What Biased Media? [UPDATED]

What journalist in good standing doesn’t want to “go f— some s— up”?

Reuters’ popular social media editor Matthew Keys was charged Thursday with conspiring with hacker group Anonymous to break into the network of the Tribune Co., his former employer.
A grand jury in California indicted Keys Thursday, the U.S. Department of Justice announced.

The complaint says Keys, 26, was fired in October 2010 from his job as a web producer at Tribune-owned California station KTXL FOX 40 (which is a CNN affiliate). Two months later, the government says, he gave members of Anonymous the log-in credentials for a computer server at Tribune.

Keys allegedly posted to Anonymous members in an online chat urging them to “go f— some s— up” with his login credentials. According to the indictment, at least one of the hackers used the credentials he provided to log into the company’s server and alter a news story on the Los Angeles Times website.

But Reuters knows how to deal with violations of journalistic ethics:

Reuters said in an e-mailed statement that the company is “aware” of the charges against Keys. The company mentioned that legal or ethical violations can result “in disciplinary action,” but Reuters carefully noted Keys’ alleged behavior occurred in 2010, two years before he joined Reuters.

Keys tweeted Thursday afternoon that he is “fine” and will return to “business as usual” on Friday.

Poor kid. You can tell he’s hiding the pain. Show restraint, Reuters, no disproportionate response!

You know who else distrusts the government and the media? Militia groups. When will a journalist be caught leaking server access to Posse Comitatus?

Suspended, with pay:

Matthew Keys, a 26-year-old social media editor who has been charged with helping Anonymous attack the website of his former employer, has been suspended with pay, a Thomson Reuters spokesman told The Huffington Post.

Keys was suspended Thursday night just hours after the Department of Justice charged him in connection with an attack on the website of his former employer by the hacker group.

The spokesman had no further information. Keys is currently a deputy social media editor at Thomson Reuters.

On Thursday, Reuters reported that Keys’ work station was being dismantled and his security pass had been deactivated.

Yeah, you don’t want to associate with those Anonymous people, Matthew. You’ll catch something.

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