Aw, the poor thing:

Tony Blair’s Muslim convert sister-in-law Lauren Booth said today she is scared of being attacked by men on public transport following the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby.

Miss Booth said that after the soldier was brutally hacked to death in Woolwich she has seen ‘grown men looking like they want to hit Muslim women’ when she is travelling in London.

The 45-year-old half-sister of Cherie Blair ventures out in traditional Islamic dress and wears a hijab head-covering.

‘But honestly, in the last two weeks I’ve been getting public transport and there are grown men looking like they want to hit Muslim women, and I’m a tall, white woman, I’m not easily threatened, but I have felt scared at times, so there is a change unfortunately.’

Gosh, it must be awful to be her. The only thing worse would be to be Drummer Rigby himself, what’s left of him. I hope she doesn’t lose her head in all the fear and suspicion—over the family Sunday roast!

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair said there is a ‘problem within Islam’ which allows the seeds of extremism to be sown in the wake of the killing.

Asked if he was right, Miss Booth responded: ‘Absolutely not, and I think it’s very dangerous to take a summary of a religion from a man who’s overseen the invasion of several Muslim countries, and overseen a war where a million people whom are Muslim have been killed and millions displaced, so I wouldn’t take that as a kind of basis for any information on Islam.’

Since converting to Islam, Miss Booth said her life is ‘peaceful’.
She added: ‘We say it’s a clean life, no drinking, I don’t go out to pubs, you’re more spiritual and calmer, and hopefully kinder with people, that’s what it’s all about, doing good at a community level.’

“Spiritual and calmer”… after the blood lust has been sated.

But that’s a terrible image to leave you with. Let’s see the spiritual Ms. Booth (Mrs. Ahmed?) in her calmer days, calling for the slaughter of Jews:

One works up quite an appetite calling for genocide. Good thing the impoverished Gaza is so well provisioned!

Go ahead and take a swing at her, British men. Just say your prayers first. A woman of that size with that much hatred can kick your arse from Dulwich to Dorset.

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