Didja Hear the One About the “Symbolic” Jew and the “Metaphoric” Hitler?

It’ll kill ya:

A contributor for the MSNBC news television network sparked controversy after saying that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s vote with the majority overturning a key provision of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 betrayed the black community in a way similar to a Jew who would have aided the Nazis during World War II.

Contributor Michael Eric Dyson. a Georgetown professor, called the Supreme Court Justice “a symbolic Jew [who] has invited a metaphoric Hitler to commit Holocaust and genocide upon his own people” for striking down the Voting Rights Act.

He lamented that the “very success that [black community's] vigilance has won us has been used against us.”

The Anti-Defamation League condemned the remarks as “outrageous and shocking.”

“As we have said repeatedly, there is no place for comparisons between social or political issues in the 21st century and the genocidal actions of Hitler and the Nazis, whose crimes against humanity and role in the deaths of six million Jews and millions of others were unique in history and should be respected as such. It is particularly painful when Mr. Dyson references the pernicious notion of a Jew who turns on his own people,” [Abraham Foxman] said.

I guess Clarence Thomas is the “symbolic Jew” in this scenario—one treasonous to his own kind, in Dyson’s mind—but who’s the “metaphoric Hitler”? I think that’s you and me.

For yet again do we learn that the Left does not allow for differences of opinion. It’s Good (them) vs. Evil (you and me). The facts do not matter. Massachusetts has a higher discrepancy between black and white voter registration than Mississippi, but Mississippi is Mississippi, and must be held to account. To disagree, to observe that the Voting Rights Act succeeded, and that the situation nearly a half-century later has changed—for the better—is to unleash the “metaphoric Hitler” (whoever he, she, they may be). “The Holocaust against African Americans will begin shortly. Thank you for you patience.”

But while we’re on the subject of “symbolic Jews”:

The Elder of Ziyon pro-Israel blogger delivered the petition to Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International urging them to condemn the “Khaybar” mini-series, set to air during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

“The show will be on when most Egyptian families are staying at home for Ramadan doing nothing but watching TV,” Mina Rezkalla, a U.S.-based Egyptian activist told The Wall Street Journal. “The goal is completely outward anti-Semitism.”

The petition has already acquired over 1200 signatures from 47 countries.

The human rights groups “have publicly stated that anti-Semitism is a human rights issue, yet they have not once condemned the endemic and virulent Arab anti-Semitism that is seen daily by millions in the Arab media,” the petition states.

“However, the writer and director of the series make no secret of the fact that the point of the series is to demonize Jews from the time of Moses to today,” the petition continues. “In other words, the series is meant to incite Arabs to hate Jews. This is a quintessentially human rights issue and it is outrageous that Human Rights Watch and Amnesty have ignored this, as well as many other anti-Semitic broadcasts in Arabic-language media.

“Their condemnation can show the Arab broadcasters that such hatred is not acceptable and that Arab nations must be held to the same human rights standards as every other nation on Earth,” the petition adds.

Good luck with that, Elder.

Ordinarily, our stance would be that the best answer to offensive speech is more speech, but not here. Arab states do not typically allow for free speech; there is no open market of ideas. Incitement to hatred—which this most certainly is—deserves little protection and much condemnation. I doubt we’ll get that; more likely the reverse.

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