Nazis in Turbans

The incomparable MEMERI—Middle East Media Research Institute—should be well known around here. It is the source of most of my ranting-Egyptian-cleric posts, along with many others.

They also publish pieces like this [warning: these images are necessarily ugly and disturbing---"necessarily" because Jew-hatred is ugly and disturbing]:

This paper, the third in a series on the image of the Jew in the eyes of Iran’s Islamic regime, deals with the Jew as reflected in cartoons published on official Iranian websites, and compares these cartoons with classic antisemitic European caricatures and depictions of Jews from previous centuries. An examination of these Iranian cartoons shows a clear intent to dehumanize Jews, with the aim of humiliating them and stripping them of their humanity – the better to foster emotional distance and alienation from them.

The Iranian regime draws its inspiration for these cartoons from several sources. First, the motifs of physical characteristics originate without a doubt from classic European antisemitism – for example, the medieval depictions of Judensau, or Jews suckling from a sow, and the serpent, a main motif in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Second, the regime is inspired by Islamic motifs of Jews as descendants of apes and pigs, as mentioned in the Koran. Third is the uniquely Persian and Iranian motif of Jews as dogs – in this culture, dogs are considered not only impure but also untouchable.

The Jew As A Serpent

The Inspiration

Dreyfus the Jew. Musee des Horreurs series, France, 1900.

The Iranian Interpretation

Javan (Iran), August 24, 2012

Fars (Iran), August 20, 2012

“Judensau” – Jew’s Sow

Judensau, “Jew’s sow,” is a visual antisemitic motif from the Middle Ages widely depicted in sculptures and drawings from that time showing Jews suckling from a sow.

The Inspiration

Wittenberg: Wolfgang Meissner (Germany), 1596.

The Iranian Interpretation

Rahma, Fars (Iran), September 7, 2012

The Jew As A Worm

Jews have been depicted in Europe as worms eating away at society and humanity from within, causing it to rot. Iranian cartoonists use the same motif with the same intent

The Inspiration

Der Stürmer (Germany), November 1931

The Iranian Interpretation

Fars (Iran), August 15, 2012

Gerdab (Iran), May 16, 2011

Jews As Vermin

In Europe, Jews were commonly depicted as vermin – disease-spreading nocturnal creatures evoking fear and revulsion. The Iranian regime today is doing the same.

The Inspiration

“Rats. Destroy Them” 1940s poster from occupied Denmark

The Iranian Interpretation

Jam News (Iran), July 3, 2012

Fars (Iran), April 12, 2012

The Jews As Descendants Of Apes And Pigs

Iranian antisemitic cartoons also use the Islamic antisemitic motif depicting Jews as the descendants of apes and pigs, from the Koran (5:60).

Rooz (Iran), February 2, 2013

I left quite a few out. There’s no shortage of examples.

But what’s my point? If the Islamic Republic follows the National Socialists in rank antisemitism, what else would they emulate if given half a chance?

And you don’t just have to read the funny pages to get the picture. Like most genocidalists, accomplished or would-be, the Islamic Republic is not shy about putting it in writing.

Nuclear weapons, arms to Hezbollah, terrorist acts around the globe—the war is already underway. In case you hadn’t noticed.

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