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Facebook refuses to remove Kill Zimmerman page

The social media giant Facebook initially said it would not remove a page dubbed “RIOT for Trayvon” claiming it “doesn’t violate our community standard on credible threat of violence.” Later, the site apparently yanked the page but left another called “Kill Zimmerman” as is.
A Breitbart News contributor reached out to Facebook today asking the company to review “RIOT for Trayvon.” The page, which had 152 “likes,” included this paragraph (warning — explicit language):
They don’t think we will tear this mutha fucka up! LIKE IF YOU READY TO RIDE! LETS FLEX OUR MUSCLE! WHAT,YOU SCARED?
A picture accompanying the page featured a person lying unconscious. The social media company responded that it reviewed the page in question and did not feel the need to block it.

A short time later, the site could no longer be found on Facebook. However, “Kill Zimmerman,” which has 73 “likes,” still existed on the site. It, too, was reported by at least one Facebook user for a possible “hate speech” violation, with Facebook responding in a similar fashion.

I fear that we are witnessing a legal lynching of a young Hispanic male, George Zimmerman, in the state of Florida. Florida was among the worst of the southern states for lynching of blacks, back in the day, and they might be having a tough time giving up their culture, although admittedly the target has changed. To date, almost every legal analyst that has followed the case has concluded that there is no case. That the charges are political, rather than reality based. But how is a jury of 5 white women and 1 hispanic woman going to vote to acquit? Will they fear for their lives or the lives of their loved ones? Isn’t the easier route just to convict the guy? After all, he killed Barack Obama’s son, if Obama had had a son, or at least someone very like the son Obama would have had, had he had a son, if you know what I mean. You don’t? I think that George Zimmerman is toast, whether he rots in jail or he is torn to shreds by the mob.

- Aggie

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