First They Came for the Six-Month Old Girls…

Lovely and brilliant Hadiya Pendleton was gunned down by a Chicago gang-banger in a case of mistaken identity. Her death was more than merely tragic, it was obscene.

But she was luckier than some:

A 33-year-old documented gang member with 38 prior arrests has been charged in the devastating March shooting of a six-month-old Chicago girl – and police claim the alleged murder was in retaliation for a stolen video game system.

Koman Willis is facing first degree murder and aggravated battery with a firearm charges after he allegedly shot dead baby Jonylah Watkins while aiming for her father, Jonathan Watkins.

Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said at a Monday press conference that Mr Watkins had earlier robbed Willis, prompting the spray of bullets.

A friendly warning, dads: never steal a video game system off a street thug when you’re with your kids. This message brought to you by

Jonylah died on March 11 when a bullet tore through several organs in her body in what was the second time the infant had been a victim of gunfire: when her mother Judy, 20, was eight months pregnant, she was shot in the knee as she walked home with a group of women.

Jonylah’s father was shot multiple times in the attack that killed his daughter but survived.

At the time of the funeral, frustrated police said no-one had yet come forward from the local community with information to help the murder investigation.

Jonylah’s grandmother took the opportunity to hit out at the culture of silence in a poem she had written for the service.

She said: ‘My neighbors of Chicago, our youth is in danger on the streets of the town with the false code of silence while they shoot each other down.

‘My neighbors of Chicago, take back your home. Don’t spare the rod and leave your children to roam.’

Reverend Brooks echoed Mrs Watkins’ sentiments in his eulogy.

‘I want to challenge you to get clean, change, and that change starts with believing you can change,’ he said…

Good thing Chicago has some of the toughest fun laws in the nation.

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