Chicagoans (like Egyptians, below) need to decide what they want to do with their lives. Like Egyptians, they seem to have made their decision.

PS: When you think about it, the history of once-great American cities is a history of violence. Scorcese’s Gangs of New York is based on something, isn’t it? Maybe these sensational headlines are just dull history playing out before our eyes. Go ahead, Chicagoans, knock yourselves off.

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