Dispatches From the Front Lines of Socialized Medicine

I have nothing against this woman. In fact, up against her is exactly where I’d love to be!

Josie Cunningham argued that her flat chest left her emotionally distressed and that she needed the operation on mental health grounds.

Miss Cunningham, of Leeds, who works in telesales said she wanted to be “the next Katie Price” a reference to the former glamour model also known as Jordan.

She had implant surgery at St James’s Hospital, Leeds, in January after telling her doctor that being flat-chested was causing her distress.

“The doctors said they’d never seen anything like it and believed me when I burst into tears and told them it was ruining my life.”

Miss Cunningham has had her breasts enlarged from 32A to 36DD and claimed doctors told her she actually had zero breast tissue.

Bully for her. The bigger the better, the tighter the sweater, and all that.

It’s just that…

THE parents of cancer girl Lilly Macglashan have had to raise more than £1 million for pioneering treatment in America — because the NHS refused to fund it.

Medical experts here said Lilly, three, could not be saved after diagnosing neuro-blastoma — a rare cancer of the nervous system.

And when parents John, 49, and Dawn, 44, found a private New York clinic that could help using an experimental drug the NHS would not pay.

John said Josie Cunningham’s case highlighted the unfairness within the NHS.

He added: “It makes us very angry when we hear stories of people being given such operations on the NHS because they are a bit upset about how they look.

“It seems wrong children like Lilly have to fight yet this woman gets £5,000.

“We have not been given a single penny towards Lilly’s treatment — and we are still fighting the NHS to get some help.

“It’s the great British public who have helped save Lilly’s life, not the NHS.”


LITTLE Daniel Harrison was denied NHS funding into a food phobia that left him refusing to eat.

Parents Kevin, 44, and Catherine, 40, had to raise the £37,000 to send the six-year-old to a specialist clinic in Austria — leaving them “financially crippled”.

Kevin, of Nottingham, said: “To find out this woman has had a boob job on the NHS is disgraceful. Lots of children are suffering because vital services have been cut. I can’t put into words how I feel. I’m angry for the children who are suffering.

“But it’s not her fault the NHS is making these crazy decisions.


TWO male inmates at a maximum security prison are having NHS sex swaps — at a cost to taxpayers of nearly £100,000.

The NHS will pick up the bill for the surgery, while the jail will pay for training staff to support the men — who will move to a women’s jail after their treatment.

The cost comes as the governor is seeking to make £1.1million savings.

Adolescent humor aside (for the moment), I am sympathetic to the no-chested woman. Hers is a nearly unique case, not a run-of-the-mill cosmetic operation. Ordinarily, the NHS doesn’t cover boob jobs, and neither does American private insurance. I do not think the state necessarily owed her 36DDs, but while they were there… in for a penny, in for a pound, as the Brits say. Also, the bill on her operation, just under five thousand quid, is a rounding error on the million dollar price tag of the treatment for three year old Lilly’s cancer (with no indication how effective the expensive treatment is).

But, cynic that I am, I note that women vote, while sick kids don’t. And a lot more women want free boob jobs than seriously ill kids want to live. The politicization of medicine isn’t running rampant in Britain (or is it?), but I have no faith in the impartiality of government-run care here.


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